The Return of Superman | 슈퍼맨이 돌아왔다 – Ep.98 (2015.10.11)

The Return of Superman. Chapter 98. “Trust in Dad.” Last week, the twins visited their grandpa’s hometown, Mungyeong. Look at that. Oh, they’re coming down. Wow. Wow, it looks fun. (What are they doing?) Wow. Wow, he’s good with rides. Wow. Wow, what a boy. He must be going for another ride. – Should we go for a ride too? / – Yes. No. Wait up, Seojun. (See you later) – You remember you couldn’t go last time? / – Yes. – You remember crying and all? / – Yes. – You remember? / – Yes. – Really? / – Yes. You really remember? Let’s go, Seoeon. 9 months ago, this was his first snowsled ride. Lee Seoeon! It was a startling moment for Seoeon. Do you really remember, Seoeon? He’s running. Wow, how cool. Seojun too. Seoeon too. Wow. Nice. Butterfly. It’s a butterfly. Wow, butterfly, butterfly. Butterfly, butterfly. (Unreachable butterfly that seems within his reach) Butterfly! (Splash) (The water falls hard) (What’s with this sudden water fall?) (Courageous Seoeon starts on the watersled) Wow. (Going down like the wind) (Seoeon is about to cry but he doesn’t) Wow. Were you scared? Were you scared? – Dad. / – Fun, wasn’t it? Fun, wasn’t it? (Wow, he’s amazing) How old is he? – Four years old. / – Four. They’re twins too. – Who? / – These two. – Those two? / – Yes. – Fraternal twins? / – Yes. I heard fraternal twins of different genders are tough. – Everything’s different like taste. / – Personality? I see… What’s that, dad? – They play well? / – Yes, when they grow a bit… – I see. / – What’s that? That? It’s candy. Why ask when you know? – You want some candy? / – Yes. Then ask him for one. – Please give me one. / – That’s it. Say thanks. Do a 90 degree bow. – Thanks. / – No. Do a 90 degree bow. That’s it. That’s it. You do a 90 degree bow too. – Kiss. / – Give him a kiss. Want to ride that? Seoeon, you want to ride that? You want to ride with her? Let’s go for a ride. Come on. Let’s go. – Run. / – Wow, you’re so fast. Run up. Run. Seojun, run. Seojun. (Seoeon is walking up the path by himself) (Running) (A sudden pause) – What’s wrong, Seojun? / – Seoeon. Seoeon? Seoeon! Seoeon! Seoeon! Seoeon, Seoeon, Seoeon… Seoeon! Seoeon! Haha. Don’t say that from up there. Come to dad. Seoeon, come down. – By myself, by myself. / – You’ll go up by yourself? By myself, by myself. – This way. / – Seoeon, come down. It’s dangerous there. Seoeon, come down! By myself. (Then I’ll copy my brother too) I know it’s tough. Hang in there. Give me your hand. (He caught up with Seoeon) (He got caught) (Panting) (Seojun arrives at the top) Hmm, Seoeon. Take a break while you play with this. Robot. (You’re right!) (I’m jealous) Seo Daeung. – Me too. / – Let’s give it to Daeung now. No, it is Daeung’s. Seoeon can spend just 10 more seconds with it. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. That’s it. Good boy. (Seoeon keeps the magical 10 second rule too) Good boy. Seojun, sit here. No, no, it’s scary. No, there’s no water, no water. Let’s go. – Are you okay? / – Yes. Fun, isn’t it? It’s not scary. It’s fun. Seoeon is a good boy even without his dad. – Play with Seoeon. / – Here. (Dad, let’s go for another ride) 1, 2, 1, 2… (The twins and Hwijae go down together) (Down we go) (Getting over fear with dad) Look, Seoeon. Seojun. (Splash, splash) (Seojun approaches just like dad) – Fun, isn’t it? / – Yes. Seoeon, go over there. It’s fun. – Go on. / – Go over there. He said it’s fun. (The twins play just like their dad) (Seoeon, what are you doing?) Look! (Comfortable as if it’s his home) (He’s having fun) (I’m excited) (Jumping) The twins trust their dad so the twins were able to have a good day today. They had fun. So it’s time to eat. The food’s here. The food’s here. Wow. – Wow. / – Wow, the food’s here. This is perilla seed soup with shiitake mushrooms. – I see. / – Wow. Wow, it’s good. It’s really good. Here, have it. Perilla seed porridge. Is it good? Wow. Wow. (Seojun’s simple way of expressing the taste) Seoeon, how is it? – Wow. / – Wow. Which is yummier? Mom’s food or this? This. Give me a bite. Ah. – You’re giving it to dad? / – Ah. (They’re sharing the tasty perilla seed soup) Thank you. This is the special omija meal. – Special omija meal? / – Yes. Omija is a local specialty from their grandpa’s town. A colorful omija set meal. Oh, what a great variety. Do we eat this? Can we eat this? Let’s eat this. Eat this. I’ll cut it for you. Grilled short rib patties with omija. That’s it. – Dad, what’s this? / – Good, right? I’ll eat this. Is it mine, dad? No, it’s mine. Just eat what’s in your mouth first. – Good, isn’t it? / – Yes. Oh, it feels good. Dad, who will eat that? I’ll eat it. – Dad, give me that. / – What? That. – I can’t eat this? / – No. You want more? Here you go. – You have more too, Seoeon. / – Wow. Seoeon, will you eat it? Oh, not that? Wow. What, what, what? (What I have in my mouth) Want me to wipe your mouth? Want me to wipe your mouth? By myself. Oh, you do it by yourself. Here. Do it by yourself. Not a lot. Not a lot. – There’s not a lot? / – Right. You want a lot of this? This? Here it is. – No. There’s not a lot. / – You want more? We’ll have some more rib patties, please. Why are you crying? They’re that good? The rib patties are that good? The rib patties are here. Wow, here’s more. Wow, more rib patties are here. – Who wants more? / – Yes, yes, yes, yes. That’s it. – Who wants more rib patties? / – Yes, yes, yes. – Wow, wow. / – Ah. Is there ketchup, dad? Ketchup. – Ketchup? / – Yes. No ketchup. Are there 3 of these? Say ah. (Mayfly) Mom. (Thud, thud, thud) Dad, what’s this? It’s a fly bug. – Fly bug? / – Yeah. Seoeon. Seoeon, Seoeon. Seoeon, Seoeon. There was a fly bug so he caught it. Yeah. (Proud) You communicate so well with each other. Have this, Seoeon. – I’ll have this. / – This. Mmm… (Yeah?) (So interesting to watch) (Gobbling it up) Huh? Argh. No more dumplings. He ate all of them. He did? Say ah, Seoeon. Ah. Wow. Give me one. (Pouty) Wow. Give me one. (Depressed) (Hwijae laughs a lot thanks to his kids) To the trip to grandpa’s hometown. Omija tea. – Dad. / – What? Dad, pour me. – Pour you some more? / – Yeah. “I had a dream. I dreamed of omija.” I dreamed of omija. That’s it. I dreamed of omija. That’s it. – A lot. / – You want a lot? – Say thank you. / – Yes. Look, dad. That’s strawberry color. – Huh? / – That’s grape color. Huh? That’s strawberry color. That’s grape color. – You said, “strawberry and grape colors?” / – Yes. – Really? / – Yeah. Say, “Thank you for the meal.” – Thank… / – Seojun too. – “Thank you for the meal.” / – Yes. (The return of father’s old comedy) (Perfectly in sync) (And the night goes by in Mungyeong) This is early morning at the 5 siblings’ house. Daebak. Wow, there he goes. (But this outfit looks familiar) (Sua and Seola wore it until recently) Daebak has many older sisters. They passed down their pink outfit. Come here. Let’s see how long you can stand. Let go of my hands. 1, 2, 3… 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Good boy. Daebak, you’re so good at standing. (I did well, didn’t I?) Just move one foot, okay? Walk Huh? He moved one foot. Huh? He moved one foot. (Daebak took his first step) He moved one foot. Come to dad. Daebak. Daebak. Daebak. – Daebak. / – Daebak. Move one foot. Move one foot. Move one foot. – Move one foot. / – Move one foot. Oh, Daebak. Oh, good boy. Good boy. Good. Good. Give him a kiss. Daebak, let’s try walking. Go. Walk, walk. Good boy. Walk. That’s it. Good job, baby. Walk. Walk. Walk. Walk. Walk. Walk. – Good boy. / – Oh, good boy. He used to run in his walker and stand up holding the sofa up until recently. He’s grown so much in a month. Let’s play tag. Come here. Oh, he walked, he walked. That’s it. Daebak, good job. (Something else is different with Daebak?) (So fast) (As he started new babbling, he crawls faster) Oh, no… (Uncle…) (I’m a big boy now…) (The 9-month-old is learning the taste of freedom) (Standing by holding onto something is easy now) (Down he goes) (Good at landing too) (Huh? There’s another uncle here) Huh? Come here, Daebak. (You talking to me?) Good boy. Stay here for a minute. Okay, Daebak? What? Sit down. This is your seat. Just while I cook. Okay? Daebak, just once. Play for a minute. Look. Read this book. Read this book. She’s pooping. Poop. Sua, Seola’s going to poop. (Is there anything fun to do?) He’s making steady progress. – Daebak climbs up the sofa. / – Will you poop? Maybe he takes after his soccer player dad. He seems really strong. But Donggook seemed to have missed it. (Make sure to watch me next time) This is the troublesome sisters’ nap time. Okay. Ah… (Shaking his head) Oh, it’s good. (Dad missed it) (Look at me) (Daebak’s new trick is shaking his head) (He feeds him again) (Going up) (It’s so yummy) Sit down properly. That’s it. I think you understand everything. You get everything I say? (Yeah!) (Really?) (Let’s take one more bite) (Achoo) (Sneeze attack) (What a surprise) (Are you okay, dad?) Oh, I’m okay. (That’s good) I only ruined my shirt, it just got in my eyes and some of it just got on my face. I’m totally fine. Daebak, are you okay? Yeah. You’re okay. Yeah. You’re okay. You can’t keep in your sneeze, right? (Watching carefully) Here. Ah… That’s it. (Wink) You’re winking? Okay, okay, wink. That’s it. Wink. (Heh heh) (Dad loves Daebak’s cute actions) It’s time for the triplets to wake up too. (The triplets are still fast asleep) (Manse is lying on Minguk) (Tossing and turning) (Minguk underneath has woken up) (Dawdling) (Eye wide open) Minguk the morning angel has woken up first again. Good morning, Minguk. (Oh, it’s the dinosaur uncle) (Good morning) Minguk is a diligent morning baby. He used to say hi first with his angelic face. (1 year later, today) Did you have a pleasant sleep? Minguk has grown so much. (He takes off his pants) (Lifts the toilet lid) (I know how to take care of my business) (He comes out to the living room) (Only the dinosaur uncle and Minguk are awake) (Play with me) (When will dad wake up?) (In deep sleep) (Wiggling) (He’s so bored) (Minguk is killing time alone) (Isn’t it time he woke up?) (It’s not a still shot, he’s stuck to the sofa) (A masterpiece made from boredom) (I’d better go wake him up myself) (Wake up, dad) Did you sleep well? – Did you sleep well, Minguk? / – Yes. The dinosaur uncles are here. Again. But how come they’re not all here? There are three. No, there’s one. Look, there are three. 1… 2… – There’s only one, dad. / – 3. Look. There are three. 1, 2, 3. (That’s weird) There’s another one over there. (You kids have really grown up) – Are you kids all up? / – Yes. Mosquitoes can suck on your blood. Who will suck on your blood? Mosquitoes suck on your blood. Mosquitoes suck on your blood, indeed. And bees too. – Daehan, bees eat honey, right? / – Yeah. What about mosquitoes? Mosquitoes suck on your blood. Yum, yum. They suck on it. Yum, yum? Wing, wing… – Bees eat honey, yum, yum. / – Honeybees. Honeybee? Dad, honeybees eat honey. Right, honeybees eat honey. Come here. Put your hands together. Hands together. “Father, did you sleep well?” (On the floor) (You kids aren’t going back to sleep, right?) (Preparing breakfast) Dad! What? Dad! What? Louder! Yes! (Cute kids) (Song Manse is cute and quirky) (It’s noisy outside) (Daehan is half-awake) (Ilkook goes to wake up Daehan) Daehan, should we have breakfast? Yeah, I’ll have breakfast. – You’ll have breakfast? / – Yes. (Daehan gets up to have breakfast too) ‘Fox, fox, what are you doing?’ ‘I’m eating’ ‘Eating what?’ ‘Frog food’ Here’s the rice. I hurt my hand so I can’t do it for you. Look. Take this and… (Trying hard) (He’s trying) (I give up) (Manse places it on top like dried laver) Wow, new ways. (Daehan just eats the rice) Daehan, take this and put the rice in. Then you wrap it and eat it. (Carefully) Daehan, here you go. Mmm… He doesn’t want it. – Daehan doesn’t want it. / – Daehan, here. Daehan, why won’t you eat it? Daehan, try it. After you finish eating, I’ll show you something cool. What? Something cool. Look. I’ll show you something cool. What’s this? I’m making you popcorn for a snack. – Daehan, you want popcorn? / – Yeah. Watch what happens to the corn. Pop, hi-ya! – Pop, hi-ya! / – Hi-ya! – Look. / – They popped. Look at them pop. The corn is copping. Wow, watch them pop nonstop. – Like balloons? / – Yeah, like that. They keep popping. Pop! They’re popping. The corn is becoming huge. Look. There was only this much. Now they’re big, right? Wow, it’s popcorn. Is the popcorn ready to eat now? Mmm… Is it not hot for you since you’re brave? It’s not hot for me since I’m brave. The corn changed like this. Cool, isn’t it? – Is it good? / – Oh, it’s hot. It’s not hot. The content is hot. It’s good, isn’t it? (Freshly-made popcorn) (Mmm, it’s yummy) (Holding a handful) I want more popcorn. – You want more? / – Yeah. This is the last serving. Give me a lot, please. Give me a lot too, please. Haha, he’s giving me a lot. There’s no more. (A big handful goes into the mouth) (Shoving it in) (I’ll eat it all) (Dad’s popcorn is the best) (The triplets go for an outing) Dad. Hello, everyone! – Hello. / – That’s it. You know where you’re going now with me? (Where are we going today?) There, you can be a policeman. You can be a fireman. You can be a doctor or you can be a teacher too. And my job is there too. Minguk, what is dad’s job? I don’t know. Oh, I’ve never explained it to you kids. Daehan, Minguk, Manse. I am an actor. – What do I do? / – Acorn. Acorn. I’m an actor. I think they know exactly what their mom does. But they don’t seem to know what I do. I just work out all day. And stay home. Dad, where’s the expensive ladder truck? Expensive ladder truck… Wow, the dentist. Should we visit the dentist? – No. / – Let’s become a doctor. – Come on. / – No. We’ve been to the dentist. You’ll become a doctor today, not a patient. Okay? No. There will be no shots. There will be no shots. You’ll treat patients as a doctor. – Okay? / – You’ll treat them. Yeah, you’ll treat them. The triplets paid the dentist a visit recently. There are no bugs. – No bugs? / – There are. – There aren’t any. / – Oh, dear. Minguk is still scared of the dentist. There are 4 bugs. Four. But look at Daehan. He’s so good. He’s better than me. It’s hard to be still at 4. Daehan is a big boy. (The day has come) The roles are reversed. The doctor triplets look determined. Will they do a good job? We’ll cure this patient right now. Let’s see what disease he has in his mouth. – You see the black stuff in the middle? / – Yes. – You see it? Come close. / – Yes. They’re called cavities. The teeth have rotted. Do any of you dentists have cavities? Yes. – You do? / – Yes. When there’s a disease in the mouth, should you treat him or not? – You should treat him. / – You need to treat him. – You need to. / – You should, right? – So we’ll treat him together. / – Okay. Starting with Daehan. – Check his mouth with the mirror. / – What’s black? Dr. Minguk too. (Dr. Daehan checks carefully) (What about Minguk?) (Checking his eyes at the dentist?) I see it. Black… – Give me that, Daehan. / – The teeth are all rotten. The teeth are all rotten. You need to treat them all. Manse, look. You need to take out the bugs now. He’s sick. Yes, he’s sick. Starting now, we’ll treat the black cavities here. – Can you do a good job? / – Yes. – Dr. Minguk, you want to try? / – Yes. When I say, “Stand by,” you’ll wait without doing anything. – Okay? / – Okay. Stand by. Dr. Manse will work on the suction. Just stand by like this. Dr. Daehan will work on the tweezers now. Manse, it’s water. Take it out. Dr. Daehan, scratch out the cavities. The black cavities. (Carefully) (The serious triplets are good dentists) (Ilkook thinks it’s interesting) Maybe it’s because they went to the dentist recently. They’re good. (Don’t worry) The dentists… I… The fashionista triplets will appear in a minute. No. The triplets transform into models. It’s a uniquely shocking runway. – Turn into a dinosaur. / – And they finally try to… Become an actor which is dad’s job. Who is the beautiful Cinderella? What’s going on with the mischievous Sarang? A visitor came for Sarang last week. She had desperately wanted to meet GD. I wanted to meet you. Me too. It’s a fateful first encounter. Sarang is full of energy and she is a handful for GD. Good girl. Having fun? Bang! Bang! (Jumping right into his arms) (As if they’ve known each other for a long time) (They’re comfortable now) You want to do it? Oh, oh… Let’s wipe it. Sarang, come here. Here are wet tissues. It’s okay. It’s okay. Father, I’d better take it off. Wait. Wait. Hey, hey, hey. – No… / – No, no. Hey. Hey. GD can’t see that, Sarang. Hey, hey, hey. Huh? Oh, man, oh, man, Sarang. No, no. Put this on. Hey. (What will new babysitter GD’s future be like?) What does today have in store for them? Eat the cake. Let’s eat. – Let’s eat. / – Let’s eat. – Thank you for the cake. / – Sure. (Her pink dress matches GD’s shirt) – Is it yummy? / – Yeah. She loves chocolate. That’s all I ate as a kid. – Is it yummy? / – Yeah. It is yummy. What’s GD like up close? Good-looking? (Looking forward) Good-looking? No? Hey. No? Hey. Yeah. – I look better on TV, right? / – Yeah. Good-looking, right? Come on. He’s good-looking. (Disappointed) You know me? Sarang, you know GD? Sarang, you know me? You want to watch the video? You don’t know exactly who he is, right? You don’t know, that’s why. (She doesn’t know it’s me?) (She dances as soon as the song comes out) He sang that. – That’s me. / – No. (Sarang’s games make him dizzy) You really love it. Can you give me some too? That’s it. “Say ah.” Oh… “Ah.” Oh… It’s good. Thanks. (Sorry for feigning ignorance before) Turn on the song. Should I turn it on? This is on. GD is on. (Clap, clap, clap) (Get up, everyone) (Dance time with GD) How does it go next? 1, 2, 3. (Hilarious) (Popping her shoulders to the beat) Then… Like this. Next? It’s this? – You go like this? / – Right, you go like this. I’ll do the turbo… Oh, oh… And? And? (Trendy U.S. dance too) Oh, oh… Good job. Next is “Bang Bang Bang.” – Sarang, get up. / – It’s “Bang Bang Bang.” – “Bang, bang, bang.” / – This. – “Bang, bang, bang.” / – “Bang, bang, bang.” Who’s that? GD. That’s right. Where’s GD? – Who am I? / – Right. I’m GD too. Sarang it’s him. (GD is so charismatic on TV) (Feels familiar now) Hey. (Running quickly) Hey, don’t take it off. (How’d he know? I’m just hot) (Oh, my goodness) Don’t take it off. (Perplexed) Oh, Sarang. Don’t take it off. (What will we do with that young lady?) (The next song to change the vibe) (GD used to be on children’s shows) – What’s next? / – What do you do next? Teach him. – Stomp your feet. / – Oh, feet. Like this? ‘Stop your feet like this’ What do you do next? – Wiggle your bottom. / – Bottom. Hey, hey. – Like this? / – This? (Wiggle, wiggle) – Round and round. / – Oh, you spin. Like this. – Jump, jump. / – Wow, good job. Let’s stop this. What now? ‘Wiggle, wiggle your bottom’ That’s it. (GD is experiencing a lot today) – Round and round. / – You should spin now. You should spin now. Spin in a circle. ‘Jump, jump, jump’ Oh, good job. One more time. One more time. Sarang, one more time? No, enough. One more time. (The enticing jumping exercise continues) Sorry, let’s stop now. Huh? No. Ah. I don’t know. Sarang, you know how to rap? – Rap. / – I don’t know. You want to do a hip hop greeting? – Hip hop greeting. / – Hip hop greeting? When you meet with me next time, you can greet me like this. – Okay. / – Watch. Hit my hand. With this one. 1. 2. – 3. Hold it. / – Hold it at 3. Go like this. Yo! No. I’ll show you. 1, 2, 3, yo. Go like that. Want to try? Can you do it? Let’s do it. Go. 1, 2, 3. Yo. – Good job. / – Good. – Next. / – Good. Then show him that. What’s this? Good-bye-lalala. What’s this? Show me too. – Show him. / – How do you do it? Good. Good… Bye-lalala. Good job. – You’re sweating. / – Totally. You’re hot. (I’m mad!) (I’m upset too) (Collecting all the energy she can) That’s it. Bad girl. Rotten boy! Rotten boy! (Sarang gets on GD) – Bang. / – Bang. No, don’t do that. Sarang, no. Bang. (He’s never experienced a babysitter’s difficulties) Bad girl. Rotten boy. Oh, oh, ah… (Dizzy) Sarang is so strong. Right? (Sarang is so cute in GD’s eyes) (Feeling bashful) Sarang, do you have a boyfriend? – No? / – You have no boyfriend? No. – How come? / – How come you don’t? (That’s a secret) (Cute) (Sarang and GD have become friends) (I like GD too) Sarang. I brought another gift. – Another one? / – Another one? (Accessories on both hands like Sunghoon) It’s a hat. – Really. / – Let’s see. – This… / – Let’s see. Daddy… – It says GD, not daddy. / – Daddy. Do you wear it like this, daddy? No. Like this. I can’t see you. How about wearing it like this? Like this. Let’s see. Should we take a picture together? Sarang too. Come here. Look here. Oh, it’s cute. Time went by so quickly. Come here. Sarang, I’m leaving now. Sarang, he’s going to leave. No. (Disappointed) Big, isn’t it? With me… (Speaking in an alien language since she’s bashful) Sarang. Sarang. Say thank you. Hands together. Say thank you. Here? – Thank you. / – Thank you. Give him a hug. Okay, Sarang. Kiss. – Can you give me a kiss? / – Kiss. You can’t, can you? Sarang, give him a kiss. Kiss. – Sarang. / – Sarang, kiss. Sarang, GD’s going to leave. Can he go? Kiss me next time. (She touches the camera bashfully) Sarang, I’m going to leave now. He’s leaving. Sarang, bye. Come here. (Walking over) Sarang, I’ll go now. See you next time. Bye. Sarang, bye. – Thank you so much. / – Sure. Good-bye. – Bye. / – Say, “See you next time.” – See you next time. / – Okay. Say good-bye. I’ll go now. You remember what I taught you? 1, 2, 3. Yo! – Bang. / – Bang. Bye. Since they like each other a lot, it was great to have them meet. She said he wasn’t good-looking. I bet it was a bit perplexing. Yeah. I think the only girl that says that to GD in Korea would be Sarang. She likes GD but since he’s a guy, I think she was being silent like a girl. Just like when a girl likes a guy. That was my observation. Donggook is preparing a sweet event too. Daebak, come here. Don’t eat that. Daebak. Wow. (Dad’s preparation) Wow. There you go. (But there’s no water?) And I’ll put this in there. (Bringing a bowl of popped rice) Daebak, try this. (Chewing) Is it okay? Does it taste okay? I’ll leave it here. You eat it. Pick it up. (Yum) (He doesn’t get tired of the taste) Is it okay? (He’s yearning for popped rice) Daebak. Daebak. Yeah. This is a year’s worth. Look. (Pouring) Daebak. (Anything for Daebak) Daebak. I want to be born as Daebak in the next life. (Daebak’s popped rice land is open) I couldn’t play with Daebak much. I watched the show and regretted it. I heard kids like it and it’s good for development. So I made a popped rice pool. Since there’s so much suddenly, you’re perplexed, right? Snacks are falling from the sky. Look at the sky. Daebak. Snacks are falling from the sky, right? It seems like a dream, right? (Daebak thinks it’s the best) (They hadn’t spent too much time together) Huh? (Donggook goes to the room) Let’s take a shower. Come here. Come here. Sua. Sua. Sua. (Nervous) Seola. No, no, no. (It’s mine) (One goes out and one goes in) (The sisters attack him from both sides) It’s for Daebak, not you girls. Let’s go. Come here and wash up. – Wash up? / – Wash up. (After a light shower) (Reappears with clothes on) (Seola is clean too) Snacks? – Snacks. / – Snacks? Look. He says stop. Daebak. He says stop. Girls, don’t torment Daebak. Stop it. (Gently) (Cute boy) Can I eat this, daddy? Yeah. Daebak can eat it too. (Then me too) Don’t eat your fist. Just the snacks. (Yum) – It’s good. / – Huh? – It’s so good. / – Is it? – I’ll eat a lot. / – Yeah, go ahead. What do you do when it’s yummy? (I’m excited) You little cutie. (Sua is eating a fistful) (Daebak is trying to escape) Daebak. Sua, good girl. Good job. Don’t get out. You shouldn’t get out. Right. You shouldn’t get out. Play. I’ll cut some fruit. Play. (Don’t worry) (Cutting fruit for the kids) (What is daddy doing?) (Sua sees the bag of popped rice) (Oh, no) (Fortunately, she goes straight to her dad) What’s this? Fruit. I’m cutting fruit. (Fruit?) – Fruit. / – Yeah. Sit in your chairs. (Just then) (Curious Seola sees the bag of popped rice) (There are more snacks here) (Daddy, look at Seola) (Donggook is oblivious) (A critical moment) (No, sis) (No) (The bag of popped rice is spilled already) (Heave-ho, heave-ho) (An eminent warning of a big accident) (Alas) (A popped rice road is paved in an instant) (It’s a snack heaven) Get in your seats. Seola, Sua, get in your… (Oh, my goodness) Seola. Seola. – Seola. / – Seola. Seola. I mean… This… What’s this? Lee Seola. If you do this… Seola. Oh, my God. (Naive) (How should I start cleaning this up?) (Nervous) What should I do? Huh? (Scared) (Speechless Donggook) (Spaced out) I shouldn’t have started this, right? Right? I shouldn’t have. Seola. (Falling) Seola. (He fell down) (It looks natural though) (Daebak the b-boying dancer) It doesn’t hurt, does it? Thanks to the snacks, it doesn’t hurt. Come here. (Sigh) Because of Seola, I’m having… A nervous breakdown. What should I do? Let’s show this to mom. (Daebak eats a handful while he can) (Click) (Reporter Lee secures evidence) (Terrible popped rice disaster site) (Reported to mom) (Sigh) (Daebak is excited about the bigger playground) Give me water. Water. – Water? / – Yeah. Not for you. Give me water now. Water. You need to be a good girl. Water. (Donggook gets a grip) Daebak. This whole scene… You know… It seems familiar like it’s from a dream. This whole scene… Right now. Seola will eat grapes too. Go ahead. Here you go. (She cares about her dad as always) Daddy. – Daddy. / – No. Don’t say daddy. (Oh, my God!) (Then I’ll eat it) Who made this mess? Did Seola do it or Sua? – Sua. / – Sua, Sua. Sua did it? Seola. You didn’t do it? – You’ll clean up together. / – Okay. Sua. Seola. Scoop it and put it in there. We’ll be scooping it. (Oh? The twins do as they’re told) (Pouring) (But only for a little while…) (Seola scoops out a bowl from the pool) No, no. Put what’s here inside there. (She can’t hear him) No, no. Sua will bring it. Sua will do it. No, Seola. No. Sua, come here. No, no, just leave that, leave it. Just the empty bowl. (Empty this?) (Okay, daddy) (The troublesome sisters pour it all out!) (I give up!) (Those girls…) Hey! (Hey!) (Cute popped rice punishment) Hey! You girls. Just stay put. I’ll do it. (Daddy ends up cleaning by himself) – Tigers… / – Tigers… Are scary. I’m afraid you girls will be in my dream. Really. (Poor dad…) Daebak. Don’t play with your sisters. Don’t take after them. (Okay) I’m afraid that scene will be in my dream. Getting in on their hands and feet… I don’t like big messes. The popped rice mess was in front of me. I froze stiff. My kid was about to fall but I couldn’t move. (He keeps sighing…) Come on. Hello. This is a hospital. The triplets finished their dentist experience. Now it’s time for a nursery full of babies. What brings them here? – Daehan, Minguk, Manse, your aunt… / – Yes. She just had a baby. I’ll show you. Come here. Look at this. It’s your aunt’s baby. We’ll go to the doctor. – And learn how to babysit, okay? / – Okay. Go in and listen to her. – Hello. / – Hello. Now you will all be nurses and take care of the babies with me. – You know how to hold a baby? / – Yes. Like this. – You hold them like this? / – Yes. It’s too heavy. – Too heavy? / – Yes. The baby has grown. – The baby has grown? / – Yes. Hold behind the neck with one hand and the bottom with the other. Slowly place it on the blanket. Start with the bottom. Slowly place it on the blanket. Start with the bottom. Hold behind the neck with one hand. Put your arm behind the baby and feed it. Check if it’s not spitting out the milk. Look at the mouth. Say, “Enjoy your milk.” – Enjoy your milk. / – Manse, is it drinking the milk? (Working harder than ever) They’re feeding the babies milk. I nearly died washing all your milk bottles, kids. My first… Since they were triplets… Daehan, Minguk, Manse were tiny as newborns. They were careful about holding the triplets but… – They’ve grown a lot. / – Now put the bottles down. I felt they’d be able to understand now and follow along which is why we went. They followed along fine. I was glad I brought them. Especially, because their cousin was born. They won’t know much about babysitting. But they did a good job following along. So I was very proud of them. What does this place look like? Somewhere to wear clothes. Yes. Somewhere to wear clothes. – You see this? / – Yeah. We’ll walk on here and strike poses too. You’ll be models. – Will you be able to strike good poses? / – Yes. – Can you strike good poses? / – Yes. – Red one for me. / – The triplets are fashionistas. The triplets’ first fashion show begins today. First, they choose their outfits carefully. (Choosing accessories carefully too) – I look fat. / – Come here. The careful fitting is underway. Take the sunglasses. Come here. Yes, feet… Daehan, Minguk, Manse are looking cool. What kind of performance is in store for us? The parents can come in. – Come inside. / – Okay. The fashion show will begin. Please give a big round of applause as we begin. (Excited) (Will the kids do well?) 2015 F/W triplets collection. Here we go. (Manse suddenly walks in) (Perplexed) Look at the people. (The vibe becomes lively thanks to quirky Manse) (Manse is hilarious) (The fashion show finally begins) (International models give a fancy opening) (Confident) (Perfect spin too!) (He’s impressed by the perfect performance) (Elegant ending) They’re so pretty. (Who’s the next model?) (Daehan is rocking the loner biker look) (The shades are the focal point) Now Manse… (The best!) (What is Daehan’s key pose?) You want to bow to them here? Manse. Manse, bow to the audience. (He finishes with a polite, big bow) (Laughing with applause) (Who’s up next?) Come on out. Pose right there. (Strumming) Pose right there. (Minguk’s concept is the Songdo singer) – I have a guitar, dad. / – Guitar. (Manse’s final stage) (Excited) (Groovy) Manse seems to be born with it. (Stepping out!) (Where’d you learn that?) (Tons of cool poses) (Manse has charm that isn’t hidden on the runway) (Go, Manse) (He feels right at home running on the runway) (Nice, Manse!) (I’m Model Song) (Grin) Manse, come on out. Let’s all go out now. Come on out, models. (Cheers) Let’s wave together. – Wave now. / – Wave and say hi. (Ilkook congratulates them with all his heart) The fashion show is over. You can have a free photo time. In order to capture this moment, Ilkook takes precious pictures. – Next is actor Ilkook’s corner. / – Cinderella. Just go work. Turn into a dinosaur. Minguk is the cute fairy. Manse is the pretty and pure Cinderella. Daehan will act as the prince. This Cinderella performance has a perfect cast. It’s so exciting. It’s a mess, right? (Nevertheless, he can’t wait) (The final rehearsal is complete!) Go, Daehan, Minguk, Manse! Go! 1, 2, 3, let’s do it! Okay. Come here. The fairy too. The improvisational Cinderella theater will start now. (Break a leg, kids) (The Return of Cinderella by Anonymous) (Sweeping) (Who’s this in pretty shoes sweeping away?) (Blond Manse as Cinderella!) (Laughing with applause) (Manse drives me nuts!) (Cute!) Her stepmother and stepsisters appeared. Are you done cleaning? Did you clean or not? – I did. / – You did? – I did. / – We will… – Go to the ball… / – Why are you on stage now? And meet the prince. The fairy came out… So we’ll go to the ball with the fairy. Cinderella started to cry. (Running off) Cinderella covered her face with her hands and cried harder. (So cute) And right then… Fairies came to Cinderella from the sky. Cinderella! We’ll help you go to the ball. We’ll help. Ta-da. (Minguk the fairy uses magic for Manse Cinderella) (Excited) Please dance. Let’s go to the front. Cinderella and the prince fall in love at the ball. Minguk is a fairy. Right then… The clock struck midnight. What can they do? The fairies’ magic comes undone at midnight. I have to go. Don’t go. But Cinderella hid between the fairies. Hide. (Hey, you should leave a shoe behind) Okay. Okay. The prince picked up the shoe that was left behind. Cinderella’s shoe! The prince looked left and right looking for Cinderella. But couldn’t find Cinderella… He suddenly froze. Freeze. Freeze. Everyone, stop. I’m Cinderella. Cinderella… The prince… Tricked… – The prince… / – Put the shoe on her. Put the shoe on her. (Minguk the fairy is congratulating them) (Bravo!) (The end) Really, I didn’t expect too much. I really didn’t expect too much. When I saw Manse sweeping the floor… I wondered if he’d become an actor. Clusters of grapes everywhere… Where is this place full of grapes of a sweet scent? Jion loves grapes these days. She’s always asking for them. So we went to a grape orchard. So here they are at a grape orchard. Oh, I see. She’s an actress. Jion, greet her now. “Hello, ma’am.” – Pink. / – She’s wearing sneakers, right? Wearing sneakers. Hello. You’re wearing pretty sandals. – Nice to meet you. Hello. / – Hello. Oh, my… You don’t know my name, right? It makes me forget things. It’s Lee Seongyun. Lee Seongyun. Right. Taewoong is a prankster. – Right. / – I’m Uhm Taewoong. Grapes. They’re not in the fridge. Jion, grapes are growing here. (Picking a grape) (Ah…) How is it? Is it yummy? (Chewing the seeds too) Jion, you’re chewing the seeds too? – Seeds? / – Seeds. – Seeds. / – If there are seeds inside… Just spit them out. Seeds… (You said spit them out?) You spat them out. Taewoong picks them… And picks them. Put them in there. And Jion eats them… And eats them. – Jion really likes grapes. / – They’re good. – The grapes are sweet. / – Yeah, grapes. (Happy) For Jion who loves grapes, her dad has prepared something. A festival to enjoy grapes as much as she wants. Jion, look at those grapes. – You want to do it too? / – Yes. Go! – Go! / – Go! Step on them. Like this, like this. (A festival where you enjoy grapes with your body) Towards the grapes. Grapes. That’s it. Pull it. You got it, you got it! You got it! Pink. Hey! (Straight to the balloon man!) (How interesting!) Jion, say thank you. Thank you. – Thank you. / – That’s it. Since they’ve had fun, it’s time for a good meal. Jion, I’ll give you grape juice. It’s made with the grapes from before. To Jion’s health. Cheers. – Cheers. / – Cheers. – Cheers. / – Cheers. How is it? (Very satisfied) Jion is big now, so I’m drinking with you. Daddy said cheers. (Cute) Meat. – You want meat? / – Yes. Okay. Wait a bit. Wait. It has to cook. No. Daddy, ah… This is raw so you can’t eat it. Daddy, give it to me. – You want it? / – Yeah. I need to cook it. Cook it. Cook it. It’s cooking. Sizzling… (How does it taste?) (Biting) (Swallowing!) The best! The best! The best? The best! – Daddy. / – What? You’re bleeding. – I am, right? / – Yeah. You want medicine? – You’ll give me medicine? / – Yeah. – Jion will give me medicine? / – Yeah. (Proud) Bed. (Bed?) (Silverware props) Bed. Bed. I’ll tell the mushroom to rest. I’ll tell the mushroom to sleep. The baby mushroom will sleep. I’ll put a blanket over it too. Blanket? Put a blanket over it too. Okay. (Pat, pat) Jion, eat your meat. The baby will sleep. Rock-a-bye baby… Jion, Jion… Jion… Do you… Want a baby sibling? – Baby’s feet? / – Baby’s feet. Are the baby’s feet big? Yeah. – Jion’s feet are big too, right? / – Yeah. (Lift) Huh? It’s huge. It’s huge. (Jion’s dad laughs because of her) (Eating meat) (I’m getting strong!) So you get strong when you eat meat. – Daddy. / – Huh? I want rice. Give me rice! Give me rice! You want rice? (I’m so hungry, I could collapse) (Jion eats rice too with the power from the meat) (Thank you for the meal) We came here when I was a baby. When you were a baby. A baby. We came here. A baby. Sarang, Korea is so cold. You know saunas? Sarang had visited a sauna for the first time. It’s been a year and a half now. – We take one each, right? / – Sarang’s… What about the baby’s? – Here. / – What about Sarang’s? The red one for Sarang. Sarang too. – Huh? / – It’s okay. Come in. Move over. Move over. Come in. (She eventually comes in with her dad’s help) – Shoes. / – Take them off. You have to take them off here. Take them off. (She takes them off and holds them) I’ve done this as a baby. Yeah. As a baby. Sarang has a great memory. It’s been a while… Sarang was so cute as a baby. (The kids’ sauna outfit was too big for Sarang) (She wore the shorts like long pants…) (The sauna uniform fits perfectly now) Sarang has grown a lot, hasn’t she? Buy the eggs here. (Sarang wants ice cream) I’ll have eggs too. This? We’ll have this and rice punch. Here. Make it beep. – Good job. / – Good girl. Wait. Sarang, we came here before. When Sarang was a baby. We came. Remember? – Yeah. / – Remember? Daddy, daddy. Huh? That’s mine. (She’s cuter than before!) Okay. Try it. (Yum) How does it taste? Good. (Daddy does a little slap-stick comedy) (She laughs away) You’re bringing it for me? Oh, thank you. Where? Here? – Can I sleep? / – Yeah. (I’ve been waiting for this) (Sarang gets on top of daddy right away) (You!) I did this as a baby too. You did this as a baby too? When you came here? (Giddy up) (A year and a half ago) (Hey!) A year and a half ago, baby Sarang was a prankster like today. (Though she became a young lady with time) – She loves her dad as always. / – Rice punch. Let’s drink rice punch. Sarang, what else do you remember here? Here… The pool. What we did in the pool? – You remember? / – Yeah. That was almost a year ago, I think we came a year ago, Sarang, you’ve grown a lot. You were this big then. Where are you now? Where are you now? You’re here now. You’ve grown a lot. What about you? I’m shrinking bit by bit. You’re this much. You’ll keep growing. 180. – Set 180cm as your goal. / – Okay. Where is Sarang? Sarang, where are you? Where are you, Sarang? Where… Oh! Someone’s here, Sarang! Someone’s here. Mommy’s here too! (It’s mommy) It’s here. I wanted to come here too. Sarang, mommy wanted to come here too. (I have one too) Sarang, come here. – Sit here. / – Like this. What… They’re eggs. – What… / – What… – What? / – What… What is this? – What is this? / – An egg. That’s it. (You should crack eggs on your head) You did that with grandpa. You did that too. Here. (On daddy’s head too) (Thud!) It’s quite hard. (Me too) (Thud!) (Merciless) It’s weird. No, no, daddy didn’t do anything. (Thud!) (My hand hurts more) Let’s go now. – Sarang, let’s go to the pool. / – Sarang, sauna. Mommy wants to go to the steam room… Steam room. – Sarang, she wants the sauna. / – Sauna. I’ve never been to the steam room. – What about the pool? / – We should go together. Let’s go to the sauna, then the pool. – Okay? / – Okay. Okay, get up. It’s hot. It’s great. Oh, it’s hot. (Coughing) It feels great. Oh, it’s hot, it’s hot. I’m tired. Put them on mommy’s belly. Sarang, let’s hurry up and go. Let’s hurry up and go. Let’s go. I don’t want to. No, no. Hot. It’s hot. – No, no. / – It’s hot. It’s hot. Let’s go to the pool. No, no. Hot. – Hot. / – I want to stay here. – Oh, it’s hot. / – Oh, it’s hot. Oh, it’s hot. Just the two of us should go. Just the two of us should go. She said just the two of us should go. Just the two of us should go. – Oh, it’s hot. / – Together, together… Together… Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go. It’s hot. It’s hot. – Let’s go. / – It’s hot, right? It wasn’t hot for me at all. Oh, it’s hot. Oh, it’s hot. (Pool with refreshing palm trees) (Shirt off) (Push) (Splash!) Mermaid Sarang kicks the water trusting in her dad. Sunghoon and Sarang just love the water. What about mommy? (She rides the floating toy) Catch the dolphin. Catch the whale. (Sarang is enjoying the last summer here) Sarang, Sarang. Sarang, Sarang, Sarang. Amazing, amazing. Sarang, did you enjoy Korea? Did you enjoy it? Mommy enjoyed it here. Sarang enjoyed it here too. I want to come here again. I want to come here again. Me too. Me too. And the twins are enjoying their morning. Seoeon, Seojun. Open the curtains, you’ll see grandpa’s hometown. Come. Let’s see here. Let’s see from there. 1, 2, 3. (Ta-da) (Oh, dazzling) (Wow!) In the early mornings, the waves of fog are always here. It’s the mysterious town of Mungyeong. They vanish into thin air when the sun rises. (Wow!) (Wow!) (Parade of wows) (Wow!) (Oh!) What’s that? Something’s flying. Parachute. – Cool. Should I try that? / – Yes. – Should I try that? / – Yes. That’s called paragliding. That’s where they land. I’ll tell you something. I wasn’t able to walk down stairs till I was 8 or 9. I was a scaredy-cat. Your grandpa is worse. He won’t even ride planes. I at least ride planes. What’s that? What’s that? What is it? What’s that? What’s that? – That? / – Yeah. Lightning Man’s friend. Lightning power! – Power! / – Power! It won’t go. Dad, this. Tie this. – Tie it? / – Yeah. Get ready. Lightning Man. – Me too. / – Lightning Man. Lightning power. – Wait. / – Me too. Okay, okay, wait. Wait. Ready, ready. Go. Lightning power! Lightning power! Power! Power! It’s going! We won! We won! We won! Bye! Bye! Go! Yell out, “Go!” – Go! / – That’s it. (Going amidst the refreshing wind) (Feels great) Great air. Right? – Go! / – Go! Go! Where’s mom? Mom! Mom! I can’t see her. You can’t see mom? (You talk so well now) Mom! Go to mom. How are you? How much did you miss me? This much? Me too. (Smooch) You’re afraid of heights. So you didn’t go to theme parks when dating. So how can you do this? I kept filming a video to show to my father. I’ll show the city of Mungyeong… All of Mungyeong… With a jimmy jib. It’s a professional term. So I’ll film it from above. – Father will love it. / – Mom. – Mom. / – It’s over there. I guess you jump from there. I’m a bit scared of heights. Nevertheless, I’m here at my father’s hometown and I’ll get a shot from above. “Father, this is Mungyeong. It’s Jeomchon.” I bet he has no memory of Mungyeong or Jeomchon’s view from the sky. (Filming a video for grandpa) I love you. Seoeon, that’s it. I love you. – Mom, dad. / – Mom. – Dad. / – I love you, grandma. Uncle. I love you too, uncle. Say that to uncle too. – I love you, uncle. / – I love you, uncle. I love you. Wink too. Wink. You can do it. Seoeon, just one eye. You can do it. – Seojun, can you do it? / – Wink. (Blinking) Just one eye. Seojun, you should smile. A cool wink. – Wink. / – Wink. He’s closing both eyes. He can’t do it. (Going to the paragliding take-off run) (Wow) Exciting! Seoeon’s happy, Hwijae. – Exciting! / – Exciting! That’s it. – Exciting! / – Exciting! What a place… Should we go up or stay? They can see the whole area of Mungyeong. The twins arrive at the paragliding take-off run. What is it? What is it? What is it? What is it? Did you see that? This is no joke. – This is no joke. / – Can you do it, honey? – I’ll hang on to it. / – You have to do it. This is no joke. (Hwijae the beginner will fly with a professional) When you take off, run 10 steps… – With me. / – I’ll… Run. Yes. How many years have you done this? – I got my license a month ago. / – Huh? It’s been a month? You ended up with me. Why are you doing this to me? We’re from the same hometown. – Let’s try running. / – Okay. – You’ll run like that. / – Okay. I got it. I’m shaking. How do you feel now? – Your heart’s about to burst? / – I can’t think. If you look like you’re scared, the kids will cry. (Bitter smile) (This smile…) (Hehehe) (You smile too, Seoeon) Come in. Let’s sleep now. If you look like you’re scared, the kids will cry. Seoeon, Seojun, I’m leaving. – Go! / – Go! – Tell him you love him. / – Go! I love you. Seoeon, we need to watch dad. Come on. Hold me. (Holding them up) “Go, dad!” – Go! / – Go! Can we go now? Yes. We’ll go now. 1, 2, 3. – Power. / – He’s going. – Power. / – Power. He’s going. Power. Power. Power. Power. Run fast. Put them inside. And raise your arms. (Wow) “Go, dad!” “Go, dad!” And raise your arms. (For the kids) And raise your arms. (Wow) (Go, dad!) (Dad is flying) (Wow) We’re flying in the sky, right? Yes, we are. (I was so scared to even imagine this…) (Flying in the sky) Dad. Ask, “Dad, where are you?” Where are you? Dad, dad! Over there. – Dad. / – Is that dad? Say hi to dad. Hi. “Dad!” Dad! – Go! / – Go! “Go, dad!” Mungyeong. That’s Mungyeong. Father! Father! This is… This is the sky of Mungyeong. I’m paragliding for the first time. This is for you. This is for my family. But… Wow! Wow! Father. Mungyeong is really pretty. Father. Your hometown is really pretty. Wow… Hwijae’s father never saw his hometown from above. He’ll miss this view so much. So he’s filming it with love. Down there… That’s your elementary school. And grandpa and grandma’s graves. Father, I’ll edit this video for you and show it to you later. (After the 20-minute flight) Don’t run. That’s it. Good job. That was fun. That was fun. Thank you. Dad, where you were? I was in the sky. Seojun, what did dad do? Right? What did dad do? – Seojun, was dad cool? / – Yes. I wouldn’t have gone up were I younger. Actually, I ran for my family, you know. When my kids learn about this later, it’ll be a guideline for other challenges. Now I do everything as the dad, for the whole family… I do my best. This is Jion’s house on a lazy afternoon. Jion, you want yogurt? (Sure) (Acting cute) (Hehehe) Very pink. It’s very pink so it’s strawberry flavor. (Daddy fully understands me now) (Sour) Good girl. Jion can eat it by herself. Jion, if you eat this, your poop will be super soft. Your poop will be super soft. You want me to take over? – You’re done, Jion? / – Yeah. No. Have one more bite. The yogurt is saying, “Jion, eat me too. No.” You have to eat it all. That way, the yogurt will be happy. – Happy? / – Happy. Jion, are you happy? Yes. (Daddy too) Meat. It was hard to understand Jion. – So it used to be tough. / – Jion Jion. He used to get mad sometimes. The yogurt is saying… – “Jion, eat me too.” / – Now he understands her. Taewoong has become a great dad. – Happy? / – It’s an amazing change. (After finishing the yogurt) (Jion goes to the corner) What? (Grimacing) Are you pooping? You’re pooping. It’s effective, alright. (Pooping with all her might) Jion, it’s coming out? Jion, tell me when you’re done. (Nodding) (Giving it all her strength) (A long fight is to come) (Over here) (Over there) (What should I do?) (Scratching) (Moving) (Beep) (Turning on the air purifier) (Jion has good manners) (Manners maketh man) Jion, how’s it going? (Not so well) Jion, want me to take care of it? (No, no) Go, Jion! Go! (Trying hard) (Sweating so much) (It’s so tough today) (Trying hard too with his facial expressions) Jion, want me to hold your hands? Want me to hold your hands? Come here, come here. (Holding daddy’s hands) (Argh) (Jion, you can do it!) Did a lot come out? Did a lot come out? A lot came out. A lot came out. A lot came out? A lot came out. A lot came out? – A lot came out? All of it? / – Yeah. Good job. ‘Up, up’ Jion. Keep watching Kongsun. I’ll go out there… And bring a lion. Okay? I’ll bring a lion. Okay? Alright? Dad… Lion. Daddy. – Jion, you want to see lions? / – Yeah. – You want to see lions? / – Yeah. – Should I bring lions to the front yard? / – Yeah. (Then!) (He brings real lions?) (Real situation) (The cameramen can’t go close) Oh! Is that a real lion? (So up-close) (Can’t believe they’re real lions) (Lions come to Jion’s front yard) Jion. Let’s go see lions. Lions? It’s okay. Look at me. (Grin) Hula skirt for Jion. Hula, hula. Jion. Look at this. Jion too. Jion, let’s go outside. Jion, there are lions over there. Lions. – Lions. / – Lions. (Grin) Lions are here. Lions are here. Lions are here in our front yard. A white lion is here. Lion. Lion. A lion is here, right? Jion. Are they lions or dogs? – Huh? These guys. / – Lions. Lions? These. Jion loves lions so Taewoong just created an event for her. (Putting it on) All the kids in the house took part in the lion event. Jion trusts daddy with all her heart. So he got two lions and a rare white lion too. Let’s show her some lions. What a trustworthy dad. Let’s go. Take the lead. Take the lead. Jion. We’re like the African tribe leader and his daughter. White lion, come here. White lion, come here. (The lion comes when called upon) White lion, come here. Jion, is this a dream or not? Oh, my, oh, my… What’s this? My goodness. What’s with you guys? – Mommy! / – What’s this? Mommy! Mommy! The queen is here. Mommy is here. Jion. Mommy! There are lions. Another one’s there. They’re like real lions. Jion, because of you… They’re… You did all this for her. Jion, you’re so cute. Daddy is dressed up too. You were playing with daddy? Jion, what did we see that was red yesterday? Red. – Red. / – Goblin. – Goblin? / – Yes. – Red. / – You saw a goblin? Jion, you’ll listen to mommy from now on, right? – You saw a real goblin? / – Yes. A lot. – You saw a lot? / – Yes. – You were scared? / – Yes. You went like this? Oh, no… Oh, no… Come here. You guys can stop acting now. (It’s over, let’s take it off now) Next chapter… Only 2 families but there are 8 kids. Two dads and eight kids. The dads of twins and triplets all finally meet. All the boys love Daebak. And the little ones are so generous. – 1, 2, 3. / – The big first encounter will be shown. – The daughter and mom are competitive. / – Good. Toofbrush. Not “toofbrush” but “toothbrush.” Who will win this competition? They will learn someday that… These growing pains were to lead to great things. The Return of Superman. Chapter 99. “Struggles Lead to a Strong Dad.” Don’t miss out.

Glenn Chapman


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