The Return of Superman | 슈퍼맨이 돌아왔다 – Ep.89 (2015.08.09)

Jion is exploring Jecheon, Taewoong’s hometown. Jion, the place we’re going now is where I came for summer vacation when I was young. I’d come here to have fun in the water and cool off the summer heat. I want to go there with you. Ice forms even in the summer here in Neunggang Valley, Jecheon. It’s a perfect vacation spot. Head. Head. (Watermelon print) So cute. Come here. Come here. Let’s go over there. (They enjoy their sweet vacation) Jion’s belly button! Jion’s fat belly. – Dad. / – Should I jump in? (Pointing at Taewoong’s cap) You want my cap? – My cap? / – Yes. Hey! (She threw the cap in the water) (So fun!) (She’s an oddball) Taewoong gets ready to jump in the water. He’s quite muscular. Taewoong showed off his muscular body in a drama 3 years ago. (Amazing back muscles) He’s a father now, but he still has it. (He’s still got it) (I want to go in too) (Splash) (Startled) (It’s still cool and nice) (They’re the only people here) (Excited) It seems they wouldn’t need another exercise. I don’t know exactly but I think Jion’s around 15kg. I don’t do any exercise in particular, but I keep getting arm muscles thanks to Jion. The Return of Superman. Chapter 89. “Dads are Men.” Raising a child is all about the stamina for a dad in his 40s. Look at this, Jion. (I’m so hungry) A dish to revitalize Taewoong in this summer heat. There are various seafoods and meat as well as a huge octopus to be eaten in wraps. Jion would love it as well. Foods from both sea and land. (Where is Jion?) (Staring) Jion, you might bump your head. (Bump) Good for you. I told you. You won’t listen. (Worried) What happened? What happened down there? Jion. What happened just now? (Can’t lift her head) Lift your head. (Turn) Jion, tell me what happened. Huh? Jion, does it hurt? What happened? (Why is Jion not crying?) What happened, Jion? (A similar thing happened in the past) (Crash) (So shocked) I told you. You didn’t listen to me. That’s why you fell. You were fortunate as you didn’t hit the rock. Do you know what would have happened? Big trouble. – Yes. / – Big trouble. Big trouble. So just sit still and eat. Okay. What happened, Jion? What happened? What happened? What was that sound? Bang. Did you bump your head? Does it hurt? Does it hurt? (Shake) It doesn’t hurt? (She doesn’t want to get scolded) (Bump) (Another bump) (She’s frozen again) Jion! Jion. (Taewoong is at a loss for words) (It hurts a lot this time) (What should I do?) What happened? Come over here. Hold my hand. (Rolls over to escape) What happened? Come over here. – Bump. / – Why didn’t you be careful? I told you to be careful. You hit your head. Bump. Let’s see… Let me taste some octopus. If I don’t nourish myself, I can’t hold you now. I’m going to eat all this healthy food and carry you around. (I agree) Abalone. I’m sure Taewoong can endure the summer heat now. I’m going to eat it like this. In wraps. (Jion eats the meat) (I want to eat) – Shrimp. / – You want shrimp? Okay. I’ll give you the shrimp. It’s hot. Blow it. It’s hot. You blow it now. (It should be okay now, right?) (Nom) Cut it up, Jion Good. (Jion even cares for her dad) (Thanks, Jion) Great. How is it? Great. Hang in there for the rest of the summer! Let’s visit the twins who have mom’s friend over. Daddy’s lips. Daddy’s nose. While Hwijae is putting the boys to sleep, Chef Jeong Changuk prepares the ingredients. Do I have to add garlic? (Press) (Why isn’t this working?) That was dangerous. (Food inside the oven?) (What’s this?) (He finds the remote control in the oven) (He takes out the chicken for the meal) (Preparing the kitchen without the owner) (Hwijae comes out with Seoeon) Chef Jeong. I’m out of options. You can just observe. Should we watch the cartoon you like? – Dad. / – With dad? Let’s see what comes out. – This. / – You want to watch this? “The Elephant and the Spider Web?” Should we watch this? (Click) “The Elephant and the Spider Web?” No. It’s a mosquito. (I’m so popular) I’ll go and cook some food. – Okay. / – Good. Let’s go. There’s nothing for you to do. – I’ve sliced up the onions. / – Okay. Just rinse this with water and place them here. – I boil these? / – No, just wash them. – Wash them. / – Okay. Can you touch raw chicken with your hands? I can if you tell me to. If you tell me to… What do I do with this? Well… If you just have to take this chicken… Put it here like this. And rinse it under running water. (That’s easy) Just like this? Yes. That should remove the blood inside. (Careful) This one’s big. Yes, it is. 1kg is pretty big for a chicken. The neck here is a little gross. But you get a lot of juices from here. So you can just keep it in. – And cook it whole? / – Yes. – What? Just like that? / – Yes. – You don’t add sticky rice? / – No. Huh? I’m not cooking it like chicken and ginseng soup. I’m teaching you a simpler way. – Oh, really? / – Yes. You’re not going to add jujubes and stuff. – Just leave them out. / – Oh, really? Yes. You can eat that stuff at restaurants. This is nice. Should I slice it? No, no, no. Grab the onion like this. Since it’s your first cut. That’s it. – What? / – One more. That’s finished. – It’s finished. / – Yes. Throw it in now. What? Throw them in. And now you simply turn on the heat. (Is this really right?) Just slice it in half. – In half? / – Bring your fingertips in. Yes, that’s it. Now throw that in. We’ll add a bit of salt. Just half a tablespoon. You can add as much garlic as you want. You can add a lot. It won’t be spicy or anything. (Big handful) Add that… (Now they just have to add sticky rice and it’s done) – That’s it? / – Yes. Jungwon said that you can’t cook at all. I made this like camping food. – Oh, really? / – Yes. Nice and simple. But this is too simple. Yes, it’s simple. How many minutes do we cook this for? 40 minutes. – Then it’s finished. / – It’s finished like that. This is simple boiled chicken. – Really. / – What I’ll be cooking for you… Yes. It’s upgraded… I’m going to reduce the cooking time by cutting the chicken. Okay… I’ll show one. You have to do the rest. With the chicken like this… If you slice this part here… (Watching from a distance) The knife’s a bit blunt… – That’s my knife, right? / – Yes. You try it now. Be careful. You need to put some force into it. It’ll be a little hard at first. You have to feel it. You’ll feel the joint. You can cut it. Feel the joint first. You cut the breast. This side… (Communicating telepathically with the chicken) (He’s got it) That’s it. Yes, good job. That’s okay. (He cuts off the drumstick) That’s the way. (He quickly does the rest) (Succeeds in cutting off the wings) Wash your hand first. (He’s cute) You did really well. – Really? / – It’s just your knife is blunt. (Did I do well?) Now put that in when the water’s cold. – It’s okay to put it in now? / – Yes, yes. Is this boiled chicken too? This is for the chicken. You can remove all of the froth. He’s awake, he’s awake. (What do we do?) Seoeon, your brother had a good sleep. He slept well. Ask him. This is Seojun. What’s your name? It’s Seojun. – Seojun. / – Hello. This is mom’s friend. – Hello. / – Hello. Good boy. Handshake. Yeah. High-five. (Slap) Seojun, uncle’s going to cook yummy food. Should we wait? – Yes. / – Good boy. He’s speaking well today. Seojun, Seoeon, you boys play. He looks like Jungwon. He does. Totally. They’re twins but he’s smaller. They’re quite tall though. – Yes, yes. / – This? (Anxiously on his knees) You have to put it down for it to pop out. Do it like this. No, put it down like this. Like this. – Now stab it. / – Stab it. So it’s been a while since you’ve met her? It’s been around 5 or 6 years? – Dad. / – Yes? Let’s see… (This is fun) You’ve been chosen. – Should we try again? / – Yes. Seoeon, you use this. You do one and I’ll do one. In order. (He wants to play with Seoeon) Harder. On our first blind date… I was really… – You met through a blind date? / – Yes! Jungwon never goes on blind dates. As if… No way. It’s Moon Jungwon! (In disbelief) I don’t believe this. – It’s not like that. / – No, no. I mean… To tell you about Jungwon back then… The students of Dongguk University thought of her as existing in the stratosphere. That’s what your mom was like… – Aren’t you going to play this? / – Dad! No? Mom’s friend is speaking way too highly of mom. I’m shocked. Is that all? (Bubble bubble) A good way to get close with the boys… Raise the tone of your voice slightly. And even though it feels childish, be like, “What the?” Something like that. You’ll do it naturally when you have kids. I got it. So you’re Seoeon? Seoeon? (Approaching him first to get close) Seojun. Seojun. Is that Seojun? Hey, come here. Seojun… Do you want to try on this hat? Why’s this so big? Did I buy the wrong size? (Approaches Seojun) Do you want to wear this? – No. / – No? He’s rejecting me. You have to keep trying. I’m their father but… Oh, patience, patience. You have to push hard. No. Hey, who taught you to say that? No. (Let’s just laugh it off) I’ll put it on him. Want to wear this with me? (Swiftly moves out of the way) (Faster than the speed of light) Okay, okay. (It’s so hard to get close to them) Hwijae’s peacefully cooking thanks to mom’s friend. (The chicken’s been boiling for 40 minutes) Reduce it to low heat. We have to take the meat off the bone. You don’t have cotton gloves, do you? I have baseball gloves. I’ll put the disposable gloves on top. – They’re like golf gloves, right? / – Yes. – Oh, yes. That’s good. / – Okay. I thought he meant the mitts. (Brought out new gloves) With this… This chicken… Bro. Take this off. Take this off. Hurry and take this off. What? Hurry and take this off. Over here. Okay. Take it off please. Give me this. (I want to read too) This side. No… (Seoeon hands over his book) (Focused) Mom! – Mom. / – Is mom here? Mom? – Mom. / – It’s mom! It’s mom! (What is this sound?) – Seojun, mom’s here. / – Oh, my… – You have to hug me. / – Whose voice is this? I wanted to shout louder but I held back… Have you been well? Look how much she’s aged. She’s aged? You’ve become really handsome. What’s going on? What happened to the cute Changuk? Don’t be like that. Two friends that haven’t met in ages are really excited. Be gentle. Don’t break it. Let’s check out what the triplets are up to. – Whistle. / – Dad, what are we going to see? We’re heading to Namsan Tower. It’s the highest building in Seoul. You can see it in the distance there. We’re going to ride up on the cable car. And take a look down. I’m too scared to know about cable cars. I can’t go up. It’s not scary. Everyone goes on cable cars. Will Daehan and Minguk ride it? Yes, we’re all going to ride it. Honey, honey. Where are we going? Honey plane. I’m here. Where are you? Did the monster eat you? No… Then where are you? (Thinking of the ad-lib) It fell to the ground. The ground? – Then we’ll rescue you. / – Oh, my God. (Daehan’s tired) (He’s singing well) (What language is this?) – Dad… / – Dad, we’re here. – Dad, over there. / – Look. The cable car is coming down. We’re going to climb up on that. Okay? – Dad… / – This is the cable car. Be careful as you get on. Get on now. Hello. Aren’t we heading off now? We’re heading out now. Look. We’re climbing the mountain. Wow, we can see the sunrise now. Isn’t it cool? There’s Namsan Tower. Wow, Namsan Tower. You’re so clever. – Namsan Tower. / – We’re climbing the tower. We’re climbing up. Look at that. Say hello. – Hello. / – We’re going to crash. – Dad, we’re going to crash! / – Hello. – Dad, we’re going to crash! / – Are we? We didn’t crash. Weren’t we going to crash? We’re not going to crash. Look. It’s very high. Whose house is that? Whose house is it? We’re going to crash. We’re going to crash. What do we do? – We won’t crash. / – Watch out! Get out of the way! We won’t crash. – I think we might. / – No… We’re going in. Yeah, we’re going in. Are you scared, Manse? Dad, let’s go in. Manse got scared. Hey, check this out. We’re going in. – We’re going in… / – Going in. We’re going in. Are you scared, Manse? So cute. (He’s like the youngest at times like this) Look over there. It’s extremely tall. Manse, look. It’s so tall, right? – I’m not going up. / – It’s okay. It’s not scary. Wow! Look at that! Check out those pandas! – Where are the pandas? / – They’re right there! – Panda! / – Panda. – Look at the panda bears. / – Panda! Panda bears. – Panda! / – Let’s meet the pandas. (Totally excited) Look at the girl in front. Minguk, look at the girl! Look over there. 1, 2, 3. 3 cute triplets along with 1,600 pandas. – Thank you. / – Thank you. Thank you. Good boy. – Bye. / – Okay. Come this way. Watch out for the steps. Manse, watch out for the steps. It’s time to check out the Seoul skyline. Take a look. (Peek) This is Seoul. This is where you boys were born. Is that something sharp? We’ve climbed up that pointy thing. Does it poke? It’s used to give the sky an injection when it’s sick. – Injection? / – Yes. Looks so cool. I was going to propose up here. But I couldn’t. I made all the reservations. I was going to propose on Christmas Eve. It was so hard to make reservations. But I made reservations. I made all the preparations. When I was going to propose… I was the lead of a very popular drama. It had over 50% viewer ratings. I was the lead of that drama. But I couldn’t do it. So I gave up on the day before it. We had nowhere to go on Christmas Eve. You couldn’t make reservations anywhere. So I did it in the car. Does your wife ever bring that up? She brings it up often. Guys, I’m going to propose to your mom… (So detailed) (Getting the flowers in the right angle) Minguk, copy what I say. – Minguk. / – Give me some more. Dad, I peed. It’s our proposal… You peed? You peed? Okay, let’s wash up. Minguk, please copy me. Honey, will you marry me? Yeah. – Manse, you too. Look at me. / – Dad. Manse, look at me. Will you marry me? No, no. – Get married? / – Don’t hurt the flower. (This won’t work) Look at this. What’s this? It’s candy. Look at this. I’ll give you candy… Say, “Thank you for marrying me. Okay?” Yes. Let’s do Daehan first. Thank you for marrying me. No, no, no. Thank you for marrying me. No, no, no. Not yet. Get ready… Daehan, say, “Thank you for marrying me.” – Me too. I want it. / – Thank you for marrying me. Thank you for marrying me. Can I eat it now? Yes. (Pop) Sigh… I think this was the hardest proposal in the world. (Aren’t you curious about Ilkook’s proposal?) – I want it. / – Thank you for marrying me. Thank you for marrying me. Honey, sorry for ruining my proposal. But thank you for marrying me. And thank you for giving birth to beautiful Daehan, Minguk and Manse. I love you, honey. Mom, I love you. (It’s a little late but will you marry me?) The triplets have finished their mission and are here for dinner. (They’re excited about their dinner) (So sweet) Save me. (I’m going to gobble you up) ‘I’m a chef’ ‘I’m a chef’ There are other customers here. Quiet down. What is this? (Huh?) (People holding up huge bowls) Hello. What should I order for the kids? There’s a kid’s set. Oh, really? I heard that there’s huge serving here. – Yes, we have the jumbo bowl. / – That? (A couple eating huge bowls of noodles) If you finish it within 20 minutes… Then it’s for free? Yes. Do many people succeed? Around 1 in 7. Oh, really? That’s a lot then. Then I’ll try that. And the kid’s set for the children. The kid’s set is here. Look, this is fried tofu. It’s tasty. Mine too. (Manse’s set has arrived) Manse, this is yours. Here. You eat yours. There’s instant noodles too. (Daehan’s ready to eat too) Dad, what’s this? That’s fried tofu and rice. Eat the noodles as well. The rice is small. There’s rice in there. (Minguk eats his rice) Good boy, Minguk. (This is tasty) (Manse grabs a noodle) Oh? (Gets it all over his face) (Chewing) (Chomp) (Where’s mine?) (What is that?) How will I eat all this? Goodness. You’re supposed to eat that in 20 minutes? I think that’s too much. Ilkook can eat most things in the flash of an eye. Will he succeed in this new challenge? The timer is here. Just tell me when you’re ready. Do you think I can finish this? Yes. Can I finish this? Yes. – Dad, here. / – Does it start when I plate it? – It begins with your first bite. / – Oh, really? (He moves the noodles to a smaller bowl) (My goodness!) I eat quite a lot… But this is too much. (Can you eat all that, dad?) I’ve taken out all the noodles but the broth is the same. Dad, don’t eat too much. Okay, I’ll eat a little at a time. You’ll spill it if you eat too much. Okay, I’ll be careful. I’ll begin now. Okay. I’ll begin now. Okay. Oh, must you use that? You have 20 minutes. I’ll start the timer. (Start!) (Go, dad!) (Slurp) (Daehan’s eating up too) (1 minute has passed) (He’s enjoying his meal so far) (He’s finished one bowl) Dad, this is too… This is too hot, so be careful. Yes. Thank you. It feels like I ate a lot but it’s still the same. (Another bowl is filled) (He eats without rest) (Wow!) (The last of the noodles) (He’s cleared all the noodles) (And in just 3 minutes) (Now he just has all this broth) You can eat it all! Manse, want to eat it for me? No? Ready. Go! Ready, go. (After a few ladles of broth…) (Sigh) (Time to drink from the bowl) (Gulp, gulp) (It’s too much) I’m eating but it’s not getting any smaller. (Just then) Be careful. Daehan… Daehan, Daehan. Daehan! It’d be hard for me even if you ate some for me. What are you doing? (Eat up, dad) (Here) (Have this too) (Shocked) Thank you. (Should I laugh or cry?) Dad, here. For you. Thank you. Dad, how will you eat all this? Seems like I can’t finish it, right? Should I stop? Yeah, I’ll stop because you tell me to. I could finish it all… You can finish it. You’ll grow real tall. Yeah? If I finish this, will I grow tall? Yes. He only has 20 seconds left. Will he succeed or fail? The result? (The boys count down with him) Stop, stop. (20 minutes are up) I can’t do this. You’ve failed. Did these people really finish this? – Yes. / – Is it possible? I guess so. (How did they eat all this?) Your stomach’s all fat. Yeah, look at my stomach. It’s going to explode. It feels like my stomach will explode here. How much is this? It’s $20 for the jumbo. – The kid’s set it $15. / – Yes… This is too much. He may have failed… But our dads never give up. This time let’s visit the new family. No one can be spotted by our cameras. Whose house is this? (The clue is in the bedroom) (Surprised) (Tap, tap) (Crying stops) (As soon as he lays his hand, it gets quiet) (A magical touch) (Who is this Superman with strange powers?) Soccer star Lee Donggook. The living legend of the K-League. Scoring champ Lee Donggook. It was an incredible goal. Will he be as good at childcare? (New Superman dad Lee Donggook) (Peek) Are you awake? (Daddy smile) Sleep some more. Sleep some more. (Hold me) (He has to wake up) (Daebak’s sisters are awake too) (He holds Daebak first) (Calmly approaches the girls) (Once again…) (Tap, tap) (Crying stops!) (Where is his wife?) (Looking around) (House seems extra silent today) (What is this?) (So many notes on the fridge) (What is all this?) (Looks around without much thought) (His eyes light up) What’s this? (Another note from his wife) (Honey, take care of our 5 kids) (Just don’t starve them! You can do it Superfather!) (And please… Don’t call too often) (Don’t call?) (Should I?) (He ends up calling his wife) What’s going on? Have you left? So have you left? (In disbelief) Breakfast… Breakfast… You said you’d make breakfast… (Sorry, honey! I changed my mind!) I’m holding Daebak right now. What about breakfast? I’m supposed to cook? Really? Okay… Bye. (Deep sigh) Daebak… We’ve been abandoned. (First 48 hours without his mom) Sleep some more. (But just then) (Smiling brightly) Sua… (24-month-old Sua is awake) Sua. Did you sleep well? Huh? Say, “Good morning, father.” Seola’s sleeping. Seola’s asleep, right? (Sua’s twin sister Seola) (Daebak’s fallen back asleep) Daebak’s asleep! (Careful) – Sleep tight. / – Sleep tight. – Sleep tight. / – Daebak’s sleeping tight. Daebak’s sleeping tight. Daebak, sleep tight. (Seola wakes up) (Checking on Daebak first) Seola’s awake! (Sitting on the couch with the twins) (Did you sleep well, dad?) (Exhausted) (Peek) (Hehehe) (She smiles when she looks at dad) (Like he’s on top of the world) (It’s my turn now) (9-year-old twins Jaesi and Jaea) (They fold their own blankets) (Head to the bathroom to wash up) – Sis! / – Sis… Sis, look at this. This too. What’s this? What about Jaesi? Brushing her teeth. Sis! (9-year-old twin Jaesi) (The 5 siblings are awake) Hello. I’m soccer player Lee Donggook. (Looking around) Jaesi… Jaesi was the first to be born. Jaea… The second to be born. Seola. Seola, say hello. Hello. Hello. Seola was the third to be born. Sua, say hello. Hello. Sua was the fourth to be born. Daebak, say hello. Hello. My fifth child. I’m a father of 5… This is my family. I spent a lot of time with my first twins. But… With Jaesi… Right now… Where are you going, Sua? She’s taking a lot of interest in dancing right now… – Where are they going? / – Dancing… What’s with the Q-tips? What are you doing? (The younger twins crack up the family) (And!) What are you doing? (The laughter doesn’t end with this family) The greatest defenders, Jaesi and Jaea. The greatest strikers, Seola and Sua. And the all-rounder, Daebak. And the coaches of this team, mom and dad. The family of 7… It’s the 5 siblings. When Jaesi and Jaea were born, I made a lot of time to play with them. We made a lot of memories together. But with Seola and Sua… I wasn’t able to spend as much time with them. Then Daebak was born so the attention that should’ve gone to Seola and Sua, didn’t go to them. I’ve always felt bad about that. I’d like to make more time for my children. This opportunity came up in the midst of those thoughts. She’s spent almost 10 years giving birth and raising children. I’m always thankful and sorry about that. I wanted to give her 3 days and 2 nights of rest. Jaesi, Jaea, are you going to eat rice? What do you want to eat? I want rice. What about toast? (Can’t we have toast?) Do we have toast? Yes. (Jaesi heads towards the rice cooker) What about you, Jaesi? (No rice!) Oh, there’s no rice. (Danger) – Don’t we have rice? / – No… Cereal? There was rice in here yesterday. I think mom got rid of the rice. (As if!) (It gets uneasy when Seola and Sua are too quiet) (Rubbing) (Putting on makeup?) (Putting on sunscreen indoors?) (I want to look pretty too) (Let’s become beautiful) (It’s like they’re looking in a mirror) (Leaving no space uncovered) (Why are Seola and Sua so quiet?) (Squeeze) (Rub, rub) (I forgot my legs) (I’ll rub it on for you) (It’s Jaea’s job to clean up) Jaesi, come here. Hey, what’s that? They put on sunscreen. (He doesn’t lose his cool) Wash their faces. (Sis, do I look pretty?) Let’s go wash your face. You can’t do that. (Calm and peaceful) (They wash up and sit at the table) I’m going to cook scrambled eggs. – That’s good. / – Daebak’s awake! – How do I light this? / – Daebak’s awake. Daebak’s awake. Hey, Daebak’s awake. Mom, mom. Mom’s not here. Dad’s here. (Jaesi walks out with Daebak) Daebak… – Daebak’s awake. / – Daebak! (Receives the love from four older sisters) Baby. Daebak has to eat baby food… (Checking mom’s notes) (So much writing) (Sigh) Sit down. (Dad, you’re going to feed me, right?) (He stands in front of the stove) Wait, this isn’t right. Excuse me? You do it like this… Which one do you want to use? – This one. / – This. Yes. – Whoa, why use the big one? / – What’s that? Am I supposed to use that? – That’s for the eggs. / – Okay. (He’s totally clueless) Give me water please. Water? Give me water please. Okay. (I’m sleepy) I’ll give you water. Daebak’s baby food… I have to boil it. I have to boil it. (Just has to warm it up) This should be right, right? – Huh? / – What if it’s not? Dad… Mom does it in the microwave. Grandma told me to do it like this. (She meant to warm it in a pot of water) In here… (He’s losing his confidence) I smell something burning. Oh, the eggs. How many eggs do I need? 8 or 9? (They had a glass of water for 20 minutes) Go and sit down, Jaesi. I’ll do it. (Eggs go straight in the pan, no oil, no salt) (Stirring) It’s burning. (Multi-tasking two dishes at once) (Extremely simple baby food and scrambled eggs) – Is this how you scramble eggs? / – Chopsticks… – This is right, right? / – This is a spoon. – Yes. / – Huh? (He’s just warmed the food) – But… / – 10 more minutes for rice. Okay. (Feed us please) (He brings out Daebak’s baby food) – Feed me. / – Okay, I’ll feed you. This is Daebak’s. – Yeah. / – Okay. That’s Daebak’s food. Yeah. Daebak’s! (Thanks, sis) – This is ours… / – Here. It fell off again. (Let’s see now…) – That’s mine. / – Wait, you two need to eat too. (I forgot about the eldest) Okay then… Just wait. Eat this. (All she asked was that he doesn’t starve the kids) (You have to cool Daebak’s food) (Cool mine too) – It’s hot. / – It’s not hot. Is it hot? – It’s hot. / – It’s not hot. Is it hot? It’s hot, right? Isn’t it hot? (They must be starving) (That looks so good) (Blowing) (Scrambled eggs everywhere) Daebak wants to eat… Just wait. He’s trying to grab it. (His arms are too short to reach) (If only my arms were a little longer) Isn’t it hot? (Haven’t you ever seen someone eat before?) Sis… Do you want to eat? You want to quickly eat, right? Yes. Daebak’s food is here. What’s that? What’s that? (Eyes fixed on eggs) (I wonder how it tastes) (Watching them makes us want to eat eggs) (Dad, this is delicious) (I’ll eat those eggs soon) (I can’t taste anything) Is Daebak eating well? Yes. (Nom, nom) What about Seola and Sua? – They’re eating well. / – They’re pigging out. He’s opening his mouth. This, this. (She wants her sister’s food too) Sit down. This, this! This is the same thing you ate. Here. (Me too) (Jaea gives her food to her sisters) This is ketchup eggs. (Daebak’s eating his share) Whose is this? Sua! Sua? Sua? (Like a mommy bird with chicks) (So jealous) I’m hungry. You’re hungry? – You’re hungry while you’re eating? / – Hungry? (This time it’s Seola’s) Sua, you’re next. Okay… (There’s so much to learn to life) Open wide. (Jaesi does the dishes) Wow, Jaesi! Jaesi, you’re so good with the dishes. I’ve only heard about this. – I have to do this too. / – Huh? I have to do this too. I’ve only heard about how good you are at dishes. I’ve never seen you do it before. Jaesi… You’re amazing. Jaesi, you’re amazing. Daebak. Yeah… You’re really amazing. I hope you don’t get married to a man that makes you do the dishes. – Why not? / – Huh? You should marry a man that does it for you. (Dad and Jaesi finish the dishes) (Seola and Sua play with Jaea) (What’s Daebak up to on his own?) (He plays well on his own) (Playing with the camera) (Crash) Daebak, Daebak, Daebak! Daebak! (Taking control with her glare) (I was having fun) Daebak. Daebak. – Huh? / – Don’t do that. What’s that? What is this? – Huh? / – Click. It goes click? Does the camera go click? Let’s go click with the camera. Click, click. Strike a pose. Click. Very good. Hug each other. Kiss each other. He goes the camera. Click. Don’t poke your eye, Sua. That’s it. Look pretty. Smile. (Click) So cute. Kiss each other. Give each other a hug. I love you. Pat each other. Pat, pat. That’s the way. (Dad, don’t forget about me) (They’ve gathered in the bedroom for nap time) (Shake, shake) (Jaesi dances to the music) (A unique K-pop dance) (Daebak’s dancing too) (Totally into it) (Jaea’s dancing too) (You’re cool, sis!) (Shake, shake) (After that cool dance) (Jaesi and Jaea disappear) (Ta-da!) (Seola’s got the dance floor now) (Fancy hand gestures) (Wow, you’re awesome!) (Daebak, I’m good, aren’t I?) (The siblings start the day with energy) With the three of us… Doing this… What is this place? Sis! (Jaea’s excellent tennis skills) Wow, you’ve gotten a lot better. (Go, sis!) (But then) I’m not going to accept you acting up like this. (Teary) Do you want to quit? (What is going on?) Let’s go. (Sarang and Sunghoon are out at a park) I want to ride this! – You want to? / – Yes. Alright. I want to ride this. Sarang, which one do you want? Choose one. Find one that we can ride together. This one? That one? You want that one? Okay. Dad, get on this side. Hurry up. Wait, wait. Sarang, Sarang. – Let’s go! / – Where? Where should we go? Over there? Let’s go! Let’s go fast! (Heave-ho) Dad, be strong. Yes, ma’am. Right. Good. – Sarang. / – Push! What? (Who is it?) What the? – Sarang. / – Push! What? (It’s Shiho!) What the? – Who are you? / – Who are you? – Who’s that? / – Over here! – I don’t see anything. / – Who is it, Sarang? Sarang! Over here! (It’s mom!) Let’s run away, let’s run away! (Sarang and Sunghoon are so naughty) Wait for me! (Those guys…) Let’s run! Wait for me! Let’s go! So refreshing! Sarang and I made this together. (Sunghoon packed some lunch) It looks so good! No, no… (Reorganizing his lunchbox) Here you go. (Finally revealed!) (Sunghoon’s lunchbox) Sarang and I made it together. – We made this. / – For me? Yes. Really? For me? Yay! High-five. (Are you surprised, mom?) Sunghoon made a lunchbox for his wife who’s been away for two days. Give me more cucumber. Yes, this one too. (Healthy ingredients for his model wife) (Rolling with aluminum foil) Dad, you’re good at making this. Am I? (Not perfect but full of love) He’s not expressive but he’s quite romantic. Can I eat it? Let’s eat the heart. (She tries one) (Is it good?) (Yum! It’s good!) We never go on this kind of date. But now that we have Sarang, we get to go out like this. (Sarang makes the couple closer) Do you remember when we first met? Huh? Do you remember when we first met? Do I remember when we first met? (Staring) Did you forget? No. Then recall that time. Yes, I remember. What did you think of me? You were cute… Really? I was cute? – You were cute? / – I was cute? – I was cute? / – Yes. Sarang, he says I was cute. (Shiho is happy) (Is she really that happy?) What about now? What? (Excited about his answer) You are old. Huh? You are old now. You are old now. So are you! It’s not just me! (Seriously!) Sarang, dad said I’m old. You shouldn’t say that! I’m sorry. (They asked each other their ideal types) We said each other is our ideal type. – Do you remember? / – I remember. What about now? It’s still the same. (Really?) You’re still my type. Your body. My body? I really like it. Body? You mean my body is your type? You mean my body is your type? Yes. – What the… / – I like your body now. – Why… / – Why? Why did you decide to marry me? You know the answer. You know the answer. (I want to hear it again) I said I want to have a baby with you. (And Sarang is the fruit of their love) Don’t do that! No! – No! / – Why? – Because… / – Say it’s because he’s cold to me. You’re cold to mom. (Sarang is on Shiho’s side) Is the weather nice? (She got confused with “How are you?”) (They laugh thanks to Sarang) (I can get confused) Oh, he jumped! (What?) (A bungee jumping crane) Dad is going to fall from there. (I don’t want that) Try it once. (It’s so high) Is mom going to jump off? Dad’s going to jump off. (You want me to do this?) The distance is higher if you look down from above. Are you scared? – No. / – Are you scared? – Are you scared? / – I think I can do it. Are you scared? (Shiho is trying to provoke Sunghoon) (As a result…) I’ll be back, Sarang. Bye. Let’s go! Let’s go! Okay. Wow. Are you really going to do it? Hold on to this. Are you scared? Are you scared? Sunghoon is a macho man. But he’s still nervous. (Sunghoon is going up) Sarang! (Bursts into tears) Dad, you can do it! (Heavy steps) (How did I end up doing this?) Dad! I’m okay. Let’s go watch the sheep show. Let’s go watch the sheep show. (Dad, don’t fall!) Dad, you can do it! (He looks down below) (So high!) (It’s higher than I thought) Sunghoon, say something! (Can’t he hear me?) (Blanked out) (The gate finally opens) Wow, it’s so high. It’s so high! Wow! (Shiho and Sarang are tiny) (Sarang is still crying, worried about her dad) Sarang! (Dad, no!) We’ll start counting. I love you! (I’ll be down there soon!) (Dad, let’s just go watch the sheep) (The manly man, Choo Sunghoon!) (Bungee!) (He jumped with a cool spin) (Shaky) Sarang! (Oh, no! Dad fell!) (Sunghoon bravely jumped in front of his family) I’m okay, Sarang. (Dad is a man) He was so cool. When he’s fighting in a match, he’s so cool and respectable but when he doesn’t have a match there isn’t a chance to be surprised at his manliness. Wow, he was so manly. (Twins’ house: Lee Hwijae and Moon Jungwon) – Have you been well? / – You’ve gotten shorter. – Me? / – Yeah. – It’s not that I’ve gotten fat? / – No, no. – Me? / – Yeah. – It’s not that I’ve gotten fat? / – No, no. – You’re pretty. / – Why are you so handsome? – What’s going on? / – I’m just the same. Seojun! Who’s this uncle? You’ve met him for the first time today, right? What’s that? That’s a horse. (Seojun goes into Changuk’s arms) – Horse. / – Now he’s letting me hug him. – He wouldn’t let me before you came. / – Really? (Seoeon goes into his arms too) How many years has it been? 5 years. It’s been 5 years? Yeah, we haven’t met after you got married. Hey, you’ve changed with your mom here. (Have I?) Oh, no.. Am I an old woman now? – No, no. / – I am an old woman now. No… Well, yes. (In the midst of this cheerful atmosphere) (Hwijae is cutting up the chicken on his own) (Lonely) (Now he’s an expert at removing the meat) Honey, have you been well? – Yes… / – Are they baseball gloves? He’s battling right now. – Mom! / – Let’s see what dad’s up to. Wow… I didn’t do any of this. He did it. He actually handled the chicken. Is this a Korean chicken? What’s this? How is there rice in here? It went in as it was boiling. Put it over there. – Just the rice… / – What’s that? Just tap the rice out. Tap out the rice into here. Put the rice in here. – Changuk! / – Yeah? (My friend is cool) (This is what I’m like) What’s this? I hear you’re the charismatic chef. – I didn’t know. / – What charisma? – You used to be such a gossip. / – I know. – Honey, he praised you too much. / – What’s this? You were so pretty that you were unapproachable. – Geez. / – Just for the cameras. – This is chicken. / – I taught him to say that. (The cooking is complete) – Have you finished tearing the meat? / – Yes. – Let me see. / – Take this off. I will. – Ask me nicely. / – Please take it off. You did really well. I’m good at following instructions. – I’m just bad at cooking. / – Good work. Add a ladle of this. – In here? / – Yes, in here. (Cooking chicken doria) Mix this together now. (Add chicken broth to tomato sauce) (And mix well) Can you have a taste? It’s ready-made but it’s good with the broth. It’s different, right? Learning simple chicken recipes from a top chef. We can look forward to Hwijae’s cooking today. – Please focus on this area. / – Okay. (Topped with chicken meat and cheese) – Just put it in the oven? / – Yes. Put it in. I’ve preheated it. (Now it just has to bake in the oven) In the middle. Bring your fingertips in. I’ll help you. Even if it doesn’t mix well… Poke it in. A man that cooks is cool. Like this. Just lightly. That’s the way! Now you’ve completed a salad. – Oh, really? / – Yes. (Gives his wife a taste) – Did you add cheese? / – Yeah. This, this. – It’s good with apple. / – Seoeon, ah. Wait, let’s give the kids some. (Seoeon has a delicious bite) It’s so good. Anyone can enjoy this chicken salad and boiled chicken. And the fun of picking from two different tastes is this chicken doria. I’d better try these at home too. (A delicious meal is complete) From what I saw… Chef Jeong Changuk is a good chef. But he’s really good at controlling people. “That’s good.” “You’re doing well.” “That’s enough.” The way he said those things… They make you really… How do I put it? They really energize you. Especially someone like me. I made smoothie that was inedible. He was great. I think I could cook the boiled chicken again. Seojun, put your hands on your belly button. Seojun. You too, Seoeon. – Thank you for the meal. / – On your belly button. – Enjoy. / – Thank you. – Good. / – Enjoy the food. This is yours. Try it. Is it good? – It’s good, right? / – Yeah. – Seoeon’s chowing down. / – He likes it. Pizza, pizza. – Huh? / – Pizza. Ketchup? Yes, this is the ketchup you like. Tomato sauce… – It’s good, Hwijae. / – Is it good? (Hwijae and Jungwon try some too) It’s totally good. He cooked it. Have some with the kimchi. The apple tastes good too. This is really good. I like this one. Did you really cook this? – Yes! / – I didn’t. He cooked it. You can tell. – Does it taste good? / – Yeah. Say yes. This is like lasagne… It is, right? It’s good, right? – Seoeon, too. / – Seojun… Seoeon, too? (It’s good, dad) Is it good? (What’s he up to?) This one’s really good. Yeah, the broth turned out really well. You sound really tired. Yeah… It’s a lot easier to just cook in the kitchen. (Sorry) I asked Changuk to call you out to play, Hwijae. – Really? / – Yeah. So you allow me to go out and meet Chef Jeong? – Yeah. / – Till what time? What time do you normally go home? I’m normally out till late. – Because I start late. / – Then it’s 12 for me. (Thinking) Try staying out till late then. What’s that supposed to mean? – I mean it. / – I’ll go home later. I’ll go home later. I thought about it during this break… I almost cried. – I felt so bad for you. / – You always say that. But then it all changes the next day. – It’s too tough from the next day. / – I know… Today, you’re like, “I feel so bad for you…” Then the next day… I really need The Return of Superman because… I get time to reflect. Let’s take a photo! (I’m jealous even though they fight) Mom! – Is Seojun doing a poop? / – Yes? Poop! – Did he poop. / – Push, push! Push together. He’s pooping, right? – Yes. / – It looks full. He did poop this morning… Mom, bye-bye. Bye-bye to who? Mom. Mom, bye-bye. Should we go wash up? (Jungwon goes to clean Seojun up) There we go. Good boy. Hey, I have to go now. Let’s take a photo together. Come here, Seoeon. – Have a seat. / – Yes… (Time to take photos with everyone) 1, 2, 3. (The twins have befriended Chef Jeong Changuk) – Seojun, I’m leaving now. See you. / – Kiss. Kiss. There you go. Say, I love you. I love you. – Me too. / – Give him a hug. Seoeon too. Seoeon, kiss. – Wow, kiss. / – Kiss. Together. 1, 2, 3. Kiss! Kiss! – Give him a hug. / – A hug. – A hug. / – There you go. – It only took 3 hours. / – His face has gone red. I’ve never imagined that situation before. A guy friend coming over my house and cooking and seeing him hang out with Hwijae. I felt kind of proud. I thought Chef Jeong would say that my wife had gotten prettier. But he said she’d aged a lot. So I felt bad. I reflected on the idea that she must have it tough with raising the kids. Let’s go back to the triplets now. (Cooling down in the living room) (Oh, it’s so hot) (Standing in front of the fan) (Lying down) Boys, we have to move. We’re going to meet Sarang today. (Did you say Sarang?) We can’t be late. We’re going to the airport. Sarang… Sarang. (Daehan quickly gets in his seat) If we’re late, Sarang will get lost at the airport. Good boy. Manse’s in his seat too. (Ilkook hands out their breakfast) You too, Manse. Daehan, I’m tired. (Is he uncomfortable?) (Ilkook takes something out) Manse, come here. It’s going in your eyes. Here, hold still. (Ilkook puts a pin in his hair) There you go. Dad, tissue, please. Tissue? Dad, take this out. No, leave it in. So your hair doesn’t get in your eyes. Your eyes are going in your hair. Eyes are going in your hair? Your hair is going in your eyes. One for you too, Daehan. – Dad… / – Eat like this. You too, Minguk. Your hair is going in your eyes too. There you go. So cute. Let’s go and welcome Sarang at the airport. Is Sarang’s dad coming? Yes, Sarang’s dad is coming too. What do we do when we see them? We greet them. Should we practice? Hello, Sarang. There you go. Good boys. Are you here, Sarang? (Excited) When you see them, say, “My name is Song Manse.” Let’s try that. – I’m Song Tyranno. / – No, Song Minguk. Song Tyranno. I’m Song Minguk. I’m a pterodactyl. Pterodactyl. What’s your name, Manse? (Thinking) Baby fan. – Huh? / – Baby fan. Baby fan? Don’t say it like that. Pretend you just met Sarang. Sarang! (So cute) Sarang! That’s the way. Today, we’re Sarang’s fan club. Sarang! That’s the way. Sarang! That’s the way. We’re a fan club. Who are we going to meet? Sarang! – Sarang… / – Wave your hands again. Sarang. That’s the way. Good boy. You have to welcome her brightly. (They arrive at Gimpo International Airport) (Colorful balloons) This way. (A balloon surprise for Sarang) Come this way. – Sarang… / – Will we ride on a plane? Sarang will be here… They want to quickly meet Sarang. Let’s wait for Sarang. (Isn’t she here yet?) (Sarang’s plane as landed) Manse, you hold this. Manse, hold this for Sarang. (Heart thumping) I’m going to welcome her with this. Is Sarang coming out now? Yes, she’ll come out now. Let’s put it here. Say, Sarang. (When’s she coming out?) Sarang will be out here soon. (The more they wait, the more expectant they get) (Surprised) It’s Sarang! (She’s finally here) They’re always excited to meet Sarang. What memories will they make this time? Sarang’s here. This time, she’s come with Yuto. Sarang… Come here, come here. Manse, you hold this too. Manse, you hold this too. Sarang! – Sarang! / – No, no. – Hello. / – Hello. – Oh… / – Hello. (Manse welcomes her brightly) Catch me. Long time no see. Hello. I haven’t seen your bag. Hello. How have you been? I was waiting for you. You waited a long time, right? Daehan, you brought this? (I’m happy to see Sarang) (Sarang is so popular) Yuto, say hello. – Say hello to Yuto. / – Hello. Hello. (Shy) – Hello. / – You brought this. – Me too. / – You too? Yeah. (These guys are cute) Let’s have a light meal and go to today’s location. Yeah. (Sarang and Yuto carry their luggage) Come here. Daehan, Minguk, Manse, come here. Let’s go. (They head to a nearby restaurant) Teach Yuto, what their names are. Teach Yuto. Who is Daehan? Watch, Yuto. – Daehan. / – Daehan. – Dad, this. / – Daehan. Daehan. Minguk, Manse. Minguk, Manse… That’s the way. Say, Daehan, Minguk, Manse. Daehan, Minguk, Manse. There you go. Oh, thank you. – Hello. / – Hello. No, I’m not Minguk. Why? Then who are you? I’m Song Tyranno. What’s that? (Minguk’s still the same) Yuto can’t speak Korean. So you teach him, Sarang. You have to teach him. It’s coming out soon. Yuto can’t speak Korean. So you have to explain things politely, okay? Yes. – Hello, Yuto. / – Hello. – Hello. / – It’s going red here. Yuto says hello. Hello. It hurts here. Why? The owl and tyranno bit me here. Where’s the owl and tyranno? I got bitten here. – Your Korean has improved. / – No, no. – Wow. / – Wow, Yuto, it’s here. (Nutritious beef porridge) – Thank you for the food. / – Thank you. – Good boy. / – Thank you for the food. Good boy. Yes, eat up. Dad, is this rice? That’s dried seaweed and sesame seeds. Yuto, is it good? It’s good. Sarang, is it good? – It’s good. / – Okay. – Yes, it’s good. / – There’s nothing here. This? That’s sesame seeds. – Is it good, Yuto? / – It’s good. – It’s good, right? / – It’s good. (It’s fun to eat like this) (He’s eating so well) When did we meet last? – When was that? / – In Jeju-do. – Jeju-do was the last time. / – That’s right. It’s the first time Yuto has met the triplets. We saw Yuto for a short time on Chuseok. Just passed him by. (Sarang, Yuto did the shuffle dance at the special) His nose is bleeding. (He played so hard that his nose bled) (Nose bleed?) (They just laughed it off) (He’s incredible) Once we finish eating… We’ll go somewhere fun with Sarang and Yuto. – We’re going to play. / – To Sarang’s house? Sarang’s house? Sarang’s house is too far away. Let’s eat up and go somewhere fun. Where’s somewhere fun? Where’s somewhere fun? Where? We’re going to the schoolhouse to learn etiquette. Etiquette? Yes. (Fresh air and clean waters deep in the mountains) (These five are here for their lessons!) – Minguk, come here. / – Come here. – Minguk! / – Come here. Ilkook prepared this special experience for Sarang and Yuto. How will they go with these etiquette lessons? I organized an overnight stay so they could learn properly. It’s very strict there. – Will they be okay? / – Yes, it’s okay. I want to teach Sarang a lot of those things too. I think it’s a great opportunity. They’re at the age to be stubborn now. Sarang’s a lot like that too. A lot. She expresses what she doesn’t like. It’s hard to get through to her. Geez. It’s all your fault. Minguk, don’t do that. – Stop that. / – That’s it. Don’t. Good. (Yuto’s good at Korean) Daehan, Minguk, Manse. No. Daehan, Minguk, Manse. – Manse. / – Yes. Minguk, Manse? – Manse. / – Okay… – Open up. / – Minguk and Daehan. – Sarang, you eat too. / – Dad… I’m Song Manse. – That’s the way. / – Good boy. We played together when we were kids? That’s right. (We’re going to have fun with the triplets) (Looking forward to it) Thank you for the food. – That’s the way. / – Good job. Manse, you say it too. I haven’t finished yet. Oh, you’re still eating… (Jion’s family has come to Cheongpungho) (Jion is eating ice cream) (Sucking) (It’s good) (Smile) Who gave you the ice cream, Jion? Big sister. Big sister? Where is she? She gave it to you? (Thanks for the ice cream) (Mom has come to Cheongpungho) Uhm Jion! (Happy to see her) Jion, where’s mom? – Where’s mommy? / – Mom. (A happy encounter of mother and daughter) Jion. Are you eating ice cream? Did she give it to you? – She’s my friend’s daughter. / – Hello. Really? Hello. Thank you. – Thank you. / – Jion. Did you have fun? Jion, how did I break the watermelon? (He banged on it) It broke? Did you have watermelon with dad? He did it like that? Jion, you saw puppies, right? – Puppies. / – Did you see them? You saw puppies? Suck, suck. What did it do when you stuck out your finger? It sucked your finger? It sucked your finger? We went to the medicinal herb market. I made herbal alcohol. – Herbal alcohol? / – Yes. Dieting alcohol for my older sister. – What? / – It helps you lose weight. (Wary) “Oja” drink for us. To have 5 sons. What is he saying? – What are you saying? / – Well… – Do I have to drink it? / – No, I will. (So ridiculous) – You want a son? / – No, I’m just saying… I made it for fun. But you want another baby. Well, later… If we can we should. Do you want me to have a baby? Yes. You know nothing. Try this. What is that? Spicy fish cakes! I just tossed it and left. Are you trying to be cool? Don’t do that. I don’t like that. On the day that Taewoong first met Haejin, they came here. This time, he came with Jion. Your parents came here. (Spicy) – It tastes the same, right? / – Yes. (Enjoying fish cakes and recalling happy memories) Can I have 10 fish cakes to go? Okay. (Nom) (It’s good) Yes, this is it. (It reminds me of our first day) (I want a bite) Jion, you want some too? Yes. This is spicy. Look, I’m coughing. It’s spicy. – Just once. / – Oh, no. Alright. Want to try? – Go ahead. / – It’s too spicy for her. Go ahead. – Go ahead. / – It’s too spicy for her. Go ahead. She runs away when you let her do it. She’s just curious because I said no. She’s just like you. She wants to do it when you say no. So just say yes for me then. – Then I won’t do it. / – But you end up doing it. (I’m going to eat it one day) It’s good! Taewoong is free now that Haejin is here. He tries wakeboarding, one of his hobbies. (Dad, shall we go?) (Confident) (He jumps right into the water) Dad! He’s going to come up. He’s going to come to us on a wakeboard. (Daddy, hurry) Shall we go? Look over there. Look at dad! It’s dad! Goodness! It’s dad! Goodness! (Tries to get up but fails) (That was close) He fell. He fell into the water. Dad fell into the water. He got hurt. (It’s been 2 and a half years since he last did this) Let’s wait a little. (Nervous) (Go!) (Wobbly) (He’s standing!) Wow! Look at dad! Wow! He’s standing! Look at dad! (He succeeded in front of Haejin and Jion) Wow! Look at dad! Wow! He’s standing! (He withstands the harsh waves) (Muscular) Wow! Look at dad! He’s standing! Look at dad! Jion, dad is coming to us, right? Wow! He’s so cool! Wow. Isn’t he so cool? I may not say it but this is why I fell for him. He’s cool, right? Look at him! He’s going over there! (He’s enjoying the cool breeze) (And smoothly rides the wakeboard) (Happy) Jion! (Do I look cool?) (Riding through Cheongpungho) (So wild and manly) (He even looks handsome today) (All smiles) (You’re so cool, honey!) (He shows off his manliness) (I can still do this) Wow, he’s so good. Uhm Taewoong is so hot! Jion, meet a hot boyfriend like your dad later. Alright? (Meet someone like me) (He changes direction again) (Splash) (What a great ending) (Splash) (Falls into the water) (He stays cool until the end) (I did my best!) (I was cool today) (Satisfied) (I still got this) (It’s time to go back home) (Slip) (He puts his arm around Haejin) Yes, now I remember… You secretly… He seemed hotter than he did in the past. He was all wet and the way he posed… I have that memory and he looked the same as he did in the past. So it reminded me of the past. And after having Jion, there wasn’t really a chance to put arms around each other. He held me today in a long time. I felt like we’re going back to the beginning today. Next chapter… Five children come together to cause chaos. Yuto! An overnight trip with the scary schoolmaster. Will they be okay? The first outing with the 5 siblings. Look at him dance. This is him dancing. (Jaea shows off her tennis skills) But what’s happened to Jaea? (Serious) (What could have happened?) (Hahaha) A fun day with your best friend. – Grandma? / – Mommy! What laughs will they have this time? The Return of Superman. Chapter 90. “A Big Happy Family.” Don’t miss out.

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  2. Dongkook’s oldest twins are so helpful and loving to their younger siblings!!

  3. Is it just me or whatt. My heart is happy hearing Shiho and Sunghoons convo. Choovelies!!!💞❤😘

  4. @18:42 isn't he the body gaurd that is dating a staff member on 2 Days & 1 night???? O.o

  5. This week marks the 2nd episode without the twins. T.T i miss seeing them start off each episodes.

  6. @16:10 Wow manse and minguk really know how to change a song. IT'S TOO CUTE😍😭❤

  7. 1:04:14 This man takes pictures of them so casually like he's some experienced stalker fan haha! 😂

  8. Who’s still watching this in 2018? For me there’s no one who could affect me as much as song triplets in this show 😢.

  9. Omg I cried when Shiho said that Sunghoon's cold to her :'( I feel bad for both of them because while I understand how Shiho feels, I can also see that Sunghoon is just isn't the expressive sweet guy type.. He's been trying to make up by preparing surprises these past episodes :'( Sunghoon ssi, please just tell Shiho that you find her beautiful, and you're happy you married her :'(

  10. I feel old when I watch this episode it like 3 years ago Deabak is still baby now he a man now feel just like yesterday He was crying when he woke up now He can wake up without his dad I’m so happy Daebak(Sian) grow up happily also your family stay happy 😊

  11. Why jion is like that? She only care about herself..her own world..so stupid n boring

  12. Sian so cute 😘 who knew that one day he will meet Naeun 😃😃😃😂😍♥️

  13. I really wish that Jaesi and Jaea got their own segment just once with their father.

  14. I like see triplets with sarang. I like their father too. I skip all except triplets and sarang. Hehehe ❤️

  15. l'arrivée de la grande famille Lee!! ça fait plaisir de revoir Jaesi and Jaea on ne les voient plus beaucoup dans les épisodes récents! elles me manquent!

  16. So when Sarang's family moved to Hawaii, Yuto-kun is left in Japan? Uwaaaaa my shipppppp </3

  17. The hilarious part of this video in 1:11:12 when minguki said his name is not minguki,and the way sarangs abba asked him then what both looks super funny.

  18. when dongguk was telling jaeathat he wasn't going to accept her quitting i was like oml that's the most serious ive ever seen him besides when daebak was stuck in his high chair and screamed

  19. The chef who in Seojun's home is muslim? I see، he wear white hat as muslim

  20. When first uploaded, i downloaded it. Now i want leave a comment. Make triplets come to hammington house! Please!

  21. who are these 268 heartless brutal ones who disliked such innocent and cuteness ugh ….this world is fullvof evil

  22. the first time i fell inlove with tros is this ep when the 5 siblings joined!

  23. i just finished watching all the ep that the 5 siblings are in, and i'm back at their first appearance again 'cause i just can't get enough! i'll watch them again and again. i love them so much. i wish they won't leave tros soon huhu.

  24. July 2019🙋🏻‍♀️ I really miss Song Triplets so much as well as Haru, Sarang and Lee Twins😭💖 They are all growing up so well and I am so happy with that💞 I also love the fact that Ilkook and Hwijae met up often with the kids even after the triplets departure in ROS, that's when they're still living SoKor, since we all know that they're living in France as of the moment😁

  25. Hoon and Shiho are plain adorable, try and change my mind.

  26. I live for 1:12:00 when minguki said his name is song tyranno…he was in love with tyranno.

  27. My fav always daehan. He is the most gentleman, reliable & independent boy. Saranghe daehan 💖💕

  28. Who's here after hearing Sian's family departure from the show ? T_T I'm going to miss so much the beagle sisters, the mature twins and Daebak…


    PS: sorry for my wrong grammar😅

  30. after watching the song triplets every now and then, i feel like they're not triplets anymore. They are just three affectionate brothers towards another. I really really love them. Daehan, Minguk, Manse saranghaeyuuuu-huu~

  31. I'm on my 89th episode of TROS MARATHON.
    The fascinating thing about our thoughts, beliefs and values is that they were mostly developed when we were children.

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