When the twins meet a beggar in the folk village! [The Return of Superman / 2017.08.13]

You can see the beauty of Korean buildings at the Folk Village. Which family is visiting here? (The twins are touring with chocolate bread.) It’s Seoeon and Seojun. (What?) (Who is that person?) Hi, guys. What are you eating? Can you give me a bite? (He’s an actor playing a homeless person.) What flavor is that, Seoeon? It’s a chocolate bread. Is it sweet? I’ve never tasted a chocolate bread before. (It’s so delicious.) (Seoeon got a bread in Vietnam.) Thanks to a nice person in Vietnam, Seoeon got to taste a chocolate bread. (What on earth is this taste?) He couldn’t get over the taste and has been in love with chocolate bread since. It even comes out in his dreams. (This is my favorite chocolate bread.) (Disappointed) I’m so hungry. (Seojun is watching the homeless.) (He falls down.) I’m so hungry. (What do I do?) I’m so thirsty and hungry. I can’t survive. (Sympathetic) Here, you can eat this. Are you really giving it to me? Are you very hungry? Yes, I’m so hungry. I’m so weak right now. You can have it all. Really? Thank you. Can I have it all? (Moved) You have so much money, why… (He’s feeling guilty.) Well… This? This isn’t enough to buy bread. (He has a bite.) This is really delicious. (Proud) (It’s good, right?) Since you gave me your bread, I don’t have to buy food now. I’ll give the money to you two instead. Here. Both hands. (The twins are getting an allowance.) I’m giving it to you since you helped me. Okay. I’ll give it to my dad. Will you give it to Dad? Buy something yummy. – Okay? / – Okay. Bye. (Thank you, sir.) Seojun, look over there. Look. Look over there. (He looks familiar.) Dad. Dad. (We got allowance from the homeless.) Where did you get this money? – We met a stranger. / – You met a stranger? He couldn’t get up because he was hungry. So, I gave him my bread, and he gave me money. What’s that? What do you have here? – Chocolate. / – Chocolate? Chocolate bread. I haven’t eaten anything today. (You, too?) Shall we go over there and get food? (Okay!) (Noisy) Get him! Get him! What’s going on? There are refreshing watermelons here. It’s the village foreman’s watermelon patch. What is this? (Many are eyeing his watermelons.) Get him! They still steal watermelons? (If you don’t get caught by the foreman, you win.) Long time ago, people stole watermelons. Come back. Bring him. Look at the wall and put your hands up. (They get punished for failing to steal.) (At that moment,) (a foreigner attempts to steal a watermelon.) – Sir. / – You can’t catch him. He’s here! Why is he so fast? (Did something just pass?) Get him. It will be impossible to catch him. Wait, is he from Washington? You have to go to the US to catch him. – Yes, but he was caught. / – Really? Our village foreman caught him. He caught me. You’re the one who got caught? – He succeeded. / – Did he succeed? (Congratulations on stealing a watermelon.) Who wants to be brave and try it? (We don’t want to be punished.) (Do I have to do it?) – Should I try? / – Yes. – I should try? / – Yes. You guys… You should go up there and ask the village foreman some questions. (They approach the village foreman.) – Hi, do you have some business with us? / – Hi, there. Where is the melon field and the watermelon field? – I better teach you, then. / – The melon field? This over here is the melon field. Shall I tell you something interesting? This side has more leaves. It’s because of the shade. Isn’t it amazing? – Isn’t it amazing? / – What? That’s why it’s fertile. That’s a watermelon patch. Gosh. Gosh! Gosh! (He’s running with all his might.) Mister, you can’t do that. My goodness. (The village foreman is right behind him.) Mister! Mister. Where did he go? (Did he succeed?) (He got caught soon after.) Did you catch him? – I caught him. / – I got caught. Why did you steal if you’re going to fail? Go up there. (The thief must receive punishment.) Watch. This is what happens if you steal. Oh, no. My goodness. (He’s getting a shower.) (This is only the start.) Guys, let’s all throw. We’ll throw on three. One, two, three. (This is the real punishment.) (Give water to our watermelon faces!) (Popping) (The twins are throwing as hard as they can.) It must hurt! Oh, no! Seoeon, stop. Are you my son? (He approaches his dad with much love.) (He picks a chubby balloon.) Seoeon. (Take this, Dad!) (This is the bitter end of a thief.) Poor Dad. Mister. Who tried to steal the watermelon? (Surprised) Who is the thief? (How dare does someone steal a watermelon?) – Follow me. / – Gosh, he’s being taken away. Let’s go. – Let’s go. / – How dare you steal? Hwijae is taken away for stealing. Will he be all right? (He’s being taken to a government office.) Long time ago, if you commit a crime, you got hit on your bottoms. I’m going to hit him now. Is that okay? (Hwijae is getting hit?) (Bumsoo was hit in the same way.) Dad. No, Dad. (When Tablo was hit,) (Haru went after the district magistrate.) (She taught the magistrate a lesson.) I’m going to hit him now. Is that okay? (How will the twins react?) (It’s fine.) Is it okay? How many times should we hit him? – 10? / – Seojun. – Say 100. / – 10? Your dad is going to get hit now. Watch. You get hit if you do something wrong. – That’s the twins. / – Here we go. One. I think they know it’s a joke. (Slapping) One. (Slapping) What? What is this? – It really hurts. / – This is real. Seoeon, Seojun, tell him to stop. Here I go. Should I continue? (Nodding) He’s smiling. I better hit him again. (Seoeon picks something up.) (He’s getting the stick.) – Who is it? / – Are you going to hit? You rascal. – Seoeon wants to hit. / – Do you want to go? – You can go. / – I raised you wrong. I’ve never seen kids so excited to hit. Stop it. Hey, stop. – No, no. / – Stop. He forgave me. (Hwijae’s scream filled the Folk Village.) You guys are so mean. I stole the watermelon to give you a good time. I’m sorry. (It was only a joke.) (I’m sorry.) Seoeon and Seojun, enjoy this watermelon. Listen to your parents. Okay. Thank you. – Thank you. / – Thank you. Why are we cutting it in half? It’s easier to eat like this. I don’t want to eat it like that. – I don’t like that. / – How do you want it? (He wants to eat a huge piece.) Who did you learn this from? We ate it like this when we were babies. You remember that? Two years ago, Hwijae forgot to bring a knife and the twins had to eat the watermelon whole. (They ate the watermelon like this.) – You remember that? / – Yes. It was by a stream. (Of course!) (Speechless) – You remember that? / – Yes. Do you remember when you were inside Mom? Yes. You can remember when you were inside her? Who was beside you in her tummy? Seojun. (Should I believe him or not?) We remember everything. (We remember everything.)

Glenn Chapman


  1. When they remembered what they did like two years ago I was shocked cause I can't even remember what happened five days ago!

  2. Did anyone notice that in 4:12 that is perry pupdrank or something like that (idk how to spell his name)(he was a famous viner)

  3. They are perfect pair!!!!
    Woah no one can make most of memories of their childhood days!!!! I have faint memories of my four years but that shocking!!!! They remember clearly!!

  4. So cute these kids are very mature for there age they are going to have a great life in their future😃😃😃

  5. Cant help to think about baby sungjae and the beggars. he made the best impact. he is such a warm hearted baby boy

  6. of course u'll compare bcoz they're different from others..nonetheless, it's not the twins' fault..once they're old enough, they will realize if such thing is bad or good..for now, whatever they see they copy..if nobody's correcting them,they will live up to it
    btw, when the twins were sungjae's age, they never behaved like sungjae..but still u can see that d twins are compassionate, esp seojun..since they started in TROS

  7. 90% of comments
    About the hate and comparison
    9% About the video
    1% Hate and comparison

  8. 우리는 아랍어로 번역하기를 원합니다.😟

  9. Hahaha they remembered everything since they were babies. Is that you Ray? from promised Neverland? 😂 so cute.

  10. where can i find th video of haru chasing after the district magistrate?

  11. The boys are cute adorable nice kind and they are really smart for remembering things

  12. …*crying* MOM…….AAAAHHH……DAD…… ytffutfhhffygvhdddfgkllul

  13. 😂😂😂crazy seoeon and seojun😂😂😂love these kids!!

  14. I’d like to give a shoutout to that cameraman for keeping up with the twins father :’)

  15. Guys that boy with red shirt and black glasses and the beard at 7:15 he looks like TSM hamlinz who agree?

  16. The song in the background when the twins where seeing people take watermelons the song was the same one jungkook and v where singing

  17. 어 그 조선시대 대왕 나 봤는데. 그 사또. 완전 잼있었어요

  18. "We remember everything"

    Wait. Should i feel touched, or scared? LOL 😂😂😂

  19. 6:46 this is a french song lmao (non rien de rien non je ne regrette rien 😂)

  20. One person said to me : “I can walk faster than you run” – MDickie Hardtime 7:41 I thought that he was gonna be crucified

  21. i want seolsudae to come here with donggook so he can steal the watermelon

  22. The Guy: How many times shall i hit him??

    Twins: Thinks about it

    Seoeon: Ten times

    Seojun: WhAt

    Dad: WHaT HaVe I RaIsEd

  23. The older one idk?what is his name?sorry but he take care of his little brother idk?what is his name too?sorry
    Who is Seoeon and Who is Seojun?

  24. Watching this in Sep 2019 and I’m reminded why Seungjae and Seojunie are my absolute favourites from the beginning! They are funny, adorable and compassionate! Sad that they have both left the show. Miss them dearly.

  25. It was funny how one of the twins said that they didn’t want to be punished if the tried to steal one

  26. Did anyone see that he has like a 1000 note in his neck/collar

    Like literally

  27. Seojun was so nice to the beggar but seoeon is a messy pig who is fat and careless

  28. I feel like all the super man families have the same lives and the same thing happen to them and they see their reaction

  29. Hoe did they remember that!?!? Impressive since memory starts at 5 years of age and above

  30. Those Koreans are fasting than my schools cross country team and my gym class

  31. I cant take the cuteness ahhhhhhhhh!!!!! My system shut down with cuteness

  32. See comments defending the twins from comments I don’t see 😅😂

  33. When they said if he was from Washington I was like🤔🤭🤯🤯 cuz I’m in Washington right now💖💖

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