The Secret Behind Healing | The #WednesdayWisdom Show

It’s the Wednesday wisdom show and you
want to know – what’s the secret behind healing? All forms of medicine that
we know of, modern medicine with its scientific methods of chemistry and
surgery, older methods that have to do with alternative forms of healing and
even spiritual healing.. they all say the same thing basically. That what we’re
trying to do in the healing process is to bring things back into balance.
But what’s balance? What is off and what are we trying to bring together? We know
that in the human body its most fundamental aspect is the cell. Cells
are fairly similar and they are the smallest, most individualistic
aspects of the entire system. But they too are arranged inside of systems like the
nervous system, circulatory system muscular system, the bones and so on -and the systems are controlled one way or the other by a hierarchy of
organizational systems. The whole thing seems to be run and directed at
least materially from impulses in the brain and leading-edge medicine,
really neuroscience tells us that much of the direction of the body may be
coming from places that we don’t truly understand. perhaps from outside of the body
or in subtler aspects of physicality – energy or so on. We don’t know where the
starting point of a lot of the organizational direction of the body
actually exists. We know a lot but there’s much that we don’t know. So what
balance are we talking about here, and also there is a question about
whether illness itself is something that’s not supposed to happen. Now let me
propose to you a simple comprehensive way of looking at balance, what’s off and
what’s in and the process that we call illness and healing. There are two forces
that exist in life. There is a force that is called the force of bestowal and there is
a force that’s called the force of reception. Originally there was only
one creature ever created and that simply the force of reception. The force
of bestowal created the force of reception in order to fulfill it. In
other words there’s a transaction, a relationship – a connection between the
giving force and the receiving force. Once this single creature of
reception was created then the giving force, in order to fully develop and
fulfill this creature – broke it, it shattered it into many many parts, more
than is countable. So just looking at the human species – because it’s shattered
far more than that into many levels… but just looking at the human species – what
happened was that we broke down to the cellular level. We began to see
ourselves as individuals but ONLY as individuals and then our experience of
life began. And it is made up of our illness. It’s made up of our perception
of brokenness. Now we don’t necessarily feel it as brokenness, We like it.
We value it. We protect it, in certain ways rightfully but in other ways
it’s really the core reason why we become ill. Because there
is an intended process in all of this. There was an intended breaking of this
single creature not just into cellular parts but into systems and what
we don’t feel is our relationship, our dependence, our interrelationship with
the systems that were in – and ultimately with the greatest most general system
which is the relationship to the force that created us. So, in the very structure
of what we are we are both broken and sick AND we are healed… because we belong
to a complete whole a system, a complete single creature in relationship to the
source of life. and we experience ourselves as separate individual broken
entities. the whole experience of life, the pleasure of life comes to us
through closing the gap between the feeling of separation and the experience
of our interrelatedness and at-homeness in the system as a whole. Both
of these experiences are the essence of what makes up what we call life and
there’s a direction to life. We start off happy with our illness, we enjoy the
separation and we reinforce this separation. And that’s good for a certain period of time but the direction of life and its
purpose is towards the reconnection and the awareness of our relationship to the
system as a whole so every step that we that we take or we’re pushed to in life
is one in order to close the gap between our feeling of separation with the fact
that we are actually well or that we are actually whole. Our resistance to that, to
connection with others in the human system, to others in family, to others in
intimate relationships, to others in society… brings up illness that we feel
as anger as resentment as disinterest as a lack of care or a lack of
responsibility. All of these things that we see in human behavior and human
emotion are actually the place in which we have contact and connection with
what’s out of balance within our own system – that is within the
body – and in the larger system and they reflect each other. They’re really one in
the same thing. The core issue behind every disease that we have is a broken
connection between the body say… is a useful disconnection for the
purpose of reconnecting something to a higher state of integration. So what
medicine will do is that it will show the body particularly what’s wrong in
the area of disconnection. That’s actually what’s going on with medication.
Even with surgery you’re either clearing out a blockage or you’re trying to
reconnect an artery and you know get rid of a blockage and and make sure that all
systems are flowing. This also happens on the level of human interactions. In
medicine itself it does something that actually reflects
what the larger system of nature or the Creator is doing with the creature. Nature as a whole is trying to show us
where the blockages are and we wouldn’t be aware of this unless we had pain of some
sort. In medication – medicines are usually small doses one way or another
of exactly what it is that is poisoning us. Why? Because we are both
well and we are ill. And that well part of us, the systemic part of us, the part
that is more connected will come and help. It will rescue that place and
reconnect the place where that organ, or that system has become disconnected.
It does it by being able to identify more clearly what the problem is.
That’s why, say in homeopathic medicine which philosophically says that if there
is a problem a poison in the body that is causing a problem then you need
enough of a dose of this, a micro dose in order for the overall
system to understand what the problem is and where the problem is, and then it can
react and pull us into our aspect of wholeness. It’ll fix it but we need to
know what’s wrong. The whole system of disease and health is an intended
process. The question for us is how somatized does it have to be? How much
does it have to go into the body from the place of the emotional life that we
have from our decisions to connect or to resist connection? So the disconnection
process is a natural process which helps us with growth – but only if we identify
what’s wrong and take the emotional decision about connection. Let’s say a healer stands over a person I don’t care whether it is a
spiritual healer or a doctor. If there isn’t a connection and a trust that
happens between the patient and the doctor the healing is not likely, not on
the conscious level. It may be a temporary one but it won’t be a complete
healing or it won’t hold. If there is a relationship of trust there, then it
starts to open up the real channels for healing. Medicine can do certain things
and will do it even without our conscious awareness but it won’t change
the way that we act, it won’t change our decisions, our desire or our
understanding that connection is health. So if we want to be healthy as a whole
we have to align ourselves with that essential general force behind all of
life. We have to understand that we’re aiming ourselves at that. The things that
we do, the decisions that we make, the way we conduct our relationships need to be
a search for greater and greater connection, the kind of connection that
is there to heal not just my own illness or disconnection… because we’re not are
on our own. We’re all part of an integrated system and our life and health
depends on that. Just like the cell in the body – it ultimately does not live for
itself even though it’s built as an individual. Its goal is to make certain
that every part of the system that it’s in functions well. It does what it must
do in order for the whole body to be well. And for us, truly what is the whole
body? Is it just this physical thing or is it our family or is it our city, is it
our political party. is it our nation as a whole? Is it our country?
Is it the continent that we live on? Is it the ideology of our part of the
world? Is it all of humanity? The impetus behind life as a whole is to bring us to
a place of health in which we work for the well-being of the entirety of life.
That seems out of reach and it seems impossible – but it can’t be impossible. It
is the way that things are structured – it’s what all impetus in life is leading
us towards on a conscious level. The secret behind health is that we too need
to want the same thing as what the idea behind the entire system of life is – that
puts us through illness and health for the purpose of understanding the
original thought behind creation.

Glenn Chapman


  1. Tony, now I trust you, now I see you as the wise man and the doctor role you play in the connection and in society. I deeply apologize for previous rebelliousness in the group, in Kab U, in Bnei Baruch, I want to connect! simple as that! that's my desire!. Until YESTERDAY I didn't had What's app, EVER! that's why I couldn't grew on the group, I want to go back to the group, I just don't know how can I do that now.

    This morning also I came up with this news since I am currently making a documentary on Japanese Video Game directors. This very unique, cult status Japanese Video Game Designer named Hideo Kojima, reveal today the date of his new game called "Death Stranding", its mind blowing what he says about the game in his post:


    "People have created “Walls” and become accustomed to living in isolation.

    Death Stranding is a completely new type of action game, where the goal of the player is to reconnect isolated cities and a fragmented society. It is created so that all elements, including the story and gameplay, are bound together by the theme of the “Strand” or connection. As Sam Porter Bridges, you will attempt to bridge the divides in society, and in doing create new bonds or “Strands” with other players around the globe. Through your experience playing the game, I hope you’ll come to understand the true importance of forging connections with others."

    And this is the trailer for such unique vision, to me extremely Kabbalist:


    Thanx again Tony, your words do heal.


  2. My gut is healing these days. I have felt great since our congress. 🙂 This is all #truth

  3. Spot on! What a beautiful summary. So eloquently put. I want to send to everyone I know!

  4. Is a lie founded on a painful truth in order to transform it into a pleasant truth a truth or a lie?

  5. Symbiosis is the goal that leads to transcendence. Our cells did it, and the result is we as people feel so much so as one thing that we had to discover we were made of cells to know we actually are many as one, E Pluribus Unum. Now humanity strives for the same thing. When people comprehend this pattern, we will see the goal clearly, and our efforts will be aimed naturally correctly. The shattering into many, was so that in reuniting it would become an even larger one. One cell to many, many cells to one man. One man to many, many men to one humanity. It’s a fractal like process, and will continue past the planetary level, likely forever. As such, life will eventually become capable of everything, and will transcend everything and achieve the abundance intended for us.

  6. What is the secret behind healing? Bringing everything to a balance? Being sick and getting well are intended processes built into nature at its highest level. So how do they work? Is there any connection between physical and social health? How does illness help us to be healed? What exactly is Nature's healing force? Answer these questions with KabU Instructor, Tony Kosinec, and disclose the most comprehensive way of looking at our health.

  7. This One is right on 🎯💯!
    Will gladly share this, Thank You. This really touched my heart and my perception of human connection. WoW

  8. Very enlightening. Helps me to put my own medical issues in perspective. Thank you.

  9. Thank you for the video! If I may, I wonder how to work for the whole well being without taking part on the dark side of it. I think this feeling is what prevents many from opening themselves to this wonderful theme you explained here. Gratitude! Shalom!

  10. Thank's Tony,as naturopath and Kabbalah student your explanations in this video are a great gift.Is there more 'material' on health in Kabbalah that I can eventually find ?

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