Winter Preparedness with SERVPRO of Denton

– It’s really weird to even
be talkin’ about this today because as you can see, I’m in UNT Stadium and it’s warm today. But we often times in North Texas don’t think about winter
weather and we really should. And there’s many different ways that we can prepare ourselves. And often times in North Texas, we’re a little reactive with it. We’re not really thinkin’
about frozen pipes here. We’ve had it, we all remember
the big super bowl year. There’s a way for us to prepare for it. And so with commercial
properties in particular, there’s a lot of different opportunity with free emergency ready
planning that SERVPRO does where we can help with that. And what we’re really
doing is just helping you locate water shut offs. Helping you locate
different plumbing fixtures. Where your emergency
generators, what do they operate in the event of a power failure? Your elevators and your usage. Where to park even in the
event of an emergency. But often times in the winter, we’re just not thinkin’ about that here. And so unfortunately, we
need to talk about it. Not sure we’re gonna have
a really cold winter, but you never know. (electric music)

Glenn Chapman

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