Watercolor Flower Painting / Cockscomb Drawing Demonstration / Healing Painting [ART JACK]

Hi Artjack Kim Jae-seok is an artist. With my videos in music In the course of completing a beautiful painting I want you to be healed. If you are a viewer who is learning about painting, Please refer to the setting that slows down the playback in the setting. Subtitles can also adjust subtitles in video settings. Delete And in the language of each country in the computer Automatic translation is available. And if you like the picture and you want to watch the video regularly, Please be sure to subscribe. Thank you.

Glenn Chapman


  1. 종이로 물감 묻혀내서 하얀색으로 돌리는 방법 배워갑니다.
    감사합니다 ^^

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