The Return of Superman | 슈퍼맨이 돌아왔다 – Ep.6 (2013.12.29)

Children bring out the innocence in adults. And they embarrass adults too. Dad, you grab it. Sometimes they teach them fear. Hold it. Oh, my God! Sorry. They also give them beautiful dreams. 48 hours without mommy or wife. A warm story between father and children. The Return of Superman. Episode 6. “Kids Raise Dads.” Mom has left but the long winter night isn’t cold because they’re with dad. Morning has arrived at Haru’s house. He may not be as good as mom but he wants to cook a fancy breakfast for Haru. He’s using the side dishes mom made to whip up a dish. Haru wakes up thanks to dad’s early start. Today she greets dad first instead of her fish. Haru. Why are you up so early? You slept late last night. Do you want to make that with daddy? The one you make into balls? Want to help me? Once I get full after eating rice balls… Once I get full… Let’s give them to mom. You want to make rice balls and give them to mom once you’re full? Kiss. Okay. Let’s make it and give it to mom. I’ll go wash my hands. What? I’ll go wash my hands. What? I’ll wash my hands. Okay. Good girl. Dad. Yeah? Dad, I love you. I love you. What’s with you this morning? Yours will taste better than mom’s. You think mine will taste better than mom’s? Yeah! She used to be less affectionate to dad than mom. Did you sleep well? Do you like mom or dad? Mom. Mom? I knew it. Wow, Haru. I feel so loved this morning. Say ah, dad. There’s so much ham in this one. Open wide. Just like a whale. How does it taste? – Excuse me? / – Is it good? Is it good? Yes! – Is it really good? / – Yes. Do you like mom’s fried rice or dad’s? Yours! Really? Do you mean it or are you just saying it? I’m saying it because you’re kind. You’re saying it because I’m kind? But objectively, mom’s is much better. Thank you for saying that mine’s better. I’ve won in something. Regardless. I’ve won in something, right? High-five. Fist pump. Oh, yeah! Meanwhile… Sarang suffered from constipation throughout her Hakone trip. Sunghoon has ignored his fatigue and stepped out on a morning hike with Sarang. If only Sarang could go to the bathroom after this hike. Sarang, what is this? I don’t know what this is. The greatest of modern sculptures… Rodin and Heloise… Touch. World famous sculptures are here. But dad’s mind is just filled with Sarang’s constipation. Will Sarang be cured of her constipation today? Sarang, push. Push. There you go. Does it hurt? Push. That’s the way. Oh, dear. Let’s go out. Does it hurt? Let’s get up. Just a minute. It’s okay. It hurts! Sarang. Sit down. Okay… Push. There you go. Push. Good girl. Does it hurt? That’s it. Oh, dear. You pooped a little. It’s okay. Let’s go out. Does it hurt? Okay, okay. There we go. Does it hurt? Okay, okay. Show me. Sarang’s poop. That’s huge. Wow. Dad, let me see. Bye bye. I want to see my poop again. You only pooped a little. She barely emptied her insides and she’s finally returned to her usual self. Where are you going? Sarang! Where are you, daddy? Sarang. Daddy! Yes. Wake up. Dad, wake up. Wake up! Dad, wake up. Wake up. Sarang… This is good. Cheers. Put this on… The rising star of eating. And the black hole of fashionistas. This place perfectly suits the Choovely family. It’s a famous tourist location in Hakone. The Venetian Glass Museum. Bread. Raisins… You just eat the raisins! Hey. Oh, dear. Oh, dear. Oh, my. Bye bye. She just says bye bye. That was scary, right? Singer. I’m scared. The next location dad has chosen for Sarang who was scared by the stranger… It’s where you can make glass artworks. You can make various accessories using glass. Are you going to make your own? Or your child’s? For my wife. The child’s mother. A gift for your wife? Yes. We’ve never made my wife a gift before. I wanted to make a surprise gift with Sarang. I thought that the fact it was made with Sarang would be special for Shiho. That’s why we made it. He’s a tough fighter in the ring… But today he’s a meticulous and innocent artist who’s bringing out all of his artistic side. He has big, rough hands but he’s doing his best to represent Mt. Fuji. The key ring is almost complete. Shall we see Sarang’s artwork? Grab here. The first gift for mom. Whose key ring will Shiho like better? In just a minute. A guest that’s just too big, Choi Hongman. He shocked the twins. Will he be able to look after them? What will we do about him spreading his legs? Lee Seoeon. Lee Seoeon. Hey, Seoeon. Seoeon. Yo! Yo! D.O. Hey, Hwijae. What are you up to? Don’t you think you should visit more often? Let’s do some exercise. You don’t even come out to play soccer. I only see you on TV. Stop dreaming. Come down already. Who are you with? I was going to work out with Hongman. And you came up so I called… Forget working out. Looking after kids is a workout. Just come down for a minute. – Okay. / – Hurry down. Okay, I’ll come down now. Yeah. Seoeon, we’re in big trouble. A really big uncle is on his way. I think the boys will be shocked. Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Oh, my God! They look the same. They’re unidentical. Seoeon cries when I’m not around. Hello. He cries. He cries when he sees me. No. Try standing up. I’m your uncle. Peek-a-boo. Peek-a-boo. Peek-a-boo. There’s no reaction. Good boy. Hey, Hyundo. Aren’t you going to get married? I want to get married now. Should I get married? What do you mean you want to get married now? Seeing your boys has made me want to. How can there be two boys that look like Hwijae? You have to give up soccer on the weekends. I haven’t seen Hwijae on the soccer field for months. I can’t go. You’re losing one of your joys in life… There’s a bigger joy right here. I’ve lost many joys. Baseball, soccer… None of that now. – Oh, dear. / – I’ve lost everything. You should play soccer. Do you want to hold him? I think babies have cried almost 100% of the time when I’ve held them. It’s okay. Good boy. He shouldn’t cry. Your face is too small. Hello. Look at his hand. So fascinating. How fun. How fun. Fun? – Is he smiling? / – He likes it. Oh, my. Don’t lift him too fast and stuff. He’s not crying, right? He’s smiling. Look at this. Even I’d find that fun. Give me a ride. If I meet a junior or friend while I’m looking after my kids… It’s like a ray of light. Seojun was really happy to see Choi Hongman. I realized he was a light. He’s sick from an intestinal infection. Oh, dear. Poor boy. Do you know how much it breaks my heart? Everything becomes a marvel. Hongman, grab him. Hwijae really seems like a father. – Hey, I am a father. / – I guess so. Choi Hongman. Yes. This is the first time I’ve ever done this. Wait a minute. Was that bottle always that small? Wait a minute. Is that a bottle or a syringe? Are you nervous? I’m really nervous. I’m so nervous. Here. We’ll see Choi’s bottle feeding demonstration. Oh, gosh. I’ve never done this before. I’m nervous. Pretend it’s just a rehearsal. I’m excited. Just a minute. Come to your bed. Here’s your bed. Your bed is here. Oh, you like this. How can he be so cute? Look at him. This footage will be kept forever. The world champion feeding Lee Seojun. Thank you. It’s an honor. Hyundo, I look weird, right? No, not at all. You look amazing. As if I wouldn’t want to give all sorts of excuses and go out? I think about it. In order to maintain this peace. I must not give in to any temptation. When I think that, it shows that I’ve matured. His elaborate and fearless youth is but a memory. Now he is one woman’s husband. And they’re twice as hard to raise as others but they provide twice the happiness… He’s the father of twins. The more I see my child, I want to see them more. Every moment becomes amazing. Raising a child is a happy war. They provide a joy that I never knew about. I have everything because I’m a father. It’s not just the children that have grown. Just as there is no one-sided relationship in life… The fathers have grown so much as they laugh and cry with their babies. Here’s another father who’s growing by the day with his unpredictable daughter. We’ve come to meet fish. I’ll show you. Come here. She’ll go anywhere in the world to meet fish. It’s Tablo and Haru. What will they experience here? Check this out, Haru. They’re fishing. So cute. Catch one. I’m going to fish from in there. Haru! Don’t go in there. Why are you trying to go right in? Haru, you’re not a fish. The real fish must be over there. They’re here! Come here. There are lots of big ones here! There are so many big ones. I’ll catch one for you. Don’t you need to go to the bathroom? No. Miss. Where do you get the rod from? Over there. Over there? Can you ask for them there? After you pay. You need to pay first? Haru, what do we do? I didn’t get any pocket money from mom. Come with me, Haru. Do you want to catch one here? I’ll show you what to do. Watch carefully, Haru. The fish will wonder whether to bite or not. So you move around the worm. Haru, you take this one. Red fish will appear from over there. Really? Rainbow fish as well. Pink fish too. I’ll show you one last time how to catch them. How to really catch fish. If that piece of wood starts going into the water, you have to pull the rod. Hold this. Help! You caught one! Haru, grab it. Haru, grab it. Haru, grab it. You grab it, dad. But I’m scared. – No, it’s okay. / – Haru, can you take it. Haru… Dad, you grab it. Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Dad, you grab it. Haru, this fish is a catfish. Touch it. What does this catfish have? Fur. It’s not fur. These are chin hairs. That’s right. – You call these whiskers. / – Whiskers. Fish with whiskers are known as catfish. Say hi. Hi. Thank you. You grab it with your hands. They creep me out. No. Okay! I’ll grab them with my hand. How can you not be scared? I think you take after mom in that sense. It’s biting. We caught another one! Grab it, Haru. Hurry, grab it. Hurry, grab it. Hurry, grab it. I caught it. Dad, you grab it. Take it, dad. Haru! You caught it, Haru. I didn’t know they’d have catfish that big. I was actually scared. As it came flapping towards us, I tried to dodge it. But Haru… She just grabbed it like it was nothing. Seriously… Rather than thinking she was brave… I realized that she has no bias. Haru… The fish we caught earlier… It wants to thank us by going into your stomach. Is that okay? Huh? It’s okay. It’s our friend. It’s your friend? Yeah. What are their names? Their names are Lilatos. What about him? He is… Sanago. Sanago? So we shouldn’t eat them? No. Should we just eat one? No. – Just one? / – No. Just one… Just one… Do you like me or them? Them. Should we save them? No… But we need to eat them to feel their thankfulness and go home happy. No, it has fur. It’s not fur. These things? That’s not fur. You don’t eat animals with fur. It’s like vegetable roots. It’s not fur. The catfish is like this. Like this. You can eat this, right? Should we eat Lilatos first or Sanago? – Sanago. / – Sanago? Don’t cut him. I have to. Okay, cut him. Why have you become so cold-hearted? Haru, I’m really bad with this stuff. Haru, I’m going to do it. Here I go. Yeah. Why have you become so cold-hearted? Why have you had a change of heart? Why are you so hard to cut? Haru. What is it? Are you okay with this? Don’t you find this gross? It’s bleeding. I can’t stand dissections and things like that. But I’m experiencing this thanks to Haru. I’ve tried so many things that I’ve never tried before. I realized that becoming a father is an amazing thing. I’m really thankful to Haru. Sometimes I wonder if she’s raising me. Here. Haru, I’ll make it taste great. Don’t worry. Haru, you like spicy food, right? It’s tasty now. Why is there red on this spoon? Why is there red here? The red is because of this. Do you want to try some? Is it spicy? It’s a little spicy. But you’re good with spicy food. Haru, grab it! Oh, my God! You grab it, dad. Oh, it’s spicy. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Oh, I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. Haru, I’ll make it taste great. Don’t worry. You like spicy food, right? I’m sorry, my daughter. Oh, I’m sorry. Was it spicy? Oh, I’m sorry. Want to eat this? It won’t be spicy anymore. Was it spicy? I’m sorry. I’m sorry, Haru. What should we do? This is called spicy stew. I didn’t think she’d think it was that spicy. I think it was because it tasted bad. The spicy stew tasted like dirt. Haru, I promise you. I’ll learn how to cook. There’s so much to learn and teach as a father. We’re going to talk about pocket money. What pocket money? Junu will be in 5th grade soon. I think Junu is old enough to take care of pocket money. – Are you happy? / – Yes. What about me? Junseo, you’re not ready yet. Why? Because you’re too young. How old is your brother? 11. How old are you? 7. How many years difference? 4. That’s why. I’m planning to give you pocket money once per month. Let’s do it like this. I’ll give you $10 a month. Really? Yeah. You have to sort out your friend’s gifts with this now. If you have money left over. Then make a bank account and save it in there. Okay? This is the very first pocket money I’m giving you. $10. – Say thank you. / – Thank you. You need to spend money wisely, Junu. The way you spend your money will influence your life in a great way. Do well from now. Promise. With Junseo. You don’t know how to use money yet, right? Right. I just spend it if I have it. I buy this and that. Junseo. That’s what I’m worried about. If you just spend it any old way… That’s not what money is for. Junseo, how much is this? This? How much is this? 1 cent? 1 cent. If you have 10 of these… How much is it? What if there are 5 of them? $50. Don’t laugh. Try it again. 10. 10, 9, 8… No, no. That’s going backwards. If you have 1 cent… 1 coin. No. How much is this? 1 cent. Then look at this. How much is this? 1 cent. Now you have 2 of them. So how much? – 2 cents! / – That’s right! Now if you have 3? – 3 cents. / – That’s right. Now this? 4 cents. Now this? 5 cents. Now this? 6 cents. Now this? 7 cents. Now this? 8 cents. Now this? 9 cents. And now? 10 cents. That’s it. 10 cents. Now make 50 cents using 10 cent coins. Take them out of here and make 50 cents. Can I do it in writing? Huh? Can I make letters with these coins? No, no. I’m not telling you to write something. How many 10 cent coins to make 50 cents? 10 cents, 10 cents, 10 cents… That’s right they’re all 10 cent coins. Now look. Just as you counted to 20 cents. Count this. 10 cents. – 20 cents. / – That’s the way. 30 cents. 40 cents. – 50 cents. / – Great job! Nice. Good job. If you have ten 10 cent coins? 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90… What’s after that? $1? Yes! It’s $1! Today I’ll do this. When mom comes, I want you to get a present for her… Flowers! Yes, with the flowers. I’ll give you money for a present for mom. You can buy something for mom plus something for yourself. Yes! Junseo. Junu. It’s 4:05 now. Can you buy it by 4:30? Yeah. See you at 4:30. Okay. How much are the sunglasses? They’re $4. – This one? / – Yeah. – I’ll take it down. / – Okay. That’ll be $4. Is that $4? Is this $4? I’ll give you everything. And buy one more thing. With this as well? No. One more. I’m worried about Junseo. Why? He tries to buy anything if it costs less than what he has. – Really? / – Yeah. He doesn’t need sunglasses. But he’s trying to buy some. The ones with cartoon characters on them. He’s buying that. I just spend money in any old way. I buy this and that. That comes to $5.80. $5.80? You count it. I don’t know. 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90… $1? Yes! It’s $1. Is this what you’re giving me? That’s not enough. That’s not enough. – Are you finished already? / – 4 things. – 2 toy cards. / – Let’s take a look. Let’s see mom’s gift. – For mom… / – This is mom’s gift? Then? This is yours. You bought me a gift? This. What is this? Leads? I was out of these. This is good. – Next. / – This is for Junu. – It’s cards. / – Cards? My present. You have money left. So this is yours? You have this much money left? How much do you have left? Let’s see. Tell me. This much is left. Let’s open it. The stationery store is a world of magic. There are so many things they could want. He’d know that if he takes away the things for his dad, mom and brother, he could buy more for himself. I’m so proud of him. To think that he thought to buy gifts for his family. He makes me proud. Hwijae is having more and more fun taking the twins out. This time he’s found a nursing information center. He’s 8 months old now. He’s big for an 8-month-old. How many kilos is he? A little over 10kg. You’re 1 month older yet you seem much bigger. Why are you so buff? Nice to meet you. As I expected. Parents misunderstand a lot. “My kid’s big. He’ll grow bigger.” I was shocked. I met a boy 1 month older than Seoeon. I thought he was my friend. Seojun. Lee Seojun. Over here, Seojun. Lee Seojun. Your son is looking at me. Seojun. It’s a girl. Oh, sorry. She’s wearing pink. Where? She’s wearing pink? I’m sorry. So sorry. Look, she’s walking. Hey, sis. You’re walking around too much. We’re really jealous of you. These boys can’t walk yet. It’s best when they can’t move. Really? It’s best when they lie around? Oh, dear. Do you want to lie around forever? Where did you go? – Isn’t that dangerous? / – Turn around. You have to teach them that too. – Is she your first? / – First. We’re all the same. When you meet parents with babies… It feels really comfortable. They feel like a companion. You can chat away for 2 or 3 hours easy. What’s up with you boys? Seoeon, don’t touch that sparkly thing. Hey, hey, hey. Hello, miss. Oh, miss. Seoeon, she’s here. Chase her. Play with her. They’re enthralled by her. This is trouble. It’s a love triangle. Who will approach first? Seoeon… Love is all about being brave. What’s going on here? Oh, Seoeon… Lee Seoeon! He lost in wrestling, but will he win in love? She’s looking at Seojun. Seoeon’s approaching. Are you marrying Seoeon? He’s happy. Seoeon… Father-in-law. Father-in-law… He must like her. She’s approaching him. Oh, no. Don’t play with Seoeon’s heart. Playing with his love. Miss! Seoeon has love problems. These brothers have problems too. They’ve always gotten along well… Make it cool! What’s going on here? I’m sorry. What’s going on out there? – What’s going on? / – We were playing. When we left the house Junu got upset while playing. This time the younger is upset? Get up, Junseo. Did he scratch your mosquito bite? He scratched me really hard. What would you like me to do? I’d like an apology. You want me to apologize to you? No, I apologize. In my opinion, it probably doesn’t hurt anymore. Right? Tell me what happened. Don’t cry. He messed up the jacket that I’d folded nicely. Why did you do that, Junu? He did the same to mine. I didn’t do it, you did. You said it wasn’t cool. So it’s nothing major. When we were going out, you scratched Junu’s mosquito bite. He was in pain and he was angry. Isn’t this the same thing? That’s right. Try to get along. This was nothing. Brothers are meant to fight. That night. Dad prepares a time for reconciliation. Junu. Can’t I pour mine? – No. / – No, dad will pour it. – I want to pour it. / – Okay, you do it. There you go. I’m supposed to pour it for you. I’m way more of an adult. Way more? Really? Cheers! Oh, that’s good. How would you both feel if you had a younger sibling? No, no, no. No! It’ll be too much trouble for me, you and mom. Why do you think that? Because… Junseo and I won’t able to get your attention. You’ll only focus on the youngest. That’s true. How do you feel about getting a younger sister like Choo Sarang? I’ll become a horse. A horse? What do you mean by that? A neighing horse. Because you have to carry her around? Junu will have to carry her. And so will I. Carrying her around like this. Watch. Junseo, get on. Like this. Does Junu give you rides often like that? Not often. I do often! I do often. What are you on about? When we were younger. Sarang eats well. But I’m a little picky. I think I’ll get punished in comparison. You think you’ll get punished because your sister eats so well? Dad. Where do babies come from? What? What is sperm? – Are you curious? / – Yeah. Inside a man’s body… It’s the baby seed. There are millions of them. Inside a man’s body? Inside a man’s body. There are millions of baby seeds. And just one of them meet an egg. They… Well, they… They meet. Then do you fall in love? They meet. The sperm and egg meet. And fall in love? Yes, they meet and fall in love. Then… Then they… They meet. Then they… They meet. They meet. Unlike the family talking about serious matters… Haru’s pumped up with hip hop music. Dad, don’t come here. You don’t want me to come? What are you doing? What is that? What is that? How many hats do you have? How many hats do you have? Haru, look at this. Just stay there. Check this out. Growl! I’m a monster. I have three heads. Where is Haru? Where is Haru? Where are you, Haru? That’s scary. This is so fun. Just wait. Let’s stop now. No… Haru, dad’s tired. What are you going to do, Haru? What is that? Why have you sealed your mouth? Why have you sealed your mouth? Don’t go overboard for laughs. Where is Haru? I’m really thankful for Haru. Because after she was born, people tell me I smile more. And I’m easier to approach. I got surprised seeing myself on TV. “Is my voice like that? Do my eyes go like that? Wow, I really look happy.” So I’m really thankful for Haru. In just a moment. After 48 hours, the mommies are finally back. For the dads… And for the children… The women they’ve missed so much. Did you do what I asked? You’re so mean. She smells like a fish. Looks like dad should be scolded. Will the mother’s return for a happy ending? After their hot springs trip, the Choovely family have returned to the airport instead of going home. We spot the sketchbook in daddy’s hands. Could it be? Do you remember Sunghoon writing something at the hotel last night? He kept it secret even from the production crew. We’re really curious about what it says. I wanted to surprise my wife. It’s the first time I’m going to see her with Sarang. I hope Shiho will be a little surprised and happy. Plus Sarang wants to see her quickly. The same goes for me. I’ve missed her too. Sarang, come here. Sarang, come here. My wife works and raises a baby. But she never says it’s hard for her. I’m so thankful for that. That’s how I’ve felt. Dad is working. Mommy! I heard the sound. Excuse me. Did you come from Izumo? Is this where the people who checked-in their luggage are coming from? That’s not here. Just then! Shiho comes out of another exit not far away from the Choovely family. There she is! Let’s go. Didn’t you check-in your luggage? I did. You did. What are you saying? Don’t those who check-in their luggage come out from that gate? We were holding this and waiting for you. We were holding this together, right? Thank you. Where were you waiting? At gate no. 12. Thank you. I was surprised. I’m so happy. Even though he failed with the ambitious surprise event… The Choovely family still have their hidden cards. Will mommy like their present? Hwijae has had a particularly tough 48 hours because of the intestinal infection of the twins. Mommy. Mommy will be home soon. Lee Seojun. Doesn’t your stomach hurt? Seoeon, doesn’t your stomach hurt? Why do you get so happy when mom comes home? Did you guys plan this? I haven’t slept an hour. You guys cried and complained all night. I cleaned your poop. What’s he doing? Seoeon, are you in pain? Are you hurting? No, he’s sleepy. Lee Seojun. You’re so mean to me. Say something. Honey. It’s mom! Mom! Where’s Seoeon? Seoeon, mom’s here. Is he happy? He’s looking at me. I think he doesn’t like you. Me? Why would he not like his mother? Seoeon, come here. Come here. Come to daddy. He doesn’t want to. How could he do that? Lee Seoeon. You missed me? Who’s the person that cleaned you all night? That’s how I always felt. This is how I felt when they smile brightly to you. Were you upset because you took care of them but they smiled at me? Not that I was upset but like I said, I’m the one that fed you and cleaned you and yet you don’t smile at me like that. Right? Let’s go to daddy. Don’t come to me. Forget it. He’s crying at daddy. They farted and pooped all night long. They both farted and pooped. Seoeon. Okay. His stomach hurts. Your stomach hurts? Okay, okay. So it begins. That was what I did all day long. Good work, honey. Since the boys are sick… It’s the same even with the wife back. Even though I didn’t do anything wrong. I just worked hard to look after the kids. What’s wrong? When it comes to the kids, I thought my wife was Superman. I thought everything would get solved when she came back. With the crying… But she was also a beginner mother of twins. I realized I needed to help more. Here, dad’s Superman role isn’t over yet. He gets up and cooks breakfast right away. Press the cook button. – This? / – Yeah. Now the rice will cook. It’s this simple?Hello. This is your rice cooker.I’ll provide voice directions for convenience.Automated germ cleansing.Mixed grains.Brown rice.White rice.Please press the confirm button.Dad! Dad! Did you sleep well? Do you remember the fish you wanted? Give me a fish. Which fish, Haru? This fish please, mister. Do you want to eat that fish? It’s extremely delicious. It’s extremely delicious? Dad, shall we have just one sip of strawberry juice? Just this much? Will you eat lots of breakfast then? Yes. Have the one sip then eat all your food. Then you can have the rest of the strawberry juice. Okay? You can have one sip. Then we’ll just have this much. Promise me. Promise. Then you can have the rest after breakfast. Just a bit. Stop… Let’s have the rest after breakfast. I drank a lot. Did you secretly drink a lot? It’s just a bit. Why did you spit it out? Haru, why? It tastes bad? Explain to me. I’m full. Because you’re full? Should I take something out? No. Just a bit. Just a bit. I’ll do it for you. Take a seat. It’s a fish. It has eyes too. Do you want to eat it? Then let’s just eat this 3 times. No. Then twice. Fine, since you asked. Just once more. – Fine. / – Okay. You have to eat it all. Thank you for the food. It’s okay to eat that fish. Who is that? Someone’s here. Haru, mom’s here! I smell fish! Haru! I smell fish! Let’s give mom a hug. I missed you. I almost became lovesick. Give mom a kiss and tell her you missed her. She smells like a total fish. Dad, you grab it. Oh, my God! She smells like a total fish. That isn’t just the smell of baked fish. She was a fish all weekend. She really reeks. He should’ve ventilated before he cooked. We smell like a barbecue restaurant. – Mom. / – Yeah. Dad wondered around during breakfast. – I wondered? / – Dad wondered around? Dad’s in big trouble. And he jumped around. He jumped around as well. I see. Dad, you’re a friend that’s not scary. Thank you, Haru. Dad. What a great daughter. Thank you. I love you, dad. Do you like mom’s fried rice or mine? – Yours. / – Really? But Haru… What should you tell dad if he runs around and eats like that? “Don’t do that. You’ll hurt yourself if you do that.” I’d better watch what happened on TV. This daddy gets scolded as soon as mom returns home. Here’s another daddy trying to score points with a bouquet of flowers. When did he find the time for this? Looks like mom will be pleased when she gets back. The husband’s flowers plus the youngest son’s present bought with his first pocket money. It’ll be an emotional morning for mom. Just then, mom finally returns. – Mom! / – Are you awake already? Are you awake? Are you home? Are you awake? What’s with the flowers? It’s our present. For me? Why? Junseo bought that for you. Junseo bought that as your gift. Really? Even the flowers? Jang Junseo! Did you sleep well? Junseo… Thank you for the present. Did you buy that with your pocket money? He bought dad leads and toy cards for me. He bought presents for his brother and me too. And you bought a pen for mommy? So that I’ll study hard? Thank you. I’ll use it well. Since he gets pocket money… These flowers are so pretty. – Aren’t they? / – What’s with the flowers? The first day… We went out to the field and picked flowers. Oh, really? We picked them for around 3 hours. – Bouquet. / – Thank you. Let’s give them to mom. Mom will love that. Just like the top actor that he is. She’s fallen completely for the husband’s acting. It’s nice with the flowers like that. Junu’s mom, don’t be disappointed after you see the broadcast. Meanwhile, Sarang’s family are all heading home together. Look at that. Camera. Mom. Shiho. Shiho. Shiho. Shiho. Shiho. Mom. Yes. I was so surprised. Mom, was really surprised. Surprised. I didn’t know you’d be here. We were standing at gate 12 the whole time. And you came out of somewhere else. Sorry. It’s okay. What did you like the best? What was your favorite? The thing Sarang liked best… The hotel was really great. That’s nice. So you didn’t have any problems? It was a really nice place. I see. So you had no problems without me? Even when I’m away from Sarang… Mommy gets lonely. Who do you like better? Me or Mickey? Who do you like better? Me or Mickey? Mickey. Who do you like better? Daddy or Mickey? Who do you like better? Daddy or mommy? Mickey. This is sea water from Izumo. Sarang, it’s sea water from Izumo. It takes away your bad luck. For daddy. For mommy. Do it for Minnie as well. Oh, Minnie! I’m sorry. No, no. No! No! Was it like this every day? No! Was it like this every day? I’m lonely. Banana time. Banana time. Thank you. She eats so many bananas. She slept with a banana in her mouth the first day. Banana! You like banana? Mom… Can I have some? Give it to me. Banana’s full of fiber so it should be good for her constipation. I pulled out her poop with my hands. It looked really painful. She looks a little ill. What about the dog’s medicine? Huh? I didn’t have time for that. Did you feed the dogs medicine? Did I feed them? You’re so mean. Oh! Sarang. Should we give mommy that thing? Will you give it to her? Sarang, give it to mommy. What’s this? Sarang made it for mommy. Sarang made it, right? Really? Thank you! Put it on your bag. It’s amazing! Give me a hug. Thank you! What about dad’s? She says you made one too. I made one too. He forgot that he’s a fighter for just a moment. And made this key ring with the mind of a boy. Will his wife be moved by it as much as she was by Sarang’s gift? Here. What is this? Mt. Fuji? Isn’t Mt. Fuji a little too old fashioned? You can have that, Sarang. I’ll have this one. This is mommy’s. That’s yours. You have it, dad. I’ll give it to you. The one you made. Sarang didn’t like it. Neither did Shiho. I’ll give it as a gift for a viewer of The Return of Superman. Next time… The twins go to the swimming pool. Looks like Seoeon will fill the pool with his tears. The Jang family attempt baking. You don’t eat as much. Come to my house if you want to eat egg bread. There’ll be no reason to go there then. What kind of feedback will they get? Hello. Mickey Mouse. A guest has come to Sarang’s house. Kwanghee does everything he can to win over her heart. Will he get close with Sarang? Sarang, are you upset? Meanwhile, Haru meets a mysterious Santa. What is Haru’s response? I don’t want it. Daddy! Haru’s scared. The fun of raising a son. The fun of raising a daughter. The story of what fathers learn. An even funnier episode waits next time. Don’t miss the Return of Superman. Episode 7. “Sons and Daughters.” Don’t miss out!

Glenn Chapman


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