The Return of Superman | 슈퍼맨이 돌아왔다 – Ep.51 (2014.11.30)

Sarang. Sarang. Sarang. Do you want to have soybean paste soup or hashed beef? Which do you want to eat? Dad’s going to be here. He’s going to play with you. Honey, Sarang has a cold. I think it’s better if she doesn’t go outside. If you’re going to go outside, make sure you wash her hands. Let’s ask dad what you’re going to do today. What are you going to do? It’s a secret this time. Huh? It’s a secret. Why is it a secret? It’s a secret. Why? I wondered why he wouldn’t tell me. I kept asking him why. The Return of Superman. Episode 51. “Keep It A Secret From Mom.” Here. I’m going now, Sarang. No! Bye. High-five! – No, don’t go. / – High-five. I’m going. No! She’s going to come back. Sarang, Sarang. Sarang! Bye, Sarang. – Let’s go give her a high-five. / – High-five! High-five! Goodness. Gosh. Let’s go somewhere fun. Let’s eat. Here. Good girl. After this… Wait a minute. Try some of this too. Goodness. Good girl. One more time. Open up. Mom! This is tough. Here’s your water. Here. It’s good! It’s good! Sarang. Yes? Help daddy make this. Want to make it with me? Let’s make it together. Roll, roll, roll, roll. – I want to do it. / – Okay, you do it. – I want to do it alone! / – Together. What next? This? This? Then what? No. No? Then… This? Tuna? Tuna? Ham next? No. Ham? No. Then what? Cucumber. Cucumber? Cucumber. Okay, hold it. Hold it, okay. Got it? Okay, next… Hold it. Okay. Next, hold it. Now you have to roll it up. Okay. Okay. Good work. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10! Okay. All done. That’s done. Now, to finish! Wait a minute. Roll it up for me. I’ll do it. Okay. Good work. Fix the end. Good. Good work. Great work! Pull them up, good. They’ve made rice rolls and are dressed for their picnic too. Let’s go. They’re going on a park date to enjoy the wide grass fields. Has Sunghoon forgotten that his wife told them not to go outside? In the city, there are no trees. I want Sarang to remember trees and grass as she grows older. I think it’s okay to play outside for a little while but I kept it a secret from my wife. Dragonfly, dragonfly. Dragonfly! Is that a dragonfly? I’ll catch it for you. Dragonfly. Where is it? Dragonfly! I’ve got it! I’ve got it! I’ve got it! You don’t like it? – I’m not. / – You’re not a dragonfly? – Okay. / – Dragonfly. Let’s catch a dragonfly. Wait, wait, wait. I’ve got it! I’ve got it. I’ve got it. I caught it. I’ve got it. One more time. I’ve got it. One more time. One more what? One more dragonfly. You want me to catch another one? I just caught one. One more time. One more time? This isn’t easy, you know. Butterfly! Butterfly! I’ve got it! I’ve got it! Sarang, I caught it. 2 dragonflies. Look, a dragonfly. Hold it. One more time. One more time? No, I can’t catch another one. – One more time. / – One more time? – One more time. / – One more time? You’re so greedy. – One more time. / – Alright, alright. Wait a minute. I’ve got it. Sarang. My experience in the jungle has made me a good hunter, right? One more time. One more time? – One more time. / – I caught 3. Is it because you’re afraid? No! – Hold it. / – No, no! Okay, okay. Should we let them go? – Okay? / – Yes. Come over here. – Say bye now. / – Bye. – 1, 2, dragonflies, bye! / – Dragonflies, bye! – Dragonflies, bye! / – Dragonflies, bye! Bye! Hold my hand. The twins and the parents are all out together. 1, 2, 1, 2. – Hold hands. / – Hold hands if you want a cookie. – Hold hands. / – I’ll give you a cookie. Hold hands. You don’t want to? Where are you going? Let’s go that way. – Seojun, that way. / – Where are we? An elementary school. Seoeon, are you going to school now? You’re going to school. A soccer field. It’s a soccer field. Seojun, what’s that? Seojun, what’s that? I put a sticker on it last time. Did you know? I’ll open it for you. Let mommy help you. Seoeon. Mom and dad seem cold to each other, right? Yeah… We had a fight this morning. – We’re not getting along right now. / – Wow. Wow! Anyway, Seoeon… Mom’s going today. Let’s send her off with a smile. Okay? Got it? What’s this? I think it’s a target. Seojun, look. – Seojun, look. / – Look at daddy. Watch daddy do it. Seoeon, Seojun, look. – Throw! / – Go to dad. It’s stuck. – Throw! / – Go to dad. It’s stuck. Seojun? Seoeon, throw it. – Throw. / – Throw. Good. Good work. Throw it again. Here’s the ball. Throw it. Throw it. – Wow. / – Good work. – Seoeon, you take it off. / – Throw it. – Heave. / – Let’s see mom’s sports skills. – Let’s see mom’s sports skills. / – What? Come here. Throw it. – No, no. / – No… Let’s get mom to throw. Come here, honey. Hit the numbers? Yes. What will you do for me then? Just throw it first. – Let’s see which… / – Throw it where? Pick the number that you like. – Throw it there. / – 1. 1? If you get it, I’ll buy you new clothes. Wait a minute. Move back a little. – Okay, okay. / – Okay. – Calm them down first. / – Go back. – Here. / – Seoeon. No… I’ll do it from here. – Here. / – Okay. – From there. / – I’ll do it from here. Can I pick 2 instead? 2? You can’t get it on the line. – Okay. / – Okay? – It has to be in the square. / – Okay. Okay? – Wow. / – Wow. – No rehearsals. / – The boys are in the way. Yes. I’m going to throw this, Seojun. – I’m going to throw. / – Mom! I’m going to throw this, Seojun. – I’m going to throw. / – Mom! If it doesn’t enter the square, you have to apologize to me for what you did this morning. Then we’ll smile and make peace. I’ll send you off with a smile. 1, 2, 3! Nervous, right? 3! 1, 2, 3! Nervous, right? 3! I got it. Don’t push it inside. – It was on the line. / – It was close. One more time. Okay then. Stand on the line. Stand there. 1, 2… – Gosh. / – Can’t you just accept the first throw? No. I told you it can’t stick on the line. Wow! Before the babies, we hardly ever fought. After giving birth, I guess I’m tired from looking after the boys so my inner self is coming out. When he told me to throw the ball, we had a good laugh and we made up. We got over it naturally and when I consider the result, it was a good fight. Mom has left and another 48 hours with dad has begun. You want me to move the house? Yes? Want me to take it out? You used to play with it, right? Okay, wait. Where’s Seoeon? Peek-a-boo! Peek-a-boo! Hey! No. Where are you? Seojun, you go inside too. Play together. Plat together please. Let Seojun come in. Hey! You’ve got plenty of room. Play together, together. Play together. No door. I told you to play together. Seojun won’t come out. Seoeon. Come here. Is it tasty? Does it taste wonderful? Does it taste wonderful? Is it good? Say yes. You already ate it? You want more? You’re not going to fight then? I’ll give it to you. Say please, please. Please. Good. Come here. Seoeon, come here. Sit down. Is it good? Is it good? Yes? Is it good or not? Say yes. Yes. Don’t fight with your brother. Hold hands. Say I love you. I love you. Good. How do you wash your face? Wash, wash. Give your brother a wink. Wink, wink. Good. Open your mouth. You’re being so good. Open up. I love you. The triplets are full of curiosity these days. Ilkook has taken them out to enjoy the fall weather. There are steps here! Let’s go up. 1. – Up! / – Good job. Minguk is going up. Minguk is going up. Manse, come up. Dad, Minguk has gone up. Minguk’s already at the top. Let’s go up the stairs now. Dad, be careful. – Yes? / – Dad, be careful. Okay! I’m so tired. – Dad, be careful. / – Minguk, Manse, help me. Help me! Help me! Help me. Save me. Help! Help daddy. – Help me. / – Daddy, come up. Come up. Thanks! Thanks, I’ve been saved. Oh! Beep, beep. Minguk, there are cars here. Let’s go! Minguk is here. Wow. Daehan’s car is the best. Let’s ride. Wow. Wow. Manse, press the pedal. You have to press this to go forward. Good, good. You have to drive. Manse, let’s ride that one. How about that car? Yes, that looks better. – Then… / – Manse, let’s ride that one. Wow! Be careful. Be careful. Oh, no! Oops. Please move. Sorry, everyone. Turn around. You’re going to crash! Watch out! I crashed, I crashed! I crashed. I’m going to crash. Excuse me. Don’t go. Excuse me. Excuse me, catch it! Be quiet! Catch it! Pigeon, stop! Where are you going? Here, here. Where are you going? You shouldn’t run. You have to fly! I’m Daehan. Yo! I’m going to ride this one. This one, this one. Why isn’t it working? Dad, let’s ride this together. Thank you. Be careful. Here we go. Wow, Manse’s going! Drive properly. Let’s go catch my brothers. Let’s get Daehan! No, not at all. I don’t want to buy it for them. I want them to move manually. I want them to use their feet, to move on their own. Wow. A sports field! Wow. Boys. Follow me and run. We have to run. We have to practice for the marathon. Follow me and run. Ilkook has come here as he has to run a marathon with the triplets tomorrow. Ilkook and the triplets on an unpredictable marathon challenge. Will they be able to finish the race safely? Here. Daehan, come here. Follow me and run. 1, 2, 1, 2. Misters… Misters… Exercise! Exercise, exercise, exercise! They’re doing that. Why are they doing that? Come here. Let’s see who can run to daddy first. Run to daddy. If you arrive first, I’ll give you a cookie. – No! / – The winner gets a cookie. Good, good. Daddy! Wow. You did well. I’ll give you a cookie. After we eat this, we’re going to run to the goal post. Okay. After we eat this. After we eat this, we’re going to run all the way over there, okay? – Yes. / – I’ll give you some water. If you do a good job this time, I’ll give you more cookies. We’re going to practice running to daddy. Come here. When I blow the whistle, you have to run towards me. Okay? Let’s see who arrives first. Okay. 1, 2. Good. Good. Come to daddy. Good! Good work. Nice, Daehan. Nice, Daehan. Good boy, Minguk. Manse, come here. Manse, why are you going the other way? Manse! When I go out with the triplets, I have no other choice. I have to gather them together with the cookies. My wife will probably get really mad but I’d like to see her try it. Honey. It was really tough. I mean it. Gosh. Where have the triplets arrived after their run? Look at these crabs. Look at the crabs. They’ve come to eat king crabs which are in season and very plump. Today is their first time trying king crabs. That’s a crab. This is a crab too. Just look at it, look. You don’t want to? Look over there. He’s touching the crab. Look. Wow. Don’t splash the water. There’s fish here too. Do you want to touch it? What will be good for the kids to eat? This is better for the children. Then we’ll take the king crab. – This one? / – Yes. Do you want to touch it? No. It could bite. We’re going to eat this. Dad, food! You want food? Okay. It’s coming soon. Manse’s hungry too. I’m hungry too. Daehan’s hungry. So am I. Manse’s hungry too. So am I. – Minguk’s hungry too. / – Hungry! I’m hungry too. Manse’s hungry too. I’m hungry too! – Hungry! / – Hungry! No, I am. We’re hungry. Auntie, give us some food. We’re hungry. Auntie, give us some food. Auntie, food. Auntie, give us some food. Give us some food. Please give us some food. Hurry. We’re hungry. Food, food, food. – You’re all so cute. / – Food, food, food! Food, food, food. Minguk’s hungry. Are you hungry? Please hurry. It could be a little salty. Can I get chopsticks? Yes, I’ll get them for you. Auntie, fish, fish. Fish. Thank you, auntie. You’re thanking me? Fish, please. Pizza, pizza. Pizza, pizza. It’s not pizza. It’s not pizza. It’s mung-bean pancake. Cake. This is Manse’s rice. Oh? Manse’s rice. Manse’s rice. Daehan wants food too. – Daehan’s food. / – Dad? Put it here like this. Food? Food? Wow. This is the crab that we saw earlier. It’s been split. There’s a lot of crab. Blue crab. Blue crab, blue crab. What are you doing? Daddy, give me some here. Manse, here. Try it. It’s good. Try it. Dad, more! I’ll get more rice for you. A bowl of rice, please. Minguk wants rice. Thank you. Daehan wants rice too. I’m scared. No, that’s mine. Daddy’s. Thank you. You’re giving it to me? Thank you. Daddy, rice. Daddy, eat. It’s not for Manse. – You eat the rice. / – Eat the rice? Eat the rice. It’s so salty! Daddy, rice. It’s not for Manse. It’s so salty! Geez. Manse’s rice. You can’t eat it. It has salt in it. It’s so salty. Open up. It’s salty. You’re not going to eat the king crab? Huh? Look at my claw. Want to eat it or get bitten? Let’s eat. – It’s delicious. / – Crab, hello. It’s so tasty. It’s so tasty. Isn’t it good? I have another one in my hand. Want to eat it or get bitten? This. Open up. Don’t bite me. Yeah… Claw, bye. Bye, claw. Manse’s going to eat. Manse’s going to eat? Look. – It’s not scary. / – Right. Wow, here’s the rice. The delicious rice is here. It’s delicious. I’ll give you some. It’s rice. Manse, eat. Rice… Yes, try it. This is for dad. It’s not hot, it’s okay. It’s so pretty. – Eyes? / – Eyes twinkle. Nose twinkle. Lips twinkle, twinkle. Did you enjoy your meal? Did you enjoy it? Then… You want more? Daddy, for you. Let’s get up now. What a great meal. I have some left. You have some left? You’re going to eat that all? Minguk, you’ve had too much to eat. You ate more than I did. Look at your tummy. Is that a human tummy? No, no more. That was a great meal. Let’s get up now. Let’s wipe your hands now. Daddy, water. Okay, I’ll get it for you. Manse, let’s get up now. Minguk, get up. You’re finished. Not yet. What? You’re going to have more? This is the last spoon. There’s none left now. The end! You’re finished. Thank you for the meal. – Dad, throw it. I’ll hit it. / – Okay. For some reason, Haru and Tablo are busy playing baseball this morning. I missed it. You did a good job. One more time. This way. Oh! Oh! You did well. Dad. – You throw it now. / – Mom taught me. Did she teach you? Here. When I was younger, I was really good at baseball. – Dad, I really… / – Look. Tablo will be doing the first pitch. Kang Hyejeong will be the batter. Yes. He says he was good at sports… He pitched far away. I guess he can’t hit his wife. Okay. Okay. You’re really hopeless. Haru, you’re a good pitcher. Throw it again. You’re so good. Let’s see how far you can throw. Put that down. Throw. Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. Who did you learn that from? From mom. Mom’s really good at baseball. Before you were born, mom and I went to play baseball all the time. Then what about me? – You? / – Yes. We went to play when you were in mom’s tummy. Can you do this? Yes. Wow. High-five! I’ll go get it, dad. Wow. Haru… What do you think? Your ball came at me so fast. I was so shocked. Stop spinning around. Why are Tablo and Haru practicing baseball? Haru’s going to do a first pitch for the pro baseball league. Only top celebrities get to do that. We’re going to win today. Thanks to you, Haru. 2, 3. Let’s go! Go, Haru! She seems a little nervous. Haru is standing on the mound after her hard training session. How will she go? Haru, wait a minute. But, but… Don’t tell mom that we played baseball. Okay. Secret. 1, 2, 3! Because… How old are you now? 5. Mom and dad got married 5 years ago too. Yes. Later, after you pitch the ball at the stadium, should we surprise mom? Yes. Should we make mom smile? Yes. What do you think? Okay. Dad, let’s rehearse singing first. What? Which song do you want to sing? A baseball song? No, dad… When I say action, you say the entire world. 1, 2, 3, action. The entire world… You have to move around. Move around? Dance? Yes, dance. Haru, show me the dance. I don’t know. I’m a hopeless dancer. Wow! Wow! – You’re a great dancer. / – Do it like this. That’s the dance. Who taught you how to dance? I taught myself. You taught yourself? – Yes. / – How? You just thought about it? – Yes. / – Or did you see it on TV? I just thought about it. You made a great dance. All I need is for you to clap. Baby! Haru has grown up a lot while spending time with her dad. She can do things by herself and can even make dad laugh now. That must be part of the fun of raising a daughter. Let’s do it. Haru has practiced hard. She’s arrived at the baseball stadium. I’m scared. It’s okay. Look at daddy. Just follow behind. Uncle’s here. It’s not scary. Look. – Wow, the pros! / – This is the stadium. Wow. You’re going to pitch, okay? Haru, do you want to give this out to the pros over there? – Then you can eat one too. / – Yeah. Okay, let’s go together. Come here. Hello. Hello. Give it out to all the pros so they can be strong and do well today. Give them one each, go on. Daddy. I’ll go with you. You give it out. Okay, thanks. I’ll give you this. Come here. For you. – Come here. / – Wow, Haru. – Haru. / – Haru, Haru. “Haru.” – Haru, that’s a gift. / – Put the candy down. – Try this on. / – It’s the same as mine. I’ll put it on for you. Can I just… Put it on later? – This? / – Yes. Should we? It’s alright. Haru, come here. – Can I wear it later? / – Wear it now. Then hand out the candy. That’s better. – Because… / – Okay. You’ll be the same as the pros. Okay. Can you do a good job today? We will. Thanks to you, Haru. I want you to win. We’re going to win today. – Thanks. / – Eat it. Thanks. You’re giving me three? Thank you. Give uncle one. Can you take one out for me? Thanks. You’re so pretty. Who didn’t receive one? Who didn’t receive one? Anyone who didn’t eat a vitamin? I’m going to hand it out. There are so many left. Vitamin? – I’ll have one then. / – Have they run away? Have they run away already so they can play? They’re just practicing. Practice. Wish them good luck. 1, 2, 3. Good luck! Good luck, Haru! Let’s practice. Come with me. Wow. I haven’t been here in ages. Dad, when did you last come to see a game? I haven’t been to a baseball game since I came with you. – Really? / – Yeah… – There they come. / – There she is. She’s so cute. Goodness. Where does she have to pitch from? Here. Since she’s little… I think she will have to throw from here. – We’ll guide her. / – Okay. Haru… Can you try putting the glove on? Haru, put on your glove. Goodness. I can’t put it on. What is this? Haru, from here. Throw to uncle. – Throw now. / – Now? Yes, throw it now. – Throw it. / – Here I go. I’m going to throw. Wow. I’m going to throw. Wow. – Wow. / – Goodness. She’s good. – One more time. / – One more time. Wow. Let’s try a wind up. Like this and lift this leg up. – This leg. / – Here? The other one. Wow. Wow. You want to look pretty. Hold it like this. Hold the ball. Lift this leg. Put it down. Like this. Then throw. I understand. Again. Good. Wow. Good. Wow. Great work. Nice. Meanwhile, Sarang… Sarang, where should we sit down to eat? Here. Here? Okay. Let’s eat here. I’ll lay it out. Good. Hold it! Good. Hold it. Hold it. Okay, over here. Sit down now. Sit. Good. Great work! Sit. Should we eat the rice rolls that we made this morning? – Yes. / – Really? Really. Okay. Before we eat, say thank you for the meal. – Thank you… / – Wait a minute, together. Say it with daddy. Let’s open it up. 1, 2. – Thank you for the meal. / – Thank you for the meal. Okay. Want to sing? Okay. What do you want to sing? Butterfly. Butterfly, fly over here. Yellow butterfly, white butterfly. Dance and fly over here. Mountain rabbit… Where are you going? Should we go to the sea to catch fish? Here comes the bicycle. Ring, ring, ring. The mister in front, be careful. Ring, ring, please move. You’re good! You’re great. Is it tasty? Yes! Give me some. You had biscuits. You don’t need to eat this. Give me some too. This? No. Mom told us not to go outside and you’ve even had ice cream too. Sarang. It’s a secret! Promise to keep it secret. Stamp it. It’s a secret. A secret. Sunghoon’s back as a loving dad from a fighter. Come here! They’re enjoying a lovely date. High-five! High-five! High-five… Goodness! Goodness! Come out. – You too. / – Daddy too? Daddy too. Me too? Okay, let’s go. Sarang, come here. One more time. Sarang loves slides so Sunghoon has brought her somewhere special. It’s a 109m long slide. You sit on a plastic board and slide down 109m. It’s exciting and fun. It’s a popular attraction. It’s so high up. Will Sarang enjoy going down this slide? Want to try it? No. I’ll hold you. Can I go first? Yes, you can. Can we go first? Sure. Sarang, want to try it too? There are dragonflies at the top. Let’s go. What about rabbits? Rabbits. Let’s find the dragonfly. The big kids… They’re all going first. Let’s go. Sarang, let’s do it. Sarang, was it fun? How was it? Did you like it or not? One more time. You want to ride it again? Let’s go then. One more time, one more time. – One more time. / – It’s fun. Is it? Let’s show mom how we go down the slide next time. Okay. Next time. Get on. Sit at the front. Wait a minute. Wait. Wait. – Okay? / – Okay. Let’s go. A happy fall picnic with dad. For Sarang, her dad would do anything. I’ve got it! I’ve got it. That’s why a date with dad is always fun. Today, they’ve formed another precious secret to treasure. Sarang and Sunghoon’s dates always include a hearty meal. Sunghoon has prepared a delicious dinner for her. – I love curry! / – I love curry! Sarang, do you want curry? Yes. Let’s go to a fun curry place then. We’re here. It’s a curry restaurant that has fun train items and contains the history of the railroad. Sarang should like this place too. Train, choo-choo! – Train, choo-choo! / – Choo-choo! – Should we order now? / – Yes. Excuse me. Excuse me! – Excuse me. / – Yes, excuse me. Sit down. Would you like to order? – Hot curry… / – Please! Please. Shinkansen please! It’s quite big. – Alright. / – Shinkansen please! Please wait a few moments. From the Shinkansen curry menu, here comes your juice. Wow, look! Wow, look! The train’s coming. It’s here. Your drink is here. It’s for you. It’s going. Say bye. – Bye. / – Bye. Wow, isn’t this fun? It brought it to me! Are you having fun? Yes, it’s fun. Here it comes. Here it comes. Here it comes. Here it comes. Shinkansen curry’s on its way! It’s coming, here it comes. Here it is. It’s here. It’s here, it’s here. – Superman. / – Superman. – Say bye. / – Bye. Wave to it. Bye! – Bye. / – Bye. Let me help you. You have to eat it together. Eat it with the curry like this. “Ninjin.” What’s “ninjin” in Korean? What’s “ninjin” in Korean? “Danggeun” for carrot! Oh, yeah! That’s right, danggeun. You taught me, Sarang. You’re so good now. Thank you. Carrot. You shocked me. You’re teaching me now. Carrot, yes. Thank you for the meal. Okay. Thank you for the meal. Okay. Meanwhile, Hwijae dreams of the twins becoming athletes. Where has he taken them today? So you guys are Seoeon and Seojun. They still seem half asleep. – Yes. / – How cute. Is this a ballet academy? Yes. Do you teach kids this young? Of course. Flexibility is essential to all sports. If you’re not flexible, you can’t do anything. They need to learn this so they don’t get hurt. Hello. – Hello. / – Hello. Say hello. Seoeon, say hello to the teacher. Hello. No, no. Say hello. – Say hello. / – Hello. Hello. – Hello. / – Good boy. – Seojun, say hello too. / – Hello. Good boys. Great job, good. A great achievement at 19 months! Seojun. Fish. Fish. Puppy. Bow wow. Bird? Bird. Bird? Chirp, chirp. That’s a fish. Seojun’s dancing. I think they’re going to do a good job today. As long as they’re happy. Done. Seojun put on his outfit in one go. You too! Good. Wow! Seojun, Seoeon. You’re here to learn ballet today, right? Yes. Do you want me to show you what we’re going to do today? Clap! Wow! Watch me and copy if you can, boys. Yes. Yes, sit down. Seojun, Seoeon, watch me. Surprise. Watch me, please. Surprise. Wow. Surprise. Wow. Surprise. Wow. – Wow. / – Wow, you’re good. Wow, you’re good. Seoeon, Seojun. Copy me now. Wow, you’re good. Wow. Wow, you’re good. Wow. Seoeon, you too. Want to jump with me now? Like this? Hello. Seoyeong, hello. She’s your friend. Friend. There are kids your age and older. Let’s all learn ballet together. Oh, he’s a ballerino! There’s an older boy too. Please look at me. Let’s say hello to each other. Hands on your belly button. Bow. Hello. Say hello to the other students too. We have some new students so let’s introduce ourselves before we begin today’s class. Father of the twins… – Please say hello. / – Yes. I’m 19 months old. My name is Lee Seojun. Hi. Nice to meet you. Seojun, hello. Bow. Wow. I’m 19 months old too. My name’s Lee Seoeon. I don’t have a belly button. – Hello. / – Clap! Let’s show them your personal talents. Wink! Wink, wink. I love you, I love you. How do you wash your face? Good work. Let’s begin by singing the greeting song. Please place your babies on your knees. Spread your legs. Please sit them on your knees. Music, cue! Seoeon, do you want to sit here? Seoeon wants to do it here. Hello. Say hello. Hello. Please follow me. Stretch, stretch. Good. Stretch, stretch. Now push down on your knees. Push, push. Now… Your belly button. Please rub their belly buttons. Touch your head. Tap, tap, tap… Faster, faster! Now moms and dads, please hold hands with your children. We’re going to dance for a little while. What’s this sound? What’s that noise? Very good! Everyone, join in. Dad, please join in. The triplets have returned home. They seem quiet for some reason. Everyone, come out here. Mister, what are you doing? What’s he doing? I’ll show you, come out. – Come out now. / – Mister, what are you doing? – Come out now. / – Mister, what are you doing? Mister, what are you doing? Mister, what are you doing? Manse, come here and drink some water. Daehan, water. Mister, what are you doing? What are you doing here? Can you go play over there? Mister. Mister, what… What are you doing? Mister, what are you doing? Mister. What are you doing? Mister, who are you? Mister, who are you? Mister. Mister… Mister, who are you? Mom. There are so many chairs. – Yum, yum, yum, yum. / – 1, 2, 3, 4. There are so many chairs! Go up, wow, wow, wow. Go up, go up. Go up, wow, wow, wow. This too. Open up, open up. Knock knock, knock knock. It’s the alligator’s house. Open up! Bad house! Ouch, it’s hot! Go! Boy, boys, boys. Boys! What if you fall over? Huh? Go down. Go down. Don’t do that, okay? Okay. Manse, come down. Daehan’s speech has improved a lot in the past 3 weeks. Daehan’s hungry. There’s so much crab. Minguk’s tummy has gotten bigger. His cheeks look like they’re going to burst. He’s been eating a lot the past 3 weeks. It’s easier to bathe them now. I make them all sit down at the same time. They can wash themselves quite well now. We’re going to bathe. Come out. Come here and undress. Daehan, come and undress. Minguk, take your clothes off too. You too, Manse. Take your clothes off. Good boys. Daehan, undress. Minguk, you’re so good. Yes, pull them down. Good boy. You’re so good. Daehan, take your diaper off. Good boys. No, take it off. Daehan, take your shirt off. Daehan, take it off. – Take your shirt off. / – I’ve finished. – Daehan, undress. / – Dad, I’ve finished. Good boy! Sit down so we can bathe. Daehan’s undressed too. Good boy. Sit down. Sit. Sit down. Manse, take your clothes off. You can’t do it yet? Okay. Sit down. We’ll do that a little later. Okay. – I want to wash my hair. / – Let’s wash your hair. – I want to do it. / – No, no. Wash your hair. Good boy. Minguk, wash your hair. Minguk, wash your hair too. You’re so good. Wash your body. Good boys. Wash your necks. Yes, your necks. Wash your necks. Yes, your bottom too. Good. Bottom to the rear! Have you finished washing your bottoms? Here. Daehan, you too. Here. – Minguk, rinse too. / – Manse too. Yes, Manse too. Now wash your face. Come here, Minguk. Good boys. Now go inside. Go inside. Go inside now. Be careful. Go inside. I want the boat. You want the boat? Here it is. Dad, please give me the boat. Please give me the boat. Minguk. Yes. Look at this. Oh? I’m going to catch your willy. I don’t have one! Oh? Where’s Manse’s willy? It’s gone. Daddy’s coming to catch Daehan’s willy. Where’s Daehan’s willy? It’s gone. I’m going to find it. Don’t find my willy! Oh? Your willy’s gone. – It’s gone. / – It’s gone. – Did you save the dinosaur? / – Minguk’s boat! Where’s your boat, Minguk? It’s gone. Where’s your boat, Minguk? It’s gone. Let’s go catch Minguk’s willy. No willy. Oh? It fell. The dinosaur fell. Oh? The dinosaur fell into the water. The dinosaur fell into the water. You’re going to hurt the dinosaur. You’re going to hurt it. It fell into the sea. The dinosaur fell into the sea? We have to rescue it then. Save me, save me! I saved it. You did. Minguk’s dinosaur. No, Manse’s dinosaur. Minguk’s dinosaur. Manse’s camera, Manse’s dinosaur. Manse’s dinosaur. Manse’s dinosaur is here! Here. Say hi to the dinosaur. Hi, dinosaur. Say I love you. I love you, dinosaur. I love you, dinosaur! I love you. Good boy. Let me take it first. Let’s take it. Put this down. Click. Let’s go out now. Let’s go. Daehan, here. Okay. Okay. Dad. Yes? Take it out, take it out. No, come here. Minguk! No, no, no! Daehan! Let’s go. Dad. – Come with me. / – You can do it, Haru! Hello. I’m Tablo, Haru’s dad. Haru, put this on. – Put it on. / – What should I do? – I’m not good. / – Put it on here. What if I’m not good? You can do a good job. Hold the ball. – Be confident. / – Just throw it. I’ll call play for you. Play! Throw it. Oh, no, no. High-five. – Dad, it’s too heavy. / – Come here. – It’s way too heavy for me. / – Okay. Haru will be doing the first pitch. Tablo will be batting before today’s game. Her expression seems to be saying what am I doing here? Haru looks like that. – She seems a little scared. / – Yes. I hope she can do a good job. Haru’s… Wonderful first pitch. Who is it? Father! Hello. Haru. Hello, hello. You did such a good job throwing the ball. – You’re so pretty. / – Roar! Roar! Roar! Haru, we were so surprised. You did a wonderful job. What’s that? Can you believe that we already got married 5 years ago? Time flies. – I prepared an anniversary gift. / – Gosh. Really? You don’t have to sell the house. – Honey. / – Give it to me. Not just the house. I sold everything. Here. – Really? / – It’s your gift. It had better not be empty. It’s not. Open it. There had better be something inside. What’s this? No, wait… What’s this? Look. It’s Haru’s. It’s cute. Haru crew. Wow. – We’re the Haru crew. / – This? Really? Thanks so much. It’s nice having family hoodies. It’s so cute. It suits you. I want to try mine on. – There’s a letter too. / – No. No. What? Why’d you put it back inside? Here’s your letter. A letter? I worked hard on it. Open it. Am I only the only one who thinks of this when I see an envelope? What’s this? What’s this? I want us to go to Jeju-do together. Really? Is this my ticket? Yes! – Really? / – Ask mom to come to Jeju-do. Mom, come to Jeju-do. Haru, thanks for inviting me. I felt so isolated. Next time. Haru’s family goes to Jeju-do, the healing island. – Mom. / – Please! Don’t do that! There’s a surprise event and an unexpected meeting. Their wonderful day in Jeju-do will be revealed. Also, Sarang becomes a farmer for a day. I caught it! She experiences the joy of a good harvest. The twins are growing fast and also get out into nature. Don’t give him that. Give it to daddy. I want to eat it. Come here. Also! Sean, the master of childcare wins over the triplets’ hearts. These 2 dads compete in a stroller race. Will they be able to finish the race safely? Dad, be strong! The Return of Superman. Episode 52. “It’s Great To be Together.” Don’t miss out.

Glenn Chapman


  1. who's still watching this in 2018?

    nawwwww my song triplets are so cuuuuuuuuute!!!! daehan the responsible one, minguk the smart and cute one, manse the free-spirited one. i miss seeing your little cute faces and cheekiness!!!!!!! saranghaeee <3

  2. i really love how ikook screams anywhere anytime just to get reaction from triplets , its like you dont care about world and his children are only his world

  3. Anyone else here just to see repeats of the Song Triplets eating? They were/are so adorable to watch especially when they are enjoying their food. I miss seeing them regularly on the show.

  4. 11:20 is this where kim bok joo or the weightlifting cast shoot right?

  5. I love all, especially the triplets and i love the song at the end😂❤

  6. Waaah minguk is the cutest kid omg Fell in love with his kindness <3

  7. I hate to see comments comparing the triplets. Saying one is better than the other. Yes we have favoritism but they are all kids with same age. They have different personalities. And they are amazing in different ways.

  8. Manse character is really same to my niece hahhaha he always make every thing he play become a car hahaha

  9. Bring the song triplets back 😭😭😭😭😭😭☺️😭😭☺️☺️

  10. Ilkook is teaching them to do their thing on their own. Its helpful both parents & children. That is good parenting.

  11. I only watched triplets and this episode is one of their best.

    1. Mingukie attitude while driving is mindblowing. He is very well-mannered, kind and such a smart driver. To have such traits in such early age is beyond splendid. Mingukie also say thanks to the auntie who brings him foods. Awww this kid. ❤️

    2. Triplet's eating habit is very impressive. No leftovers. Not picky eaters. Wow.

    3. The way Manse pranks his dad. Oh my God. I cannot stop laughing. Such a smart badass 😂😂

    4. The way they interrogate the cameraman, by having chairs lining up in front of him. They won't budge before getting satisfied answer. Just wow. Poor cameraman tho 😂😂

    5. Bathing them is never a drama. Good kids, they are. Ilkook and wife raise them very well indeed.

    Too much cuteness and magical things in one episode ❤️❤️

  12. Manse :"you shoudnt run, you should fly"
    Pigeon:"We r just excercising"
    Editor deserves an award🏅🏅🏆🏆🏆💰

  13. So cute kids when this boys grow up they will looks most handsome 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍💗💗💗

  14. I want to go to that train restaurant Sarang and Sunghoon went to I love it 😍

  15. Daehan minguk manse are the best episodes on return of superman. Why they never show up again?

  16. Soo much love for this kids from india… Really guys theae babies are blessings in my life.. I cant express my love to them.. It want hug them.. They are soooo cute…. And i love all kids a lot……

  17. Soo much love for this kids from india… Really guys theae babies are blessings in my life.. I cant express my love to them.. It want hug them.. They are soooo cute…. And i love all kids a lot……

  18. Is it just me or is minguk constantly being ignored? I know the Ikook has to watch the other kids by minguk doesn’t seem to receive as much attention as the other

  19. The triplets interrogating the cameraman, i love it 😂😂😂 he shouldve just answered lol

  20. Whats that song at 17:34? Please give this a like so it will pop up at the top! So that they can see it. I really need that song


  22. at first i was like why didnt manse pick the red car and then he did hahahaha

  23. There’s really something with these triplets that is highly entertaining

  24. I'm on my 51st episode of TROS MARATHON. Song triplets are my happy pill. Everything they do reminds me of Alvin and the chipmunks.

  25. Lmaoo I couldn’t breath when they played the “willy game” … I’m so weak rn .. it’s just so funny how literal everything was Lmaoo .. my guy manse said “mine is gone” 😂💀😭

  26. Everytime I watch Song Triplet, Sarang, Hwi twin, it budding/growth love. 💖 this show. Thanks for all these beautiful family memories to be shared especially Song Triplet, Minguk, Daehan, Manse 💕💓.

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