The Return of Superman | 슈퍼맨이 돌아왔다 – Ep.74 (2015.05.10)

Sarang’s family has come to a Korean restaurant. This is in Korean. We’re having Korean food. Here’s the beef. It’s bulgogi! Yume, this… The beef’s really good. It’s bulgogi. – Is it spicy? / – No. It isn’t spicy. It isn’t spicy. Right, Sarang? It’s good. – It’s good? / – It’s good. This is the best! – I’m hungry. / – You’re hungry? – I’m hungry. / – You’re hungry? Okay. – Please give me my rice. / – Yes. Wait just a moment. Good. Here are the vegetables. There’s no kimchi? – Here’s the diced radish kimchi. / – Thank you. – It’s kimchi. / – The kimchi’s here. One more kimchi. There’s one more kimchi. This is kimchi too. Young radish kimchi. Okay… I want some. You want noodles? Okay, okay. Sarang eats so well. She truly has a big appetite. Look at this. Look at this. How does Yume eat? She chews carefully, a little at a time. She’s such an elegant little lady. Yume, are you eating cabbage? Okay, okay. Yume, is it good? Is it tasty? It’s good. It’s good? This isn’t Korea, right? – We’re in Tokyo. / – Tokyo. Yume, did you enjoy the photo shoot earlier? – You were cute… / – What about me? You were there too. These 2 cousins transformed into pink princesses. They could become professional models. Did you have fun? Did you? Let’s go again. You want to go again? Let’s go again then. Show me. A gift for daddy. Please give it to me. After you finish your meal. I know what she means. Open up. Don’t, don’t do that. Don’t do that. Eat it. – Bad girl. / – Bad girl! Bad girl! Bad girl! Was Yume noisy at Sarang’s age? No. She wasn’t noisy? I bet she was mature. What about me? You’re noisy. You’re really noisy. – You’re too noisy. / – I am not. You are! You’re too noisy. I’m mature too. – You’re mature? / – Yes. – You’re noisy. / – No. Look how quietly Yume’s eating. Your nose is flat. You only know how to act cute.The little calf sits on the caldron.It cries.Mom, mom.My bottom is really hot.Really hot? What? I think that’s wrong. Hey! Don’t make up the lyrics. My bottom is really hot… Sarang helps out with her little hands in case Yume finds it uncomfortable to sleep. Sarang is so considerate of Yume. She’s so sweet. Yume, lie down. Let’s go to bed, Yume. – Are we all sleeping together? / – Yes. Yume and Sarang’s wonderful day out should continue in their dreams. The Return of Superman. Episode 74. “The Person Who Makes Me Happy.” Good morning. Good morning, Yume. Good morning. Sarang’s awake. Do it with Yume. This way. I like Kyoro. You like Kyoro? I like them both. Do you prefer Suekko? What about Kyoro? Kyoro likes Suekko a lot… I want to walk the dogs. Let’s go then. – Kyoro too. / – Okay. – Suekko too. / – Suekko is too little. I can hold it. No, no. Do you want to do it together? Okay. Let’s go. Sarang, Buru is old. You have to walk her slowly. Kyoro’s young so it’s okay. Buru’s an old grandma. Slow down. This way. Let’s go. Okay. Yume, Sarang, Kyoro… Run when I say start. Get ready, start! Run! – Not yet. / – Not yet. Wait. Yume, wait just a moment. Get ready, start! Run! Run, run! Yume’s fast. – What about me? / – You’re fast too. – That was great. / – Kyoro’s really fast. Kyoro’s really fast, right? Sarang and Yume hold hands. We don’t need to go anywhere special. A regular day with the people we love… Isn’t that real happiness? Let’s check out the cheeky twins. They must’ve had so much fun that they’re even snoring as they sleep. Meanwhile, Hwijae’s busy cooking food for his housewarming party. Hwijae, the novice cook. He was given a special pasta recipe. Fry it well. You’re good. Raymon Kim’s special pasta sauce. Will Hwijae be able to impress his guests? Someone’s here! – Welcome. / – Hey, what’s up? – What’s up? / – Ayeong, hello. – Say hello, Ayeong. / – She did. The first guests are their neighbors, Sung Daehyeon and his daughter Ayeong whom Seoeon likes. Ayeong, go wake the boys. Can you do it? Call me if they cry. Okay? Ayeong’s so pretty. Who did you invite today? Several top stars. – Top stars? / – Yes. If they’re too popular, can I leave? – Sure. / – It’s a lot of pressure. You’re Sung Daehyeon… That was 20 years ago. These days… I can’t talk properly when I meet really popular celebrities. I feel the same way. I know how you feel. Ayeong, shake them. – Tell them to get up. / – Ayeong. Just tickle their feet gently then. Seoeon’s awake. Is he sitting up? Tell him to come out. Say Seoeon, come out. Ask if he slept well. Seoeon, come out. Seoeon, come out. Seoeon, come out. Get up. He’s so happy. Where is it? Say please. Please. Here. Do it like this. Like this. Take it, take it. You can do it like this when you’re big like me. Look. Big sister… – Let’s go out. / – Who is it? – Someone’s here. Seojun, let’s go. / – Who is it? I feel nervous. Hello. – You’ve lost a lot of weight. / – Yes. Why are you laughing? What’s with you? It’s Seojun! – Daehyeon! / – Oh? Hyeoncheol. Hello, hi. Hi. Say hello, Ayeong. You’ve seen him on TV, right? Why did you laugh? Why do you keep smiling? Bombom, stand here like this. Bow to the other children. She looks like you. Hey. You’re so little. – She’s pretty. / – She’s pretty. What would you like to drink? Cola… We have rice punch too. Jeongwon really isn’t here? – It’s just the kids? / – Tell her about it. She’s a viewer too. A lot of people think that the wives pretend to be away from home while you shoot. – I know it’s not true. / – I… I’ve been doing this since they were 4 months old. They’re over 24 months now. She’s never been here during the last 20 months. I told you she’s not here. I went to see if she was in her room. She’s not. If we let her stay at home… – The show would be over. / – Of course. It’s supposed to be a reality show. – That’s why… / – It must be hard then. Hey, let’s eat something. Let’s wait for a few more guests. – Who else is coming? / – Just one more group. Who are they? If it’s someone really famous, I’m leaving. Alright. I don’t mind at the moment. Let’s see. – Take this. / – Hyeoncheol. Have a little bit. – No, let’s wait for the others. / – Don’t eat too much. – This isn’t the main dish. / – Thank you. – It’s not the main dish. / – It’s glass noodles. Let me do that for you. It’s delicious. Read your book, Bombom. Sit down and read. Hey. It’s mine. Don’t eat it, Bombom. Hey, there’s more there. Why do you keep taking mine? She doesn’t cry at night? Only when she’s sick. If she’s tired or if she needs a diaper change. Hey, hey, hey. There’s more glass noodles here. Why do you keep eating mine? There’s more here. He’s so funny. He’s hilarious. He’s so funny. Did you eat it? Open up. Good. Is it good? It’s tasty? I’m curious. Who else is coming? We’re entertainers but this guest is an actor… – An actor? / – It could be awkward. An actor? Sleep over. They’re here! Really? Bombom, they’re here. Hwijae! I’m really sorry. Hwijae! I’m really sorry. It’s far, isn’t it? It took me 3 hours. Say hello. It took me 3 hours. 3 hours? Did he come from abroad? Which top star has everyone feeling nervous? He’s one of Korea’s top action actors, Lee Hun. I’m sorry. He not only acts but was also a TV show host. This is the first week of December. You’re watching “TV Pop Songs Live!” He made news by bringing down an assailant on live TV. – How have you been? / – Hun, this is my daughter. She’s my wife. She’s my wife. – Hello. / – Hello. – I haven’t seen you in ages. / – Hey! I wondered who it was. It’s Lee Hun! – Is she your daughter? / – Yes. Ayeong, this is my friend. – Dad’s friend. / – Say hello. – Hi. / – Hello. Good girl. You’re so pretty. You must take after your mom! Seoeon, Seojun. Say hello to Uncle Hun. – Seoeon, Seojun, bow. / – Hello. Hello, good. – Good job. / – Seoeon, come here. Let me carry you. Seojun, Seojun. He doesn’t get scared. He’s brave. Come here. You never did that for your kids. I didn’t do this for my kids. He’s good to other people’s children. Superman! Uncle… Superman! He’s a soldier. He’ll help you enter the special forces. Superman! Was that fun? Yes. You’re so cute. – Hwijae. / – Yes? Where’s your wife? She’s on vacation. Then you’re cooking? I cooked everything myself. – Really? / – Yeah! It’s the first time I’ve ever cooked. Let’s eat it quickly so we can order if it’s bad. Let’s taste it before the shops close. – Hwijae, let’s eat. / – Yes, it’s almost ready. Wait just a moment. – Dad. / – Yes? You want me to wear a hairband? Remember how I wore this when you were young? Do you remember that? You remember me wearing this? When they were little? I think he does remember. He’s a genius. Ouch. It’s hot. Ouch. It’s hot. Hwijae, what’s the matter? It’s nothing. – Nothing’s wrong. / – Did you burn yourself? – No, no. / – We’ll just leave now. – No. / – It’s okay. No, don’t move. I feel really bad right now. Let’s just add the food with computer graphics. We’ll pretend we ate it. – Do it in CG. / – You’re cooking alone. You’ve burnt and cut yourself. Geez. Don’t go. I mean it. Isn’t this too much? Did you really make this all? It’s delicious. What is this? Let’s join the triplets on their outing. Dad, where are we going? We’re going to plant vegetables, play house… Are we going to have fun together? We’re going to play house? You boys are going to pick vegetables. We’re going to make vegetable rice wraps. Vegetable rice wraps! Vegetable rice wraps? What are we here to do today? Look at that! It’s a windmill. – A windmill? / – A windmill. Is this playground? – What a lovely breeze. / – Daehan, Minguk, Manse!Daehan, Minguk, Manse!There’s a sandpit. You guys love that. Let’s go inside. Look at this. Where did this come from? It’s a radish. Dad, this is a radish too. Radish.Let’s plant this!Let’s plant the radish.Pull it out, heave, heave!Heave, heave!You have to dig the ground first. Watch me do it first. Look. Put the radish in here and plant it. No one can pull it out now. I can pull it out! I pulled the radish out. I pulled the radish out! I planted it. Why did you pull it out? I’m going to plant another one.Plant, plant.Plant the radish.Let’s plant it together. Heave, heave!– This is rice. / – Rice? I’m so full. Daddy’s full. This is rice too. That’s rice too? It’s fried rice. This is fried rice? – Taste it. / – You want me to taste it? It’s good. I’ve planted it. I’m going to plant another one. Plant, plant. Dad, I made some food. Did you? Thank you. It’s good. Look at this. We don’t usually think about this. We’re planting our own vegetables so we can eat them. I pulled out a lot. Dad, does this cabbage look tasty? Yes, the cabbage looks tasty. So Daehan, Minguk and Manse… Always be grateful to the farmers who plant the vegetables that you eat, okay? Yes. – Minguk, okay? / – Yes. Manse, okay? No. It’s hard work so I’m not going to eat it. You’re not going to eat it as it’s hard work? That’s right. Is it hard planting vegetables, Manse? Wow, there are tractors over there. Look at the tractors. Look! You need to remove the dung to ride that. Want to clean up the dung first? Minguk, here. Take this. Good boy. Who did this one? Dung! Clean up the dung. Good. Dad, I’ve finished. Good boy. We’re going to crash. – We’re going to crash? / – Sorry.Beep, beep.Crash! Dad, here are the mandarins. – Did you bring mandarins? / – Mandarins. Mandarins. Here you are. Thank you. Eat it. It’s really delicious. Now, apples, apples. You’re going to bring apples now? Apples, apples. Dad, here are the apples! – No, no. / – No! Don’t! No… Sorry. I’m sorry. You were bad, Jiu. You stole it from him. He was playing with it. Say sorry. Apologize. It’s okay. You just made a mistake. – Apple. / – Apple. Apple… I’m sorry. Say sorry. Hug him and say it’s okay. – Daehan, hug and kiss. / – Say sorry to each other. Good boy. Daehan, give him a hug. Good boy. Now, kiss. Daehan, kiss. Thank you for accepting my apology. Good boy. Here you are. I’m sorry about earlier. Thanks. Thanks. Dung smell! I’m going to sniff it. Oh? This doesn’t smell. There are so many. It smells a lot! Someone did a poo! Dung! I want to throw it away. Dung smell! It’s a bottom. A pink bottom. A pink bottom. That’s my spot. No, that’s my spot.Beep, beep, beep.Put the snake in it and go. This too. See you later then. How pretty. Be careful so you don’t step on the vegetables.Let’s pull them out together. Heave, heave.Don’t pull them out. Can we eat this? We’re going to wash them and eat them. – Okay! / – Good boy. Come here. Let’s wrap them up and eat. With rice! The pork belly sizzles on the grill. Freshly picked vegetables are laid out on the table. Will the kids enjoy this meal too? Add the soybean paste. When I used to diet… I ate vegetable wraps to lose weight. You don’t get fat if you eat vegetables. When I used to diet… I ate 3 times this amount for one meal. So I could lose weight… You need to wrap the meat with vegetables. Manse, look. Put a leaf here. Add another leaf. Add more vegetables. Add a little rice. Then put the meat that’s in front of you on top. Then eat it in one bite like this. Look. She’s wrapping her own. She’s copying you. How old is she? She’s 4, born in August. August? They’re 5 months apart then. My sons are born in March. She really loves it. Let’s eat the vegetables like her. Look. Look. Good. Now wrap it up. Put rice on it. Good. Manse, that’s good. Good. Wrap it and eat it. Good. Good boy. Good work. Wrap it together like this. Then eat it. Open up. Open up. Good boy. Eat up. Good boy. Open up. Very good. There’s pork in it, right? It’s good. What’s Jion up to? Jion. We went to Namiseom yesterday. What’s it like there? It’s really nice. I’ve never been there. Mom took me once. Before I entered elementary school. – Just you? / – Yes, just me. Why? I was in the car with mom. Mom was younger than we are now. She was. Looks like grandma went somewhere fun with just Taewoong again. – Jion, want some strawberries? / – Yes! Yes! Jion, I’ll give you some strawberries. Yes. Even her voice is pretty. She has a really pretty voice, doesn’t she? What’s wrong? What is it? What? What? What? What did I do? You’re so funny. – That was my voice. / – What? – It was me. / – Really? Jion, your voice sounds like auntie’s. You’re so funny. – Want to eat it? / – Strawberries. – It looks delicious. / – Strawberries. What’s wrong? Is it too big? Is it sour? You don’t want any strawberries? Maybe they’re too cold. That’s right. She doesn’t like cold food. That’s not going to work. That’s not going to warm them up. – Well… / – Who blows on strawberries? What should we do? In the past… You ate all the strawberries. How about if you live here half the time and the rest with me? Do you want to try it? I think… When she’s around 8 years old… It will be fun taking her around. I’m going to take her on trips. Well… I’m really jealous of that. Jion, you’ll cut your hand. That will hurt. If I had a daughter… I could just take her around. I don’t think I’d be lonely at all. She has strong fingers. I think she’ll hurt herself. Jion, you could cut your hand. That’s enough. Stop. Stop now, Jion. She cut herself. She cut herself. She cut herself. No, she didn’t. Isn’t that a strawberry? Goodness. You shocked me. Don’t do that. Want to go inside? It hurts. Where does it hurt? Sorry. It’s okay. Where does it hurt? Does it hurt here? Where? Let me hit it! Hit this. Hit it. You shocked me. Her hand… Is her face okay? – It’s okay. / – She hurt herself. It’s alright. Haejin got really shocked when she saw you bathe Jion. Goodness. We wash her sitting upright now. Ever since we took her to the pool. She knows it’s okay if her face gets wet. Seeing her in the water… – She looks like you when you were little. / – I know. You do. You look just like dad, Jion. It’s cold! It’s cold! I’m too scared to wash your hair. How do I bathe her? Are you swimming? Let her play for a while. – What’s this? How pretty. / – Jion. – Hey. / – What? You said you didn’t want to get married or have kids. You didn’t think you could raise them. I’m still not confident about that. You’re doing fine. – Do you remember this? / – What? There was a cassette tape with dad’s voice. – I don’t know. / – I remember that. It was a cassette. You know the square ones that you press? – Yes. / – Dad sang this song.Under the shade of the yellow forsythias…You’re going to make me cry. I remember that. Want me to squeeze some on your hand, Jion? Yes. Jion. She’s so cute when she says yes. – Jion, hand. / – It’s the prettiest sound in the world. Yes. Yes. Yes, yes. – Yes. / – Yes. Yes. Her face… What are we going to do with her face? Can you dress her for me? It’s cold. Let’s get changed. Put your diaper on first. It’s behind you. That’s a pull-up diaper. – What? / – It’s a pull-up diaper. You just pull it up like underwear. I’m not supposed to remove the tape? It’s okay. We can stick it back together. Look at your face. Wipe her face for me. Are you happy? Auntie, bye-bye. Jion, say bye to auntie. Good-bye. Say bye. Mom. You miss mom? Yes. It’s just one more night. Mom will be here to see you tomorrow. Okay? Let’s go to sleep. – Is she asleep? / – Yes. She did this to my cheek. She said good night? Yes then… She suddenly called out for mom. I told her mom will be back tomorrow. She said yes. – Does that make you sad? / – Yes, it does. I feel so upset. What’s wrong with you? I don’t know. How are you going to raise her? I think it’s because she’s my first child. You’ll be the same with your second child. Gosh. Look at you. I thought about this. How must mom have felt? Haejin’s coming back tomorrow. But dad never came back for mom. What’s wrong with you? You’re crazy. This happens when you have kids. Goodness… I’m leaving. Take care. You have tassels like a guard of honor. I don’t have a husband. I should at least have tassels. I’m going to kill you. Don’t come out. – It’s just out front. / – Jion’s sleeping, it’s okay. She’s a deep sleeper. Look at Jion’s shoes. They’re all alone here. – Sleep tight. / – Yes. Hug Jion tight. – Bye. / – Bye. – Drive carefully. / – Okay. She’s all grown up and drives now. I often feel that way when I raise Jion. When I’m really tired or when something moves me or when I feel upset… I think about how hard it must’ve been for my mom. I have to be good to her. I’m a really bad son. I feel that way now that I’m a father. Meanwhile, Sarang prepares to say good-bye. What color is Tokyo Tower, Sarang? – Red. / – Red? Yume, have you ever been to Tokyo Tower? – I don’t know. / – She doesn’t know Tokyo Tower. We’ll go past a big red building soon. It hurts. I can’t see. In a moment, Sarang. You’ll see it in front. Yume. That red building is Tokyo Tower. Do you see it? Yume lives in Shiga Prefecture. It’s a country village where tall buildings don’t exist. That must be why Yume can’t keep her eyes off the scenery outside. She looks out and takes in the sights of Tokyo. This is Daikanyama. Are we buying something? Yes, uncle’s buying for us. Let’s go inside. I want to buy something cool. You pick something out then. Here, here. Over here. Pick something pretty. This? This? You like this? Isn’t this for boys? It’s cool. It’s too long. I want this one. It’s nice. There’s a mirror here. Okay, nice. Yume’s finished. Yume, you’re done? That’s pretty. What about something to wear inside? I want the same one as Yume. The same as Yume? A skirt… Find the same outfit as Yume. – This. / – Yes, that. – Skirt… / – The skirt’s next to it. – It’s the same. / – The same. – It’s the same. / – It’s okay. It’s exactly the same. The same. It’s the same. Is that enough? Wait a minute. Try the shoes on too. Come here, Sarang. Yume, you look cute. Yume, you look cute. Yume, you look cute. Good. You’re the same as Yume. Does Yume like yellow? Yes, she likes yellow. I like yellow too. Do you like yellow too? Yume, that looks pretty. Wow, that’s great. They’re the same. That’s cute. Big sister! Big sister! Yume. Are you leaving now? Yes, Yume has to go. Why? Say bye to Yume, Sarang. Say bye-bye. I don’t want to. Tell her to come back next time. Tell her we’ll visit other places in Tokyo next time. Yume. Tell her we’ll visit other places, Sarang. You don’t want Yume to go? Sarang likes Yume. Let’s lend this to Yume. To Sarang who’s an only child… Yume’s someone whom she wants to share everything with. She’s a good friend. They’re happy because they’re together. They have to part today but will grow up as wonderful cousins in the future. Say bye to Yume. Say see you next time. Let’s go somewhere fun next time. Say bye-bye. Good, good. High-five. Say see you again. Bye. Bye! Sarang, say bye. See you next time, Yume. See you again. See you again. Thanks. I don’t want Yume to go. What? I don’t want Yume to go. We can go somewhere fun next time she comes. Where do you want to go next time? Where should we go? It’s okay. Yume will come here again. We can take her out. What’s the matter? We can see her again next time. We’ll see her again. We can go over next time. We can go over next time. Sarang doesn’t cry very often. They get along well. Sarang really likes Yume. I was shocked to see her cry so much. I think we should meet up often and take Yume out with us. Just have another baby. The twins’ housewarming party continues. Thanks for coming. Congratulations. I’m glad you moved here. I’ll give you your own bowls. Come here. Have this. You haven’t eaten yet. Why don’t you try uncle’s food? Is it good? Why don’t you try uncle’s food? – Ayeong. / – Is it good? Will I like it? Ayeong, maybe you should go home and have instant noodles instead. Hey! – It’s good, right? / – Hwijae. Do you have any more glass noodles? They tasted really good. Hyeoncheol’s only eating the glass noodles. I was confused between the pasta and noodles. Hwijae. Why did you decide to have a party? I didn’t boil the pasta properly. I don’t know how to do that. I’ve never done it before. Anyway, you worked really hard. – What? / – He did a good job. – He worked hard. It’s good. / – Wait, Hwijae. We’re getting old so we don’t like this kind of food. My wife said it’s good. It’s good. Right, Ayeong? Hwijae, my wife really said it’s good. Hwijae, she likes it! – Forget it. / – I said it’s good! I told you several times my wife said it’s good. Why are you… – It’s not like that. / – Why are you giving up? – It’s okay. It’s good. / – That’s not it. I tried it myself. The sauce is good but I ruined the pasta. Yes, it’s the pasta. The sauce is good. I’ve never tasted food this good. What’s wrong? I like it. Yes, it’s really good. It’s good. Right, Ayeong? He must’ve worked so hard to make this. It’s really difficult. I didn’t know until I came here. I didn’t know how hard it was for him to look after Seoeon and Seojun. He even cooked. It’s good. Thanks, Ayeong. I should’ve boiled 2 servings at a time. I boiled around 10 servings. I shouldn’t have used all the pasta. Some parts weren’t cooked. Some parts were overcooked. I feel so bad towards Raymon Kim. If only I’d cooked the pasta right… I’ve always thought moms are amazing but I’ve learnt something today. I should be good to my wife. If my wife makes meatball tomato pasta… I shouldn’t leave any leftovers. I should eat it all. Eat. Eat up. Are you wiping the floor with your son’s clothes? No, they’re my clothes. – I’m going to wash it anyway. / – Sure. – That’s good thinking. / – Right. You’re going to wash it anyway. – Thanks for coming. / – Ayeong, get dressed. My hairband. Where’s my hairband? Where did you put it? What did she lose? Your hairband? Is it this? Yes, there it is. Ayeong, is this yours? Talk about good comedy. You did a good job. – You worked so hard. / – Let’s see. Let’s go to dad. Superman! Superman! Seoeon, bye-bye. Seoeon, Seojun. – High-five. / – Big brother. Big brother? – I’m going. / – Bye. – Bye. / – Bye. Come over to my house next time. Ayeong, bye. Everyone’s lives have changed since we were single. We’re all dads now. We stay at home with the kids. I’m sure we all feel the same. I’m so grateful to all of them. They’re like family to me. Even if we have to order food… I want to invite them over again. Lee Seoeon! Put on some pants. Seoeon. Say hello. Bow and say hello. No. Say good morning. Say hello. Seoeon. If you ask what’s this too… It will be total chaos, right? I hope you’ll start talking soon too. Bang! Bang! I told you to say hello. Lee Seojun! I never imagined I’d ever have to wake you boys. Amazing. Come out. Sit down. Okay. Let’s eat now. Seojun’s going to give it to you. – Good boy. / – Alligator. – Alligator. / – Good boy. He wants to listen to the alligator song. No, the alligator song. This one. Chick, chick. This one, right? No. Look, Seojun and Seoeon. Look how big the yogurt drink is. Mom told me to give you this before you exercise. Look. – Want this drink? / – Yes. You want it? Laugh then, laugh. Laugh. Laugh, laugh. I find this so funny. Yogurt drink. Do you want one, Seoeon? Laugh. Good, good. Laugh. It brings good luck. Lee Seojun. Don’t frown. Laugh. There you go. There you go. Look pretty. Do this. I love you, dad. Say thank you. Good. Good. Say hello. – Hello. / – Good. You too, Seojun. Good. Say I love you. I love you, dad. Seoeon. I love you, dad. Rotten boys. So you’ve got what you want? You only care about your drinks. We haven’t been out exercising for a while. Here we go. Here we go. Start! Start! If I want to stay healthy like you boys… I have to exercise like this. Receive the sunlight. Produce vitamin D! Dad’s going faster! When I was single… I used to ride like this. Like an athlete. I used to work out a lot outdoors. I had to stop because of you. I can exercise with you boys now. Do I look cool? Do I look cool? 1, 2! Lee Hwijae overtakes. With the twins… Lee Hwijae overtakes. Is he going to win? He’s leading by a small gap. It’s uphill. Will he overtake? He overtook! Amazing. He overtook with 2 children. He’s going uphill. He’s pedaling uphill. He’s overtaken. He’s in the lead. Thank you, Mr. Song. You gave me the opportunity to exercise. Seojun, are you asleep? I must’ve given you a comfortable ride for you to sleep here. Today, Jion and Taewoong have come somewhere with a red pig-shaped mailbox and a lot of pig drawings. Many charismatic pigs can be seen here. Why have they come here? There’s a cartoon called “Peppa Pig.” Jion loves watching the pig. She always tells me to show her oink, oink. Oink, oink. Daddy. Daddy. Oink, oink? Oink, oink. Goodness. I’m curious how she’ll react seeing pigs in real life. I feel jealous of Taewoong. I wanted to take her. Look at that. Oink, oink, oink, oink. There are so many, Jion. Look at all those pigs. Come here. Oink, oink. Jion, you feed them. Good. Now, let go. No, no, no. It will bite you. Throw it, Jion. Good. Oink, oink, oink. How pretty. They’re pretty. How cute. It’s time to take a walk now. Let’s go out. The pigs are coming out. Please come out. Oink, oink, oink. The pig fell. Oink, oink. Jion, go to the pig. Eat, piggy. Do you want to play with them? Yes, like this. Here come the pigs. We’re going to meet the pigs now. We’re going to meet 3 pigs. Please welcome them with a big clap. Jion, clap. Wow! The first pig is a mini pig. Its name is Happy. – It’s a mini pig. / – This is a mini pig. It’s bigger than you expected, right? It’s a mini pig. With regular pigs… Happy, circle the pen for us. Go around. – Happy. / – Don’t eat that. Come here. Don’t eat it. Happy’s trying to eat that. Happy, let’s do a circle. Everyone, Happy will circle faster if you give it a big clap. Good. Please give the pig a big clap. Here it goes! Good. Good. Who wants to bowl with the pig? Come to the front. You’re going to bowl with the pig. Do you think you can win? Yes. You go first. Everyone, give her a big clap. 1! Jion, throw it like this. Throw it over there. Throw it. Throw it like this. Good. Good. Like this. 1, 2… Do it like this. Give it to that boy now. Good job. He wants to try it. He’s going to do it. Come here. He’s going to try. He knocked one over. Okay, let’s give it a try. Can you do a good job? Good. Jion, come here. 1, 2, 3. Uhm Jion, Uhm Jion. There’s other children here. We’re all here together. You can’t play by yourself. You’re not the only one watching here. Stay still. Go! You’re not the only one watching. Right? You shouldn’t whine like this. What about the other children? Were you good or bad? Were you good or bad? – You were bad, right? / – Yes. Don’t whine from now on. Yes. Say sorry. You won’t do that again, right? – Yes. / – Good. Stop crying now. Yes. Let’s go and watch it together now. Yes. Good girl. This is the last pig. This pig’s name is Miss Jin. Miss Jin… She’s jumping up like this. This means that you can have the chance to kiss Miss Jin. Do you want to kiss the pig? Yes. Jion, go and kiss the pig. You can kiss it. Jion, kiss it. I don’t want to kiss it. Let’s kiss the pig. Are you ready? Watch how it’s done. Miss Jin, kiss. Kiss. That’s all you have to do. Let’s begin with you. Kiss. One more time. Kiss, kiss. Kiss. Jion, your turn. Let’s see if you can do it. No. Please get up. Please stand up. Now you can kiss the pig. When I say Miss Jin, say kiss. Kiss, kiss, kiss. – No, no. / – No, Jion. – No, no. / – No, Jion. – You can kiss Miss Jin. / – Kiss. Everyone, Miss Jin! Kiss, kiss. – Kiss. / – Kiss. Jion was able to kiss the pig. It’s time for dad to kiss the pig now. – Jion, I’m going to kiss it. / – Please come forward. – I’m going to kiss it. / – Please hold that. Everyone, Miss Jin! – Kiss. / – Kiss. Kiss. Kiss. Kiss. How did that kiss feel? – Really strange. / – You did well. That was great. Go back to your seat. Give him a round of applause. This huge snout touched my nose. It stuck to me… I’ve never thought about kissing a pig. It was a totally new experience. I’m experiencing a lot of new things since Jion was born. I get to know new things thanks to her. I research in advance and we do new things together. Mom’s returned at last. Is it dry? Yes, it is. Jion, want to ride this? You want to get in from that side? Yes. This way. When’s mom coming? When’s mom coming? Don’t jump off like that. Mom’s here. She’s here, Jion. Jion, mom’s here. – Mom. / – Mom! Mom! – Mom! / – Mom! Mom. Are you sure that’s your mother? Mom! – Call out again in a big voice! / – Mom! – Mom! / – Mom! I don’t think it’s your mother, Jion. Mom, mom! – Mom! / – Mom! Jion! Say mom again. How have you been? It’s gone cold. Haejin usually prepares delicious breakfasts for her husband. This time, Taewoong has cooked. I must be crazy. I ruined it. He managed to cook strawberry pancakes. Will they taste alright? He did put in a lot of effort. I don’t believe this. You cook rice and make pancakes now. It’s good. Junghwa fed her a cupcake yesterday. – What? / – I went out to buy something. She gave her a cupcake so Jion would like her. I was worried. Junghwa got along well with her. Junghwa even helped me bathe Jion. She didn’t tell me what she did. She sent a text message saying she’s tired. She said it was hard to impress Jion. I think she felt nervous. – It’s her first time with a baby. / – For sure. I was so scared when I had to be alone with Jion at first. I know. When you first hold a baby… You get scared that you’ll do something wrong. She wants a present. She deserves it. She wants a present for her birthday. We should do that for her. I hope Junghwa will meet someone she loves and start up a family. She didn’t consider marriage before but she talks about it these days. She said that she thinks about getting married now. I have to search for some good men. It’s morning. Let’s go and meet the triplets. Minguk, can you hold this for me? Manse’s awake too. What’s this?Bleat, bleat.What’s this? It’s just like our house. It’s tough but that’s why we love our kids. I missed you. I missed you. They’re so cute. I think it’s a reward for the time that I’ve spent playing with my children. Also, I can’t express that reward in words. You have to experience it yourself. Let’s measure your height. Let’s measure your height and weight. Come here. Who wants to go first? Me… Minguk! Okay. Come here, Minguk. Stand here. No, no. Good. 17.8kg. You’ve lost a little weight. Minguk, stand up straight. Okay, move. Wow. You’re over 100cm tall. Minguk, you’re 101cm tall. You’re over 100cm tall. Let’s draw. Look at me. Look at this. Good. Let’s see. 103cm. Good. 103cm. Let’s measure your height. Daehan… I don’t want to. You little… Manse, you’re a little short of 100cm. No, no. I want to measure my weight too. – Are you going to measure too? / – Yes, I am. Are you going to measure too? Dad, have you gotten bigger? Oh, my God. Are you shocked because you’re too big? Let’s go and exercise. Let’s go out. We have to exercise. Let’s go out. This is terrible. They’ve all grown 8 or 9cm. I’ve grown in width. I put on almost 10kg. When I see the first episode… Hello. I’m the father of cheeky, 27-month triplets… Daehan, Minguk and Manse. I’m Song Ilkook. Nice to meet you. This is just one side of myself. I’ll show you a slim, more handsome version soon. I’ll lose weight soon. Don’t worry. I said this months ago. Let’s go! Run! Let’s stretch and sing. Come here. Follow me. Manse, follow me. 2, 3, 4. 5, 6, 7, 8. 2, 2, 3, 4. 5, 6. 2, 2, 3, 4. 5, 6, 7, 8. Good, Manse. Manse, like this. Now jump! Jump! Good boy, Manse. Minguk, jump! Now, breathe. Dad, how do we do this? Dad. Dad, hurry up and tell me how to do that. How do I do this? Hold it like this. 1, 2… Dad, how do I do this? 6, 7… What’s this? How do I do this? You jump on it. 1, 2. Good. 1, 2. 1, 2, 1, 2. I’m making yogurt for you, dad. Thank you. Here’s your yogurt. Here’s your yogurt. It’s delicious. Thanks for making the yogurt for me. Look at me. This is how it’s done. Turn it like this. Spin it. – Spin it, good. / – Dad, it’s fun. Dad, it’s fun. Let’s go catch Daehan. Good. Let’s go catch Daehan. Good. 1, 2, 1, 2. Good. 1, 2, 1, 2. Good boy. 1, 2, 3. Daehan, Minguk. Row the canoe. Daehan? Daehan. Daehan, are you sleeping? Daehan, row the canoe. Hurry! The witch is attacking us! Don’t doze off. Hurry! Minguk, row the oar. He slept so I could work out. I did work up a sweat. Doesn’t that mean I got a workout? Daehan, Minguk, Manse. Are you hungry? Yes. Are you hungry? I’m hungry. You are, right? I shouldn’t eat a lot after working out. I’m going to have buckwheat noodles, a diet food. I’m going to have that. Daehan, Minguk, Manse… – Dumplings. / – You have dumplings. Dumplings. – Dumplings. / – Here are the dumplings. – Dumplings. / – Dumplings. Are they hot? Yes. Let me cool them for you. It’s hot. Was it hot, dad? Yes, it’s hot. Let’s see if it’s cooled. You can eat it now. I ate one of Daehan’s. Let me take one from Minguk. One from Manse too. So it’s fair. It’s good. Excuse me. Yes? Can we have 3 more trays of dumplings? I think they’ll want more. Just steam them in advance. Let me have one. Thank you. It looks really good. It’s so long. It’s so long. Have you finished already? I only ate two. It’s hot. Minguk. I ate one of Minguk’s. Let me take one from you, Manse. One from Daehan too. One each so it’s fair. Dad, you should stop eating. I just had one dumpling. Stop eating! Okay. I won’t eat them. Okay? Don’t eat them. – Okay, I won’t. / – No, eat. No, eat. – Eat? / – Yes. Can I have another one? Daehan, look at that. Look. Daehan, do you want more? No. Daehan, Minguk, Manse. The first digit of my weight has changed. I have to lose weight. – Are you going to help me? / – Yes. Minguk, are you going to help? – You won’t help? / – No. You like me being chubby? Yes. You like me being chubby? Yes. Really? Manse, will you help me? I like you, dad. You like me? Thanks for liking me. Dad, have you finished? Yes. I only had 2 trays of noodles. Did you eat all this, dad? No. I only had this. No, you ate this too. I did not! You ate it. These are your trays. I only stole a few dumplings. I want more. – Manse, you want more? / – Yes. Should we order one tray each then? Let’s order one more serving and share it. Can we have 1 more? Just one more. One more tray. Just one more. One more. Look… Let’s just eat 10 trays. One more. This is the last one! This is the last one. One for dad, one for Daehan. One for dad, one for Manse. One for dad, one for Minguk. There’s one left so I’ll have it. Minguk, count. How many did we eat? – 1, 2… / – Many, many! 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. That’s right. 10! 11, 12. We had 3 trays each. That’s plenty, right? Many, many. You feel happy, right? We’ll start our diet tomorrow. Oh, no. Next time. Scream! The four Superman families get together. Did you put your seatbelts on? Yes! A picturesque 48 hours begins in the spring scenery of Jeju-do. – Thank you for the meal. / – Thank you. They enjoy a feast with nature in the background. Why are you so friendly with Seoeon? Sarang’s asleep. It’s 11 p.m. Come here now. They spend a fun night together and create exciting memories. The children learn from and dream of nature. 1, 2, 3. Bang! Bang! Crab, crab, crab. What will they dream about in Jeju-do? The Return of Superman. Episode 75. “Children Grow With Nature.” Don’t miss out.

Glenn Chapman


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