Yeonwoo dancing to FIRE and PICK ME [The Return of Superman/2019.12.29]

– Mom, stop. / – Well… – Stop? / – Did I give it to you? – Why? / – What is it? What’s in her pocket? There’s something heavy inside. – Something heavy? / – Something heavy in her pocket? Is it her phone? What is it? Did he put something in there? One, two… What is it? I’m curious. Three. (It’s my heart.) Oh, my gosh. That’s my son. – This is how scary early education is. / – It is. (My brother is cool.) Hayoung thinks it’s funny too. (Sweet Yeonwoo) (Feed me now.) (The food is finally ready.) It’s my favorite. It’s tteokbokki, fritters and soondae. This is… (Tteokbokki, fritters) – Tteokbokki, fritters and soondae! / – Right, right. – They are always good. / – It looks appetizing. – It’s fantastic. / – It looks so good. (I want some too.) Hayoung is dying to eat it. That spoon is as big as her face. I’ll give you this. What do you want, Yunjung? – I’m already eating. It’s good. / – “I’m eating.” You’re my baby too. It’s sickening for me too. (She’s sick of it already.) No, you’re Mom’s baby. – Right. / – Exactly. – Right. / – Yeonwoo is right. (Yunjung takes care of Hayoung.) What is it? (What is it?) – “What is it?” / – “What is it?” Gosh, she’s cute. I cut the fishcake long like noodles for her. (She observes it first.) (Then she tries feeling its texture.) – It’s her first time eating it. / – She’s tasting it. What are you doing? (Fascinated) She thinks it’s noodles. Hayoung, bite it off. Hayoung rarely cuts any food with her teeth. She puts everything in her mouth. She knows she doesn’t have to cut it off. – How cute. Look at her cheeks. / – Goodness. (It’s amazing.) Her mom is surprised too. Look at her. She’s blowing air to it. – One more? / – What is this? What is this? – Gosh. / – What is this? – She’s asking what it is. / – That? It’s fishcake. – What? / – Yes. Fishcake. (I’ll eat twice the amount.) She’s putting two in her mouth. There she goes. “I’ll double-down.” (She’s so good at eating.) (Guys, I’m eating fishcake!) She’s in a good mood. – “I’m eating fishcake.” / – Goodness. She wants you to film this. “Are you filming this?” She’s so good at eating. (Hayoung is Yunjung’s small but certain happiness.) – Do you like it? / – I’m exhausted, but it’s good to be outside with the kids. – Of course. / – See? – It’s good, right? / – You should work less on weekends and make some time for your family. (Aren’t wives supposed to say that?) – We’re out together. / – This… I’m lonely too. – Really? / – Yes. But you have our kids. Happiness from our kids is different from the stability I get from my wife. – Right. / – That’s true. – I’m lonely. / – Do you feel a void when I’m not around? Of course. – Really? / – Yes. How exactly? What else… We don’t run out of drinks in the fridge. (She knew he was going to go off-track.) – What are you doing? / – Cut this for me. – She wants more. / – Right. She is saying that her mouth is empty. (My daddy is the best.) – She’s happy to see her dad. / – Adorable. I like my mom too. You’re happy to see your mom, right? I’m not worried. You’ll be fine with the kids, right? Don’t worry. Sing hard. Don’t rest. Constantly. – From now on… / – Let’s do well. It’s your 20th anniversary this year. You’re like a veteran singer now. Retire at the age of 70. I’ll throw a party for you. You tell her to rest, then you turn around and tell her to keep working. (My dad is good at joking too.) (The weather is fine in the afternoon.) (Where is this place?) Where is this place? Look closely. Very closely. Closely. He’s the crazy fan of Yunjung. (He’s proud of his daughter-in-law.) – It’s your father. / – In case I forget? Meet the eldest of the Do family, my father. We’re Yeonwoo and Hayoung’s grandparents. – I’m Do Bongsoo. / – “XL version of Do Kyungwan”. I’m their grandma, Kim Hyunsook. It’s good to see you. We’d like to give thanks to the staff members for working hard for – our grandchildren. Thank you. / – He’s giving speech. (We shouldn’t thank them with just words.) Goodness. Where… Good work. Is he offering a tangerine – to each of the staff members? / – Have this. Will there be four of you now? – That’s right. There will be four. / – Have one. It must be hard on you. Even your mother. Drink this. – Thank you. / – Here. What, japchae? Why would she give them japchae? He must be the first cameraman – to eat japchae in a tent. / – Thank you. (There’s love in the Do family’s house.) Our family is full of love. (Grandpa Do’s next task) (Hats?) His fashion style is… Which one do you think is better? What? (They look the same.) Let me see. Well? What do you think? That one looks nice. (Stylish mustache) I noticed his sense of fashion from his mustache. – I think so too. / – What do you think? – Done. / – Hayoung might try to take it away from you. (Grandpa Do is the fashionista in the neighborhood.) He’s watching down like that? (Cool guy, Do Bongsoo) He has gotten even cooler. They’re coming. (The doppelganger family is about to arrive.) (Grandpa Do suddenly begins reading.) He’s reading all of a sudden. Someone is ringing your doorbell. Grandma. Who is it? It’s me, Yeonwoo. Goodness, my puppy is here. – My goodness. She speaks sweetly… / – Let me see. Look who is here. (Hayoung is here too.) – You’re here, Hayoung. / – Hayoung’s smiling. There, there. Right. (Hayoung goes in with her grandma.) Look who this is. (She’s happy to be at her grandma’s house.) Where did he go? Where did your brother go? – Gosh. / – Goodness. – Hayoung. / – Guess what we’ve brought. No one’s giving me a glance. They don’t even look at me. – I see. / – And… How many meals did Hayoung eat today? She didn’t eat any. – Oh, no. / – Me neither. Look how cute he’s talking. What should I cook for you? What would you like? Fried rice. Fried rice? Vegetable rice? Okay. (In the meantime, Hayoung…) – She’s good at walking. / – Gosh, she’s good. She’s very good at it. (Until a few days ago…) – Oh, gosh. / – She was excited at just two steps. – Right. / – Oh, gosh. Oh, goodness. She’s developing the fastest these days. (Hayoung surprised her mom by taking two steps.) Hayoung, come here. – She’s happy. / – Hayoung, come here. She flies these days. She’s so good. (Did you ask for me?) She’s happy. (Ddokkom has grown up much.) She’s even running. (I brought this on my way.) What is this? (She understands well too.) – A phone? / – Hello? She might film a phone commercial. – What? / – Hello? (Does it look like a scene from a commercial?) (Grandpa Do shows up at that time.) (Hayoung, aren’t you hungry?) – What is that? / – Don’t give it to her like that. She’ll eat the whole thing including the peel. Give it to me. – I’ll peel it… / – She wants her dad to peel it. Give it to you? – And give it to her? / – To peel it for her. – Give it to you? / – I said I can do it. – Will you do it for her? / – Yes. Her brother is peeling it for her. (Peeling hard) – Like this. / – Yeonwoo. – You can peel it for your sister? / – Yes. Eat some first. – Then give one to your sister. / – So cute. Say, “Give it to me.” (I don’t have time for it.) You told her to – She doesn’t listen to him. / – ask you for some? You told her to ask you for some? (I’ll try to do it next time.) What’s that? Why did you bring that thing? Why did you take it out? – I want to play it for Hayoung. / – Sure. I haven’t seen Hayoung dance for a long time. – Before the music… / – She dances when it’s played. (Let’s party!) (Yeonwoo plays the saxophone.) He’s playing the saxophone. They have to start with it before doing anything. (Let’s shake it.) (Their grandma is bouncing too.) (But this old man is not moving at all.) (Yeonwoo wants to make his grandpa laugh.) Shall we play another song? This song is… (“FIRE” by BTS) Now it’s his solo talent show. (I’m DTS!) (Flapping his arms passionately) Is this a concert hall? (He dances like BTS.) Did you see his face? (He dances like BTS.) (Smile-proof) (There’s an invisible wall between them.) (To make his grandpa laugh…) It’s different from when he sings trot. He’s capable of singing all genres of songs. (His passion is burning.) (It’s on fire) (His grandpa is not on fire.) (It’s almost the end of the song.) (Burn it all up!) – ♪ Fire! ♪ / – He’s very good. (No, you shouldn’t burn things up.) Is he unhappy with something? (Yeonwoo fails his challenge.) It’s a failure. (He takes out his hidden weapon.) He’s making a bet with this song. Let’s go. (I’m sure you will like this one.) (Determined) – There he goes. / – What is this? (Yeonwoo the Talented is on his move.) (Bring it on.) (The moment I saw my grandpa) (Pick me, pick me) (My eyes are fixed to my grandpa) Isn’t it a bit like the original? (Should I smile or not?) I think his lips are flinching. (Grandpa, take my heart!) (The song goes to the climax.) – He even knows the dance too. / – How cool. His grandma thinks he’s cool. (Here I go, Grandpa.) Here it comes. (I’m the hero tonight) (I’m the one who’s been waiting for Grandpa’s smile!) – He’s good. / – ♪ It’s me ♪ (I’m the one who’s been waiting for Grandpa’s smile!) (I’m the one who is going to steal Grandpa’s heart!) (Yeonwoo, you shouldn’t steal.) (Yeonwoo does his best.) – He better give Yeonwoo a smile. / – ♪ I’m the one ♪ (He smiled!) He’s finally smiling. Good job, son. (This grandson’s concert is successful.) I feels like I’m watching his concert every week. – Clap. / – Clap for your brother. Yeonwoo, let’s go for a walk with me. – Okay. / – When we go to my parents’ house, – they often go out for a walk. / – Grandpa, are you good at singing? – Me? / – Yes. I like listening to music. What is my favorite song? “Gatbawi Rock”. (“Gatbawi Rock” is his No. 1 favorite song.) So he knows. – “Gatbawi Rock”. / – What’s next? “I Need to Get Off in Daejeon”. (“I Need to Get Off in Daejeon” is No. 2.) (That’s right.) That’s the title of the song. I didn’t know there was a song like that. (Grandson Do knows well what his grandpa likes.) I know what’s next. “Train to Mokpo”. – Right. / – That’s right. (Yunjung’s songs are the best.) Right. (They become one under the name of Yunjung.) – Yeonwoo. / – Yes? It’s your mom. What? You’re right. (It’s Yunjung’s concert poster.) Mom! Come out of there. What are you doing there? Even like that, he’s happy to see his mom. They’re fascinated to see her face there. Don’t smile there and come to me! Your mom, right? (Oh, right.) (I shouldn’t stay still.) The Queen of Trot. – There you go. / – Jang Yunjung is – All of a sudden? / – holding a concert! My mom is Jang Yunjung! – Right. / – He doesn’t have to do that. (What’s wrong, Yeonwoo?) My mom is Jang Yunjung. – They’re gone. / – Well… – Oh, no. / – He wants to promote it, – but it’s embarrassing. / – The Queen of Trot! Jang Yunjung’s concert! My mom is Jang Yunjung. – Your mom is Jang Yunjung? / – Yes! Where is she? Someone recognized him for real. She went to sing. There. – That’s right. / – Right. (You can see her if you go to her concert.) – His promotion is a success. / – He succeeded. – His grandpa must be proud of him. / – Goodness. (It hasn’t ended yet.) Jang Yunjung’s concert. My mom is the famous Jang Yunjung. – He’s very proud of his mom. / – Right. (People are walking from afar.) The Queen of Trot. Jang Yunjung’s concert. – My mom is Jang Yunjung. / – People are passing by. – Really? / – That must be nice. “That must be nice.” (Smiling) – I sold it to two people. / – Sold what? (He delivers the good news to Hayoung.) Hayoung, I sold it to two people, okay? Wake up later. Let us show you a video clip. (What if his parents watch this side of Yeonwoo?) Let’s go. The Queen of Trot. – Oh, gosh. / – Jang Yunjung’s concert. My mom is Jang Yunjung. – His mom is shocked. / – She is. (He won’t…) Jang Yunjung’s concert. My mom is Jang Yunjung. (My mom is Jang Yunjung.) (The king of cheer) My mom is Jang Yunjung. (It’s so surprising and hilarious.) I had no idea he was like that outside. (And his grandpa is a step away from him.) – My mom is Jang Yunjung! / – His grandpa is… Stop it now. – That’s enough. / – “That’s enough.” – “Stop it.” He’s embarrassed. / – Right, he is. He rarely gets embarrassed. – Yeonwoo. / – Yes? – Are you happy to walk with me? / – Yes. (When he sees people…) The Queen of Trot. Jang Yunjung’s concert. My mom is Jang Yunjung! – Hasn’t it ended? / – It’s not over. You must be happy that your mom is good at singing. I am. I sold it to four people. – Four people. / – But it’s touching. He meets someone’s eyes. The Queen of Trot. Jang Yunjung’s concert. – My mom is Jang Yunjung! / – Oh, gosh. (Cracking up) I sold it to five people. He’s done it to five people. In case people won’t – go to his mom’s concert. / – Six! (This is the new version of being a good son.) Six! He feels great. Let’s go! (Wait, over there…) – He spots a group of people. / – The Queen of Trot. Jang Yunjung’s concert. My mom is Jang Yunjung! – He never misses out the last part. / – No. I got nine! (He got nine people.) (Like father, like son.) It’s so fascinating. My gosh. You tell others that your wife is Jang Yunjung too. You two are the same. – Exactly. / – I guess he was – proud of me. / – Of course. That’s the characteristic of men in the Do family. We’re proud of Jang Yunjung. – From Grandpa Do / – Right. – to Yeonwoo. / – Yes. My throat is hoarse. Buy me some water. All right. Is this enough? – He worked really hard. / – On our way… Can you open this for me? Jagalchi snack. – Here. / – It sounds like, “Sleep and snack.” (The six-year-old’s sense of humor) His sense of humor. (He offers some to his grandpa.) (Yeonwoo and his grandpa enjoy their snack time.) (Hayoung is still asleep.) – Yeonwoo. / – Yes? Who do you like more, your mom or dad? Both. Choose just one. (That’s not fun.) Who’s first and who’s second? (What’s Yeonwoo’s choice?) Is it your mom or dad? – Who’s first? / – Mom is first. Dad is second. – Dad is second? / – Yes. (Sighing) But your mom doesn’t buy you any gifts. – Your dad buys you everything. / – Your father is – No. / – a bit disappointed. Dad went with me, but Mom bought it. (Everyone’s surprised.) (Glaring) Our kids know more than we think they know, honey. – They know it all. / – Don’t touch me. – You got sensitive. / – I’m a little upset. It’s upsetting to watch it again. “Dad went with me, but Mom bought it.” – How did he know? / – Didn’t you tell him? I don’t say stuff like that. Me neither, so how did he know? – It means he’s smart. / – I guess you’re right. Should he work in the financial field? He knows it precisely. Kyungwan, Yunjung is holding a concert every week these days. Is her condition okay? We had a medical check-up together recently. You did? I was worried because we drink. But when the doctor saw the ultrasound… She has the liver of a baby. (Like Hayoung.) – Do you mean Yunjung’s liver? / – Yes. She has a healthy liver. It’s healthy even though she drinks? You should take good care of her. Get her something healthy to eat when she drinks. She’s telling me to get healthy beer snacks for her daughter-in-law. Make sure she eats healthy. Do you think other moms – say that to their sons? / – No. – It’s open. / – Son! (Yeonwoo and Hayoung are back.) They’re back after taking a walk with their grandpa. – Yeonwoo. / – Yes? – Weren’t you cold? / – He couldn’t feel it. (It was okay.) – Yeonwoo. / – Let’s eat. (It’s fried rice.) – Grandma made it. / – She made it for him. – Yes. / – Thank you for the food. – Good. / – Enjoy. It’s nice to go to visit Grandma’s. Of course. It’s a lot easier. – It’s yummy. / – It’s yummy? It’s yummy? (Grandma’s fried rice is the best.) How is it? (She doesn’t want baby food.) What do you want? – This? / – Hayoung wants it too. Try this. What’s this? – Does she like it? / – Egg. Egg. “Don’t ask. Just put it in my mouth.” (How cute.) (Oh, my.) – She liked the egg. / – Is it good? (It’s good.) Last time, Yunjung paid for Father’s double eyelid surgery. He wants to get surgery down here too. – What? / – All of a sudden? He wants to get it done too. Last time, they pulled it up here. This surgery will pull my skin up from here. – They’ll remove the fat too. / – Remove the fat? Is he consulting? Mom. Actually, my eyes drooped too. You too? – I see that. / – My eyes drooped quite a bit. You have them already. – What? / – What do I have? Just like Grandpa. Yeonwoo is good at detecting dark circles. He’s telling you to do it. You have them already. Think about it, Yeonwoo. Grandpa has bags under his eyes, and Dad has bags under his eyes. What will happen to you? – Really? / – He’s shocked. I might not get them. He tries to deny it. You’ll lose hair too. How could you? If you took after your mom… (Let me wipe my tears.) He pretends to ignore it. You should take after Mom (You should take after Mom except for her personality.) except for her personality. – Right. He must take after his mom. / – Okay? Take after Mom. (Dinner is over.) Come here. – Here. / – Here. (They’re testing who Hayoung likes more.) – Come here. / – We had to do this. – It’s about our pride. / – Come here. (Come to me, Hayoung.) I can’t wait to find out. – Come here. / – How cute. Come to Grandma. She walks so well. (Who does Hayoung choose?) Come here. (Pause) Where will you go? She paused in front of us. What’s there to think about? – Come here. / – Come here. (Who should I choose?) She knows how to make the show interesting. – She doesn’t choose at once. / – Come here. – What’s there to think about? / – Come here. – Hayoung. / – What’s there to think about? – Come here. / – Hayoung. I thought she’d come to me without hesitation. – Come here. / – Who does she choose? You’ll be surprised. It’s totally unexpected. (Who does Hayoung choose?) Oh, my. She chose her brother. She chose her brother. He must be touched. My goodness. – I knew you’d come to me! / – You knew she’d come. (I’m jealous, Yeonwoo.) (They’re adorable.) Look how sweet he is to her. I know. He’s nice to her. – So she chose him. / – You’re pretty too. – You’re pretty too. / – You made a wise decision. I think that made you happier than if she’d chosen you. Father, he wants to compete. (This time, it’s a top.) My father is a good top player. If Grandpa wins, you have to grant his wish. If you win, – he’ll grant your wish. / – Lately, he’s into tops. (You picked the wrong person to compete against.) Why is he so serious? (He’s serious over nothing.) – Three, two, one. / – Three, two, one. (The match begins.) – Dragon! / – My father is 74 years old and having a top match with a six-year-old. Dragon! Grandpa won. – Grandpa won. / – I knew it. – You can’t ignore his experience. / – One-nil. Look at Yeonwoo. The game’s not over yet. He’s grabbing his best top. I’ll play with this grand dragon. Bring it on. He’s cool. This is my shooting pose. – Three, two, one. / – Three, two, one. Go shoot. Let’s go, Dragon! – It broke. / – My goodness. Yes! I spun it in the air. (He’s excited.) (The game is back to square one.) It went in. (Did you see that?) Yes! Grandpa is a little offended. Here we go. Dragon, I trust you. – Three, two, one. / – Three, two, one. – Go shoot. / – Go shoot. Dragon! Let’s go! (Dragon, I trust you.) (The battle is intense.) Grandpa won. – Grandpa won. / – Grandpa won. He’s happy. He doesn’t give in. He never looked so happy today. – No. / – You lost. They’re both winners. He wouldn’t give a break even to his grandson. – You’re good. / – It’s okay. Thank you.

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