The whole family is addicted to alcohol [Hello Counselor/ENG, THA/2019.07.08]

Glenn Chapman


  1. Yuju : just node and be silent

    She was so done with their shit i feel her expressions

  2. The guy with the yellow striped shirt looks like Noah centineo !!

  3. is this supposed to be a funny? they're laughing at alcohol addiction like it's nothing

  4. she came here asking for help, but even her parents…wants her to keep drinking ???!! they don't want their child to be healthy D: they're not concerned one bit?? unbelievable…

  5. It's so frustrating how alcoholism is completely disregarded as a problem in Korea, while any celebrity smoking weed will face career-ending public scrutiny. Such insane double-standards.

  6. This is a country when they punish people for marijuana …mind that.

  7. I think this is an issue that needs professional help? If these people are not going to recognize addiction and alcoholism as a concern that go see someone who can really help you.

  8. So shes an alcoholic.. why is she coming on a tv show? use your common sense and get professional help….

  9. Only 34 votes 😢 Koreans don’t take seriously the side effects of alcoholism, she can damage her liver and vital organs. She’s clearly an alcoholic since she recognized she needs it to do homework, presentations and anything is an excuse to drink and she can’t stop herself. The saddest part is that she came on TV to cry for help, asked her parents for help but everyone around her is minimizing her disease and telling her to enjoy it even though it’s putting her in dangerous situations and her life is affected by it. Hopefully she seeks help somewhere else and rely on her boyfriend who’s the only person that care about alcoholism.

  10. Why dont they take it serious..☹😟 wakeup and saw ur leg bloody is a serious concern. Is this the concern that u should laugh? I cannot understand this

  11. and then i cant understand why b.i from iKON needs to be punished by public!!!

  12. 4:00 that is clearly a behaviour of an alcoholic. I had a person I was close with who did similar shit to calm them down. Really creeps me out how they just shrugged it off like it wasnt a big deal.

  13. I don't get it how didn't she get fat with drinking beer every day? how do they have good skin with consuming so much alcohol? how? why? i have so many questions

  14. I think if she seriously wanted to quit she would do so and not give in when her dad asks her to drink. She really has no will power to do it on her own. She can't blame her parents for that.

  15. I mean..at least she knows her mistakes..unlike others who doesn't

  16. This is the episode with 은하 과 유주 of 여친! Gfriend, 사라해요!

  17. I don't think Koreans understand that alcoholism, depression, suicide, child abuse, sexual harassment, smoking, domestic abuse, etc. is very serious, they take it lightly and as a joke.

  18. It's insane how they straight out ignore that she is in danger for alcoholism because drinking is so all so important in their culture. She even had a test telling her she's in danger and literally no one on the show actually cared. It baffles me how they make it so seem so normal and acceptable to drink every day. At this point, I was glad that at least Don Spike was voting it as a concern since she came out herself to the show to get help.
    I really wish for the woman to actually get support and stop drinking.

  19. When I lived in Korea, there was a teenage girl passed out at a convenience store (small tables and chairs outside). Weirdly, it was somewhat safe for her.

  20. It’s nearly impossible to not drink in Korea. So many social functions revolve around drinking.

  21. Not only alcoholism, mental health is a joke in Korea. My Korean friend told me someone can't even get employed if they have suffered a mental illness in the past or present. That is screwed up!

  22. Alocholism is a huge problem in Korea, yet it is so ingrained into Korean culture to drink all the time that they don't think it's a problem. Imagine having to go out with your co-workers and forced to drink even if you don't want to.

  23. Koreans accept alcoholics but not people with mental health problems… tf

  24. I've lived with alcohol for about 8 years. And my liver swelled, doctor told me to stop drink it. And since then, I really stop it.
    It's really back to ourself. If u care with your health and living, u should just stop it without ask someone else to help u.

  25. girl got a good personality but education goes long ways with her and maybe her dad.. if she learns abt the harm that alcohol has on her liver and looks up pictures of it than she'll try harder and reduce her intake or even stop .. liver is the greatest organ to detoxify her body and if she and her dad keeps this up they will end up with cirrhosis and regret their ever drinking ..

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