WELCOME, SIHO X LIHO !! [The Return of Superman/2018.05.13]

The sunlight feels warm on a spring day. Whose house is this? (Whose house is this?) (The playroom grabs attention.) There are trophies and plaques in the playroom. (There are trophies and medals.) In the sunny living room is a big cardboard cutout. (Why is there a cardboard cutout?) Can you tell whose house it is? (Welcome.) (The mom and the baby started the day early.) (Peek-a-boo!) (Shrieking) (Hello, everyone.) (I am 87-days-old, Moon Liho.) We give you Liho, an 87-day-old baby who is energetic in the morning. (He isn’t even 100 days old yet.) (Butterfly) (While he babbles a song,) (two people are asleep.) Liho’s brother and their Superman dad are asleep. (Are they Liho’s brother and Superman dad?) Is the bed too small? His has long legs (His legs are longer than the bed.) and a strong build. (His shoulders are as wide as the Pacific Ocean.) He looks extraordinary from his back. (He looks extraordinary from behind.) Are they awake? (The tallest dad appears.) (His height is) (198cm.) (He has perfect proportions) (and a small face.) (He is handsome when he wakes up.) Did you sleep well, Liho? (Daddy Day Project Part 2) (Moon Sungmin, a volleyball player) Hello, I’m a volleyball player, and Siho and Liho’s dad, Moon Sungmin. It’s nice to meet you. (He won many awards.) He is rewriting the history of V-League with his strong spikes. He is also famous for his handsome looks. Liho was born during the season, so I have seen him less than 10 times. I am doing this to spend more time with him. My wife couldn’t go out or have a vacation. To give my wife a vacation, I decided to challenge myself with this program. (He and his wife dated for four years.) He dated his wife for four years and got married in 2015. Hello. I have been married for four years. I am Siho and Liho’s mom, Park Jinah. We met each other through a mutual friend. When Sungmin got a surgery, I went to visit him often at the hospital. It made my heart ache and I felt a maternal instinct. You married me because you pitied me. No. He never treated me as someone older. – I did at first. / – No, you didn’t. – I did once. / – No, he didn’t. – I didn’t hear him calling me Ms. / – Ms. Park. Should I call you that way? It’s too late now. When we were dating, he once flicked my forehead as a joke and a blood vessel in my eye popped. He is strong. Since Liho is an infant, he is weak. I’m worried about Sungmin’s strength. Siho is my son, but he is too energetic. I think he has more stamina than me. (Hello.) (His bunny teeth are lovely.) (He is three-year-old Moon Siho.) He got his dad’s long legs. Siho, who likes volleyball, has fruit-like smiles. (He has fruit-like charms.) (He is as strong as his dad.) (His reactions are endless.) (Do it again.) (The two-meter man collapses.) (He is cheerful wherever and whenever.) He is cheerful and has stamina. (Whether he is at home or outside,) (he is always energetic.) We will have 48 hours with the energetic Siho. I can’t wait. Did you sleep well? (There are unfamiliar things.) (Looking around) (He comes to the camera.) Hello. (I think someone is here.) (Staring) Hello. Hello. (Can you see me?) Did you finish saying hello? Show a cute act. (Do you want to see my cute act?) “I love you.” (I love you.) (He makes hearts with his fingers.) Kevin. (He imitates Kevin from “Home Alone”.) (Oops!) (Liho does it as well.) (After saying hello to the uncles,) (he says hello to his brother.) Tell your brother that he is pretty. (Liho smiles.) (The brothers are full of love.) (He pushes the bouncer.) (He changes the music.) (How do you like this song?) (I love it.) (Siho is fascinated by the cameras.) Siho, I see a camera up there. Let’s take a look. Hello. It’s here. Hello. Wave. Bye. There is another one here. (Bumping) (He can’t control his strength.) I am sorry. Will you be able to do well by yourself? Did you sleep well, Liho? Make sure to control your strength. This is bad. It’s hard to hold him. (To hold a baby,) (you need a stature of 2m,) (firm and big muscles,) (and wide shoulders.) (That’s how you hold a baby.) Is he uncomfortable? He is about to cry. Am I doing it wrong? He must be more comfortable with his mom. (Dad, put me down.) – Dad. / – Do you want to come up? (Siho wants to be held.) Stand up. (Heave-ho!) I should hold them like this. My goodness. (Shocked) (It’s an advanced skill only Thor is capable of.) Honey, I wrote down precautions. – Precautions? / – Yes. Precautions for Siho and Liho. I hope they will help. – These are for Siho. / – There are a lot. These are for Liho. When Siho wakes up, change his diaper. Give him water, probiotics, supplements, vitamin C, and vitamin D. Wash him if he poops. Make him wear an undershirt. When you go out, take water and diapers. Make sure you cook for yourself. When you hold Liho, control your strength. What should I do? Liho is as big as my hand. I think he is smaller than your hand. This is bad. Anyway, that’s all. Use them as a guide. Liho is smiling because I’m going out. Siho, have fun with Dad while I am gone. Give me a kiss. (How will Sungmin’s 48 hours go?) How cute! I will boil water. I have only done it for ramyeon. (Scrubbing) (Crying) Hold on, Liho. (Running over) (He pushes the bouncer with his foot.) (Liho looks dissatisfied.) I don’t know if Siho is playing well. What is it? (Liho starts to bawl.) Hold on. Did you pee? My goodness. Liho, hold on for a second. Siho, would you help me? Siho, please bring your brother’s diaper. Your brother’s diaper and wet wipes. Hurry up. All right. (He takes care of what’s in the kitchen.) (Patting) (He stops crying because he is startled.) (Don’t cry, my brother.) Hold on, Liho. (He succeeds to calm Liho down.) Siho quietly helps Dad. (Where are the wet wipes?) He knows where the diapers and wet wipes are from watching his mom. (Here it is.) Put them there. Put them there. (He runs the errand perfectly.) (Shall I change Liho’s diaper?) Where do I start? (It’s his first time to change a diaper.) Let’s take this off. All right. I hope he didn’t poop. Thank goodness. Hold on, Liho. Gosh, I am dying. Am I doing this right? Where does this go? Are you in a good mood, Liho? Liho, I’m done. (Sungmin felt bad that he didn’t see him often.) You are so cute. Liho, sleep now. (He tries to put Liho to sleep.) Why is Siho so quiet? (Siho has been quiet for a while.) Siho. Moon Siho. (While he was changing Liho’s diaper…) (Rummaging) (He’s taking out everything.) (Everything is clean.) Siho, answer me. Are you causing troubles? (He feels a prick of conscience.) Siho. (What is he doing?) (My goodness.) What are you doing? Siho. (Do I need to scold him?) (He reads his dad’s face.) I will clean this up. You throw this away. Siho, throw away Liho’s diaper. My goodness. I want to play volleyball. Playing volleyball is the easiest. (Siho throws away the diaper for his dad.) He might be mischievous, but he does his errand. (He’s a bit mischievous, but he does his errand.) (My hands are so dirty.) Dad, my hands. Bubbles. – Let’s do bubbles. / – Should we make bubbles? (As soon as he cleans up,) (another task begins.) We can wipe this off, right? (He cleans his hands.) Use this one. You want to use that one? Come here. My gosh. (My gosh!) My gosh. I’m sorry, Siho. How did that get here? My goodness. (What a mess!) What’s this? My gosh. We should wash your hair. I’m so sorry, Siho. (Things are getting worse.) (He tries washing Siho’s hair.) No, this won’t do. Let’s take a shower. Pass. Siho, come on down. My goodness. This is a big problem. (Pulling up hard) This is why dads can’t look after kids. Eyes. Close your eyes. (Mom, I miss you.) There you go. That’s it. That’s it. (I want one too.)

Glenn Chapman


  1. Imagine if he slapped your face when he's in an angry mood? I think it will turn to mashed potato.. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  2. I just realised that siho looks literally same like jeon jungkook (when he was child with bunny teeth)

  3. 13:50 he actually says "pass" like his son's a volleyball😂😂

  4. Please upload more videos of them. I love their family.. They look so good together. Siho is so cute and energetic. And his dad is trully trying hard to be able to take care of them…

  5. I think the dad was on Cool Kidz on the Block with Jota for volleyball. So handsome.

  6. He's so cuttteeeeee

    I'm talking bout the Daddy

  7. Siho's smile and him in general remind me of bts jungkook or is it just me? 😱😔😅😚

  8. Siho’s going to be quite the looker when he gets older I can tell


  9. Siho sure is a charmer like his dad! I'm so loving this family. More episode in TROS please! 😊❤😘

  10. it would be great if they meet the park family bec both fathers are athletes yall

  11. Why are they not in the show anymore????😢😢😢😢

  12. Siho will surely break a lot of woman's heart in the future😂

  13. Omg I just found chansung’s (a member of the kpop group 2PM) long lost brother 😂

  14. Omggg his body is built so nicely n it looks exceptionally good with that baggy white shirt

  15. All i can think of is how much DRIVE he had ro have those two kids….😂😂😌😰😯

  16. Is it just me or does siho look like a supper cute little bunny with those bunny teeth and those chubby cheeks

  17. Even though u dont know how tall he is i can tell he is surely really tall

  18. When I saw the dad I was like fake crying and literally accidentally said "I'm scared" 😂

  19. His face when she's talking lmao 😍😍😍😍😁😁😁😆😆😆🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗👍🌠

  20. this is what i imagine 2pm chansung having a kid looks like. just bcos he does look like chansung

  21. Hey, sung min please do this again I want to see more of you and your family❤️

  22. am i the only person who noticed the mario music played by the strings as the backgroud music


  24. This couple reminds me of the manga Namaikizakari

    Because she’s older and he’s a volleyball player and tall ❤️

  25. You can't believe this handsome father already have two kids.
    I want them to meet William and Bentley again 😄😄

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