USD’s Renaissance Plan – Combining Building Restoration with Strategic New Construction

you know across the country there is a
growing crisis of deferred maintenance on campuses some estimates have that as
large as seven billion dollars of deferred maintenance on campuses right
now well that exists at USD as well we have
three hundred and twelve million dollars the deferred maintenance coming due over
the course of the next ten years the The Renaissance Plan is the most ambitious
long-term building maintenance plan in USD’s history and it’s coupled the
strategic new construction it’s divided into three strategic approaches one our
annual deferred maintenance two the restoration of what we call the legacy
portfolio those are Camino, Founders Copley and Olin Hall and finally it
combines all that with strategic new construction so we start the Renaissance
Plan with some new construction a new Learning Commons to be built behind
Copley Library it’s primarily a classroom building but there’ll be
additional flexible learning space within that building as well concurrent
with that we’re going to renovate Copley Library be able to go inside that
building and create more usable space and upgrade it to a 21st century library
once we’re done with those we’re going to move on to Camino and Founders these
are the original buildings on our campus and they have many of the original
systems in place right now that are beginning to fail so while we’re in
working on that it’s gonna create an opportunity for us to take a look at the
space utilization and look for some 21st century living learning spaces that can
be created within those buildings then we’ll come a new business building on
campus be located in Olin parking lot adjacent to Olin Hall a brand new space
for our business school and then once we’re done with that we’ll be able to go
back into Olin Hall and renovate that facility our approach for this is to
involve our campus community each one of these projects has a stakeholder group
they’ll have representation from undergraduate and graduate students from
our faculty from our staff and then facilities management and university
design so we’ll be able to engage the community will be hosting open forums to
be able to talk about this we’re already going or
to different faculty groups hearing what their ideas are and seeing how we
can incorporate that into the campus and we’ll have an ongoing website that will
update people on what’s taking place on the Renaissance Plan and they’ll be able
to track each one of those projects as we go through it we’re very blessed to
have just been ranked by the Princeton Review the most beautiful campus in the
country but we also know that behind walls and doors and ceilings we have
things we can improve upon as well as the space that we have across this
campus our Master Plan itself said our top three space needs were classrooms
office space and flexible study space the Renaissance Plan attacks every
single one of those and will create more of that at the end of this and so as we
celebrate in 2024 our 75th anniversary we will have set up the
university for its next 75 years

Glenn Chapman

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