Glenn Chapman


  1. Toronto has the CAMH gender centre run by a HOMO PERVERT who laughs at transgenders!
    Ray Blanchard showed the same suspiciously anti-trans public face that many closet homos present and we know many homos pass through a crossdressing phase after which they become very 'macho' and sneer at women and femininity.
    Blanchard's speciality was playing with transsexual's penises under the pretense of 'measuring and equating penis size with gender'. In this he was no different to any other of the homos who are caught in tearooms and bathhouses where they can enjoy plaing with many other homo's penises while being saturated with the stink of male genital secretion and semen.
    Homos follow teier noses to urinals, bathouses, tearooms and boys and men's clubs – and confessionals and yeshivas.
    Catholic and Jew rabbis are very fond of little boys penises as penises by their nature have strong odours even after washing and homos like Jew rabbis, Catholic priests,closet and open homos are addicted to the scent both sensorily and subliminally.
    Blanchard's liking for close contact with penises was a good cover for his closet homosexuality – and what is more to the point like all homos he is fascinated, fixated and aroused with penises while transsexuals just hate theirs and want them chopped off – something that no homo like Blanchard or Cantor can understand!
    James Cantor is the homo who worked with Blanchard.
    Two perverts running a gender centre is a little ironic but gave them access to an awful lot of penises and voyeuristic thrills as they watched transsexuals removing their male clothes and putting on female clothes.
    Blanchard was so addicted to this 'pornography' that he even willingly gave up his Saturdays to go watch it in the privacy of the empty clinic.

  2. A nice place Queen Street site…….great change for patients and the community.A great hope for everyone. A good public relations……not just for profit.

  3. bunch of bullshit! The land is valuable that's why you are inviting the general public on the CAMH site. Look at all the land leases and revenue you get from Tim Horton's , td bank, shoppers, mixed housing. Its about money not client focus. Yeah I notice you don't allow the clients to AWOL in their slippers anymore. That would make CAMH look like an irresponsible parent. I love the new public relations.

  4. liars, they wear bags on there feet. you treat them like animals.

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