The Return of Superman | 슈퍼맨이 돌아왔다-Ep277:A Lesson Into the Unfamiliar world Pt.1[ENG/IND/2019.05.19]

It’s spring and somebody’s at a subway station. (In the subway station…) That’s Seungjae. – We can tell from behind. / – Yes. (Why is he shopping alone?) Why is he alone? Where’s his dad? (Where is Jiyong?) There he is. (What is he doing there?) Is he spying or something? (Two hours ago at Seungjae’s house…) His dad is busy. I’m bored. – What? / – I’m bored. That’s a tough situation. I want to go to Yian’s house. Let me quickly finish what I’m working on. I want to go now. How can you go alone? I can take the subway on my own. – Alone? / – I can go on my own. But you’ve never done that before. – I was always with you. / – That’s right. Come to think of it, they’ve taken the subway a number of times in Seoul, Busan and Taiwan. And he’s attempting it alone today. (I can do it alone.) Aren’t you going to call Yian’s dad? Will he be able to do it alone? (His eyes are desperate.) He answered. – Hello? / – Hello? Hi, Jiyong. Seungjae says he wants to go to your house to see Yian. Come if you want to. Yian talked about Seungjae when he got up this morning. I’m not in a situation to take him right now. – Shall I go pick him up? / – No, no. I’ll let Seungjae take the subway on his own. Then I’ll go and pick him up at the station. Yian is free. (Wait for me, Yian.) He seems to have grown a lot recently, so I wanted to check if he could do it alone. I also wanted him to have some kind of adventure. – I’m proud of him. / – You’ll be getting on Express Bus Terminal Station. You’ve been there, right? What’s the station near our house again? – Ko Seungjae… / – No, not your name. It’s Express Bus Terminal Station. Did he say Ko Seungjae? They might make one with his name one day. – That’s creative. / – It is. You’ll be taking the orange line. Once you reached Yaksu Station, – take the brown line. / – It’s going to be tricky. (He needs to remember to change lines at Yaksu.) After nine stops, you’ll be at Gwangheungchang Station. When you get off at Gwangheungchang Station, Yian and his dad will welcome you. You can do it, right? Which subway station do you get on? – Ko Seungjae. / – Express Bus Terminal. Seungjae Terminal. Get on the subway at Express Bus Terminal… I change lines at Yaksu and get off at Gwangheungchang Station. Which line was that again? – It’s line No. 6. / – Line No. 6. Can you do it? – You can do it. / – He’s smart. That’s how Seungjae’s subway journey began. (Will he be able to pull it off?) The Return of Superman, episode 277. “A Lesson Into the Unfamiliar World”. Let’s go to Yian. (He embarks on his journey after buying gifts.) He’s very brave. He is. It’s not easy for kids to go to a crowded place. (How am I going to get past this?) (Should I just go in?) (He follows behind someone else.) (Surprised) Why did the doors close? You need to tap a card in. (What?) – But I don’t have a card. / – You don’t have a card? Let’s go buy one. This is where you buy the card. Where are you going? – Gwangheungchang Station. / – Gwangheungchang Station? It’s free for kids under six years old, but if they are alone like Seungjae, they’ll have to pay a child fare. Now I can go in. You can go inside this way. (With the help of the station staff,) (he gets through the first obstacle.) Where do I go to go to Yaksu Station? That’s clever. Thank you. – Seungjae is clever. / – He is. (He gets on the train that just arrived.) He got on it. (He takes out something as soon as he got on.) Please hang this on my neck. What is this? (Let me know when we reach Yaksu Station.) Hang this on your neck so that even if you miss the station, people around you can let you know. (I feel assured.) That’s a good idea. (But I feel sleepy now that I’m relaxed.) (I shouldn’t fall asleep.) No, you can’t fall asleep, Seungjae. I know subways can lull you to sleep. But you can’t sleep now. (He may end up at the last stop.) Wait, if he doesn’t get off, he’ll end up at Daehwa Station in Ilsan. That can’t happen. It’s going to be bad if everyone gets off. (While he’s fast asleep, he arrives at Yaksu.) It’s Yaksu Station. (Seungjae’s still sleeping like a baby.) Seungjae, it’s Yaksu. (Half-asleep) She’s his savior. (Oh, I’ve arrived!) It’s good that he has the flag on his neck. You’re right. He’s got off, but he seems confused. – “Where am I?” / – It’s because he’s never changed lines before. Right, he needs to change lines now. He seems like he’s still half-asleep. Line No. 6! – He’s back. / – He remembered line No. 6. He’s very clever. It’s here! That’s right. – It’s this way. / – Yes, that’s right. (What?) It says line No. 3. (Where is line No. 6?) Which way is it to line No. 6? For line No. 6, go down this way. Thank you. Right, you should always ask if you’re not sure. (Let’s go forward.) (Oh, this is where people come up.) It’s on the other side. That’s right. This is a great experience for him. (He checks how to get to Gwangheungchang.) It’s here. It’s Gwangheungchang. I’m surprised he read it. Is this the way to Gwangheungchang? I’m a foreigner, so I’m not sure. Where are you from? I’m from China. Of all people, he just happened to ask a foreigner. You’ve been to Mount Baekdu, right? Where are you going again? Gwangheungchang Station. You’re right. You can get on this train. Can you flip this for me? (Now it says “Gwangheungchang”.) Why are you going to Gwangheungchang? – It says Gwangheungchang. / – To see my friend. I see, you’re going to see your friend. Take care. – Thank you. / – My goodness. He can take the KTX on his own now. I’m going to Gwangheungchang. Where are you going? (Everyone will know where he’s going.) I’m six and I can get on the subway alone. – You’re only six? / – Yes. I couldn’t even get on a bus alone when I was six. It’s easy. Is it? – You just need to change lines well. / – Is that so? (While he’s chatting, he reaches his destination.) He’s arrived. He needs to get off here. That’s it. He pulled it off safely. When he gets out, will Yian’s dad be there? Take care. I’m near Yian’s house. (However…) The card is missing. It’s missing? – Check your pocket. / – What will he do? (Emptying) Why does he have so many things? – Here it is. / – He’s found it. I’m relieved. – I found it. / – Well done. (I almost couldn’t go to Yian’s.) That’s it. (He’s finally passing the gate.) – He’s very clever. / – He is indeed. Why do they look so stunning? Why would all of them wear sunglasses to go to a nearby station? (Yiel, with her unique vibe, is here too.) I’m so proud of Seungjae. Will Seungjae get here? (Seungjae arrives at that moment.) (Or so we thought.) Right, there are many exits. How many exits are there at Gwangheungchang? There must be around eight exits. (I think Dad told me.) Go to exit No. 3. Since people are coming in from that way, it must be that way. His dad told him it’s exit No. 3, – but that’s exit No. 4. / – Exit No. 4. He almost had it. (It’s been long since I was outside.) If he looks around, he may spot them. Why is Uncle not here? Yian! Sim Yian! Exit No. 3 should be around a corner, I think. Seungjae left early, so he should be here, but where is he? Seungjae, are you on your way? Oh, no. This is bad. Seungjae, receive my telepathic message. Sim Yian. Yian. He shouldn’t go too far from the station. (Let me ask around.) Excuse me. Do you know where Yian lives? (What? I don’t know.) Oh, no. Yian. What is he going to do? – Can you hear me? / – This is heartbreaking. Yian. I’m proud of him nonetheless for actively approaching and asking people. – Right. / – Hello. Where is Yian’s house? – Which Yian is he? / – Sim Yian. He’s about this tall, and Yiel’s about this tall. – And his dad is an actor. / – He’s an actor? Wait a moment. Where is Yian’s house? Let me look it up. It’d be amazing if Yian is her regular. What? No way. Do they come to this store? – Hello? / – Hi. Seungjae seems to be lost. He’s here at our store right now. – Okay, I’ll be there right away. / – It must be him! – Oh, my gosh! / – Okay, see you. Is Yian coming? – Yes. Wait a moment. / – Okay. (Hurry up, Yian.) – Seungjae. / – Ko Seungjae. – Let’s go. / – He’s still wearing them. – That coat… / – He does look cool, but… They’ve found him. They met him. (Yian!) I’m so proud of him. My gosh. (We finally met.) Seungjae, my goodness. Imagine if they never went to this store. – I brought you gifts. / – Really? How have you been, Yiel? (How are you doing, Yiel?) It’s good that Yian is a regular here. Yian is a regular there. What a relief. Let’s go home and have fun. Yian was waiting for you, Seungjae. It’s so windy. Let’s go. Good job on taking the subway. Congratulations! (You did well taking the subway alone.) Congratulations! Congratulations! (Congratulations from me too.) What did you bring? That looks a lot. This is for Yiel. For her? Use this money to get yourself some toys, and buy gifts for Yiel and Yian. He did some shopping on his way. (He brought a watch for Yian.) (Seungjae picked Yiel’s clothes too.) He bought all he wanted without his dad. (I hope they like it.) Thank you. This is Yiel’s clothes, and this is her hat. Did you pick all these? You did great. These are ours. Poli. Is this for me? I bought two so we could share. He bought his too. – Matching Poli. / – I’ll buy you one when you grow up, Yiel. Okay. – Ko. / – Sim. – Cross. / – Finally, they met. (I’ll join you guys next time.) Let’s put this hat on. (Yiel gets a hat as a gift.) Shall we? Let’s put this on. It’s the hat Seungjae bought for her. (You’re so cute.) (How do I look?) – That’s a cute hat. / – Look. She’s wearing the hat you bought her. (Yiel’s an apple.) (After a few hours) Who could it be? (There’s another guest at Yian’s.) (Who is it?) (Jiyong is here too.) – Jiyong is here. / – Hello. (Who’s here?) – Yiel. / – Say hello. He must have been so worried. Right. – Hello. / – Hello. He seems to have grown a lot. He used to be around 78cm. – I took the subway here. / – How was it? It was fun. I went to a department store. – Did you? / – Did you? Then I went to a supermarket, but Uncle, Yian – We weren’t there. / – and Yiel weren’t there. So I waited inside for a bit before I got out. – Yiel, Yian and Uncle were there then. / – Right. – Was it hard to meet? / – You must exaggerate what you went through. Jiho is so good at housekeeping. (He cuts up vegetables very skillfully.) (He puts rice cakes in jjajang sauce.) Is he making jjajang tteokbokki? (He fries it with vegetables.) – He makes that at home. Goodness. / – That’s amazing. The jjajang tteokbokki is ready in no time. – Aren’t you tired? / – I’m fine. What are you making? This is today’s drink. You know tapioca pearls, right? It’s for bubble tea. The chewy balls. Do they sell this separately? Yes, you can get them at supermarkets. (Tapioca pearls mixed with black sugar) That’s quite popular on social media. I’ve never seen people making it at home, though. I know. I tried it at a cafe. The balls are chewy, right? – Yes. It’s delicious. / – This is called black sugar bubble tea. It tastes like those they sell at a cafe. Right? How does it taste? – It must be new to them. / – There are bubbles. It’s good. – It’s so delicious. / – Is it? Help yourself. (The food my dad makes is the best.) (I agree.) He must be hungrier than usual after traveling a long way. And he eats even more as he’s with a friend. (Yummy) (Munching) (It’s so good that it makes me dance.) Try getting on the subway. It’s not scary at all. Get off at Seungjae Station. There’s a Seungjae Station? – They could make one. / – That’s amazing. Let’s try when you feel brave enough. Promise you’ll come to my house. Ko! Sim! Cross! Do you know where we are? Where are we? This is Yeosu. – It’s Yeosu. / – It’s my second home. People here like us. – Why? / – Because of a song I made. ♪ Yeosu’s night sea ♪ That song. – I wrote it here, Joah. / – Dad. Do you realize you’re at the historical place now? When I was a part-time caricature artist at Manseok-ri, I made a call to the person I dated back then. I made the lyrics and wrote the song based on the conversation we had. That great piece was born at this sea. I heard Yeosu’s economy revived thanks to this song. It must feel great to be at the meaningful place – with his kids. / – I know. (He skipped a rock three times in a row.) (That’s amazing.) My gosh. He made a sound. (It’s nowhere close to the water.) – You can’t skip a rock. / – It’s not easy. My gosh. Did you realize something? (I’m a man who doesn’t give up. I’m Jang Hada.) (He’s still not skilled enough.) (It’s not easy.) “Why won’t it work?” They must be going on a proper tour of Yeosu. I’m excited. – Where are we going? / – There’s a restaurant that says they will give me something for free although I’m not sure if it’s okay. I heard the rumor. The members of my soccer team also said we may be able to have a free team dinner if they took me with them. There’s a photo of the place on the internet. The owner sounded so sure that I wouldn’t go there. Maybe he was after the attention. – Everyone on that day? / – Everyone? – Let’s go. / – Our staff didn’t tell them in advance. Hello. No one expected this. They must have been so surprised. Where’s the owner? He can’t run away. Hello. Enjoy your meals. “Enjoy your meals.” As if it’s his treat. Is the placard still there? Nice to meet you all. – It’s still there. / – It’s there. If I come, everyone can eat for free that day. Those guys must be thinking, “We should’ve ordered something more expensive.” – This is awesome. / – Will you be okay? (Let’s meet the owner here.) – Would you like to order? / – Sure. But where’s the owner? He’s actually on a trip for his anniversary. – He’s not here. / – I see. He’s a huge fan of you. He said that to make you come. – Did he? / – Yes. But he’s not here when I am, and it’ll cost him. I’m worried. Is it really going to be free? Yes. Everyone will eat for free. – He stuttered for a moment. / – You’re shaking. – Thank you. / – I’ll be right back. (My daddy is the best!) – May we take a picture with you? / – Sure. I’m not good at taking a selfie. Isn’t this filter a bit too much? Hada, Joah, come closer. (He presses the button.) It’s the first photo Hada took. – Thank you. / – Let’s clap. You’re in a good mood, aren’t you? (I’m a good photographer.) Look at that. In one, two, three. He must be so popular in Yeosu. (Jang Beomjune is the son of Yeosu.) I feel like I should have a fan meeting. He’s so cute. (The free meal is here.) – Excuse us. / – This looks great. What is that? Look at it, Joah. With Yeosu’s famous brown mustard kimchi, octopus is served. Octopus ramyeon is here too. There’s a menu for kids too. – That’s a hearty meal. / – Let’s try it. That looks so good. (Joah takes a bite.) (Hada takes a mouthful too.) (I can eat well on my own.) (Enjoying) (Winking) It’s the best. (You’re eating well too.) – When will we… / – Gosh. Are you raising me? I won’t grow any bigger. It’ll just get excreted. – I’m going to have the ramyeon. / – That looks good. Of course it’s good. It’s ramyeon with octopus. Dad. Try some ramyeon. (He gives it to Hada without washing it.) Here. – Try it. / – It seems to be Hada’s first time trying ramyeon. Isn’t it spicy? (Smiling) – He likes it. / – It must be sensational to him. He likes it. Wait. – That’s a bit… / – That’s a lot. It’s going to be spicy. How is it? Do you like it? He likes it. He finds the ramyeon tasty. (It’s good with brown mustard kimchi.) That must be so delicious. (A song is being played.) (Singing) Oh, that’s my song. I didn’t realize it. They all sound the same. There are a lot of songs like that. My new song, “Every Moment with You” is similar to “I Feel You in My Heart”. It’s my other song. Listen. ♪ At 3 a.m., lost in thoughts about you ♪ ♪ Before the rush hour ♪ They sound the same, right? I copied my songs. Should I sue myself? – Hold on. In one, two, / – That’s the proper way. three! (The golden bell chimes.) Please. Does everyone in line eat for free too? (The placard has been there for three years.) It’s free for the entire day. – Dad. / – Don’t tell people. – It’s free for the day. / – I’m worried – they’ll go bankrupt. / – The owner is a generous man. It’s a shame he didn’t get to – meet the owner. / – You waited three years for me. I thought it was your marketing tactic, but it wasn’t. You sincerely waited for me to come. – I realized that. / – He must feel so happy. After the Yeosu concert, I’ll go and eat there. I’ll pay for everything. – Nice. He can boost their sales. / – I’ll visit again. Hi, Jang Beomjune. – It’s the owner. / – I heard you came. Thank you so much. – Sadly, I was not at the store. / – He does look sad. About 900 people came. – How was it that day? / – 900 people? (They shake their heads.) A lot of people came. It was too harsh of you to come on a Saturday. Thank you for making Yeosu a special place. – Let’s go, Yeosu! / – Let’s go, Yeosu! – Let’s go, Beomjune! / – Let’s go, Beomjune! There’s a cherry blossom festival. – Shall we go? Let’s go. / – Yes. They are at Yeosu Cherry Blossom Festival. Beomjune is synonymous with cherry blossom. What does cherry blossom mean to you? It’s like a pink-colored shooting star. One day, a piece of meteor fell in front of my house and it turned out to be a jewel. “You should keep me as your family treasure.” “It’ll be of value even 50 years after your death.” – It feels like that. / – 50 years? He’s right. Are you curious? (As soon as Beomjune appears,) (he draws everyone’s attention.) Go on and look around. There are many things. What flavor is this? – It’s camellia-flavored. / – Camellia? Do you want the cherry blossom? (We must buy this.) Let’s go. (Falling) (He pretends like he didn’t fall.) He fell because it was itchy. Son, get up. (All right. That was natural.) On a warm day, you should go to street festivals. – What a great atmosphere. / – Say thank you. (I love the balloon.) (Yes, yes, the flower is blooming) – That’s Beomjune’s song. / – Dad, it’s your song. Wait. It’s not recorded. It sounds live. – You’re right. / – Right? Someone is singing it now. (They’re performing “The Flower”.) (The songwriter shows up in front of the band.) – They must be flustered. / – I’m sure. The songwriter suddenly showed up. They must be so flustered. It must be so flustering. – Right now… / – Great, solo for the harmonica! (Here’s the solo harmonica performance.) (I knew it. My dad is the best!) Dad. (The band successfully finishes the song.) Let’s give it up for them. (Zealously cheering) We sang the song in front of the singer. He looks really flustered. – Come here. Come on. / – That’s so real. This is Jang Beomjune. (The band doesn’t know what to do with this.) – Will he sing a song? / – This is Jang Beomjune. (The audience cheers rousingly.) I wish he sings a song. (Unbelievable.) – May I sing a song? / – Sure. Of course. – Lend me your guitar. / – The band must be so grateful for this. With Hada in his arms… (Anticipating, excited) (He must sing “Yeosu Night Sea” in Yeosu.) My gosh. (He’s the session musician for the harmonica.) (Happy) (For the first time with Hada,) (Beomjune is performing on stage.) (Hada keeps up with the harmonica.) It must’ve been a festival for the locals there. Sing it, everyone. (The audience is enjoying the song together.) (Getting into the song) (He also gets into the song.) Sing it with me, everyone. One, two. (Gosh, he’s heavy.) Thank you. This is it. My son is too heavy. Have a great day today. – I feel so proud. / – Right. Let’s go over there and rest for a bit. Yes, get some rest. (They arrive at a picnic spot at the festival.) (Hada is still sucking the lollipop.) – Is it still wrapped? / – It’s wrapped. – The wrapper… / – He’s sucking the wrapper too. (He tries to play the harmonica.) (I can’t do it.) (A 20-month-old harmonica prodigy) (A girl shows up with a lollipop.) (Have this.) Thank you. (She gave me a lollipop when I played this.) Thank you. – What’s happening? / – We’ll enjoy these. Hold on. – This looks weird now. / – Thank you. – Gosh. Thank her. / – Hada was playing it and somehow, they’re getting food. Is he getting paid with rice cake and fruits? Thank you for this. People from Yeosu take good care of us, right? Is it good? It’s good? We’d just need a phone to travel in Yeosu. He has a point. What if they even provide lodging for us? Hada, do you want to see if I can get free lodging? Dad, let’s go! Where are they going now? They’re on some kind of boat. My daughter definitely loves going on trips. She loves it, especially camping. I can play the guitar by the sea at night and teach Hada my song “Ilsan” as we watch falling cherry blossoms. Go inside. Go in. (Impressed) (It feels cozy in here.) This is so interesting. Kids are fascinated when they’re on a boat. (He’s too short to look outside.) Over there? (He takes a peek with his dad’s help.) (Gosh, this is fascinating.) (It really is a new world here.) It’s nice. – Where is he going? / – He left. Where did he go without Hada? (Wait. Where did Dad go?) Dad! Peek-a-boo. He’s so cute. How cute. He’s so cute. (Try to catch me.) (I think I can catch you.) (Joah pops up too.) (Joah, when did you get there?) (I’m looking forward to camping.) Hada, we’re here! We’re here. Let’s go look around. The sea unfolds right in front of you at this glamping site in Gyeong Island. There’s a rabbit! Where is the rabbit? Right, it is a rabbit. – There’s a rabbit! / – Rabbits wander around? It’s hopping away. (You’re so cute.) (Come here, Rabbit.) Rabbits are very fast. What a coincidence. It’s a turtle on his back. (I’ll go to you, then.) Rabbit. It’s a rabbit and a turtle. Of course it keeps running away. Hada! (Halting) (Gosh, you startled me!) Goodness. (I love looking at the rabbit.) (Joah is feeding the rabbit grass.) (I see. That’s it!) He saw that it didn’t move when she fed it grass. (My gosh, I can’t believe I fed the rabbit!) It worked. – The rabbits sure look friendly. / – They do. – He’s petting it. / – Is it cute? The rabbit isn’t scared of him. They’re close now. He’s wearing a matching outfit with the rabbit. (It’s calm.) (Poking gently) Isn’t this crazy? (He gently pats the bottom too.) Hada. You’re loud, but you’re very timid. (You’re kind of timid.) You two play. I’ll get ready. (Beomjune suddenly heads somewhere.) What’s that? Am I supposed to split the wood for the fire? – Sir, what is this? / – Yes? We set it up so you can split firewood. – Really? Let me give it a try. / – Yes. – I did kendo in elementary school. / – Is that so? I did kendo for four years. I’d be surprised if he can lift an ax. (He trained with kendo at the age of nine.) I’ll pick something I can split. (With the log that will likely to split…) – I hope he does well. / – Right. Are you supposed to lay it down? – Shouldn’t it stand? / – He should stand it. Is he going to split the log like that? (Awkward) No. What was that? (Firm) – That’s not iron, right? / – That… (Wait, do I need to practice more?) It did look like iron. (Fine. I won’t try to be funny this time.) (Gathering his energy) (Did he manage to split the log this time?) It didn’t work. (Splitting) He broke the wooden pedestal. The pedestal is broken. It’s broken. It’s like chopping off the cutting board. Is this the firewood? He looked cool when he was singing earlier. This must be the firewood. Are you good at this, Mr. Cameraman? No. It’s all part of the memories. I’ll hold it. You try. Just like that? Like this? Okay. (The cameraman tries splitting the firewood.) I’ve never done this before. (This is the cameraman’s first time trying.) This will hurt your pride. When I tried… What was that? (The cameraman’s posture already looks better.) – There you go. Yes. / – He did it. He has skill. – Yes. He’s not like Beomjune. / – What was that? – Wait… / – Here. Did you practice this? How? Where did you grow up? In the countryside? – Itaewon. / – Itaewon? – He grew up in Itaewon. / – Did you do kendo? – No way. / – Dad. Did you see me do that? Look at this. I did it. Guys, this is what I did. Let’s clap. Dad, I want to go inside. (Joah, wait up!) – Do you like it? Go in. / – It’s nice inside. Their lodging is the caravan. (Dad, it’s really nice in here!) – This is great for kids. / – Do you pick that bed? I love this place. (Cushy) I’ll sleep right here. I’ll sleep here. – This is pretty high. / – There’s a bunk bed. Dad, I’m going to sleep right here! – Good night. / – Kids love bunk beds. This is so nice. Dad, we should sleep here together. (I want to go to the bunk bed too.) Hada can’t climb up. (The barrier is too high for Hada.) You didn’t fall yet. Look. Look at Hada, please. (Dad, please help me up.) Wait. I’m here! Wait. I’m right here. – This is nice. / – Dad. (They’re enjoying their Yeosu trip so far.) – The kids are loving it. / – Yes. (Gunhoo always wakes up his family.) (But where is Gunhoo?) Here. Here. Where is he? He’s in front of a mirror today. (What?) (That’s) (me!) He’s adorable. (Look at my face!) My goodness. Even we think he is adorable. – He must think the same. / – That’s right. He likes every side of his face. (I shouldn’t make it so apparent.) (What is this?) (It’s cosmetics.) Is he putting on makeup? (He dabs products on his face.) (A refreshing smile) (Please become prettier.) (How much prettier did I become?) (Smiling) (He loves the look.) Gunhoo, I will do your makeup. Will Naeun do his makeup? Gunhoo disliked it every time Naeun dressed him up. (Gunhoo never liked his makeovers.) He was unhappy every time. (Gunhoo, I will make you pretty today.) – She got many things. / – I will do your makeup. Run, Gunhoo! Gunhoo, I will do your makeup. (She chases after him and rolls his hair.) Here. (She did it again.) Gunhoo, you look pretty. You look pretty. (I refuse to be humiliated like this.) (I will hide everything.) – To stop Naeun, / – No, don’t do that. – he stole the tools. / – These are mine. (I got a few of them.) Those aren’t yours. – Those are mine! / – Goodness. No! (He runs as fast as he can.) (Glancing) (Catch me if you can.) Don’t go! (It turns into a game of tag.) – It became a game. / – Don’t go. – He thinks it’s a game. / – Gunhoo, don’t go. – He got caught. / – He got caught. Let’s go. – Naeun is dragging / – She is dragging him. – her brother. / – She’s strong. (She carries him with gritted teeth…) – The living room. / – She’s incredible. (and throws him on the sofa.) My goodness. (She is tough.) Stay in the living room. All right. (I can run away again.) – He’s running away again. / – What are you doing? Gunhoo, don’t go. Gunhoo thinks it’s a game of tag. My goodness, Gunhoo doesn’t want a makeover. Gunhoo. (Stop running away and come to me.) Come to me. Did he sense… – Gosh, how cute! / – There you go. She gave him a kiss too. – Give me a hug. / – Big sisters are great. It’s nice to have a big sister. Gunhoo, give me a hug. How cute! (The game of tag ends with a passionate hug.) They are so cute. Shall we play hide-and-seek? I’ll count. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. Go and hide, Gunhoo. They are playing hide-and-seek now. Will Gunhoo be able to hide well? ♪ Hide well ♪ – He hid. / – He hid. I don’t see him. He hid perfectly. Where is Gunhoo hiding? – Where could he be? / – ♪ I can see you ♪ – I found you! I found you! / – How cute! – What an original idea! / – Gunhoo, I will hide. (Running) (Hide well) (I won’t look, so hurry up and hide.) (While Gunhoo waits in a tent…) – Uncle. / – Yes? I want to come in here. I want to come in here. All done. (Glancing) (Naeun hides in the cameraman’s tent.) We need to be quiet. Uncle, hush. Gunhoo will come. Hush. Will Gunhoo be able to find her? (Part 2 will air soon.)

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    It is sad to see him leave but I'm happy that I could see him grow up in the first place. Despite being so young he's taught me so much over the years. His kind heart, compassion and cheerfulness always made me smile and I admire him so much for being such a positive person.
    In the end I can just thank Jiyong and Seungjae for letting us be part of their journey.

    PS: I hope they'll come back for the anniversary like Sarang and the twins.

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    Gosh this family is just full of uwus

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