William’s grandma brought him so many presents! [The Return of Superman / 2017.08.13]

A family has arrived at Incheon Airport. We’re here. (They have a carry-on behind them.) (It’s William’s family.) It’s none other than William’s family. You want to go there? Where? (Where are they headed?) Where? Where should we go? Hello? Where are you looking at? Red sun. (Red sun) (Dad, did something happen?) Were you sleeping? I’m sorry. Shall we go? Let’s go that way. Okay. But what are they doing at the airport? Are they embarking on a family trip? What are you going to show Nana? (They’re at Arrivals, not Departure.) What is this? (They pull something out of the carry-on.) Nana, welcome to Korea. Who’s Nana? We have this one, too. (Who is Nana? Why is William waiting for her?) Who? “43-years old. Australia’s top baby face.” (A 43-year-old Australian woman?) Gosh. Are they coming by any chance? We also have this. Nana likes So Jisub. (The person likes So Jisub.) Will you give it to me? It’s So Jisub. (That would be me.) Hey there. Give me a handshake. – Who is this? / – High-five. – “I’m sorry.” / – Who is this, William? “But I love you.” He just looks sorry right, William? Surprise. (It was just Dad.) He smiled. Come on. Oh my gosh. He’s so cute. (William, the global star) Hello. Welcome to Korea. (It’s Sam Kim.) Welcome. (Suddenly, Sam’s last name changed.) Apparently, I’m Sam Kim. Dad is Sam Kim. “My dad isn’t Sam Kim”. (Rattling lips) Hello. Welcome. (Why isn’t she coming?) He’s excited. – She’s here. / – Where? – There she is. / – She’s at the back. Yes, there she is. Who exactly is Nana? She’s here. (Who is this Nana,) (whom William’s been waiting for so long?) She’s William’s grandma from Australia. (William’s grandmother visits Korea.) (She fixes her eyes on him from far away.) (It’s Nana.) There you are. (Deeply moved) (They’re finally reunited.) (It’s been a while, Grandma.) (You cutie-pie.) (He waits with the So Jisub mask on.) (Kissing) How can she not dote over her grandson? (Now let me give my grandson a hug.) Mom, I’m here. (Laughing) How are you, darling? How are you? You’re So Jisub. Where’s So Jisub? – So Jisub? / – So Jisub. – Right here. / – So Jisub. (Her adoration for him cannot be quenched.) (It will unfold in just a moment.) But he looks different. He’s my son. (It’s good to see you, Mom.) I missed you. (Let’s give my daughter-in-law a hug, too.) (Full of love) Look at this. – Goodness. / – It’s William. Who’s this? (This grandmother loves her grandson.) It’s William. Hello, my name is Jen Ross. When I was in Australia, I was a casting director and producer for 23 years, which is a long time. And you might love people who came out of the shows. Russell Crowe, Guy Pearce, Margot Robbie, Liam Hemsworth, Chris Hemsworth. A lot of them have been very successful internationally. She’s already quite famous in Australia. With personal connections to Hollywood actors, Sam even received a personal message from Russell Crowe. And I happen to be Sam’s mother. She’s such an impressive person. Let’s go. Here we go. Now that was a beautiful surprise, wasn’t it? And it’s a beautiful surprise to see Dad has lost some weight. Dad is looking very good. He’s looking very handsome. Thank you. (Chuckling) My stomach’s disappearing, and hers is growing gradually. Yes, but Yumi’s got a good reason for hers to grow. True. So, are you feeling a lot better, Yumi? I feel good. – That’s good, Yumi. / – I feel super good. She’s looking good. She’s looking beautiful. Super beautiful. You have a super beautiful mom and dad. Yes. How beautiful was that to come out and see a little munchkin man standing near with a placard saying… “Welcome to Nana”. “Welcome to Nana”. – And you had one, too. / – Yes. What did yours say? – What did it say again? / – It had “43” on it, but I don’t know. “43. Australia’s top baby face.” That was because you were born in 1943. Oh, right. Yes. Not because you’re 43 years old. All right. I thought I might’ve been 43 years old. That’s Yumi. Oh, is she… (Raising a son is good for nothing.) (I should just see my grandson.) (The Australian grandma is full of love.) They finally arrive home full of love. (Sam Hammington returns home.) Hello. (Sam Hammington returns home.) I have to remember to take my shoes off, – don’t I? / – Yes, please. (We’re home!) What have I got in here, William? William. (Grandma has brought home gifts.) (Hurry and open it.) There’s something for William. William. (Ta-da) (Immediate reaction) (Are you giving this to me?) Who is that? – Applause. / – To William. Applause. (Thank you.) (Playing excitedly) (What will the next gift be?) Oh, my. William. – What is that? / – Look at William, Honey. (William the turtle) (Cowabunga) (There is still so much more.) I also bought this one as a Christmas present. – William. / – Look at this present. (The dog seems more excited.) It’s as if you haven’t got enough soft toys. (He’s excited.) There’s some more. What else do we have here? Here, Mommy. “My grandma rocks”. “I love Dad. He is a legend.” (Surprise) What is that? (A girl’s dress?) (Traumatized) Is this for William? No. Well, you never know what the next one will be. (Stepping lightly) Princess William enters in a shiny dress. Perhaps he’ll have a baby sister who looks like him. (Laughing) – Hey, William. / – He looks great. Weren’t you a prince? The size fits perfectly. (Exclaiming excitedly) (Very content) (There is no end to the presents.) Toothpaste. (We acquired toothpaste.) We got something. We got toothpaste. It’s refreshing. It’s refreshing. (Give them to me.) (He seizes the gifts.) Toothpaste! – Toothpaste. / – Show your teeth. There you go. Show your teeth. Show your teeth. This trademark dance only appears when he’s in a good mood. (William’s trademark dance) (Dancing) He seems happy with his grandma’s arrival. William, this is your dad’s when he was a little boy. This is for William. This was your dad’s. This used to be mine. Now you’ll drink out of this too, okay? This cup is meant for princes only. Take it. – Take it. / – Did he understand that? (I guess I can drink now.) (Becoming a prince sure is easy.) (Clapping like a seal) And these are some of your old books. Oh, what? They’re my old books. Those are Dad’s books. Mom, did you read these to me when I was little? Of course. (He reminisces over the past.) I still remember this. This was printed in 1978. (It was made when he was a year old.) Did she keep it for all these years? – I remember reading this. / – Really? (Gosh, my son.) What was I like when I was his age? Well, you’re very much similar really. You had jam all over your face. And you liked to throw food around. He throws his food around. You used to throw your food around. (Like father, like son) I guess it passed on. It’s like looking at Sam when he was little again. William. (They’re exactly alike.) They sure look exactly alike. William. (It’s time to throw a talent show for Grandma.) (Demonstrating strength) All right. William. (I’ve grown this much, Grandma.) (She is surprised.) (His grandma is very expressive.) The best. The best. (Grandma speaks Korean?) The best. (He’s happy.) The best. (I love you, Grandma.)

Glenn Chapman


  1. Good lord did KBS butcher Sam's mom's name in the subs….Her name isn't Jen Ross; it's Jan Russ

  2. Aww William's nana is so cute haha I love how William's parents are very open to this stuff when they put the dress on him so cute

  3. It's kinda ridiculous how photogenic William is when you think about it.

  4. Grandparents are the best, LOL. Remembering mine while watching this. =)

  5. oh she's was a producer for the australian TV show Neighbors! I feel like I have to watch that now since all my favorite actors say they did that first haha

  6. For any Aussies here, do you think Sams mum use to cast for Neighbours & Home and Away 🤔

  7. Does anyone know the soundtrack when the baby is wearing the dress plays in the background

  8. William’s nana would be me when I have grandchildren 😂 especially as cute as William who’ll be able to resist he’s cuteness 😫❣️

  9. I know 소지섭… he’s my cousins uncle and when she visited him, she secretly FaceTimed him for me 😂

  10. My nana is just like William's nana. Paternal side too. I have this feeling that all paternal side nanas act the same though. All her actions and words are definitely, DEFINITELY identical to William's.

  11. Always love William and now Bentley 😘😘 Sukses selalu.👏👏

  12. Coolest nana in the whole world! Love her positive energy ❤️💖

  13. Sam's mom is the best. I cannot even with her. The more recent visit of the foursome (including baby Bentley) made me smile and cry and say aloud, "I love her!" multiple times.

  14. William is so cute.He reacting so cute😂😂😂😂😂!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. I always love when my grandma visits from Australia, she always brings me a lot of gifts when I was younger, now mommy just brings me lectures 😂😅

  16. Williams grandma is 76 year old and my grandma is 70 yay
    Williams grandma:1943
    My grandma:1948

  17. Sam was like "Mum, I'm here. I'm right here." LOL
    Sorry Sam, you're no longer the apple of her eyes. That role has been taken over by her grandsons Hahahahahahaah 😂

  18. literally found out about this family because they were on my australian story one night hahah

  19. When his grandmother talks to him in English but his father talks in korean.Okay I still need eng subss

  20. I couldn't stop smiling while watching this. Jen is very charismatic and loving, when they gathered together in the meeting my heart absolutely melt; it also did every time she complimented Sam's family. This is indeed a family full of love. 💜✨

  21. Gosh I love this women! Yumi is so lucky to have a mother in law full of love and support for her and her children ❤️❤️❤️❤️ gosh May she be blessed with long life full of health and happiness xxx

  22. William's grandma is so lovely ❤ I want to be just like her when I grow up. Raising a beautiful kid and loving their grandchildren. Yumi must have been so lucky to have such Mother-in-law. Nana is so amazing. In her career and in her family ❤

  23. Now if we see the dress of girl 👗👗is no use because second child is also boy 😂😂😂

  24. i hope nana will visit korea again to see william and bentley!!

  25. Now that i watch it again William looks bently with more hair 🤣

  26. And now, william has a little cute and funny brother. Not sister. He is, ben, ben, bentley!

  27. omg sam mother is a casting director and especially with chris hemsworth that's the best thing ever <3

  28. I kind of feel bad because they will most likely never be able to interact with eachother 😭😭

  29. I had 3 of those. One I have w my children's book the tale of Timmy tiptoes. I had the Rudolf but I no longer celebrate unbiblical things. I had a mother goose but not that one. I was born in 1978.

  30. Grandma is big time .she is a well known producer and happens to work with a huge Hollywood star

  31. Grandma brought a pink dress but the 2nd baby turns a boy and it is Ben maybe the 3rd one will be a girl so they can used it
    . Maybe that 3rd baby will happened soon.

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