Vegan Tattoo Aftercare and Healing Process

I'm not gonna lie I'm frustrated I've shot this video three times already this is the third and the first time I was way too rambling and shit and the second time it was completely out of focus and I think now my tongue is red because I stress ate some nerds and a grilled cheese sandwich can you hear my washer in the background we're just gonna go with it all right so tattoo aftercare really starts before you get the tattoo there are a few things you need to do / know before you get to your tattoo artists number one know your artist don't just show up at a tattoo studio and be like hi I got this picture off the internet I want to get it tattooed on my belly button like who can do it for me no you find your artist your research stuff you look through their Instagram through their portfolio are they the style you want you want a tattoo artist that's gonna do what you want in the style that you're imagining in your head number two be clear on price a friend of mine once went to a tattoo spot got a tattoo about this this big got charged $1500 why because the artist he went to had a $1,500 minimum he didn't know that but guess who had to pay up four feet her daughter he did don't let that happen to you be clear on price no drugs and alcohol don't drink before you date your tattoo it's gonna hurt I mean that's like if you don't want to go through the pain just don't get a tattoo okay number one no respectable tattoo artists will tattoo you while you're drunk okay number two when you're drunk you're gonna make decisions that you're sober self doesn't appreciate number three you bleed a lot more when you're drunk cuz it things your blood out so it's just gonna make it a lot harder for the tattoo artist to tattoo I once had a friend tell me that her tattoo artist sold her a percocet before tattooing if your tattoo artist is also a drug dealer please run the other way that's one two three four eat something before you go your pain threshold is a lot lower on an empty stomach you want to have some food in your stomach something filling and satisfying like oatmeal or I don't know a few slices about an avocado toast I don't know eat something before you go by your tattoo aftercare products ahead of time this way you're not scrambling to get your stuff like right after your tattoo maybe the supermarket is closed after you get your tattoo and you're stuck without any aftercare products just buy things ahead of time also ahead of time wash your sheets and blanket you're going to be coming home with an open wound and you're gonna want to go to sleep right you don't want that open wound touching nasty bed sheets that you haven't washed in like three or four months I don't know you I don't know how often you wash your bed sheets just wash it before you get your damn tattoo okay mm-hmm all right when you're there please make sure your tattoo artist is wearing gloves make sure everything he touches or she touches is covered in plastic and make sure that you see a fresh noodle I realize I said noodle I meant needle I'm not gonna reshoot this there will be no fourth time yeah being opened and put in the tattoo gun because if you get some sort of infection there I don't care how cheap and awesome your tattoo was it's not worth it leave the bandage on until you get home right and when you get home you're ready to sleep you unwrap your bandage and you wash it now at this point a lot of websites slash tattoo artists will tell you to use dial gold I have here knockoff dial gold but this too is not vegan neither is dial gold what you want to use as a vegan substitute is dr. Bronner's magic soap I got the pure castile soap made with organic oil this is the baby mild gentle one you want a gentle soap without any fragrances that you can wash your tattoo away the fragrances might irritate your tattoo and you don't want that right so you go home you wash and then you apply a thin layer of balm on it at this point a lot of conventional places will tell you to use or Andy I don't have Andy to the song before but aquaphor again not vegan so I use ultra bomb this is a much loved container ultra bomb have had this first several years I use ultra bomb I heard that something called hustle butter there that's a vegan bomb you can use on your tattoo honestly just Google vegan tattoo bomb and you're gonna want to apply a thin layer on your tattoo right after you wash it and then that's it go to sleep be happy oh one more thing when you dry your tattoo don't dry it with a towel towels are nasty germ filled things and you don't want it on a fresh tattoo you get a clean roll of paper towel you tear off a sheet and you don't rub it's gonna hurt when you wrap so and you'll figure that out soon enough anyway um and that's how you dry your thing didn't layer of ultra bomb or whatever we can bomb you decide to use and you're good so this is the day after after I washed and moisturized it once I don't know if you could tell over here the ink is starting to like kind of seep and get gloppy these lines are actually much thinner um they just look thick because the ink is getting gloppy so for the first three days that's basically what you have to do three times a day you're gonna want to wash your tattoo with dr. Bronner's and then apply a really thin layer of balm on top and just don't touch it don't swim don't shower with it don't take a bath don't leave it in the Sun too long treat it like a delicate little baby a delicate little squash flower okay it's a little baby they can get infection super easily so you don't put in dirty places you don't rub it on anything you just kind of leave it as untouched as possible clean the three times a day put a little bit of balm on it and just don't touch it after day three your check is gonna be a lot less raw and awful right swellings probably gonna go down the redness isn't gonna be so bad and that's when I usually switch from a bone to a more lightweight moisturizer a lot of people use Cetaphil at this point or something I found a vegan lightweight unscented unscented moisturizer it's from the brand purus eat organic hand and body lotion this is what I use on my tattoo when it was healing from day three today tennis or something and as you can tell I dropped it and the bumpy part broke off so that was me it's a fine bottle I just AM clumsy so this is what I started using instead of a bomb so what you're gonna do from gang 3ish to tennis right um you're still gonna want to wash your tattoo two to three times a day and then after you wash it you put on some lotion during this phase your tattoo will start peeling don't touch it please don't peel it don't scratch it it's gonna itch like hell but you know what you're an adult who decided you to tattoo and you can hold yourself back from itching it okay if it gets really bad you can tap it a little bit you know maybe if that helps or put on some more lotion if that helps just know pili no touchy after the ten day mark or whatever it's safe to kind of shower with it and stuff I still wouldn't put like really hot water on it cuz it would feel pretty uncomfortable you still don't want to take a bath put in anything really nasty go swim in the ocean go swim in a pool expose it to much sunlight bah blah you're gonna wait another ten days maybe before you can comfortably take a bath take a swim put it in sunlight even when you do put it in sunlight though you're gonna want to sunscreen it and this is for like a while like for several months after I get a tattoo I religiously sunscreen because the Sun will fade you're tattooing and this is like for the entire life of the tattoo you really should be sunscreening it all the time I'm usually super anal about it for the first few months and then I fall off the bandwagon until like super hot summer days and stuff but I just put in an order for a Sun bum it is November here so there's not really too much Sun but I will be in LA and Miami ain't November so I don't want it exposed to too much sunlight so I bought myself Sun balm in SPF 50 and that's coming in the mail that's the vegan sunscreen that my followers recommended to me when I asked on Instagram so that's the one I got if you follow all these instructions and you treat your tattoo well it should be fine you should be good to go mine is almost fully healed I have little sections of it that are still a little bit raised but those might take a while to go down just be cuz of my skin is super sensitive and prone to scarring and shit like that that is my video for today just a heads up I might be a little bit spotty on uploading Tuesdays Fridays because next month I will be in Miami in LA so it might be harder for me but I generally upload every Tuesday and Friday like if you like subscribe if you want to subscribe follow me on Instagram if you want to keep up with my day-to-day shit I'll put it right here ok that's good now and yea I will talk to you later come on

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  1. Just get to the damn point of the title wtf is with youtubers.

  2. Why are you filming this as though you're shouting at and scolding your viewers?

  3. hi, I'm getting my first tattoo very soon and it's gonna be on my ribs, how am I supposed to take baths and wash my hair during this first 10 days?

  4. Tattoos and piercings are not vegan. No matter what they tell you.

  5. I have the lavender Castile soap ….and itโ€™s my first tattoo , is it okay to use this ?

  6. Is it okay to keep using Ultrabalm or is it better to switch to a lotion? Thanks!

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