Understand subscription ‘cancel’ and ‘restore’

SPEAKER: In this video,
we’ll discuss how to handle a cancelled subscription and
how to help a user restore their subscription if they want. Before we begin, you’ll want
to have real-time developer notification set up. To learn how to do this,
be sure to check out our real-time developer
notifications video. With real-time
developer notifications, you’ll receive a notification
when a subscription is cancelled or restored. After receiving
this notification, call the Google
Play Developer API from your server to record the
new subscription information. When a subscription
is cancelled, the user retains access to
your service until the end of the billing period. During this time, you
can offer the user the option to restore
their subscription before the expiration. You need to enable this
functionality via the Google Play console. Sign into your Play console,
and select your app. On the left menu, click Store
Presence, In-app Products. Select the Subscriptions tab,
and expand the Subscription Settings section. Check the box Allow Users
to Restore Subscriptions. Then provide a message in
your app that tells the user that their subscription has
expired or will expire soon. Be sure to include a deep link
to the Google Play Subscription Center in this message so they
can restore their subscription or fix their payment method. For more information on
setting up deep links, visit the link onscreen. The message should be respectful
of the user’s decision to cancel, so it should
be easy to ignore and easy for the user
to permanently dismiss this notice. To learn more, visit
the link onscreen, or check out our other videos. [MUSIC PLAYING]

Glenn Chapman

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  1. I just signed up for a free trial, and when I go to subscriptions it says get started and when I click it it takes me back to Google play store. please help me, I want to cancel the subscription.

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