welcome everybody to the piercing aftercare how to take care of manage all that kind of stuff for piercings right even though this is a tattoo channel and I don't pierce anymore I pierced for a number of years so this is for you guys to get your nose bellybuttons ears other orifices done and by done I mean stabbed with a Huggle in order to decorate and invigorate as such as my bridge I don't know if it's dirty or not I should have cleaned it before the shop so first off let's talk about how to take care of it well that's number one and we're going for the top five list as the title suggests cuz I love my top flies so how to take care of it that does depend on body placement whether you're getting an unorthodox piercing such as people call the reverse eyebrow which would be like right here or you get a throat piercing that's not a dermal or whether it's a dermal whatever you're getting pierced that requires a different style of care and we'll get into products and stuff later on in the list but for right now just remember that how you take care of it depends on where it's pierced if it's on their nose you're gonna have to take care of it one way if it's on your eyebrow you take care of it another if it's on your ear if it's on your chin on your throat on your hands on your genitals depending on where it is pierced is how you're gonna take care of it mostly saline solution which is just warm water and sea salt mostly but I'm not gonna get into all the products let's just say for as a blanket statement how you take care of it keep it clean pretty much it gets deeper and we'll get into it later on in the video so stay around for more number two after care after carat just isn't keep it clean like we just said it number one after care involves what not to do and what to do consistently to be able to have a nice clean piercing and a healthy piercing because remember a piercing is a foreign object in your body that your body will try to reject and when I tell you it'll try to reject it will try to reject it as quickly or sometimes as confusingly as possible because at times you'll have a piercing for a long time and then all of a sudden your body be like that I don't like it anymore let's go ahead and poke this out for absolutely no reason unbeknownst to you so aftercare is a huge deal one of the big things about aftercare is that you're gonna want to make sure that cleanliness is key and sometimes cleanliness isn't just the only thing sometimes keeping it clean doesn't do the entire job sometimes you'll get bumps sometimes you'll get irritations sometimes you'll get just awful bacteria out of anywhere and that could cause boozing and swelling and then you have to attack those different things one by one and defuse the neutrino bomb that is a piercing from time to time but the biggest thing about aftercare is that you're gonna want to make sure that you do not have excessive excessive touching rubbing friction in general any kind of friction or transference of bacteria you do not want bodily fluids from other bodies on your fresh and healing jewelry you don't want that I understand some people do have genital piercings and that's something you can't avoid because copulation is a thing right you have to copulate gotta make babies like I get it but if it's fresh hold off for a bit because if you're gonna get a piercing on your genitalia then you're gonna have to respect the healing cycle whether you like it or not so reduction of contact to a degree is a healthy thing so keep that in mind number three let's talk about location nose ear nose here and face facial piercing eyebrow how do we take care of those well let's refer to part two that we just discussed excessive touching it's a big deal to not always like I do I mess with this thing from time to time it's pretty neutral to my face now and especially since I change it to a black piece of jewelry I hardly ever see it but before when it was silver it was catching the glare off all the lights and they would shine in my eye messing with my perspective from time to time and if I'm tattooing I can't be drifting off trying to see this thing as I'm tattooing like what's in my eye or picking at it or whatever so no touching your nose no touching your ears no touching your face if you have a facial piercing I've already had every single facial piercing that I can think about side of my cheeks because but I've had my Medusa I've had you know my labret my snake bites venom bites whatever snake bites and then these are the spider bites whatever I've had those obviously I have my septum I just don't wear it I've had both my nostrils applied to here and one here so I've had my myface pretty much pierced I obviously my ears were stretched a little bit and when it comes to that just make sure no touchy no touchy no touch leave it alone clean it but leave it alone if it's fresh obviously if it is because you're watching this video you're gonna want to make sure that whomever is around you like I stated in number two do not let them touch it I know it looks pretty and your face is attractive or more attractive now because you've adorned it and people want your face in their face but no or they want their genitals in your face no not for right now save it for later make them wait make them save expedience yes cool numero four number four how to clean it how do you clean your piercings well not with your hands silly I know right let's go dip my hand in the bucket of grease and just go ahead no because it's one two and three stated no touchy y no touchy your hands carry so much bacteria specifically your nails beds and your hands I don't care how much you wash your hands I wash my hands a thousand times a day because I tattoo but even then so no no your hands that's first second learn the magic of makeup cotton swabs because some of them are chiseled shape some of them are cone-shaped round they come in various shapes and sizes for detailing a good makeup and I'm not talking about you no no James Charles Colonel I'm talking about I'm talking about effects makeup spend a little bit and buy a little bit I mean ten bucks spend like ten dollars on Amazon buy yourself a makeup cotton swab kit because they have them and I'll look for one and try to link it below in the description from Amazon shameless plug and so yeah you could buy those and then detail your face if they're facial piercings if they're genital piercings even better because you can get into the little nooks and crannies with either saline solution or some of the other products that we will be discussing real soon in this video coming up make sure that you use very fine point and varies if you can and if you want to go the extra mile trust me it'll help sterile cotton swabs and sterilized cleaning swabs are great things I have no bacteria on them it'll remove all the bacteria that is on your various parts like your nipples are always rubbing your shirt your genital piercings I'm referring to it because again it's just so warm and humid the cleaner the cotton swab the better facial piercings aren't so much a big deal when it comes to that but still you do want something that can get in all those sharp little nooks and crannies so obviously you sweat as you go through your day even if it's cold outside you're still gonna amalgamate a small amount of bacteria because you will replace the place or even in the place do you may live it just happens so those are some of the tools that I do recommend to use when cleaning your piercings and number five products right even wondering what do I use who I just use the tears of my enemies okay first off yes you do sir or madam or both anyway use saline solution which is just warm water and sea salt if you want to keep it organic for you purest or natural ists or you can go get some wound care and I will try again to leave a descriptor in the description down below of some wound care that you can have access to but any wound care for the most part is the same crap you know it's the same thing so wound care works great if you're having mild inflammation or irritation or pain I suggest a take an anti-inflammatory B you can use bactine which is a spray antiseptic and it has about 2.5 percent lidocaine for the base like you know bactine but then there's a vac teen max which has two four point zero percent lidocaine which is a lot not a lot but it's enough to help and it does numb the area wherever it is you're gonna you know do your bridge just because I have mine you just close your eyes and spray spray spray move-move-move really let it get into the orifice and clean it all out as much as possible and then grab those little chisel cotton swabs that are recommended earlier in the video grab those and then really get in there and clean it out or you know dip it inside the bottle take the cap off and just dip it in there and really clean it out because what happens is especially if you have a bridge or nostril piercing it'll automatically and randomly out of nowhere get flare-ups you'll get like it looks like a keloid or a hypertrophic scar it looks that way it's really not it's just a collection of bacteria that honestly messes with your face and that is awful so bactine is really good you could also use your over-the-counter peroxide because it's just a general cleaning kind of thing I use it for a mouthwash from time to time just cuz so you want to use some peroxide to clean the area and last but not least 91% isopropyl alcohol it will kill everything and when I mean everything everything there ain't no nothing living after you spray that be careful where you spray it it won't kill you but it'll hurt a lot wherever you do spray it like for example I have a hairy throat so every time I shave my throat I I see propyl alcohol it because whatever and it just makes me feel cleaner for no reason not that I have any wounds or anything that's fine but you know you're gonna want to make sure that when it comes to your piercings you keep them as clean as possible but I do recommend and use the isopropyl alcohol as a last resort if you're having a flare-up collection of bacteria if you're having any kind of discomfort start with you know I take some ibuprofen every now and again if I'm having any inflammation which I rarely have now because I've changed the way I eat so my inflammation has gone down a lot so make sure that you know you use anti-inflammatory products let's go over it one last time so you got it cement in your brain you're gonna go with saline solution whether over-the-counter or you make your own wound care which is almost the same thing right back team peroxide or isopropyl alcohol those are the top five products that I recommend that you use now this video is helpful in any way please leave a comment down below again any naughty or annoying comment will get blocked okay so please go ahead and mash the subscribe button if you haven't already and right after you do so hit the notifications bell because I will have videos coming up you know roughly once a week and I say roughly because if I get good or better at this you guys I can do more and you know leave a suggestion for a video that you guys want to see I'm more than willing to you know make a video specifically for you you're beautiful I love you take care happy tattooing you

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