Why I'm Sorry to Tana & Jake… (CAR RIDES with BOBBY & NEZZA)

hello everyone welcome to car at its Bobby and Nessa and Amory strutting in the bathroom I got degrees out right now I returned on a car yet where are yo I want I want to be the best doc Oh what happened yeah I get the merch today I finally get one of these actually got some today so no I'm gonna say those for my friends the airs not even on guys 86 it's probably bad audio we're gonna have to turn off guys to the show Anees car right welcome to the pilot just told to come over and we're gonna get in the car so I don't know what happens welcome to the program today okay have you ever been on one no thanks for having me why are you way down so I thought I'd my sunglasses in here and then I don't you guys have that problem ever you think you keep your sunglasses in there then you go to the car and they're not in there and then you have to just be behind the whole time yeah meets you know I keep mine in the little dude that's like pops up who's that oh please help yourself me and then complain let's get this car going all right we should just keep it parked all Hey ladies what's up I don't really know I believe in Bobby what I'm leaving with me where are you going leave me where Miami the weekend I'll see you next Comerford what is wrong with you don't you get that I have people leaving my life all the time you're gone you see just left today you're leaving yeah how do you think I would have like maybe abandonment issues at this point and you not do that to me sorry I'll never go to Miami let that be clear Miami right now they're just watching know it why not come on Bob what is your problem dude with some things I think the month of August everyone is let me guess you are leaving to memory just meeting about I'll be dead before then is your course some are you still feeling the heat I hope this is good audio also if you guys don't know really different clip what do you usually film this on it really not this is my camera from my old house like the house house day is big chunky smacking things of the knife did you ever see that no doctor car second day I bought my car for a very a lot of my got the night needs like it's a cheap discovery more rugged knife into my dashboard like to this is so much money oh my god anne-marie why would you hurt her yes oh so you guys were at a party you were there too yeah no guys no I was going to film and then I threw out my camera that's why you were like where are you I'm bored huh you had nothing to do okay first off I was the life of the party so I had stuff to do I think why I love cos he and FaceTime I gotta catch up with the guys Tommy finish words I'll teach you guys ready yes this is how you say hello good Thai Thai boota boota that's the way you can say oh yeah what are you doing if you guys are unfamiliar with car ride videos it's basically going to car I and just talking about live talk about things talk about boys taking of wait you guys got any new boys on yet on handle hammer no I don't is that true yeah I'm smile on your face no I really I really know how many smiles to go right why are you so quiet Love Bug without me why what do you mean the only man for me Bob's yes if it's a son man it's a weird shadow yeah I don't what's the guy's name you're talking to no no other name is no no sense in there is a Marie Marie what did you say I cannot disclose now there's actually a guy I was joking yeah how do you know I'm very nice oh you said nice not very nice looks all you had anything else just a little crush you're just gonna say it I don't think he'll see this now that means you didn't retweet you know nothing to say even if he does see this I don't think he'll know that I'm talking about him why because it's very new like this Jeep way yeah you do that all the time yeah it's the jeep way so basically if you have a jihad simple law peace sign right because I have a jeep cherokee sport I can't throw up a few signs that's embarassing here if you did that everyone would be like only no peace yeah you have to have a jeep ring would you like cool what did you say the playset Kiki team given to you like I have T doesn't what get at the team was a half off cuz it's a crop top huh it looks half it's like a joke with Grandpa thanks oh I'm sorry why not because I live in Calabasas you live in Calabasas Wow how do you know what do people think you guys live or do you have you disclose where you guys live no no really no we don't know really the other night I've seen like other day me and Kean were outside and stuff with this cause two girls wearing jeans they seem are no way no they just start talking he's like oh hey what's up and I'm like oh hey what's up in there and then Ian goes into his car to like fix whatever he's fix and leaves me with that I'm we're literally just standing in silence I don't want to like be like overly like oh it's although you came to the house but I'm also not gonna be like mean and ya know get out of here so we're just like standing there awkwardly and then she was like I think we hit pictures yeah and then mixers happen he went back into his car leaving me with it actually before the pictures happened I just remembered before the biggest happy they're like oh my phone died and they kind of like whispered let me take him on your phone but like I pretended not to really hear I think Ian was just in his own world that we just like weren't there it was weird I have so many questions everyone loves meeting everyone I mean they had really cool yeah so that means they were there correct I'm just confused as how they even found it because guys they live in like a neighborhood like whoa whoa whoa we don't know okay it could be a complex I'm gonna say no you have to really search yeah there's not a clear no air there's no main road like there's no like it's not like we just drive by you would have to really be weaving in and out of places yeah it was okay though don't do it but there's I'm sure they're nice people don't it but by the way no that's a poop factor how do you mean a poop factor is a brute back through that smoke grenades how do you know that are they clean before you mean cleans like clean the shower like the what like the like the water and the show that's doop instead of a dope I was like that's doop and I literally thought I thought my brain had said John you're gonna give me a sneak peak of your music song you've already heard but it's I produced first okay then I haven't heard this wait that the saw the second song they should be I said thank you for that's okay really on Thursday what do you get endless love right here why this is cool wait what do you mean why do I feel you get your person that gets tattoos that are meaningful so I just want to know why endless love that's just cool okay there's some people that don't like love in the car that's who hurts you huh I'm sorry brass like this is never gonna go away whatever if you get a tattoo I'm have to turn you listen to the language how is the I corner bakery probably not huh I've never been I've never been to according to Baker would you like interested in food I what it's like everything it's freaking delicious Tina and Corey and I have in here my eggs I would come here all the time wait so is this scarring for you to get in here I'm not scarring but was just a matter I do wishing camera talking about your relationship I'm talking about this what do you mean by that that's normal yeah we're gonna go in let's go to carry this big thing I'm gonna bring it guys let's go this is part of the vlog now family looks like in real this in case you just saw as I floating in the bats what my joke was when I said it's her shirt half because it's not but yeah you're just half off going on it's way too huh what's happening over here Oh what's gonna happen it is so hot outside there are some people now you know what you're gonna get yeah how come you down right there you know what Jay got it yet whoa guys that look like she'd like me to end up too quick it's what happens my old camera from the I feel good I feel completely good the other camera that I've argument only it's like tiny so I'm like oh he's just like calling it a little bit Taurus with this one I just have a question what's wrong with you first I don't want you to go No and then you drink water it's yeah no I don't know that good I'm the only person the eggs on a little kid are you calling me the little kids are you what are you comparing me right now modern hip jokes so I do have modern Joe you look dad Joe don't listen guys really do I work out you know the answer people think if you don't post at the gym you know you don't work I guess what do I do what's that face for I just don't know what do you mean you believe me let me surprised if like you have less listen why are you saying yeah you believe I go to the gym yeah hear that ladies I don't know why do you decide to sit next to me why I kind of grace that in a row healings we were supposed to be at Anna's wedding today yeah supposed to be Bobby's day he's gonna take me Melanie or me not so let me explain because everyone is over there right now literally every antenna is a sweet girl okay and she's always very nice to see I mean advice she gave me plus one so I told Tana I was going to go to her wedding he's always sweet and nice still a little sin contagious or contagious do try to I know you watching and Jake – I know you're watching I wish you the best which I wish all of those thanks for little bit message god it's just me and you what is that Facebook can you get me a little kid version or what don't you go see their space she's like whatever like I'm gonna pour it on it that and ketchup that Turk what is wrong with you oh my god let's not see how much of it no eat it I thought this was a cruel joke it's real oh I missed it dang it I the one second I flipped it back to me Wow instant regret slice

Glenn Chapman


  1. My dad has a Jeep and every time my mom is driving it I have to remind her to do the Jeep wave!!!!

  2. Corner bakery is the best food ever and i was craving it before i clicked on the video – their mac and cheese 💋

  3. This video is noticeably different because of the different camera! I like it

  4. This flapjack is whack tryna express himself with a retro shirt. Put dem sleeves back on shawty.

  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QWE9-ooNa6E&t=3s

    starting a new channel!! everyone should go check it out 🙂 new videos coming soon !

  6. Bob you should let the sides of your hair grow out again. Like last year!!

  7. I love how we know that she's talking about Alex and she says he's not going to know.

  8. To whoever sees this
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  9. some people have no respect for privacy nowadays. Like don’t show up to famous people’s houses it’s weird

  10. pro tip: stick the gum in the vent for a minute to cool it down 😂

  11. I know we’re y’all live bc I grew up there but I ain’t gonna drive up and ask for a picture wtf lmao

  12. Kian and Jc didn’t edit your house number in one of their vids awhile back. People know Bobs.

  13. Nezza: I'm moving
    Bobby: what?! Where?
    Nezza: I'm moving
    Bobby: where?
    Nezza:I'm moving are you gonna miss me?
    Bobby: where?!

    That killed me 💀💀💀

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