VAIO® – How to create recovery media

hi I’m Peg from Sony and I’m going to
take you through the steps on how to create recovery discs for your Sony Vaio computer we recommend that you create these discs
incase you ever need to do a full recovery a full recovery allows you to restore
your computer back to the original factory configuration before we begin you will need either
10 CD-R’s or 2 DVD-R’s depending on the type of burner in your computer the discs are sold separately make sure that you label the discs
as they are burned and note the model number of the computer on them so you know
which computer these discs are for for my demonstration I’m using the Vpceb each computer is slightly different and the
operating system you are using could be a factor so be sure to check the owner’s manual
or visit us at esupport.Sony.com for specific instructions on
your model and operating system click Start click All Programs and locate Vaio Care click Vaio Care to launch the application you may receive a message do you want to
allow the following program to make changes to this computer select Yes in the left pane click Recovery & Restore within the main window select
Create Recovery Disc at this point you will need to make sure
that the computer is connected to the AC adapter do not interrupt the power during this process insert a blank disc once the computer detects the disc
the number of discs required will be displayed in the window click Next click Start once the first disc has been created
it will automatically eject remove it from the computer and label it insert another disc once the second disk has been created it will automatically eject remove it from the computer and label it the average time to create recovery discs
and be thirty minutes to one hour depending on the speed of your computer
and the type of discs you are using for more tips tricks and how-to videos
please visit us at esupport.Sony.com or on our SonyListens youtube channel
thank you

Glenn Chapman


  1. I don't have Vaio care on my PC. I have 9 Vaio folders but none of them has something similar. Model VGN-FZ280E

  2. hey when i create recovery media it doesn't asks me to insert second disc and it pops out my inserted disc and pops the message that "unable to verify media, this disc can be used as a recovery disc"

    please help

  3. How often does the recovery have to be done, seams like every time I do a Vaio Care it want's me to do a recovery? Why is this and is it normal?

  4. I noticed something.. The taskbar goes up and down like in Apple computers, from my point of view, that feature in Windows 7 is copying Apple :P. Windows 7 is still good though!

  5. Seriously, it seems like you're on major sedatives. This is disturbing and distracting. Is this Sony putting its best foot forward? This is a real critique – I didn't know how to say it in a softer, smoother way. Or is it that you think your customers are that slow?

  6. Hi, id like to know how many times can I perform this recovery media, also i read I can use a single DVD+RDL disc instead of 2 DVD-R. Please help, Greetings

  7. ok if i do this … and i change to a new hardrive, will this cd install windows 7 for me ?

  8. Hi, i'm using Sony Vaio model VPCEB33FM. the laptop hdd was bad and i lost the recorvery partition of original OEM.
    I want to recover the original of my notebook, but i have not recovery disk.
    please support me. i'm living in Vietnam.

  9. Hai.. It is Displaying the Disk Error message while Creating Recovery media!! What should i do?? My Model of Sony vaio is VPCEA36FG. I tried with other Disks its not working..!!

  10. Can you create a Recovery Media from a USB (thumb) flash drive instead of having to use any form of multiple discs?

    Thank you in advance for your time.

    – David

  11. Hey.. please help me.. I'm using Sony vaio e-series, model no:- VPCEH35EN… and now i want to install windows 8 in it(when i bought it it has Windows 7 home basic),, so i have to format ma C: drive (i have only one drive) so if i format it,can i get all the original softwares that are been provided by vaio???? how can i get them all after installing win8??? please help….

  12. I have a VPCF115FM, hard drive died, changed it, installed windows 7 (new license) but now I can not get all the drivers to work. Can I get a recover disk from Sony? I did not create the recover disks 🙁

  13. I just tried to do a full recovery and after everything is installed, the hotfixs are applied, all the drivers are in place, I get a diag window saying the Installation can't be completed to start over. I started the the recovery the first time from the hard disk and this last time using the Recovery Disks (made by the Sony Store). Same result both times. What's next?

  14. When I go into Vaio care, my only option regarding recovery is to "insert Recovery Media." It doesn't give me the option to create the discs..? (My model # is VPCCW21FX)

  15. I cant Recovery, My Sony Vaio ( i7procs), get´s Messeng ¨ not Enough spice, But I have 2TB free HHD ??

  16. Hi and thanks, I have VPCF12S1E, I get a massege, ( Some thing about VVS, and not enough space, but i have 2TB free.

  17. I've just formated my default OS… and had just kept new OS in my laptop… now every feature of Vaio is gone…. no any Vaio care… no any Vaio gate… not even mouse touchpad…. Can you help me… how can i get these things back?

  18. My Sony VAIO was bought in USA. Why are you searching only for excuses?

  19. On my Vaio care in advance tools there is only system restore nothing more there is no create recovery media !!!

  20. I have reformat all datas in my hardisk to format windows 7, but I got freezing boot screen…, how can I solve this problem?

  21. Hi , I have reformat my computer ( all data ) and I lost so many drivers , I reinstall windows Original , but i don't feel that my vaio work like the original one , my vaio's type is ( VPCEH3U1E ) .
    I wish that you can help me 🙂

  22. I want to Format my windows 7 os in Sony vaio vpceh25en .Plz upload a video how can I do it ? After this How to recover windows 7 from Disks?? Plz reply.

  23. my viao care dont have create disc..ive got updated viao care where can i found creat disk

  24. I have a VPCW221AX model. I've installed Windows 7 on top of Vista and it's been years since I got this computer (hence I don't have a disc). How can I restore to the original Vista OS?

  25. i did,nt get the option 'create recovery media" in my pc plz help me i want ti factory reset my pc my pc model is sv15

  26. I bought a Vaio in March of 2013. Within the first month, I would get dmp errors DAILY, which would cause my computer to restart every other day. I had to refresh/restore at least twice to stop the error. Then the hard drive starting clicking and beeping. Then it started shutting down and "repairing" itself. I then got the continuous repair loop error. Sony "fixed" my hard drive, but it is making the clicking and beeping sound and not booting at all. I can't find an address or email address for Sony (which is suspicious). And my warranty just ran out (coincidence?). This is the worst product I have EVER bought. I want my money back.

  27. I cannot see the create recovery media section in Vaio care

  28. My hard drive crashed. I had to return it. Now how do I put the genuine Windows that comes with the Vaio when I bought the equipment?

  29. I have never been able to make any sort of recovery discs because my disc drive hasn't ever worked, even out of the box. Help please .

  30. Hi Kristin! I'm sorry about this. You can use an external USB CD / DVD optical drive to create a Recovery Disc. Or try to use USB Flash Drive instead: https://us.en.kb.sony.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/33537/p/48903%2C49902%2C57246%2C57311/c/65%2C66/kw/recovery%20media For optical drive issue, please follow the troubleshooting steps here: https://us.en.kb.sony.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/45190/p/48903%2C49902%2C57246%2C57311/c/65%2C66/kw/optical%20drive Thanks! Vincent


  32. hey I have problem in making recovery disk .when I reached upto 65% it generates an error message and tell me shut down the computer and then restart after doing that error is not fixed ..pls help me

  33. I have a sony vaio vpceh my webcam died– my pc locked up next thing I knew I was trying to repair, restore and factory reset to no avail… all my recovery media was null, my sony recovery non existent, needless to say I have attempted to get my original disks that should have come with this stupid thing all to no avail, I have had to replace my os 3x's already and I cannot find all the ORIGINALLY installed programs, software, etc!!!! JOKE!!!!

  34. Liza Michelle O'Neil (SoCaliGirl333), we're sorry to hear about what happened to your laptop. May I know what is the exact model name of your device so we could provide you an accurate solution. Thanks, Jen

  35. Hi I need some help, I have a Sony Vaio model SVT15117CX, I had my first problem with it in 2014 and I bought the recovery media kit and It solved it… But In July of this year I had another problem with a windows update and my computer didn't turn on. I used the assist button and made a quick refresh so I could save my data, but then It crashed again so I made a full recovery from the assist button. When I was trying to make a special partition for my files I noticed that the computer had a lot of partitions (it has 6) and it showed me another disk that never showed before (And I made a mistake because I deallocated one partition of the new disk, because It said that was empty… But I really didn't know because when I saw all the partitions were empty, except the primary partition (C:) and I got confused. My computer is working okay but I don't know what I touched/deleted and I'm worried). The other issue is that I lost one of my dvds from the media kit. I saw that I can create another recovery media kit from Vaio Care. So my questions are: if I create another recovery media from vaio care, will it be the same one that I purchased?
    If is like that, can I clear the disk completely and then use the recovery media kit to restore the computer to its factory settings?
    (I'm asking because I want to do it when Windows 10 is available for my model)

    I really hope you can help me, sorry for the language mistakes english is not my first language, by the way I purchased my computer in USA, but I'm currently on Argentina.

  36. I'm trying to make a USB recovery, and when it starts creating it stops at 3% and tells me my usb flash drive won't work and then it leaves my flash drive unusable and unformatted, i've already tried with 3 different flash drives. What can I do? my optical drive doesn't work it just spins but won't read a thing then makes a clap noise.

  37. Hi, i have a Vaio model VPCEH3AEN, and my Vaio care software has been updated, and now i am not getting the 'Create Recovery Media option.Please help me as soon as possible .Thanks Mohit'

  38. hi,i have vaio fit 14E laptop Model No:SVF15212SNB, while i am creating recovery media the process stops at 44% and displays error msg saying "shutdown your computer and try again after restarting it. error code:0XC0AA020F". i have tried 4-4 times but same problem persists. what should i do ? please help SonyListens.

  39. Hi, I am using VAIO SVE15126cxs model since 2013. When I purchase the computer I did not create any recovery media. The windows had been upgraded from 8 to 10. a few days ago I could not enter to the window. so I have had a system recovery by watching this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r1lJLniY-j8. After that I get back the factory condition of the window and now I want to create a recovery media. I used VAIO Care for Creating Recovery Media and it allowed me to perform a recovery media. But when I entered an empty DVD+R disc, the computer could not recognize the Disc. so all the process failed. what should I do? Please inform me.

  40. Sonylistens can you show me how much is the vaio charger cost

  41. Which size of USB do I need to create recovery Media for model no. svf15218snb.?

  42. Hi there!! I only knew these days about this tip, my OS is corrupted since a day before yesterday, to format my laptop in a authorized store is expensive here and I forgot to create these disks before I had this problem, i didn't know that and i finished installing the windows 7 home basic iso from a Dell cd (from my uncle's laptop) and at the installing moment I saw that two partitions: Sonysys, Recovery and MSR are still there… do you know if is there any place where could I download this recovery media to burn them at disks?! I tried now start with F10 and nothing successful :/ I need so much this recovery!! My vaio model is sve14a15fbb thanks

  43. Cant see any option like RECOVER COMPUTER OR CREATE RECOVERY MEDIA in Vaio care Recovery and Restore

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