TikTok Recklessness, Team Trump’s Food Stamp Cuts & The Rise of Cosmic Crisp Apples | The Daily Show

TikTok. ADHD in app form. Kids these days use it
for everything, from making jokes
to sharing stories, and now even political activism. But now a new viral TikTok
has some people wondering if there should be a limit. How much is social media a part
of some kids’ lives? Well, in the case of the
teenagers you’re about to meet, the answer would seem to be,
it’s essential. They were involved
in a car crash, and almost immediately posted
a video on the popular app TikTok. TV REPORTER:
Believe it or not, these teens are recording the aftermath
of a bad car accident that happened
only moments earlier. You can see
the cracked windshield, and then they got camera ready, making a video that they posted
on the popular TikTok app, lip-syncing while waiting
for police. What this shows is where young
people have their priority. -Yes. -That they thought
it was more of a priority to make a video. Okay, I’m just gonna say this
straight up. This is how you know you don’t
have immigrant parents. (laughter) Because if you crash
your parent’s car and your parent is an immigrant, forget making a TikTok,
you’ll be writing your will. Like, immigrant parents are the
only ones who would show up to that crash and be like,
“Did my son survive?” Be like, “Luckily, he’s fine.” “Unluckily, he’s fine, huh?” But, I mean, I guess
this is just what kids in the social media
generation do. Like, there’s no situation that they don’t think of turning
into viral content. Like, if the movie Taken
came out now, Liam Neeson’s daughter
would probably be making a TikTok
under that bed. Yeah. She’d be like,
♪ You had a bad day ♪ ♪ You had a bad day ♪ ♪ It’s going real bad. ♪ (laughter) All right,
speaking of car wrecks, the Trump administration. Every day it feels like
President Trump says something that causes outrage. He’s called countries in Africa
shit holes. He’s declared that he’s in love
with Kim Jong-un. And last week, he said he was
way cuter than Baby Yoda, which is insane. But sometimes
it’s easy to forget that while Trump
is loudly offending people, his administration is quietly
affecting people. Nearly 700,000 Americans
are now in jeopardy of losing
their food stamp benefits under a new Trump
administration regulation. The new regulation makes it
more difficult for states to waive a requirement that able-bodied adults without
children work at least 20 hours
per week. It’s part of the Trump
administration’s efforts to cut the supplemental
nutrition program, otherwise knows as SNAP. The administration says
the new rule aims to encourage those receiving
SNAP to get a job. Okay, this is just horrible,
man. You’re gonna cut food stamps
to people, and you’re saying it’s because you want to
inspire them to get jobs? Like, that’s only going to make
it harder to get a job. How are you supposed to make
a good impression at an interview
if you’re hungry? Huh? The person’s gonna be like, “So, uh, why do you want
this job?” “Uh, because I need to eat,
bitch.” (laughter) And, also, to do this
during the holidays, you know, like, that is
so heartless from Trump. Sometimes I think
Trump’s worldview is twisted to everyone else. Like, I bet when Trump watched
101 Dalmatians, it was a sad movie about a woman
who couldn’t get a coat. And you know what
I also find interesting, honestly,
what I find interesting, is that you always
have politicians who take services away
from poor people because they claim it will
inspire them to become better. But then when it comes
to big corporations, all of a sudden
their attitude changes to, “We have to help out these oil
companies and these farmers. They need our support.” And you’re like,
well, what about poor people? “Yeah, I guess we could
give poor people to the oil companies. Let’s try.
Yeah, we could try it. Right, and finally, if this news has you worried
about losing your food stamps and you just want
to stock up in case, well, there’s a new food
that will keep for a while. A new type of apple is
hitting supermarkets this week, and if you buy some,
they might still be good for next year’s
holiday apple pie. The Cosmic Crisp
reportedly could keep for more than a year
in storage. The apple is a cross
between the Enterprise and Honeycrisp apples, and it apparently gives them
a higher shelf life while still holding
their naturally sweet flavor, and they are resistant
to browning. Okay, what? They invented a new apple that can last for a year? Why do we even need new apples? There are already
too many apples, okay? We got so many apples out there, we need white people
to pick them. That’s too many. (laughter and applause) We don’t need fancy new apples
that don’t go bad. You know what we need?
We need fancy new oranges that know how
to peel themselves. That’s what they need to invent. Yeah, ’cause the ones
we have now, by the time
you’re done peeling them, your fingers look like
you strangled Ernie to death. (laughter) And an orange isn’t even
that great as a fruit. I mean, half of it
is just that white stuff you’re trying not to eat. You know how
I know oranges are shit? They’re named orange.
It’s just a color. Yeah. Someone took a bite,
and they were like, “You don’t deserve an identity.” So we don’t need new apples.
We need new oranges. And, yeah, that’s right. I just
compared apples and oranges. Everybody said
it couldn’t be done, but I just did it.

Glenn Chapman


  1. Dont worry when the people get hungry they will go to the White House and eat happily

  2. Actually, the color orange is named after the fruit, not voice versa.
    the more you know

  3. stop putting this sellout shillin my fucking auto play, I have him blocked, I have "dont' suggestthis channel" selected and you fucking morons keep shoving him into my feed


  4. Though of course the gravitas up the subject matter is different, I have to give Trevor credit for hitting with this last second left turn jokes, between this one and the queen "saying" she should have killed whoever it was instead of princess Diana

  5. What bleeping assholes do you have to be to consider documenting a car crash to be a publicity stunt. Come on Trevor! You're better than this!

  6. This is not reflective of all young people’s priorities, it’s reflective of those two idiots!

  7. Could have been a real funny video if the gas had been leaking from the gastank while they were doing their shenanigans live… Maybe someday they will get a Darwin award while trying to take a selfie on a balcony.

  8. If you're gonna cut long term SNAP, then use that fund for resources to help those childless adults get jobs.

  9. Man, young people are stupid! Wasn't there a famous guy who was killed and instead of calling for help they used their phones to record him? 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  10. the really sad part is ,some people are already homeless what little the get used to feed themselves. if your homeless no one wants to hire you without an address, if you live in a super poor area where there are little to no low paying jobs what do you do?

  11. And if we had had tiktok in the 70s, it would have been the same lol. I still don't understand why this is such a big deal. What else were they supposed to do lmaooo sit and stare in silence????

  12. Damn, Damn, Damn, That Trevor is one funny guy, how is he funny? Is he funny like a Court jester? Is he funny like a Clown? Does he amuse us?

  13. Damn straight they don’t have immigrant parents. I was 17 when a drunk driver hit me, and the first thing out of my dad was how is the car 🤣

  14. He does suck but too many drug dealers and people working under the table are getting free food and health insurance.

  15. He said it so true.
    If your parents have morals ..wouldn't do this after accident.

  16. Actually oranges are so awesome they got a colour named after them! Yup, you read that right, the name for the colour is from the fruit … before them it was called red-yellow (stupid name, of course they would rename such a heinous name)

  17. People are working their butts off and still need SNAP.
    Everyone is STILL paying the same amount on paychecks. Idiots.

    "Dignity to work"? Going to work for giant corporations for pennies is not dignity.
    You want dignity and to save money.


  18. last week they cut out our food stamps and my mom has diabetes and my dad's left foot is amputated. What kind of a sick person does this to people.

  19. Hey maybe if everyone gets a ubi there won't be a need for snap… ever thought of that???? Huh? Someone is..go yang

  20. 1 year? pfft… here in Bangladesh we have apples that never rots … NEVER … and we have had them for quite a few years too. The only side effect is when the eater dies (pretty soon) his dead body probably wont rot either.

  21. I'm a full time student with a part time job my hours are only about 15 a week I make around 700 a month half of that goes to child support which still doesn't leave me with enough money for bills and diapers. I only survive because of food stamps.

  22. I sit and watch social gradients, like ebbs and wanes of the tides they happen. I find that we are in a massive tide of actions laying in our current social gradients that encompass nothing of honor, compassion, and truth telling. If a great deal of our country listen, follow and unquestionable support a man who pushes this agenda, are we not following evil? Are we not be untruthful on so many levels? Are we not being deceived? It has become fashionable, trendy, even more so the modus operandi of a people. If we kill a man who may be wrong in our eyes are we not a murderer? If we attack the weak are we not bullies of a evil nature? If we follow a man who is evil in so many ways and we condone that evil are we not complicit in his actions? I see it everywhere. The action of lying like it is not wrong. The action of subterfuge to achieve ones goals is not wrong. Do these thing not pull us all down? Evil. Primary evil's hand can be seen in every thing this man does if by intent to disrupt the very core of the citizens of this nation. I don't think the founding fathers who wrote the the ethos of the constitution and instilled in us a yearning for 'Life, Liberty and Freedom' based on the excerpt "All men are created equal>" foresaw a time when a man like this would become president, but it is here now and we are all less because of it. I see a nation rotting away and our voice in the world losing all its compassion, it greatness, its very heart and we fall closer and closer to the hell we have accepted as normal. Trump didn't do this all by himself. We did. We all did in some way. We all are to blame for letting our fellow brothers and sisters our fellow citizens down and watching as our humanity is stripped day by day and year by year. It is too late for us now for we have let the devil into our house in hopes of riches and keeping what some might consider the unholy out. In doing so we have turned our backs on Jesus and what he taught us and shall continue to bear this cross for years to come. A whole generation will pass before the light returns I fear unless Jesus in spirit comes again to set us right to a time of honor.He is the great redeemer and I still believe that spirit lay within us, but as long as fear gripes us we a doomed to live and fall deeper into this deprived state that dose not herald who we are as a people. I ask as this time of year and as the Christmas season falls that we take some long looks at our selves, and give our selves the courage to change this path we are on. No fear. I ask, I pray this for loves sake and the care needed for our very souls. #THOR

  23. Or y'all every think maybe doing something like that helps the younger generation since our parents and grandparents don't want to talk about ways to deal with our "feelings" it's easy to say that girl just wanted attention but we don't know if doing that helped calm her down who cares the car is just a car at least they are still alive

  24. As usual, the rich convincing the middle class to hate the poor.

    They're going to sell the idea of this is saving the country money and factually ignore what's really taking the money away. And it's NOT the low income collecting SNAP.

  25. Eat fresh organic local produces as much as possible❤


  27. Well in the case of kidnapping, if the victim could live stream their abduction that would be a smart idea. They even acknowledge this in the movie, as Liam Niesen’s character tells his daughter to keep the phone on and describe everything she sees. Talking about the the movie Taken.

  28. Max food stamp stipend is 175$ per person with ZERO income. If you make 1100 or more you get $15.

  29. Id rather they make reforms on what people can buy with their food stamps. No more sugary drinks and junk food. Thats at least a step towards responsonle nutrition… whereas Trump basically says "F*** you" to poor people at Xmas cuz he'd rather give tax breaks to the megawealthy

  30. mmmm yes because these two idiots did something irresponsible in a dangerous situation all children have been poisoned by social media. Bring up a study please, or use more examples, isolated incidents do not help people change or adjust their lifestyles it just makes them feel attacked. Says the guy posting a cross comment on youtube. Yeah okay. I know it was a small part of the segment but come on.

  31. Rump only cares about the top 1% but he is not missing any meals. Rump polishes off a daily stack of hamberders. I would rather feed the poor than for my tax dollars to be used for Rump's frequent outings to Mar-a-Lago.

  32. My only problem is when they generalize for all young people. Not everyone is an idiot.

  33. Media needs to stop generalizing all teens based off of a stupid minority. Stfu you're only losing credibility.

  34. Yeah I know why rich people take s*** from poor people do they not get the concept of poor they need food stamps because they can't afford to buy food and pay they rent 😠 why rich people can buy food buy new cars and three or four house😓😓😓😓😓😓😓and they getting tax breaks and all these other different things so I can keep all that money and take more stuff from the poor people the make up the deficit when the rich people can easily just start giving more cuz a bunch of them have already said they got more money and they can spend💯

  35. War on the poor. Typical country club conservative. The Man With the Golden Toilet is so detached from the masses.

  36. "..because I need to eat, b*tch"
    if onnnnly we could say that😊

    Can't be bothered to buy oranges, for the sammmme reasons as Trevor😊. Too sticky, too much effort to peel, can't eat them on the go, can't eat the skin, not much inside to like anyway. Rather apples, or plums, or bananas,…

  37. Why is everyone outraged that a rule that requires able bodied individuals(not sick or handicapped) ,who don't have kids (only need to feed themselves) ,to work 20 hours a week(3 hours a day) in order to qualify for food stamps is going to be less easy to be waived off(will be more strictly enforced).how is this in anyway outrageous?

  38. We have 3 kids including infant twins and we lost our food stamps this month here in Kansas.

  39. This tik tok is not the worst people forget about Abdulia Sanchez having a car accident and streaming live her sister dead. We need to be more human but is about the views and the money

  40. Super true 😆 but I think the color is named after the fruit, I am fairly gullible though. It sounds like something I heard on Qi. LOL; both hosts, Sandy and Steven, wanted you🤣🤣. I too, fell in love with your beautiful singing. I’m going to look if it’s on YouTube🤔


  42. From one perspective its not just trump, it's also congress – government itself – who approves and supports said regulations. It's not accurate to blame one guy for everything.

  43. Talk about black out on the media, I had no clue green party was running! Thanks for sharing.

  44. if youre single no kids and no disabilities while also on food stamps you are part of the problem. Period. Trump is right to do this.

  45. The oranges you want are Clementines, sold under the brand name Sweetie. They still need to be peeled, but it's easy.

  46. Hey trump… want to know a fact… SOME PEOPLE WORK STILL NEED FOOD STAMPS YOU [insert word here]

  47. In 2008, while visiting in Beijing, I bought an apple in the local supermarket. It came in this spongy net bag. I never got around to eating it and in fact brought it home with me to the States by accident. Damn if that apple didn't keep for many months later. I showed it to friends and they warned me it probably was so sprayed with chemicals it was risky to consume. This is a very bad idea to have an apple with such a long shelf life.

  48. If your job only gives you 20 hrs a week what yu need is a new job not foodstamps

  49. What will become of the money that will be saved from this cut? You think it would be put to good use? Think again. Greed at it's best

  50. Trump have gone from locking children in cages, demanding the homeless be locked up and now taking away food stamps from the poor, not realizing even our military depend on them also. I truly hope the most ones affected by his heartless decisions are his supporters!

  51. Speaking of car wrecks..Donald Trump… LOL. Love that. Ha ha. And what a lame plan to eliminate food stamps. Trump and his administration is full of heartless traitorous bitches. They all need to go. Now. Dear Santa, I want Impeachment for Christmas!!!

  52. Resistance…failing… The color was named for the fruit, not the other way around! Damn.

  53. Alone with the US military budget of 643,3 Bill. , you could provide anybody who cannot or does not want to work, with free rent and 1000 USD per month, for 30 Mill people. Every state has an obligation to secure a decent life for its own people. Otherwise it would be a violation of human rights.

  54. What's wrong with doing that!? The world changed so that's how we do things now days

  55. Anyone hear about how Donald Trump just referred to himself as "the greatest of all presidents"? I remember living in a world where that would've raised a whole parade of red flags. Now it barely raises an eyebrow.

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  57. GOP: Money for a stupid wall and for children in cages, no money for healthcare, veterans, or the poor.

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