William’s mystery of 120 [The Return of Superman/2019.12.08]

The sound of humming never stops at William and Bentley’s house. (Gosh!) Bentley, you can’t do that. This is wasteful. What a waste. Did he cut his bangs? (Is that Jim Carrey’s haircut?) – It looks like Carrey’s hair. / – Look at his tummy. Stop that. – I’ll show you a magic trick. / – A magic trick? Pay attention to me. Magic trick. Blow on it. (Blowing) Abracadabra. (Ta-da!) Bentley. What is that? (What? What’s there?) It can’t be. No way. – Ta-da. / – Ta-da. “Where did that go?” – Where did it go? / – My gosh. (Gosh, you don’t know where it went, right?) I’m a magician. (That’s impressive.) He really fell for it. (That’s impressive.) He found it. (What? Freeze!) It didn’t go very far. (What is this?) – Come on. He should’ve thrown it farther. / – Right. (Chuckling) – No. / – “No.” (Throwing it away) – Bentley is doing a magic trick. / – He threw it away. “I know the secret of your magic trick!” Did you see me throw it away? (That’s not a magic trick.) Gosh, it’s nice that they are playing together. Right. It gets easier when kids play with each other. – Right. / – Raising kids paid off. It gets easier when they play together. (Shall I take a nap?) – What’s that? / – What is it? – What is this? / – What is it? “120”? What does this number mean? – What’s this again? / – “120”? What is this? What’s going on? Let’s eat something. – Is it the number for Dasan Call Center? / – Here… The number is written all over the place. (The number, 120, is found even inside the fridge.) What does this number mean? – Hey. / – There too? – Isn’t that a bit scary? / – This is scary. – My gosh. / – What’s going on? – Some doors have / – “One, two, zero”. – numbers on them. / – Right. – What does this mean? / – Is it a passcode? I’ve never seen this. (What does the number, 120, mean?) One, two, four… (William was studying numbers this morning.) Five. (What are you doing, William?) A, C, B, B. – I’ll teach you. / – “C”. – One, two… / – Bentley is studying English. – He was studying. / – William was studying numbers. – 9, 10. / – It’s hard for Bentley yet. He’d rather eat than study. (I should look for food instead.) I’m done. Be careful. Bentley, did you see me? – Do you not know the numbers? / – He’s not interested. (I prefer to eat than to study.) I can’t believe he got up there. Do you hate studying? Are you not going to study? One, two, three, four, five, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. (I know that much.) Look. “Apple”. (Apple.) He is good. (Let’s see.) “Fox”. He’s gotten better. – “Rabbit”. / – Rabbit. Three, nine… “Dad.” – Dad? / – It’s a hippo. He called his dad a hippo. (Studying is the easiest.) (William continues to study.) (Let me praise myself for studying hard.) – That’s me. / – Pardon? One, two… Zero. One-two-zero? William! – “One-two-zero” and “William”. / – That’s me. (This is a eureka moment!) That’s me. That’s my name. He thinks “one-two-zero” sounds like his name. – This is a eureka moment. / – What? That’s me too. – One-two-zero. / – What does he mean? That’s right. The bus number is 120. Baby, that’s my name. It’s William’s bus. You can’t go. It’s mine. (My brother is ridiculous. I will get off.) (He runs at full speed.) (William takes the bus No. 120.) (William, hold on.) (Stop!) (Ride it with me.) Be careful. You are too heavy. Dear passenger, you are too heavy. You should lose some weight – here. / – William plays with his brother. No, no, no. Did you lose weight? I see you haven’t. You need to lose a lot of weight. (Bentley ends up working out.) My goodness. – Do you want a ride? / – He wouldn’t be able to sit – because his belly is in the way. / – Yes. You need to pay. (I don’t have money.) (Now that’s a problem.) Then you should take a different bus – to Australia, okay? / – Bentley fell off. William pushed him off the bus. (Let’s ride it together.) You should take an airplane. They play well together. They are the perfect example of siblings – who are a year apart. / – You’re home now. You can get off now. No. More. (William refuses to move.) (Is that how it’s going to be?) (Then I will drive!) (What is going on?) (This bus is mine now.) Bye. (This passenger can speak Chinese.) (I can’t believe Bentley.) (William gives up on bus No. 120.) I will try writing it down. – One, two… / – That’s how it started. That’s how the place got covered in 120s. (Don’t distract me! I need to focus.) Zero. All done! – One-two-zero. / – One-two-zero. (I must be a genius!) William must be fascinated to find a number that sounds similar to his name. I will write it here. (Here?) (William’s signing event begins.) All done. Should I write it here? – Or here? / – He must think it’s an autograph. – Yes. / – Let’s write it here! Dad received a trophy. – Congratulations. / – Oh, my gosh. It’s the Top Excellence Award from KBS. That’s me. (Where else should I write it?) Let’s write it here. It’s my favorite toilet. Here too. I will write it everywhere. (He wrote “120” all around the house.) – Sam must be scared. / – Of course. – He is flustered. / – What does this number mean? (Glancing over) Gosh, William. He realized what happened – by looking at the number poster. / – Yes. He hasn’t figured out the meaning yet. This is just wrong. This is my trophy. Goodness, this is just wrong. – Why do you like “120” so much? / – My goodness. 1,200 dollars? William. William, come on out. What is it, Dad? Hey, do you know what this is? – It’s a trophy. / – Yes, it’s my trophy. What is this? What is this “120”? (Let me tell you what “120” is.) It’s my autograph. Your autograph? Yes. Look carefully. “One-two-zero.” It’s my name. Is “one-two-zero” your name? Look. My name is on there. – Where? / – Look. “One-two-zero.” – Hey. / – “William.” (Amazed) William! William, are you a genius? – He really is a genius. / – Seriously. – You should study hard. / – William. Which university do you want to go to? Eungam-dong University. – Eungam-dong University! / – Eungam-dong University? – Yes. / – He loves Eungam-dong. I am glad that you are studying hard, but you shouldn’t write on the cushion and my trophy. When can I sign my name? You can do it once at an important moment. – He can do it once. / – Sign on your belonging. – My belonging? / – Sam gave him permission. Yes. Choose one belonging. Do I have to choose one? Choose one. What you sign on will become yours. – What do you want to sign? / – He can only do it once, – so he is torn. / – Which item should I choose? – Which item will it be? / – Give it some thoughts. (A moment later…) Sign on your belonging. Will he sign on a toy? (Glancing over) (There is a dark mark on Bentley’s neck.) (William signed “120”!) (This!) Mine. Bentley is the most important in William’s life. They came out to buy something important. We have many things to buy today. Will we buy toys? We won’t buy toys. (Could that be it?) What do they need to buy? – Yes, they’re pillows. / – There are a lot of pillows. (Soft) – What is he doing? / – Bentley hid. Which ones are the pillows? Bentley is between the pillows. I like this pillow. – It’s a baby pillow. / – He loves his brother. – I know. / – It’s so heavy. – Let’s look at the comforters. / – They need winter comforter. – What are we getting? / – We are at a bedding store. The weather has turned cold. It’s good to prepare for winter. The kingdom of comforters. (They start shopping for a comforter.) I like this one. – It’s pink. / – Don’t climb on the bed. Since it’s winter, we need to buy something warm. (What will be warm?) Baby. Baby. Baby. – Is that a baby? / – A baby? A baby? – Ben. / – Is that Ben? – Ben? / – Baby. (Look carefully!) – They look alike. / – You are right. – Bread. Bread. / – He is interested in food. – It’s shaped like food. / – Don’t eat it. (What else is in this store?) (Dad, look at this!) (Bentley, look at my tongue.) – Those are dog-shaped pillows. / – Tongue. Tongue. Is it sticking out its tongue? – Tongue. / – Tongue. (I am teasing you.) Tongue. Tongue. Tongue. (The pillow gets teased by Bentley.) – Tongue. / – He is cute. There are so many pillows. – There is a variety of pillows. / – A pillow? He knows he lays his head on it. How cute! How cute! (It looked like a pillow commercial.) Let’s buy it. – Do you want to buy it? / – Yes. – He wants it. / – “Let’s buy it.” He chooses without hesitation. What do you think? William isn’t impressed. He saw something. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven. (Sam’s belly becomes a pillow.) This is softer. (Bounciness achieved after 43 years) Dad, this is it. – Dad, buy this. / – It’s the warmest. – That’s right. / – Let’s buy it. Don’t be ridiculous. Let’s look at the comforters. They need a comforter. (That’s right. We are here to buy a comforter.) – What should we buy? / – He is thinking carefully. (We need to choose carefully.) (This is nice.) – Dad, touch this. It’s really warm. / – It’s nice. Let’s buy it. Dad! Flowers. Flowers. – Flowers. / – Do you like flowers? – Yes. / – Really? I had no idea. – Peek-a-boo. / – My goodness. Peek-a-boo. (He shows a bright smile.) There’s no choice. You have to buy what he wants. Seriously. No way you can resist him. (I am so happy.) – Flowers? / – Flowers. (I don’t know.) – He is absorbed with the flower prints. / – Yes. Flowers. Flowers. (Heave-ho!) Dad, buy this! – What? Should I buy that? / – Yes. Do you know what it is? – Who is this for? / – He wants to buy it. – Me! / – Do you like flowers that much? Goodness. (William is looking for items that suit his tastes.) (What is that?) – Something… / – Oh, my gosh. What is it? – Oh, my gosh. / – What? It’s “Toy Story”. (The cartoon characters suit his tastes.) – Don’t climb on the bed. / – William loves the movie. He may climb on the bed since it’s a sample. – That’s nice. / – Sam should buy it. There is no need to look further. It’s perfect for children. – I know. / – Don’t jump too much. (Jumping) Don’t jump. (Freezing) – Go ahead. / – Woody. Who is this? – This is… / – Buzz Lightyear. William has memories of Buzz Lightyear. (Okay, my friend!) This comforter is very soft. It’s very pretty. – He wants to take it home. / – It’s nice, right? – He needs to say nice things. / – It’s very nice. – I was like that as a child. / – Do you like this? – Shall we buy this? / – When I wanted something, I went, “Mom, I think this is nice.” – Eyes. Eyes. / – What? – What did he see? / – Shall we go and see it? (What did Bentley find?) Ben. (Roar, roar.) It’s alone, right? (It’s a tiger.) A tiger. (I will spare you if you give me rice cake!) – Dad. Dad. / – What do you want me to do? – Dad. / – Does he want Sam to hit it? (Hitting) (It tickles.) (This won’t do!) (I will teach it a lesson!) (He attacks with his energy!) (Bang!) (He gathers his energy.) (Screaming) (Take my wind attack!) It didn’t budge. (I can’t believe it didn’t budge!) (There is someone I need at times like this.) (When a ghost appeared in Australia,) – There was a dire situation. / – Mom. (this person beat it.) Back then, – he had his brother. / – That’s right. – You are right. / – “Wait right here.” “I will bring my brother.” (But where is William?) (Ben runs off.) William is missing. Where is he? (He was with me.) (Did he hide here?) – Where is William? / – Where is he? William, Bentley is looking for you. (Disappearing) (He is looking for William.) (Screaming) (William isn’t here.) Is he there? No? Where is he? (William is nowhere to be found.) (William, where are you?) (William!) He needs William right now. The tiger needs to be defeated. (Crying) – Hey, hey. No. / – What is he going to do? (Answer me if you hear my voice.) William is missing. (Trudging) (The comforter is moving.) Hey. He is obsessed with the comforter. – Is he under the comforter / – Gosh, I am busy. by any chance? (Is William here?) He found William. (Hurry up and come on out.) Who is that? Peek-a-boo! (It’s William!) – Ta-da. / – Who is that? He found William. (William gives Bentley a hug.) They were only apart a few minutes. He’s so happy. (I will give you a hug.) (Kissing) He even kissed him. (Let’s stay together forever, William.) – They are good brothers. / – Are you happy? William, did you fall asleep here? I fell asleep for a short while. Really? You must really like this comforter. Shall we buy this? – Do you want to buy it? / – Yes. Let’s buy it! Let’s buy this comforter, – okay? / – Yes. (They succeed to buy a comforter for winter.)

Glenn Chapman


  1. They are now at the stage that I have been waiting for, they play together, they speak and converse at each other. Oh my these babies grow up too fast!!!

  2. William putting 120 on Bentley and declared he is his property, sooooo cute😊😍

  3. I kinda feel like I was watching a Mystery Movie with William's 120 number. Like the way Daddy Sam were ramdomly seeing all the 120 surrounds him..

  4. A good example for sibling ❤️ you did so well Sam for teaching your sons to love each other ❤️

  5. Omg william and bentley are just so cute and smart. Dont grow up too fast my babies!!!

  6. okay i feel like he will use this as username for games,emails,kakaotalk,atm machine,instagram,sns ect when he growing up later hehehhe william120

  7. 1=il 2=i 0=yong. il i yong >> iliyom >> William. That’s how 120 became his new signature 😁 Smart Willy

    And Ben is his. He marked him as his. 😊

  8. Sam being nearly mad but turns out to be proud and happy having a genius son

  9. Me is like that ahjumma in 17.03 when both william and bentley kissing… face full with smile seeing them loving each other.

  10. Woowww. If I'm not mistaken, Bentley is 3 months younger than gunhoo. But he's speaking more clearly than gunhoo does!

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