William’s house is bustling all day!! [The Return of Superman/2018.02.25]

Everyone is still asleep at William’s. (It’s still the wee hours of the morning.) (Bentley breaks the silence.) (Crying) (Sam gets up quickly.) – Mommy. / – Okay. (He’s busy looking after William and Bentley.) (He gets up with a little wail.) (As soon as Sam walks outside…) Where are you, Daddy? (His hair is very disheveled.) Baby. Baby. (Are you okay, brother?) Baby. (He gives him a morning kiss.) You’re so nice. Are you ready to get up? (Bentley has grown, right?) (Smiling) (He joined the family 75 days ago.) Bentley is growing up very healthy. Today marks his 75th day. (Are you curious about me?) He’s very calm. (Gentle) William is a little less serious. He’s brighter and more mischievous. (William, Three months) (His laughter is high and mischievous.) Bentley has a more serious smile. It’s as if he already knows about the world. He seems to have deeper thoughts. (Bentley’s gaze has more depth.) But they still look exactly alike. Thanks to them, it’ll be twice as hard and twice as happy. Dad. Yes? – Dad. / – Yes? Food. Come here so you can eat. (William’s baby formula) Now he has to prepare twice the original amount. (Bentley’s baby formula) (The brothers wait for their baby formula.) Say, “Dad, hurry up.” (Your baby formula is here.) Thank you. Here you go. (They enjoy baby formula in the morning.) They enjoy baby formula together. With Dad’s help, Bentley eats with relish. (Grow up fast so that you can hold the bottle.) William eats well by himself. – He is the older brother. / – Are you done? – Yes. / – Good job. – Hello. / – Shall we get out of bed? (I haven’t said hello to the uncle.) (Sam and William hold hands and exit.) William. We need to prepare for breakfast. (William suddenly crouches down.) You aren’t pooping, are you? Are you pooping? (Farting sound) (He answers with a loud sound.) William. – Are you pooping? / – I am. (Take the fart attack.) (Collapsing) Dad, come on. (Stop playing and get up.) Bentley takes a while to finish eating. He is enjoying his food in his mom’s arms. (He has a quiet charisma.) William. Sam, please bring me a diaper. (A diaper?) (I will bring my brother’s diaper.) Is he already getting his brother’s diaper? (Running) William, did you bring a diaper? Please give it to me. My goodness, thank you. – Let’s go. / – Thank you, William. (He is a trustworthy older brother.) (Good job, William.) Would you like a kiss? Thank you. Put your arms around my neck. Hold tight. In one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine… (William hung on for eight seconds.) – Again. / – Again? Again? (Playing with Dad is the best.) Gaji ate breakfast. (Shall we prepare breakfast now?) We need to eat breakfast. (What should we eat?) What is that? – Cheese. / – Cheese. Strawberry. – Meat. / – Meat. Eggs. Juice. What do you want with it? What do you want with it? (I got it.) (Don’t stay in the cold.) There is jam. – Jam. / – Jam. William, what is this? (Do I look okay?) – Cheese. / – What do you say? William, say, “Thank you.” Thank you. (Bentley is happy after eating.) You feel the happiest when you look your baby in the eye. It’s an unforgettable moment. (Smiling) Dried laver? Food. Hey, hey. (Spilling) Don’t do that. (He makes a mess when Sam isn’t looking.) Move out of the way. Move out of the way. (He grabs a snack.) Snack. Snack. (The dogs circle him.) (They follow him to get even the smallest piece.) William is cornered. Dad. (They are crowded in a tight space.) For goodness’ sake. This is what happens when you keep feeding them. They think you will give them food. They run after William. (Give me a bite.) William gives them a small piece. But right then… (Grabbing) (I should’ve kept it to myself.) (I am so upset.) William. (Gaji feels a bit bad.) (Mandu is flustered too.) (He bangs his head in anger.) They are gangsters. Snack. What did I tell you? Don’t feed them. Keep the food to yourself. – Snack. / – There is one, but you should eat fruit. There is your favorite yogurt. William. Where is Mom? Tell Mom to come on out. – Is the breakfast ready? / – Yes. (Cereal and fruit) William, did Dad prepare breakfast? – Eat fruit. / – Open wide. (Sam and William eat with Yumi.) You should eat this. William, there is dried apple too. Are you eating it? Is it tasty? You are eating well. Do you want this? Okay. Say, “Please.” – Please. / – “Please.” – “Please.” / – “Please.” (He can’t pronounce the word right.) – My goodness. / – “Please.” Here. (He munches on nuts.) – Hold on. / – Bentley. Bentley wants it too. Ben. (Bentley whines.) (Is he uncomfortable?) (Crying) What’s wrong? Dad. (What’s wrong?) Ben doesn’t usually whine. (When Sam checks the diaper,) (William brings a new diaper.) Thank you. – Thank you. / – He peed already. Really? My goodness. (He pees some more with a calm expression.) (Frozen) Did you see him peeing? (Bentley, I can’t believe you.) – Are you wet? / – This is wet. Really? Gosh, you are so clumsy. – The socks are wet too. / – My goodness. (Embarrassed) William, listen to your dad, okay? Cooperate with him today. Okay? It gives him more work if you do that. Look after the baby. Keep him warm. – I won’t be eating. / – What? I give up on eating. (Laughing) You lose your appetite when you look after a child. You don’t have time to eat. You can’t eat since everything’s a mess. You can’t even go to a restroom. – Don’t exaggerate. / – I am serious. When you go to the restroom, he will run in and flush the toilet. Don’t forget to take your medicine. (It hits him that he will be alone in this.) (Yumi is finished getting ready.) William, Mom is leaving. I am leaving. Bye. Say, “I love you.” – Give her a kiss. / – Give me a kiss. (He gives her a kiss.) I have to go to the hospital. Stay with Dad, okay? Okay. My goodness. – Look after the baby. / – Okay. Stay alert since there are two children. Okay. Don’t cry. I won’t cry. William. (The first day he was left with William…) Okay. (The first day he was left with William…) Okay. I’m sorry I was late. (He was clumsy with everything.) (It’s not easy to be a dad.) (I lack so many things.) (He cried because he felt bad.) (This time, he is with two children.) (Making noises) (Grinning) Bentley. (Sam talks to Bentley.) Where is William? (Bentley reacts to Sam’s voice.) Really? Really? (William and Bentley lie down side by side.) I don’t know who the baby is. (Let’s make baby formula.) (Acting cool) (Their eyes are on Sam.) (His hands are too fast for their eyes to catch.) (Shaking) (He finishes making baby formula.) Sir, did you order baby formula cocktail? – Yes. / – Congratulations. Sir. My goodness. You are eating a lot of baby formula. Would you like a bottle of baby formula? Should this gentleman get a bottle of baby formula? – Yes. / – All right. A bottle of baby formula, coming up. (Please wait.) (This customer is impatient.) It’s coming up. (You should learn to wait.) It’s coming up. It’s here. (He takes the customer in his arms.) Hello. Sir, this is a special service for you. I will feed you a bottle of baby formula. This is a high-quality baby formula. It’s a 15-year-old baby formula. (It tastes good.) (This customer is drinking from the bottle.) Why do you drink it like it’s alcohol? (My goodness.) Is it refreshing? (It goes down easily.) It must be tasty. Thank you. (William runs to the corner.) William. William. You are pooping, right? (Pooping) Unbelievable. (One child eats.) One child eats and the other poops. I am sorry, William. Bentley’s meal comes first. Hang in there. (He feeds Bentley for a while.) (He’s getting drowsy.) (Beware of his ugliness.) (Dad, why do you look so ugly?) Why am I so drowsy? (Mandu even snores.) (He plays music in order to stay awake.) (My goodness.) Here it comes. (I am feeling excited.) (He begins to dance.) (He bounces in a strange way.) (William plays with the beat.) (He misses a beat.) (What do you think about this song?) (I don’t know if I like it.) What? (Here I go.) (He shows his cheerful side.) (It will be hard to dance to this song.) This is the part where you clap. (He sees a camera during the dance.) Mom is watching. Give her a kiss. (Is Mom inside the camera?) Mom isn’t here. Where is Mom? Mom is inside. She is watching you. Say hello to Mom. Give her a kiss. She is inside. Give her a kiss. Give her a kiss. (Mom, have a good checkup.) Ouch. (Sam is in pain.) William. William, come here. Help me, William. (He puts Bentley down safely.) William, please do this. (He doesn’t understand.) I have a cramp. My goodness. I am in pain. Please hold this. Please hold this. Thank you. (William comes and holds the bottle.) – Baby. / – I am in pain. Baby. You are feeding the baby. You are feeding the baby. (He is a good boy who feeds his brother.) (Proud) Ben, stay there for a second. (Sam goes to wash William’s bottom.) Put your arms up. (Thank you for waiting.) (He quickly cleans William up) Go. (and lets him go.) (Running around) (He enjoys freedom in his birthday suit.) William. Hold on. You need to behave when Ben is watching. (He can’t stop being mischievous.) That’s not very manly. You need a diaper to be manly. (Should I go to him?) Come here. Don’t pee in that state. Come here. (Nervous) Hey! (Peeing) Hey! I told you not to pee. Come on out. Don’t step on it. Come on out, Mandu. (That was refreshing.) (It’s hard to look after two children.) I am losing it. (It’s time for them to take a nap.) Let’s sleep, children. (He lays Bentley on the bed.) Hi. ♪ Twinkle, twinkle, little star ♪ ♪ How I wonder what you are ♪ ♪ Mom and Dad, where are you? ♪ ♪ Dad… ♪ I will always be by your side. Don’t worry. (They fall asleep.) The two children fall asleep without Mom. Sam, this is the beginning. Cheer up. (The living room is a mess.) (Having two children keeps him busy.) (He finally gets a break.) (Why is time passing so slowly today?)

Glenn Chapman


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  2. William’s English is very advanced for a child of his age!! So impressed

  3. Bentley smiles so much, what a happy kid. His mom must be so happy during her pregnancy. What a happy household. 😍

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  5. I feel like gaji and Mandu took their revenge from when William kept eating the dogs snack

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  7. Sam's tshirt says "araw" which is the filipino word for sun. I just noticed.

  8. Ahh.. Sam. You looks so good to be a father. William and Ben will proud of you later, ❤

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  12. Watching this again and really you can see Bentley is already a food fighter already 😂

  13. I would never have my house this untidy. I'll go crazy everything is everywhere. I'm not even married, I don't understand how ppl can live like that.

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  17. cant get over how i find out william inherits her mothers nose jaw and mouth. so cute

  18. This is how we must respect our mother, the fact is not easy to care for the household

  19. Okay I’m crying, I sang you are my sunshine to my son when he was bentleys age 😩 he is now 3 ❤️

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  22. 2019
    Thats the start when Ben keeps eating amd peed on william wherever he dont wear diapers 😂😂

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    Yes Ben, that's mainly you.
    (Revisiting videos) ❤

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    Now: Bentley steals William's foods.

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