The Return of Superman | 슈퍼맨이 돌아왔다 – Ep.91 (2015.08.23)

Taewoong and Jion are at Pyeongchang. Where are they going now? (Welcome) (They are heading to a ranch on a big tractor) (Dressed warmly in the cold weather) Did you wear boots to go horseback riding? Yes. – You look cool. / – Thank you. I had to ride horses in my dramas. For historical dramas, I had to learn to ride. I had to learn to stay on the horse. I love animals so I liked horseback riding too. (Today, Jion is going to interact with horses too) Tell them to come over here. Come to Jion. (Hello) 1, 2… – 1. / – 1. 1, 2, 3, 4. (The horses are saying hi) If you look to the right, there’s a broken plane. They shot the plane crashing scene for the movie “Welcome to Dongmakgol” here. It was a hit movie with 6.4 million audiences. Taewoong was in a hit movie too. “Silmido.” Taewoong was a great supporting actor who stood out among many great actors. He was really young then. (Kim Kangwoo) (Uhm Taewoong) Hey, lady. Kids are supposed to cry. That’s how they grow. It was a great movie. (They’ve finally arrived at the ranch) The Return of Superman. Chapter 91. “People Who Make Me Stronger.” (It’s a horse!) Jion. Can you ride on this horse? Yes! (I want to ride it now) I want, want. I want to ride, daddy. You want to ride? – Yes. / – Wait just a little bit. (Jion approaches the horse) (Bump) I want to ride. (The horse steps back) (She keeps going forward!) No, no, Jion. The horse might kick you. What is it? What do you want to do? (I want to stroke it) You want to touch the horse? – Yes. / – Alright. (Lift) Touch it. It’s alright. You can touch it. I stopped you because it’s dangerous. Touch it. (She smiles as soon as she touches the horse) You wanted to touch the horse? Good. (It’s time to ride the horse!) Spread your legs. Good. Goodness… (It’s her first time riding a big horse) Stay still. Try touching the horse. Her name is Eunji. – Call her name. / – Eunji. – Eunji. / – Eunji. Eunji. Shall we go? Want to start riding? – Yes! / – Wow, so brave. Recently, she shocked her dad by succeeding in riding a donkey by herself. But today, she has to ride a big horse and go on the tough road. Will she be able to do it? (Eunji, I trust you) Which way is safe? You can just stay in this track. – This track? / – Yes. That sounds good. Let’s go. (Wobbly) Let’s go. Let’s go slowly. (Jion is doing a great job) Let’s go this way. Aren’t you scared? No. You aren’t scared? (Proud) (Riding on the rhythm) Is it fun? Wow, you’re amazing. (Very relaxed) Wow, Jion is great at horseback riding. Jion, should we stop now? No. You want to continue? (Just then) (Wobble) (Eunji is acting weird all of sudden) No, no, no. (Jion keeps her balance!) (She is a born jockey!) Wow, she could be in a rodeo competition. (Eunji, are you alright?) – Let’s speed up. / – Yes! (Let’s enjoy the speed!) (So fun) (Jion is fine even with the faster speed) (She succeeds again!) Jion. (Why am I so tired?) You can go the other way. – That way? / – Yes. It’s a slope. (They try going down the slope) We are going downhill. Hold on tight. Hey, don’t ride it like that! Sit up straight! Don’t do that! Sit up straight. Sit up. Wow, Jion is good. Jion, the way you leaned forward… The professional jockeys ride like that. The monkey crouch. It’s hard even if you learn how. (Proud) Let’s go. Jion, don’t let go of your hands! Jion, let go of your hands. Good. Let go of your hands. (She’s staying put with her strong thighs) Try clapping. Clap. She’s really good. Jion, you are good. We’re here. – Let’s stop now. / – No. – Let’s stop. / – Go, go. Again? Jion, can I try riding the horse? Let me try riding it by myself. No? No? No? Let me try riding it by myself. – No. / – You can ride it after me. No. – You want to ride it alone? / – Yes. (Sad Taewoong) Did you want to ride the horse that much? (Taewoong even wore boots…) I really wanted to ride the horse but Jion was enjoying it and she was good. People said Jion was really good so I was very happy. This time, let’s meet the twins. (The twins are in their playroom) – Ta-da. / – Wow! (I’m going to ride it) Wow. Bang! Seoeon. Ouch. You’ll get hurt. Ouch. Ouch. Seoeon. Ouch. You’ll get hurt. (Seojun takes care of his brother) Ouch. (Let’s get along well) Come here. Seoeon, my friend is coming. – My friend is… / – No! Tell him not to come? Yes. He’s my friend. No! – Tell him not to come? / – Yes. Seojun, the uncle who’s coming now… The original Korean Wave star… What was it? Is that right? What was his Chinese name? What was it? (Just say it in Korean) Anyway, he’s a Korean Wave star. His stage name used to be Min. When he was in college with me… Are you listening? Yes! He’s my close friend from college. Okay? – Yes. / – Alright. (The original Korean Wave star, Ahn Jaewook) Ahn Jaewook was every girl’s dream boy. He even stole the hearts of women in China. He recently got married with the love of his life. Why is he coming to the twins’ house? He was in the comedy club with me. We all know that he’s actually a true comedian. He’s hiding all that and now he’s an actor. We’ve known each other for 24 years. I was the host at his wedding. His wife is pregnant. Now that his baby is due, he’s curious. He wants to know how families with babies are like. Oh, he’s here! He’s here! Uncle is here! Come. Uncle is here. Uncle! Hello. (Staring for a while then leaves!) It’s because of your beard. – Right? / – Yes. – Do you know me? / – Come here. Let’s say hello. Jaewook, have a seat first. – Sit down. / – Let’s do the greetings. – Seoeon, hurry. / – Do you know me? I told you earlier that uncle is coming. – Hello. / – No, don’t run away! You don’t know me, do you? Why are you hiding? Goodness, why is he hiding? It must be your beard, Jaewook. Kids are usually scared of people with dyed hair or a beard. Come here. Attention. – No! / – Are they scared of strangers? – They are a little. / – Really? You need get close with them first. Seojun, how old are you? – Seojun, how old are you? / – No! He’s shy. – They must be flustered. / – Yes. Seoeon! Lee Seoeon! Where is he? Seoeon! Let’s bring Seoeon. Let’s find Seoeon. – Let’s find Seoeon. / – No, no. Let’s find Seoeon. No, no! – Oh, yeah? / – What are you doing over there? He doesn’t like me? Guys! I came a long way… (It’s going to be a tough day for him) (Totally abandoned) (Will they be able to get along with each other?) (Separated in the bedroom) Wow, this room just has a big bed! It’s because they are twins. You always have to sleep with the kids? Yes. You can’t have another baby then. (Embarrassed) (Looking around) You already decorated the kids’ room. Of course, that was long ago. Wow, what’s this? Seoeon. Seoeon, it’s uncle. Are you okay now? Hello. Can you say hello? Not yet? Cover your beard with your hands. Geez… Seoeon! I actually look like this. Seoeon. They’re still checking you out. (Wary) I actually look like this. Aren’t I handsome, Seojun? Seoeon. (Acting cute) Do the palm blast. Palm blast! Yes, that’s it! (Acting his heart out) Wait, Seoeon. Tell me before you do it. I was so shocked. Palm blast! That’s it, Jaewook. Ambulance! It carries sick people. A tow truck lifts things… It loads everything when you move… It might not taste good but it’s good for your eyes. It actually tastes fine. Is this spinach? It’s kale juice. It’s good for you. It tastes good. Seojun, what are you doing? – Are you reading a book? / – Yes. Let’s wipe your nose. You have a runny nose. I want to drink… – Do you want this? / – Yes. Try it. It might not taste good. How is it? Is it good? Yes. Do you have bad eyes? Wow, you must really like this. (Runny nose) Where’s the tissue? It’s here. Give it to me. (Seojun heads for the juice!) (This is good!) Let’s wipe your nose. Were you drinking by yourself? Is it good? Yes. Your eyes will get better. Here. Is it good? Can I have a sip? – Yes. / – Thank you. It’s good. Good. (Over a cup of juice…) Here. Thank you. (They are becoming friends) It’s good. (Drinking together) (Gulping down) (So cute) Seojun is here! (He’s not drunk) Bang! (They became best friends over a cup of juice) Uncle is hit! Bang! Seoeon… I have to get hit twice because they are twins. He got close very quickly. I’m over here! I got you! – Jaewook. / – Got you! Over here. 1, 2! (Guests always do this at the twins’ house) – Palm blast. / – Palm blast! We won! Hurray! Palm blast! (Twirl) You’re flying! Palm blast! (After dozens of palm blast…) Good job. – Want to play hide-and-seek? / – Yes. Go hide with uncle. Go, Seoeon. 1, 2… Don’t hide there. 3, 4… (The novice dad is already tired) Hide, hide… (Raising children is hard) 1, 2, 3… (Even Seoeon is okay with Jaewook now) Where is he? – Where is he? / – There! Where? We found him. Hurray! Got you! We’re it now. This is the last one. Go hide, Seoeon. (After 10 rounds of hide-and-seek…) Tissue… I’m so tired. (Exhausted) Everywhere… If there’s camera in the bathroom… They can’t have another baby. (It’s none of your business…) (Jaewook’s present, a shark balloon) I heard that Seoeon and Seojun live here. Hello! Uncle! (It was outside the house) – Hello. / – Dad, shark. – What? / – Shark. – What? / – Shark. Eel? (Seojun is very keen) Who’s Seoeon? Say me. Shall we play outside? Yes! Then you guys hang out at the park. I’ll cook you a health food since it’s hot. It’s swimming. Let’s go out. Let’s go to the playground. Go! Hurry! Until sunset! Thanks, Jaewook. (It’s their first outing without dad) Be careful! Seoeon, slow down. (Just follow me!) Wow, your brother is leading the way. (Big steps) Seojun, look over there. (Crash) (Jaewook didn’t see Seoeon) (He’s a grown-up now) A little while later… The twins go out with Jaewook. They fall in love with the sweet taste of cotton candy. That’s how you eat it. Good. Wow, you’re really enjoying it. Give some to uncle. You won’t give me some? Give me a bite. No! Give me a kiss. No. Where did you learn that word? My last name is Ahn. Their first outing with the boring uncle, Jaewook. It will be revealed soon. Meanwhile, Sarang and the four boys begin their second day at etiquette school. Put on your shoes and come out. Okay. Sarang, you’ve put your shoes on. Come here. Come here. Take your shoes off here. It’s only been a day but the children have already matured. They tidy their shoes without being told to do so. They’re so well-behaved. Look this way. Hands together. – Hands together. / – Hands together. Hands together. Bow. Hello, head teacher. Good, Minguk. You make the others say it. Tell them to say hello. Repeat after Minguk. (Smart class captain, Minguk) Hands together. – Hands together. / – Hands together. – Hello, head teacher. / – Hello, head teacher. Sit down. (Sarang seems nervous as it’s her first lesson) Close your eyes. (Meditation time) Close your eyes, gather your minds. Then we’ll begin. Close your eyes and wait. (5-year-old Sarang meditates with ease) Hold your head up and close your eyes. (Lift!) (His head keeps dropping) (Oops!) (His neck looks up to the sky) Good. Open your eyes now. Good work. You did a great job. Yuto, open your eyes. Are you asleep? Now… Look at me and follow. Put your hands together like this. Now, do this. (Rub hands and put them to the eyes) Rub your hands like this. When your palms become warm… Put your hands to your eyes. Do it like this! Then this. Like this. Good job. Good. Next. Look here. Like this. Make a fist. Now, do this. Like this. Like this, like this. Good work. Next, do this. (Clicking teeth) Your top teeth have to touch your bottom teeth. (Bounce, bounce) (Manse’s body responds to the rhythm) This will make your teeth healthy, okay? Next, exercise your tongue. (Brush the gums with the tongue) (Minguk’s tongue is short so he wets his lips) This will make your gums healthy. (Flexible) (Lick, lick) (Heh heh) Next. Clench your fists. – Clench your fists. / – Do this. Like this. Like this. Like this. (Like this, teacher?) No. Like this. Like this. Like this, like this, like this, like this. Do it like this. (Isn’t it easy?) (This is fun) (Manse looks like a baseball coach giving signs) Next. Stretch your legs. Like this. Like this. Feet. – Feet. / – Feet. – Tummy. / – Tummy. – Neck. / – Neck. Feet, tummy, neck. – Feet. / – Feet. Feet. Neck. Sarang, you try it. Feet. Feet. Tummy. – Neck. / – Good. Daehan, you try it. Feet. Feet. Neck. What about your tummy? Neck. Feet, neck, tummy. Neck. You try it. Feet, tummy, neck. Good work! – Neck. / – Good work! One more time. – Feet. / – Yes. – Tummy. / – Good. – Neck. / – Good job! – Manse, you do it. Stretch your legs. / – Feet. – Feet. Stretch! / – Neck. Feet. (Stare) Feet. Feet. Neck. Tummy. Where did your tummy go? Tummy. (He’s so cute) Try it once more. Feet, tummy, neck. Start. Feet, neck, tummy. No. – That’s wrong. / – Right. Meanwhile, the dads… They’re busy picking lotus leaves. (Big) The things we do for our children. (Ha ha ha) I’ve never done anything like this before. – I’ve only eaten lotus leaf wraps. / – Right. – I didn’t know the leaves were this big. / – Yes. The big ones are huge. (Big) (They spot the children on their return) (The etiquette lesson is underway) (Pleased) Now… (Proud) How did I tell you to address the men? You need to go find the food. – Food? / – Yes. What food? You need to catch a chicken. – Chicken? / – Yes. We have to catch it ourselves? Yes, you have to catch it. That won’t be easy. I need to get some gloves. I have gloves here. Ilkook, they’re here. I already put them there. The things we have to do. There’s a white chicken over there. Would you like to come up here? (Today’s lunch target is this animal) That one’s the most fierce. It looks like a fighting cock. It is a fighting cock. Excuse me? We’re here to catch you. (Let’s begin catching) Hey, hey, hey! (Flee) (Goodness) (Catch me if you can!) Goodness. Goodness. Geez! Hey! Come here. (Why is it so fast?) (Three grown men can’t beat the chicken) (Run) Hey, hey! (The chicken gives the dads a good workout) (It’s so fast) (Catch me if you can, cluck, cluck) Come here, come here. (I’m going to get you!) Are the dads catching the chicken? Or is the chicken catching them? Will they catch it before the day ends? (Gotcha!) (The chicken makes a quick turn) (Oops! It’s a dead end) (They lost it!) Geez. Come here! Hey! (Will they be able to eat today?) It runs so fast. Gosh. (They change targets to a slower chicken) (Flap) (They lost that one too) Geez. Gosh. We can’t go this way. We can’t go that way, no. We can’t go that way. Here, here, here. Here, here, here. You got it. Yes! Wow. Stay still. Stay still now. You’re good. You’re amazing. (They lost the fast chicken) (But Sunghoon caught a good Korean chicken) (Happy) It’s heavy carrying it with one hand. Hold it. It’s really heavy if you keep holding it. Wow. I think it weighs around 5kg. Probably more. I know. Wow. Their moment of glory. They take a souvenir photo. We’re going to learn pansori now. You learnt “Sarangga,” right? Yes. Listen to “Sarangga” first. Oh, yeah! – Oh, yeah! / – Oh, yeah! – Happy! / – What? Happy! Come this way. Let’s piggy back and have fun! Come this way. Let’s piggy back and have fun! Love, love, you’re my love. This is how you have fun. The triplets showed us with their bodies. Come this way. Let’s piggy back and have fun! Good. Come this way. Let’s piggy back and have fun! Good. Next? (Is that it?) Is that all? (What comes next?) ‘Come this way’ Good. ‘Let’s piggy back and have fun!’ ‘Come this way’ ‘Love, love, love’ ‘Let’s piggy back and have fun!’ ‘You’re my love’ (Focus) ‘You’re my love’ Sing it like this. Can you do it? – Yes. / – Yes. Can you do it? – Yes. / – Yes. Sing one line at a time. Hey, Chunhyang. Hey, Chunhyang. Good work, Yuto. What is it, Chunhyang? Good. Let’s piggy back and have fun. Let’s piggy back and have fun. Good. How embarrassing. We can’t do that. Good boy, Yuto. Next. If mother in the other room knows… Mother in the other room kisses. (The head teacher’s embarrassed) (Why would she kiss?) Come this way. Let’s piggy back and have fun. Sing it for us. Go. Come this way. Let’s piggy back and have fun. Piggy back! Piggy back! You need to raise the tone. Let’s piggy back and have fun. Great! Manse, you try it. – Come this way. / – Come this way. Let’s piggy back and have fun. Good! Love, love, love. You’re my love. Love, love, love, love. Sing love three times and it will be perfect. Love, love, love. You’re my love. Start. Love, love, you’re my love. Love, love, love. Three times. – Let’s end it. / – Love, love, you’re my love. (Not you too, Minguk) Three times. – Love, love. / – Love, love, my love. Love, love. You’re my love. You missed one. (I can’t do it for some reason) Don’t laugh. Love, love, love. You’re my love. Go. Love, love, love. Love, love, love. – I can’t let you go. / – You’re my love. I did it. Love. Begin. – Love. / – Love, love, my love. I guess this is your limit. (The head teacher’s going to give up) You keep missing one love. Right? Let’s try it one last time. (Bang! Crack!) Come this way. Let’s piggy back and have fun. Love, love. You’re my love. Okay, good work. What’s that? We caught a chicken. We caught a chicken… What’s that? Look, it’s a chicken. Isn’t it big? Where’s its face and mouth? Here it is, here. Look, here. (So this is a Korean chicken) Look at this. This is the cock’s comb. How does it feel? Isn’t it cute? Cock-a-doodle-do! (Shocked) (They’re going to have a nutritious lunch) Let’s eat this chicken. As usual, Chef Choo’s cooking. He’s the official Superman chef. He’s making a treat for the kids after their lesson. He’s making whole chicken soup. (I want it to taste good) (He tucks in the ingredients, makes it pretty) On the show… I think I’m in charge of cooking now. It’s strange. Here’s another person in charge of cooking. Ilkook’s using the lotus leaves they picked. He’s making fragrant lotus leaf rice wraps. (He fills the steamer) (All he has to do is put the lid on and wait) The 2 dads have made a huge effort. They’re serving a healthy, country meal. Everyone’s looking forward to this. – Here’s the chicken soup. Clap! / – Clap. Wow! Look at the chicken. Wow! It looks delicious. – Chicken! / – Look. Goodness. Let’s eat the chicken. It’s huge. No, we can’t eat yet. No, don’t eat yet. Dad, sit down over here. Yes. – Dad, sit down over here. / – Okay. Bow. Thank you for the meal. Thank you. Dad, hurry up and eat. I’m going to eat. Let’s eat. You can eat now. Okay, wait. Wow. What’s this? Chestnut? – Yes. That’s chestnut. / – Chestnut. Dad, is this acorn rice? No, it’s a lotus leaf rice wrap. Here. Eat it when it cools down. Take a drumstick. (He bites into the flesh) It’s hot. Dad, it’s not hot. It’s hot. – It’s already cool. / – Water. (Yuto eats with his hands) (Yum) (Yuto’s fallen in love with Korean chicken) (Manse puts the drumstick in his mouth) (This is how I eat whole chicken soup) Want more? Yes. Teacher, have some water. Teacher, have some water. (He’s proud that he taught them well) What did you say? Have some water. Give it to me. – Two hands. / – Two hands. Good. Thanks. Come here. I’ll let you touch my beard. (Grab) Give me some water too. – Say have some water. / – Dad has a beard too. – Dad’s beard… / – I don’t have one. – My beard’s longer, right? / – Dad, have some water. – Thank you. / – How does it feel? (Sarang’s the top student of etiquette class) Well? (Minguk’s still touching the teacher’s beard) Do you want to pull it out? Pull it out? Yes. No, no, no. Good boy. – Come and eat. / – Go to your dad. Daehan, Minguk, Manse. Did you have fun here over the past 2 days? Yes. – Yes. / – Sarang, did you enjoy it? – Yes. / – Manse, did you have fun? Yes. Yuto, how about you? Was it fun? What did he say? He was tired but it was fun. Fun despite being tired. (Yuto always provides good laughs) Every morning when you get up… Will you greet your parents? Yes. Daehan, will you greet them? Yes. What’s the morning greeting, Sarang? Did you sleep well? Good girl. You’re good. They spent 2 days in an unfamiliar environment. At times, they were tired. The strict head teacher made them cry. It was tough but the children have matured. Head teacher, hello. (A day at etiquette school) While they played together, cried and laughed… The children’s hearts probably grew stronger. You touched it. You completed the village school class. This certificate is awarded to you. Receive with both hands. Next. Thank you. – Good. / – Thank you. Thank you. That’s the most you’ve spoken up, Yuto. Good-bye. Be rich. Mind your manners. (Thank you, teacher) I won’t see you out. Goodness. Don’t you want to go home? Don’t fall over here. Bye. Goodbye. (Grow up even stronger) The 5 siblings are having their first meal out. Food, food. Food. (I’m hungry) Rice, rice. When the food arrives… – Food, food. / – I’ll cut it up for you. Okay, food. You’re so hungry. Food, food. Food. Food, food. (The porridge arrives first) I’ll give this to you. Wait. – This. / – No. It’s hot, it’s hot. Let daddy do it for you. It’s hot. I want it. – Let go. / – I want it. It’s Sua’s. Fine. (I’m hungry. Let me eat!) Okay, Sua. It’s hot, hot, hot. You like it! (This is nothing) (Slurp) (Jaea has a big appetite) I’ve already finished. (Glance) (She eats holding her bowl tightly) (Me too…) (Growl) Dad. Daebak can’t eat porridge, right? – Oh, this… / – Can I eat it? – Can I eat it? / – Can I have it? – Yes. / – I’ll give you half. (She’s scared hers will be taken too) (Daebak’s porridge is evenly divided) (Eat up, Jaea) (The 2 big sisters get along well) (Seola begins to feel nervous) (I have to finish mine quickly) She was hungry. (I’m hungry too) (Daebak’s angry) Hey, Daebak. (Donggook looks for formula) (Rub) (Hurry up!) Oh, no. Daebak… (What is it?) – I brought the formula but no water. / – Sua’s so cute. (Don’t do this to me) Oh, no. Seola. Seola, this is yours. This is for you, Seola. Eat it with this. (Crying won’t solve this so let’s stop) Wipe it for her. There’s no more. You’ve finished? I want more! – Rice, rice, rice. / – Rice, rice. Here it is. Clap, clap! Seola, clap. Hello. It looks delicious. Is this fully cooked? – Wow. / – Seola, wow! Wow. You’re happy. Wait. Today’s menu is grilled eel. Donggook needs to eat up. It’s tough looking after five children. (Donggook’s chosen a healthy menu for his girls) (Pop) (Eat up, everyone) (What about me?) – This is baby food. / – Yes. – Can you mix it up? / – Want me to warm it up? – Yes. / – I’ll do it for you. Thank you so much. Here’s the baby food. Thank you. (Thank you) I have to feed him. I think we need to order more. How much more should we ask for? Give it to me! No, this is Daebak’s. (Please don’t do that, sis) This. This? – Yes. / – This? This is Daebak’s. It’s not the porridge from earlier. – Mine. / – It’s Sua’s! It’s Sua’s? It’s Sua’s. It’s Sua’s? This is Daebak’s. He hasn’t eaten anything. It’s Sua’s! You? Your name is Seola. (Seola’s hard to pronounce) (Donggook finds it hard to defend) Here. It’s hot. Here, okay? – It’s hot. / – Hooray! (Okay, let’s share) (Daebak is so generous) Daebak, you need to protect your food. Okay? Look at your sisters. They’re always after your food. Daebak, wow. You fought off your hunger until now? Here, Daebak. Open up. You must’ve been really hungry. You’re eating so quickly. What’s this? It’s Sua’s. After you finish your meal. It’s Sua’s, it’s Sua’s. It’s Sua’s. – It’s Sua’s. / – It’s Sua’s. – It’s Sua’s. / – Seola. You’re Seola. (Can’t I just be Sua too?) Seola, you’re Seola, not Sua. Seola. Their war-like meal ends. The five siblings return home. Seola, it’s mom. Mom. – Seola. / – Mom. – Are you having fun? / – I played with my stickers. Stickers. – This too. / – We played with stickers. Did you brush your teeth? She said she played with stickers. – Stickers? / – Yes. Seola. Yes? Yes. Where’s Sua? Sua’s here. Sua’s there? Have fun and try to get along. – Okay. / – Yes. Listen to daddy. – Yes. / – Yes. I love you. – Yes. / – I love you. I love you. – Yes. / – I love you. I miss you. – Yes. / – Take care. Okay. Hang up! Yes, hang up. Okay. (It’s time for bed) (Daebak falls asleep on the gym ball) He’s asleep. (They get up simultaneously) (Telepathy? Let’s grab the gym ball) (It’s mine!) (Jaesi wins) (Tame Daebak is asleep) Who’s next? Okay. Lie down. Let’s change your diaper and go to bed. (Jaesi, Jaea go to their rooms) Let’s go. Wow! Sua, your diaper’s so wet. Sua, you make efficient use of your diapers. (A thrifty house husband) Good job. Mom. – Mom, mom. / – She’s not here today. – Mom, mom. / – Mom, mom. I miss mommy too. Mom, mom, mom, mom, mom. (Their first night without mom) (Kiss) (I love you, dad) (I love you more) (I love you all) (Good night) (He puts all five children to bed) I need to take some vitamins. I need to gain strength. (Stare) (His wife asked a favor) (Please don’t make them starve) I fed them today. (Smile) (He’s proud of himself) (And) He looked as though he was resting. He’s back again in the kitchen. Daebak will get up at night. He’s going to put the formula in his bed. Despite being worn out and tired… He rises again. The source of his strength is because he’s a dad. Daddy of five siblings. Hang in there! (His wife does this every day) (How did it feel looking after 5 children alone?) It made me think about all the moms in Korea. Looking after children is really difficult. It made me realize that. My wife’s been doing this every day. My mother raised me like that. My wife’s worked hard. She’s raised our children until now. In that respect… I feel really sorry and grateful. That’s how I felt. (The next morning) Seola, Sua. Do you know what day it is today? Do you know what day it is today? (They don’t care) Do you know what day it is? Who am I talking to? (To me!) Who am I talking to? Happy birthday to you. It’s your birthday today. – Three bears. / – Not three bears. Happy birthday to you. Sing it. 2 years ago today… It was the day that Seola and Sua were born. The twins grew up well… But dad always feels sorry. With Jaesi and Jaea… I did so much with them. Whatever we do… If I do it with Seola and Sua… I’m sure it will become a good memory. (He’s prepared something) (A surprise party for Seola and Sua) Dad’s prepared a surprise event. A special day for Seola and Sua. It begins now. (It’s been prepared for just Seola and Sua) (Special guest, Daebak) (Bang, bang) Oh, my God. Oh, my God. In a few moments, we’ll check out the twins event! It’s sweet yet brutal. Meanwhile, the twins are out without their dad. (They are at the playground) I live here. What is this? What’s this, Seojun? (Cute animal-shaped cotton candies) (They must like cotton candy) – Seoeon, do you want this? / – Yes. Say please. Please. Which one do you want? – This. / – What’s this? Quack, quack. What sound does it make? Do it. – Quack, quack. / – Quack, quack. Good job. Is he allowed to have the whole thing? Do you want two? How many do you want? – Say just one. / – One. Me too… Me too… You too? Which one do you want? I want this. Okay. Say you want this one. You’re excited. It’s ready. Give us the duck cotton candy. Quack, quack. Quack, quack. Here you go. Wow, the duck one is ready. He’s making one for Seojun now. It’s a bear. (The twins have never eaten cotton candy before) – You can eat it. / – You can eat this. (Pop) (Nom) – Is it good? / – Yes. Give some to Seojun. Good. (Try it, Seojun) Huh? Is it weird? (This tastes… Great!) (A big bite) Is it good? Yes. That’s how you eat it. You eat so well. What if your dad scolds me for buying you cotton candy? It’s bad for your teeth… Hey, give me a bite. This? Yes. This part. Okay. No… Seoeon, give me some. You won’t give me some? Are you going to give me a bite, Seojun? (Why are you asking me?) Give me a bite. (We are not that close yet) You don’t want to give it to me? Give me a bite. No. – No? / – No. – You are not going to give me some? / – No. I bought you this. This cotton candy… Is it good? – Yes. / – I see. (While Jaewook is busy looking after the twins…) Seoeon, Seojun. Which one’s better, the bear or the duck? The bear? Good. It’s all the way over there. The balloon is over there. It’s all they way up in the sky. Ask it to come down. Come down. Should we give the balloon a bite? – Yes. / – Give it a bite. Give a bite to the balloon. Here! Give it to uncle instead. Give it to uncle? Give it to uncle. (I’m not a fool) Don’t you give a bite to your dad either? (Of course not) These guys are so… Is it good? – You’re enjoying it. / – Gone. Seoeon is almost done. Is it good? Seoeon. Who do you like more, dad or mom? Normally, when Seoeon is asked this question… Who do you like more, dad or mom? Mom. Who do you like more, dad or mom? Mom. (Even when Hwijae bullies Seoeon…) Who do you like more, dad or mom? Mom. Who do you like more, dad or mom? Mom. I lose. The answer was always mom. Who do you like more, dad or mom? Dad. Seoeon, you like dad? Yes. Then who do you like more, the duck or dad? – Dad. / – Wow. (I’m jealous of Hwijae) I never imagined that I’d be hanging out with Hwijae’s kids. Your dad was like that fish balloon in the air. Wandering about aimlessly… That’s how your dad was like in the past. (A free soul in the wind) (That was all in the past) But now he’s all settled. You’re really enjoying it. You’re really enjoying it. Look at your face! – Was it good? / – Yes. How good was it? This much? If you listen to your dad, uncle will buy it for you again. – Yes. / – Okay. Give me a kiss. No. Where did you learn that word? My last name is Ahn. (He was in the comedy club but…) Kiss. (Chu) Thank you! Let me kiss you too. Thank you. (Here you go, uncle) (Finally!) Where does the car go? (He succeeded in going out with Seoeon) (He slowly got close to Seoeon) (Jaewook is ready to be a dad) How pretty! (Seoeon is now ready to accept him) You don’t want to give it to me. (I changed my mind) You don’t want to give it to me. (I still like you) It’s to bring the balloon back down. (It’s time to play!) Go on. Gone! Gone! Good. (A happy smile) They play well. (Slide) (Seoeon is having fun) (Neighborhood girls) Hello, Seoeon. Shake my hand. Seoeon is just like his dad. Seoeon. What’s more fun, playing with me or those girls? Uncle! Really? Should I not go? Should I live with you? – Yes. / – Should I live with you? – Yes. / – Okay. I have a family as well. – Should I not leave? / – Yes. Should I live together with Seoeon? Goodness. Seoeon, don’t you miss your dad? You seem fine even without your dad. (Meanwhile, Hwijae is) How relaxing! Thank you, Jaewook. I will look after your baby in the future. (Very skilled) Adding salt… (Now he’s a skilled cook) Hey, don’t come out! (The octopus is trying to escape) I have to cut the head off… I have to cut the head off… I have to get the insides out… Goodness… Where’s the entrails? Oh, it’s this! (He’s taking everything out!) (After washing it…) Did he just throw that away? Where’s the flour? Is it a live octopus? He should boil it first and then cut it… Why is he cutting it now? How cruel… Oh, no. I’m sorry… (Just use scissors!) (He cut the whole thing with a knife) The color is weird. Why is it dark? The color is… (Purple boiled octopus) Was it a silkie? He added rice in the boiled chicken soup. It’s because he added black rice instead of sticky rice. (It’s a weird purple color) It tastes pretty good. How will the boiled chicken soup taste? (Where is this place?) Sarang and Yuto have come to a special place. Hello. (Filled with the shouts of children) (A taekwondo studio) – Hurry up and go. / – Hello. Sarang, say hello. Hello. Good. (Another rival match?) These days, Sarang and Yuto are always competing in sports. (Wail) When it came to running, Yuto was the winner. But! (The battle begins) They held a kendo battle recently. Sarang was the winner. The current score is 1:1. Who will be victorious today? (The lesson begins) Okay, follow me. Get ready! Stance! Let’s begin! Place your hands by your side like this. Good. Hup! – Hup! / – Good, Yuto. Sarang, shout too. – Hup! / – Hup! Good, hup! – Hup! / – Wow. Good. Back to your positions. This time, we’re going to block. Up and block. Good. Open your eyes. Okay, Sarang. Up and block. Good work. Yuto. Up and block. Oops. Block! Oops. (Yuto’s hand comes up late) (Heh heh) We’re going to smash using our fists. (Let me try it) Sarang, do it with your fist clenched. Hold up your fist. Get ready. Go! Smash! (Yuto succeeds) (Sarang’s hasn’t smashed) Sarang! Sarang, don’t do it like that. (I’ll take them apart myself) (No wonder she’s my daughter) Give her another clap so she can gain strength! 1, 2, smash! (Sarang succeeds!) Wow. Clap! Wow. That was good. Good work. (Sarang vs. Yuto in taekwondo) Sarang. I won’t lose to Sarang. (Yuto has good determination and endurance) I won’t lose either! (Good instincts, a determined Choo family member) (Tension flows in the studio) (The Choo family pride is on the line) (I won’t lose again!) (A breathtaking match begins) You can’t punch each other on the head. (Sunghoon explains the rules) (Choo Sarang vs. Yuto) Begin! Kick, hup! Shout as you do it. Hup, hup, hup. Good. Hup. – Hup. / – Use your foot. Foot! Now rest. Again. Come this way. Begin moving. Begin! (Yuto attacks first) (He doesn’t kick right) (Sarang attacks back) Kick higher, kick higher. (Yuto, 1 point) 1:0. Go, Sarang. Begin. (Charge) Kick higher, kick higher. Good. That’s good. Higher, good. Retire. – 1 point to Sarang. / – 1 point to Sarang. It’s 1:1 now. Fists up again. Good. Good. (She strikes a blow!) Good work. Sarang gains another point. Yuto, 1. Sarang, 2. You only need 1 more point to win. Get ready, go! (Round 4. Sarang 2 vs. Yuto 1) Kick higher, good, good. Good, good. Stop. Stop. Yuto gained 1 point. It’s 2:2 now. – 2:2. / – I gained 2 points too. Sarang 2, Yuto 2. Fists up, fists up. Begin stepping. Fists up, fists up. Begin stepping. Fists up. – Not yet, not yet. / – Not yet. Now, go! (Final round, Sarang 2 vs. Yuto 2) (Sarang makes the first attack) (She strikes a blow) (Competitive Sarang) Not yet, not yet. – Not now. / – Not yet. No. (The match is overheated) (The children’s fight is quite interesting) (Accurate and fast) Okay. Sarang, 3 points. Shake hands. Shake hands now. (They end with a warm hug) (Proud) I gained 3 points and won. – I won. / – You gained 3 points? – Yes. / – Good. (Sarang shares the joy of victory with dad) Sarang’s tried ballet. She’s tried belly dancing too. But I think she looks much better in uniform. – But she’s a girl. / – I know. Women can do it too. If she wants to learn ballet, she can. She can learn taekwondo too. I want to raise her that way. The passionate taekwondo match ends. Sunghoon’s cooking for the children. (He’s frying chicken) Sarang, you can punch me. I won’t feel any pain. (Then…) (Pow) (Slightly shocked) (He acts natural) It really doesn’t hurt. Then let me do it again. (Flinch) It doesn’t hurt. It doesn’t hurt at all. Again. Again. Sarang, hang on. It will be ready soon. He’s made sauce with ketchup and corn syrup. Hot fried chicken. It looks delicious. (It’s time to eat!) It’s a little hot. – Try it. / – Thank you for the meal. – Thank you for the meal. / – Yes. Dad, you eat up too. – Dad, you eat up too. / – Thank you. Eat up, Sarang. You too, Yuto. We met Daehan, Minguk and Manse. How was it? It was fun. I liked holding Daehan, Minguk and Manse’s hands. I had fun with Daehan, Minguk and Manse too. Right. Let’s go again next time. Yes, let’s do that. (Heh heh) Someone’s here. Hup! It’s Yuto’s mom. Mom. Mom’s here. (Yuto embraces his mom) – Sit down. How was it? / – I’m so grateful. I was late because of work. What did you do today? Taekwondo! (Yuto demonstrates a kick in front of his mom) (I still beat him) What did you do yesterday? We studied with a scary teacher. Yuto did really well. He was sleepy, didn’t know the words but he worked hard. But Manse… Do you and Manse like each other? (Interested) Do you like Manse? (He’s curious) (Glance) Do you and Manse like each other? No. Do you like Yuto then? Do you like Yuto then? (I want to know too) (Curious) Do you like Yuto then? Yes. (Satisfied) I’m going to marry Sarang. (He can only laugh) You’re going to marry Sarang? Where? Hawaii. In Hawaii? (She’s excited) You’re getting married in Hawaii? (Sarang nods gently) When? – When? / – How old? At what age? When I’m 17. When I’m 17 too. (They’re so cute) (We’ll keep our eyes on you) Yuto, this is your bag. Are we sleeping somewhere else? (Yuto’s returning to Tokyo) – Bye. / – Bye. Bye. – Good-bye. / – Good-bye. Good-bye. (See you in Tokyo) In Japan… (Yuto surprises her with a kiss) (Embarrassed) Yuto’s gone. (Bye, Yuto) When we asked at what age they’d get married… I thought they’d answer 5 or 6. I was shocked when they said 17. Where did they learn that? Will you be okay with it? Sure, if Sarang wants to. His head is slightly big but that’s okay. Today is Seola and Sua’s birthday. Let’s tie up your hair. (Donggook’s dressing the twins up for their birthday) Come here. Okay. Me too! Okay, look at me. (He brushes Sua’s hair first) (2:8 part) (Make me look pretty) My turn. Wait. Yes, wait. (Donggook works on Sua’s hair) (Donggook’s clumsy but does his best) Don’t do that. Watch out for his eyes. Hey! (Daebak gets made up too) Look at me. (Their hair’s done) (Something’s missing) – Want to wear these pretty clothes? / – Yes. Let’s wear a pretty outfit. Wow. They’ve turned into white angels. Seola and Sua. Donggook, it was worth the effort. Wow. Daebak, you look handsome. Daebak, put your collar up. Wow! (His collar stands up) You’re a tough guy. Wow. Daebak, you’re tough. Do you know how old you’re turning? 2! It’s your second birthday. (Seola and Sua have turned 2) Your second birthday. (Strike) – It’s scary. / – The flame’s scary. Scary. It’s hot. It’s hot, hot, hot. It’s hot. It’s hot. It’s hot, it’s hot. (The candles melt quickly) Sing the birthday song. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear Seola, Sua. Happy birthday to you. Blow them out now. (Blow) This. Wow! Clap! Daebak, did I shock you? Wow! Clap! Daebak, did I shock you? (Hurry up and give it to me) (Yum) (She pops a strawberry in her mouth) (I’ll just have this…) (They like it) Water! Water, please. – Water please. / – Water please, water please. Daebak, you look handsome… With your collar up. (Smile) Right? Nice. Let’s go. (Nap time after a small birthday party) Let’s lie down and sleep. (They’re on the verge of passing out) Go to sleep. (Slip) Lie down and sleep. Go to sleep. Close your eyes. Close your eyes. Good. (Daebak’s going to sleep too) Daebak. Good. (Can he rest now?) (Stare) (He turns around to clean up the mess) The house was noisy with the sound of children. It’s now silent. Dad takes the opportunity to begin doing housework. He’s good at housework. He has good hands. (Daebak’s water bottle first) (He rinses the children’s bibs) (Their toys too) (I’ll rest after this) (Awake) (Weren’t you asleep?) (I can smell something sweet…) (What is it, Sua?) Wait. I found it. (Me too!) (I’m going to drink my formula when I get up) (Let’s get ready to eat) (She puts on a bib) (Tap) (The Pandora’s box is open) (Scull) (A baby formula beard) (It’s delicious) (It’s so sweet that it makes her squeal) (Rub) (She removes the formula with her new dress) Me too. I want to scream. Like you. (Lick) (It’s good) (Lick) Want some? Yes. (The sisters share Daebak’s formula) (Shake, shake) (My hand…) (Grab!) (Lick, lick) Suck this too. (Thanks) (Daebak’s formula brings the sisters closer together) It’s good. It’s good. Yahoo! Sua. (What is it?) Sua. What? – Sua. / – Malaya. Yes. Malaya. Yes. Sua. – Yes. / – Want this? I don’t have any left. (Open up) Yum, yum, yum. No more. No more. Is this it? (Let’s open up another bottle) (Let’s finish this first) (Pour) (A disaster has occurred) (They eat the first bottle before opening the new one) (Lick) Donggook has no idea what’s going on. He finally stands up straight. (I’ve finished) (Grin) (I can rest now) Will he really be able to rest? (He walks out of the kitchen feeling proud) – Close it. / – Close it. (They put the lid back on like nothing happened) (Should we stop eating?) (Let’s have some more) (Donggook walks towards the bedroom) (I have a bad feeling…) (The striker enters!) Hey. What… What is it? What’s going on? What is it? (Shaking) What did you do? (Sua gets ready to be punished while Seola eats) What? Oh, my God. (Sigh) Oh, my God. (Is Donggook angry?) Oh, my God. (Donggook gives into Seola’s cute remark) Oh, my God. (Donggook laughs at the situation) Look at this. (I’ll wipe it up) (Rub, rub) No, no, no. Let’s just go to the bathroom. – Okay? / – Yes. Okay? Let’s go to the bathroom. – Yes. / – Okay. – Oh, my God. / – Oh, my God. (The formula raid taught them to say “Oh, my God”) (Daebak showers with them) Daebak! (Why are we washing up?) Sit down. Good. – Yes. / – Wash, wash. – Argh! / – Eyes, eyes, eyes. – Dad. / – Yes. I’m sorry. Daddy’s sorry. (Blow) (They enjoy a fun bath together) It’s raining! It’s raining. Daebak. (Tame) (Their bath ends) Let’s play. Rub your lotion on. You’ll probably sleep now if I give you your formula. (Seola rubs lotion on the door) (Rub, rub) (Drawing a mural) (That looks fun!) (Sua also begins drawing a mural with lotion) (Tap) (The next mural…) (Heh heh) (Don’t smile, I feel nervous) (Should I or not?) (Rub) (Sua is brave) (She covers her face with lotion too) (She finished off the mural) Seola. (Ha ha ha) (He laughs as he rubs off the lotion) Oh, my God. Seola. (He takes her to the bathroom) Let’s go over there. Let’s wash your face again. Close your eyes. Eyes. Is it okay to do that with the lotion or not? (He’s the king of positivity) (Oh my God Donggook) Let’s visit the triplets and Ilkook. They’re going to meet many animal friends. They’ve come to a zoo. (The zoo is filled with animals) Look over there. It’s a raccoon. What? No. Let’s go explore something else. Crawl, crawl along the floor. Until now, they’ve seen many small animals. They had many opportunities to do that. But big animals like beasts… They haven’t seen them before. The safari tour has beasts. I’m curious to see how they will react. I want them to see it. I want them to meet big, scary animals. That’s why I decided to take them on a safari tour. Which animal is this? (Which animal will they meet first?) – Tiger, tiger. / – Tiger? It’s a cheetah. The cheetah is the fastest animal in the world. How old are they? Just a month old. Look. They’re triplets then? – Manse, hi. / – No! It’s just a baby. (Careful) – Manse, kiss it. / – It’s a young baby. Kiss, kiss. Manse, you kissed it. Wow, they’re walking around. Hi. Move faster! (Stroke) (Daehan likes playing with the baby cheetahs) Dad, a parrot is here! – What’s here? / – A parrot. – Where’s the parrot? / – A parrot. Wow! Manse, look! There’s a parrot over there! (Where?) – This parrot is a good talker. / – Wow. It talks. – Lalla, say hi. / – Hello. – Sound pretty. / – Hello. – Wow, hello. / – It said hello. Say hi back. – Hi. / – Hello. Hi. – Let’s listen to it speak. / – Hi. – Duck. / – Quack, quack. This time, a chick. Wow. It even makes chick sounds. How does a cuckoo sound? – Cuckoo. / – Cuckoo, cuckoo. Right. (Cuckoo) – It sounds exactly the same. Now… / – Wow. Lalla, make a cat sound. – Cat, meow. / – Meow, meow. – Wow. / – Wow. What animal do you want it to copy this time? Tyrannosaurus. No, it can’t do that. It can’t do that, sorry. – I can do this! / – I see. If you do that, Lalla will get scared and scream. Want to hear Lalla scream? (Scream) (That’s amazing) It’s scared so it’s screaming. – Minguk, you too. / – Argh! Argh! – Argh! / – Argh! Argh! Wow. – Wow. / – A lion, a lion. – It can’t copy a lion. / – It can’t do it. They keep asking for animals that it can’t do. It can’t copy a lion and a tyrannosaurus. Let’s go and see a lion. – Lion and tiger? / – Let’s go see the lion and tiger. Let’s go. Where are the lions and tigers? – Thank you. / – Thank you. Thank you. They’re huge and have sharp teeth. The triplets meet their first wild beasts. – Tiger. / – Lion, lion, lion. Wow. Look at the tiger. The tiger’s at the front. – Dad, tiger. / – It’s here. I’ll hold you. Come here. – No, no. / – Okay, okay. Here. Will the triplets be able to befriend the beasts? Now… Let’s go meet the lion, tiger and bear. What kind of car is this? Ask the driver what kind of car this is. What kind of car is this? It’s a safari tour car. It’s a safari tour car. What’s that? What car? A safari is an exploration tour. You can meet scary wild beasts. We’re safe here. Are you ready? Yes, yes, teacher! Let’s begin the tour then. We’re going to meet a lion. Also, a tiger and bear. Teacher! – Yes? / – Are we seeing a tiger and lion? Yes. We’re going to see a tiger and lion. We’re going to see a tiger and lion! Wow. Teacher, a tiger. – Tiger. / – It’s a lion. Wow. The door’s opening. Look. Is it okay to touch the tiger to say hello or not? It’s not okay. What might happen? It will bite. It may bite you so when you meet the tiger… Don’t touch it. – Yes. / – Yes. Look over there. Look at the tiger. Look. There’s a tiger. A tiger. Wow, look. The tiger’s really big. It’s a tiger but it’s white. Wow. The tiger is white. Dad, close the door. It’s okay. There’s a wire net here. It’s not scary. (He moves back) – It’s okay. / – The tiger… – It’s okay. / – Let’s give the tiger a snack. It’s okay. I’ll hold you. Come here. – No! / – I’ll hold you. Okay, okay. Look. – Can I feed it? / – Yes. (Be careful, dad) – Look at this. / – Here. Wow. (The white tiger approaches and takes the meat) Wow. (Frozen) Do tigers eat meat? – Yes, tigers eat meat. / – So do dinosaurs. Yes, dinosaurs eat meat too. Look. There’s another tiger. Look over there. Roar! This one’s yellow. – Yellow. / – Look at the tiger. It’s riding on the bonnet. It’s standing on the car. Look. Why is it riding the car? Tiger, ride that. Look at the tiger. This is a Bengal tiger. Its name is Sanho. Sanho. Do I feed it like this? Yes. Here, Sanho. Look at this. (Yum) Wow. It went up. It’s on top. The tiger’s here. It’s really heavy so we can’t move. It’s heavy so the car can’t move. Look. I’m going to feed it again. Look. It will take this. Look at this. (Tense) Look at this. (Sneak) (It’s so close that its pores can almost be seen) Look. Feet! Feet, feet. Wow. – It ate it. / – It ate it. It ate it. Daehan, want to feed it? (Shake) – Manse? / – No. You just have to hold it out like this. Dad, you do it alone. Alone? No, just hold it. Just put your hand here. Hold my hand. Good. Let’s feed it together now. Gosh. Gosh. It spat on my face. I got tiger spit on my face. (The next beast is the king of the jungle, the lion) – Look. / – Look, lions. – Where? / – Look. They’re lions. Atom, Atom, come here! Atom, come here. – Atom! Tiger Atom! / – Atom. Here. (Atom approaches looking graceful) (It’s bigger than the tiger) (Leap) (Its face fills up the screen) Wow, it’s huge. (The triplets freeze at the lion’s presence) (Atom eats the meat and walks away) It’s here. It’s going up. (I want meat too!) Who wants to feed it with me? It’s okay. It’s not scary. Minguk, look at this. Manse, come here. It’s okay. Come here. No, no. (The lions begs for feed) Let’s feed it together. Just grab my arm then. Just hold on to my arm. Manse, hold my arm too. Hold my arm. Manse, hold my arm. Good. Here. Good job! I did it because Manse and Minguk held my arm. We did it! We didn’t joke around. No, you didn’t. (Which beast will they meet now?) Open sesame! Yes, it’s opening. (Slide) That… (Excited) Wow, it’s a bear! Look at that. Manse, look. There’s a bear here. (Peek-a-boo) Look. There’s a bear over here. It’s a dancing bear. It’s dancing. Look. (The bear dances in front of the triplets) It’s clever. The bear’s funny. Yes, it’s a funny bear. Let’s give it a clap. (The trainer feeds the bear for dancing) It’s being fed. Yes, it is. – It’s fed only when it dances. / – Meat. Is it only fed if it dances? Yes, the bear danced. That’s why it’s being fed. What kind of bear is it? They’re European brown bears. What? Brown bear? – Brown bear? / – They’re quite scary bears. Are they scary? They’re huge. Manung, come here. Arung? Ayung? Manung, hi. – Hi, hi. / – Say hi. Manung, Manung. – Let’s give Manung an apple. / – Want to feed it? – Here. / – Feed it an apple with dad. Let’s feed it together. It’s okay. Okay, Minguk. Good, Minguk. Look at this. – Okay. Manung! / – Manung! Manung. Manung likes it. – It’s not scary. / – Daehan, want to feed it too? – Yes, met too. / – Okay, come here. Daehan, let’s feed it together. Daehan, hold this together. – Good. Manung! He likes it. / – Have an apple. What kind of bear is that? It’s a brown bear too. It likes to kiss guests. It’s going to kiss us. Kiss. It’s kissing. Look! (Manse pouts too) The kids really loved it. Especially when the bear danced. They were so happy. It was a good outing. I want to go back sometime. Jion also loves animals. Who is she here to meet? – Do you like the sheep? / – Grass. Yes. Jion has become a shepherd today. How does the sheep eat? (It makes a sound) Like this, right? Jion, you’re like Heidi, the girl of Alps. (Push) (Sheep seem to really like Jion) They pushing you around, Jion. No! No? (Now it’s time for Taewoong and Jion to have lunch) Hello. (They ran into Lee Moonsae!) Really? What is this shoot for? The Return of the Superman. Oh, I see. – Hello. / – Say hello. Hello. – She looks like Junghwa. / – Really? – Don’t a lot of people say that? / – They do. Right? She looks like her aunt. Did you have lunch? We’re going to eat here. – I’m on my way back to Seoul. / – I see. Enjoy your lunch. – Enjoy your lunch. Good-bye. / – Bye. (It’s time to say bye) (Where is this place that even Lee Moonsae came?) Jion, come here. Jion, what do you want to eat? Come here. What’s good here? (Drooling) Spicy seafood noodles… Black bean noodles… (Very hungry) Jion, what do you want? (Jion chooses…) This? Jumbo black bean noodles? (Black bean noodles are the best!) I want spicy seafood noodles. (You can have that, I want black bean noodles) I’ll finish my spicy seafood noodles quickly and have some of yours. Can I do that? Can I have some of yours? (They are waiting for their food) Hello, owl. Hello. Jion. I want you to use me to eat well. Poke, eat, scoop, eat. Drink some soup. Hello. It’s not spicy for your daughter. My goodness. (Extraordinary noodles) It’s a huge spicy seafood noodles and buckwheat black bean noodles. It’s making my mouth water. Can we finish this? This is too big. I will mix it for you. Jion, sit down. Sit down first. I will mix it for you. Sit down. (This is fun) (The black bean noodles look so good) Jion. Try this. I will give you this. (Wrapping the noodles) Here. (She’s interested in the spoon) Sit down, Jion. (I want to sit over there) Okay, sit down. Goodness! Sit down here and hold this. Try this. Open up. (Jion isn’t interested) Jion, look. I’m eating the noodles. (Trying to get Jion’s attention) (Just eating the air?) Don’t pretend. Eat it for real. Let’s see if you eat well. Can you eat by yourself? Good. Put it in your mouth. No, no, no. (She’s acting strange today) You didn’t eat today. You have to eat. – No. / – No? – Yes. / – You’re not going to eat? – No. / – You should! I don’t want to eat! (Taewoong is getting angry) (Sneaking) (Jion gets wary) Sit down properly. I’m about to get mad at you. (Smashing the owl fork on the wall) (Bang!) Give me that. Don’t do that. (She even leaves the place!) Uhm Jion. Jion. Come here. Jion, let’s talk. Sit down. We rode a horse, right? – We had fun, right? / – Yes. Now, it’s time to eat, right? Am I right? Right? Look at me. Look at me. Don’t make that face. It’s time to eat, right? You should eat, right? – Yes. / – Huh? This isn’t a place to play. It’s where you eat. Don’t touch me. Don’t touch me. (Shocked) (Daddy is mad) (Jion is nervous seeing her angry dad) You shouldn’t fool around at a restaurant. – No. / – You shouldn’t do that. – Yes. / – Eat your food. – Yes. / – Stay still. – Yes! / – Promise. (Promising to eat) I’m going to be angry if you don’t keep this promise. – Yes. / – I’m serious. – Okay. / – Sit here and stay still. (I’ll listen to you, daddy) Jion is getting older now and she has her own opinion. So things are getting tough. It’s not a big deal but it kind of hurts because it’s my first time. And I tend to lose myself and just let her get away with it. But I think I should be more careful with this. Next chapter. Three hip hop warriors are at YG. (The triplets take over YG) You’ll see an amazing performance by them. This part was good. (The triplets enter the world of hip hop) A special outing for the twins and Daebak. What will the children dream in this new world? Sarang’s family have fun with water sports. They enjoy the refreshing summer. (The Choos enjoy their summer) Hwijae isn’t afraid to do anything. Will the twins enjoy the thrill of victory? Children always give happiness. They are the biggest happiness of our lives. The Return of Superman. Chapter 92. “You Are the Happiness.” Don’t miss out.

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  1. not trying to be a saint but seeing those animal in a "safari tour" being fed little or doing tricks just to be fed, it hit something in me. i really feel bad

  2. when the teacher let Minguk touch his beard i was like "MINGUK IS THE CHOSEN ONE"

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    Also, Sua, Seola, Daebak, Sarang an the others. Never ending happiness!!!

  5. Watching how affectionate dongguk is with his kids made me tear up, I'm honestly very jealous because my dad never showed affection towards me.

  6. What kind of magic does EXO have for Chanyeol and Baekhyun to get instantly close with the twins?? They are very cheeky and hard to get close with but why do they like Chanyeol and Baekhyun after seeing them?? amazing.

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  12. It's funny that Sung-hoon is more of a feminist thinker than his wife and many other women on this show xD I've said it before: I adore Shiho to bits, but I don't agree with her "girls should be frail and want men to protect them" (if she's serious about those comments). On that aspect, I agree with with her husband much more. "She can do taekwondo." "But she's a girl." "Girls can do it too. She can do ballet if she wants to or taekwondo if she wants do." Yes, Sung-hoon! <3
    Seoeon and Seojun should get together with Seola and Sua. Imagine those 4 little troublemakers together. Goodness! xD

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