Why I left Korea [Hello Counselor/ENG, THA/2019.07.15]

Glenn Chapman


  1. They as public figure never told to the audience, they should not do that, thats a bad attitude. Never told to the audience we should respect others…… and more focusing on something else than the point. Such a same!!

  2. Geez, why Koreans always think that they are superior than others? I live in Malaysia and people here are judgemental af but at least they talk behind their back or being loud on internet but these koreans, they just said right in front of people face. I'm grateful not to be born as Korean and this is why i never have those fantasy about korea/korean like in drama or movie.

  3. Also I'm very confused. What do they mean by "all short guys are perverts"? Are they implying they look up girl's skirts or something? How is height an indication of morality? 🤔

  4. Then what is the conclusion, why they didnt admit discriminated and bullying is a big issue in korea. They told him to ignore? He should fight and people around him who hear that should act. What is wrong with you SK people!!!

  5. So wait, are tall women a problem in SK? I'm 5'11", but I don't imagine it would be as bad for me as it seems to be for this nice guy who says he's under 160cm (5'3"). I'm so sympathetic to him that he felt it was so bad that he had to leave! I've never heard of that happening in the US.

  6. Omg he's so good looking and muscular and great attitude and can sing ….. I'm a 6'2" female who always hated being the tallest…. But facing reality and embracing truth leads to loving yourself and when you do nobody can make you feel insecure

  7. He may be tiny but he's good looking and he's fit, so…ladies…

  8. U have to accept yoself as you are to go on and dats wat helped me am 150 and the only African where I stay but ever since my childhood I knew my body and accepted it by the help of my mom coz she always points out what people would criticize me for which helped coz now no matter what one says I don't care or think am very happy since I don't give a damn.

  9. How bad does the obsession with appearance in SK have to be that this guy literally escapes to the place with the smallest Korean population out of fear of judgement? That's so messed up…

  10. Come to Indonesia,we don't judge people like that,,😊😊😊😊😊🤗🤗🤗🤗

  11. Even for a non-celebrity korean, it was harsh and makes him wanna leave his country…I can't imagine the high standards/close to perfection standards the koreans have for their celebrities..

  12. I would be so embrassed if I were an audience member because it seems whenever the story is even slightly touching I ball my eyes out. This story was a roller coaster of emotion, I laughed out loud when they told the first story guy to go to Morroco lol

  13. If this guy is have a weak personality his allready commit suicide fighting oppa show to korean people that even ur short physically but you have a big and good hearth .

  14. SK is a place where outside appearance is overrated and everyone goes for the same popular features. The result is that a lots of SK idols & movie stars look alike these days. I used to watched K-drama in the 90s and didn't have a problem of recognising different actresses. Nowaday I found that lots of SK stars look so similar to each other that I couldn't distinguish 1 from another. Not sure if it's sad or fortunate that height is not something plastic surgery can fix?

  15. If the world obsessed over poverty like how Korea obsesses over trivial things like looks then world hunger would be gone in no time.

  16. I don't like the way he described my country he forgot that more than 12 million tourists visit morocco every year And Moroccan food is number 2 world wide. South Korea isn't exactly the best country either.

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