Ventilation, heating and cooling with heat recovery for industrial buildings

the construction cost of a production Hall in relation to its whole lifecycle is only 30% the remaining 70% concerns the owner any interruption of a manufacturing process results in losses and bad conditions of work for your employees result in lower productivity this is why it’s crucial in the planning stage to choose the right ventilation heating and cooling system with energy recovery to avoid all these issues in the future and make sure that your building is environmentally friendly and energy efficient over all indoor climate systems with our patented way of air distribution are masters in saving energy they break down the temperatures stratification in interiors keeping heat loss through the roof to a minimum while at the same time ensuring a steady fresh air supply and used air extraction it results in saving electrical power and reducing heat requirements by up to 25 percent furthermore the system is ductless this means that the maintenance of each unit can be done within minutes during normal working hours in addition you might need to ensure domestic hot water for your employees you can do this efficiently with the ultra gas gas condensing boiler which will reduce your costs and ecological footprint by up to 20% in comparison to traditional gas boilers you’ll gain another 10% when you install ultra Sol who finished solar panels and an energy storage tank and finally when you combine units with top tronic e a smart online controller you’ll be given information in real-time and historical information about system performance and efficiency top tronic e with its online connectivity can save you an extra seven percent thanks to its automatic adjustments according to the weather forecast hundreds of well-known manufacturers around the world have chosen a hovel system ask them about their energy efficiency and us about the best solution for your investment get a quote or ask for an audit now

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