Why did EXO come to meet Naeun and Gunhoo?? [The Return of Superman/2018.12.30]

(A photo studio in Seoul) This place looks like a studio. Who is visiting here? Knock, knock. (Naeun’s family is on a Seoul trip.) Gunhoo, come here. It’s Naeun! Come here! (Toddling) Only Naeun and Gunhoo are there. What are they doing here without their dad? It’s cold over there. Come here. (I’m leaving first.) Gunhoo, come here! Come over here. Gunhoo, there is a snowman! – Oh, my. / – It suits her taste. – You’re right. / – Yes. Gunhoo is also coming carefully. I like the snowman. Nice to see you. There’s a tree! This is a present. Let’s see what else is here. – Oh, my. / – Oh, my. (Is the tree alive?) She’s surprised. They froze. Someone should unfreeze them. – The tree is moving. / – Oh, my. (How will Gunhoo and Naeun react?) – Hello. / – I knew Naeun would do that. – She’s sociable. / – Hello. – She’s so lovely. / – She really is. Hello, I’m Mr. Tree. Hello. (The snowman also walks?) Hello. – Hello. / – Oh, my. – Hello. / – He collapsed. He must have been so surprised. Hello. – Who are you? / – They’re so different. – But they’re siblings. / – I’m Naeun. – Nice to see you. / – I feel so bad for him. He’s looking for his bottle. Who are you? I am… Who are they? – He sounded familiar. / – Right. – I’m Uncle Kai. Hello. / – My gosh. – Hello. / – He’s the Christmas gift. – Hello. / – Goodness. – Bravo! / – Thank you. Hello. Hi. (Who are you?) – The kids don’t know EXO. / – Exactly. Who is this? Who are you? Me? I am… Gosh, that must have been hard. – His legs are so long. / – Yes. Ta-da! Hello. (Chanyeol of EXO) – I can’t believe this. / – Exactly. – We are so lucky. / – This is unbelievable. (“EXO Sells 10 Million Albums”) They sold a total of 10 million albums. Our representative boy group, EXO! How did they end up meeting the siblings? I’m jealous of Naeun. (Why did EXO come to meet Naeun and Gunhoo?) Naeun and Gunhoo got a chance to do a great deed, but I have a soccer match that day of all days. That’s how I ended up asking them a big favor. – Your arms. / – Wow, they did it for 30 minutes? That’s amazing. It must have been so hard. Oh, no. He has such long legs. My legs are too long for this. I can see your legs. Snowmen these days have legs sticking out. – Hey, they’re coming. / – No, no. Not yet. – They tried so hard. / – No, no. Not yet. Do you know who we are? (Asking shyly) You don’t know us? – She might not know them, / – Right. – but they are handsome. / – Exactly. My house is in Ulsan. – Do you live in Ulsan? / – Do you live in Ulsan? (Kai’s heart pounds hard.) (How can a doll talk?) She’s talks well. My dad is Park Jooho. (They laugh at everything she says.) We know. – Hello. / – My mom is not here. She’s not here? Where did she go? – I don’t know. / – My goodness. – She’s the friendliest. / – She is. Naeun is the prettiest girl I’ve seen. – Including adults? / – Including everyone. My goodness. What’s your name? Kai. It’s Uncle Kai. – Uncle Kai. / – Hi. My name is Chanyeol. Call me Uncle Chanyeol. – Chanyeol. / – Okay. That’s great. – Kai. / – Naeun. Do we seem old like uncles or young like brothers? Let’s see. – This is a sensitive topic. / – It’s important. Are we like your uncle or your brother? (Yes! This is important.) What will she say? – Like my brother. / – Brother? – She said brother! / – Great! – They’ll always be young. / – We’re like her brother. – We still have a few more years. / – Right. – Naeun. / – Let’s call your dad. – Okay. / – Hello. – Hello. / – Hi, this is Chanyeol. – The kids are… / – Did you meet them? Yes, the kids are having fun. – It’s your dad. Hello. / – Say hello. Nice to meet you. Dad, hello! – She’s gotten close. / – Right. What? You look so happy because they are handsome. Yes. (Naeun!) – It’s your dad. / – It’s Gunhoo. – He’s taking initiatives. / – He’s his dad’s fan. This is fun. – Is he talking to his dad? / – Come here, Gunhoo. – Are you having fun? / – Yes. Say, “It’s all done.” It’s all done. – He’s improving every week. / – Right. – Please take good care of them. / – Okay, we will. – Thank you. / – Okay. Good luck. – Say bye. / – Say bye. – Bye. / – Naeun. I think she’s looking at something. Why is she looking at him? You and I match. (Their outfit color matches.) We wore red because we heard you wore red. – We match. / – She’s cute. (Everyone is wearing red.) Only Gunhoo is wearing a different color. Gunhoo isn’t wearing a red outfit. I should buy something for him later. – She said she’d buy some. / – She takes care of him. – Naeun, how old is he? / – How old is Gunhoo? He’s still a baby. He’s only one year old. – He’s still a baby? / – She held up two fingers. – He’s one year old. / – He’s one? Why are you so cute? – I used to do that. / – He looks so cute now. – Right. / – He’s so cute. – I can do this fast. / – Really? Show me. (Want to see my horse-riding skill?) (My sister is getting hyper.) Let’s call him. Over there. Where is… Where is Naeun? – Ta-da. / – Ta-da. – Goodness. / – My gosh. What’s this? Isn’t this Naeun’s hair? Is it Naeun’s hair? It’s Naeun. – My goodness. / – How did she hide there? – I saw Naeun’s hair. / – Exactly. (The car is on her list of interesting items.) Gunhoo, take a look at this. – Doesn’t it look fun? / – I’m parking it here. (Is it a voice-recognition feature?) – Spin it. / – Spin it? (Naeun, that looks fun.) What’s next? (Then let me try too.) Are you done drinking? He’s done drinking. He finally finished. Really? – He can play with them. / – Are you full? Do you want to sing and dance with us? – Gunhoo. / – They like that activity. – Yes, dance. / – One, two, three. – They’re trying so hard. / – Exactly. (“Three Bears” by EXO and the Park Siblings) – Is he getting excited? / – ♪ Mama Bear, Baby Bear ♪ (Let me join too.) – They play well together. / – Right. (Naeun copies the moves perfectly.) – He’s making small moves. / – Goodness. ♪ Good job ♪ (But what happened to the song all of a sudden?) (They’re puzzled.) What’s this? The song changed. (It’s a hip-hop version of the song.) – Gunhoo. / – I can’t believe my luck. – His dance is so cool. / – My goodness. – He’s too good. / – Exactly. – It’s a great dance. / – Yes. – Kids might not like it, though. / – Right. – What do you think? / – What kind of song is it? (Disappointed) Naeun, did I look cool when I danced earlier? I didn’t look cool? You’re firm. I tried my best, though. I bet he felt so bitter. (Is it my turn now?) (Strumming) (Goodness, what is that?) – He’ll play a song? / – Let me play a song. That’s amazing. What a perfect Christmas. (He’s captivated by the guitar.) He’s trying it too. – Kids his age are very curious. / – Right. (The guitar gets the siblings’ interest.) I lost out to a guitar. – The guitar beat me. / – I’m so happy. (With this momentum,) (EXO holds a mini-concert.) They’re having a concert there. You’re great. Applause! – They have a sense of rhythms. / – I know. Gunhoo danced. He should join SM. (SM Entertainment will recruit him.) (Why is Chanyeol going out all of a sudden?) Where is he going in the middle of playing with them? What’s going on? – What’s that? / – He’s got something. (What’s his last card?) Here it is. – Oh, my gosh. / – It’s a puppy. (Fourth way of getting close, playing with a puppy) – Kids love animals. / – That’s right. How old is the puppy? The puppy is the same age as Gunhoo. – The same age? / – Yes. – The pup is your friend. / – He recognized the pup. – “Nice to meet you.” / – He’s patting the pup. Gunhoo likes the puppy. Look at Gunhoo. (Following after the puppy) Those two are getting along nicely. (Friendly) – They’re totally friends. / – Right. – Gunhoo loves the puppy. / – Right. – He’s so happy. / – Gunhoo. – He loves puppies. / – Right. (Great!) Good boy. She’s feeding the puppy snacks too. – The name is Toben. / – Will he go after the snacks? (Give me some too.) This one? Or this one? – Are you going to eat it? / – Will he eat that? – He can’t. / – No, no. – He wants to feed him. / – You can’t eat that. The puppy needs to eat that. My gosh, poor him. He gets mad now too. He’s learning a lot. Tell the puppy to sit down. Sit down. Sit down. (She succeeds right away.) Give her a kiss. – Paw. / – Paw. (As she has fun playing with Toben…) – Touch the puppy. / – They’re having fun. – The puppy is cute. / – They look so happy. (Yes, now’s the time!) We came here today because we will take photos with you and Gunhoo, and make Christmas cards with the photos. Have you ever made Christmas cards before? That’s such a great thing to contribute to. I guess they’re also selling the cards. (She’s turning into the queen of sales.) (Saying lovely greetings is a given.) (Should I give you an autograph?) They will get an autograph from Naeun and a high-five from Gunhoo’s cute hands. High-five. (A high-five with these cute hands) – Gunhoo isn’t shy. / – Exactly. (His palm is working hard as usual.) – It’s fun for him. / – Are you excited? The card sale was going smoothly, but Kai opened up the Pandora’s box. (A prohibited act in Naeun’s house) (Don’t touch Naeun’s hair.) How will Naeun react? He’s so cute. – He became Rudolph. / – How beautiful. (Santarina Naeun) Gosh, she’s so cute. (But Gunhoo is…) You’re so cute. Let’s put on your hat, Naeun. – Did he fall asleep? / – Look at her. Gunhoo, isn’t she pretty? – My goodness. / – Are you sleeping? – He fell asleep. / – He’s not sleeping, is he? – Gunhoo. / – Hey, you can’t sleep. – You just got dressed up. / – Not yet. – It’s only 5 p.m. / – They have a photoshoot. What should we do? We need to take photos. Let’s kiss him. Me, too. (He doesn’t even budge.) He’s not waking up. He’s like the sleeping beauty. – He looks cute sleeping. / – He’s so handsome. Let’s take photos first. They take photos of him in sleep. (They start taking photos for the cards.) Babies are the cutest when they are sleeping. Gunhoo is fast asleep. – One, two, three. / – Oh, no. He sleeps like a log. Look at him sleep sitting down. (Meeting the siblings is the best of the year.) You look beautiful. This time, she’s wearing the traditional dress. – She looks great in it. / – She looks pretty in it. (Gunhoo is dressed up as a pig.) – He dressed up too. / – How beautiful. Naeun looks great in every outfit. Everything looks great on her. (They take a photo for the New Year’s cards.) They finish making cards with awesome photos. Now they just need to sell them. Stay tuned to find out.

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