What’s It Like To Have No Memory?

Hey there, welcome to Life Noggin. “Memory… is the diary that we all carry
about with us.” So says Miss Prism in The Importance of Being
Earnest. It’s a pretty accurate metaphor. Memories hold our secrets, our feelings, and
our experiences. But what she doesn’t point out is that memories,
just like diaries, can be lost. Our thoughts and recollections of the past
can be gone in an instant. What we tend to picture when we think of memory
loss is what’s known as retrograde amnesia. Someone with retrograde amnesia can’t remember
certain aspects of the past and things they already knew. Generally, amnesia affects a person’s short-term
memory. They’ll remember the name of their childhood
dog, but might not remember what day it is or what they were doing immediately before
they lost their memory. Amnesia can be caused by a stroke, heart attack,
or head injury, just as a few examples. Fortunately, amnesia usually resolves itself
without treatment. However, millions of people will experience
some form of incurable memory loss in their lifetime. In fact, this year an estimated 5.5 million
people in the US live with Alzheimer’s disease, a disease that impacts the brain’s ability
to form memories. Essentially Alzheimer’s starts with a buildup
of bits of a protein called beta-amyloid, also known as plaque, in the brain. The plaque gets in between nerve cells, and
as more and more of it builds up, it damages and kills brain cells, and Alzheimer’s progresses. According to the Alzheimer’s Association,
1 in 10 people over the age of 65 has Alzheimer’s. That’s a lot of people. But what does memory loss mean for a person? Is their personality gone too? And what can be done for them? Many researchers are asking, and answering,
these questions. Research shows that losing your memory to
a disease like Alzheimer’s isn’t just about forgetting facts you learned in school
or the name of the street you grew up on. It can progress into forgetting how to go
through your daily routines like eating and getting dressed. Side effects of Alzheimer’s also include
personality changes, ranging from apathy to paranoia to indecision. However, in an interview about his experience
with the disease, one man who has been living with Alzheimer’s for several years said
“we’re still in there.” But researchers’ understanding of the disease
can only go so far. They can see the effects that Alzheimer’s
has on people, but typically they don’t fully comprehend the feeling of forgetting
their own life. According to a firsthand account from one
individual who was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s, in order to imagine the disease,
you should imagine waking up after a dental procedure or a surgery—some event that involves
drugs that erase your short term memory. But also imagine that you’ve woken up in
a building you don’t recognize, surrounded by things you’ve never seen before, and
you’re all alone. Soon, people start coming into the room with
you and talk to you like you’ve always known them. Maybe they’re your best friend or your kid
or your spouse. But you have no idea who they are. This is terrifying and heartbreaking to imagine. I don’t like to think about it. But it’s reality for so many people, and
it’s incredibly important to think and talk about. Alzheimer’s has no cure. But we have many scientists and researchers
to thank for devoting their time and work to looking for a cure. As always, my name is Blocko and this has
been Life Noggin. Don’t forget to keep on thinking!

Glenn Chapman



  2. There’s this Bollywood movie that’s about a man who forgets everything within 10 minutes, so he has to write everything down. But I forgot what it’s name was. (Really sorry if you kinda wanted to watch it!)

  3. I look a Word in after a few minutes I forget like in 2ms.

  4. Can you pass on what you are thinking just by touching others

  5. My sister got a cut in her skull so she might start suffering from this. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  6. So Block buried Triangle Bob in a cave, is in love with Circleia and has ridden a rollercoster, interesting.

  7. My grandmother has dementia and she only recognises her spouse cos he goes to her care home practically everyday but she is starting to forget him… 😢

  8. My Grandmother has Alziemers (i cant spel) and it is a horrible disease to watch unfold.

  9. Everyday I literally wanted to talk to my freind and when she said “what?” I instantly forgot (welcome to my everyday life XD)

  10. My Nan is currently losing her memories and can barley remember me
    Mines by head injury
    She goes back and back to where she thinks her husband is still alive it’s been 8 years and
    2:08 that what I think is going to happen 😭😭😭😭😭 I don’t want to lose her yet ❤️❤️💔💔

  11. I instantly forget stuff when i dont care about it and get back the memory few second later

  12. My great grandma died from Alzheimer’s the day we moved😭I cried so much just thinking about her just having to sit there and not being able to talk😭 I miss her sooooooooooooo much!!!alot of my family died from Alzhimers My great grandma forgot so much sometimes she cried over nothing that happened like she remembered something she wanted to tell but she couldn't😭 I miss her!!!!!!!!!she had it for a long time but it got so bad to where she forgot how to walk,talk,and eat and then it got so bad she forgot how to breath she had to have a breathing mask!!! I know she was in sooooooooooooo much pain and shes in a much better place with no pain whats so ever♥️😭😘she also refused to be put in a nursing home so she died in her bed I miss her so so so sooooooooooooo much!!!!

  13. Is there a correlation of not remembering your past with depression?
    My friends frequently get nostalgic and they seem to remember events in their life where I can't even remember anything.

    Probably for the best tho, thinks to myself but I still want to remember.

  14. My Grandma has Altimeters and dementia so when we went to visit her she didn’t remember my name and it was heart breaking to me I almost cried but now she lives with me it’s a lot better I thinks it’s helping her so I’m a lot happier.

  15. When someone tells me to do 2 simple things i do one of em and I forget the 2nd one

  16. I'm going through of this after a bad psycho incident happened in my life. I can't recognize my friends n family and this is very frustating tbh i don't even know what am i doing with my life..

  17. I'm going through of this after a bad psycho incident happened in my life. I can't recognize my friends n family and this is very frustating tbh i don't even know what am i doing with my life..

  18. I'm not too good at remembering I only good at remembering important things BUT I STILL CAN KIND OF REMEMBER THINGS

  19. My mum's dad used to have alzheimers (is that how you spell it..?) And every single day he would call my grandma at work and ask her "where is the mustard..?" And it would always be in the same place! And he would always put it back in that place! 😂

  20. 1:43
    Guy: what's 2+2=?
    Me: 2+2=4 Quick maths
    Guy: ok 2+2=6
    Me: k we are done vid is done

  21. Wait if people forgot everything, didn't they forgot how to remember.

    Just a thought.🤔🤔

  22. blocko please make dear blocko #5 what will happen when you see a picture of your past?

  23. I Want To Have Amnesia Because I'm Just Depressed All the Freaking Time!!

  24. How to never forget cringey things u did in school in the past


  25. My grandpa has altzimers and he can’t remember me or even my grandma or even how to walk or eat. So 🙁

  26. my old grandma had Alzheimer's Disease she is 78 years old died on 3 August 2018 with a coma on hospital i was so sad when i heard that one of my family members said "grandma is dead" i got sad

    so sad i got so sad i almost cried when she died, i wanna cry when i see her dead but i cant cry for my grandma, she was scary for us since she was alive cuz, her Alzheimer's Disease makes her react so bad like she throw her flip-flops on us then we dodge it, she can only remember her dance moves, her son name, and all of her family. I miss you grandma i wish i could see you again 😭😢

  27. Life noggin plz do a vid on what if my comment was pinned ha ha ha ha ah ah ah ah 😢

  28. when I talk to my great grandma shes really nice but after your conversation when you come back you have to re introduce yourself its super sad her husband just passed away and shes probably oblivious

  29. The book restart had someone who lost their memory and only had 1, of a little girl

  30. I was crying during this because this is how my great grandmother died. 😭

  31. I lost my great grandmother to dementia, I'm so greatful for people who support and raise awareness for these things, it's important to finally find a cure, it affects the entire family, so it's important that the scientists get enough funds for researching dementia and Alzheimers

  32. My stepdads mom actually has alzheimers. And its really sad. I cant imagine going through something like that

  33. But the only way to have no memory at all is to have no hippocampus.

  34. but the only way to have no memory at all is to have no hippocampus

  35. I have such bad memorie that the last i remember is watching this video

  36. You with me a person with absolutely no education. You will just be a person who sits on a chair for their hole life. You yell them to do something, they don't do it because they forget what you told them to do.

  37. My grandpa lee had alzheimers

    1 like =1 pray for my grandpa 😩😩😢😩😢😰

  38. I went to a hotel and was given a key for room 13 and when we checked Room 13 wasn't there.

  39. Nah I would just want to live a couple of months and then die I saw my great great grandparents go that way but I just wish I never get it or maybe I would rather die

  40. It’s so sad. So many BRATTY children including the Norris Nuts, Piper Rockelle, and many others, are doing the “I lost my memory” prank. It’s not a prank but a serious matter. They need to stop, and others must stop them too

  41. What did you say again?

    But really, sometimes i forget hat people say 10 seconds later

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