The twins fall about? What happened to Seola and Suah? [The Return of Superman / 2017.04.16]

(Sian is playing piano early in the morning.) (He moves his head to the rhythm.) Did you compose the song? (Music, start.) He looks like someone who plays piano at the church. (Music, lyrics and song by Sian) You should sing. ♪ Mom, Mom, Sian ♪ ♪ I can’t do it, Mom ♪ ♪ I can’t do it, Mom ♪ ♪ My back ♪ (The end) Good job. I think you sang out of tune. Follow my lead. ♪ A monkey’s bottom is ♪ ♪ Red ♪ ♪ What’s red is ♪ ♪ Apple ♪ ♪ Apple is ♪ ♪ Tasty ♪ ♪ What’s tasty is ♪ ♪ Banana ♪ ♪ Banana is ♪ ♪ Long ♪ (He stretches the note like Lee Seungchul.) – ♪ What’s long is ♪ / – ♪ Train ♪ – ♪ Train is ♪ / – ♪ Fast ♪ – ♪ What’s fast is ♪ / – ♪ Airplane ♪ That’s good. ♪ Airplane is ♪ ♪ High ♪ ♪ What’s high is ♪ (Let’s take it to the end.) ♪ Mount Baekdu ♪ ♪ Mount Baekdu is ♪ ♪ Sharp ♪ It’s sharp. ♪ What’s sharp is ♪ (What is sharp to Sian?) ♪ Needle ♪ ♪ Needle ♪ ♪ Needle is ♪ ♪ Scary ♪ ♪ What’s scary is ♪ (What’s scary? Angry Seola? Hungry Sua?) ♪ Ghost ♪ Ghost? He says ghosts are scary. – It’s scary. / – You find it scary. What’s scarier, ghost or Mom? (What will his answer be?) Mom. (Mom is scary.) Then Mom should be what’s scary. You should sing with rhythm. You are tone-deaf. Tone-deaf people don’t know that they can’t sing. Are you tone-deaf? – No. / – You don’t think so, right? Tone-deaf people never admit that they are tone-deaf. We are five siblings, right? (Although they like to sing,) (they ignore key and beat.) They showed their singing skills at the wedding. (Sian’s unswayed stage manners.) They like to sing. They like it without much talent. (They like it despite lacking talent.) I can sing pretty well. (It’s an unusual start.) (My rough thoughts) (His tune is like war.) (Blood of tone-deaf people is thicker than water.) (He can’t hit high notes.) I try not to sing if I can help it. I think the children are starting to resemble me. That’s the biggest problem. They need to practice. (Donggook gives them a present.) Wait. You will learn how to sing. Let’s adjust it to your height. Stand up. You set up a microphone stand like this. (He adjusts the height of the microphone stands.) I will pull it up. Hold this. Like this. (Making a sound) I will help you. I will play the music. (“Tadpole Song” plays.) (He looks like he’ll eat the microphone.) It’s “Tadpole Song”. (There is a tadpole by a brook) (Wriggling) (He diligently makes a face.) ♪ Forelegs came out, hind legs came out ♪ (They sing the chorus in three different ways.) (Their passion rivals that of a national athlete.) You look like you’re in a group. (Sian, the lead vocalist begins to sing.) (Hurrah) (He echoes.) (Play) (With us) (Let’s play) My goodness. (The rising star of 2017, Sian and the Faces) (Sian, the lead vocalist sings alone.) (Fa) (La) (He unleashes his rock spirit.) You are a rocker. (Dad gets in the car and kisses me) (He is directing.) (You don’t know the real taste of rock.) To be a good singer, you need good lung capacity. Do you know what this is? These are straw glasses. (Donggook gives a demonstration.) (Where did he buy them?) This is interesting. – I want to try it. / – You can try it. – Let’s see who can drink the fastest. / – Okay. (It’s a fashion item.) Hold these, Sua. Drink. (Start.) It’s okay. Drink. (The glasses become orange.) Let’s see who can drink the fastest. (Sian wriggles his toes when he is concentrating.) You can give up. Seola finished first. Seola is first place. – Sian. / – Drink up. I will see who finishes first. We will see who finishes second. It’s neck-and-neck. It’s a neck-and-neck match. (Slurping) (They finished their juice at the same time.) All right. I want to do it again. It’s fun. Sian. (Sua tries to put on Seola’s glasses.) Hey. (Glaring) Come here. Come here. Sit down. (We were having so much fun.) Sit down. Sit down. (She refuses to sit still.) Come here. Stay here. Think about what you did wrong. Tell me when you are done crying. Stop crying. Stop crying. Stop crying. Tell me when you are done crying, okay? (Something is different today.) Instead of scolding them harshly, I thought it would be better to let them think about what they did wrong. Tell me when you are done crying. (Seola and Sua are in separate spaces.) (What should I do?) The atmosphere turned cold in an instant. Sian turns to the room Sua is in. Sua, are you no longer mad at Seola? (Nodding) Seola is too far away. (I can’t tell her that I am sorry.) I’m sorry, Seola. (I’m sorry, Seola.) Seola. (Don’t worry. I will relay the message.) Sua. Go back inside the room. Seola. (Seola…) (He takes one look at Donggook.) (The fairy of reconciliation runs to Seola.) Seola, are you done crying? Yes. Dad scolded me. (She is upset.) (The sadness she held in comes back to her.) Sua. Sua. Sua. (She misses her best friend.) (Sua is staring at where Seola is.) Sua. Do you want me to tell Sua? Tell her that I’m sorry. – Should I give her a hug? / – Yes. (Tell her that I am sorry and give her a hug.) (The deliverer of hug runs to Sua.) (I’m busy thanks to you.) Sua. Seola said she is not sorry or sorry. (What does that mean?) (Sian delivered my message, right?) What did they say? Seola wants to tell Sua she isn’t. – Did she say she isn’t sorry? / – Yes. (They misunderstand each other.) I said I’m sorry! Go over there and listen to her again. I will ask Seola. Go over there and ask. (He is the busiest man in Songdo.) Seola. I wanted to tell Dad, but he is mad at me. (What is she telling him?) (He runs over with a bright face.) Now, Seola and Sua love each other. (The beagle sisters reconciled.) – Do they love each other? / – Yes. (Now that they are apart after a fight,) Through Sian, Seola and Sua make up. (they miss each other more.) Tell Seola and Sua to come on out. Okay. Sua, come on out. You can come out now. Go. Go on. Okay? (Sian runs to Seola.) (He delivers the happy news.) Seola, you can come out. Come. (Hesitant) Come. (He finished delivering the message.) Sit down. (I’m exhausted.) Sit down. (Seola and Sua met again.) I scolded you because you fought. Yes. I’m not scolding you now. Okay. You need to yield to each other. Don’t fight, okay? – Okay. / – Okay. Be nice to each other. Apologize to Sian. I’m sorry, Sian. I’m sorry. (I’m sorry and thank you, Sian.) Seola and Sua, hug each other. (Kiss) (Donggook prepared something for the children.) I like Seola and Sua. (A collision occurs.) Watch your foot. Don’t kick me. – Don’t kick me. / – It’s my seat. It’s my seat! (Gosh, she startled me.) Are you fighting again? I heard wrong, right? Are you fighting again? (It’s an emergency.) – No. / – You didn’t fight, right? We are just having fun. (We don’t fight.) I thought I heard you fighting. (Seola, Sua and Sian are quick-witted.) – Where are we? / – Mountain.

Glenn Chapman


  1. 11:09 Hahahh LOL!!! LOVE IT SEOLA!!!😭😭🤣🤣😅🤣🤣🤣❤❤❤❤❤😍😍

  2. I don't like how this was edited, we don't see what Sua did that got her punished as well, Seola hit and that's not okay, but Sua was just protecting her stuff. She probably did something off camera but how it's shown it looks like her dad punished her for not wanting her stuff taken away.

  3. Sian is me when my two friends hate each other, make me choose sides and I try to solve the problem.😂

  4. I loved this vid !!! Also this gives a little insight of their dynamic when they get older, even though Sian is the youngest, he might end up being the official voice of reason

  5. I was about to cry but when "im busy thanks to you" pop up 😂😂 i love this kids ❣️

  6. I cried a lot 😭, Soo A and Seol A must be thankfull with their brother 😭

  7. 7:47 what's that soundtrack name I always get extremely sad hearing it

  8. I like the twins and Sian, but Seola has a temper! Hitting Sua because of the glasses and hitting Sian over that elephant in a different clip. I haven't seen Donggook hit the kids before so I don't understand where she gets it…

  9. I also think between the sisters, Sian likes Sua just a little more than Seola. I mean, he went to her first and actually hugged her then to comfort her, maybe they edited him hugging Seola in the kitchen but idk.

  10. No matter how many times I watch it this always makes me cry😢

  11. DAD: who is scary mom or a ghost
    hahab this is so funny

  12. Istg I love theses kids like if they were my siblings 🥺🥺

  13. after watching the recent clip of them at the psychologist office, it really breaks my heart that seola’s reason for crying is that her dad scolded her 🥺🤧 she shouldn’t have hit sua but it’s also hard for her to express herself freely as the leader of the group

  14. m impressed how thr fthr teach thm …sme time sian is wrkng to hrd for thr sistrs😢😙😙😙😙

  15. All 3 are not allowed to get older ever ❤️❤️ my babies

  16. Cried when they were separated and LOLed up at the last part, at a young age these kids are witty. 🤣😂😗

  17. Its been years but im still smiling whenever i remember sian being the bridge to make the twin be okay again

  18. The episode that brought me over to TROS😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️👌👌👌These kids are❤️❤️❤️

  19. where's their mom? whenever the five of them r complete…I never saw their mom

  20. siannnn , youre so sweet 🙂 i dont want you to grown up 🙁 pls stay healthy take care of your nuna hms 😢

  21. When Donggook started singing, I thought he was singing the lyrics to Hyuna's Red

  22. Dear my future children..hope u all can be like this 3 siblings when u come to this world later.amen😍😘

  23. I feel for Seola, she was too afraid to speak up and apologize, as she thought her Dad would scold her again..


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