Vanderpump Rules Returns with New Drama, Tears, and Love Affairs | Vanderpump Rules Season 8

Glenn Chapman


  1. It truly is Vanderpump Rules 2.
    Super excited I’m living for this!!! Yassss SURve it

  2. Unpopular opinion: this show is White people being ratchet
    …still watch it though

  3. Team Brett … from vegan and fitness YouTube videos to my living room TV yes :))

  4. At least I get a little of my Lisa fix in. I still miss her on RHOBH.

  5. I want to see what leads to the big bust up with Jax and most of his costars/friends.

  6. Finally some LVP!!! I'm ready, not too sure about the old cast stupid fights I'm ready for the new blood.

  7. why is nobody talking about how lala’s, kristen’s and schena’s scene was from last season just photshopped into a new background….

  8. OK it looks real stupid and boring!! Lisa you dont fuck up a show that already has an audience by adding new dumbasses!! The show going downhill!!

  9. They didn’t give Lala, Scheana and Kristen a new opening shot 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  10. Who the actual Hell watches this garbage? I find some reality shows entertaining, but this was pure garbage from day one.

  11. Katie saying “you’ve never been happy in your life” 🤦‍♀️ Coming from the same girl that’s vile, nasty and the biggest bully. She should take a closer look at her own “happiness” before she calls out other people on theirs. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  12. Wow 8 seasons later they still can’t add POC to the show. That’s why I don’t fuck with it

  13. Apparently this is only a teaser and they'll release the final trailer next month

  14. Put in the title that it's a trailer and change the thumbnail to something exciting, @Bravo. It looks like just another compilation. 😑😑😑😑😑😑

  15. Lol at all people only learning about Brett. His photos with Lisa during Pride where everywhere. And he was constantly hanging out with the cast. Where were yall?


  17. Well at least two great things came out the season jax is married(HOLY SHIT) and stassi gets engaged

  18. If you want to do new people please do a show on the Vanderpump Vegas location!!

  19. If Fifty made an appearance I guarentee ratings would go through the roof!💣💥 "Fofty"🤣

  20. Let me guess. Jack is still pissed off at Tom because he wouldn't let him attack James. Does Jack's forget who he was? All the b***** he started? Tom was trying to be a decent person. If that's what this is about Jax needs to go away. Can't stand him. I don't know why Lisa tolerates his crap.

  21. Lisa we love the show. Hopefully you'll take it to another Network in 2020 when your contract is up. We will follow you get away from Bravo they suck after what they did to you. Jump ship jump ship Andy Cohen hates women he's proven that with you. The way he let those horrible women treat you. Good luck with Beverly Hills next year haha no one's going to be watching Honey without you.

  22. Look how angry Brittany look since she's been with Jack's. And there's mean Katie

  23. Looks like more the same. Now Stassi and Katie going to gang up on Kristen🙄

  24. So Brett Cap needs money that badly ? I thought he was doing good on YouTube and as fitness coach or sum'n …

  25. I had to google these ppl and I still don’t know them. Whatever I’m here for the wedding

  26. Ahhhhh I loooooove some synthetic manufactured VanderDump drama… can’t wait for this trash.

  27. 99% of comments: "Is that Brett LOLOLOL"?!
    1% of comments: other commentary

    and who TF is Brett

  28. Eww stassi that ugly inside n out racist..shes yuk..n not one person if color on this show..i told u lisa is a racist u can read it in her aura

  29. Can someone do an AARP future version of this show? It would be wildly entertaining.

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