Transition GPS Pre-Separation Counseling

are you thinking about leaving the Navy if so thank you for your service to our nation and now it's our turn to serve you whether you're planning to enter the corporate world want to finish your college degree earn a technical certificate or even open your own business transition GPS will help prepare you and your family to make a smooth transition into civilian life transition GPS stands for goals plans and success and it ensures that servicemembers are adequately prepared for civilian life by meeting specific career readiness standards during the transition process achieving your post military goals begins with effective pre-separation counseling which is the first step in the transition GPS program it's a mandatory career readiness standard that must be completed before your separation or retirement from the Navy so make sure you meet with a command career counselor or career transition officer no later than 90 days prior to your expected separation date but don't wait until the last minute to schedule an appointment attendance is mandatory and the sooner you get started the better your chances for success during the 24 months prior to retirement or 12 months before separation you can receive pre-separation counseling the process starts with a review and completion of the pre-separation counseling checklist for active component DD form 26:48 or transition Assistance Program checklist for deactivating demobilizing Guard and Reserve servicemembers DD form 26:48 1 which provides an overview of the program services available during your transition you will receive in-depth counseling that will help you plan and prepare for all aspects of your transition in addition to completing your pre-separation counseling checklist you will learn about the redesigned transition Assistance Program and the mandatory requirements to meet the career readiness standards and will be given an overview of the 5-day transition GPS workshop career track options and the capstone event before your first day you must complete and bring your registration for ebenefits a career interest assessment either oh net interest profiler or cooter journey and the following documents for your personal use your verification of military experience and your joint service transcripts and training records your most recently even earning statements evaluations are fit reps and a copy of your credit report your personal information will not be reviewed or collected by anyone these documents will assist you in meeting the career readiness standards transition GPS is designed to help you be successful whether that means finding a job right away pursuing higher education attending a technical institution or starting your own business the work you complete during your pre-separation counseling session is vital to your ability to take full advantage of transition GPS workshops remember pre-separation counseling is your first step in planning and preparing for your future success the sooner you start the transition process the easier your job search school selection or starting a business will be you and your family deserve to maintain and improve upon the quality of life you've earned for more information visit us online at www.azpbs.org/volunteer

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  1. I have yet to receive counseling, I learned how to signup for TGPS on reddit, serious letdown here on my end

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