William and Bentley greet Red Velvet with hugs and kisses [The Return of Superman/2018.10.14]

It’s pouring outside this afternoon. Why is it raining so much? Isn’t it the day of the award ceremony? There’s traffic. I even got my hair done. I can’t get wet. William, do you like your hair? Roll, roll. “Roll, roll”? Did you roll your hair? (Bentley is passed out.) Give me a mirror. – Do you want a mirror? / – Yes. Take a look. What do you think? I like it. Who do you look like? – William. / – Like William? Yes. Is that so? William, are you ready for this? Yes! – Okay. / – He woke up. – Okay. / – He ended up answering. – What is this? / – He’s sleepy. Did he go back to sleep? What should I do if I get nervous? (Calm down.) – Calm down. / – Okay. They head to the award ceremony with fluttering hearts. The key part of the ceremony is the red carpet. Due to the sudden rain, they moved – the carpet indoors. / – We’ll start now. The stars that shone this year are appearing one by one. It’s Park Seojun. – Why are you so happy? / – I was just calling him. Why did your tone get so high? Should I call him gloomily, then? (Our superman enters shyly.) Finally, Sam is entering. He looks really handsome dressed like that. (I’m William and Bentley’s dad.) (Where are William and Bentley?) While Sam is participating in the event, the two boys are staying with Sam’s manager. What’s that in William’s hands? All of the nominees will be at the ceremony. William and I wanted to help people relax. I thought of the game where you grow bigger after eating a mushroom while making it. Do you know what happens when you touch this? (When you touch the mushroom…) Power up. William. Look, you’re so powerful. (He charges powerfully.) William, don’t break the house. It’s a lease. It’s not our house. He glued and colored with his tiny hands. You have to cheer for everyone. – Good luck! / – Yes. I hope William’s cheers will reach everyone attending the ceremony. (William and Bentley will cheer for you!) What do I do? What do I do? (Hyunmoo and Sooyoung admire the kids.) Hello. (Smiling) What is this? (Swooning) What do I do? High-five? (He gets energy from William.) Good luck. (He can’t help but smile.) Buzz. Pose? What pose? – He says you look like Buzz. / – Me? (He looks just like Buzz.) He has good eyes. Does he look like Buzz? (They have the same jawline.) I’m sorry for no reason. – See you later. Bye. / – Nice meeting you. (See you later, Buzz.) Who’s entering next? It’s the Taiwanese actor, Liu Yihao. (Hopping) (He comes over to say hello.) (William looks unenthusiastic.) (Even when Hwang Chansung comes…) He looks uncomfortable. (What’s the matter, William?) (Then…) (Kyung Sujin enters.) (He smiles as soon as a pretty person shows up.) Hello. That kid’s amazing. Auntie. (He’s acting adorable.) (You’re so different when an auntie comes.) Hello. Touch. (Chae Jeongan is getting energized too.) (Thank you.) Smile. Bye. (Bentley is spacing out.) I want to know what you ate. (Did he just talk about eating?) (Who is the person who woke Bentley up?) It’s Japanese actor, Matsushige Yutaka. (It looks like I’ve found my rival.) I’m looking forward to their meeting. (He was going to just pass) (until he saw a baby glaring at him.) He noticed. Is he up for the challenge? (Hello, baby.) (Nice to meet you.) (This baby is the Korean baby version of you.) He’s finding out that they’re similar. (Are you a good eater too?) They’re checking how well each other can eat. (Let’s eat together sometime soon!) (I’ll meet you at a restaurant, then!) – Let’s go and see. / – Okay. (They’re heading to the waiting room.) Touch, touch. (Screaming) (Screaming) He’s so popular. – William. / – Touch. Touch? Okay. Touch. Power up. (Power up!) – Bentley. / – Bentley. Can you walk? (He’s standing strong.) What is that? Do you want some? Do you get more power if you touch this? – Ask her to help you. / – One, two, three. – Gosh. / – He’s good. He looks cute just drinking water. – Hello. / – Hello. It’s a familiar face. It’s Oh Jiho. (It’s been a while, Uncle.) You’re right. You’re all here. It’s been a while. Hello. We recently had our second child, a son. Congratulations. How old is he? – It’s been two weeks. / – Two weeks? Congratulations. (Their son was born on August 18th.) – Bye. / – Bye. Me too, William. – William. / – Thank you. Sharing candy means he likes them. You never feed me any jelly. – Where is it? / – Where is it? (I’ll give you a heart too.) He’s taking it out from everywhere. (He’s holding her closely.) – Give her a kiss. / – Thank you. Gosh. (Kissing) (He’s giving out kisses.) – Baby is bald. / – Good luck – with the performance. / – Baby is bald. Is the baby bald? He’s suddenly saying that the baby is bald. – Let’s go! / – Let’s go! (Good luck!) This uncle is very good at tennis. Do you like tennis? – Yes. / – Really? He sang for Mom and Dad when we got married. He might sing at yours if you ask him later. (Sung Sikyung sang at Sam’s wedding.) Gosh. (This is Sam as a newlywed.) Listening to Sikyung’s voice is helping him relax. Shall we give him one? What is it? – You have one left. / – Thank you. – He fed Red Velvet earlier. / – What? (He grabbed one, but it’s for someone else.) – Who is that one for? / – Is it for my manager? Why are you giving him a bigger one? – Right. Mine is so small. / – I got a heart. What is this? – Eat it. / – Should I eat it? He’s telling you to just eat it. (It looks as though the jelly tastes bad.) (How can you eat it like it tastes bad?) Hey, when did you start walking? – It’s been a few days. / – Really? – Nine months… / – Gosh. He started walking at nine months. He’s really adorable. Everyone’s babies are growing up so well. I don’t even have a dog to raise. Why are you talking like that? – You don’t have a dog? / – I came up with it. I don’t have anyone. (William is rubbing his jelly on the floor.) (Rubbing) Do you play with it on the floor before eating? You can build stronger immunity. Have it. – Immunity… / – He’s giving it away. William is the only one who cares about the immunity of his uncles. Eat the jelly. (Sam gives him an order.) Please give me an allowance. – Do you know what it is? / – Yes. – What is it? / – Give me an allowance. Okay. I’ll give this to you. No, no. Give me an allowance. What is that? Is that the Western way to show money? (Sikyung gives William some allowance.) What should you say? Thank you. – Gosh. / – “Thank you, Uncle.” Thank you, Uncle. What do you want to buy? Book. Dad’s book. He’s going to buy books for his dad? It’ll help his dad learn more. William, he has to go work. Thank you. – Heart. / – Thank you. – Heart. / – I thought you were giving it to me. – Heart. / – Are you going to dissect it? His Korean is so good. He wants to buy his dad books and also dissect the heart. High-five. (William is a linguistic genius.) Okay. See you later. High-five. Thank you. Ben, I have to go up on stage today. I’m a little nervous. I said I’m okay. (He helps Sam relax.) Be gentle, okay? I’m okay. (Are you still nervous?) If you do that, you’ll hurt my face. How can I go up on stage like that? I’m just nervous. (You seem to be okay now.) Okay! Stop. Sam. – Ryohei. / – The next guest to visit the waiting room is a beloved actor in Korea and Japan who was in “The Admiral: Roaring Currents”. It’s Otani Ryohei. (Talented actor, Otani Ryohei) – Have you been well? / – Your kids… Yes. They got so big. You remember me, right? You must be really busy. Luckily, yes. (Ryohei is busy with work.) – That’s great. / – Please go on standby. Okay. – Standby, standby. / – I’m so sorry, but I have to go up on stage. Can you look after my kids? – What? / – I’ll be quick. – He suddenly became a sitter. / – I can’t do it alone. You can put him down. – Just hold Bentley. / – Him? William, get down. Can you walk? He can do more than just walk. I’ll come right back after handing the award. – Okay. / – I’ll be right back. – Take care. / – Thank you. (These three look very awkward.) – Dad is getting an award. / – Is he getting one? Yes. Is that why I’m babysitting? As soon as we saw each other, he left you guys to me and ran. If you call your dad, he’ll show up on the television screen. Call him. – Dad. / – Louder. – Dad! / – Louder. Dad! Look. (The MCs are on the screen.) – Buzz. / – Buzz! This is Buzz. – Is it pretty? / – Uncle Buzz is on. He really looks like Buzz. Your dad will come out now. This is hilarious. (Bentley dropped his shoe.) This is an interesting scene. He has no idea how to look after kids, and he has to look after two. How cute. (It’s just one shoe.) It’s taking him forever to put the shoe back on. (You’re really bad at this.) – Just put it on. / – I’ll help you. (Hurry up and put it on me.) I think his feet grew. He’s uncomfortable right now. If you don’t know how to handle kids, that’d make you sweat. Your dad is pretty amazing. It’s your dad. Your dad is up. Does he look cool? Does he look cool? Bentley says no. I think your dad lost weight. Our dad. That’s right. It’s Dad. Sam. Sam. Good job. More. Let’s cheer for him. – Sam! / – Sam. (Sam is super nervous despite the cheer.) Daniel, can you please announce the winner? (They are awarding the next section.) Are you ready this time? He’s the only one who needs to get ready. I’m talking to the envelope, the envelope. He’s talking to the envelope? He looks really nervous. Israel’s “The New Black.” – Congratulations. / – Congratulations. Gosh. (Sam came back after his stage time.) I’m sorry. It took longer than I thought. Hurry and take him. I was just kicking. – Really? / – It was a surprise kick. I like it when I kick. Did you have fun with Uncle Ryohei? – Yes. / – Give him a high-five. – He did it with me. / – Really? Ta-da. They listened to me well. They were good. Dad. Sit. – Dad, sit. / – Should I sit? Dad, you were on this. – Was I on television? / – Yes. Really? It was only for a little while, but I’m so tired. Why are you out of breath? – What? / – You’re out of breath. The shoe… Yes. – High-five. / – He helped a lot. – Thank you. / – “Arigato”. – “Arigato”. / – “Arigato”. “Arigato”. (He’s even learning Japanese now.) Thank you. Thank you. – Thank you. / – Good work. See you later.

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  1. 3:21 I think he's in the drama I'm watching B4 we get married AHHHHHH!!!!!😍❤

  2. When he grows up William will say: I kissed Red Velvet, Twice and Dia when I was a baby

  3. Sooyoung will be a great mother someday ❤️ wishing sungjae and sooyoung will end up together ❤️

  4. Why people say " omg william is so lucky ! " xd
    wtf, is just a kid..
    Red velvet is lucky, william is a super star haha

  5. when william grow up and strong enough i will punch him right on his face,.!

  6. Idk who's more lucky, William or Red velvet…

    Jk I'd say William coz he can grow up and brag how he got to kiss them when he was a baby

  7. Only Joy in RV that hold Bentley and William, such a good mother sense, love it 😘

  8. this is my first time to watch william’s video. how cute n adorable he was 😍😍

  9. AAAAA MOMMY JOY 😭😭😭 precious!! Also grandma Irene holding all the stuff for her grandchildren 😂😂😂

  10. After william getting kiss from irene…one minute later william'fathers kiss william…

  11. Why did it look like William was making some moves on the girls??? Like they looked less experienced than he did?

  12. When William grows up and is in high school he’d be the cool kid who kissed Joy & Irene when he was just a child

  13. I just noticed that they played Little Mix at the end. The only thing I could focus on😂

  14. I love Red Velvet but my only focus is on Sooyoung! , literally so damn happy seeing her
    2:38 , 11:13 (for my fellow S♡NEs)

  15. William and Bentley are so cutee , but at 5:18 , Irene looks extremely adorable when she say "Power Up!" .
    Gosh, i wonder who's the baby here 😂

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