The Return of Superman | 슈퍼맨이 돌아왔다 – Ep.90 (2015.08.16)

It’s a sunny summer day. Let’s meet Jion first. What is this, Jion? So many tigers. Uhm Jion! Jion! Umbrella. Oh? Repeat after her. What did she say? Watermelon. Water… – Water. / – Melon. Rice? How did I break the watermelon at the river? I hit it hard, right? – Bang. / – Then what did we do? (We ate it!) (They try reading another card) Kangaroo. Look at this, Jion. The mommy and the baby are jumping. The baby is inside the mother’s pouch. Jion, you want to go in here? – Yes. / – Want to come in here? – Yes. / – Come here. (Rushing) (Smile) Look. Kangaroo. Kangaroo. Kangaroo. Kangaroo. Kangaroo. Kangaroo. Jion, look at him laugh. Hahaha. Jion, you try. (Jion lies down on the ground) (Great acting) What’s wrong with her? The Return of Superman. Chapter 90. “A Big Happy Family.” (Mom’s cooking) Haejin is known for her cooking skills. She’s making a special food to fight the summer heat. What is mom doing? She’s going to make us something delicious. Yeah. You knew? Did you know that she’s cooking for us? (She’s cooking over there) I’m going to make you a health food today. Do I look tired these days? You lost so much weight and it’s going to be tough for the next two days. What are you making? This is… Mediterranean salad. I had this often in Monaco. Monaco? This is the real stuff. I made the tomato confit and everything since yesterday. Really? Isn’t it just a regular salad? Huh? – A regular salad… / – It looks like a regular one. But the recipe is… Just eat it. It’s going to be good. Tail! (Namu’s tail is down) Tail. You want a tail too? – Yes. / – Want me to attach you a tail? – Yes! / – You want a tail? Yes! Let me attach you a tail. Namu, go away! Puppy… Go! (Yikes) All done. Tail. Try shaking your tail. (Shake, shake) Shake it. (Shake, shake) Show mom how you shake your tail. Shake your tail. (Wobble, wobble) Are you shaking your butt? You’re already teaching her how to seduce men. She should know. What are you saying? Of course she should. She should be skilled at it. (Jion is lying down with her tail) (What is he trying to do?) She loves doing that. Stand here like me. Stand like this. Stand like me. You have to stand up straight. Jion, stand up straight and your heels on the wall. Heels on the wall. Good. (Staggering) (She can’t help but lean forward) Close your eyes. Don’t open your eyes. (Measuring her height) She’s 97cm tall. Why are you so serious? – You’re so concerned. / – Jion, stand up straight. Like me. Stand up. (Bump) (Sitting just like her dad) No, stand up. Don’t kneel. Like this. Close your eyes. Stand still. 97? Last time she was 96. She’s 97cm tall. (Sigh) She’s too tall. (Taewoong’s proud unlike her wife) You’re 97cm tall now! She’s a girl. What if she becomes 180cm, 190cm tall? And she has huge feet. I’m worried she’ll be too tall. Jion looks older. Yes. – Sit down, Jion. / – She’s 6 months slower. Yes. (25 months) (31 months) Her shoes and clothes get smaller quickly. It’s a waste to throw it out after wearing it for a few times. Maybe I should have another child. It must be a daughter. (It’s time to eat) Oh, what’s this? (Mom’s homemade Mediterranean salad) This looks amazing. – It’s pretty, isn’t it? / – Yes. Dad tries it first. Jion, let’s eat. (Nom) – Jion. / – She like it. Is it good? There’s a small pool at the pension. A pool? – Jion. / – She will like it then. Dogs can go in as well. It must be a pension for pets. Namu always has to stay outside. So I’m going to take him. A little while later… Jion, there are a lot of dogs. Woof, woof. Namu and Jion have come to a pet pension. A vast grass yard and a cool pool. It’s the perfect playground. (I love water) Now, let’s meet the twins. (The twins are still sleeping) Do you guys know what time it is right now? (It’s already 9 a.m.) You guys aren’t high school students. Get up already. Wow, Seoeon is sleeping just like my dad. (Seojun woke up first) (Thinking) (Crash) Come on out, Seojun. (Coming out with blankets in his hands) (Grab) What’s wrong Seojun? (I love my blanket) (Stretching) (It’s morning but it’s hot) (Seoeon is awake now too) (Staggering) (Running) Who are you? Who are you? Did you sleep well? Seojun, can you put on your pants? Pants. Seoeon. What about dad? Give me a hug too. No. (How can you do this to me?) Hwijae plays with Seoeon to get a hug Seoeon, do you love daddy? No. – No? / – Yes. (Still?) – Do you love mommy? / – Yes. What about daddy? No. Hey, I’m upset. This is fun. Hey, I’m a little upset. Hey. Hey, I’m a little upset. (The twins are playing together) Seoeon, what are you doing? Seoeon! Seoeon! This way. (Staring) Son, going under. (Let’s play under the trampoline) Okay. (Crawl, crawl) (I’ll go up) (The twins used to play like this) Mommy! Mommy! No, no, no. It’s alright. Did he hit your face? Seojun, you’ve gotten heavier so you shouldn’t jump when Seoeon is under there. Seojun. You did this often but he’s crying, right? Seojun didn’t know what he was doing. (Hehehe) (Seoeon suddenly starts laughing) (Pleased) (Seojun is acting cute to his brother) Seoeon. Seoeon. (Let’s play together) Give your brother a hug. When one person cries while playing together another one strokes that person. What was memorable was when one of them coughed and the other one patted his back. I was so surprised. (Their mom has left) Oh, what’s this? – What? / – What’s this? (Running) Oh, what’s this? (Seojun goes into the room) What’s this? (Neon pink headband) (Seoeon puts on his pink pants) (Pink boy) How cute. Hands up. (Green boy) You look cool. Everyone, get ready. (Where are we going?) Okay, my clients. Hold my hand, please. Hey! Don’t be like this, please. Don’t be like this. Hey! (Chasing after the boys) Guys, guys. Hey, pink boy! Please follow me. 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2. Please. Sir, please follow what I do. Please. You need to exercise. Follow me. 1. (Escape) You brats! When I say go… (Turn) Why are you going the opposite way? Come this way, Seoeon. This way. No? (Eventually, he’s left alone) You know the step aerobics. You dance and move with a platform. I had a lecture on it. Anyway, I’m an enthusiast when it comes to aerobics and things you do in groups. Get down on all fours. Look, Seoeon. 1, 2. Very good, Seojun. No, no. Very good, Seojun. No, no. Very good, Seojun. 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2. Look. Yes. Lift it. (Crash) Lift. (It’s too heavy for Seojun) Good. This is how you do it. 1, 2. (I’m just going to drink juice) – 1, 2. / – I want to. You try, Seoeon. Use this. Lift it up. You want both? You try. Seojun couldn’t lift the dumbbells. Can Seoeon do it? Good! Good! Excellent! Wow, very good. You’re so strong. (He even wants the heavier dumbbell) He’s Hercules. (Very easy) You’re a great catcher. (He even organizes them) There’s another one over there, Seoeon. It’s a heavy one. (He tries lifting the 3kg dumbbell) Good. (Very easy) (Very shocked) You’re so strong. Seojun, you want to try too? No. Their morning exercise has finished. Now, they head somewhere. What does mom call dad? Honey. She says honey? No, darling! She says darling? Today we’re going to play in the mud. Can you play? – Yes. / – Let’s have fun there. – Let’s do this! / – Let’s do this! Seoeon, say you love me. Let’s do this! Let’s do this! That’s not it. That’s not it. Mom gave me a USB with a song in it. Let’s listen to it. (What’s this song?) (Smile) (Familiar but unfamiliar melody) This is nuts… It’s my song. A hit song. (A pen microphone) (Hwijae’s song 18 years ago, “Blessing You”) (Getting bored) Turn this off! Turn it off? Turn this off. Turn it off? (Even his son doesn’t like his song) The twin have arrived at the Boryeong Mud Festival. Mud is good for your skin. Even the foreigners love this festival. Anyone can have fun here so the twins must love it too. Wow. Look. Let’s see what’s there. What’s this? What’s this? Look. You do it like this… It gets on you. (A big frown) It’s good for your skin. Seojun, don’t frown. – Seoeon, want to touch it? / – No. No? Seojun, do you want to? – No. / – You have to try touching it. – Look at me. / – Clean! Clean this? Seojun, follow me. Should we go in? – No. / – No? What should I do? This is terrible. ‘Mud is soft’ Dad! No, it’s not dirty. Clean! You want me to clean? It’s not dirty. This isn’t what Hwijae expected. He has faced a crisis. Will the twins be able to enjoy the mud festival? Hi! – Good. / – Hi! – We’re going now. / – Go! (The triplets and Sarang drive off) Where are we going? To the village school teacher. We’re going to learn etiquette and how to sing. We’re going to eat delicious food too. Really, dad? – What? / – Dad? We’re going to stay in Korea for a month. Oh. I heard last time… – That our wives were going to meet up. / – Yes. – Dad, are we going the right way? / – Yes. Dad. 5 children is total chaos! – Yuto’s the best! / – The best. – Yes, the best. / – The best! – The best. / – The best. Minguk, don’t fool around. Minguk, don’t put it in your mouth. Minguk! Minguk, bad boy. Dad, bad boy. What? Dad, bad boy? Dad, bad boy. Oh! Don’t say that to your father. Hey! You bad boys! (In disbelief) Dad, bad boy. When we meet the village school teacher… They won’t be able to act like this. These five noisy children enter etiquette school. Let’s find out what events await them. (The chickens greet them) Oh? There’s a puppy too. Puppy! (Jump, jump) (Sarang and Yuto want to touch them) Look at this. (Bow wow) (Run away) (She’s scared and takes Yuto’s hand) (Lovey dovey) (Dashing) (Look over there) (Cock-a-doodle-do) Rooster sounds over here! (You have to go to class now) Bye-bye. – Come this way. / – Come here. (They enter the school grounds) We’re dragging our bags. You’ve come to a village school in the country. – Wow, look at that iron pot. / – Hello. – Wow, look at that iron pot. / – Hello. Say hello. – Hello. / – Hello. – Wow. / – Hello. Sarang, did you say hello? Hello. – Hello. / – Come this way. Put your foot up. Teacher, how do I take these off? So your foot’s in front. Like this so your shoe faces the front. Like this. Manse, come here. Yuto, place your shoe in front. (Sunghoon helps) Go inside now. (Sunghoon gently takes his shoes off) (He pushes them in with his feet) (Tidy) They’re our shoes. Okay. Stand in front of your dad. – No. / – Attention. – Okay. / – Okay, come here. Place your hands like this. Face the front. Okay, good. From now on… Call me teacher. – Later… / – Teacher. We’ll learn about greetings later on. Now, sit down quietly. Legs crossed. Sit down with your legs crossed. (The cheeky children have become quiet) Okay. You haven’t come here to play. You’re here… To learn about etiquette. Listen carefully and follow. In the bedroom, living room… Do not run. – Do not run. / – Do not run. Do not run. Do not talk loudly. – Do not talk loudly. / – Do not talk loudly. Do not fight. – Do not fight. / – Do not fight. If you meet an elder… Greet them. Again. If you meet an elder… Greet them. Do you understand? Yes. Sarang, say yes. I have hanboks here. Wear your hanbok, put on these rubber shoes. Get ready. – Do you understand? / – Yes. Yes. (The children finally relax) Get changed. Let’s get changed. – Where’s Sarang’s? / – Sarang. (Manse hands Sarang her rubber shoes) – First… / – This is Sarang’s. Sarang’s. – Pink. / – Shoes. Dad, they’re pink. – Dad. / – Let me help. Daddy will help you. Raise your arms. (Struggling) The clothes are too small. What is this? It’s too small. (The hanbok is a little tight) (Sarang puts on a pretty hanbok) Dad. – Yes. / – What’s this? (Sarang has had a long trip this morning) (She feels sleepy) (He’s still not changed) – Dad, my top… / – Wait. Which one’s mine? Sunghoon… He seemed interested in etiquette lessons. I suggested that he come with us. I want to be strict. If you’re too easy on your kids… They don’t learn manners. I think it’s good for Yuto. He can learn about Korean culture. I want Sarang to learn traditional Korean culture too. For the children… I think it’s a great experience. (Night arrives quickly in the valley) The sun goes down. Lessons here are known to be strict. Will these 5 children be able to do a good job? (The classroom is empty) (Open) What’s this? (The boy pupils enter the classroom) Yuto, go inside. (Curious) Come this way. (They enter with big ambitions) Dad, come in. (They sit down quietly) (Rising star, Minguk) (Yuto, an exchange student who’s come to Korea) (This is the triplets’ second time at a village school) Sit down quietly. Let’s wait until the other students arrive. Do you understand? Okay, be quiet. (Glare) (Silence…) Teacher, Sarang isn’t here yet. She’s not here yet? Sarang. (Meanwhile, Sarang…) (She hasn’t woken up from her nap) (She won’t wake up) (Sarang will have to miss class today) (Yuto’s come a long way and dozes off) Everyone, look this way. Look here. Good. Everyone, get up quietly from your seats. (Gets up) From your seats… Rise quietly. Goodness, look at these cute children. Get up. (Head teacher Kim Bonggon) You. (Everyone’s standing) Say hello. – Hello. / – Hello. Good. – Let’s see. / – We came in our dad’s car. Who did? Daehan, Minguk, Manse came in our dad’s car. Vroom, vroom. Vroom, vroom. We came on our dad’s car. Okay. Here… Raise your hand if you’re here to play. (Everyone raises their hand) Goodness. Put your hands down. You came to play. Who came to learn? Raise your hand. (We’re going to learn too) You’re here to learn, right? – Yes. / – Yes. You came to me to learn, right? – Yes. / – Yes. Then look over here. Here, good. Look this way. I’m the head teacher. Who am I? – Head teacher. / – Head teacher. I can’t hear you very well. – Head teacher. / – Head teacher. You’re so smart! I’ll teach your manners. I’ll teach you how to be a good person. Like our old ancestors… I will teach you how to study. Can you do a good job? – Yes. / – Yes. Goodness. If you don’t listen… If you don’t have good manners… I won’t let you go home. (Can you do a good job?) Then you have to listen well, right? – Yes. / – Yes. Good. Follow me. Put your hands on your chest and follow me. Hands together. In the past, children in the village school… This was the greeting they used. Hands together. I can’t hear you. Hands together. Don’t move. Look this way. Who’s that? – Who… / – Who’s that? Who’s that? Who’s that? (Grunt) (You’re not supposed to copy that) If you don’t listen to me… I said you won’t go home, right? (Nervous) Like this. How do you do? Slowly, okay? I’m going to watch. Try it. I’m going to see who’s good and who isn’t. You know what this is, right? – A cane. / – A cane. Wait a minute. What’s your name? Daehan. Daehan? Is it okay to talk down to the teacher or not? It’s not okay. (Daehan, use formal language) Listen carefully. What sound does a rooster make? How does it talk? Cock-a-doodle-do. Good. Rooster. The rooster called out to me. The rooster called out to you, Minguk? When did it call to you? – Cock-a-doodle-do! / – Cock-a-doodle-do. It called from outside. So did you go out when it called you? Yes. What did it say? Cock-a-doodle-do. A rooster says cock-a-doodle-do, right? Roosters say that but people… When you meet an elder… I’m Minguk. Say that. – That’s good manners. / – I’m Minguk. I’m Minguk. – You’re Minguk? / – Yes. I’m going to ask a question. What’s your name? Daehan. Song Daehan. – Song Daehan. / – What? Is it alright to talk down to the teacher or not? – It’s not alright. / – It’s not alright. What’s your name then? My name is Manse. Good. My name is Manse. I’m Manse. Answer like that. Whoever talks to me… And talks down, look. You won’t be allowed to go home. You won’t be allowed to go home. You need to speak politely to elders. Do you understand? Yes. – Do you understand? / – Yes. I’m going to ask what your father’s name is. Do you know what your father’s name is? – My father… / – Yes? His name is Song Ilkook. Goodness. You have to say your father’s name like that. You’re so well-mannered. – How about you? / – Song… Manse? My dad is Song Geul. Geul is my dad. Gosh. Ilkook. Say it like that. Do you understand? Ilkook is my father. Good. What’s your father’s name? Song Ilkook. Good work. Who’s the eldest here? Me. You’re the eldest? Yes. Manse, you’re the eldest? – Yes. / – No, Song Daehan. No, Song Daehan. Song Manse. – I’m Minguk. / – Minguk is the second son. Yes. Then Manse… You’re the youngest. Do you understand? Yes. Is it polite to call your brother big brother? Yes. Say big brother Daehan. Big brother Daehan. Say yes, little brother. (I feel embarrassed) Say it one more time. Yes, little brother. Big brother Minguk. Yes. You address Daehan. Try it. Big brother Daehan. Little brother. Good. You’ve learnt this so put it into practice. Okay. Let’s study the “Thousand Character Classic” now. (Doze) Yuto! Yuto! (He fell asleep) Did you fall asleep? Don’t go to sleep. Open your eyes wide! Look at me. Open your eyes wide. Good. You have to study like this at the village school. Follow me. Like this. Good. Good. You all listen me. “Cheon” for sky, “Ji” for earth. “Cheon” for sky, “Ji” for earth. I told you to do it in a big voice. – “Cheon” for sky, “Ji” for earth. / – Again. “Cheon” for sky, “Ji” for earth. “Cheon” for sky, “Ji” for earth! Good. “Cheon” for sky, “Ji” for earth. Good job! “Cheon” for sky, “Ji” for earth. Good. You try it now. Yuto, you do it. Don’t fall asleep. Try it. Start. “Cheon” for sky, “Ji” for earth. Great work! Yuto, you’re good. “Hyeon” for black, “Hwang” for yellow. “Hyeon” for black, “Hwang” for yellow. (Confidence is really important) After me, “Cheon” for sky, “Ji” for earth. “Cheon” for sky, “Ji” for earth. Do it like this. Look. “Cheon” for sky, “Ji” for earth. Good work. One more time. Begin. “Cheon” for sky, “Ji” for earth. “Hyeon” for black, “Hwang” for yellow. “Cheon” for sky, “Ji” for earth. Who didn’t do it just now? Over here. (Shock) “Cheon” for sky, “Ji” for earth. Yuto, open your eyes wide. Look over here. I’ve prepared something delicious for you. Tigers run away when they see this. Know what it is? What do you think it is? Potatoes. Potatoes? Wood. It looks like wood? They’re dried persimmons. I made them. Do tigers run away if you eat dried persimmons? Yuto, come out. Yuto, come out. (Are you talking to me?) (The teacher uses body language too) Come here. Come this way. If you eat this dried persimmon… The desire to sleep will flee from you. Here. Good. Take it and eat it. (Good job, Yuto) (It’s his first dried persimmon so he’s being fed) (Yum) Is it good? (Nod) The dried persimmon’s woken you up, right? Good students will be given this. If you have good manners… Okay, let’s try it. Minguk, you go first. “Cheon” for sky, “Ji” for earth. Good job. Let’s do two more. Then I’ll give them to you. This is “Hyeon” for black. You know the color black? The dark sky outside? Yes. “Hyeon” for black, “Hwang” for yellow. It’s black, it’s dark. It’s black, alright? “Cheon” for sky, “Ji” for earth. Good! (What comes next…) (He gives them a clue) “Hyeon” for black. Good! You said “Hwang” for yellow too! Minguk! You said “Hyeon” for black, “Hwang” for yellow. Give him a clap! Goodness. Minguk, come out. (He has a great memory) Come here. This is for you. Two hands. Good. Receive with both hands. That’s good manners. Do you understand? Yes. Okay, take this. Don’t eat it now. Hold it. (That’s not an easy promise to keep) – Do you understand? / – Yes. Good. Can I eat this after Daehan and Manse do it? Of course. Wait just a little while. Who wants to try? Daehan or Manse? Oh? Me. Try it from here, Manse. – Okay. / – Sigh. Black… No, no. “Cheon” for sky, “Ji” for earth. Good! “Cheon” for black… Good. What was it again? “Hyeon” for black, “Hwang” for yellow. Scorched rice king! (Manse’s the most creative) No, no, no. It’s similar. Sit up straight! If you can’t do it, you have to stay here. You can’t go home. You have to live with me. Manse. Do you want to live with me? (Shake) Then pay attention. Sit up straight. What’s wrong, Manse? Why are you crying? (I can’t live with you, teacher) Manse. You won’t even answer now. Manse. Then listen to me. Okay. Sit up straight. Sit up straight. Will the triplets be able to get through this lesson? The laughter’s five times louder here. Let’s meet this family of 5 children. (The children play after eating breakfast) (Gets up) (Dashing) (Sua wants to speak to the cameraman) (She turns away) (Full of curiosity) (There’s a camera in the playroom too) Dad, dad. Roar! Roar! (This is more shocking than dad’s mask) It’s Daebak. Mom, mom! Look at this. This, look at this! (It moved again!) This… What’s wrong? What? (It moved like this!) Dad, can you do this? What? (Shocked!) (Frozen) – Daebak, are you awake now? / – Hello. – Hello. / – Hello… (Is it a foreign language or just gibberish?) (Jaesi, interpret it for us!) What did she say? (You’re cute) I’m so scared. We can do it. When we clean up… Yes? (Crash!) Goodness, goodness. Sua, why did you push him? Don’t hit her. He’s not even crying. He’s not even crying. (Daebak is calm and gentle) Daebak. – Gosh. / – Daebak. Are you okay, Daebak. Incredible. Gosh. Daebak. (Seola’s sorry and shocked) Incredible. (Sisters, I’m okay) Hug me. Sua, no. Seola’s walking too. Hug me. (Lift) (Dad, why do we have so many younger siblings?) People ask if we had a lot of children… So we could have a son. I’ve never actually thought about that. I never felt obliged to have a son. My wife loves children. We just had another baby. Regardless of whether it was a boy or girl. (How did you feel when you found out he’s a boy?) I was amazed. When I saw the ultrasound… He had something down there the girls don’t have. I was even more amazed… My wife was pregnant… It was just one baby this time. She always had 2 children. When I found out it was a single baby… I felt a little disappointed. I felt like we were missing something. I only had to cut one umbilical cord this time. I felt like I hadn’t done my duty. That’s how I felt. Is it still raining outside? Now? I think so. (Struggle) No, no. That’s Daebak’s. That’s Daebak’s. Don’t eat that. Don’t eat it. It’s Daebak’s. It’s Sua’s. (She’s actually Seola) It’s Daebak’s. Sua’s! No. Give it to me. Seola, I’ll give you your milk. I’ll give you milk. Wait. Sua’s. No. You don’t drink formula anymore. (Upset) (Sorry, Seola) (Daebak, have your formula!) (Cough, cough) (Seola comes around coughing) What is it? Water? Do you want water? (Crash) Wait, wait. Wait. Wait. (Something’s fishy…) (Her cough stops as soon as dad leaves) (Seola takes Daebak’s formula) (Let me have a sip) (Despair) Hey, that’s Daebak’s. Hey, that’s Daebak’s. This is yours. Drink it over there. Drink your water over there. (She begins coughing again) (Sua observes) Water, water. – Give her some water. / – Water. Seola, give Sua some water. (She grabs her throat and continues to act) Say water, please. (Smile) Say thank you. (I don’t have any water left) Good. Milk. This. No. You don’t drink formula. (Daebak’s cautious) No, this is for the baby. You don’t drink this now. – I want formula. / – No, it’s not yours. – It’s for me. / – If he doesn’t drink it. (Does Sua want it too?) It’s the baby’s. Yes, it’s the baby’s. – The baby’s. / – It’s the baby’s. It belongs to the baby. Sua’s. – You’re Seola. / – The baby’s. You’re Seola. (I’m Sua) It’s Sua’s. She’s Sua. You’re Seola. Sua’s! You’re Seola. (I want the milk) No, you’re Seola. Daebak, you may lose your formula. Wait a minute. (Donggook leaves the room) (Leftover formula) (Sneak) (It looks good) (She takes Daebak’s bottle in her hand) (No!) (Just pretend you didn’t see this) (Just this once then!) (Thanks, Sua) (This is my last time drinking it) (She lies down to drink) (The same pose as Daebak) (She remembers when she used to drink formula) (Is it that tasty?) Seola! (She got her way…) Donggook can’t help but laugh every day. Now, it’s nap time. Sua, come here. Dad’s going to read a book. (Dashing) (The children’s nap time is a difficult mission) Roll, roll, roll. Yes. Then the wind blew fiercely. The washing seemed to dance. (Wide awake) Go to sleep, okay. Yes, go to sleep. Daebak’s awake. Yes, Daebak’s awake. I have to go. Go to sleep. Pat each other so you can sleep. Did you two go and wake him up? – No. / – Then? Before I went inside… He suddenly woke up. (Gentle Daebak stops crying immediately) – He didn’t sleep very long. / – Jaea, let’s go. Let’s go. Why are you here again? (It’s boring if we go to bed easily) You have to put the fish to bed. The fish wants to sleep. – It’s not sleeping. / – It won’t sleep. Run! It ran away. (Uncle, let’s play) Gosh. It’s only been a few hours. (I have to hang in there) – Sua, get up. / – This is my last attempt. (Last attempt?) Okay. (What’s that?) (He brings out the gym ball) (The gym ball’s grown in size) (Lonely) Daebak. You’re so happy. You’re happy just to have your name called. Right? (He sits down on the gym ball) You’re going to sleep now. Got it? Okay? Close your eyes. Close your eyes. Go to bed, go to bed. (Will it prove to be a success?) (Donggook uses his final weapon) Close your eyes. Close your eyes, go on. Good. Yes, close your eyes. Good, close them. Good. Close your eyes. They fell asleep in no time. That’s a great hint for moms. (Seola and Sua are asleep!) Good. (He’s skilled) (He even puts Daebak to sleep) When Jaesi and Jaea cried… My wife would sit down, get up repeatedly. That put them to sleep. It’s a similar movement. I bounced up and down slowly… Like their mom’s movement. The children go to sleep easily. They really like it too. (The twins are at the mud festival) ‘Mud is soft’ Clean it! Clean? It’s not dirty. Clean! (The twins aren’t used to the mud) Alright, let’s go to the clean pool first. (A pool with just a little bit of mud) (All smiles) How fun. Wow. Wow. Look. This feels really good. Look how soft my skin has become. It’s so fair. Wow, it’s so fair. (Like this?) Yes. Let’s get out of here now. – No. / – No. (I want to stay here) Dad. Dragonfly. Want me to catch it? Many! – Many? / – Yes. There are so many! There are many dragonflies? (Hwijae goes somewhere) Dad. This is really good for you. (Feeling sad) (Sneak, sneak) (Quietly approaching the boys) Superman! (Just in an instant) (Looks fun) (He’s playing Superman) (Rolling around) (Hwijae wants to play together) Look. This is so nice. Wow. – Dad. / – Doesn’t it feel great? It feels great. (Unaware of what’s going to happen) It’s bubbling. This is just water. It’s just water. Water. This way, this way. It’s bubbling. (Seoeon is okay with the mud now) (Next is Seojun) (Rolling in the mud) (And even a mud massage) Help! It’s not scary. (Slip) It’s fun, right? You have mud all over your body. You’re dirty now. It’s bubbling. Good, Seoeon. Good, Seoeon. Wow, wow! Now you’re having fun. (Sliding in the mud) (Seoeon is still into bubbles) (Now they are totally okay with the mud) (Lying down) Is it fun now? (Crash) (So naughty) Which one’s more fun, the sea or the mud? Mud. I told you. Playing in the mud is fun. (The twins learn more fun things with dad) Is it fun? – It’s fun, right? / – Yes. Come here. We need to go. No, your lips are trembling. (Forcing him to leave) Your lips are trembling. It’s cold. Stop. Come here. – No. / – Stop. No! (I want to play more) (I thought you hated this place) (It’s not time to go yet) (A popular item at the mud festival) It’s the highlight of the mud festival. They are going to try sliding down the 8m tall slide. It looks scary even for adults. Will the twins be able to do this? Seoeon, hold on to me. (Seoeon goes to the top first) Seoeon. Stay there for a moment. Okay? I’ll be back soon. Stay with the uncle. (Seojun was busy playing) (He goes to the top with dad) Wow, Seoeon. You didn’t cry. Seoeon, hold onto me. Can you guys do it? Can you guys go down? Seojun, can you do this? – Yes. / – Wow, good. Seoeon, can you do this? – Yes. / – Very good. You guys are men. Hold onto me. Let’s do this! – Let’s do this! / – Good. – Let’s do this! / – Let’s do this! Hold on tight. (Hwijae and the twins’ first challenge together) Let’s do this! (Nervous) (Go!) (It’s very steep) (Success!) (Even dad is shocked) It’s alright. We did it. Seojun, want to go again? No. – Seoeon, want to go again? / – Neither do I. Let’s go now. (It was tough but these men did it!) The moment I thought I could do it was when I said, “Let’s do this” and they both shouted, “Let’s do this.” They really meant it. I felt this weird emotion when we all shouted, “Let’s do this” on top of the slide. I felt really proud. I think we’ll be able to do anything now. Hwijae took them to a special place for the brave twins. (A health food for the twins) Hello. What is this? What is this? It’s boiled pupa which is rich in protein. It’s pupa. Have you tried this? (Curious) Me too. I don’t know if you can eat this. What’s this? Pupa. (Tasting it a little with his tongue) Pupa. (Hesitant at its appearance) Pupa. (Takes it right into his mouth) (I knew you’d eat it, Seoeon) Dad, say ah. Chew it, Seojun. (Seoeon takes it into his mouth as well) (Nom) It’s pretty good right? When I was a kid, they used to sell it for 10 cents in a paper cup in front of my school. I used to save the soup for later. Yes, he’s right. It was the best snack when we were young. We got it in paper cups. It’s a shame to just eat it like this. (I can’t stop eating) (I never knew they’d like this) Is it good? Yes. What is this called? – Pupa. / – Yes, pupa. Seojun, which one’s better, chocolate or pupa? Pupa! I see. Pupa… More, please. They really love chocolate but now it’s pupa. They must really love pupa. Goodness… You guys will want it every day now. (He also has a rib in his hand) Do you know I much you’ve had? No, stop! Lee Seoeon! You must love pupa. Seoeon, me too. Me too. (Seojun found something) Seoeon, do you see the ant over there? Do you see the ant? Do you see the ant over there? Do you see the ant over there? Hey, leave some for me. This is mine. (Strong refusal) You guys had enough. I need to eat too. I want at least five. – Me too. / – I need to eat too. (Seojun steals one) Therefore, we… We played in the mud in Boryeong… (The boys made new memories again today) The scary teacher’s lesson continues. Sit up straight. If you can’t do it, you have to stay here alone. You can’t go home. You have to live with me. Manse, do you want to live with me? (No way) (If I have to live with the teacher…) Then don’t fool around. Sit up straight. (Just thinking about it…) What’s wrong, Manse? Why are you crying? (Tears flow down) Manse. You won’t even answer me now. Manse. Listen carefully. Sit up straight. Sit up straight… Straighten your back. I’ll just pretend Manse got it right too. Have a dried persimmon. Look here. Manse, stop crying. Yes. Manse, don’t cry. Don’t cry. Good. Look. He cried because he wanted to eat it. Minguk, come here. Here. Have two. You did a great job. You made your brother stop crying. (Manse’s happy too) Dried persimmon. What are you going to do? Wait. You’re going to give it to Daehan? Daehan. Answer yes, Daehan. Daehan, you don’t even answer. Are you going to receive this or not? I want to eat it. You won’t stop talking down to me. That’s wrong. Is it alright to talk down to the teacher or not? (I didn’t do it on purpose) (He suddenly feels upset) (You promised earlier) You shouldn’t talk down to the teacher, right? You shouldn’t talk down to me like I’m a friend. Then you’ll have to come here. I’ll have to hit you with this cane. Right, Daehan? Come here, Daehan. (A private consultation with the teacher?) (Minguk and Manse enjoy their dried persimmons) Daehan, look at me. – Stop crying now. / – Yes. I’ll give you a dried persimmon. You can have one too. Good boy. Your nose is runny. Isn’t it? Teacher. – Teacher, a seed. / – Can you all do it? (Here you are) – You found a seed inside? / – Yes. Okay. You’ve almost finished yours. Rotten boys. Slow down. Do you want just one? (Daehan stops crying after he gets a persimmon) Minguk and you both have big appetites. (They’re my sons) Rotten boys. (Dried persimmons create a happy ending) Everyone else, come here. Hurry up, good. Hurry. Good. Which one’s yours? Which one? Dried persimmons have an amazing ability. They make children stop crying. They’ve forgotten their tears. They’re in love with the dried persimmons. “Cheon” for sky, “Ji” for earth. (Yuto sits on Sunghoon’s lap) Yuto, you worked hard today. Look at me and eat. Look at me and listen. When you go home… “Cheon” for sky, “Ji” for earth. “Hyeon” for black, “Hwang” for yellow. Make sure you practice this. In the future… I may visit your house. I want to see how good you are, alright? You learnt about etiquette today. You should say yes. You learnt to answer your elders. When you meet your elders, say hello. Good children say their greetings. Do you understand? Grow up to be good people. – Yes. / – Good. That’s all for today’s lesson. (It’s time for bed) (Yuto’s knocked out) (Sarang’s still fast asleep) Come over here, all of you. Hurry over here. (Ilkook tidies up the blankets) Attention, salute. Attention. Salute. – Attention. /- Attention. – Victory! / – Victory! Total of 4 soldiers, no accidents. Currently 4 soldiers. (They settle down to go to sleep) Dad, what about you? I’ll sleep here. (They’re all gathered in the same room) (Let’s play tomorrow) (Lights out) Wow. We’re sleeping in a traditional Korean home. A traditional Korean home. Is the dinosaur in the forest? There’s no dinosaur. No, dinosaur uncle. – Dinosaur uncle? / – Yes. It’s been a long day… Filled with tears and laughter. The sun comes up the next morning. (It’s morning!) (The children have left early in the morning) (Daehan styles himself with a hat) (What are you doing?) (Daehan goes out with his suitcase) (They’re all ready to go home) Why did you bring your bag out? Why did you all bring your bags out? We’re not going home. We’re staying longer. Leave your bags here. Leave your bags here. Where are you going? Where are you headed? (They’re cute!) Are you going to walk all the way home? If you walk from here… You’ll be 10 years old when you arrive home. (Oops) Right? (The head teacher’s watching) The head teacher’s here. Good morning, head teacher. Good morning. Did you sleep well? – Good boy. / – Gosh. Did you all sleep well? (The children all bow) – Where’s the A-frame? / – Speak formal language. Hello. Good. Come over here. Where are you going with your bags? Minguk, where are you going? – Home. / – It’s not time yet. There’s more to study. Why did you bring your bags out? Look at this. Look at your blankets! Who slept here? Come here. Leave that here. Come inside and fold your blankets. Hands together. Manse. Hands together. You don’t want to go home? What about your fathers? Did you ask if they slept well? You didn’t even ask that. Do it here. We’re outside. When you get up, greet your father. Did you sleep well? Begin. Did you sleep well? Father, did you sleep well? Yes, we slept well. Goodness. (They begin folding their blankets) Here. (Sarang takes the boys’ pillows too) Fold it again. Good. Good job, Yuto. – Sarang. / – Sarang, you too. (Dad isn’t folding by himself today) Good girl. Take it to your dad now. (They’ve learnt that this is their chore) (The bedding is being put away) Good girl, Sarang. (Brush, brush) (The room’s tidy now) They say that a mother with a large brood never has a peaceful day… But many children make plenty of laughs. The children are happy and feel safe as a group of five. In the space of a day, their faces have lit up with smiles. Good job. Splash, splash. (They begin another exciting day!) Come and eat. Sarang, you too. Hurry over. (She’s learnt to arrange her own shoes) Good girl. Let’s go eat breakfast. (What’s for breakfast at the village school?) Everyone serves themselves at the village school. The rule is that no food can be left over. (A self-serve, delicious country breakfast) Take one each. Here. (Manse’s rushing to eat the fritters) Wait a minute. Don’t use your hands. Wait. This is terrible. You need to learn table manners first. Hands together. – Hands together. / – Bring them together. Hands together. Look at me. When you eat here… Only eat as much as you can. Don’t leave any food, alright? – Yes. / – Don’t leave any. Otherwise, you’ll be in trouble. I will say bad boy, okay? – Yes. / – Line up. – Yes. / – Yes. Put it here. Good. Place that here. Now serve yourself. (Plenty of fritters) (Plenty of kimchi) (A big serving of anchovies) That’s enough! That’s enough! Daehan, Daehan. That’s enough. – Daehan. / – Daehan. Okay. Okay, okay. This too. – Here. / – What’s this? Speak in formal language. What is this? It’s gomchwi. That’s enough. Okay. Sit down over here. Do you want more? (Minguk has served himself a bit of everything) Don’t eat yet. Wait. Come here. Minguk, over here. (Everyone’s ready to eat) What’s this? You have to ask politely. Say it again. What is this? This is a cane to hit those children who are bad. Do you understand? Do you know what this cane is for? Cane. – Cane. / – Cane. You know what this is for, right? – Cane. / – Yes. Sit up straight. – Sit up straight. / – Sit up straight. Hands together. – Hands together. / – Hands together. Thank you for the meal. Bow. Thank you for the meal. Begin eating now. Sarang, wait. Wait until the elders begin eating. Then you can eat. Father, mother. Look. Can we eat now? Now. You can eat now. Do we have to eat with the elders? Yes. (Can I eat this now?) (Hungry Sarang takes a big bite) (Manse eats the pancake first) Chew and eat slowly. (It’s delicious) (Quiet) (The results of etiquette lessons) (Yuto observes and copies table manners) (I’m doing well, aren’t I?) Are we having ice cream after breakfast? After breakfast? You have to study. Let’s eat, study then have ice cream. I’ll buy you ice cream. What about dried persimmons? Do you want to eat dried persimmons? Where’s the dried persimmon? It must’ve gone home. I’ll give you more dried persimmons at snack time. (Yuto feeds himself with adult chopsticks) (Yum) (He takes a big spoonful of rice) (He scoffs down the sides) (He drinks the rest of the soup) I’m hungry again. I’m hungry again. (Shock) Now? – Yes. / – You want to eat? I like the fritters. You want more fritters? – Yes. / – Say yes, please. Yes, please. Can I have some more? Of course you can. Hurry up and go. Yuto, take your plate. – Good. / – Bring as much as you want to eat. Good. (Sarang has put her spoon down) (She stares at the teacher) Hurry up and eat. You have to eat all this, Sarang. – You have to eat it all. / – I ate. What? I ate. You can eat it, right? (Can she finish that?) Yuto’s going to come first. This too? Okay. Sit up straight. (I love this!) When are we having ice cream? After studying. What are we studying? You missed out yesterday as you were sleeping. (Did they study while I slept?) – Dad. / – Yes? I was asleep. I was so tired. I dozed off. I didn’t sleep very long. (Shock) One more time. (Oops) Yuto! (Pretends he didn’t sleep) Were you asleep? Don’t sleep. Open your eye wide. Like this. Open them. Good! (I won’t doze off today) I’m strong now. (Amazed) What about me? You’ve got a long way to go. You need to finish your food like Yuto to be strong. Manse’s almost finished. – I’ve almost finished. / – Here. Good boy. You really like it. Manse, you’re a good eater too. (Manse and Yuto have finished their meals) Can I have some water? Of course you can. You’re a good boy. Don’t run. Go. (Someone’s singing) (Daehan sings while eating) (Daehan, are you singing?) (Minguk glances at the head teacher) (Where’s this song coming from?) ‘I’m lucky number 7 because I met you’ ‘I love you, don’t look at anyone else’ What’s this noise? What’s this noise? Who’s making this noise while eating? (I’m going to eat quietly) (The head teacher waits after his meal) I have to eat this quickly. I have to eat this quickly. (Glance) (I have to speed up because the teacher’s waiting) (I keep eating but there’s still a lot of food) (Sigh) (There’s still a lot of rice left) (Daehan has given up) Minguk and Daehan. (We’re in trouble) You can’t eat anymore, right? – My tummy’s going to hurt. / – That’s right. Yes, speak like that. Sarang, do you think you can finish? Yes. Can you finish? Can you promise? (For sure) Okay then. Sarang, you eat. Minguk and Daehan… Get up. – Stand up. / – Good. I want to stand up too. – No. You finished. / – You finished so stay seated. Okay. Daehan and Minguk, hands together. Hands together. Crying won’t solve this. (He’s in trouble) Raise your arms. (The head teacher won’t go easy on them) Raise your arms like this. (Sob, sob) (Manse’s upset seeing his brothers get in trouble) (Wail) (Grunt) Manse, do you want to be punished too? Manse, stand up then. You leave me no choice. You want to be punished too, don’t you? No wonder you’re triplets. Manse, hands up. Good. Perfect. You’re good. Daehan’s the best. Minguk, up! Good. Hands down. Hands together. Now say I will eat it all. I will eat it all. Good, sit down. Sit up straight. Hands together. – Hands together. / – Bow. Thank you for the meal. Take your trays and put them over there. Take your spoons. Minguk, take your spoon. Yuto, go. Sarang, you wait. – You have to finish. / – Thank you for the meal. (Sarang’s left alone with the head teacher) Sarang, don’t force yourself to eat it all. Can you finish it? (Nod) You can eat all that? (Nod) Speak. Can you eat all that? Yes. Okay then. Chew slowly and eat it all. (Sarang’s known for her big appetite) The scary head teacher is watching. Will Sarang finish her meal? Can you eat it all? Yes. (Shocked) (I’ve never seen a child like this before) (Time passes) Sarang. (Slide) (She glances at the teacher and takes her spoon) Sarang. Do you want to stop eating? You don’t have to eat it all. (I want to eat it all) (Goodness…) Your dad’s really determined. You must take after him, right? (Like father like daughter) Goodness. (It seems like the head teacher’s being punished…) (He’s tired of waiting and makes a final attempt) If you can’t eat it, put your spoon down. Just be punished once. Otherwise, raise your arms high like Minguk. (Whatever) (Scoff) (Silent and determined Sarang) Eat that and you’re all done. Eat that and you’re all done. The end! Sarang’s finished! (Sarang did it!) Good girl. Say thanks. Say thank you. Hands together. Hands together. – Thank you for the meal. / – Thank you. Good girl. You did well. Father, give her a hug. Come here, goodness. Make sure she drinks some water. You’re so clever. Gosh. You’re really something. – Daehan, Minguk and Manse… / – Yes? – Where’s Yuto? / – Oh… They went out for a little while. – Eat that, drink some water. / – Yes. – Do you want to join them after that? / – Yes. Okay. Then chew your food and eat slowly. Dad, there’s a watermelon here too. Yes, watermelons. A snake! A snake has appeared! Where’s the snake? Here. This branch is a snake. Dad. – There’s one here too. / – Where? A watermelon! Pick the watermelon now. Which watermelon? Good. You picked it. Dad, this… Yes, that. Bring it over here. – No, you carry it. / – No. I’m going to carry another one. It’s too heavy. Even so, you have to carry it. Farming is hard work, you know. Carrying a watermelon is nothing. – Follow me. / – I want to put it in my A-frame. Daehan, Minguk, Manse! I’ve finished eating! I’ve finished. Yes. You’re so strong! (Sarang’s meal has made her strong) (Minguk tries to pick corn too) 1, 2, 3! (I can’t do it) – Yes, pull. / – Pull. Pull hard with both hands. Gosh. Good work. Wow. You picked it. (Minguk, you can have it) Gosh. Oh? It’s a toad! – Sarang. / – Look at this. – It’s really big. / – Come here. Wow, it’s really big. Wow. The toad is huge. – It’s really big. / – Isn’t it? Who wants to touch it? They appear when it rains, right? Yes. Manse, touch it. Wow. You too, Sarang. Sarang, touch it. Oops. It jumped. Toad, toad. (It’s not just an etiquette lesson) Did you touch it? Today, they’ve created another memory filled with laughter. This family of 5 children are on their first outing. But it’s just Seola, Sua… And Daebak. Where are they headed? Oh? Here we are. We’re here! Let’s go see your big sister. – Big sister! / – Wow. (Second born, Jaea) (Jaea is an elementary school tennis player) (They arrive at the practice courts) – Hello. / – Jaea’s here! Wow. (Big sister!) Big sis. Big sis, you can do it! (Songdo’s Sharapova, Lee Jaea) Look. (Pant) Go, Jaea! Go, Jaea! You can do it! (They can even cheer now) Wow. (Clap) (24-month-old Seola gives recognition) Seola. Wow, Daebak likes it. Seola. Wow, Daebak likes it. Daebak likes it, clap. Pull this hand and he’ll move. 1, 2. (Walking with the coach that’s Donggook’s friend) – Daebak, let’s go to dad. / – Daebak. (Small steps) (Wait! My hand!) (Phew) – He runs around. / – Really? – At home. / – He can’t even stand up properly. – No, he runs. He’s pretending that he can’t. / – Oh. Oh. Mommy. Look. Look at him dance. That’s a tricky dance. He uses his front foot. It’s quite difficult. (This way) (That way) Look. It’s a difficult dance. Good. Let’s go. (Meanwhile, Seola and Sua…) (Squeeze) (They’re applying sunscreen) Rub it in. (Pat, pat) (She pats herself to absorb the cream) What are you two doing? – No. / – What? – What’s that / – Sunscreen? – What? / – Sunscreen. – It’s okay. / – Who did that? Don’t rub your eyes. (Rub, rub) Don’t rub your eyes. (Pat, pat) (My skin needs to be protected) Jaea, with your dad… Play with your dad. Okay then, Jaea. Do you want to play with me? – Yes. / – Play a game? – Yes. / – 10 points then. If you win… – I’ll grant you one wish. / – I don’t have a wish. You must have a wish. I don’t. If you lose, you have to train for an hour. Yes. What? Wait a minute. (Jaea leaves briefly) How can she not have a wish? She hasn’t been training hard these days. She should be asking for a day off as a wish. That should be her wish. It doesn’t make any sense. (Angry) (Nervous) Jaea, play like it’s a real match. (Jaea vs. Donggook) (The match begins) 1:0. (Dad doesn’t go easy on her) 3:1. (Jaea looks upset) (Go, Jaea!) (She tries again) Good. 9:8. (Jaea takes the lead by 1 point) (Focus) I’m serving. (Dad and daughter play as hard as they can) Stop! Deuce. (Donggook catches up to tie 9:9) You can do it. Yes! You have to cheer louder than that. You can do it! Yes! (Who will win?) In! (Donggook 10: Jaea 9) (Sob) (Jaea can’t focus on the game) Game. (Donggook 11: Jaea 9) Game. Game. (Jaea loses to her dad) Come here. Why are you crying? Huh? Why are you crying? Come here. Why are you crying? Why? Because you lost? Are you crying because you lost? Yes? (Jaea cries and can’t speak) Is it because you lost? Tell me, Jaea. Is it because you lost? Are you going to cry every time you lose? – It’s not because I lost. / – Then? Then what? You worked hard… But you’re not happy with the results. Yes? Yes. Wipe your tears. Stop. Stop crying. Do you want to stop playing tennis? (Dad already knows why Jaea is crying) Yes? Do you want to stop? If you cry… It makes me feel upset. I don’t want you to play tennis. (Donggook is firm with her) Stop. Stop crying now. (Blow) (What’s going on here?) Go and wash your face. Run over and wash yourself. Wash your face and come back. (Wait for me, sis!) (Jaea’s little sisters want to comfort her) (Sob) Don’t you feel sad when she cries like that? Of course it hurts. I feel sad. It’s better that she cries now. When she’s older and cries… It’s nothing compared to crying now. It’s better to cry now. If she cries a lot now… There’ll be more happy days in the future. (Dad wants Jaea to grow up strong) She can handle it. Hurry up. Hurry up. You can practice harder. Then you can beat dad. – Right? / – Yes. Yes. At home, Jaea… It’s okay for you to be childish. You can’t be childish when you hold the racket. I won’t accept that. Now and in the future. What’s your dream? What is it? To be a tennis player. Just any tennis player? No, in the world. In the world? In the world what? The best in the world. The best tennis player in the world? Yes. Then from tomorrow… Can you do a good job? Okay? – Yes. / – You can do it! Shout out what I told you 3 times to finish. (Smile) Okay? – Okay. / – Loudly, at the front. So over there… Until the people playing over there… Until they tell you to be quiet. – I can do it! / – Don’t look at me. Look into the sky. – Go. / – I can do it! 1. I can do it! 2. I can do it! 3. Come here. (You can do it, Jaea! I’ll support you) – Can you do it? / – Yes. Okay. At last, Jaea has a wish. (Is it hard playing sports?) Was it hard that day? Yes. Why don’t you tell your dad that it’s hard? My dad works harder than I do. I can’t tell him that it’s hard for me. My wish is to be a tennis player that’s ranked in the world’s top 10. Jion, there are lots of dogs here. Where is this place that will make Taewoong’s wish come true? It’s a pension where you can bring your pet. They can even play together in the pool. Jion and Namu must love this place. There are many dogs, Jion. More of them are coming. (Should I go in too?) (Big steps) It’s cold. (It’s cool) (I want to play in the water) Jion, let’s get changed into our swimsuits and go in the pool. (Let’s play in the water, daddy) Let’s get changed. Come here. It’s time to enjoy the water. They exercise first. (Stretching just like her dad) (Relaxing the ankles) Let’s just play in the shallow pool today. – It’s cold. / – Alright. (Splashing in the water) (What has caught Taewoong’s attention?) Look over there. Look at Namu playing with Cookie. They are dancing. – Stay still. / – Okay. Namu. (Taewoong wants to play in the pool with Namu) (Running away) Namu doesn’t want to play. Namu, come here. Namu, come over here. Namu, let’s go in the water. We won’t go in deep. Namu, just come until here. (Running away) How should I teach Namu to swim? (Forcing Namu to swim) (Namu doesn’t like water) (Finally Namu’s in the water) (Struggling) (Crash!) (Shameful) (Jion suddenly runs to somewhere) (Found it!) (She picks up the life jacket for Namu) Should we put this on Namu? Yes! (Namu, don’t be scared) Jion. Namu put on the life jacket. Namu, let’s go in. (He goes in the water again) (Taewoong is satisfied) Wow, he’s good. Come here. Come this way. Good. (It’s fun, right?) Namu, come this way. Not that way, come this way. Come this way. Good. Come this way. Very good. Namu, you’re great at swimming. Namu hates water but he experienced swimming today. And if he experiences it more, I think he’ll enjoy it. Just like it is for children. Jion, let’s go to somewhere it’s warm. There’s a bird. (A sauna where they can relax with Namu) This dog is enjoying the sauna. (Steaming) Wow. (Amazed) Cookie must not like us for stealing his seat. (Nod, nod) What did Cookie do? He groaned, right? (Let me enjoy the sauna) Mother! – Mother? / – Mother! Mommy! Mommy? Is she like your mom? – Mommy. / – Mommy. Namu, you can sit down. Sit down and dry your hair. Namu, you were great at swimming. Why are you so scared of water? How did Namu swim? (Jion has mastered how to swim like a dog) He did that, right? Look at me. (He’s so professional) He did this, right? – Yes. / – Namu must like this place now. Since it’s warm. – Snack. / – Snack? Jion, are you hungry? Yes! What snack do you want? Cheese? – You want cheese? / – Yes! Should we give some to Cookie as well? No? What about daddy? Can I have a little? I’ll have just a little, you can have a lot, and just a little for the dogs. Just a little. – Cookie… / – No! No, Cookie. No. (So delicious that she can’t share) (Fixed gaze) Jion. You like the dogs, but you can’t give them some cheese? (I’m going to eat cheese by myself) You can’t share your cheese? You’re going to eat it all by yourself? Namu’s watching. You won’t give him some? (She suddenly gives it to her dad) (Really?) Are you giving me some? Peel it for you? (I knew it) Can I have that little end part? Can I have this? (For real this time?) (Really?) (Just peel it!) No? (She can’t give up on cheese) (Lick) (That was close) (She dropped it) You dropped it. Should I give it to Cookie? Let’s give it to Cookie. – No. / – Look at Cookie. Let’s give this to Cookie. Cookie ate it. (Give it back) (Lick) (Cookie ate my cheese) Cookie played with you. You should share with Cookie. – One more? / – Yes. You want one more? – Yes! / – But I don’t have any. (So polite at times like this) Say please. Here. Cookie, Namu. And Jion, you have this. I didn’t get to eat it. Can I just have a bite? – No. / – I didn’t get any. – No. / – No? It’s on your mouth. You got some cheese on your mouth. Did you eat it in case I eat it? – You’re going to eat it? / – Yes. I never imagined this. I never thought of staying in sauna with dogs. But Namu seemed to be enjoying it and Jion liked it too. I wish I had one at my house. (Jion feels light after the sauna) (It’s cold in the evening since it’s Gangwon-do) I’m going to catch Jion! I’m going to catch you! Want to ride on my shoulders? (Daddy can become Jion’s legs) (Successfully seated) Jion, laugh. (She’s acting) This is how you cry. (I’m too happy to cry) (They take a photo for their memory) (Trying to be natural) (They can’t stop laughing as they are together) Jion, it’s really nice, right? Jion, remember this forever. Remember that I put you on my shoulders and we walked through the mountains talking to each other. Next chapter. The 5 little scholars continue to cause havoc. (They continue their village school lessons) The dads have rolled up their sleeves for the kids. They start a war with the chickens. The twins have transformed into princesses. Don’t do that. Will their birthday be trouble free? (Happy as ever) Father-to-be Jaewook has come to visit the twins. Will he be able to win the hearts of the twins? Dads become stronger thanks to their children who give them strength. The Return of Superman. Chapter 91. “People Who Make Me Stronger”

Glenn Chapman


  1. Not sure how it is in real life but the way they edited made me feel sad and lonely for daehan. He is shy and kind of an introvert and yet has to act as the big brother and look out for minguk and manse. You will notice this when they're around people they aren't close with. He would always keep quiet on the side and has this habit of pouting when he feels uncomfortable or awkward. But he knows how to have fun too, mature and is very intelligent just that he only shows this side of him when he's with his family or people he is close with.

    I honestly adored minguk and manse more in the beginning but daehan just slowly crept into me. Love the way this kid smiles, laughs, the way he talks when asking questions on things he is curious about, the way he just simply takes care of his appa and brothers. He always show his love for them in different means even though he doesnt talk a lot. There was this episode when they were asked to buy a few things in the market and definitely minguk lead the 3 and peoole were all about him and how smart he is. However, what i appreciate in that episode is that minguk and song appa noticed that daehan doesnt feel well. They didnt explain but i dont think they mean physically ill but more like he felt awkward with all those strangers.

    Though they aren't in ROS anymore, I just hope that directors would provide equal screentime to each child to be fair. Though the cheeky ones are fun, there's still charm to kids like daehan. 💕

  2. By the way, let me just say how stupid it is to scold a child who just started talking and has lived all 4 years of his life not being taught of formal korean speech. Daehan was a late bloomer in this department compared to minguk and manse because he is always quiet and likes to observe. His parents should have prepared him and manse for this instead of expecting them to be at the same pace as minguk who loves to sing and has learned to talk earlier than the 2.

    We all know they are triplet but their parents should undertstand that learning curve for everyone isnt at the same pace.

    Same goes for eating. They could have given them a bit more time to finish because kids are like this. Unless they just keep on chewing, why force them to finish like the rest? Daehan and Minguk are both known for their big appetite and were just pressured to finish at the elders' pace.

    Great job to Sarang for keeping at it. I bet her pride wont let her get punished! 😂 Being this adamant is fine so long as you stick to it.

  3. wow minkuk give manse his reward and he also wants to give daehan too

  4. i cant watch this stupid teacher guy swinging his cane around in front of little kids. no children should have to put up with this. this is traumatizing.

  5. definitely not watching this crap where some dude is threatening kids with violence. wtf is wrong with those parents doing this to their children??


  7. i love how yuto is just there, and doesn't understand a word of korean haha

  8. I have a message for literally the entire world: STOP FUCKING USING FEAR TACTICS TO GET CHILDREN TO OBEY.

  9. The twins lifting the dumbbells still scares me. My younger sister once dropped a dumbbell on her foot and her toenail got removed and bleeding profusely.

  10. The twins lifting the dumbbells still scares me. My younger sister once dropped a dumbbell on her foot and her toenail got damaged and was bleeding profusely.

  11. I cry when manse cry but i cry so much when minguk give him his dried permisson and said "don't cry manse" ohhh so sweet mingukie.😍😍😍

  12. Yuto is a true champ, seriously. He'd had just as long a journey as Sarang and yet he went to class with the triplets and tried his best. He's learning Korean so quickly, especially from his only source being when playing with Sarang, and once he's learned something he remembers it and uses it with confidence. Here he's surrounded by people speaking a different language than him, even attending a lesson held solely in that language, and he's exhausted, and yet he's handling it brilliantly. I'm amazed!

    Minguk's memory is incredible! I felt so bad for Manse though. He was so excited to try it as well and then so upset when he couldn't remember properly and thought he'd have to stay there. The way he always gets upset when his brothers are is just so sweet. <3 I do love how the "eat everything" rule totally backfired when it came to Sarang, haha! xD

    The new family is adorable. Sua's curls are to die for! I love how Jaesi accidentally called Seola "Sua" when scolding her. "Lee Sua – Lee Seola, why did you push him?". And then Jaea told her not to hit Seola. They are such sweet big sisters. <3 It's great that Dong-guk is instilling a sense of pride in working hard, but at 9 years old, I hope she feels that she CAN tell her parents that it's hard, even if she feels she "shouldn't" or doesn't need to. She's only a child after all. It's great to be responsible and to work hard to reach your dreams, but I hope she's still allowed to be a kid. At this point she'd already been to practice for a while and she was tired, and you can tell she didn't really feel up to playing against her dad, but didn't say. I do think it was a good lesson he taught her though, and I love how he ended it with her!

    The twins (and the triplets) are such city kids xD It's great that they get to experience mud and sand and dirt! That slide though. "Wanna go again?" "No." "Me neither." xD

    Jion and the dogs, so cute! I'd love to have a place like that to go to with my dog. She'd never go in the water though, she hates swimming even more than Namu does! My other dog loved it, but my current fur baby hates to even walk on wet grass xD

  13. Minguk probably got reminded of his experience at sungkyunkwan (?). Poor baby. Manse so precious wanting to be punished together 😍

  14. I think jaea was really nervous to play against her dad. She maybe wanted to show him how much effort she put in it but as she could not focus, her dad win and that hurted her maybe also because of her dream

  15. Seriously the teacher would give me major fear issues- very terrifying. Not a nurturing learning experience at all.

  16. "At home it's okay for you to be childish. You can't be childish when you're holding the racket, I won't accept that." THIS GOT ME :') some words right there

  17. Ive heard that the Japanese always puts their cutlery down after a bite… I may be wrong

  18. Kaya pala sabi ko, bakit parang naiintindihan ko pinagsasabi ni Yuto at Tatay nya, nagniNihongo pala sila. Hehe sobrang nagfocus pala ako sa Triplets. I need to look for Yuto's epi na din… Labthem5

  19. I hv been noticing that manse always cries when he sees minguk crying but in case of daehan he nly feel sad .
    Whatever. .boys keep supporting each other in future also . Never fight be always in same sides .
    ❤Saranghaeyo 😘❤

  20. When seojon tried to lift the dumbbell 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
    I am dead!

  21. Last time in a episode minguk got scold and now manse and daehan…they are taking their turns 😂😂😂

  22. Andai diindonesia ada pelajaran buat anak" kek dikorea belajar tentang perilaku sehari hari yang baik ❤️

  23. I wish they would have a teaching place for kids manners in my country as well I think this is a great way to make children learn about respect for their elders and manners when they eat etc. Really loved this episode ❤👍

  24. Owemgiiii! The way the triplets care about each other is so adorable. And big eater Yuto and cutie Sarang!!!

  25. Yuto se débrouille de mieux en mieux avec le Coréen! Mais il avait l'air tellement fatigué!

  26. 1:04:21 my daehanieee omooo so cuteeee loveyouu my babies don't cry😂💕😭

  27. mass entry of seola at 1:16:14..that really cracked me up <3 :))))

  28. the twins make a great team! Seojun is smart, Seoeon is strong. Brains and Brawn!

  29. song triplets is loveeee!
    but mingukie is my favorite. smart and generous.
    2019 anyone? watched this many times

  30. The triplets are such a bunch of happiness….. Ilkook really raised them well, they are really an epitome of a perfect family……it's so fun and such an honor for me to watch them grow up…..I love the triplets so much and they never fail to amaze and bring joy to me.

  31. Donggook can play tennis?! I thought he can only play soccer. No wonder he has talented kids

  32. I feel bad for Yuto when he follow the Head Teacher saying "who's that" cause he doesn't know the Korean language and maybe the head teacher doesn't know that he is from Japan. Did no one told the head teacher that he is from other country? The head teacher glared at him telling that they will not go home if they don't listen to him. 😢

  33. It's so funny when Daehan is singing while eating. I thinks he's in a good mood. Because i notice that he's in a good mood when he start to sing haha . Daehanaaa ❤

  34. I love the triplets but Mingukie is my favourite. It’s so fun to see him grow. He’s turning to be the smartest, witty and sweetest of the three. And he can be really funny too! ❤️😍

  35. That moment when Manse wants to get punished along with his brothers though he finished his meal💖 No wonder they're triplets💕 Two thumbs up for Song Ilkook and Song eomma for raising such lovely kids💓

  36. With all that happened, will they still be able to use Japanese casually in Korea?

  37. Who came here after 5siblings left the show?💔 they grew up so fast Jaesi can play tennis like Jaea (her twin) who is also a international tennis player and she just beat her dad in the latest episode Im so proud for her♥️ Seola and Sua became pretty and smart girls while Sian became a soccer player♥️ Im so proud for them! They grew up so fast♥️ Stay healthy guys!♥️

  38. I'm saying this again. I can't watch their last episode so I'll just watch this. Somehow I'm proud of Jaea. I've been following her tennis journey in IG and she really grew as a strong player. Lee Donggook may have been strict on her training but look at her now. She's been to different places for her tennis. 👏👏👏👏👏 너무 잘했어 재아야 👍

  39. I'm becoming such a big Yuto fan & every time the Choos switch to Japanese mode I love it!

  40. I'm on my 90th episode of TROS MARATHON. My soul is healed by being with children.

  41. Even in the dark, with a bit of light, you'd be able to see Seoeon and Seojun! Whahahaha! The neon pink and green!

  42. minguk loves to sing, but he doesn't sing when they're eating bc he knows the etiquette.. omg that kid so smart i love him 🥰🥰🥰

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