Woman Left With Huge Ear Growths After Piercings Get Infected

woman left with huge ear growths after piercings get infected today it might be the day I throw up on camera what's going on YouTube I'm your host Josh in welcome back to inform overload we bring you the daily news with a big cup of tea on the side so if you don't want to miss out on us spilling that tea for you then make sure you hit that subscribe button and notification bell also make sure you're following the IO team on social media all of our links are down below we made it that easy for you so tell me have you ever had a bad piercing experience share your story with me down in the comments but for the love of cheese let's not go into too much detail as I have an incredibly weak stomach after today's story we all might be feeling a different type of way about getting our next piercing getting your ears pierced is a pretty low-key procedure let's be honest many young girls beg to get them pierced I know I did I think I got mine pierced when I was like 12 but sometimes piercings go very wrong and one common reason for this is that they become infected one way or another that's what happened to a 29 year old girl named Jennifer from Philadelphia who has suffered from one of the worst ear infections ever reported after getting her ears pierced 11 years ago they got infected which caused these massive lumps to grow on her ears doctors diagnosed her with heavy keloid scars and she has been stuck living with them for the past 11 years according to the NHS keloid scars may last for years and sometimes don't even form until months or years after the initial skin damage Jennifer says they are incredibly painful and heavy and says I quote they cause headaches and vertigo I'm worried they are going to get bigger I worry about being ridiculed and mocked over the years she has gone to a variety of different doctors who told her that they just couldn't help so she finally turned to the one and only dr. Sandra Lee also known as the pimple popper dr. Lee agreed to perform a surgery to remove the keloids but warned Jennifer that her ears might not look normal after surgery and that there is a good chance the lumps could grow back she recently went through the surgery which was more difficult than they thought dr. Lee said I quote they're probably the biggest keloids I've ever seen I had to take off more of the ears than expected just that sentence alone makes me want to projectile vomit once you remove the keloids they were put on a scale and weighed 14 ounces or 28 grams Jennifer had to have her ear reconstructed using skin grafts and is now going through radiation therapy to try and stop the keloids from returning since the surgery she has made a statement saying everything has changed for the better no more headaches no more vertigo I don't need to hide dr. Lee gave me a future she pretty much saved me dr. pimple popper saving one life at a time someone get this woman in a ward or something I'm just happy that this story has a happy ending I can't even begin to imagine going through something like that like this literally just makes me want to rip out my earrings and never wear jewelry again but I'm not gonna do that but what do you guys think share your feelings down in the comments and hit that thumbs up button if you liked today's story I'm going to entities video by responding to some comments from my last IO video family brawl breaks out at Disneyland crazy Sarah says the fact that happened in Disneyland had me shaking my head then I found out it happened in toontown super shake my head yeah it's not like it happened in the parking lot of Disneyland it literally happened in the most innocent part of the park were like all the youngest kids go shake my damn head Veronica Romero says I would have been pissed if I was around them messing with my magical experience oh hell yeah needs to especially because that magical experience ain't cheap bar their house says this is what happens when someone snaps after hearing it's a small world after all one too many times oh my god only the people who've gone to Disneyland will get what you're talking about but that is literally the worst ride ever alright I'm getting out of here this is all half for you guys today like comment subscribe do all of the things and I will love you forever maybe if you want to keep watching more I own videos just click the playlist on your screen it is right over here I'm your host Joss and I will see you in a future Isle video

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  1. My goodness poor women all that pain she was experiencing I’m so happy there was a happy ending for her I wish her all the best and really hope the lumps do not grow back.

  2. I cringed when you showed the piercing gun. DON'T take piercings with a gun.

  3. got my ears peirced when i was 13 (i am male and i have both ears piered, so what?)

  4. She’s not a very nice person- I can just tell. It’s not funny. She’s great at her job and quite beautiful though. I just didn’t like her little laugh when saying “she took more off the ear than was expected…”

  5. I had a tiny lump inside my mouth from my lip piercing but that all, it doesn't bother me at all.

  6. Yes I had a bad ear piercing story I went to get my ears when I was 5 my ears were too small so my ear ripped I had to get stitches

  7. Those bumps r called keiloids
    Dr pimple popper has entered the chat

  8. That poor girl! I didn’t have anything near this bad but I had a keloid form on my snug and forward helix piercings and they were painful enough and they were minuscule compared to that

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