Glenn Chapman


  1. Wow wow that is some kind of “special” reporter and news anchors……. “Hey let’s do a report on people complaining on Facebook, about that snow that the cities don’t remove. You know with that scope, lift, throw, oh you know that thing, oh ya plow. Plow the roads with a plow ya”

  2. Our roads always suck because we don't tax the rich and the corporations like we should. Look at all the damage fracking trucks do to roads. So unsustainable.

    Then there are the folks that still have no moved their car from the curb so that plows can work.

    What we don't pay in taxes for our roads, we pay for in car repairs, etc…

    Also, Colorado never thinks about snow when designing roads or parking lots. Then it snows and we have a huge mess. Some cities don't even have proper rain gutters!

  3. That's nothing new for Denver. I moved to Galveston 2 years ago and one good thing about it….it never snows.😂👍

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