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hi guys and welcome back to a brand new piercing FAQ video so I went onto Instagram I asked for all of your questions you sent me a crap-ton aggression so I'm gonna try and get through as many as I can in this one if they're not answer question please don't worry there'll be another FAQ very soon so if you're not following me on Instagram make sure you come follow my Instagram as links all down below and in the comments so you can get your questions in for the next one but we're gonna get straight into this video and answer some of your piercing questions worse we actually you've had from someone to do with your piercings most of the judgments I get now is mailing online because of what I do and I thought myself out there I'm also get a lot of people to say like I'm wants to have grew into my face all that kind of stuff when I used to work in retail I used to get reaction sometimes people like they were sort of like look at you as if you're like a drug dealer or something and if I go down the street I get a lot of stay and sosa people staring at me now a lot of the time it doesn't even go into my vision because I do look a burpee were P I do look very different to most people but I can always tell they're thinking like I couldn't always see the judge you can always think all he's a drug dealer or he does this or whatever like like you can just tell he doesn't have a job all these kind of things or it's just the look I'm so stabbing it now I can just tell instantly kind of what they're thinking when they're looking at me anyone who's got lots of piercings will understand I'm saying and some people might look at and I think of that go how would you know you just do I've looked like this for so many years now you just know what people are thinking do tongue web piercings rub your gums and teeth so any kind of oral piercing does have the risk of damaging your teeth or your gums whatever tongue where piercings I'm not sure cuz kind of like underneath here I'm sure if you're doing that if you're doing that to motion yeah obviously the bottom of it will not get the gum and things I think it poses more of an issue kind of like to the gun rather than the teeth because of where we positions don't play with them just leave them alone you're kind of fine as long as you don't sort of bash them around your mouth you'll be okay and also make sure you're not wearing any jewelry that's too big people say tea tree oil is really bad for piercings it's this true and why so I've only recently been told this a couple times of people can comment increasing some of my recent stuff saying you know oh you shouldn't use tea tree oil as bad for piercings I think what the misconception of this kind of is is because a lot of people don't realize that you have to dilute teacher oil you can't just put tea tree oil straight from the bottle on top piercing because you will burn the piercing you have to dilute it quite heavily but my old piercing studio used to sell tutorial I use listen no not a sponsor but with lush they have a tea tree oil spray that I used to like I spray on my head after I've shaved it I also spray on my peers as well and if the piercing is really like irritated I do use actual teacher oil and I just dilute it in my life saving solution like so wash thing I've appeared sings but teacher oil isn't something that you should fear when it comes to appears things like it's always worth a try if it doesn't help you might be allergic to teach you or like obviously get you know if you're scared about being allergic go get tested but I've always used teacher oil on my piercings that I've been irritated and it's worked a treat best way to clean Krusty's so with crust and stuff a lot of that to me is good for soaking like if in the shower or something you can soak your ear or you know if you have like a I use a shot glass sort of hold of a piercing sometimes if it's really bad most crusty stuff will just come off when you wash anyway but when you use like it like a q-tip or some cotton water signing you up on the piercing most of it should come off if it's really really stubborn then you've got soaked it but like if it's that stage you might have an infection but it's like the germ will crusty stuff that comes around piercings should come off in the shower but you should be cleaning it twice a day with saint's like salt water or saline solution until it is healed anyway so they should come off when you do that how does your piercer stretch your conch so I do get asked as quite often I guess we wouldn't watch older videos this isn't a stretch so you can't actually stretch cartilage because it will split it like it's not like you can stretch when I got this done it comes out in one big chunk so the user dermal puncher looks like this it was a six millimeter double punch apparently get illegal in some places like I don't know about this but I was told on my last video that I talked about one that it's illegal I can't with the country where they said they were from comes out one chunk so there's not stretching you can't stretch cartilage so when you do this kind of stuff you just have to like punch it through in one go so you can see that little bit of cartilage that comes out some people who do have big earlobes could also get the loz punched out like realistically my earlobe here is quite large if I wanted like a slightly larger plug straightaway I could probably get that dermal punch through have you tried any hoops for your nose piercings no I haven't I've always just wanted little studs in my nose I never wanted like because people was telling from Isis but I do have a big nose so I didn't want anything that was like two massive that would draw too much attention to it now I've got three piercings on it but I would never want hoops here as well having a septum piercing and then two hoops here it might just look a little bit too much on my face what do you think about Professional piercers piercing babies they're not professionals is it safe to have a piercing if you have a compromised immune system so I actually don't know the answer to this question I could like Google and stuff I don't really trust googling stuff and just mean like is this the fact because I never know to believe so I would say in this scenario go and see a doctor and they also go and see a piercer I'm pretty sure they will give you the best information for that how did you take care of your lip piercings so I hadn't run a Bret done back in 2010 9 or 10 and open the exact date and unfortunately don't when you wear that in very often anymore because I was a stupid idiot and left the long bar and too long so I started eroding like the gum here so I don't have that in anymore that was kind of easy to look after to be honest because it was kind of out the way with these ones the lip ones themselves were a little bit more tricky because it was higher up when I first got my lip like the one on the far right I got that one done in like 2010 and my lip ballooned up so much it swelled up so badly and I was being an absolute idiot and I changed the bar too quickly because I was so scared about damaging my teeth so in the pool I got hoopin to sudomotor lips brought it really badly had to then take it out and put like a real long bar in it like so kidding I could do the saline solution all that kind of stuff and like teacher oil again the second time I got it done that was a little bit more careful my lip did swell up again badly because it's just cause of where it is on my body I guess my body didn't like that very much but the good thing about like little piercings is they do heal relatively quickly if you do it right because the mouth kind of cleans itself it's very sterile if you smoke though try to smoke on the other side and also if you can stop smoking just while it's healing that'd be great because smoking will irritate the piercing you can't have like oral sex between like up to like a few weeks after because again bacteria you want to just try and keep anything away from the area until it is healed yeah make sure you do have like the right size bar in when you can because when you do get them pierced first off you will get a really long bar in it and unfortunately if you leave them in too long they can damage your gums now normal piercings like this can have do have a risk of like hitting of teeth for me I haven't actually had a problem with these ones on the side they don't seem to irritate me at all like just because the way my teeth are like they didn't never irritate me do you think 14 is too young for a bellybutton piercing I'm not sure if that's legal I'm not sure what the age of consent is when it comes to bellybutton piercings in the UK might be 16 so I'm gonna sound like an old bastard and you're gonna be like oh stop being an old man your grumpy old yet I would honestly say wait you're 18 to get baby bum piercings I think anything to do with like your nipples your bellybutton any there's kind of piercings that a little bit more intimate I would always make sure 18 just because you are still growing and I notice an old person oh no but like you asked you're growing you nobody's gonna be changing you know when you 14 years old just you're still gonna grow up to 14 I just think it's weird to see someone who's so young have a belly button piercing like I just think it looks a bit odd my low piercing has a black purple heart pimple is that normal so you could have an infection these kind of credit is kind of hard sometimes because when you get hypertrophic scarring the bumps that kind of appear on the boys piercings a lot of them do appear like a purpley color like Mikey but the one that I had here that well keloids are thinking you actually have Shepherds carving that but people know them as keloids but when I had one here like it was a big sort of like purpley but like this blister and I have a tiny one of the top of my helix phase in here and they are like a purpley color don't panic too much trying to clean it try to use them teacher oil and if it doesn't go away I would then say go see a piercer if you're still ready we're just go see a paste straight away because sometimes you know you could have an allergy to the material can I repay us my bellybutton after it got rejected so this is a tricky one for me to be honest I would always say that if a piercing has rejected is probably a sign not to get it done again I had men nape done twice and both times it has rejected because the kind of piercing is and a belly one piercing is take knees counted as a surface piercing steel and it all depending on what the scarring is like on your body because if you if you're but if you're Betty but unless you've pushed it all the way out you're gonna have a scar the guys will be done your belly button personally I wouldn't get it done again because it's probably going to happen again but if you really want it done you can try but I just I don't think it will work also body pieces might not want to PSU if you've got a scar there so that might be an issue anyway so I would just say again go see appears to let them see it but personally I wouldn't get it on again do you think certain piercings suit some people rather than others yes for sure there are certain piercings that would suit people's faces things that and more I think sometimes you when you get to a little bit of my stage where you kind of just have everything pierced it kind of blends all together so it's not really like a look in some way although it looks weird personally I would never get anything on my top lip because I would just look stupid so certain facial features to anyone like how big someone's nose is that how big those lips are or how big someone's like I but like you know all these kind of things do play into it you know the bone structure and everything some piercings do suit people others and also the same it comes of ears it all depends on an ear shape some ears can't make don't have much rim on so you can't have like industrial piercings some ears that have a big enough tragus to get pierced it just depends on your like facial structure your body shape whatever like cern piercings will suit certain people what did you if a piercing you've had for a year isn't healed and slightly infect again with this kind of stuff I would always just go and see a piercer because they'll birds have a look at it I can't tell just rum this and I've just sort of see it more but even then like I'm not trained piercer so they're gonna pick up things more than I would do you recommend splurging on high and junior you're going for cheap rings or studs so I get read on this quite a lot this is like that people do come to me quite often because always that you use cheap jewelry is such a bad example first of all I've never once in my life said go buy cheap jewelry I've never said that so like what I do for myself and also like I don't know how you can tell how the time wind like metal on camera doesn't look as and I would tell I get all of my stuff on eBay I do buy cheap stuff but the difference is I don't put cheap jewelry in unhealed piercings I always pay put the paste in to be completely healed before putting like a cheaper bar in it or something there's a little argument about acrylic jewellery can potentially it's like steep toxin in your body I don't like really where credit jewelry anymore I used to a long time ago and I think this yellow ones are the onus acrylic now I think I don't like the judging people like if you were to wear something you can do it and as long as the piercing is heals I just say go for it and if it works for you it's fine I'm not gonna tell you not to do something if you want to get it like I would always say there just spend the money on getting the person to begin with don't go to a cheap piercer make sure when you go get the piece and you go to professional if someone says it's only a tenner to do this table made me think I'm getting a hole in my body for only a tenner maybe it's not a good idea and then also when you go to Pearson studio the bars that they pierce you with a high-end jewelry so if you want high-end jewelry just keep the piercings in that they've pierced it with and this is like a lip piercing you can keep the longer it like slightly longer bar if you want to have a high-end one but I buy cheaper jewellery just because I do and it works on my body and I've never had any problems so don't judge so guys yes make sure you do come follow me on Instagram down below and ask all your questions for the next one when I do do a piercing ethic you be in the next few weeks but anyway guys hit the like button as well so it really just helped me out again social medias down below I'll see you very soon for another fabulous video b5m is me gave me everything went to beads I need a picture they take on me because you're what to lawless

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  2. Oof you should see bratayley's video called piercings and Coachella because she got her cartlige pierced at Claire aaah

  3. I wouldn't judge you over you piercings. My first reaction was your personality and that is probably what i would judge you for.

  4. Just a little thought on the “can you get a piercing with a compromised immune system” I have lupus (meaning I have a compromised immune system) and within the last 8 months I’ve gotten my industrial piercing and my first tattoo. It is possible to get these things done but you have to take extra care because you are more at risk for infection. I did get a keloid but the guy changed the jewelry, cleaned it out really well and I continued care since and I’ve been okay. The bump went away and I would definitely say that it is possible

  5. My friend said that at her school there were some kids who had belly button piercings and they were 12 and 13. 😱

  6. the best places to work with a ton of piercings, and body mods and vibrant contacts are Spencer's and hot topic, A. you get a ton of compliments all the time and get to meet other people with cool piercings, tattoos,mods, etc. AND YOU CAN GET NEW JEWELRY FOR GREAT DEALS

  7. I got that look with just dyed hair and a septum piercing, people can just be ready judgemental

  8. I agree with Roly with the age thing. I got my snakebites and ears stretched when I has just turned 13. I am almost 16 now, I don't regret getting it done, but I wouldn't recommend getting piercings that young. For one you may not be making the best decision. Two, the judgement is another hard thing to cope with when you are so young.

  9. How long do septum piercings take to heal and stop hurting. I’ve had mine for 2 months and it still hurts when I hit it the right way. I really want to change the jewelry but I’m nervous it’s gunna hurt really bad since it hurts when I hit it.

  10. It’s 16 in the UK but everyone manly fakes there age and gets it but yet they don’t know how to deal with them well most don’t understand how to deal with them if something goes wrong with it but 16 dont make anything sense when u can get a nose stud at 13 🤣 x

  11. Not really piercing related but my left ear at the top has like a cyst there and it hurts. And my glasses rub against it. I wanna cry out of frustration.

  12. I got my belly button pierced at the age of 13 in the U.S. but it really depends on the piercing laws in your state and the rules at the tattoo studio you get it pierced at.

  13. Yeah I've used tea tree oil mixed with my saltwater soaks for new piercings when I've had keloids and it clears them up!
    And I can't wear acrylic jewellery, I got an infection.

  14. I adore your contacts in this video!! Also, is that a fake bridge piercing? It looks really cool :).
    I love the content, stay fabulous, Roly :D!

  15. I will say something but Roly promise you are not gonna get triggered…

    I am 12 and I have my tongue pierced 🤪

  16. Hi roly, what do u think of corset piercing? Would like to see a video when u share ur thoughts about it, thnx

  17. I'm also not entirely sure about the compromised immune system question. However~ I am an incredibly broken person. 😂 I have IBS, bile acid malabsorption, and a tumor in my womb that is currently under investigation – along with a few other issues which I shall not disclose.
    And let me tell you, my piercings are an absolute bitch to heal.
    My belly button took a year and a half, my daith is just over a year and is still no where near healed, and my earlobes have been done for over a year and they're still problematic.
    So, it's possible that having a shitty immune system and other medical issues can compromise the healing of piercings.

  18. I use sea salt for my piercing one's a day but not too much and it works👌

  19. Here's my sister Horror Story. So it all started when my mom wanted my sister to get her ears Pearce. And my sister was like God no plz no but since she was only 4 she had no choice. Two months gone by and my sister hated them she hated them so much she grabbed her ears and rip them out there was blood everywhere but since she had done at she had to have surgery on here ears

  20. I have a bit of a horror story I have my ears pierced I got them when I was a baby and they did them at the same time instead of one then the other and I moved and they are wonky and uneven and I hate it but I’m too lazy to do anything about it

  21. Hi Roly! I really like your piercing reaction videos and I got a kinda weird idea : Could you react to asmr piercings on a silicone ear/tongue (I used the search : asmr piercing on silicone ear and found some ones that could work for the video)

  22. horror story- when i was younger about 5 or 6 me, my grandma and aunt went to the store came home and they had earrings for me since i got my ears pierced at young age…

    (like 1 or 2 i was a baby i know that) and after that i couldn't put them in myself but my mom would always do it for me and so i sat down and they began putting them in and out of nowhere blood i saw blood everywhere i asked what had happened they said nothing everything is fine i began to panic so they put the earrings down and began to aggressively clean my ears up and i didn't really feel pain maybe a sharp sting that's all and till this day i don't know what happened to those earrings!!!

  23. did you do your bridge piercing with s piercing gun at home 😇😇😇😂😂😂😂 trigggggered 🥰🥰🥰

  24. I have a compromised immune system, it is fine to have piercings. I have to clean my piercings a couple more times a day. Say if I go out and about, I will clean them when I get home. Hope this helps.

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