Tragus Piercing Experience, Footage & Aftercare

I don't come back so this is going to be a video about my new piercing and then after this I'm going to do a video about all my piercings I don't have anything for Saachi so let's just jump in my newest pair thing is this tragus piercing which is this little piece right here I will do a close-up of it so you dogs can really see it but that's my latest piercing that I've gotten so yeah I took some notes in my phone so I could tell you all about it you dog they want to know about this piercing and probably every time I get a new piercing now I'll probably do a video well not true because I didn't do a video when I got my other ear piercings but I'm going to do a video about all my piercings after this so I'm just going to tell you all the info so I got my tragus Pierce I guess to eighteenth so today it's like September it's not it's almost been a month since I got it um so I've had it for almost a month and I got it done at a place called bio lab and it's in Houston bio lab is just a piercing shop but it's actually a tattoo shop on the side and it's like combined like you would go through one door to get through the piercing shop but then it's like you could just go you know still be inside of the building and go into the tattoo shop like it's combined so if you want to get a tattoo you know they do both but yeah bottled-up just those piercings and I paid $50 for mine which I know it's kind of pricey especially in Houston because everybody goes today goes and they have like $5 trade this crazy day like on various days or something so yeah actually got it done way cheaper but um I did my own pain this price because I had seen so many great pictures and I've seen so many reviews on this shop and they have really good feedback and I would rather pay and more expensive price then go to a place that's really cheap and it's kind of more sketchy to me like I don't really like this shop I've got a tattoo down there before it's kind of sketchy the only reason I went before is because my boyfriend at the time his artists actually work at their shop that's all the reason I ever went there but for piercings I was kind of like yeah it's gonna be like super cheap but I don't trust it Plus on top of that I really wanted to get nice jewelry like a nice piece of jewelry in my ear whenever I got it furious I'm going to have a diamond instead of just like a regular silver bore but yeah I wanted it to look cute from the beginning so that's why I went to this place because I seemed that they actually did have nice jury and whatever so whenever I got there I was expecting $50 to get it pierced and then I'll probably have to pay like 20 $30 extra for the jewelry but the jury actually came with it and I just have a really small little diamond stud it's not real diamond of course but yeah um it came with it and it did also come with this soap this soap is probe on antimicrobial lotion soap so yeah I don't use this but you know it comes with it so let me just tell you guys about my experience getting the piercing done and then I get into aftercare so getting the piercing done it did not hurt at all like I watched so many videos so many people say that it crunches like you can hear your cartilage breaking and crunching or whatever but honestly I didn't hear a thing it went by so quick it didn't hurt like it all on a scale of one to ten I would say a one like the lowest of the lowest it didn't hurt at all and you don't know I have some other piercings so I figured this one wouldn't be as bad but I figured it would hurt because it's just like a little small piece on your ear and mine's is super small because I do have small ears anyway but yeah so it didn't hurt at all and I did get some footage so I'm gonna insert the footage so you dogs can actually see whenever I got it done I was ready to tense up because you know how when you get a piercing and it's like you know it's coming so you try to you just you're just ready to tense up like it's just a natural reaction for me whenever I'm getting a person I'm just ready to tense up because I was thinking that it was gonna hurt it didn't hurt at all it was like I kind of tensed up and then I was like the book it's all about ready like you didn't hurt it off so yeah I will insert the footage so you dogs can see it is on my phone so it may not be the best place in order to send a kid okay charge but let's get into aftercare so far is cleaning it like I said it does come with this hope a lot of people swear about this soap for cleaning their piercings this is the probe on antimicrobial lotion soap and this is a hand wash so yeah whenever I first got it done like the next day I was I did try this soap out but it has kind of like a strong scent to it and that kind of bothered me like it doesn't smell like doll but it has a strong scent like da sodas and if you don't know I had a bad experience with all so it totally turned me off with this soap and I didn't use it anymore after that so I used it like one time and that was it and then after that I went ahead and purchased this soap because I seem that this soap is really good to use with piercings in general and this is the dr. Bronner's soap this works really good to clean your makeup brushes also but yeah this one is the baby unscented one umm this comes in several different scents like they have a mint they have a lavender they have so many different kinds but I think unscented is going to be the best thing for your piercings this is a really good soap like it literally has no sense at all and it is a very liquidy soap I don't know if you dogs can kind of tell this is a huge bottle I mean you can get to set target for around $15 or so but you will have it for a long time because this is all I've used whenever you use this hope you want to dilute it so you're going to use even less like I could have got a really small bottle and still been good but I have so many piercings that I'm taking care of right now so I figured I would just get a nice big bottle and have it and basically what I do is I use a little small spray bottle like this and I will put a little bit of the soap in here and then put some water in and ever I'm getting ready to use it I just shake it up gets really fuzzy so whenever I spray it out it's already sudsy coming out and it is diluted and this is just a super easy way to use it and that's how I use mines and then it's for is um salt water soaks on the paper that I got from that piercing shop it's said not to do any salt water soaks or not to use any saline type of solutions on it or ething which I totally disagree with because salt water soaks in saline is what usually heals up piercings the best or that's what has worked the best for me so you know you have to do what works best for you so I do salt waters folks I use a shot glass and then this is my saltwater solution mixed in here this looks like water but I just have this filled water in here and then you mix in the sea salt it tells you how much you need to put I try to put the recipe down below but I did like double the amount so that I'll have it for a while and I'll just pour a little bit in a shot glass warm it up in the microwave for like 10 seconds now let it sit for a few seconds to cool down and then I'll put a towel on my neck right here and then I'll go lay in the bed and like prop my laptop up and watch some YouTube videos just all the time can go by faster and then I'll just put the cup on and kind of just lay over like this so that it can soak and I'll leave it on for like 10 minutes and it makes your ear feels so good like after you get it done or any person in general if you have like that heart beating type of feeling in it like it's really sore or whatever like right after you get it do a saltwater soak and it will definitely help because after I got mines done within maybe like four days later it was feeling fine it wasn't hurting at all and then my friend gave me a hug and kind of bumped it so then it started hurting I did a saltwater soaking and immediately stopped so yeah and then also I do love to use a saline type of wash my do still use the h2 ocean but that one is really expensive especially for me taking care of so many piercings I wanted to find something that was cheaper and I had this one before but whenever I purchased it from like serious it was six or seven dollars I found it on the Walmart website for like four dollars so I ordered like four of these so I'll have it because I have so many persons that I'm taking care of I go through these things really quickly but this is just a wound wash and this is sterile saline solution not like I drop but you know like for wounds like if you were to cut yourself this would really heal it up and same thing works with piercings and it's not too much a sea salt in here that's gonna irritate it or anything it's the perfect amount already measured out and you don't have to worry about mixing up your own but I suggest if you're gonna do make your own that you get a jug or something and make a larger amount than just the average amount that you're going to use every time and have to keep making it because that's what's annoying to me so I like to have this all ready to go so yeah that's pretty much all the items that I use it didn't hurt at all I really love it I think it's super cute um and the only thing is with this particular jury that he used I feel like this is just like a nose stud and it has like a curve to it so you know like it doesn't come out of my ear easy um but it's like it fits flesh right in my ear really good so I don't know maybe I might continue to use these type of studs but I really want to get like you know the studs that are made for tragus piercing but I'm not sure if I can because I think the posts on it is really small like the gauge so I don't know but yeah I already love it and I think it's definitely worth going to a shop that you know knows what they're doing and you pay more versus painless and then you get fucked up you know so yeah that's it for my little experience and thank you guys for watching bye for Oh

Glenn Chapman


  1. hey I went there too and got my tragus on march 10th with the same guy, Houston!!!

  2. I put a lip ring in mine so It won’t fall out or anything , I love it so much I had it for 5 years now

  3. I have a question – does it relief stress? I heard that if you have one part of your ear pierced it is supposed to help with stress – maybe I'm wrong – not sure

  4. I pierced mines myself in 2004 i was barely a teen i didn't see anyone else with it till 2010

  5. That was great! I'm going to get mine later this week!! Coincidentally, BioLab is my piercing studio as well!! I think it's great and totally worth the price!! Ben did my nose piercing a couple of months ago! I think he's awesome!! Plus, about 3 or 4 weeks in I was cleaning it in the shower and my nose ring fell out!! I completely panicked! After trying to get it back in myself I called and he told me to come on in! I ran down with wet hair and no makeup!! (YIKES!!!) He got it right back in with no problem!! I feel better about getting my tragus because of your video!! 🙂 Thanks!!

  6. Gonna get mine pierced soon and I found your channel // great video btw // new subscriber

  7. Mine was the most painful piercings I've ever gotten…then again the piercer did it real slow

  8. I have my second piercing done about a year ago and the pain was like 1/10 and the healing process a 9 it still hurts and gets infected😩 and ive tried salt water soaks. Please recomen me something for my piercing

  9. Your so perfect 😍 I Love your makeup!!! And I never heard mine crunch or anything either but the most painful part for me was the clamp. My tragus was so small so they had to tighten the clamps.

  10. Got as my first. Rate it a 2 . Didn't bleed and I forget it's there lelelelelelel

  11. I'm so glad I found this!!!! I live in Houston and I want this piercing!!!!

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