What’s The Deal With 3500 Calories in ED Recovery??

hello my name is Rachel and welcome to
my channel Ladle by Ladle sorry my neighbors are really loud I have super
thin walls and super thin ceilings I’ve had people reach out to me on
various social media platforms asking about the 3500 calorie thing as in why
is 3500 calories this seemingly arbitrary threshold for recovery
calories and also help on reaching that number of calories so I’m here to answer
this question 3500 calories is the minimum amount set out in the minniemaud guidelines an average human beating human beating what the fuck an
average human being needs anywhere between 1700 and 2700 calories a day just living
their normal life these are their standard maintenance calories now you
fall somewhere in this range and it’s a little bit dependent on how active you
are during the day it’s also somewhat affected by just your natural metabolism
some people are gifted with very fast metabolisms and some people are not I
was not but even if you’re not active and you don’t have a naturally fast
metabolism and you spent all day laying on the couch watching television or sitting comfy at your desk job which are like my two top activities you are still
burning calories just being you your organs pumping blood and filtering stuff
so everyone has this like base maintenance level of calories which is
higher than you think obviously when you are trying to become
weight restored after an eating disorder you want to be putting on weight now
some of you may be saying hey Rachel I became weight restored on 2,000
calories or 2200 calories or 1800 calories X number of calories that’s not
3500 obviously the minimums don’t apply to me right? wrong. my answer to that is
twofold one you’re only able to gain weight on such a low amount of calories
because your metabolism has been suppressed by years months decades or
whatever of caloric restriction and – while you may be weight restored are you
sure you’re at your optimal weight setpoint eating 3500 calories you will
gain the weight up to your optimal weight set point not just a healthy weight
according to the bullshit BMI which might be a weight that is still too low for
you and you will help restore your metabolism which has been just beaten
down over the years when you try and control your diet to maintain a weight
lower than your body naturally wants even if it is a quote unquote healthy
weight you’re not really recovered and you are kind of stuck in what I like to
refer as quasi recovery on top of helping restore restore weight and
repair the metabolism 3,500 calories a day replenishes the backlog of calorie
deficit that you have built up in your body when you start recovery you’re not
starting at square one there’s an accumulated deficit of calories that
needs to be replenished you gotta eat way more than you think is normal
hopefully some of that explained why 3500 calories is necessary and the
minimum by the way I want to point out here minimum meaning that you can and
should eat way more than that if you’re hungry for it especially when you’re
first starting out recovery I’m gonna go get some example food shit oh my god I
dropped all my dates on my way over here I rinsed them off. here are some example
foods and what these all are are calorie dense foods because my first tip getting
3500 calories is been packing your diet with calorie dense foods now here are
some examples we have nut butter actual butter avocado olive oil seeds nuts any
kind of nuts dried fruit here my dates which I just dropped having and incorporating these foods into your meals it is a huge part of upping your
calories because you could just put a few tablespoons of any of these in
something and you’re automatically adding a few hundred calories to every
meal but they’re not voluminous, they don’t take up a lot of room in your stomach because
yeah if you’re trying to get 3500 calories even a bunch of lettuce sure
it’s going to be difficult you’re probably not gonna get there your stomach is gonna be full before you can reach it but that’s not what we’re trying to
do here whenever you cook cook with butter and oil not only will your food
taste so much better but also you will be packing in a few extra 100 calories a
day without even realizing another tip is to increase your portion sizes so
this one is pretty easy and you can do it without even thinking about it too
hard if you’re used to only eating one serving of pasta just dump like half
the box of pasta in you know I’m saying like go wild eat as much pasta as you want to
eat which I hope is a lot because pasta is fucking delicious but regardless just
if you’re used to making this much arbitrary amount with my hands just
start making this much you won’t even notice the difference and you’ll be
packing in extra calories throughout the day my third tip is to drink your
calories and I don’t mean booze not that you don’t have to drink booze but it’s
not what I mean soy milk or regular milk if you drink that or smoothies anything
that you can drink that has a lot of calories you can make an amazingly
high-calorie smoothie with some bananas some milk some nut butter some protein
powder. oh my go there are still dates on my floor. that’s gonna be your easiest
way to get these 3,500 calories calorie dense foods bigger portion sizes and
drink those calories and you’ll be hitting that minimum before you know it
it’s easier than you think the only thing holding you back is yourself and
you’re here because you want to recover so you might as well just do it
hopefully something I just said helped I know the reservations and the fears that
come with recovery using this method but I promise it really does
work if you have any more questions for me about it let me know and hopefully I
was able to help clarify and help you understand how and why to eat 3500
calories in eating disorder recovery if you liked this video and you want to see
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the next video I post will be what I eat and that will come on a Wednesday
so keep your eyes peeled for that bye

Glenn Chapman


  1. Thanks for this great vlog! A little question but how long did you eat minimum 3500 calories? Love from Holland xxx 👍😙

  2. I have been in recovery (meaning I have decided for the first time to try to recover) since 25 of September this year. I have had many relapses but I thought I was doing quite well, I had read about Minnie Maud but I wasn't convinced in trying it so I kept saying to myself nah I don't need it. My ED would use the excuse that "forcing" myself to eat was not healthy – I have been constantly eating 3000+ kcal in the last 4 days and I didn't have to "force" myself to do it. I found my body was simply craving it, it needs rest and food. However, as I was saying, my ED had convinced me I didn't need it and kept me back from doing it by making me eat very large portions of "filling" foods (such as oatmeal) so that I couldn't physically manage to eat more than 2000 kcal a day (wnd even getting to 2000 was a struggle). I just started eating as said by MM guidelines 4 days ago and all of a sudden I noticed I needed it desperately; the feeling of fullness was so complete and perfect I would not find myself thinking about food 24/7, which is great. More than that: I have always had skin issues, meaning my face is covered in scars and the only way to get rid of them is through laser therapy (my skin is further "broken down" by the laser so that it can fill the gaps and get back to normality), and I have been doing it since October… but just in these days I saw it really get better. It's like my body didn't have the energy to thrive, let alone repairing something so little "useful" as my face. This is basically the thing that has helped me the most really understand that I NEED those calories. Whoever is reading this: YOU NEED THOSE CALORIES. They are not too much. You will see vast improvements in so many areas of your life when you start getting those calories in. Please have them. You need it. X

  3. Ladle my problem is that I'm afraid of eating unhealthy food ( my body will build fat instead of musscless) so I eat only valuable food,clear one, vegs and wholegrain blead,cereals, nuts, fruits itp 🙁 I dont know if im doing correct but when i eat junk food, bulimia epizodes is always coming 🙁 pls, help

  4. This is so inspiring <3
    I have the problem with thinking some food is not really healthy like chocolate or something. When I ate chocolate or biscuits or something like it, I'll try to minimize my fat intake for the rest of the day… and I'm to buzy with thinking about and compensate healthy and unhealthy food.. And I really think it is obstructing me in eating enough calories 🙁
    And another question… how did you do it with weighing yourself? Somethimes I feel like gaining weight with only 1700 kcal and than I kinda lose motivation to eat more if you get what I mean..
    But thank you so much for this video!

  5. Do you think this is true even of people who've been restricting for only a few months <6 and who were within a "safe" body weight or lost less than 20% of weight? Basically, is 3500 cals appropriate for someone who restricted for little time and little weightloss?

  6. It is the easiest thing ever to reach 3500 calories, not too much at all!

  7. If I am like an 18.7 BMI now and am 31, should I still eat 3500 cals? Also, now I dont let myself sit and make sure I exercise daily, but I need to stop it. I am worried that is too much especially if I quit exercising and make myself sit

  8. I am reading that the minimum is 2500.. where is the 3500 coming from?

  9. What's the deal with 3500 calories on Erectile Dysfunction recovery?!

  10. Am I obliged to eat 3000 calories :/ I feel so full even though I eat lot of dates but i'm sure that I don't reach that amount of calories

  11. hi, I'm so glad I found this video! I'd like to ask if indeed this is normal in recovery especially when still working towards weight restoration, Its definitely okay to consume lots more calories than 'normal' people including my parents and other family members? I easily do consume 3000 or more each day given I add peanut / almond butter to pretty much everything lol!
    I'm trying to gain at a recommended rate that's safe as recomended by my dietician. Just that a lot of times I feel embarassed about how I eat more than many people around me. So just want to make sure this is perfectly normal.

  12. PS I Love that you gave these low volume and high calorie recommendations. That's why I think nut butters are genius, whoever came up with this creation! especially when recovering it's so true, we are easily bloated and its hard to get so much stuff in that's voluminous.

  13. I'm learning all about this now, after 14 years with anorexia, thank you for your frank video and love the humour! I have a BMI of approx 15 right now. Even though I eat less than 1000 calories a day my weight no longer changes, I'm sure this is due to a drastically lowered metabolic rate, is it fairly guaranteed that people's metabolism will recover? This just freaks me out! Thank you!

  14. so glad to see this again. all the proof I need then, that there's nothing wrong with me for consuming this much calories on a daily basis right now. seriously i feel like a crazy person, wanting to eat all the time all day and well above 3000+ calories. It can be so hard when those without a history of disordered eating do not understand and can say dumb things 'why are you always eating' well just don't eat THAT eat healthy eat clean etc'
    I need to keep hearing all the GOOD things that happen with weight restoration. Again praying that truly, the crazy food obsession and thoughts and insanity go WAY down with more weight gain!!

  15. I don't think I ate that much even though I was eating without restrictions. I did still count calories in the beginning of my recovery but didn't restrict. I'm currently weight restored, have a healthy relationship with food, plenty of energy to exercise in ways that I like and that make me feel good. I'm quite healthy and not obsessive over food any more. Now you're saying I'm not really recovering because I naturally ate a little less!?

  16. I'm 14 and I started anorexia recovery this week. I quit my track team and am focusing on recovering right now. I have never been even close to underweight, and have a BMI of about 20.5 at the moment. I'm scared I am going to gain weight too fast and gain too much. Today I ate WAY too much (4000 calories) today and I feel terrible about myself. I ate tons of food after dinner when I wasn't hungey and didn't need it until I was stuffed and felt sick, and even tried to make myself throw up (I couldn't). Good news, I've conquered half of my fear foods in 3 days, but I feel like I'm going too fast and I'm goign to end up fatter then I was before I lost 20 lbs and developed an eating disorder. I really need some support.

  17. Did you eat 3500 or more? I feel like I can eat more but I don’t want to be overweight

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