The Return of Superman | 슈퍼맨이 돌아왔다 – Ep.49 (2014.11.16)

Let’s go! I’m sorry. They run, play and sometimes fall over to discover new joys. Left foot, right foot. This journey is the best playground and learning ground for the children. Ring, ring. Please move! Thanks to their dads who walk by their side, the children grow, learning about the world as they experience it with their bodies. It’s coming again. Open up. How much happiness lies hidden on the path that they’re taking now? The Return of Superman. Episode 49. “Children Grow on the Road.” It’s been a while since Sarang has started her morning with dad. What are you doing? Ring, ring. Please move… Ring, ring. My mother-in-law taught me. A new song! Ring, ring. I love it. Ring, ring. Please move. Is that right? I want to watch Anpanman. Anpanman? Should we sing the ring, ring song then watch Anpanman? – Yes. / – Okay. Sit here. Get up. 1, 2. Ring, ring. Please move. The bicycle is coming. Ring, ring. The mister ahead of me, please be careful. Mom, join in. Ring, ring. Please move. You’re singing! You’re singing! Sarang is singing! I love you! Ring, ring. It’s been a while since we’ve had breakfast together. You’re right. Sarang, can you put the mayonnaise on the ham? Yes. Help me a lot, okay? Yes. Sarang, help me a lot. Help me a lot. Wow, you’re so good. Mom. Yes? Mom, here. Thanks. Thanks a lot. Look at this! Good work. Sarang, please give it to me. Please. Sarang, please. What are you doing? That’s great. Where did you learn that? How do I say, “It looks delicious,” in Korean? Thank you for the meal. – Thank you for the meal. / – Thank you for the meal. You’re amazing. That’s great. I wonder who’s better at Korean. Sarang or myself? How do you say, “It’s morning,” in Korean? It’s morning? How do you say that? “Joeun achim ipnida.” How do you say, “It’s dark,” then? How do you say that? “Kkeom kkeom haeyo.” Kkeom kkeom haeyo. – That’s wrong. / – Then? Then? “Kam kam hae.” Kam kam hae? What does that mean? That it’s dark. You’re good. It’s dark. You eat so well. – Is it tasty? / – Sunghoon, Sarang… Yes? She can do a lot of things by herself now. Like what? Right? Sarang, you can wash your hair by yourself, right? – Really? / – It’s true. She does this and washes it. She takes a shower like this. She can only wash this part. You can wash it like this, right? Also, you choose your own clothes. You choose your own outfits, right? I want us to eat together, take walks. I want to enjoy our time together like lovers on a date. Good-bye. Sarang, I’m going. Mom, don’t go! I don’t want you to go. What is it? Mom! What is it? Why are you crying? Mom, don’t go! Sarang, you promised me. You said you’d be a good girl. You promised. While Sunghoon was busy training, Shiho spent time alone with Sarang. That must be why it’s hard for Sarang to say good-bye today. – You want to stay with mom and dad? / – Yes. I wish I could stay too. It’d be nice if we could be together but I have to go. I’m going to go. Do the “Frozen” puzzle, okay? Give her a hug too. – Hug her. / – Wait. Hug her. I’ll give you a hug. – Hug. / – Sarang, hug. Hug! – See you later. / – Bye. – Sarang, let’s brush your teeth. / – I don’t want to. Sarang, please. – That’s mine. / – This? Sarang, show me. You can do it alone now? Okay, brush your teeth. Want my help? No? Good. Brush, brush. Below, good. The other side. Bite down on your teeth… That’s the way. Good work. Wash your face now. Wash your face. Did you just wash your face? One more time. Water, water. One more time. Stop, stop, stop! Okay, okay. Stop! Okay, okay. Stop it! No, no. Stop! You’ll wipe your face off. No, you’ll wipe off your face. Stop it now. Put your head in. Good! Go, Sarang. Put your head through! Good! The other arm! Great work! Okay. Done. You’re all dressed. You’re done. What do you want to wear? This! This? This? It looks small. Is it okay? This? Okay, let’s go. You did it! You can get dressed by yourself now. Heave! You can even put your socks on. Sarang has grown a lot while he was busy. Sunghoon is amazed. Okay! I want to open it. Okay. Let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s go see how much the twins have grown. Seojun, throw it. Throw it. Lee Seojun. Throw it. Your brother doesn’t cry anymore when dad’s not around. Right? Kick! Mom. Kick! Wow. Does that foot hurt? Are you okay? Give him one, Seojun. Give your brother one. Lee Seojun. You have 2 of the same. Give your brother one. Seojun. Seoeon shares with you. Give him one. Give your brother one. Why do you keep going inside? You gave it to him? It doesn’t happen all the time but when they’re happy or when they like something, they play well with each other. They have their own form of communication. They express their love with such passion. They hit each other’s heads, pull each other or bite. They do that so I have to control and teach them. Here. Don’t fool around and just eat. Hey. Seoeon’s eating. You eat too. – Yes. / – Good. Take the boys out. Yes. Play with them. Also, when they go out and the other kids bring their toys out… Yes. They love it. So take all the toys that you can. What are you talking about? I only have one body. How can I take all the toys with me? Here you go. Let’s give it to your friends. You don’t ride this anymore. Hey, friend! Hop on. There you go. Good girl. – Hop on. / – No! Let her ride on it. Other kids let you borrow their toys. Okay. Hi! Ride this. Seoyeon, get on. You can ride this. You want to ride that? Okay, ride that then. You can ride that. That’s the front. Look. Push with your feet. Like this. Push with your feet. You want to ride this? Oh, no. How about riding that one? Okay, okay. Let’s ride this. Want to ride this? – No! / – No? This? Do you like this? Here. Do this. Who’s on the screen? Who’s this? It’s you, Hyowon. Look. Hyowon. Bang! Mom, mom. Lea, Lea. Did you sleep well? I haven’t seen you in ages. Let’s ride this with Lea. Good. Catch it! Gosh. Everyone’s here. – Hello. / – Hello. Hi! Look at you smile. Hello. You’re so pretty. Hello. Catch it! Look at this. Wow! Wow! Seoeon, here. Seojun likes it. – He likes it. / – Good. All the neighborhood kids run around and play at Hwijae’s playground. Thanks to dad, the twins meet their friends and the world. Is your dad here? Hello. Hi, it’s nice to meet you. – What month was Seojun born? / – March. – March? / – Yes. – What month was he born? / – April. April 15th. – They’re almost a month apart. / – Really? Yes. – Is he your first child? / – No, my second. – Your second? / – Yes. They’re a year apart. – A year apart… / – He’s 3. I heard it’s harder raising kids born a year apart. It’s death. – Total death. / – I know a family like that. They tell us not to complain about being tired. When my first child was 10 months, I found out I was pregnant. It’s death for 3 years. I carried the baby on my back and looked up into the night sky. Tears flowed from my eyes. Left arm, put your left arm through. Back when every moment was filled with tears… Why didn’t Hwijae know that he too was growing with his children? But now, Hwijae is a Superman, as competent as any other dad out there. Seoeon, do you like what he’s doing? Seoeon, you’re a puppy trainer. You’re a puppy trainer. When parents look after their kids, the morning or afternoon just flies by. It’s like a gift, seeing kids speak and play with each other. I thought the weekend would be fun if each family brought just one toy outside with them. Ilkook visits the mountains to provide the triplets with a new experience. It’s so heavy. Hello. My heart’s fluttering. Hello. Hello, boys! What’s going on? Wow, biscuits! Yeah, biscuits! – Minguk too. / – Biscuits! Take it out. Wow. Say thank you. Can I have a photo, please? I even gave them biscuits. Hurry up and take a souvenir photo then. Take it for me. 1, 2. My hand’s shaking. – Thank you. / – It’s alright. Thank you. Say thank you. Thank you. – Bye! / – Yes, thank you. Why is it that nothing is easy? Hello. Nice to meet you. Welcome. I’m sorry… It’s quiet here and you all meditate and pray here. I don’t want to disturb you by making noise. It’s no problem. – Really? / – Yes, you’re welcome. Thank you for welcoming us. Hi. You’re Daehan. Minguk! Daehan. Minguk. Manse. We go to Gangwon-do often because of Minguk. When he goes outside and takes in the fresh air, his condition’s much better than when he’s at home. I think staying at a temple will be good for him. Also, I have memories of Buddhist temples from when I was young. I used to follow my grandma. When they sounded the temple block at the front during the service, I would go to the front and dance to the beat. You look handsome. Okay, lift your arm. Let’s go out. I’m sorry, sorry! Let’s go. Take your shoes off. Minguk, daddy’s going inside. She’s so nice. How sweet. Hello. Blow. It won’t come out. Please come this way. Gather around. – Hello. / – Today, all of us… We’re going to have fun at the temple. Should we introduce ourselves first? Should we? Say, “My name is so and so.” Begin. My name is so and so. Begin. – Ijun. / – My name is Jeong Ijun. Welcome. Good work. Okay, the person next to him. My name is Park Gabi. Good. Next? – My name is Gwon Dana. / – You have a big voice. Say, “My name is Minguk.” – Try it. / – My name is Minguk. – Go on. / – My name is Minguk. – It’s okay. Say it. / – My name is Manse. Then would Manse like to go first? Manse? What’s your name? Try saying, “My name is Manse.” Triplets… Then can all 3 of you do it together? Who’s Daehan? Raise your hand. Who’s Daehan? – Daehan! / – He’s Daehan. Give Daehan a clap. – I’m Manse. / – Next… Who’s Minguk? Minguk. – Minguk. / – Clap! – Good work. / – Manse too. Manse! – Manse, Manse. / – Yes, Manse. Let’s give Manse a clap too. Let’s all get up and learn how to bow. Stand up! Put your hands together, please. – Hands together. / – Children at the back, ready? Ijun, put your hands together. – Smack… / – This… – If you don’t listen… / – Smack! – It’s for smacking. / – Smack. How scary. If you don’t listen… Look! – Smack. Like this. / – Smack! How scary. If you don’t listen. – How scary. It really hurts too. / – It’s for smacking. Okay, hands together. Put your hands together. – Hands together. Good! / – Hands together. – Very good. / – Okay, half bow. – With your hands together. / – Half bow. Good work. Daehan, hands together. – Hands together. / – Hands together. Good boy. Manse, you’re good. Okay, let’s do a full bow now. The monk will show you. Watch this monk do it. – Bow. Watch this monk. / – I’ll stay here. Good work. Bow. – Watch this monk. / – I’ll stay here. Good work, good work. – Minguk, bow. / – Stand up. Good work, children. Everyone get up. – Hands together again. / – Minguk, the other way. Hands together. Put your hands together. – Stand up, stand up. / – Get up. – Good boys. Hands together. / – Good, Manse. – Minguk, get up too. / – Manse… Manse feels at home here. Hands together and do a half bow. Good work. Good work, good work. Good work. You can’t leave food here. No, no. I said no. Hey! Hey! Hey! No, no! No! – No, not yet. / – You can’t eat yet. Please give me the bamboo stick. I will have to smack you if you eat now. She’s going to smack you. If you eat now, you’ll be smacked. Okay? At the temple, we all eat together. 4 people sit here. Up to Dana. Ijun, Ijun, Gabi. Come here. You can’t eat yet. If you eat now, you’ll be smacked, okay? – No smacks. / – She’ll smack you. I won’t smack you. – No smacks. / – I won’t smack you. – She’s not going to smack you. / – Sit down here. – Sit next to Dana. / – No, no, no. – Manse, sit here. / – Don’t eat! – Sit down here. / – Daehan, sit here. Everyone sit down in a row. – Let’s sit down. / – Sit there, okay. Let’s see who looks pretty sitting down. Who looks pretty? Come on… They told me this at daycare. Kids act differently when their parents are around and when they’re not. Children are more spoiled around their parents and don’t behave. When their parents aren’t there, children do a good job. The teachers told me that I’d be surprised. Look here. In the left bowl, we place the rice and sides. Minguk! Minguk… Hey! I told you we all eat together at the temple. You have to wait, okay? – Yes… / – What did you eat? Minguk, did you eat? No, he didn’t eat anything. Dana’s protecting you. Mothers, please place a little rice in their bowls and sides… Minguk, don’t do that. I think Minguk deserves a smack. You need to be smacked. No! Don’t smile at me like that. Don’t eat from now on, okay? – I can’t eat now. / – We’ll eat soon. – No! / – Not now. I can’t eat now. Yes, good boy. Minguk, don’t eat now. You’re so cute. When I sound the bamboo stick, eat. – Thank you for the meal. / – Yes, eat. Enjoy your meal. No. – You can have it after you eat. / – If you don’t listen… – Eat first. / – You can have it after your meal. Sit down properly like this. Yes. Goodness. Goodness… They must be tired as they haven’t had a nap. They’re not whining. They’re so good. Hold the bowl and eat. Lift the bowl and eat like this. Kiss. Kiss. Kiss. Alligator, alligator, alligator. Alligator. What’s that sound? Lion, lion. Lion. Lion? Lion. – Lion? / – Roar. Is that what it sounded like? The lion roared. The lion roared. It went roar. I’m hungry. Can I have a rice cake? Just one piece so you can’t tell. I’ll fill it back up like this. I’m starving. They’re eating but I haven’t had a thing to eat. I always thought that heaven existed only in the heart. Now that I’m here, there is a heaven. – Wait… / – Yes? Should I say paradise? Should I say paradise? There’s a heaven. It’s great. It is, right? I want to come here often with the boys. Please come again. If you only invite us… Yes. Ilkook can’t believe his luck. The triplets have done a great job. Meanwhile, Haru has gotten up earlier than her dad as usual. What’s she doing alone? I drew a fish. I drew the ocean here. Who drew this fish? I did. It’s so good. Wow. Good job. You drew a great picture. What do you want to do today? I want to eat first then go to the beach. To the beach? But dad… Yes? In the ocean… – Yes? / – The fish are all grown up. So if we’re small, the fish will eat us. That’s why we have to eat well. So they can’t eat us. I see. We should eat breakfast then, right? Yes. They go to a restaurant to have breakfast. It’s filled with animal friends. Doggy, come out. Doggy, come here. Why isn’t the owner coming? Should we go find him? Yes. Where’s the doggy owner? Are the doggy owner by any chance? Yes. It’s really pretty. – It is, right? / – But… What’s the name of the chocolate colored dog? Jjanggu. – Excuse me? / – Jjanggu. Jjanggu? Why did you call it that? I called it that as it’s pretty. What? – Haru loves dogs. / – I see. She really loves dogs. She likes all animals. I see. – Do you want a dog? / – Yes. I’ll give you a dog then. Where? – You can have it later when you go. / – Where? Where? Where? I don’t see it. Where is it? – Thanks for the offer but no. / – Yes… Thanks but no. Where is it? Where? We have to take the puppy! No. Why not? We have to take it. No. I’m not going to take it home. Then? Just here… You’re going to bring it here and eat? Yes. Wow. What’s this? It’s really good. Is it? Yes. Haru, I think this is raw fish. Excuse me. What’s this fish? What is it? It’s chicken. Can you eat raw chicken? Do you eat raw chicken? – Yes, in this district… / – I want this. We eat raw chicken. It tastes good if you eat it with sesame oil. What’s this then? The red meat? Chicken gizzards. It’s chicken gizzards? – Yes. / – Raw chicken gizzards? Yes. Enjoy your meal. Thank you. Anyway, it tastes good. Cock-a-doodle-doo! Quack, quack, quack. Quack, quack, quack, quack, quack. Bite it. – 1, 2, 3. / – Is it hot? A little. I’ll blow it so it’s not hot. Together, together. Don’t spit on it like that. You should eat it, right? Bite it. It’s good, isn’t it? This bone… Can I give it to the dog? Not the bone. The dog can’t eat the bone. – The bone… / – No. How about chicken? Chicken meat is okay. She said the meat is okay. When we’re finished and there’s food left over, let’s give it to the puppy. Don’t eat too much then. Don’t eat too much? – Right. / – Why not? We have to leave some for the dog. Do you want me to eat a lot or the dog to eat a lot? The dog. After a delicious meal, they set out on a street date. They’ve arrived at a mural village full of pretty murals. Haru, look! You want it to come down? Lift me up. – That wall… / – Dad. The butterfly’s hurt. Why? The wings are torn. Yes. Butterfly, be strong. Please try to fly. The butterfly must be in a lot of pain. I’m sure its friends will help. Do you think so? Where are you, friends? I think the butterfly’s friends will come after hearing your voice. Haru, a butterfly! Haru, a butterfly! Oh! We’ve found the butterfly’s friend. The one that hurt its wings. Right. I hope it goes to help its friend. Wow, Haru. Your favorite! Dolphins! Mommy dolphin, baby dolphin. What are they talking about? They can’t talk. Dad, it’s the beach. Sarang is excited about her date with dad. Look how happy she is. Ring, ring. Please move. The bicycle is coming. Ring, ring. The mister ahead of me, please be careful. Ring, ring. Please move. Very good. You’re good. Where have the Choos come to enjoy their date? The nature experience center where you can meet animals you wouldn’t normally see via video. Sunghoon has come here hoping that Sarang will become more familiar with animals. Sarang, look. It’s dangerous. What’s wrong? It’s moving. It’s dangerous? Sarang, what’s this? Stand here. Wow, you’re a panda. We’re pandas. Sarang, what’s this? Where are you going? I’m scared! I’m sorry. Want to take a photo? No! I don’t want to. Okay. Oh! Look at this. It’s daddy and Sarang. Squirrel. We’re riding it together. One more time? Let’s go. Okay, let’s do it. A snake. One more time! One more time! Want to do it once more? Okay. Okay, let’s go! Wow. Thank you. Look at this. There’s an elephant. That’s a whale. It’s the earth. We can eat all this. Sarang, here’s the giraffe! The giraffe is here! Okay then. Who wants to eat the giraffe? Me! No, you have to say it louder. Me! One more time. Who wants to eat the giraffe? Me! Eat the giraffe. Is it good? Really? What’s this? A hippo! Hippo, hippo. Open up. Hippo. Please give it to me. Okay. Don’t gobble it up like that. Who do you like better? The giraffe or the elephant? This one? What’s this? – Giraffe! / – This one? Elephant! Good. Which one do you prefer? Don’t do that. I want to eat this one. No. No. Let’s play rock, paper, scissors then. Rock, paper, scissors! Rock, paper, scissors! Rock, paper, scissors! Rock, paper, scissors! Sarang, you won. You won! I’m going to eat it anyway. No! Why not? Is it good? Who wants to eat dried laver? Me! Me! Me. Me. Okay, wait a minute. We’ll play rock, paper, scissors later. What was the most fun thing here? The elephant and the giraffe. The giraffe was the most fun? Wait a minute. How does it feel being on a date with me? Did you have fun? Really? Really! Then you can eat this. The biggest one. This is a dinosaur. Say dinosaur. Dinosaur. – Please! / – Please! Okay. Eat the dinosaur. Let’s go. We’re finished. – Thank you for the meal. / – Thank you for the meal. Meanwhile, the cheeky twins are focused on something. Look at this. It’s a monkey. It’s sleeping. There’s a big one too. I think this one lives with people. Look how big it is. This is dangerous. That’s why people are watching from their cars. It’s a zoo. Look how many puppies and monkeys there are. Look! It cries like this. How do monkeys cry? The twins are full of curiosity now. Hwijae has taken them to a children’s zoo where they can touch and commune with the animals. What new things will they learn here? Wow! They have reptiles here. Wow. Lee Seojun. You should get together with Manse. Right? What? Do you feel embarrassed? You want one of these? You want one? Here. Do you want this? This? Here you are. Come this way. This way. What? You don’t want it? You want a different one? This one? I want this one. This one. This one? Pororo? Okay, here. Seojun? Seoeon too? This one? Okay. Wow. Look! There’s a dog. A huge dog. Hello. They’ve never seen a dog that big before. It’s a big dog. Yes. Seoeon, Seojun. It’s a big doggy. Pat it and say it’s pretty. How pretty. So pretty. Don’t hit it. – Puppy, puppy. / – How pretty. Stroke it and say it’s pretty. This one’s a 1-year-old retriever. – This one’s 3 months. / – Gosh. Are they mother and son? No, they’re both male. Seoeon, pat it and say it’s pretty. Say it’s pretty. Go on. Want to try it? Yes, good. How pretty. How pretty. It feels soft, right? Seoeon, look. It’s moving. Wow! It looks like you, Seoeon. Yes. Seojun, you’re not afraid of anything. It’s an earless seal. Wow! You can’t go inside, Seojun. You want to go inside? You want to go in? No. You can’t do that. Just watch them play. Yes. Isn’t it amazing? Look at it. How scary. Give me your hand. Good. Wow. How many times have you done that now? Wow. Lee Seoeon, you’re so cute. What should I do? Wow. Come here. Let’s go. Come this way. The animals will all come out. Wow. Look how many there are. Watch daddy feed it. Look at me. – Hold it and feed from the top. / – Okay. You’re so eager. Come here. Come this way. Come here. Oops. See? It’s because you’re too aggressive. Come here, goat. You’re too eager. Look at this. Seoeon, Seojun. If you’re too aggressive in life like this… You do end up with something. Where’s the pig? You… Not you guys. Move! Poor thing… I said move. Let’s give it to the pig. I feel sorry for it. I said go. No… Pig. Here you are. Pig, you eat it. They’re just like fish who gather around when you feed them bread or sausages. Seoeon, you’re not afraid? You want to go down? You’re the one who wanted to be put down. They’re so well-behaved. Pig, pig. Seoeon, that’s a pig. – I’ll take that. / – Thank you. Seoeon. Yes. Come here. I’ll hold you. Were you shocked? Seoeon, come here. What’s this? It’s a reticulated python. – I see. / – It won’t attack. Seoeon, touch it like this. Seoeon. Seoeon, do this. He gets scared easily. Seojun. Want to touch it? He’s good. He’s good. He’s good. He doesn’t get scared at all. Do it like this. Want to put it around your neck? – Is that okay? / – Yes. – Around my neck? / – With the kids. – Use this hand. / – How is it? – You’re good. / – Don’t hold it. Don’t grab its tail, Seojun. It’s coming towards my face. It’s alright. It won’t attack. – Really? / – Yes. Seoeon, look at daddy. Wow. Want to try it too? Let’s try it, Seoeon. Here we go. Put it on this hand. Does it have ears? – No but it feels the vibration. / – The vibration? Please put it down now. Is it okay, Seoeon? – It feels nice, right? / – Yes. Yes… Yes. It’s okay when you’re with me, right? It’s fun, isn’t it? Mom! Mom! Can you put it around us again? I want to take a photo and send it to their mom. – Okay. / – Yes, with my cell phone. So I can send it to my wife. – Okay. / – 1, 2, 3! Gosh! Look! It’s huge. Oh, my goodness. Wow. – Hello. / – Hello. – Nice to meet you. / – Hello. Nice to meet you. Hello. It’s an 11-year-old female orangutan. – I see. / – It loves looking after young children. – Oh… / – She even brought biscuits for them. – There you go. / – Thank you. She even gave you a gift. She wants you to follow her. She wants to do something. I have to take my son. This feels weird. Are you scared? She’s eating our biscuits. She’s Orang. It felt like a human hand when I held her hand. Orang, that’s theirs. Give them one. You can’t eat it all yourself. Seojun’s not scared. Seoeon, Orang… Orang ate all our biscuits. Orang… Peel the banana and give it to them. Peel it for me. Want me to do it? – She can’t be bothered. / – It’s a nuisance? Seoeon, want some? No? You thought he was giving it to you? – What? / – Oh, no. She took it from you? – You thought he was giving it you? / – Is that it? – You thought he was giving it to you? / – I see. But… Let the baby have one. Good. This? – Give him one. Here. / – Yes. – Here. / – Yes. Thanks. Here. Say thank you. Here. A baby monkey. If you don’t want it, she’ll take it. Orang, he’s crying. I thought you were good at looking after babies. You even fed porridge to the baby monkey. Orang, should we eat this together? Do you know how to eat this? Oh, my God. – She doesn’t study but… / – Oh, my God. – She knows how to eat and survive. / – Oh. Here. Share it with Orang. – You’re friends now. / – Are you finished? Don’t be scared of her. Orang, let’s clean up now. Wipe the table, Orang. I thought it was a human. Orang, wipe up around you. They thought it was a human. Orang’s wiping her mouth first. I said wipe the table. You said you’re good with babies. – Wipe the table. / – Bikkies? What? Bikkies? What? Don’t tell him to do it. You do it. Orang… – Seojun, say bye to Orang. / – Wipe it clean. Wipe it clean. Good job, Orang. She’s wiping up well. Seoeon, are you wiping the floor? Don’t use that to wipe your mouth. Orang, open up. Ah! Orang, you’ve got a big mouth. Ah! Oh! Look to the front. Orang, do a sexy pose. – Orang, wait. / – Oh… Look to the front. Show me your lips! We’re at a tea field. I’ll teach you to pick tea leaves. Wow. The leaves look so pretty. They’re green tea leaves. Green tea leaves. These? Yes. Okay. 1, 2, 3. How about this? Good job. And here… This too. Yes. Good. Does Haru like green tea. Yes, she loves it. Ever since she was a baby. I see. Does the puppy really like green tea? Yes. – Can we feed it to him? / – He loves it. Yes. Here. Eat up. His mother used to eat a lot of tea leaves. Really? He likes it too. Here, eat it. What’s this? That’s a tea leaf too. I don’t know if you’ll like it. – I want to eat it. / – How does it taste? Chew thoroughly. Haru. What does it tastes like? It has an exciting taste. An exciting taste? Really? – Yes. / – Is it tasty? – Wow, she’s strange. / – You like it. Everyone else, try one too. Tablo, try one too. It’s good. It feels like my first love. You haven’t swallowed it. Hey! Eat this. Eat this. Eat it. This is great. I’m so happy. The noodles are green. Black bean noodles! It looks good, doesn’t it? Blow it first. Blow it and eat it. Put it in your mouth now. – Wait. / – Yes? I’m going to spin it around. Good. You know how to eat it. Is it good? Totally! Totally good? It’s totally good. You? Me too. Same here. Slurp it. You look like a bird. Can you eat all that? You look like an eagle. Wow! You’re so cute. I thought Haru didn’t like black bean noodles. She only ate it if I washed the noodles. When I heard that she ate all the green tea noodles… I thought, “Have I been starving her?” Haru, mom said that you don’t like eating black bean noodles. You love it. Mom doesn’t know you very well. She just pretends that she does. I know you better than she does! Haru, when you eat delicious food, who do you most want to eat it with? – Dad! / – Really? Then who’s next? Mom. Then who? That’s all. That’s all? – Dad. / – Yes? Are you excited or not? I’m really excited. Haru, let’s take a photo. 1, 2, 3. Do a pretty pose. 1, 2, 3. Do the pose you do for geese. 1, 2, 3. Quack, quack, quack, quack, quack. On the way, we could meet a big, scary bear. Pose for the bear. 1, 2, 3. 1, 2, 3. How about if we meet a dinosaur on the way? – What will you do? A dinosaur pose! / – Roar! Roar! Roar! You and I are so alike. The things we do… 1, 2, 3. Roar! – Roar. / – Roar! Roar! Let’s go, dad. Like nothing ever happened. Oh? Dad, do you hear that? Yes. What is it? – What is it? / – I think there are geese here. Geese? Do they like green tea? They must’ve come to play. We should look for them then. We need binoculars so we can see. Look! That way! Let’s go. Oh? I’ve found something! It’s an apple tree but there are no apples. Who’s eaten all the apples? I think a goose flew over and ate them all. A goose? A skinny goose ate it all and got fat. We should look for it then. Let’s go. Oh? What’s that? I think someone ate it and dropped it here. Who? The goose ate it here and dropped it. – Really? / – It fell… It fell and that way! Over there, that way. It went that way. Really? It dropped this here. Let’s go. Wait a minute. Wait! Wait. I have something to say. We heard geese before. Why can’t we hear it now? What’s happened then? I think the goose went that way so we can’t hear it. It went far away? Before, it was close so we could hear a quacking sound. Now, it’s gone far so we can’t hear it. Really? Let’s go. Haru. Why are you behaving like Sherlock Holmes? Can you tie your own laces now? Haru, you’ve become really mature on our climb here. Really. You grow at the blink of an eye. – Haru, do you like coming outdoors with me? / – Yes. Where did you have the most fun with me? – The beach. / – Huh? – The beach. / – The beach? Where else? The mudflats. The mudflats? Do you remember when we went fishing? Dad and Haru have shared so many memories. The journey with dad is always filled with joy and a new world lies at the end of the journey. In that way, children grow a little at a time. Did you have fun? Yes. Dad, let’s go that way. Okay. Are the triplets still behaving well? Dad, dad. Wait a minute. Dad’s coming later. No. I want to go to dad. – Dad’s coming inside. / – Dad, dad, dad. Dad’s here. I’m sorry. Sit down. You have to sit down now. Otherwise, you’ll be scolded. Come this way. Minguk, we’ll go there later. 1, 2, 3. Sit. Go and find it. Look this way. Who’s doing a good job? Hands together. I thought they finished eating. Daehan, let’s go drink water. It’s dangerous here. Dad, your car! No, that’s not my car. She’s going to scold you. Hands together. If you don’t, I may need to scold you. Put your hands together. – Hands together. / – Hands together. – Hands together, Daehan. / – Hands together. Hands together. Hands together. You should come here without the camera so we can discipline them. It’s okay. – You can scold them. / – Dad. Don’t scold me. Manse… Twinkle, twinkle, little star. How I wonder what you are. Up above the world so high. Like a diamond in the sky. Twinkle, twinkle, little star. How I wonder what you are. You’re good. Three little bears live in the house. Daddy bear. Mommy bear. Baby bear. Daddy bear is fat. Mommy hear is thin. Baby bear is so cute. Shrug, shrug, good job. I want to sing now. I was so shocked. I wouldn’t say this if he had grabbed the microphone like that at home before. He’s never done anything like that but he was so relaxed about it. Maybe he wants to take my path… If he wants to be a celebrity? I’ll let him. Please sit down. Please sound the bell. Please sit down over here. We’re going to try meditation. Gather around. Come here. Sit down over here. No one’s sitting. Move! Minguk, come here. Lie down. I don’t want to lie down. Auntie, auntie! I want to take a rest. I need to rest. Take your shoes off. No, no. Maybe if we tell them to sit on the grass. They won’t sit down. We should play hide and seek. Let me go and get the bamboo stick. The bamboo stick? Yes, I’m going to get it. Minguk, come here. There’s something over there. Bug, bug! What is it? The monk’s calling you, Daehan. It’s a big insect. It’s really big. Say hi. Say hello. Tell it that you won’t hurt it. Hi. Have a good life. Say that. Okay? Say hello. Hello. Don’t hurt it, okay? Just say hi. Then say bye. This is a baby spider. Hello, bug! Hello, bug! Yes, good boy. Like that. I’m scared. Why? It’s much smaller than you. It’s okay. It’s alive, just like you. The bug’s alive, that’s why. That’s why it’s moving. It fell. It fell, didn’t it? It’s not scary. – It doesn’t even bite. / – But it’s sticky, right? Yes. Take a look at the corn. Don’t just eat it. Smell it. How does it smell? It just smells like corn? Is it tasty? Manse, what did the corn say? What did it say? Yellow! Yellow? You eat so well. Okay, more juice. Let’s sound the bell. The bell. Minguk, I love you. – Say hello. / – I love you. Good. I love you. – I love you. / – Yes. Good boy. No, no. Manse. No, over here. Come here. Manse. Are you finding it tough? I’m sorry that I’m just watching. I love babies. I don’t find it hard playing with babies. We’re so relaxed right now. That’s good. This feels like heaven. Plus, they’re well-behaved. Minguk, is the juice tasty? I’ll wipe it for you. Minguk. Daehan, Minguk and Manse were much better than I had imagined. Gosh. I experienced heaven today. I want to go there often. The monks will probably refuse. Ilkook’s busy preparing dinner for the well-behaved triplets. Mister, what are you doing? Mister, what are you doing? Mister, what are you doing? Mister, what are you doing? Mister. Mister, what are you doing? Sit down. Come here. Minguk, sit down. Let’s sit down. Okay! What’s this? Poli chopsticks! Poli? Wow! Look, let me teach you. Daehan, use it like this. Hold it like this. Put your thumb through. No, like this. Then like this. That’s good. Eat like this. Do it like dad. Like this. Like this, good. Daehan, you’re good. Daehan, do it like this. It works, right? Good. Run like this. Put it together like this. Together like this. Put it together. Good, together. Good! Hold them and put them together, Minguk. No, hold it tight. Do it like this, look. No, like this! This! No, like this. Like this, like this. Food, food, food. Good. Daehan, you’re good. Okay, okay. Let’s eat black bean noodles. Okay! Black bean noodles. Use your chopsticks. Okay? Use your chopsticks to grab it. Look. It’s hot. Eat it like this. Then like this. Enjoy your meal. Put them apart. Then grab it like this. Lift and eat. Good job. Look at daddy. Let me do it for you. Minguk, is it hard? Want to eat with a fork then? With a fork? Yes. Okay. It’s hard using chopsticks, right? Dad, it’s on my hands. It’s okay. It’s on my hands. Let me wipe your hands for you. Wipe here for me. Where? Here. Here? Okay. Since when have you been so neat? – Here. / – Daddy, I’ve got some. – I’ve got some. / – It’s okay. It’s okay. It’s okay to get sauce on you when you eat. Don’t be so neat. Daehan, it’s okay to get sauce on you. Eat it like this. Look. Eat it and get sauce on you. See? I’ve got sauce on me. Here. Dad, I’ve got some. It’s okay! Next episode… Where is this location that’s filled with tension? – Why isn’t it working? / – Why isn’t it? Daehan, Minguk and Manse. Can they do a good job this time? Hwijae and his sons put on a dance party in the middle of the night. Who’s the dancing king tonight? Stop it. Children grow with their parents’ love. A dad’s words make his children dream. Good job. The Return of Superman. Episode 50. “Growing Up With Compliments.” Don’t miss out.

Glenn Chapman


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