The Return of Superman | 슈퍼맨이 돌아왔다 – Ep.58 (2015.01.18)

The twins are attending a wedding with their dad. What’s this? Wow. – Wow. / – Flashing cameras… – Bye-bye… / – They are.. – They’re shocked. / – Yes, they’re shocked. Hello. Whose wedding are you attending today? Kim Inseok, the only person in the Hwi team. – Congratulations. / – The Hwi team? Why is your team called that? We just decided to call it that. If you ask me… The top two most handsome comedians are Lee Hwijae and Kim Inseok. Why don’t you congratulate Inseok? Inseok, congratulations. She’s not the same woman from 6 months ago. I hope you have a great life. Good luck! – Bye-bye. / – Have a good life, Uncle Inseok! – Have a good life. / – Good job! – The groom. / – Hi! You’re carrying both of them. Seoeon, Seojun. Where’s Seojun? Goodness. You’re the youngest guest here today. Let’s take a picture. Thanks for coming. He’s scared. Congratulations. What’s with your expression? – Congratulations. / – Congratulations. – Thank you. / – Congratulations. Thank you. – Congratulations. / – I’m a huge fan of yours. – I mean it. / – Congratulations. Ask Inseok. I was dying to meet you. Let’s take a photo. Look at that! Look over there! There! Look! 1, 2… They’ve grown so much. Hi! I looked after you guys. They are really well-behaved. I don’t think we need to look after them. I want to cry. I can’t do this. They are so cute. Mom must’ve cut Seoeon’s hair first. – Who cuts their hair? / – Their mom. – No wonder. / – With Seojun… She must’ve gotten a phone call in the middle. – Here… / – She must’ve been in a rush. – He has a long hair. / – This is the two-block cut. They could be the flower boys once they’re a little older. – I know. / – Flower boys? We were thinking of trying it today. – That would be nice. / – No, no. – They’re too young. / – No, no. They have to be at least 5. If you hang cookies in front of them… – They’ll walk like this. / – They’re not horses. Dad, dad. – No, they’ll cry. / – Seoeon, Seojun! – They’ll cry. / – They’re so cute! Auntie Nami. Don’t do that! I’m sorry. Oh, no. I’m a huge fan of The Return of Superman. – Seoeon. / – Go to auntie. Seoeon, tell auntie she’s pretty. Tell her she’s pretty. Did you see that? Say I love you. – Seoeon, wink. / – Seoeon, wink. Wink. Say I love you, auntie. How cute. I’ll show you a cartoon Wow, Oh Nami. You’re a wonderful auntie. I’ve seen the show. They watched cartoons at the dentist. Why are you looking after them? I’m his partner for the day. The big brother’s better looking. He’s the big brother. The youngest is handsome. It’s confusing. The youngest is handsome. – Hi! / – Who’s this? Hey. Be good to your mom and dad. Raise them like us. Personally, I really like my comedian colleagues. It was great to meet everyone at Inseok’s wedding. It was totally different from Lee Younghyun’s wedding last year. The boys can stand now. They react when people speak to them. They receive food. As time goes on, they will grow even more. If we attend a wedding next year, they could probably be the flower boys. Like these two who are starting a happy life, Hwijae and the twins look forward to a better today than yesterday, a better tomorrow than today. The Return of Superman. Episode 58. “Happier Day By Day.” It’s their second day without mom. What do they have planned for today? – Wow. / – Wow, look. Isn’t this pretty? These are for you guys. Wow, how will I dress you in this? How will I do this? There are a lot of people we should thank for the past year. So we’re going to send them a video to wish them a happy New Year. So let’s get dressed up in hanbok and wish them a happy New Year. Look at me. Look at daddy. Happy New Year. Good, good. Good, good. My eldest son! Seojun, you too. Good! Good! Let’s do it together. Happy New Year. Good boy. Seojun, you too. Happy New Year. Seojun, good boy. Seoeon, good job. My eldest son! It’s not that uncomfortable. Don’t cry so much. I feel bad. Mom! Okay, okay. Seojun’s wearing his. Okay, you don’t have to wear it. Seoeon, you don’t have to wear it. Copy me. Happy New Year. Get up. Don’t just receive bows from me. Thank you. Happy New Year. Like this. Happy New Year. Like this. Good. Good. Together, begin. Happy New Year. Seojun, you too. Seojun, you too. Don’t just nod your head. Bow and say happy New Year. Get down. Good. That’s not cake. Do it. Stay there. Stand here, Seojun. Seojun, Seojun, Lee Seojun! Happy New Year. Happy New Year. Don’t lie down. Hey! Get up. Happy New Year. Good. Happy… Get up! Happy New Year. Goodness. You refused to wear your hanbok. You punk. You punk. Oh, my goodness. You punk. Oh, my goodness. Gosh. Say happy New Year. You’re so cute. Happy New Year. Say happy New Year. They got it in one go when we rehearsed. I was so happy. I thought maybe they knew what it was. I’ve never got them to bow before. I decided I should shoot quickly. Then… They refused to wear the hanbok, cried, and misbehaved. However, they did look cute in the video that I shot. I think they’ll just eat. Should I tear this? I’ll tear this. Uncle Hwijae. – Happy New Year. / – Happy new year! – We love you. / – We love you. Say I love you. Good. You too, Rayul. I love you! Seoeon, hello. Seoeon, say hello. – Say hello. / – Hello. – Hello. / – You know how to bow? Yes, they do. Say happy New Year. 6 months ago, Yeonu’s birth was covered the show. He’s grown a lot since then. Seoeon, he’s a little brother. Little brother. – Kiss, kiss. / – He’s interested. He kissed the screen. How cute. They kiss. Seojun’s here too. Seojun. Who cut his hair? Seojun, show auntie your talent. What does a fish do? What does a doggy do? Woof, woof. Did you miss daddy? Say yes. Auntie Yoonjeong… Hey! – He’s chic. / – He’s a little difficult. Anyway… He’s so cute. There are two of Do Gyeongwan… Gyeongwan’s really pleased. Anyway, this is what it’s like at my house. – Right. / – Yeonu. I’ll give you New Year’s money when we meet. Bye! Bye-bye! Meanwhile, Sarang and the triplets are happy as they’re together. Give it to me just once. Give it to me just once. Give it to me just once. Fairy, give it to me just once. Can I help you with dinner? Let’s make a cake. A cake? Want to make a cake? You want to make a cake and eat it? Buy cream and strawberries at the supermarket. If you go buy those, we can make a cake. Go with the triplets’ dad. Go buy some strawberries and fresh cream. Strawberries and fresh cream. – Okay? / – Okay. Really? Really? That’s a first. Good. Then go together with him. I can’t speak a word of Japanese. Sarang, you have to help me. Okay, let’s go together. Let’s go this way. Wow! Which way do we have to go? I have no idea. I’ll follow you then. Where is it? Where? That way? Let’s hurry up and go to the supermarket. Supermarket, supermarket. It’s Ilkook’s first time with a daughter. Supermarket! The supermarket! Is that it? Let’s hurry up and go inside. Luckily, Sarang is excited too. Give me your hand. Strawberries. Strawberries. Here it is! – Strawberries. / – Strawberries. One pack. This too. – This as well. / – This. I think that’s enough. – This too. / – This too? You want to buy more? Okay. This is terrible. It’s going to be difficult buying fresh cream. Okay. Okay. Sarang, let’s go find the fresh cream. – Fresh cream / – Fresh cream. I think it’ll be somewhere around here. There’s butter here. Fresh cream. I should’ve studied Japanese. Fresh cream. I don’t think that’s fresh cream. It’s yogurt. – It’s not fresh cream. / – Yogurt. Yogurt? What if daddy scolds you? Is that okay? Is it okay? No? I think daddy will scold you. Where’s the fresh cream? Sarang, how do I say fresh cream in Japanese? Fresh cream. Fresh cream. Fresh cream? Fresh cream? I think it’s somewhere around here. I have no idea… Okay. I have something special. Come here, boys. Come this way. I’m scared! It’s scary! It’s scary! It’s scary if you go over there. It’s because she has babies. She has babies. It’s okay, it’s alright. It’s not scary. It’s not scary. Don’t cry. The dog will come out again if you do. The doggy will come out. Don’t cry, don’t cry. What is it? It’s not scary. Go away, go away. Go away! – Dad. / – Dad. It’s gone home. It’s alright. – Dad. / – Dad! Come here, come here. This way. – Dad! / – Come over here. Come this way. Goodness. Manse, come here. It’s okay, it’s not scary. It’s not scary. Were you scared? Come here. It’s gone now. Where is it? What’s scary? Where is it? Where is it? – It’s gone. / – Where? It’s gone. It’s gone away. So don’t cry. Okay? Come here, I’ll give you a hug. Okay. Come here, I’ll give you a hug. Where is it? Look. Where’s the dog? Where? Can you see it? Can you see where it is? What is it? It’s okay, it’s fine. Don’t be scared. It went home. It’s okay, it’s alright. It’s okay. Sit here. Okay, it’s alright. It’s fine now. This is ox tail soup… Oops, wait a minute. Wait a minute. Sit here for a minute. Sit here. – What’s this? / – What’s that? It’s red. Is it red? Ouch, it’s hot. The fresh cream should be here. This all looks like milk. What’s this? Cake. This is cake. Cake? You can put strawberries and blueberries on it. – This looks like fresh cream, right? / – Yes. – Fresh cream. / – Fresh cream. What if we’re wrong? It should be fresh cream, right? I don’t know. Let’s buy them all. Dad will be angry. Which one’s the fresh cream? This looks like fresh cream. Which one’s the fresh cream? – This. / – This? This one? Okay, let’s buy this. Hold my hand. Okay, let’s go. What if we’re wrong? Wait. With dad… – Let’s buy champagne. / – Dad said to buy cream. With dad… – What about Manse’s chocolate? / – Half bottle… What about Manse’s chocolate? Yummy chocolate? Okay. – Let’s go pay for it. / – Manse’s chocolate. Oh, Manse’s chocolate? Manse’s chocolate? Let’s go buy it then. Which one should we buy for Manse? This for Manse? Okay. What about Daehan and Minguk? Daehan and Minguk. This for Daehan too? Thank you. Let’s go. You’re so sweet. For you, Sarang. Sarang, wait for me. I could get lost! I don’t know the way! I don’t know the way. You have to guide me. Good. Sarang, want to get on my shoulders? Want to sit on my shoulders? You don’t want to? Which way do we go now? Which way? That way? Manse’s chocolate. Here it is. Okay. This is for Manse and Minguk. Yes, Manse and Minguk. Ilkook has returned safely from grocery shopping with Sarang’s help. But… You’re scared? Why are you scared? Daddy’s here. Okay, I’ll hold you. Daddy’s here. Okay, okay. – You bought it? / – The doggy? – The doggy. / – It’s gone. The doggy’s not here. – After Sarang bought one for herself… / – Right. – She said to buy more for the triplets. / – Really? So we bought chocolates for everyone. One each. But… I don’t know if I bought the right cream. – I wasn’t sure what to buy. / – It’s right. You bought the right one. Dad, Minguk is here. Dad! Minguk is here. Minguk, you’re there? Come here, Manse. Come here. Come here. Manse, come here. Dad, the doggy was scary. The doggy was scary? Manse, come here. Come here. Were you scared? Daehan was scared. Was it scary? It’s not scary. Don’t be scared. The doggy’s gone. Oh, Sarang is here! Sarang’s here. The doggy was scary. The doggy was scary? – The doggy was scary. / – Sarang… She bought chocolate for you guys. Where are the chocolates? – I want chocolates. / – Okay. It barked like this. The doggy’s not here. It’s not here. Sarang, tell him it’s okay. It’s okay. Okay. It’s okay. It’s alright. It’s okay. – The dog… / – It’s gone. Manse wants his chocolate. Here it is. Here’s one. Sarang’s here with the chocolate! It’s for you, Manse. For Manse. For Manse. Wow. Wow. Sarang, I want a chocolate too. Minguk wants one too. Minguk wants one too. – Minguk wants a chocolate too. / – Okay. Sarang’s here with Minguk’s chocolate. It’s for Daehan. Open up. Daehan, open up and eat it. Daehan, open up. Good. Minguk, open up too. Good boy. Manse, you want more? No, just one. Let’s have cake later. She’s born a few months earlier. She’s a lot more mature than my kids. She was like a big sister. I wish I had a daughter like her. What’s mister doing? I’m going to help Sunghoon make the fresh cream. Do you need my help? – No, it’s alright. / – It’s okay? The doggy’s here. Sunghoon has no choice but to make dinner again. Sunghoon’s spent a busy day in the kitchen today, just like an average mom. Sunghoon has been busy in the kitchen all day as he wanted to feed the triplets who have huge appetites. In the ring, he’s a ruthless fighter. In the kitchen, he’s a cooking machine. Sunghoon really does have a lot of talents. Look at this. The daddy lion’s going to appear. The daddy lion! Who will the daddy lion catch? Let’s go catch Daehan. The daddy lion… Who will the daddy lion catch? Daehan… Who’s this? Who is this? Who is it? Seaweed rice roll. – Who’s this? / – A seaweed rice roll. It’s on your nose! It’s on your nose! Nose. It’s stuck! It’s stuck together! Ilkook took good care of Sarang while Sunghoon worked hard to serve his guests. Does Sarang know Ilkook’s intentions? Sarang’s well-known for being a little prim but today, she’s full of love. Save me! Save me! Save me. Hop! Hop! Hop! Hop! The elephant is heavy!It receives cookies with its nose.– Let’s go eat Daehan. / – Mr. Elephant…Mr. Elephant’s nose is his hand.It receives cookies with its nose.Wait a minute. Dinner’s almost ready. Please wait just a little, kids. It’s not scary now. The doggy’s gone. Sit down, sit down. My legs are stuck. Are you legs stuck? Come here. Your legs are stuck? Manse will fix them. Manse, you’ll fix them? Minguk, which spoon do you want? Sarang wants you to pick one. – This one. / – Okay, take that one. Come here. Daehan, sit down. Food, food. Let’s eat now. Food, food. Sarang. Ladies first. – Ladies first. / – Ladies first. Now, Manse. Now, Manse. Daehan. I don’t have a spoon. A spoon? Sarang, which one’s your spoon? Wait a minute. Put this on. Wear this first. Wait. – It’s still hot. / – It’s hot. Kids, it’s hot. – Thank you for the meal. / – Enjoy your meal. Dad, it’s good. Dad, it’s good. Dad, it’s good. Dad, it’s good. I ate red bean porridge. Did you? Slowly, slowly. Slowly, a little at a time. Slowly, a little at a time. A little at a time. A little at a time. A little at a time. A little at a time. I only want the soup. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. – Welcome. / – Hello. – Welcome. / – Hello. Santa Shiho has paid a surprise visit to the triplets. It’s been… A long time. Coming up… Merry Christmas! The cake makes Sarang and the triplets’ Christmas a happy one. But… Silent night, holy night doesn’t seem possible. The noisy, chaotic evening of these two families continues. Now, let’s meet Haru, the nature girl. Haru. What’s this herd of animals? They’re hiding in case the lion comes. The one that Uncle Taeyang gave you is here too. Yes. That’s the baby. That’s the mom. That’s the dad. This is the grandma. This one’s the uncle, this is the little brother. This is the daughter. – The entire family’s there? / – Yes. What about grandpa then? Grandpa? Grandpa has gone to heaven. Grandpa’s gone to heaven? The entire family’s together, right? Then what’s grandpa horse doing in heaven right now? I don’t know. He’s in heaven. Haru and her grandpa didn’t get to spend much time together. Grandpa, Haru’s here. Dad, Haru’s here! Grandpa, I miss you! A year ago, Haru touched her dad’s heart with her honesty. Now, Haru has grown up and has come back to visit her grandpa. Haru. Can you hold this for me? Wow, Haru. It’s heavy but you can carry it now. Do you remember where grandpa is, Haru? Yes. Here. Yes, you remembered. Here. Right here. His flowers are alright. They are. I know. We promised to have an end-of-the-year party with grandpa. Wow, you’re such a good helper. You carried the bag too. You’re so trustworthy now. It’s a heat pack, grandpa. It’s a gift for grandpa. He must be really warm now thanks to you. So you’ll be warm too. So my heart will be warm? I want to cover the flowers too. – How? Cover the flowers? / – Yes. Should we cover it like this? Yes. Grandpa must be really warm now. I want to hug him. I want to hug him. Grandpa used to buy roasted chestnuts for me. Look. I used to wait for that. I would wait happily. I would feel happy when I ate it too. That’s why I bought it for him today. – Did I do a good job? / – Yes. What are you doing? I’m giving it to him. I’m giving it to him. You’re giving it to grandpa? He’s really far away so I can’t reach him. I still can’t reach him. You can’t reach? I should carry you then. 1, 2, 3! Grandpa, have a bite. Grandpa, have a bite. Should we show grandpa photos of the past year so he can see how big you’ve grown? Can you explain to him? This was when I was a baby. This is from last time with dad. I played baseball and pretended to be a ghost. This is when we turned the lights off and drew a picture, right? I’m a good swimmer too. I can write my own name. Lee Haru! This fish soup was really spicy. We caught catfish too. To the front. Dad, you catch it. Oh, my god! Dad, you catch it. That’s right. Before my father passed away, he said Haru didn’t smile a lot. He told me that I should make Haru smile more. Making Haru smile is for my father as well as for myself. It’s strange but when Haru smiles, she resembles my dad. Like this. Haru, can you draw a picture for grandpa? Draw him a picture. What? A fish? Anything you want to give him. On the white part. Here. A rock and water. Grandpa, Haru drew a picture. Dad wrote a letter. Grandpa, dad has released a new album, right? Dad, many people loved my new album. Right, Haru? – The concert was fun, right? / – Yes. It would’ve been nice if grandpa had seen it too. Yes. How was the concert, grandpa? Did you think it was fun? – Did he enjoy himself too? / – Yes. – Was he pleased? / – Yes. Grandpa! I miss you! – What is it? / – What? What is it? What’s wrong, dad? Why are you sad? I miss my dad. Who? Grandpa. Want me to make grandpa at home? You can hug that and go to sleep. The father who made Tablo smile even in the cold wind is no longer here but he’s lucky that he has Haru to help him smile again. Okay. Meanwhile, the twins have come to a park with their dad. Okay. Let’s watch the sunset in Seoul. Want to run? Let’s run. 1, 2, 1, 2. Run, run! 1, 2, 1, 2. – Wow. / – Wow! What? Want to hold my hand? Hold my hand. – Dad. / – Yes? What is it? Do we have to go up more stairs? Oh, my god. Oh, my god. Seojun, do you want to go up? Okay, go. Hold my hand. Here. 1, 2, 1, 2. 1, 2. I didn’t know this day would come. You two go up by yourselves. Dad. Goodness. Goodness. He’s going up. This way. Don’t tell me which way to go. Wow. Don’t react like that. – Wow. / – You… – Dad. / – Yes? Wow! Let’s go. Seojun, want to walk up? – Yes. / – You walk up then. Good. I’ll carry Seoeon. Okay. Let’s take turns. Good, good. Good. Good. Tell me if you get tired. Seojun silently climbs up the bumpy trail. Good boy, Seojun. Are you tired? Dad feels a little sad watching him but is proud of Seojun for trying to climb up by himself. While Seojun slowly climbs up the steps, the sun begins to set. At last, the twins have made it to the peak. Here we are. This must be it. Here we are. I didn’t know there was a place like this in Seoul. I’ve never been here before. Seoeon, Seojun. Don’t look that way. Look this way. They’re clouds. Goodness. Goodness. What’s that? Oh, birds? Where are the birds? Chirp, chirp. Gosh. What was that? It sounds like he’s saying he’s happy. That’s a stone. Don’t throw it. Strike. Strike. Hey! Stop throwing it now. I’ll give you cookies. Who wants cookies? Me! Who wants cookies? Me! – Who wants cookies? / – Me! – Who wants cookies? / – Me! – Say it 1 second after I speak. / – Me! Me! Me! Who wants cookies? Sit down. Seoeon, Seojun. Can you see it? That’s the sun setting. It’s so pretty. Let’s never… Forget our roots. Don’t forget when you were 4 and a half months old. How many months are you now? 21 months? Do you remember your first birthday party? Who remembers their first birthday party? Yes. We had a first birthday party then… We did the first pitch at the baseball stadium too. Who remembers doing the first pitch? Good. Who remembers hiking? Good. We went to a temple too. What else did we do? – We went to Busan too, right? / – Yes. Who went to Busan with dad? Good. The sun’s gone down in just a few minutes. Seojun. – The sun went down quickly, didn’t it? / – Yes. So be good while the sun’s still up. What? The moon’s there too. Look. It’s a crescent moon. It’s so pretty. We saw the sunset. We saw the moon. Give Seoeon some. Say hi to the girls. Say hi. Hi! Be good to each other. Be good brothers in the New Year. How about it? Kiss, kiss! Not that kind of kiss. Not that. Give daddy a kiss. It was an eventful year but 2014 was a happy year thanks to the twins. Goodness. Seojun your hands are so cold. Dad promises that he’ll still be holding Seoeon and Seojun’s hands in the coming year. – Dad. / – Yes? During the past year, we received so much love. My wish is that next year will be just like this year. The triplets and Sarang are filling their tummies tonight with Sunghoon’s homemade meal. At that moment! The slender and beautiful Santa Shiho has paid a surprise visit to meet the triplets. Hello. – Hello. / – Welcome. Hello. It’s been… A long time. – It’s been a long time. / – Yes… – It’s been a long time. / – It’s been a long time. Daehan! Minguk! – Daehan, Minguk, Manse. / – Daehan, Minguk, Manse. – Say hello. / – Hello. It’s Santa Claus. I really wanted to meet the triplets and Ilkook. I rushed to finish work. I got dressed up and came over. I thought the kids would like it. Minguk was scared. – The doggy. / – The doggy, the doggy. – He was scared of the doggy. / – Was it scary? Did it bark? He was scared. He’s scared again. He’s scared. I’m really sorry. Was it scary? Don’t cry. It’s not scary. It’s alright, it’s okay. Here. It’s okay. – It’s okay. / – Santa Claus is here. Santa Claus! It suits you. Do you want this? Minguk. Let’s try yours on. Minguk? Minguk? Sarang? Sarang. Sarang, you look so cute. Who’s next? – Minguk is a goblin. / – Hurry so we can eat the cake. If you eat quickly, Sarang… If you eat quickly, we can have the cake. Daehan is a goblin. If you eat quickly, we can have the cake. Wait a minute. – Is it done? / – Yes, it’s all done. – Who made it? / – I did. Spread this on top. Spread it. Yes, in the middle. – Here too. / – Here too. Okay! That’s amazing. We play like this at home. Here’s the cake! Here’s the cake! The cake is here. Merry Christmas! With Sunghoon’s homemade cake, the Christmas party preparations are complete. Sarang. I want some cake, I want some cake. Wait a minute. No. Together. No, I want to eat it. No. No. Sarang, what’s our Christmas song? Which song? – Which song? / – The alligators. The sleigh? – No, no, no. / – Cake, cake. Wait a minute. Let’s all just eat it. Let’s not sing. Just say Merry Christmas. Let’s eat. 1, 2, 3. – Merry Christmas! / – Merry Christmas! – I want the cake. / – Let’s eat. – Wait. / – Let me slice it. – Is it tasty? / – Yes, it’s tasty. This is difficult. Sarang. Who next? – Please. / – Okay. Daehan, Daehan, Daehan. Daehan, Daehan, Daehan. Happy birthday to you. There are no expensive gifts but the children are happy just eating cake. It’s not that difficult to spend joyful time with children after all. It tastes like cake that they sell. No way. Strawberries, strawberries. Both of you, open your mouth. Who wants it? Scissors-paper-rock. Let’s play scissors-paper-rock. Scissors, paper, rock. What’s that? Like this. He doesn’t know yet. Let’s divide it in half. Here’s yours, Sarang. Okay, gosh. – They’re all so cute. / – It’s real cream. It’s delicious. – Strawberries, strawberries. / – Strawberries. Cake, cake. He eats so well. Great job. He seems happy. The cake went out. It went out? – Okay. / – He’s so cute. Don’t go out! Don’t go out! Don’t go out! – Don’t go out! / – Don’t go out! I’m going to sing. I’m going to sing.Hello, friends.Porororo, Porororo.Pororororo.Is it good?Hello, Pororo.– Please. / – Dad. Give me some, please. For who? For Sunghoon. You must’ve looked like you wanted some. You’re so kind. – You’re nice. / – Manse’s kind. Give Sarang some. Please, please. – Thank you. / – Manse gave you some. Thanks. – Thank you. / – Manse gave you some. It’s good. They have such huge appetites. It seems like they have separate tummies for desserts. The triplets devour the cake. I’ve finished, I’ve finished. Wow, you finished a whole cake. Strawberries, strawberries, strawberries! You ate all the strawberries! The whole cake’s gone. What are you talking about? Strawberries, strawberries, strawberries! There are no strawberries. We spend too much on food. Honestly speaking, the adults hardly ate anything. Then who ate it all? Geez. I’m worried about the future. It’s okay. I’ll work hard to make money. Eat all you like. Ask him what it’s like to raise 3 children. What’s it like with 3 kids? It’s really hard… But the joy that my kids give me is greater. It’s much greater. What’s it like having a daughter? I really wanted a daughter. Yes, daughters are great. Sons… I’m Pororo! I’m Pororo! What was it like having sons around? When I touch their bodies, it’s totally different. They’re hard. They feel healthy. I can tell they’re strong. It seems quite fun. – They’re so simple. / – Yes, they’re fun. I throw them around. At home, I throw them on the sofa. – We play like friends. / – Right. Do the two of you usually look after them? Your wife and yourself? We both work. Ouch, that hurts. – That hurt. / – Bad boy! What’s this? Which song is this? The alligator song. The alligator song. – Alligator? / – It’s the alligator song. The alligator song.Dance happily then freeze!Freeze!Dance happily then freeze!Sarang, why aren’t you doing it? Daehan, Daehan! Daehan, Daehan! Daehan, Daehan! Daehan, Daehan! – Daehan, Daehan! / – Goodness. Daehan, Daehan! No, no. Don’t jump up and down. Don’t jump, don’t jump. It’s too late. The people downstairs will come up. Whale, whale, whale. Where’s the whale? – Dolphin. / – Dolphin, dolphin. Scrub his back. Yes. Good boy. Wipe now. Wipe your neck. Good. Daehan, wipe your neck too. Manse, wipe your neck. Sarang’s asleep. She’s sleeping. Come here. Come here and lie down. Lie down. Come here. Let’s sleep. You too, Minguk. Come here. Let’s sleep with daddy. I’ll hug you. Come here. Okay. Let’s go to sleep. Let’s sleep. Sleep, sleep, sleep. Goodness. – Goblin. / – Goblin. Sarang’s wearing the same pajamas. Yes. They’re all the same. Look. They are all wearing the same pajamas. A happy day filled with memories comes to an end. They all fall into a deep sleep. Ilkook’s making something by himself. What’s he looking at? Ilkook became the paparazzi for the day. He stored every precious moment as photographs. Ilkook printed each photo by hand late into the night while everyone else were sleeping, so Sarang and the triplets could remember this day for a long time. Sarang and the triplets’ happy moments have filled up the entire table. Thanks to Ilkook, this year’s Christmas tree is decorated with happy smiles and joyful moments. It’s to thank them for loving the triplets and it’s a request to remember these memories a long time. It’s a small gift from Daehan, Minguk and Manse’s dad. The sun has come up over the sky in Tokyo. Sunghoon worries about the triplets’ breakfast the minute he gets up. He automatically heads to the kitchen. The triplets don’t have much time so today’s breakfast is bread. Manse, where’s Sarang? Where’s Sarang? Say hi to Sarang. Say hi to Sarang. Ask if she slept well. Ask if she slept well. The doggy wants to pee. Bureu, go away. Go away. Doggy, hello. Doggy, hello. Doggy, hello. I’m not scared of the doggy. You’re not scared of the doggy? It’s going to sleep. It’s going to bed. It’s going to bed. Where’s Minguk? Where’s Minguk? Here he is. What about Daehan? He’s here. Look, Daehan and Minguk. – Where’s Manse? / – Where is he? Where’s Manse? Look at this. Photos! There are photos on the Christmas tree. Sarang and everyone’s here. – Manse. / – Where’s Sarang? Here you are again. There are photos here. Look, Minguk’s dad. Minguk’s dad, look. Where? – Manse, Manse. / – Manse, Manse. Manse. Let me take it off. Mom, mom! Mom, mom, mom. Mom, mom. – Where’s Sarang? / – Here you are. Wow, this one’s cute. Did you make this yesterday? Gosh. – Where’s Sarang? / – Here you are. I’ll hang it for you. – Look at mom. / – Minguk’s up. You’re up? Good morning. Sarang, what are you doing? Minguk, did you sleep well? Come here. Sarang, let’s play. Sarang, let’s play. Let’s play together. Minguk. Come here. He made steamed buns for us. You can eat this with your hands. – It’s good. / – Is it? Steamed buns. We have to hurry. We have to leave and go sightseeing. We have to go sightseeing. Why are Daehan, Minguk and Manse leaving? They have to go now. Why are Daehan, Minguk and Manse leaving? Dad, Sarang’s dad. Why are Daehan, Minguk and Manse leaving? Their mom wants to see them so they have to go home. Sarang waited a long time to meet them but they’re leaving so soon. Sarang can’t hide how upset she is. – No, no. / – You’re eating. You’re eating. Sarang, you didn’t eat? Sarang gave me this. Right. Sarang, you’ll meet them again soon. Don’t feel too upset. Mister, what are you doing? Mister, what are you doing? Now? Mister, what are you doing? Working. He’s working. He’s working. Mister is working right now. Come here. Let’s go. We have to go. Say bye to Sarang. Say bye to Sarang. Give him a hug. Kiss. Kiss. Daehan, kiss. Good boy. – Manse, give her a hug. / – Sarang, you too. I want to see Daehan, Minguk. I want to see Daehan, Minguk. Choose between Daehan, Minguk, Manse and Pororo. – Daehan, Minguk, Manse. / – Really? Say hi to Sarang. – Say hi. / – Hello. It was a brief meeting but Sarang and the triplets spent the happiest day of their lives. Goblin! Manse, say bye. – Sorry to create so much trouble. / – It’s alright. Thanks for inviting us. See you next time. See you in Korea. – Wait, okay. / – Dad. Dad. We have to go together. Come here. We don’t know when we’ll meet again. Say bye to Sarang. Say bye. Sarang, bye. Sarang, give uncle a kiss. – Thank you. / – Thank you. – Bye. / – Thank you. Sarang gave me a kiss at last. At the end. Goodbye doesn’t mean they’ll be parting forever. Sarang and the triplets will meet again soon. – Bye. / – See you again. – See you again, bye. / – Bye. We didn’t spend much time together but I was happy that the boys became close to Sarang. I wish I had a daughter like her. I’m a little worried. I’m worried that after meeting us, Sunghoon will never want to have a son. Daehan, Minguk and Manse. We didn’t get to spend much time together. Next time, let’s take a longer trip and create wonderful memories. Next time, I hope Ilkook will cook for us. Meanwhile, Haru’s family is spending their last night with the show. Haru, come here. Play where I can see you. – Dad. / – Yes? Dad, what are you cutting? Are you cutting that for Haru? Yes, I’m cutting this for you. Bring your friends here and have some kiwi. Guys. Haru, look. Haru, look at this. – This year is 2014, right? / – Yes. After December 31st, turn the page and it’s 2015. Then you’ll turn 6. Isn’t that amazing? I wonder what you’ll be able to do when you’re 6. You’ll grow taller, right? Yes, I’ll be as tall as you. If you’re taller than me, you’ll be too heavy for me to carry you. Can I stop carrying you once you turn 6? Yes. – You’re going to run around? / – Yes. Who is it? Haru, Haru. Come here. Haru, hide! Haru! Haru! Haru! Haru! Haru, where are you? Oh, you shocked me. Haru. You’re home. Did the rehearsal go well? Yes, it did. Mom, did you buy a cake? What’s this? What is it? I bought this because… There are many reasons. Today’s the last time I’ll be returning home. I wanted to say thanks to Tablo for helping me. I wanted to encourage him too. That’s why. Haru, what should we celebrate? How about loving each other? You’re so sweet.Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you.Happy birthday dear mom, dad and Haru.How about this? – Great. / – I love it. Light the candles. This is dad’s candle. – Mom’s candle. / – This is mom’s candle. This is Haru’s candle. Start! – Happy birthday to you. / – Don’t clap.Happy birthday to you.– Happy birthday dear Haru, mom… / – Dad, dad.Happy birthday to you.What about dad, Haru? – How about me? / – Mom. Dad too. What about me? I’m going to get it on your nose. Mom, let’s have a party. – Okay. / – A party! Happy New Year. Happy New Year. Happy New Year. Dad, should we celebrate Christmas? – Okay. / – Christmas is more fun. Christmas is good too. Or we can celebrate 2015, the year you’ll turn 6. Anything’s fine. It was hard for Haru too. She’s only 5 years old but she had to spend time apart from her mom. That could’ve been really hard for her. Mom has to go to work. Haru and dad… No, mom. Don’t go. – Do you like mom or dad? / – Mom. Mom? I knew you’d say that. You want me to go away? Let’s do this then. You live here, Haru. Haru, why are you angry? I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Got it! Good. Tablo. I’m really grateful that she adjusted well. A few years ago, I had never imagined that I’d be picking strawberries. I’m doing a lot of fun things thanks to you. I’ve learnt to think of misfortune as happiness too. I think I’ve matured a lot together with Haru. Spending time with Haru… She doesn’t really feel like my daughter. She feels like a really little, cute friend who has appeared to make me feel happy. Every moment was beautiful but what Haru said to me is unforgettable. I asked Haru, “Do you know what love is?” Dad, you making me smile. That’s love. Dad making you smile is love? – Yes. Am I right? / – Yes, you are. Haru said that dad making her smile was love. She told me that. It was really… Right now, I’m so happy. That’s why I’m crying. It’s different from the past. I’m crying as I’m happy. Families are beautiful. That’s why I love my family. I love my family too. Haru, you’re my family, right? Haru, come here. Let’s all hug each other. Let’s continue to be happy, Haru. I love you. Haru, we also hope that you’ll be happier with each passing day. We love you. Hello. Let’s go. Haru, we were reading a really great book. Want to read it together? Then let’s… Let’s each learn something new next year. That sounds great. I want to learn 2 things. Driving and cooking. I can’t do those things when you’re not around. I have to cook for Haru but it tastes terrible. Also, I have to drive if I want to go grocery shopping. Next year, I’m going to enter the Korean National Training Center. I’m going to become a sports shooter. If you don’t listen… I want to learn this. When you nag me a lot, I wish I could strike you here to make you pass out. Here. With my knuckles… I think we should be in kindergarten. Bye. Bye. Look pretty as you say bye. Bye. See you again. See you again. Next time. Another Superman’s discovered in the mountains. This is what I dreamed of. Forget the charismatic Uhm Taewoong. The odd daddy Uhm Taewoong is now on the show. Objectively speaking, I admit that she’s not that pretty but she seems smart. She eats well. She doesn’t cry for a long time. She’s really happy. Where is she? And the lovely princess, Jion. Are you ready? Taewoong’s first 48 hour challenge begins with excitement and anxiety. Honey, why are you crying? Why are you crying again? I didn’t know that’s what she wanted to do. My princess. You’re so pretty. She’s a great dancer. She’s cute and affectionate. Are you ready to fall for Jion’s charms? How pretty! Take good care of Jion for me. The Return of Superman. The first episode of 2015. “In Between Fear And Excitement.” – Dad. / – Yes, me.

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