The Return of Superman | 슈퍼맨이 돌아왔다 – Ep.75 (2015.05.17)

Let’s begin by meeting the twins. Want me to draw a whale for you? Mom, mom, mom, mom. What do you want me to draw? A fish? You don’t have a fish? Seojun, want me to draw you a big fish or a little fish? – A big one. / – A big one? Okay. – This, this. / – A big one like that? – Yes. / – Okay. Whale. – Fish. / – Seoeon, Seojun. Whale, whale. What’s this? A whale. How does a whale cry? “Kkik, kkik, kkik, kkik.” That’s the sound it makes, right? – This, this. / – Fish. Are all the families getting together this time? Yes, everyone. Everyone? Jion’s family has joined the show. The dads and children didn’t have a chance to get together. I think it will help us create memories. – Seoeon. / – Yes? Let’s go and eat a lot of delicious food. The kids will have so much fun. – They’ll love it. / – Kids love being with other kids. Sarang’s older now. Will she look after our sons? Because of Manse… What if they all fight over Manse? Our sons are close to Manse too. They like him. Don’t run! Seojun. – Remember Jion? / – Huh? Do you remember your friend, Jion? – Mom. / – That means he doesn’t. He doesn’t like girls. Mom, put them down. Come here. – You… / – Want to go watch TV? Yes. Yes, yes, yes. This! Want to take this? – Say yes. / – Yes. Good boy. Seojun and Seoeon. Seoeon. Let’s go to dad. Sit down. Sit. – This side. / – Okay, sit down here. This. Yes, this. Wait. Let’s see how small you were. A year ago… Know how hard it was for me a year ago? It was so tough. You’ve worked hard to raise them until now. I couldn’t do it again if you told me to. – This, this. / – We’re going to watch it. Wait. Call them to see where they are. Look. You couldn’t walk yet. You used to crawl around. – Me, me. / – That’s you, Seojun. Isn’t this fun? How cute. Oh, no. He hid. Seoeon, what’s that? We’re in the full shot. – Look. / – There you are. Tired dad. Look at his pacifier. That was already a year ago, Seojun. Let’s go visit Jion this time. We’re going to Jeju-do. Everyone? Yes, everyone. That sounds like fun. The only person I’ve met before is Hwijae. It will be great to see all the kids. I know. Jion will be able to meet them all. It will be fun. Will you be okay just the two of you? It’s our first time on a plane together… You can visit there. The place you were dying to take her. The house from “Architecture 101.” Taewoong built a house for his first love in the film, “Architecture 101.” This special house is located in Jeju-do. Taewoong has always wanted to show it to Jion. It would be great to stay at Jeju-do for around 2 weeks. Not just 3 days. You want us to live there? I’m not saying that we have to. Don’t you think it would be fun? – I don’t mean right now. / – You make me nervous. You’ll ask me to go one day. We can go once Jion’s much older. We can think about it later. Why do we have to be so isolated? We’re not isolated. We’re not isolated. Jion, you can meet Sarang and your friends. – She’ll feel awkward at first. / – Of course. When you see Jion’s rear view in photographs… She looks really lonely. She takes after me. It can’t be helped. Why does she seem that way? She’s born with it. It’s inevitable. We don’t mean to be like that… – Mom. / – Yes? She looks really lonely. – Her rear view. / – She’s pretty when she smiles. She takes after me. Meanwhile, what are the triplets up to? Let’s build a house. Can I get on? No, you’ll get into trouble. Let’s get on. Surprise! I’m sitting on it. No, I need this. No, let’s get on this. Get up! Get up… Minguk, I said get up! You can’t ride on this. Let’s pack our things. Let’s hurry up and pack. Is this a safety belt? It’s not a safety belt. Daehan, Minguk, Manse. Go and get your clothes. Daehan, get on. We have to put our seatbelt on. Don’t ride it until you put your seatbelt on. We’re going traveling. Minguk, put your seatbelt on too. Here we go! Oh, no. The waves are too strong. Kids, kids. Hurry up and pack! Go and get your clothes. Hurry up and bring your clothes. Your clothes. Save me! I’ve fallen into the sea. Get on! Minguk’s on a boat. A boat? You look so comfortable. You’re going to wear this suit and meet dolphins. Dolphins. We’re going to see real dolphins. Do you think it will fit you, Minguk? Minguk, does this fit? Let’s try it on. Get up! Attention! Lift your arms! Good boy. Minguk is Superman! Minguk, put this on. Good boy. Good, all done. Wow, you look cool. – We’re going to see dolphins. / – Look at me. You look handsome. Dad… Daehan’s dressed for the airport. He’s dressed for the airport. We’ve only packed your jackets but we have so many things to pack. Daehan, Minguk, Manse. Can you help me? Like this, like this. Put it inside like this then roll it up. Look how clean it is. I pack our toothbrushes like that too. How does he know these things? He’s amazing. Right? Are we going to finish packing today? I feel so stressed out thinking about taking you boys on a 3-day trip. It’s the night before her trip to Korea. Let’s visit Sarang in Tokyo. Sarang! Yes! Sarang, come here. Come here. Come here. – We’re going to Jeju-do tomorrow. / – Yes, Sarang. We went a year ago. Do you remember? We went and saw the dol hareubangs. The dol hareubang. We touched the nose. Do you remember that? Really? Sarang, look at that dol hareubang. Look. A year ago, Sunghoon’s family visited dol hareubangs and wished for another baby. There’s another one! Sarang, want to touch it too? Sarang, touch it. Touch it. Sarang, remember the dol hareubang? Dol hareubang. – Dol hareubang. / – This. We touched it last year. Touch it, touch it. Touch it. When you see this… Here, the nose. Touch it. Touch the nose. Touch the nose… Touch the nose. Here. Promise me, promise. – Promise. / – Stamp! Stamp. – Stamp. / – Stamp. Why does she want to stamp me? That’s a Korean way of promising. You do it like this… Okay? Thank you, dol hareubang. Okay. Get ready, Sarang. Get ready! Sarang. Should we get ready? What should we take? Sarang, what should we take? What should we take? I want to take my picture book. Picture book? Sarang, pack your clothes. Clothes, clothes. Sarang, hurry up and get ready. You don’t need this. No. Take this out, take it out. You don’t need this. Why do you want to take this? Why are you taking this? Sarang, Sarang. No, no. No, don’t take this. No, not this. No, no. No, no, no, no. You don’t need the vacuum cleaner. No, no, no. It’s okay! No, no, no. Sarang. This won’t fit. You need this? – This? / – No! – Put it in. / – Put it in? – This too. / – Put that inside too? Okay, okay. We’re ready, Sarang. Sarang, you have to sleep. Hurry up and sleep. Say hello to everyone. Sarang, say hello to everyone. – Sarang. / – Say hello. Hello. Sarang! Sarang is the eldest. Sarang is the youngest! No, Sarang is the eldest. Sarang’s the youngest! The sun’s up and it’s time to go to Jeju-do. Haejin has neatly packed Jion’s bag. She’s prepared everything for the long journey. Jion, want to sit on this? It’s blowing in the wind. It’s rotating in the wind! Isn’t that amazing? – Have fun in Jeju-do. / – It’s in the back. Listen to daddy. Listen to the other children. Have fun. Have a good trip. We’ll meet soon. I love you, my baby. Bye-bye. Listen to daddy. Don’t get hurt. Go with dad. Mom! Let’s go. Have a good trip. Take good care of her. I’m scared. It’s hard saying good-bye. Mom. Mom. Mom. Okay, hurry up and go. Let’s go, Uhm Jion. Jion, the two of us… It’s our first time. We’re going far away. It’s our first time on an airplane. You don’t want to part with mom now. You weren’t like that before. I’ll be back after 2 nights. I’m going. Jion, I’m saying bye-bye. Jion was always good at parting with me. I was a little upset. Now that she cries and looks for me… I feel so sad. I should’ve been grateful when she was okay. Let’s go. Uncles. The uncles are here! Let’s go. Seojun, let’s go. I’m scared. You can do a good job, right? I can trust the others… I think it will be a lot of fun. I know it will become a great memory but I’m worried. The boys are going to meet all the other children. – I know. Seoeon, Seojun. / – Right? We’re going to see mom in a few days. Seoeon and Seojun… Go meet Sarang… Daehan, Minguk, Manse and Jion. Have a good time. Yes. – Say bye to mom. / – Bye-bye. Bye-bye. – Kiss. / – Give mom a kiss. – Good, Seojun. / – Kiss me, Seoeon. Seoeon, you’ll see mom in a few days. Honey, go and show them the beach. I hope the weather’s nice. The weather’s wonderful! We’re here in Jeju-do! It’s been a year since the last family trip. – Is this Jeju-do? / – Yes. There are 4 dads but 7 children. Uncle turned into a blue crab.Blue crab, blue crab.Okay, scream! Scream! Hurry up and come to daddy. Good, come here. All the scenery they come across is beautiful. They taste all kinds of delicacies that are unique to Jeju-do. Get ready, go! The 7 children spend an exciting 48 hours in beautiful natural surroundings. Scream! What happy events will they come across? The Return of Superman. Episode 75. “Children Grow With Nature.” Which family is the first to arrive? Let’s go. No one’s here. They’ll be here soon. Let’s wait here. Booger. No, no. I ate a booger. No, don’t do that. Oh? Who’s here? Sarang, someone’s here. Where are we? Hello. It’s Sarang! – It’s Sarang. / – It’s nice to meet you. – It’s nice to meet you. / – Hello. I’m a fan of yours. I really like Sunghoon. But… He seems a little cold. I don’t know how he’ll be in real life. She’s dressed so cute. Hello. Sarang, she’s younger than you. Did you say hi, Sarang? Did you say hello? Has she started talking now? – Things like mom, dad… / – Right. Daehan, Minguk, Manse. Where are we going? Airplane. The airplane flies high. Yes, it flies high in the air. Where is the plane going to take us? The big Jeju-do! Yes, we’re going to the big Jeju-do. We’re going to meet Sarang. We’ll meet Seoeon and Seojun too. We’ll also meet Jion. Jion’s a new friend. Say hi when you see Jion, okay? Yes. Good boy.Dong, Dong, open Dongdaemun.Nam, Nam, open Namdaemun.When it strikes twelve…The doors will close.Dong, Dong, open Dongdaemun.Nam, Nam, open Namdaemun.I’ll help you. Wait. Daehan, Minguk and Manse are here. Let’s go inside. They’re here. – Hello. / – Hello. Daehan, Minguk and Manse are here. Say hello. Bow. It’s Sarang. Sarang’s here. – Hi, Jion. / – Long time no see. Long time no see. Hi. Sarang’s sitting down. Say hi. – Hi. / – Hi. Manse, what are you doing? Sarang’s moving. Sarang and Manse are really close. – Manse. / – Yes, give this to Manse. This is for you, Manse. – We’re the same. / – The same. It’s the same as Sarang’s. It’s strange. Sarang only likes Manse. No… Who gave that to you? You gave it to him. Where are they going? Are you two chasing each other? – Sarang. / – They’re here. Hello. Bow and say hello. – Hello. / – Hello. – Bow. / – They’ve grown a lot. Bow and say hello. – They just woke up. / – Look over there. Seoeon and Seojun are here. – Have you been well? / – Yes. Hi, kids. Hello. Where’s Taewoong? Let’s see who else is here. Uncle Hwijae might be here. Jion, bounce, bounce, bounce. Bounce, bounce, bounce. He’s lost some weight. Seojun, hug Jion. Sarang, Sarang… What is it? Hold hands. Sarang, hold Manse’s hand. – Look at those two. / – It’s terrible. This isn’t your honeymoon. You laughed? Did you understand me? Let’s go, let’s go. His face has changed. – Really? / – Yes. It feels like Manse’s been adopted by Sarang’s family. Smile. Smile. Thank you. Are we taking the plane to Jeju-do? Yes, we’re going on the plane to Jeju-do. Wow. The plane’s moving. We’re going to take off soon. 2 nights and 3 days with 7 children. It does sound fun… But will they be okay? We’re flying, dad. Yes, we’re flying. Look. The clouds are coming out! We’re in the air. Let’s go take a walk. We’re in the air. Want to take a look? Sarang, do you like Manse or dad? – Manse. / – Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Sunghoon… Oh, my God. Manse. Do you like dad or Sarang? Sarang. Gosh. What is it? He prefers Sarang over his dad. Sarang prefers Manse too. Juice, juice. Juice, juice. Do you want to drink it? Say please. Say I love you. – Orange juice. / – Juice, please! Juice, please! Manse too. They head to Jeju-do with happy thoughts. They sip on sweet juice in the clouds. It keeps the children quiet. That’s a teddy bear. That’s the rear view of a teddy bear. While they doze off… Jeju-do is so close that they can almost touch it. Minguk, come here. Say hello. Hello. Wow, Jeju-do! Wow, Jeju-do, Jeju-do. Is it okay to cross when the light’s red or not? – It’s not okay. / – No. – Can you cross on a red light? / – No. No, right? Let’s wait until the light turns green. Let’s go. – The light’s green now. / – Sparrow. Duck, duck. Sarang, Sarang! Sparrow, duck. Sparrow. Sarang, hold hands and walk together. – Sarang. / – Hold hands. Dad, Sarang’s running over there. Manse, go get Sarang. Manse. I don’t think she’ll listen to me. Where are we? Jeju-do. That’s right! Jeju-do. That’s right! – Are you happy to be in Jeju-do with dad? / – Yes. Scream on the count of 3. – Scream! / – Scream! You run so well. No. Manse, sit here. Let’s get on the bus. It’s not an extremely big bus. Sarang, are you seated? You’re already seated. Bang! Bang again? Let’s not do that here in Jeju-do. The weather’s so nice. – What’s that? / – Big sister. Let’s show her. We’ve arrived in Jeju-do! What’s that? Not to cover the license plate, is it? Look at this. You prepared a lot. Just Minguk’s face? – All 3 boys? / – No. What’s that? I got my license last time. What? Don’t drive here! You’re going to drive? This? Let’s get on a different bus. How long ago did you get your license? Around a month ago? Sunghoon, Ilkook’s going to drive. What? He’s going to drive this. Wow… Aren’t there any photos of us? We should stick up Sunghoon’s photo. – Then no one will mess with us. / – Really? He brought these for this. Do you know how to turn on the air-conditioner? Of course. – Let’s go. / – Let’s get on. Let’s go. I’d prefer a taxi. Can everyone hear me? Yes. Hello, I’m your driver for today. Daehan, Minguk, Manse’s father, Song Ilkook! Nice to meet you. – Hello… / – Yeah! Just make sure you drive safely. Sing us a song. Seoeon’s covering his eyes. – Are your seatbelts on? / – Yes. Let’s go then. Can you drive smoothly, Ilkook? – Say bye. / – Bye. If you stop on the way, change with the driver. Okay. What’s going on? Dad, what are you doing? – Dad, what are you doing? / – Go, go. Ilkook. your son asked what you’re doing. Dad’s driving! The bus shook. I was scared. You were scared because it shook? This bus is usually shaky, right? No, it’s up to the driver. Ilkook. What is it? – Are you going to keep driving this? / – What? Drive for a while and then change with another driver. I haven’t done this for a while. I’m nervous. – I’m usually not like this. / – Don’t let go! Don’t talk to us. Stop talking. It’s hard to talk while driving. I know so just focus. Focus on driving. Daehan, Minguk, Manse. Cheer for your dad. – Drive well, dad! / – You can do it! You can do it! – 1, 2, 3. / – You can do it. Sarang, you cheer too. – You can do it! / – You can do it! Jion, cheer too. You can do it! Why are you two holding hands? It’s not Manse. It’s Minguk. You’ve changed partners? Why have you changed to Minguk? What about Manse, Sarang? Not Manse? Sarang, do you prefer Manse or dad? – Minguk. / – Minguk? – She’s changed. / – Love changes? You’re amazing, Sarang. Sarang, whose voice is this? Amazing! Mom. See? I’m good with impersonations. Hold my hand. Where are we going right now? We haven’t eaten yet. We’re headed to a restaurant. Did you turn on the GPS? I went last time so I know the way. Turn it on. A week prior to this trip to Jeju-do… Ilkook wanted to be sure that the families would be safe and he could drive properly. He came to Jeju-do and was trained to drive the bus. Isn’t he amazing? Passengers, please put on your seatbelts. This is fun. Maybe I should put it around my neck. I’m going to drive slowly. – It should take around an hour. / – An hour? Because I want to show you some amazing scenery. I’m going to take a detour. It will take around an hour. – I’m hungry. / – You’re hungry? – I’m hungry. / – Okay, okay. We have to wait an hour. I’ll hurry up. Sarang, are you hungry? Wait a minute. I’m hungry. Flowers! – The cherry blossoms are pretty. / – How pretty. When I came here for training, they hadn’t blossomed yet. They’ve bloomed in the space of a week. – It’s beautiful. / – Thank you, driver. Clap! Rapaseed flowers and cherry blossoms are in full bloom at Jeju-do. The spring weather is so warm. This beautiful scenery makes the Superman families feel happy.– Dad loves Sarang. Love! / – Love!– You do it. / – Sarang loves dad!No!– What the? / – What? What on earth? – Have you not looked after her these days? / – Again. – One more time. / – Once more?Sarang loves dad.No!The Korean flag flaps in the wind.– She can sing that too? / – Beautifully in the air.– It flaps. / – I enjoy watching it.Gobble, gobble.Sarang’s singing a carol.Sarang’s mom.Amazing, amazing!Sarang’s mom is amazing.Sarang’s amazing.It’s spicy, spicy kimchi.It’s spicy, spicy kimchi.It’s spicy, spicy kimchi? – I heard kimchi just now. / – She’s making them up. You have an amazing talent for writing lyrics!The front leg pops out.Jump, jump, it’s now a frog.Wriggle, wriggle, the tadpole.The hind leg pops out.The front leg pops out.Jump, jump, it’s now a frog!Sarang. Frogs are amazing! Are you copying her, Seoeon?The front leg pops out.The hind leg pops out.Jump, jump, it’s now a frog.Okay. Honey rice cake, sticky rice cake. Daehan, Minguk, Manse. Rice cake! Honey rice cake, sticky rice cake. Honey rice cake, sticky rice cake coming up. Be careful. Honey rice cake, sticky rice cake coming up. Be careful. You meant the speed humps. I thought we were going to eat that. I thought we were going to buy rice cakes. We’re on the coastal road now. – What? / – Soon… We will see the ocean. The ocean! Driver, you’re amazing. – The ocean. / – We can see the ocean. Jion, we’re going to see the ocean. The ocean. The dads wanted to show the children the real Jeju-do. The blue ocean prevails before their eyes. The scenery is so refreshing. The emerald ocean and blue skies are endless like a panorama shot. The natural island of Jeju-do contains all sorts of natural beauty. What will the children experience here? Here we are. I think this is it. We’re here! We’ve arrived. Thank you, driver. Sorry if it was uncomfortable. – No, no. / – Thanks for hanging in there. Thank you. Thank you so much for being my first passengers. Thank you. Ilkook, the kids are sleeping. It means you were good. Really? Thanks. We were all going to Jeju-do together. I wanted to do something meaningful. I thought it was a good idea and tried it. It wasn’t as easy as I expected. I don’t remember who it was but someone fell asleep on the bus. Doesn’t that mean I did well? You can’t sleep if you feel anxious. That’s the great thing about Ilkook. He went the week before and checked things out. Thanks to driver Song… The Ilkook tour got off to a great start. Come here! Look at the fish. Look at this! – What’s this? / – There’s a stingray too. What’s this? There are fish here. There are plenty of fish for the children to view. It’s like an aquarium. – Look, a shark. / – It’s huge! Seojun, a shark. Shark. There’s a shark here. There’s a stingray, a flatfish. Look. Touch it. We viewed stingrays all the time at home. Sir, what’s this? A yellow sea-bream. Yellow sea-bream? It’s an expensive fish. It’s huge. Look. It’s spraying water. Look. – Touch it. / – Can we eat it? Eat it. How are you going to eat it? – Don’t eat it. / – Dad. What’s this? – Dad, dad. / – Yes? What? – Dad, dad. / – Yellow tail. You saw the yellow tail. Touch it. It’s okay. It won’t bite you. Look. It’s not scary. You want to eat? – It’s scary. I’m scared. / – Okay, let’s eat. – It’s scary. / – Okay, okay. Come here. Come this way. Let’s go and eat. – Bye-bye. / – Come this way. – Let’s go eat. Come on. / – Go! Daehan touched the stingray. You did? Who touched it? – Daehan. / – You touched it? You’re so brave. Let’s go and eat. The rolling waves and rapaseed flowers can be seen here. It’s time for their first meal in Jeju-do. Let me ask. Wait. Are you happy now? Gosh, Manse. Manse, why are you so close to Seoeon? They’re close suddenly. Manse’s playing with Seoeon. – Who wants to eat? / – Me! Who wants to eat? – Dad, dad. / – Yes, yes? – This. / – What? – What, what? / – This. A bib? – You want to wear a bib? / – Yes. That’s a surprise. Because the others are wearing theirs. Good boy. Which kindergarten are you from? These young children are already eating kimchi. There are 4 dads but 7 children. Sarang, do you want to eat? – Will you enjoy your meal? / – Yes. What’s that? Sea urchin noodle soup. Today’s menu is filled with savory sea urchins. Sea urchin noodle soup is famous in Jeju-do. The food is here! It’s here! The food’s here. Wait, wait. It’s really hot. Wait, wait. Let me cool it down for you. Here, Jion. Bad boy! No, no. Bad boy! Manse, Manse. No, Seoeon. Dad! It’s good. Uncles… It’s an Argentinosaurus. It’s an Argentinosaurus. Argentinosaurus. That’s really long. Seojun, try this. Look at him. He’s already finished. This. What about this? This. You naughty boy… You have to eat this. Is it hot? You really like it. Seojun was amazed seeing Manse eat his sea urchin noodle soup. Manse seems to be eating even more today. Another bowl? Manse must really like it. They taste sea urchin noodle soup for the first time. Sarang expresses the taste with her face. Eat up. There you go. Good girl, eat up. All the children are eating so well. It must taste great as they’re together. Good boy, Seoeon. I’ll give you some kimchi too. Lee Seojun. Here. Did you steal Minguk’s? Sorry, Minguk. No, no. That’s Minguk’s. Hey! I’ll give it to you. Here, here, here. Don’t just eat the kimchi. Have some noodles too. Lee Seojun, have the noodles. Don’t have any more of that. This. Let’s do this then. Have some rice wrapped in kimchi. This, this, this. – Open up. / – This, this. Just this? Wrap one for me. – What? / – Wrap rice in kimchi for me. You want me to wrap one for you, Manse? – Seojun, want to eat this too? / – Yes. Good. Seojun, open up. I can’t believe that he loves kimchi. Jion doesn’t eat kimchi yet? Not yet. She says it’s too spicy. My boys love kimchi. It’s spicy. Dad, is it spicy? Goodness. Is it fun seeing uncle eat spicy food? It’s so hot. Ah! Ah! Good. Good girl! The raw fish is here. Thank you. The raw fish is here. Thank you. What’s that? It wouldn’t be a trip to Jeju-do if they didn’t eat raw fish. The raw fish is so fresh. It’s as though they can taste the Jeju-do ocean. A delicious meal has been served for the dads. – Should we dig in then? / – Thank you for the meal. – Thank you! / – Thank you. The adults should be having a relaxing conversation. – But there are 7 kids… / – 7 children. Open up. You eat so well. Good girl. You have to eat this. Is this hot? Moms don’t have time to eat when they feed the children. Now the dads know how it feels. Thank you for the meal. – Are you finished? / – Yes. You’ve finished? – I don’t want anymore. / – Okay. Stop! No more for Sarang! – Has Sarang finished? / – She ate 2 bowls. Why aren’t you having any raw fish? It’s delicious! It’s delicious! Want some water? I’m the only one eating 2 bowls. Wait. Only my boys and I are still going. Okay. Where are you going now? I was thinking of going out but the weather isn’t very good. Where are you going? Us? To see the dolphins. To see the dolphins… Want to join us? I think Sarang will like it. – Want to go see the dolphins? / – Yes! – Want to see the dolphins? / – Yes! Sarang wants to see dolphins! Dolphins! When I was on “2 Days and 1 Night…” There’s a restaurant where you catch octopus to eat. You can catch your own octopus there. Does someone catch it for you? You can catch it yourself. – We can do that? / – Yes. I caught it myself last time. Can’t I just watch them dive? Can I go inside? The sun’s coming out again. You’re right. Wow. Who is it? He’s amazing. Minguk, you’re really amazing. Minguk. Has he been eating the entire time? – Or did he rest? / – He’s been eating slowly. You remind me of a Frenchman. French people eat slowly. So they can digest their food. A tadpole by the brook… Jion, look at uncle! Bounce, bounce, bounce. Look angry. Seoeon, angry, angry. Angry. Angry, angry. Angry. Now laugh! Laugh, laugh. No, not like that. Laugh out loud. Laugh. Laugh, laugh. Seoeon, hold Jion’s hand. Jion, hold hands. Good girl. Hold hands. Good. That’s nice, lovely. Look at the ocean. Seojun, look at the ocean. It’s too far. The ocean’s too far. We’ll get closer to it soon. What? Is Seoeon sleeping again? What? Has he stopped? Seoeon. What? Oh, my goodness. You shocked me, Seoeon. He’s comfortable. The white sands and clear waters greet them. This beach is quiet and clean. Gwakjigwamul Beach lies along the west coast of Jeju-do. What memories will the twins and Jion create here in this wide ocean? Back, back, back. Seojun, move back. Seoeon, come here. Seoeon, come over here. Goodness, goodness. – Goodness, goodness. / – Goodness, goodness. Goodness, goodness. Are you having fun? Splash, splash, splash. Stop. Does it feel like you’re flying? Kick it! Kick! Kick. Kick it! Fight the wind. Good! Kku, kku, kku, kku… – Dad, dad. / – Yes? – What’s this? / – That’s a rake. Good. Good boy. You want me to eat it? Yum, yum, yum, yum. You eat it too, Seoeon. Seojun, Seoeon. Look. Look what I made. What’s this? – What’s this? / – Jion, look at that. What’s this? What’s this? Don’t do that. Don’t do that. Don’t do that! I said don’t! Hey! He’s a destroyer. Don’t! Once more. Bad boy! Crash! Crash! Want me to do it again? Here’s the octopus. She’s so well-behaved. Look. Put it in here. In here. In here. In here. Seoeon, blue crab. – Blue crab, blue crab. / – Blue crab.Blue crab, blue crab.– Blue crab, blue crab. / – Uncle’s a blue crab. – Blue crab, blue crab. / – Blue crab.Blue crab, blue crab.Blue crab, blue crab.Blue crab, blue crab, blue crab.Seojun, get ready, go! Go! The blue crab walks sideways. – Like this! / – Blue crab, blue crab. Blue crab, blue crab. Look, uncle’s coming. The Gwakji uncle. – Have you been well? / – Yes, I’ve been well. There are tiny crabs here. Crabs? – The crabs are this size. / – Crabs? They should be under the rocks. – Let me show you. / – Really? – Come with me. / – Seojun, there are crabs here. Come here, Seoeon. Blue crab! There are real blue crabs. Jion, look at this crab. – Jion, look at this crab. / – Crab. Want to touch it? Jion’s not scared. Don’t eat it. You’re not supposed to eat it. Be careful. That’s a sea urchin. That’s a sea urchin? It’s delicious. Did it bite you? Good work, crab. – Bye, crab. / – Good job, crab. – Bye, crab. / – It’s because Seojun… You didn’t listen to daddy today. It’s too windy. – I know. / – I’ll go inside and wait. Taewoong, find something big for me. It’s probably easier just going in the water. Want to change with me then? Really? I really want to try it. I’ve done it before. Then wash all 3 children and take care of them. – Okay, I can do that. / – Okay. Wow. Go inside. So should I get changed now? Did I make the right choice? Wait a minute. It doesn’t matter. Seoeon, Seojun. To tell the truth… I wanted to be alone for a while. I’m sure Taewoong… He regretted his decision. He should’ve gotten changed into his gear. Sarang and the triplets are spending the day together due to the poor weather. They’ll probably be happy to go anywhere as they’re together. Look at those windmills. Windmill. Have you been to the aquarium? – Yes, we’ve been often. / – Together? – Yes. / – Then Sarang will know a lot about fish. When Sarang was just 26 months old… She met dolphins for the first time in Okinawa. Sarang fell in love with the dolphins. Will she remember them? Sarang, do you like dolphins? You like them? I have a dolphin doll. You have a dolphin doll? He’s asleep. They woke up really early. Dad. Dad, don’t sleep. No. The two families head out to meet the dolphins. Let’s go. Manse, come here. You almost fell over. Be careful. You’ll fall. You’ll fall. You fell over. Get up. – Good, it’s okay. / – See? I told you to be careful. – Minguk, come here. / – Minguk, over here. Come this way. Follow daddy. It’s a puppy. The children have grown a little. They’re not as afraid of animals as they used to be. When we went to Japan… Daehan was the only one who fed them. The other boys were too scared to go near the animals. Now, I think they’re not as afraid of animals as they used to be. I heard there’s a place in Jeju-do where they can do things with dolphins. That’s why we decided to try it. Let’s begin by eating dolphin bread. Let’s refuel ourselves and meet the dolphins. Minguk, sit down. Everyone, sit. – Carp bread. / – That’s right. Sit down over here. It’s dolphin bread. Does dolphin bread have dolphin meat inside them or not? – They do! / – They do? – They do. / – Uncle, dolphin. Eat this. Here. Dad, the dolphin’s dancing. It’s dancing? Really? Yes, you’re right. The dolphin’s dancing, Sarang. Hi! – It said hi. / – Hi. The dolphin even says hi. It said hi. – How cute. / – It said hi to Daehan, Minguk, Manse. Yes. The dolphin is happy to meet Daehan, Minguk and Manse. – It’s happy? / – Yes. Minguk, come here! Come this way, please. Minguk, let’s change into our swimmers. Let’s go meet the dolphins. No, this is the men’s room. Sarang, come here. This is for men. Sarang, go to the women’s room. – Come here. / – See you soon, Sarang. Manse, come here. When will I dress them all? We’re going to spend the whole day getting changed. This is terrible. It’s not easy changing one child. It must be really tough with 3 boys. This leg, this leg. This leg. Hey! Who did that? Turn the lights on! Turn the lights on. Hurry up and turn the lights on. Don’t turn them off. What are you doing naked? Good. Daehan, all done. Get up, you’re done. All done! Manse… – Come here. / – No, no, no. Look to the front. Dad, are you coming with us? I’m next to you. Wow, dolphin! Hi, dolphin. Let’s get started then. Bow. – Begin. Hello. / – Hello. – Hello. / – Hello. Dalkong has gone somewhere right now. Let’s call Dalkong to come over. – Dolphin, hurry over. / – Hurry up. – Dalkong, come here. / – Come here. – Say that louder. / – Dalkong has appeared. Isn’t that amazing? Are you scared of Dalkong or not? – I’m not scared. / – You’re not, right? You’re meeting Dalkong for the first time. Say hello and wave. – Wave, Sarang. / – Hi, Dalkong. Nice to meet you. Hi! Nice to meet you. Hi! Say hello as you wave. Hi! The dolphin’s saying hello. – Sarang, say hello. / – It’s saying hello. It’s happy. Nice to meet you. This time… We’re going to dance with Dalkong. – Do you like to dance? / – Yes. What kind of dance do you like? You like to dance like that? Daehan, Minguk, dad. Get ready! Get ready. Manse and Sarang, you have to help. – Go. / – Let’s begin.Good work, good work.Dalkong, good work. Dalkong, good work!Clap!Dalkong, good work!Dalkong, good work. Dalkong, good work!This time, a kiss on the hand. Dalkong will kiss your hands. Teacher, dolphins… Can they kiss? Yes, dolphins can kiss. Let me show you how it’s done first. Follow me from behind. Come close and get ready, everyone. Get ready. – 1. / – 1. – 2. / – 2. Hold your hand out. – 2. / – 2. Hold your hand out. Give Dalkong a clap. Who’s brave and wants to go first? – Me! / – Me! Who? – Me! / – Me! Sarang and dad an go first. – Please come out with Sarang. / – Yes, let’s do it. Dalkong, come here. Good. – When I count 1, hand on hip. / – 1, 1. – Behind your head. / – Behind. – Hold your hand out. / – Out. Dalkong. Manse, stay back. Dalkong. Manse, stay back. Dalkong. Manse, stay back. Wow. Good job. Clap! Good job, Dalkong. Put this is Dalkong’s mouth. Good job, Dalkong. Dalkong ate it. Let’s give Dalkong a big clap. Good job. – Move back slowly. / – You did well. She did really well. Minguk, let’s see how good you are. Minguk, get ready. Get ready. – 1. / – 1. – 2. / – What’s Minguk doing? 2. 2. – Minguk, feed Dalkong too. / – Put it in its mouth. – In its mouth. / – Feed it. – Good job. / – Good boy. – To the back. / – Let’s move back. This time, you can touch the dolphin. Who wants to touch it? Hands up! Sarang, want to go first? Let’s begin with Minguk then. Sarang, later? – Minguk. / – Come here. Hold your hand out like this. Sarang, come here. It’s okay. Touch it. Dad’s here. Minguk, you can touch it. How scary. It’s not scary, right? – Manse, come here. / – Come here. Daehan, come with me. Slowly. Good boy. Want to touch Hwasun? Good boy. Hwasun did a poo. It did a poo. – Hwasun pooped. / – Hwasun pooped. Hwasun did a poo. – Hi. / – Hi. – Hi. / – Hi. Hold my hand, please. No! Hi. Touch it. Is it okay to touch it for this long? Sure. – 1, 2, 3. Bang. / – Bang. – 1, 2, 3. Bang. / – Bang. Bang. It’s okay, it’s fine. – 1, 2, 3. / – Bang! Bang! Manse. Manse. Here I am. I’m here. – Dalkong, thanks. / – Dalkong. Bye. It’s saying bye. See you again next time. It was wonderful. I was so happy. The children were so pleased. It made me feel happy too. Sunghoon was with us. He made it a lot easier for me. Okay, play with this. Seoeon, Seoeon, Seoeon. Yours is here. You have to share with your friend. Then let Jion play with this one. When did you go over there? Seojun. Peach, peach. You can’t eat that. Seojun, Seoeon. Your dad… It’s so windy right now. He’s going to find delicious food for us. He’s in the ocean. Dad is brave. Hwijae has transformed into a diver. He looks really determined. In a few moments, Hwijae’s challenge continues. You want to go out? Let’s go. Look over there. Over there… Where are you going? Seojun. Jion, you came down too? Jion, don’t cry. Stay there. – Dad. / – Dad! Something delicious has arrived! – Here’s your juice. / – Thank you. Let’s eat this. Let’s eat. If you want to eat, sit down. Sit down, Jion. You can have juice too. Sit down. Okay, okay. Have a taste. Good. Don’t spill it. Hold it. Want some too, Jion? Good. Birds are quiet when they eat. They stop chirping. You kids look sad. Seoeon, give uncle a kiss. Thanks. Seojun, give uncle a kiss. Good. It’s hot. Jion, give dad a kiss. Jion, give dad a kiss. Please. Here you are. You want more? More? Say please. Okay. Say thank you. Thank you. Is it good? No, no! It’s mine. Ask for permission. You can’t have any if you cry. Smile. Smile and you can have some. Smile and you can have it. Smile. Good. Give some to Seojun. Give it to Seojun. Okay, okay. Here. Give this to Seojun. Feed Seojun. – You can have it twice. / – No. – No. / – Twice. Twice. Say sorry. Sorry. Give him a hug now. A hug. Good boy. Kiss your brother now. You’re sorry. It’s fun with two kids. – You eat so well. / – Mom. Mom? – Jion, grandma. / – Grandma. – Big sis. / – Big sis. Say that when you see Sarang later. Say Sarang. Sarang. – Mom. / – You do it too. Big sis. – Argh! / – Yes, big sister Sarang. Seojun, say big brother Daehan. Say big brother. Big brother. – Big brother. / – Big brother. Say big brother. You know how to say that. Say big brother Daehan. Big brother. – Say big brother. / – Big brother. I have to give you a little at a time. I have to buy time until Hwijae arrives. Seoeon, Seojun! I’ll catch two for you. I’ll catch one for Jion. I’ll catch three in total. How old are we? Three! Hwijae trudges through the fierce wind. Hwijae willingly stepped into the deep, blue ocean for the children. Hwijae takes the challenge to find sea treasures for the children. Will he succeed? Next time. Daehan, Minguk and Manse fish at sea for the first time. Dad, I’ve caught something. – You’ve caught something? / – Yes. It seems like he’s got a big fish. Can they return with a full boat? They know how to enjoy their trip! The twins set out to find some rare scenery. It’s huge! Let’s sleep. Sleep… New memories are created in a place with old memories. I’m a fan. Can I have an autograph? It’s so big. Bad girl! I shouldn’t have done this. Dad’s happy to be able to create new memories for his kids today. The Return of Superman. Episode 76. “Even If You Don’t Remember.”

Glenn Chapman


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