Updating the Firmware on HP LaserJet Pro Printers | HP LaserJet | HP

Updating the firmware from the printer control
panel or the Firmware Update Utility on HP LaserJet Pro printers provides printer updates, adds new features, and updates existing Web
Services apps. Update the firmware from the printer control panel
on network connected HP LaserJet Pro printers. Your printer must be connected to a wireless
or wired network with an active Internet connection. From the printer control panel, navigate to
and select Setup. Navigate to and select Service, and then select LaserJet Update. Select Check for Update, or Check for Updates Now. The printer checks for any available firmware updates. Touch Install Now to install the latest update. If you have a USB connected printer or cannot
update the firmware from the printer control panel, manually update the firmware with the Firmware
Update Utility. On your computer, navigate to and double-click
the Firmware Update Utility file that can be downloaded from support.hp.com from the Firmware
category for your HP LaserJet Pro printer. During the installation, Windows might ask
you to confirm if you want to open the file or allow changes to
your computer. Click Run, Continue, or Yes to continue the installation. From the Firmware Update Utility, click the
drop-down menu to select your printer. Click Send Firmware to update the firmware
on your printer. If necessary, follow and respond to any
on-screen instructions. The firmware update completes. Click Exit.

Glenn Chapman


  1. I have a HP Laser Pro but I do not have the option to update the firmware directly from my printer!

  2. My M477FNW says there is no update available, but the HP tech I just spoke with said there is one dated February this year and the firmware on my M477FNW is 28Jul17

  3. Iv'e done with .exe Setup .. Yea ! i didn't see that option in Printer.

  4. I have a problem with my Hp Printer.
    My HP MF can print and copy by the feeder but when i try to copy bay flatbad the copy order processes then cancels automatically.

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