William and Bentley’s reaction to eyeball jelly [The Return of Superman/2019.08.14]

Let’s meet William and Bentley this time. Jelly. – What? Jelly? / – Yes. You shouldn’t eat jelly now. (He acts cute.) No. No. – My goodness. / – He is disappointed. Come here. If you talk well, I’ll give you something nice. Who am I? – Dad. / – That’s right. – Children grow up so fast. / – I know. Why is your forehead… Gosh, let me take a look. – You look like Jung Dongnam. / – No. – No? / – It’s the same spot. What do you want to eat? (How many times do I have to tell you?) Jelly. – Do you want something tasty? / – “Yes.” – All right. / – Jelly. Stay there. Stay there. I will get you something tasty. – Will he listen to his dad? / – Stay there. (He listens to his dad.) – Gosh, he understands everything. / – He’s grown up. (When Sam brings the jelly,) (his eyes become transfixed.) All right. Let’s learn some manners. Yes, he should grow up into a well-mannered man. (Manners maketh man, Bentley.) Do you want this? Yes. – He’s willing to do anything. / – If you say please, I will give you one jelly. “Please.” That’s what you say, okay? (Sucking) Do you want another one? – Yes. / – Sit down. – How do you say please? / – How do you do it? (Is this how you do it?) – Is that how you do it? / – It’s not the head. – Put your hands together. / – How do you say please? Show me how you say please. – He is in a hurry. / – “Please.” – Put your hands… / – What? – That should count as a success. / – He did it. Okay, I will give you something tasty. (He succeeds in getting another jelly.) “Please.” Bentley, what are you eating? (He’s diligently sucking on something.) (Hold on.) What is that? What are you eating right now? (He has an eyeball in his hand.) Is that blood in his mouth? (Is Bentley eating an eyeball?) What is going on? Whose eye is that? Yes, whose eye is that? Dad, open your eyes. Dad. Dad. Maybe he can’t open his eyes right now. Children cry about these things. What have you done? Come here. You punk! – “You punk!” / – Put his eye back. – He ate it. / – Dad. – Is that your eye? / – What? Do you want a jelly? (Earlier, Ben said “please” and received a jelly.) (What kind of jelly did Sam give him?) – Jelly. / – It’s an eyeball jelly. – No? / – Eye. No. Eye? Eye? (Is this a jelly?) Maybe we should play that trick. (Sam took a bite first.) It’s jelly. (You surprised me, Dad.) – Do you want to try it? / – Yes. (Eating) (It’s so sweet.) (Dad, your eyes…) (Your eyes are fine.) What is going on? (Then what is that?) It’s jelly. It’s jelly. Jelly. “I am sorry.” – I think William is still nervous. / – That was fun. That was fun, right? You surprised me. I thought Bentley was eating your eye. – I know. / – Gosh. (I am glad you are okay.) (They start off the day energetically.) – You fooled me. / – Taste it. How does it taste, William? I turned into a zombie. – Did you turn into a zombie? / – Baby, I’m a zombie. My goodness. Baby, have an eyeball. (He is inhaling the zombie virus.) (Roaring) (Bentley transforms into a dancing zombie.) (He attacks his dad.) Hey. Be careful, Jung Dongnam. You aren’t in your right mind. (I am excited.) (He has a lot of energy from eating the jelly.) You will break your ankle at this rate. (It’s William’s favorite item.) That watch is William’s current favorite item. Really? – What time is it? / – He’s focused on it. (Give it to me. I want to wear it.) – Goodness. / – You should know that. (Bentley uses his strength.) – Hey. / – He took it back. (Blowing) (He cherishes it.) “It’s mine.” It’s my watch. That’s right. It’s William’s. Watch. – It’s William’s. / – Brothers quarrel a lot. Do you want to try it on? It’s William’s. Touch it. Children love slap bracelets. No, it’s mine. (Give it to me!) (The war of the watch breaks out.) You punk! Baby, it’s mine. – For goodness’ sake. / – He’s hiding. – Give me that. / – He thinks he is hiding. The fight is getting bigger. – He will cry now. / – No! Hold on! No. My goodness. In the end… They had fun eating jelly earlier. (Why is this happening again?) (William and Bentley quarrel.) If you continue to fight, I will take this away. – That’s right. / – Neither of you can use it. I am so frustrated. Sit down. (William and Bentley gather around.) Are you going to be like this? – Yes. / – What? Don’t say, “Yes.” What’s more important than a watch? It’s brotherhood. Brotherhood. That’s right. Sit down. Brotherhood. – “Brother.” / – “Brother.” – “Hood.” / – “Hood.” It’s more important than a watch. Have you seen Mom and Dad fight? – Yes. / – What? – Have you seen it? / – Yes. We don’t fight. – You fight a bit. / – No, we don’t. Mom scolded you. (Oh, I remember that time.) That was because I drank a bit. (A bit?) – It wasn’t a fight. / – Okay. Okay? Don’t fight someone on your team. Now give each other a hug. – Ben, give him a hug. / – William understood. (No!) Ben won’t do it. I hate you, Bentley. – Hug. Come on. / – This won’t end easily. This won’t do. Does he have a solution? Ben, sit down. – What? / – Sit down. – What? / – Sit down. (The lesson on brotherhood resumes.) – I’m surprised he sat down. / – All right. Look. What is this? (What is it?) What is that? Dog. – That’s right. / – Dog. Dad, is this Slinky Dog? Bingo. It must be from the animated movie. (It’s a Slinky Dog costume.) He will tie the brothers together. Is this Slinky Dog? Of course. William, you are the tail. They can’t deny it this time. They are a team. That’s right. They are one. The two of you are one now. – “We are one.” / – From now on, I will do this whenever you two fight. You will become one, okay? Move together. That’s right. (William follows.) (He goes where Bentley wants to go.) (Proud) (The head enters the room,) (but the tail leaves the room.) Baby, let’s go. That’s right. (He gets pulled back.) Let’s go to the fridge. Stand up. Stand up. My goodness. (I will go into the living room.) (Tight) (I can’t do this. Let’s part ways.) Let’s eat a snack. (Let’s eat before we part ways.) They are peaceful in front of food. What should we eat? Baby, go forward. – He told Bentley to go forward. / – Let’s eat. – Let’s ask Dad to open it. / – Will they fight again? I am nervous. Dad, open it. Shall we have Bentley eat first? – Yes. / – Open wide. (The head eats first.) He had a taste. William. Hold it. (No!) (What?) That’s a peaceful way. We are brothers. We share food. See? Baby doesn’t cry when you share, right? See? Isn’t this a heartwarming sight? This is the brotherhood Sam wanted to see. Bentley, you are cute. – He kissed him. / – Let him eat. Let’s live like this from now on. (This is brotherhood.) I am done. You can eat the rest. Eat up. William is done. – Suddenly… / – I need to use the bathroom. – My goodness. / – Hold on. What is he going to do? – Baby, come here. / – My goodness. (He gets humiliated suddenly.) Bentley is eating. This is the worst moment. (Head, take me to the bathroom.) (Fidgety) – Hurry up. / – It’s coming out. – Baby, it’s not that way. / – Baby. I need to poop. Let’s go to the bathroom. My goodness. (What?) Baby, hurry up. – That’s right. This could end badly. / – Baby, hurry. Hang in there. Baby, wait a second. I will poop quickly. – He is a good boy. / – Hold on. – Wait there. / – One is eating ice cream. It’s coming out. The other is pooping. What kind of situation is this? Wait. Baby, I am sorry. (It’s okay.) He eats as he waits. (This is my duty.) Baby, it might smell a bit. (It smells a bit.) (Both of them drop something.) Bentley doesn’t look back to give his brother privacy. (It’s a strange situation, but Bentley enjoys the food) (and William enjoys the respite.) – It’s a rare sight. / – Yes. Baby, are you done? Thank you. (Don’t mention it.) How cute! Dad, wipe my butt. – “Wipe my butt.” / – Oh, my. Well done. – Sam must be proud. / – Ben, did you wait quietly? – Yes. / – Really? Good job. The two of you are such good brothers. (They graduate from the Slinky Dog costume.) You can take this off now. Good job. (Now that I am free…) – He is free. / – He is free. Freedom! He immediately went for the watch. What will happen now? Hold on. William came out. What will happen? – Now… He didn’t see it. / – My goodness. He didn’t see it. He is a genius. (He succeeds in escaping) (by tucking it behind his head.) It was the perfect crime. He is excited. (Even when he falls,) (the watch stays on his nape.) How did he think of that? – The watch is on his nape. / – Yes.

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  1. Sam raises both of them very well. This episode is heartwarming 😭❤️

  2. m i watching DRAMA? coz this is dramatic i ever watch in TROS except when we fought to my twins too 😂

  3. every new episode I always wait for this channel to be the first to update. because there's only the translation here. I hope this family can continue long on TROS. when I open YouTube when I see them I don't care what I watched before and leave it

  4. one of my favorite family in tros ❤️
    time flies so fast, I still remember the time that william is waiting to his newborn brother ben in the hospital and now ben can now talk a few words already.

  5. Sam Appa, I need your parenting book. Please make one someday, cause I want to become good parents like you and your wife. I really impressed with your parenting skills👐🏻 Williams and Ben will become good men in the future 💕

  6. last time i check, bentley was born. and he can talk already now? wow i'm surprised

  7. I don't know how to describe this scene… What can I say is that . This is so precious💞 their brotherhood

  8. Bentley is having a same family name is Jung that Jung dongnam Bentley is Jung woosung!

  9. gue kok ngeliat sam disini , kaya gimana gitu yaa kasian ngeliat mukaanya kaya yg cape bgt:( semoga keluarganya selalu diberi kesehatann

  10. Wait, im not ready for this, Bently is growing too fast 😭 it feels like he was born the other day then now he can speak and understand his father 😭❤️

  11. Sam: are you going to be like this?
    Ben: Yes!
    HAHAHAHAHA Bentley is me in every situation👌😂

  12. William is so patient and polite. He kept saying thank you and sorry to Ben knowing the inconvenience he is giving him. Bentley's too naughty though😂

  13. So cute!! I wish I can hear them talk in person. Little kid voices are the cutest! So much respect to the hardworking parents and the amazing children they have ❤️❤️💕💕💕💕

  14. ❤️วิลเลี่ยมน่ารักมากขอบคุณน้องด้วยที่นั่งรอ รักเธอจริงๆวิลเลี่ยม

  15. william and bentley looks like they are in the same age. Bentley is so BIG.

  16. I noticed something,Bentley little bit selfish and more active 😅 than William. But mostly when he with William,he listen well .Just need a little bit teaching manner to Bentley that usually when youngest character they think will get more than oldest.But overall both still smart and good boys 😂.Just Bentley maybe take time to be matured like William.

  17. "You punk" haha ooh my William you even scold in a cute way😂🤧❤️

  18. Sam's parenting is always on point and effective. Both william and bentley are growing into fine and disciplined kiddos. ♥️

  19. I just realized that I was watching it with out subtitles meaning I watched this show so much I now understand

  20. 7:45 i was surprised to hear a Danish song and after i was like wft, i wasn’t in my house i heard it but in the video😂

  21. WHY IS BENTELY SO CUTE!!! And just the fact that he can understand well and can talk, it’s just too much cuteness for my ❤️ heart! I love these brothers so much

  22. William and Bentley are such good brothers. It sucks that a lot of eldest siblings are forced to sacrifice stuff for their younger siblings and it usually results in jealousy and more fights. But in their case, William is such a patient hyung. He does scold Bentley but I've never seen him hit his brother even when Bentley has hit him a few times. They were raised very well and their parents are such amazing people.

  23. It's been awhile since I've seen their dogs… does anyone know what happened to them?

  24. Oohh~ He's still the Bentley we know. He still eats & want eats alot. He's speak well now. When did you grow up so fast? 😂💕

  25. This episode is one of the funniest episode of this family in my list now 😂😂😂

  26. William really thinks Bentley eats everything.. From poop💩,frog🐸 to eye👁…🤣🤣🤣

  27. i'm always so fascinated by bentley speaking omg it's amazing how fast he's grown

  28. William is so mature and wise beyond his age. He’s truly understanding and kind. I can understand William’s frustration and outbursts, it’s all reasonable. It’s amazing how William can express himself so well. And I truly admire and appreciate how Sam handles such situation. I hope to be able to be as creative and good of a parent as the Hammington one day. I’ve learned a lot and also new ways on how to handle sibling fights from this video! Thank you KBS and thank you Hammington family!

  29. 3:06
    once i heard that i came to the comments to see if anyone else noticed, i guess there aren’t any onces here ;;

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