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  1. Can someone please tell me what the name of the soundtrack at the end of the video is called?

  2. It is a shame. If I ever hit the lottery, I would try to buy the rights to make any new remakes & games in the series just so we could all have good Silent Hill games true to the franchise.

  3. I'm glad I replayed the series to satisfy my nostalgia silent hill maybe dead but not in the hearts of the fans

  4. i remember playing silent hill 1 on a demo disk…i was 8 years old and it freaked me out so much i couldnt finish it…19 years latter and i finished the whole game and it was fantastic!

  5. play silent hill 1 until 4,then watch the FIRST silent hill movie.ignore the rest.

    thank me later

  6. Silent Hill died with Team Silent. They made masterpieces; everything after missed the soul that made the series big.

  7. All i know is that the series was comprised of 1,2 the room and PT. Everything else is just static noise on the walkie.

  8. The story of Silent Hill 2 was a masterpiece, taking out the writer could only result in failure in next games. The first Silent Hill movie was the first and only time ever a movie based on a video game was good, I really enjoyed at the time.

  9. Silent Hill combined the best sensibilities of distinctly Japanese horror with the perfect amount of Lovecraftian horror while also giving a calm fever dream-like undertone to it all which in turn made the especially the first game extremely unsettling. I played the first Silent Hill one day when my older siblings were at work. I was just a very young lad at the time who was basically just used to games like Lego Island lol. I remember playing it for about 45 minutes before being too scared to continue. Not to mention, I was too young to understand the story and what was trying to be conveyed by it. You could play it without paying attention to the story and it's themes but youd be depriving yourself of how truly scary the game is. The first Silent Hill is still one of those games that gives me the chills even to thia day when I play it. I still get unsettled accompanied by minor existential dread lol. Fantastic game. I enjoy the rest of the SH games but the first Silent Hill came out just….the way a Silent Hill game should be. It couldn't be improved upon imho.

  10. When I originally read the article about Konami making the Silent Hill pachinko machine, I thought it was a satire article. And thought that for years. And every time people mentioned it, I thought they were referencing that satire article.
    And now you are telling me it's for real?
    Real life is more absurd than a parody sometimes…

  11. Somebody knows the name of song from the final part of the video? It looks like a cover version of the Silent Hill main theme

  12. Silent Hill 2 was the best horror content ever created. It was a masterpiece.

  13. TBH, I only tried to play SH once, because it was super unsettling and more fear inducing than RE. RE horror level is fair enough to me.

  14. They remade RE2 omfg could you imagine if they did that do the first silent hill. I would pay anything for that.

  15. You can really hear the narrator's disappointment when he utters "pachinko machine" !

  16. Jimsterling announced a few minutes ago, a new video…………..

    The next silent hill game is:
    A gambling slot machine.

    I wish CAPCOM can get the rights, hell, Kojimaproductions.

    I still am holding my faith the franchise eventually will come into the right hands…
    It’s unlikely,
    But I’ve learned if you believe in it enough, with enough help of many people who are supporting your dream and faithful opinion…
    Eventually Anything becomes possible.
    What was thought impossible with how it’s doing today,
    Can become the reality.
    We Just need enough help.
    And we can rely on people like Corporates and higher ups with good intentions who agree with us at Konami to uprise, start a revolution, strikes, enough people who are willing to make sacrifices to their stuck up low end horribly treated jobs, it will be like kojima, where they put hidden Easter eggs to symbolize what Konami is treating them like, the largest example is: P.T. Kojima is such a genius he knew that the game would have to be sacrificed for him to get the upper hand… he had the high ground by symbolizing the quotes and encounters in P.T. Into hidden messages to bypass his contract with Konami…

    Rise up, in Kojimaproductions revolution we trust..


  17. I don't know man.. 1-4 shouldn't be remade. It's a masterpiece, you shouldn't mess with a masterpiece in the slightest. On the other hand the direction Silent Hill was heading with FPS and cheesy jumpscares? Where is the beautiful and powerful storylines, the effects to induce fear and anxiety? Honestly, it's for the best. I would rather see Silent Hill at the bottom of the ocean than be butchered into a Call of duty/FnAF mashup.

  18. P.T was its last and final beast… too bad personal company issues messed that up….smh

  19. There's been several series that have had successfull reboots after years of terrible games(Tomb Raider comes to mind. RE has rebooted its self twice, first with RE4 then again with RE7) I have faith there will one day be another Silent Hill as good as 1-4 were

  20. Silent hill Fans: Silent Hill 1 is really good but Silent Hill 2 is better than Silent Hill 1, Silent Hill 3 isn't as good as Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill 4 is too different compared to Silent Hill 1,2 and 3
    Also Silent Hill Fans: Silent Hill Origins is too much like Silent Hill 1

    moral of the story Silent Hill fans are a bunch of bitches that don't know what they want

    I personally believe Konami should sell the rights to the franchise as they haven't done anything with it in almost 8 years maybe Capcom could do Silent Hill the justice it deserves

  21. Wow I wish they made scary games again. I love everything horror. Nothing scares me anymore 🥺

  22. I was all calm through out the video, excited to learn about the game I love. But when Silent Hill 2's Promise played at the end/credits my fucking eyes instantly watered. It's like the game is saying goodbye. I don't want to be dramatic but I felt like Silent Hill (original, what it actually was) will never see the light of day again. Makes me sad and fuck you Konami. :c

  23. I would love to a revival of Silent Hill, going back to it's roots, just symbolic horror clunky combat, the nine yards.

  24. We Need a remasterized as Resident Evil, I need see those games with new Textures it's athmosphere aaaa i love it

  25. In 1999 i remmber we were on vacation and i went to the store with my big brother my father gave us money that we can buy only 2 DCs , we bought silent hill 1 and Dino crisis , i was 9 years old back then.
    And until now this day will remain in my mind and souls until i die. Because i intered SH and Dino crisis world 😭😭😭💔💔💔💔😢😢😢😢

    RIP silent hill
    RIP dino crisis
    RIP resdient evil
    RIP metal gear
    RIP tomb riader

  26. Forst of all, WHY does it HAVE to be 'impossible' to reassemble Team Silent? None have passed away (that I know of) and all are still in the business. Yes, they may now be with other companies but, just imagine for a moment, that Konami made contractual offers to pur this team back in place for another try? By now, the members have all gained so much more experience and have also seen so many other ideas used, that I can't even picture the amazement they could come up with. There are so many new ways to address the combat, puzzles and general overall feel – especially, if Team Silent was reunited that the game could have nee life breathed into it. Put it back in the hands of those who concieved it! Not some obscure American or European company hellbent on making a slasher gameo or puxxle game..or a damned dungeon crawler, for that matter. I think I speak for all the diehards that started out with 1 when I say: "Ok. So what. Si it's not a new TYPE of S.H. and, yes, the contrlls still feel a little clunky..but, isn't that what you loved about them?! That S.H. atmosphere with it's feel and fog..not ice. The fog was original used to mask the limits of the hardware. It turned out to be one its signature qualities, giving it more of a psychological aspect. It's what you can't see that REALLY gets to your head..especially, if you can hear it coming but don't know what it is. Some strange sound, as S.H. is also known for. The dogs of 3 come to mind. While we might lnow the sound of a dog howling, other sounds are 'alien' to us. Even knowing it was a pack pf dogs still didn't make any less unsettling. You didn't quite know what direction an ambush would come from as there were always 2 to 3 at a time. Sometimes, 4. While one would be howling, drawing your attention, 2 or 3 others would come from behind and bite your ass! And, that's a 'known' sound. What about the sounds we haven't heard before? Ehat might sound like banging pipes could very well be a new enemy that you've not heard before. After all, S.H. has always had a sort of 'industrial' type of background sound in much of the darker areas. Think about that first time Harry had to flick that zippo lighter when it turned dark after the alarm sounded. Rose did it too. Both times, there was a weird, unnerving nackground sound (actually many!) going off – along with the 'music' which matched it. This does NOT have to be the end of a great franchise! All it takes is a little vision and some communication..and, THIS is the communication era we live in. Kanomi can't be that stupid! You don't become a multi- billion dollar game publisher by making bad choices on what to publish. They know a good bet when they see it. This isn't the undoing of any one person. These decisions that led to this point were basically 'tricks of fate'. Nobody wanted it to come to this. What one designer thought might be a good idea, another publisher might not have for financial reasons. They're not just here to make art, ya know? There are hundreds, even thousands of stockholders that they are accountable to. If I had stocks in a company, I'd want it to make money. Who wouldn't? So, don't blame this person or that one. It's not any one person's fault. Therein lies the beauty. Because of this, ideas CAN be revisited. It just takes the right communication from the right people TO the right people. It's economics.

  27. I will never forget the emotions I had back then when I first time played Silent Hill 2 sadness, loneliness, terryified, scary and the fear of the next room to enter …

  28. So Team Silent were given the freedom to do what they wanted and created a work of genius. If only Hollywood was like that.

  29. thinking back on silent 1-3 its really sad what the game has become…. same with resident evil and alot of other games… maybe im just getting old

  30. silent hill home coming holds a special place in my heart tbh, I love all of them though

  31. Can’t wait to konami to die in pain. Although I hope all the creative minds inside it have a great future out of that shithole. Fuck them suits.

  32. It’s heartbreaking seeing where silent hill is now compared to 18 years or so ago,1-4 are masterpieces of horror gaming…If only we could have those glory days again😔

  33. I loved silent hill the room, bro your videos are top notch, you should be on discovery channel or natgeo seriously!!!!

  34. For me the series ends after Silent Hill 3 with Silent Hill 2 being the best. I know the the original team made 4, but I feel it missed the mark a little.

  35. Why is the title and description on spanish and the audio on english?

    Just a Question….

  36. I always will loooove silent hill 1-4 I don't understand why some ppl don't like the 4 part tho

  37. Y esto pasa porque las franquicias quedan a nombre de las empresas y no de sus autenticos creadores…

  38. I always felt like slient hill was so much more of movie game

    And a step down from Resident evil but not in bad way

  39. I first played Silent Hill when I was something between 11 and 13, I cant remember. Silent Hill Shattered Memories, during a camping trip on a mountain in Winter. I was cold every night (loved it) and played a horror game with a cold atmosphere to go along, it was amazing

  40. One of the worst decision i made in my life: playing SH2 in the middle of the night with surround sound.

  41. Capcom needs to buy Konami to own the rights for Silent Hill and remake the two games like Resident Evil 2. That's not saying that specifically the second game needs any of that since it's a masterpiece that aged well, this sort of reinvention would be incredible to modern engines.

  42. I don't think Silent Hill is bad. But Japanese horror is painfully overrated. Especially by nerds and weebs naturally.

  43. Silent Hill. Hmmmm….what a disappointment. I'm a HUGE horror fan. It's by far my favourite genre which I'm obsessed about, so of course Silent Hill is up my alley.
    My brother bought for me the Silent Hill 2 game for PC, but about 15 mins into the game, the game creators simply bombarded you with big monsters, no lead up scenarios…no horror introduction. Just BOOM, here….go and club big monsters. From start it wasn't worth for me to invest my lifeline into this genre. It really is like Japanese people don't know how to compose horror correctly. Maybe it was just THESE writers. Anyway, too bad.
    I DID however LOVE the movie. I think it's brilliant.

  44. I believe one of things that contributed to the downfall of the series are the fans who complained at everything, begging for the game to return to its roots. We all know that it's not possible as everything changes and the new devs couldn't recreate the ideas of team silent. If only they appreciated the new games (excluding the arcade and book of memories) and the creators for their efforts then maybe konami wouldn't get tired of the project.

    Ps. Origins and Homecoming are perfect succesors of the series

  45. SH fans: Konami we want a new SH game!
    Konami: SURE! We got ya fam!
    Shows Silent Hills PT
    SH fans: Awesome! So when will you release it?
    Konami: Actually we cancelled it but we got a new one for ya and here it is!
    SH fans: #fuckKonami

  46. I feel like people were asking too much at the time. Obviously they wanted the same experience like the first or second, but you have to realize you can’t keep on trying that over and over again – eventually one party is going to get bored. I think they were smart in some of the decisions they made, despite backlash from fans

  47. I love this Video series but it also makes me Depressed a bit seeing the Games i loved fade into extinction.

  48. Konami: The Series Killer
    – Silent Hill
    – Metal Gear
    – Castlevania
    – Suikoden

  49. Hey my horror dwellers! News Update: HIDEO KOJIMA will be working on the "Scariest Horror Game" since the release of Death Stranding. He will continue watching Japanese horror movies to inspire his next title! I'm sure he will be assisted by Junji Ito again! Take that Konami💪🏽

  50. Konami owns 3 of the greatest gaming franchises out there: Metal Gear Solid, Silent Hill and Castlevania. They are literally letting all 3 of them go right down the sh*tter.

  51. Yeah, that Silent Hills got cancelled really emotionally scarred me, with wounds that still haven´t entirely healed quite yet to this day….

  52. Things I've learned about watching this is that the fans of the Silent Hill series suffer from the same problem the Sonic one does.

    They wanted to see something different after Silent Hill 3, they got different and didn't like it. It was a constant battle between Konami and Silent Hill fans until finally it appeared a sliver of hope was on its way only for it to be stripped by Konami.

    Now Silent Hill joins Contra, Zone of Enders, Metal Gear and Castlevania in its resting place. The Konami graveyard.

  53. And the almost rise again. I’m gonna start a petition to remake silent hill ps1 like resident evil 2 remake

  54. Why the fuck does the narrator sound like the voice-over for one of the science-class VHS's I watched it 5th grade???

  55. I've never played a Silent Hill game but this series has such good music. RIP PT / Silent Hills.

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