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hi guys it's Nina from VR focus I'm joined by Adam Dickinson I'm development director of my hyper about who you guys are and what you guys do yeah survey so we're a development team in Manchester and we're primarily focused in football or soccer depending on where you're located and what we provide is a suite of tools and set of drills that work in analysis and Rehab for professional elite level plays okay so typically we we create a set of drills that will give things like foot bias how much usually left right foot accelerate how what is their visual search and scan like so that becomes very useful if coaches are Scouts looking at particular the player so they might be thinking we're gonna take these player to our Academy let's put them through this set of drills and you get a very interesting and useful set of data that can show you a picture of that player so coaches and coaches can use that as assessment also once you've got that benchmark and you've got the makeup of that player you can see where their peak performances across 27 drills so if they that play was to get injured you've then got a very very accurate level of their path back to recovery and also through that recovery obviously there's no impact so very little load and minimal impact there's no ball so a player who might have a eight month injury he can basically be doing all the right movements keeping his sharpness or his visual scan acuity all through that period so when he's physically able to play the game again he's already at the mental level I think one of the other elements we've got is we can take the actual Maps data that was created so say a team my Majesty I adore you Venters play on a Saturday we can take the XYZ data that's created by someone like Karen hey go when track app are we can say the GPS data for someone right start sports and we can map out so player a manager or a coach can take a a good example or a bad example of something that happened and relive that moment and be actually on the pitch not just relying on video edited sausage they can put the players back into this scenario they can scout the opposition so they might be playing against Arsenal next week and they say this is how these guys line up a corner free-kick let's go into that know the interesting thing is it's controlled by purty but if they play dirty that data is 30 so they can look at last time they played them what did they do right what did they do wrong we can take the positioning from that moment lift that out and convert it into a drill so that scenario of passing from the back got back to the keeper can then be repeated and repeated before the players go out to the training pitch this is what these guys are doing every day with a whiteboard while they're doing with videos and examples all this is doing is giving a communication tool between the coach and the manager which is a lot more effective there might be a conflict management issue where why did you do that you didn't pass to me would you do that everyone's human there might be a grudge for two weeks that you can make vanish you know overnight that's why I did it because I was looking there the ref was in the way oh okay yeah no problem so let's move on from my shoes from a shin pad when we create a profile for you we put in your shoe size your name so everything's game College the reason why we're tracking everything so accurately is so we know that we can rely on the data the club's need to repeal or rely on the data having a collision model that matches your size foot making sure there's no latency at all you know even the slightest bit of latency and we wouldn't be able to get what we need everything that you're doing with those feet is recorded it's tracking how many times your foot goes down he's all about getting that benchmark that's constantly rising for every player we're building on that whole profile of data which can be used to compete in some of the more fun drills it can be used as a picture of his rehab where they're tracking back how right-footed is a player how left foot is player can we then deliver more balls to that four to balance out for bias can we use the best-case scenario of one of their best players and create a drill that can be repeat time and time again by the Younger Academy plays it's not only just players for anybody democratize the concept through the idea of what is a great player and and showcase I guess two coaches or two people who want to bring in new players what how fast they react what their footwork is like pass awareness drill Thanks 25 people to do in real life are you they have a thing it briefly darkman the foot but not but I only has 30 cycles and it delivers the real ball it's 2 million pounds and you need you know about a 30 meter by a 30 meter space we've got the flexibility of 28 drills I think it is today and we can adapt it and we can listen to the coach per club and in doubt that drill tusu exactly what they want to get the best out of their place further down the line we'd love to say it you know filter so every well consumer-level because it's just as important to you if you've got an injury as it is to that player what about bringing this to clubs right now do you have any partnerships are you bringing it out or are they super players right now using it yeah we've been installed at Manchester United's Academy Carrington for seven months now in invaluable you know the team there the feedback they've given us the drills we've created there's a lot of it's early seems that we've been working with there's probably an ongoing about 40 conversations globally for different teams we've made it a point where it's affordable to the same so you've got championship teams like whole city Tigers right up to you know we're hoping to announce advances in the next few weeks Premier League clubs we still kind of it is so new it kind of feels like we have to get people in the kit we have to get them past bad examples of 360 video stuff that they've seen we do full full uncle chin tracking we try and keep the kit down as much as possible we don't ever want to get the point where we've put people in a full suit this needs to be something that you can just pull your shoes off pull shim pads aren't pull the shoes on and your ass these guys on some of the plays are on incredible salaries so for us to take up an hour of their day they need to be able to go through this get it on quickly do what they need to do and we have to make it as engaging as possible it's exciting because getting that picture of a set of data and some clubs are surprises when they see did he score on that on that you know yeah it's the most underused muscle is the brain the clubs are excellent and making them faster but if we can get everyone's brain football club their decision making their visual acuity their search if we can prove all those skills it exponentially makes the team birth well we create some of the drills of leaderboards if a player was in a different country in rehab he can still compete and most drills on a leaderboard and feel part of the team there's a lot of the kind of softer benefits which which I I kind of we've start to see develop I mean we had a never under 23 player he still have the iodine on his knee four days after he was able to use the rehab drill which was the crazy golf big smile on his face that guy probably won't kick a ball for eight months and that's what it's about the mental health issues of a player that's the one thing that they do Bay's their trade they love if they can't do that for a month they there's a massive impact you mentioned an example the Academy taking on a young boy who they would probably never keeping on had you not put them through the drill once a club has got a picture of their players because they know their plays really well so they know that that data is reflexive we've seen the drills and we've asked coaches is that player one of your better players does that data match where you desk bet yes yes it does so as soon as they can trust that data if they've got a limited amount of time with a player like one now you mentioned he he came to the Academy they went well we've only got this guy through an hour let's put him through the drills see if he matches up highest level with the guys because a typical there might be four or five scouting missions for a player they're building up a profile just by watching him watch that game when they watch he doesn't get the ball wife he's being played out of position we're giving another set of information that they can base a decision on in the future we'll wrap you know as a wish list if we have a my hyper scorer as a profile for every player does that affect the crazy figures that are in Chancellor mone there's a go does that validate their kind of numbers and their mental awareness I don't know it could be in the same way that if you're using this system in rehab could insurance companies use it to pay out on the injured players could be easy to get their premiums down club level there's all different uses if you're getting data that's not currently monitored are things the same for every industry but particularly we've seen there's a gap in we can measure and provide a profile data that isn't being currently trapped we're looking at other sports obviously we we lot so we're things were in the market there's some great guys doing some good stuff in the NFL all of the stuff that people are using is very fixed point though so baseball or quaterback training what we've done is look at the whole movement of the thought obviously lends itself perfectly to soccer and football but if you start thinking of the movement in basketball the feet and the pivot in the fast feet he's incredibly neglected but so so important you know you look at the warm-up drills the rehab drills that basketball player go through pretty much identical across this across cricket across anyone we've we're just using at the moment the rehab side of what we do football is just a vehicle and the great thing about is there's no learning curve so everything that you're doing in that ball we haven't got to spend a training session and go press this button to do that to do that you are kicking a ball when we use live Pro are you guys working specifically with hardware manufacturing companies for headsets potentially looking at for example like I tracking that might be very useful as well yeah you know looking at reaction speed are you guys sort of building an overall platform where all sports can go to are you working specifically with certain hardware manufacturers so there's there's certain people that we've been talking to there's a specialist in the area of high tracking called Cheryl Calder IGM she works with my only else and right across all all the sports for rugby union so she's got a set of 2d 2d drills we've been looking at things like that and can we incorporate its Hobie eye tracking technology all becomes very very interesting stuff like the neural track of stuff that already exists out there you know she uses methods that train for me the one drivers to increase reaction times and their eye response times everything with we're kind of doing in those area that will improve anyone what's really interesting is can we use eye tracking to incorporate passive concussion tests so it's obviously a massive area across contact sports for example the color combo drill if we can passively analyze people's visual search and scan for concussion that means you have a constant check and benchmark of where people are not just one at the start of season anytime they come on the kit it can be monitored and tracked and if there is a an incident they can go into the kit and monitor and look at that whole graph and path looking at your feets or your how much you're walking and your heart rating your moderate monitoring yourself it's sort of giving that data to to yourself as a player that's very very useful as we as we move through the club's we've seen there's patterns in clubs where this is the edge there's that 1% that the players are looking for you see in any club that there's two or three players that will stay longer after training that wants to do extra stuff I'm sure we'll see personal purchases as the system the place to be at home there are already some of the the broadcast stuff like track out some of these plays buy it for their own home to analyze games because they want to be the best this is another way of them yeah what's the process of being able to actually get hands on with this currently at the moment he said it's a business to business model where we install a bespoke build depending on what drills that club will want to take or decision coachie you know I think where we will take the decision coaching or probably will put a lite version on very focused to make it more accessible I'd love to see a version of that go onto steam which is more of a tactics board base kind of a playbook that people can look at best-case scenarios for all their seams that means that any anyone can use it at any level grass roots all the way up I think because of what we need to keep moving in developing I think it currently with clubs but you know we we're at different levels with clubs you know you've got Champions League teams will cup teams as the technology moves forward we'd love to start in co-op rain right across an interesting concept someone mentioned last week was do you kind of can you globalize Scout C so smaller teams with limited budgets traditionally can only regionally attract players yeah but if there is a kit here and there's one in Belgium that local Belgian team can be looking globally at different teams and players and it kind of almost globalizes a lower level you know ammeter okay I think we we'd love to get on the consumer market on the candid numbers if you look at 70 million PS laws out there obviously there's 265 million people play organized soccer every week so the numbers are there if the technology can get there we'd love to see these drills making an impact or finding a kid in India or China that gets a 92 percent on one of our drills and some big red alarm goes off somewhere and you know he can get a pro contract I think it's probably going to be about two years before consoles have the power to do what we need it to do but it's an exciting prospect sure it comes up me and our website is my hyper comm we have lots of cool videos on there and on our Instagram as well places we've been little snapshots you can figure out some of the clubs that might be coming up that we're joining with so that's pretty cool thank you very much

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