The world is too harsh for this 4-year-old [Hello Counselor Sub : ENG,THA / 2018.03.19]

Glenn Chapman


  1. She's adorable! Why would anyone be mean to such a precious child?

  2. This little girl is absolutely precious! How anyone could say anything mean or stare is beyond me. She’s is too adorable. ❤️

  3. Why do they call this poor girl grandma. She is just so sweet and beautiful

  4. Would the baby's hair will turn to full white when she grow? I hope not, she really look pretty with that style color.

  5. She's adorable. Its nothing wrong with her. Bring her to Brazil and people will fall in love with her. Here u can find blonde, black, asian, africans people, pink, blue, green, red hair. whatever hair color u want, we have. How sick some people of Korea can be about beauty? So sad they are still think of something so superficial. What matter is whats inside, the heart!

  6. I cried through the whole video. She is soo beautiful. 😍😍She is unique and she deserves everything just like others. People just don't know how to shut their mouth. If you are surprised, just keep it to yourself, don't just go and say mean things to them. You won't know how much that hurts until someone says the same to you. 😡😡😠

  7. She looks beautiful
    All that white hair is natural
    And I like that hairstyle so damn much

  8. Actually not true. I was born with white/grey streak in my hair like this one but right on top of my head. I was also naturally blonde. People stopped my mom all the time to ask if my hair was dyed> some off handed remarks> etc. Sure some of it is positive. But the gawking is true all across the globe.

    I live in the "polite" part of America.

  9. Baby Seohyeon has natural brown and white hair and naturally cute – gets mean stares.

    While most “idols” dye their hair and get surgery – gets famous.

  10. I have a version of this but its not albinoism its called poliosis or mallen streak, it can be associated with vitiligo as well which is why she has the patchiness too im sure. Mines on the back of my head and im already super pale so the spots are only noticeable when i get a tan but most people dont notice the streak unless i turn around 🤷‍♀️

  11. Dude what I would give to have her hair. It is so pretty. It looks so soft to

  12. What is wrong with the people? This little girl is so cute and her hair was awesome..this baby girl is so beautiful..look at those chubby cheeks..fighting baby girl..you are amazing..

  13. They keep saying the dad is sick, but it is such a minor thing and nothing to be ashamed of. They are both healthy and normal.

  14. For her daughter's sake, Mom needs to confidently embrace her daughter's unique beauty and help her feel good about it.

  15. I don't know the full extent or anything, but wouldn't her daughter have vitiligo, rather than being albino, if its affecting certain parts of her body?
    The little girl compared to people who are actually albino look a lot different

  16. That little baby girl is beautiful..South Korea needs to wake up and stop being so stupid when it comes to their beauty standards

  17. I think people in korea are just not desensitized to anything different at all. In America this kind of thing is super normal. It’s kind of sad honestly

  18. lol I don't understand, this girl looks like a normal kid but with dyed bangs, people are hurting her because she have white bangs? so stupid

  19. omo! Seohyeon is very pretty, the way her hair was naturally that way, is just amazing!!!! Seohyeona! Your pretty..

  20. 이 아이 이상하다고 생각 하는 사람 진짜 또라이다 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 이상한거 아니고 좀더 특별한거에요. 모르면서 함부러 말하지 말아요. 이상한 시선으로만 보지 말고 좀더 나은 시선으로 봐주세요. 특별한게 죄도 아닌데. (욕쓴거 죄송합니다) 자신감을 가져요. 기 죽지도 말구요. 이상한 사람들 땜에 약해질 필요 없어요.

  21. like once again, we must not compare people. They are all special, not weird. its not that if others are different with us, we can compare them. i feel very bad to people that thinks its weird, not unique or special. be brave. no need to be scared cuz of the bad people.

  22. Oh she's beautiful that girl gone be a beautiful queen that models 👑💞💕

  23. I hope she grows up to be happy and know that she’s a beautiful girl.

  24. In another world, she would have been born the main anime character.

  25. If anyone asks if her hair is dyed tell them..yes my daughter's hair stylist is moon…😉

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