Untouchable: The Rise and Fall of Harvey Weinstein | OFFICIAL TRAILER – BBC

I always imagine, like plenty of people in this industry, that actresses slept with Harvey
because it was good for their career. I went with no plan, no agent, very little money. Here was I meeting one of the most powerful men in Hollywood. I was going to have dinner with
him at the Beverly Hills Hotel. He said, “Can we have a drink upstairs at yours?” So, obviously, this is the part that’s very hard to talk about. Harvey Weinstein was known to be a bully. He could do anything. He thought of himself as the sherrif in town. He scared people, in the same way a gangster would. When you read about rape, you read,
“She kicks and screams.” I just froze. I said, “No.” And I pushed him away, more than once. And then I just stopped. It’s the collateral damage, what it does to relationships. It steals something. When I tried to tell people, they’d say, “You better keep your mouth shut.” Well, I saw a lot about how the machine works, in terms of burying scandals and settlements. Nobody was ever going to win against this guy. I was hearing stories which you could dismiss as rumour. I was being told these women are crazy. You have to do something. Huge turning point. I couldn’t believe they were telling this story,
as though they were writing about me. Mr Weinstein intends to enter a plea of not guilty. The most sinister aspect is that the system enabled it. Power, everybody’s getting piece of it. When you pick out the most grotesque, there’s the sense that, ok we’ve
taken care of the problem. It’s not over. It continues.

Glenn Chapman


  1. when it comes to the part about power and corruption, the BBC shows GIULIANI and TRUMP? Really? Weinstein was a famous democratic donor, connected to the obamas, the clintons, the Harrisses, the Cuomos and Oprah. But sure, let’s make believe he was a Republican.

  2. Si tu veux connaître la valeur d'un homme, donne lui du pouvoir…
    Documentaire très intéressant pour comprendre les mécanismes qui ont permis à ce porc d'avoir autant d'emprise 😡

  3. Our world is run by a massive pedophile ring. It swamps Hollywood and Washington DC. Epstein Island was a giant honey-trap to compromise the most powerful people on earth. THEN they OWN you. This is why they are trying to bum-rush Trump out of office. WE ARE ON TO THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!! JOIN US!

  4. There using him to be the fall boy and to divert attention away from other matters and ppl. There are many others in power position doing this and will continue to.

  5. Harvey isn’t the worst or the last. I hope he isn’t the last to face consequences

  6. Why isn't Oprah interviewing him. he is alive unlike the KING OF POP who she tried to dethrone.

  7. Harvey Wankstain, just one of many scumbags abusing their power of authority and to hell with morals and principles.

  8. They wanted it. They could’ve said no but they cared about making money more.

  9. He would’ve gotten away with all of it if he just would’ve gotten himself elected president

  10. Rose McGowan; Someone who for years was blacklisted, targeted by Mossad and silenced by Hollywood was the one who started this in the NY times. To have no mention of her at all when she was the one who brought this to the forefront of our attention is, I find, incredibly disrespectful.

  11. What about all the famous people out there who made it to the top pleasing Weinstein??? No they will not come out cause the are too busy working in hollywood

  12. That’s why you don’t go into hotel rooms with people you don’t know to well

  13. Jeff Bridges would be perfect for the role if they made a movie about this whole ordeal. He has a striking resemblance. Just watch Iron Man🤣you’ll see.

  14. When does something gets exposed..????. When that person is of no good to anyone anymore…. Till then ant type of fraud… Scandal… Corruption… Just goes on.

    Everybody knew about harvey and what he does…. What connections he had with politics and business typhoons…. When things go wrong there,, your weakness gets exposed…..

    It would be a joke to say that no one knew this was happening…
    There are many more going on and will or will not get exposed…..

  15. Harvey Weinstein is the fugliest film director ever. If I were them, I would have shot him in his big ass head if he touched me. If he doesn't go to jail, I will bring a gun and taser with me in my book and film writing career.

  16. So they put a shot of Giuliani and Trump to imply what? Oh, you need to get your leftist jabs at republicans so you use those two men in your trailer. I call BS on your movement. You use women's victimhood to get at Trump. What a pantload this has become.

  17. Bit premature for a documentary, isn’t it? I mean, he hasn’t even gone to trial yet.

  18. I don't feel sorry for them.
    They let him do it for fame and success.
    As soon as he started getting abusive, they could have just walked away, but they didn't.
    Now they all playing victim.

  19. I always wondered why Paz de la Huerta disappeared. I'm curious what happened to her.

  20. So now, these women are nobodies.

    Yeah, in the end every female knows that women won't help you in your career, its the men who will make you a millionaire star.

    When these womens' lights fade away, they come back and bite the hands that feed them because they have nothing to lose.

    Disgusting women..

  21. Lock him up! Lock him up! R Kelly scoot over and make room for Harvey boy

  22. The "couch" exists in most businesses; airlines, hotel industry, sports, etc, etc. … These women complain about Weinstein after and only after he made them famous through his movies. These women earned big money and fame in the aftermath. Why wait so many years to speak up? There are always 2 sides to a coin. Both Weinstein and these women are at fault! What has changed since? …. Nothing!!

  23. Just imagine being as bad as Weinstein then becoming President of the United States.

  24. no big faces in the docu. it seems they all want to keep themselves away from the truth. because truth is not good for their career.

  25. I Shock And I Feel Bad All Victims This Sad Situation Sexual Abuse Is Nightmare And Horrible He Did This All Womens For No Reason Horrible Thing Harvey Weinstein Is A Monster

  26. His fate should be the same as Epstiens, only after 30 years of solitary on death row

  27. I will get slated for this …. BUT … for every woman who didn't want or consent to these advances, there are an awful lot of woman who do, powerful men attract woman of all consciences ( and as the photographer says in this film) "Like moths around a light" …. What Harvey did to some of these woman is inexcusable, but when you are in a powerful position there will always …. always …. be woman who are willing to sleep their way to a position, a fur coat, a holiday, a lifestyle …. or any other reason they see fit, to think otherwise is just foolish and ignorant …. Weinstein probably had as many woman consent ( those that didnt come forward or feel the need to tell ) as he did refuse, and this is not to exonerate his behaviour, but when you know you have that power to attract ( even looking as he did ) it is extremely likely there will be as many willing participants as there are against ….. for Weinstein, his downfall was not knowing the difference between yes …. and no, but to say woman are not attracted to this, and willingly allow themselves to be coerced in certain situations that afford them "whatever it is they are searching for" is simply a fallacy ….. and if those same woman feel the exchange of sexual favours are worth the trade, more power to them.

  28. The difference between Weinstein and Jackson is that one looked and behaved the part in public, the other didn’t. One paid off 23 victims millions of dollars, the other didn’t.
    One the public will accept as evil, the other they won’t.

  29. A very insightful documentary but it feels rushed and incomplete. Why make a documentary like this if you don't have enough content? Spending unnecessary time insinuating a person was forced out into a dark corridor as they have eyesight problems isn't really on the same level as the other accusations, so why include it unless you're lacking material from the 100+ accusers. It's also hard to have pity for Hollywood when so many people allow this kind of behaviour to go on and its so sad to see what some of these women were willing to do to get roles, you knew he was dangerous but you were willing to put that aside in the hopes he'd give you a bone. I'd have preferred it had the documentary focused on how so few people spoke out or helped, that's the scariest story.

  30. weinstein was just one more in the long line of their kind on 100 years of the film industry. Go back a read Chaplin bio.

  31. I heard that in America,prison time and the length of it and the kind of prison time depends on how much money you have?..I hope if this ugly,bloated individual is found guilty and convicted of been a rapist and abuser of women that he is the exception to the rule and spends the rest of his life doin' hard time in prison but I won't hold my breath !!

  32. Really I watched this shit… U give a guy unlimited power who is insecure and have beautiful women trying to get into his industry what do u think hes going to try…

  33. When he gets to hell he will have to suck Goebbel's dick, Himmler's Dick, the entire SS command's dicks, and then finally, Adolf's dick. So he'll get his.

  34. I thought this was supposed to be released months ago?? I couldn't find anything about it anywhere. Guess which mockumentary was released and used as a cover up though. They still allowed him to have control and hide it even after knowing. Sad.

  35. A lot of the women accepted his money and were very WILLING!!! Yes a lot of innocent women were assaulted but not all!!! THEY WANTED FAME!!!!!!

  36. the question is did harvey force any one ..we should be careful about media attention.. seeking women..publicity stunt for money

  37. Hollywood is filthy, how does this surprise anyone?
    I mean look at those actrsses taking their clothes off in hope they will be famous. I dare anyone to tell me a famous actress who didn't do it. Damn even those who started at young age do it when they vet older, or they will be forgotten
    One night stand, with a powerful Hollywood guy, can make you an Aaa list actress, yeah many of them took the chance and it shows

  38. he is evergreen person for women those who accusing him..they forgot that with him today they are on screen, and now screaming in group like devil's on him on harassment..bloody women there i think..

  39. Untouchable – The Harvey Weinstein documentary nobody saw in the USA 🤔.
    Leaving Neverland was probably a distraction maneuver for it!

  40. Look, I was a model and very beautiful. These men are rife. It is no secret. I said no, did highfashion catwalk with mostly gays and lived peacefully. I never wanted to become famous because of what was between my legs, instead I ran a mile.The world is corrupt and full of lies. Even at 13 I knew to stay away from creeps.There was always at least one in every town that would follow us on buses and all over the place. It isnt like these women were abducted. off the streets. And we all know that most men are perverts and creeps and you have to avoid them like the plague.

  41. Why do you add a picture of the beloved President Trump and his wife? Is this a tactic to make a false accusation?

  42. Are there any connections between Weinstein and Epstein? Did Weinstein travel on the lolita express to the pedophile island to? Did they know each other? They seem like a perfect match for being best buddies.

  43. After watching 10 minutes of the documentary, I can't help but ask why the first woman got into the same hotel room as him., just walk away?

  44. Why can't I still not find this on YouTube when it's been released a long time ago. Unlike the Michael Jackson one, was available everywhere you looked day of release, wonder why one is available wherever but this one isn't. Kind of unfair.

  45. What did harvey do again? Someone explain to me why people hate this guy so much. Give me exact specifics on what he did wrong..

  46. Weinstein is alive! Epstein is dead! Makes you wonder.I must say thank God all the women are still alive.

  47. david icke and others have been talking about this for many many years. why are you so surprised

  48. jews got the system on their side .it's not about conspiracy it'S just the truth. this is just a thiny exemple why all the nations on earth kick them out of their country over the years. but in the head of morons they are always the poor victim .SHAME ON YOU

  49. Who felt it necessary to insert a snippet of our President and why? Well, we know why; hatred, but it took that long for me to decide that I was not interested in watching this BS-BBC piece. Trump, like myself, and every man I have ever met, was horney and that is a procreation thing. Hollywood and Liberals are Phoney and that is a choice.

  50. Funny how the Michael Jackson documentary was released at the same exact time and got complete coverage by Oprah (Harvey's buddy) that completely overshadowed this one. Coincidence right?

  51. All you women need to do next is save your soals, it's easy as 123, God bless……

  52. Face it. How likely would Harvey Weinstein have attracted any of these physically attractive women without having used his talent in movie production to attain a level of power to counter his, arguably, unattractive physical appearance?
    Look at him.
    Case closed.

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