The Return of Superman | 슈퍼맨이 돌아왔다 – Ep.309 Part. 1 [ENG/IND/2019.12.29]

The Return of Superman, episode 309. “The Long-Awaited Today.” Which family is at the airport? It’s William and Bentley. I guess they’re going somewhere. (Hello.) They seem to be in a great mood. (Adorable) – My adorable baby brother. / – Gosh, he’s so cute. (He loves it.) He’s patting himself. (Ben wants William to pat him a little more.) He wants him to do it more. – Do you want it? / – He wants more. Okay. Our adorable Ben. – How cute. / – Ben. – He’s so excited. / – William. He wants his big brother to do it. (William, pat me.) Where are they going – to be so excited? / – Do you know where we’re going? – Yes. / – Where? – To bye-bye. / – “Bye-bye”? Du-du! (They’re going to do “bye-bye”.) Are they going to say “bye-bye”? That’s right. – Dubai. Bye-bye. / – Dubai! Why are we going there? My friend lives there. – We’re going to meet him. / – You have friends? (He’s never heard of it.) Are you kidding me? That was quite a direct hit. I have a lot of friends. – He definitely has many connections. / – Yes. I became friends with this guy when I lived in Itaewon. He’s currently in Dubai. Our schedules meet, so I decided to visit him – with my kids. / – That’s nice. Let’s check the schedule. Let’s check the flight schedule. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight… (They move to the gate.) (What?) What’s going on? (William gets flown off.) – I did not trip. / – He seems too nonchalant. William! (Did something happen?) – That was so natural. / – I know. What are you doing? – There’s something here. / – I see. Nice. (Let’s go now.) What were you doing there? – Hold on tight. There you go. / – Hold on tight. I want to eat. – You want to eat? / – Food! I knew you’d be hungry, so I prepared something. Here comes William’s favorite. Oh my gosh. It’s dongchimi. Food, food, food. – They can’t exactly have a full meal there. / – Right. (Bentley begins eating.) (Savoring) – It’s yummy. / – “That’s the taste.” – Is it good? / – Yummy. – It’s yummy, yummy. / – He’s straightforward. Dad, I want to take this dongchimi with us. We can’t take any food with us. I prepared this so you can eat it now. (They have to finish it before they leave.) – Oh, no. / – Right, you can’t take any food. (Bentley is deep in thought.) It’s delicious. (He takes action.) – William, do you want rice? / – What? What do you want? (He puts it in his pocket.) – Rice. / – Just the rice? How did he think of that idea? Open up. (While his dad is busy…) – That’s so sneaky. / – He’s a genius. (He puts a delicious sausage in his pocket.) – This time… / – Rolled egg too. I didn’t know you could take food aboard like that. (Let’s go to Dubai together.) – Oh, no. His pocket is full. / – Gosh. – What are you doing? / – He’s caught. – What are you doing? / – He’s caught. Hey. What are you doing? – He’s feigning innocent. / – Ben! – I know you’re Ben. / – He’s changing the topic. What are you doing? What’s in there? What is this? What’s all this? – My food. / – No, you need to eat it. You need to eat it before we get on the plane. – Keep! / – You want to keep it? You want to eat all this in Dubai? – We will get caught if you do this. / – They will. He’s self-reflecting. He’s apologizing. – Dad. / – Yes? Show me the thing I can ride planes with. – The passport? / – You should take your passport. Give me! I brought them all. He’s checking in case his dad forgot them. He’s meticulous. (Let’s see.) This is… – Dad, we’re in trouble! / – Why? We can’t go! – Why not? / – Why not? What’s the matter? This isn’t Bentley’s passport. What’s the matter? Let me see. – Did he bring the wrong one? / – This picture was taken when Bentley wasn’t even a month old. This isn’t Bentley. It’s him. He grew up so much. Dad, let’s go! Okay, let’s go. Dubai! This beautiful miracle built in the middle of a desert is Dubai of the United Arab Emirates! (Hiding behind its splendor…) Its splendor blinds our eyes. We will see the most dynamic part of the Middle East. William and Bentley are visiting this mystical place. (William and Bentley are here!) Their grandeur is overwhelming. (How exciting.) (Again!) We’ll see them eat like never before. (And…) We’ll continue to be overwhelmed. (An overwhelming experience) (An ugly camel?) Camel! (Play with me, camel!) (Where’s Dad anyway?) (I’ll find him for you.) (What is that now?) They’re on an adventure to find treasure-like memories. William and Ben’s expedition in the Middle East starts now. (After 10 hours of flight…) After a 10-hour flight, they arrived at a place situated in the middle of a desert. Dubai, Dubai. Dubai! We’re here. Is this place Dubai? Yes. Dubai. – We’re here! / – They’re all excited. Guys, look. Let’s go. Dad, wait. It was cold earlier. But after we rode on the plane, it got really warm. – It was winter just 10 hours ago. / – William. This place is really warm. He’s melting. He’s melting with the snowman. Do you know what’s cool? It’s winter here right now. – Right, it’s winter there too. / – It’s really winter. – Dad, you’re lying. / – He doesn’t believe Sam. It’s summer here. – No. / – Magic. (Abracadabra, hot summer) Look. The sun is this big. The sun is really bright. Dad. Eureka! – “Eureka”? / – “Eureka”? (Let’s raise our hands!) (What could it be?) It’s a famous building in Dubai. It’s Dubai Frame. It’s frame-shaped. There’s nothing in the middle. It’s a cool building. Are we going over there to take pictures? Let’s go and meet my friend first. Right, they should go to his friend’s house first. Where’s your friend’s house? Where is it? Over there? No, it’s not that house. Here! – Is Bentley leading them? / – Do you know where it is? This way. This way. Hey, wait. Their address is… It’s here. This is the address. Did we arrive? Try pressing the bell. William’s Dad is here. Please open the door. (The gate opens slowly…) Gosh, Dubai. – That’s Dubai. / – That’s Dubai. It’s magic. They keep on seeing magic. We’re here. (Someone appears from behind the magic gate.) – William. / – Hammad. – It’s Uncle Hammad. / – What’s up, my friend? – He has a kid their age. / – Long time no see. – Hello. What’s up? / – It’s good to see you. – Hello. / – He’s good at greeting people. – Hey, Sayid. / – Say “hi”. How cute. He’s so handsome. It looks like you’ve put on a little bit of weight. Please. He’s happy to meet them. – Hi. / – Dubai’s bigger than that. – He’s greeting them properly. / – Hi, I’m William. Hi. Hi. Hi. (Nice to meet you, my friend.) Who’s a big boy? – He’s Bentley’s age. / – Isn’t it nice to meet them? (It’s nice.) He must be happy to meet a friend. I think I invited you 10 years ago, and you didn’t want to come. It’s been 10 years, man. Did you eat? – “Did you eat”? / – We only had plane food. – Can he speak Korean? / – Do you want some? – He speaks Korean? / – Let’s go in. Were you Korean? No. You were surprised, right? He knows how to speak Korean. – He’s lived in Itaewon after all. / – He’s good at it. – Dad. / – Goodness. Sayid is good too. (Hammad married a Korean woman.) His wife is Korean. Let’s go in. Let’s go in. Hand. – That’s why his Korean is good. / – By the way, where is your house in the building? All of it. – What? / – What? – I’m so envious. / – This is my house. This is how big things are in the Middle East. (Once you enter through the front doors,) (there is a clean and wide living room.) That’s crazy. The stairs are endless. (The second floor is pleasant!) Back in Itaewon, you lived in a small room. Yes. It’s a good life now. This is Dubai. – He was hiding his identity. / – You got big. The country gives us a house each. (Amazing!) – It’s big. / – That’s awesome. – I’m so envious, Sayid. / – It’s so nice. – It’s nice! / – One, two, three! Dad, is this house leased? Does he understand what a lease is? He knows because we live in a leased place. – I own this one. / – He owns it! – His Korean is really good. / – Seriously. (They enter Hammad’s house!) Take our shoes off? Yes, you can take your shoes off here. Shoes. Take off your shoes. (Exclaiming) – This is cool. / – It’s cool. What horse? – There’s a horse. / – There’s a horse. – Dad! / – There’s a horse in the house. – Dad! Horse! / – Bentley is shocked. It’s a horse. Your house is really nice. This is basic in Dubai. I’m envious. But it’s hard to maintain. I bet. I’m still envious. (Meanwhile…) (This place is really…) – Big! / – “Big”. Bentley thinks it’s big too. (It’s vast compared to their place!) They have enough room for kids to run and slide. No, don’t touch that. No. That hurts. That hurts! Gosh, gosh. He’s not used to the marble floor yet. (What a scary floor.) Dad. Sayid must find Bentley interesting. What do you think of Dubai? (This amazing land on top of a desert is…) How will they answer him? – It’s here. / – Here. Have you been to Dubai? (It’s the land of miracles, isn’t it?) Dubai is the land where rabbits ride on horses. The rabbit is riding the horse. Yes. Bentley is showing them. Horse. Riding horse. – Nice. / – It’s riding. – It’s riding. / – Yes, it’s riding. – Uncle Hippo… / – “Uncle Hippo”? It’s not “Hippo”, it’s “Hammad”. – Hammad. / – Hammad. Water. Water. That’s right. Hippos live in water. Water. Hippos live in water, right? – Yes. / – Yes. – What do hippos do? / – Hippo. What do they do? I’m not a hippo. I’m Hammad. He says he’s not a hippo, but Bentley keeps on explaining what a hippo is. (The hippo is climbing a rope…) Gosh. (What a funny guy.) You still have the dialect. It’s the only way to communicate in my wife’s hometown. Is his wife from Gyeongsang Province? Where’s your wife? – She went out. / – Dad. Dad. It’s her day off today, so she went to see her friends. – Is it her day off? / – Yes. Dad, I’m hungry. – Are you hungry? / – Yes. Are you hungry? What food will they eat in Dubai? – Here. / – I’m curious. What is that? (Date palms) – Date palms? / – It’s good. Try it. Sayid eats it well. – Is there such a thing? / – I’ve tried it before. – Really? / – Yes. – It’s really sweet. / – What is this? – Kids would love it. / – Date palms. Korea doesn’t have this. You can only find this fruit in the deserts. – Does it ripen like this? / – Yes. Jujube. – He can say it well. / – Jujube. I want to give them presents. – Did they bring a gift? / – We prepared something. – Yes. / – Can you give them the gifts? Yes. Your gifts are here! Gifts. – This is… / – Sayid, you got a gift. Look. Do you know what this is, Cider? – “Cider”? / – “Cider”? – “Cider”? It’s Sayid. / – It’s Sayid. Sayid. – You can eat it with rice. / – Thank you. It’s what you like, Sayid. It’s seaweed. – Seaweed. / – It’s seaweed. There’s no better gift than that when you go abroad. – That’s right. / – And shoes for Sayid. Sayid, shoes. They got him traditional Korean shoes. It’s Korean shoes. They bought such nice presents. – It’s shoes. / – Feet. (Moved) Sayid likes it too. (What?) Why are you putting them on? Hey, these are for Sayid. Why are you putting them on? Hey. Did you want to wear them? – Yes. / – Those shoes are for Sayid. Just leave them behind when you go. (They’re pretty.) (It’s uncomfortable.) Yes. He tried them on, and they’re not comfortable. Take them off. Aren’t they Sayid’s? No! He wants to take them off, but he can’t. – Tap dance. / – He can’t take them off. Twisting your legs won’t get them off you. Come here. I’ll pull them off. How cute. He can’t go to his dad because they’re uncomfortable. He’s so frustrated. Come here. Come here. Take them off. (I feel sorry for my friend.) Take them off. Take them off. (Bentley’s life is full of drama.) – We have some of these. / – Really? – Do you have some? / – He needs to soothe his heart. – Only snacks will do. / – Exactly. (This is the true taste of freedom!) Yes. (By the way…) Sayid, you’re wearing such nice clothes. Where did you buy your clothes? – Yes, it’s really nice. / – Do you like it? Then I have something to show you. – Should I show it to you? / – What is it? I have presents for you. (Yes!) Hurry over. – He has something too? / – He prepared them. – Hold on. / – What is it? You didn’t have to. Thank you so much. He’s thanking him wholeheartedly. What could it be? Check it out. (What is it?) Are they clothes? Uncle, what is this? – “Kandura”. / – Are they clothes from Dubai? – Dubai’s traditional clothes, kandura. / – Right. (Uncle Hammad’s closet) – Kandura makes you look rich. / – I want to try it on. – I can’t wait to see the kids in kandura. / – William and Bentley, come on down. Assalamualaikum. (Here comes the prince of UAE from Eungam-dong.) – How cute! / – You look cool. – He’s so cute. / – He looks rich! – I know. / – You look like a prince. (Clothes can change a person.) You look cool. Baby, come on down! Ben! – Ben. / – Goodness. He’s so cute. Ben. He’s careful with every step. – He looks like a prince. / – I know. How could it suit them so well? – I don’t know. / – Assalamualaikum. Yes! (Thank you, Uncle Hammad!) He’s excited. (I’m glad you like them.) Where did Ben go? – Why? Why? / – Where did Ben go? He’s getting a different energy after changing clothes. That’s amazing. (I met another me.) There you are. He was feeling the energy of Mother Earth. Shall we eat? Sayid, let’s play together. How cute. They got close. (Peek-a-boo, Sayid.) He’s my little brother. How’s Itaewon these days? It’s been a while since I last went to Itaewon too. – We used to meet up at Hamilton. / – It’s impossible – to forget if you’ve been there. / – We met so long ago. Now we both have kids. It feels so different. Itaewon back then – They look sentimental. / – was the best. Hearing an Australian and an Emirati talk about Itaewon – is fascinating. / – It’s quite a sight. After I got married, I became a Jinju person. When did you last go to Korea? We went during the Korean Thanksgiving. Did you know? Masan doesn’t exist anymore. Is Masan gone? Yes, Masan is gone. It’s part of Changwon now. Jinju and Masan are pretty close. Is this a subject they should talk about in Dubai? (Meanwhile, the three cute brothers are…) As expected, kids get close quickly. – What is that? / – Doesn’t he know what a snowman is? (Sayid has never seen snow.) (Don’t you know snow?) (He must know what a nose is, right?) It’s snow. It’s a snowman. – It doesn’t snow in Dubai. / – No. – Sayid must not know what it is. / – Doesn’t it snow in your country? – No, no. / – You’re right. – You don’t have it? / – It did not occur to me. – No, no. / – He’s saying it doesn’t snow. Do they not have snow? Is it because the sun is big here? Want. Sayid wants to see snow too. Do you want me to make it snow? How? How will you do that? (Horse, horse, horse) (That’s easy to say.) – He’s saying it doesn’t make sense. / – Right. How can he make it snow in Dubai? (It’s going to be hard.) Hold on. I saw it earlier. (It’s…) Something white? (It’s the box that carried the traditional shoes.) There were fillers inside. This is it. This is it. Hold on, Sayid. Sayid, it’s snow! (Snow, fall down!) – It’s snow! / – It looks pretty similar. – William is so creative. / – This is snow. William is such a good friend. – My gosh. / – Sayid is shocked. (He refills the snow.) (Sayid, are you watching?) It’s quite touching. (I’ll participate too.) Sayid, come here! William made snow fall in Dubai. It’s a miracle. (It’s the first snow for you!) (I hope it piles up.) What is this? – What are you doing? / – What is this? It’s snow. It’s a mess. – Sayid never saw snow. / – Yes. Thanks to William, he got to see snow. – Sayid is happy now. / – Did you want to show him? – Yes. / – Okay. Clean it up. – My goodness. / – Hey. Hey. Look at him take a peek. It’s okay. – Baby, why did you do this? / – William, clean it up. Clean this up. – Yes, clean this up. / – My goodness. Hammad, I’m sorry. – Baby, this is food. / – My kids are… – Gosh, I’m sorry. / – Sayid is the same too. I was planning to come after they’re a bit bigger. – It’s okay. / – It’s such a mess. I’m sorry. – Clean up before you go, okay? / – William. Your house is so big. It will take forever to clean. Hammad mentioned earlier – that it’s hard to maintain./ – Right. – Shall we clean? / – Sam. Dad. (Here you go.) Sayid had never seen snow before. William showed it to you. Thank you. – We’ve cleaned up. / – It’s a Middle Eastern meal. What do you want to eat? – Bread! / – Do you want to eat bread? Do you know anything else here? – Bread… / – What else is here? – Bread. / – Eat it. Thank you for the food. – Yummy! / – Enjoy. This is halloumi cheese. – It looks delicious. / – Do you know what this is? – Hummus. / – “Hummus”. – Hummus. Try it. / – We know hummus. – Watch Sayid eat. / – He’s a good eater. – Is the falafel good? / – This! Falafel. That’s falafel. – We have guests today. / – Hammad prepared a proper Middle Eastern meal for them. (Try this.) It might be new for William. – William. / – Meat, meat. – Isn’t it good? / – I guess it suits Bentley’s taste. – Shall we invite Sayid to our home? / – Yes. – We’ll visit next time. / – Sayid, please visit later. Thank you. – Dad, is that the ocean? / – It’s a creek. It’s a waterway in – the Persian Gulf. / What do you think of this place? Camel William. – Camel, William, Baby. / – It’s a camel hat. William, look at this village. It’s a village with tradition. (Tradition?) – Tradition. / – Poo? The old Dubai looked like this. This place that retains the original look of Dubai, where you can see the past and the present, is called Al Seef. This place is considered as Dubai’s Insa-dong. Remember the gold mine we went to in Australia? Do they have gold here? (Australia?) – Of course. / – Australia. (Bentley is sentimental.) Are you thinking about when we went to Australia? He’s suddenly reminiscing. Are you thinking of Nana? Nana. – “Nana”. / – Bentley. (Nana) – Yes, Nana. / – Nana. (He misses her even while looking at her.) He’s reminded of his grandma whenever he goes abroad. (Let’s come here together next time!) They can travel together next time. (Let’s go!) – What is that? / – It’s a fishing net. – It’s used for fishing. / – A fishing net? – Do you want to go inside? / – It’s a huge net. You can’t get back out once you go in. (I don’t want to!) I better catch some baby fish. Dad, sit down. Why? – Why is he taking Sam’s hat off? / – I caught you. It’s a big fish. – Why? / – No! He’s startled. Ben. (Are you all right, Dad?) Bentley thought something happened to Sam. He’s such a good son. (I saved you, Dad.) – Hey. / – That scared him. (Screaming) He’s doing it again. I think the pain is doubled. (No!) (I failed to protect my dad.) What is it? Why? – No, no. / – Bad William. Goodness, poor Bentley. – “Bad William.” / – This is so sad. – No. / – He’s bad. No. That’s not what happened. No. I was playing with your brother. – William was playing. / – We were just playing. – Right. / – I’m fine. (Bentley stops crying.) Why did you pull out my hair anyway? I’m sorry. What about you? You’re not sorry, are you? (Feeling wronged) – He’s so playful. / – Come here. (I’m being playful too.) He was just playing. Dad, why did they put that at the top? There are thorns at the tower. You know air conditioner. It keeps you cool. – Yes. / – That’s an old air conditioner. That’s an air conditioner? When the wind comes in, it goes straight down. – I see. / – Cold air? All right. Hold my hand. (My dad is so cool!) (What is this song that makes them stop walking?) This is a rap song in Arabic. By any chance, is this a traditional song? (Into the rhythm of Dubai) He’s dancing. William is dancing to the rhythm. (Groovy William) – William. / – There you go. He’s got the Dubai groove. You look cool. You are so cool. (He’s pretty good.) It fascinates the locals too. (When William dances…) She’s copying me. (Are they copying him?) Goodness, he became a trendsetter in a flash. It’s William’s magic. (William the Dubai trendsetter) – Bentley. / – There you go. – He can’t lose to William. / – He can’t. (William and Bentley’s joint performance) It’s a perfect joint performance. (Their silly dance is fantastic.) (They are cute.) (Thanks to their dance, they get a lollipop.) He’s giving them something. – Thank you. / – Is that a lollipop? – You’re welcome. / – Thank you. There’s a lollipop like that? – This is great. / – It’s good. – Is it good? / – Yes. Really? Oh, my gosh. Where did the hat go? Right. What happened to the camel hat? Did you say William looks cool? He’s so adorable. (No, that’s not what I said.) Goodness. He’s upset because his dad didn’t understand him. (You all understood me, right?) We have to buy a present for Mom. Right. Get Mom a present. What should we buy for your mom? – A scarf? / – No. Dad, I smell something good. Where is this smell coming from? – Does it smell delicious? / – Hi. (They follow the scent. Where did they end up?) Do you want some perfume? Along with wearing mostly traditional outfits, using perfume or cologne is also considered etiquette. Where are you from? Korea. Do you know me? – What? / – I’ve never seen him before. (Give me some candy.) You like this one. – Hwang Jungmin. / – What? – Hwang Jungmin? / – Hwang Jungmin? My name is Hwang Jungmin. He slightly resembles the actor. Yes. Gosh, he does look like the actor. Do you see the resemblance between Hwang Jungmin and I? (Yes, I think I see it.) Shall we look around for your mom’s present? – William. / – Yes. (Which perfume did he recommend them?) Nice smell. – Ben. / – That. (Show me that one.) – Do you want to see this one? / – Yes. – This? / – They are shopping for perfumes. (Oh, my) – He’s so adorable. / – Me too. Dad. – Yellow? This one? / – Yes. (The boys carefully choose a present for their mom.) Since it’s for their mom, they’re quite fastidious. Not this one. See you later, Jungmin. – Bye. / – Bye. This is a souq. This reminds me of “The Arabian Nights”. This is a traditional market in Dubai. Many locals frequent this market. You can find everything including spices there. Look how big the cushion is. Dad, there’s so much gold here. They sell a variety of items from gold to jewelry here. What will your mom like? (Let me see.) – Hello. How are you? / – Hi. How are you? – Hi. / – How are you? Where are you from? – Korea. / – He can answer questions too. – It’s cheap. / – “Cheap”? It’s cheap. – It’s cheap. / – You can speak Korean. It’s cheap. He’s speaking Korean, right? How interesting. How is it that everyone in Dubai speaks fluent Korean? – Did they all go to Itaewon? / – It’s cheap. – It’s cheap. / – I just heard “cheap” again. It’s cheap. – It’s cheap. / – I love you, Korea. – It’s cheap. / – Mine is cheap too. William, are we in Korea? – Are we in Namdaemun? / – It’s cheap. Everything is cheap. (They start looking for a present.) – Everyone says it’s cheap. / – It’s cheap. (What’s that?) Dad, let’s buy that one. – You want to buy that? / – What is it? – It’s cheap. / – What is it? (Shall I choose one too?) A camel? (Let me look around more.) You need to buy a camel-related souvenir when in Dubai. – Thank you. / – Right? There’s smoke. – Is it a magic lamp? / – What is it? (A magic lamp?) – Is it a magic lamp? / – I’ll try it for you. It does look like a magic lamp. (Let me show you real magic.) Will a genie come out from it? (Abracadabra!) (What will happen to William?) Did something change? It unclogs my nose. It unclogged his nose. Does it unclog their noses? – What just happened? / – It unblocks your nose. Ben, didn’t that feel refreshing? I guess the smell is a bit too strong. (What is that?) Did it really unclog his nose? What happened? (What is this? It unclogged my nose.) – It unclogged his nose. / – What? – Unclog! / – I guess the smoke refreshes their noses. What did that just do? – Mint oil. / – Mint oil. I see. It’s mint oil. It unclogs your nose. Dad, did your nose get unclogged? – Unclog! / – I see. It will unclog his nose. I see something delicious over there. – Ben, let’s go. / – I’ll be looking around here. While their dad is picking out a present, they came inside a store. (Ben operates his olfactory radar by sniffing the site) What is that? What did he grab? – Bread. / – Bread. – Right. It’s bread. / – Dad will have to buy that too. (Zealously munching on the bread) (He’s picking out a present for his wife.) Sam’s just happy about getting a present for his wife. Meanwhile, Ben is eating the bread. – Will you finish it all? / – The bread made him happy. You are an eater. (He acknowledges Ben as the eater.) Yes, I am. (What are you doing there?) What are you doing? (Ben hides the bread in a hurry.) He hid it. – Did you eat bread? / – No. Dad, pay for this. Thank you. I’m thirsty. If you drink this, you’ll be strong. (Drinking) (Is it good?) (You can drink it when you grow up.) (Emptying it out to the last drop) I found a present for your mother. – Let’s see it. / – Let’s go. (Sand art, executed with the desert sand from Dubai) There’s a lot of sand in Dubai. (Sand art, executed with the desert sand from Dubai) Mom and Grandma will be happy. I guess that’s sand art. Awesome. Thank you. That’s great. They made magical memories today. Morning is dawning. Which family will greet this fresh morning? Which family is it? Goodness, it’s Gunhoo and Naeun. (Sleeping) – Goodness. / – It’s Naeun. – She must be having a sweet dream. / – Yes. Gosh, I wonder what dream Gunhoo is having. (He’s fighting in his dream.) – Is he fighting with someone? / – He’s… (I’ll protect my sister!) He’s protecting Naeun in his dream. He’s kicking. (Attacking with his radish ankle) He has strong ankles. (This three-year-old baby is brave.) He defeated all of his enemies. He woke up. He’s up. (Where am I?) (Blinking) Hold on. Right. The place doesn’t look like their house. He’s puzzled. (Right! I’m not in Korea now.) That’s right. You’re in Taiwan. (Right. I’m in Taiwan.) – I guess he slept well. / – Of course. He greets the morning in Taiwan. Goodness, his face is puffy. He’s so cute. Gunhoo is the first to wake up today. (Rolling over) (Sliding down) He’s so cute. (He obtained pinwheels.) (Shall I play with the pinwheels?) I guess he had a good night’s sleep. (This place looks great.) (Pause) (Gunhoo, what are you doing?) (The cameraman is sniffing.) Is he pooping? (Is he pooping?) That’s right. – That pose can only mean one thing. / – Yes. He must have heard the cameraman. (He looks for the right place.) It’s hard to concentrate in an open space. That’s right. The cameraman won’t see you there. (Going down) It’s perfect. (Peeking) You found the right spot. It’s perfect, Gunhoo. I knew it. – It’s the morning poop. / – The morning poop. (Concentrating) It smells. It smells. It really smells. (Don’t annoy me.) Toddlers feel happiest when they poop in the morning. That’s right. He is smiling. His face lit up. Now he begins to feel uncomfortable. (He goes to his dad.) That’s right. You should wake Dad up now. (Put on your glasses and wake up.) “Dad, put on your glasses.” “Wake up. Open your eyes.” (The thing is…) “I have something to say.” I’m sure the smell will give him away. (Dazed) (Touching) Can’t he tell without poking? (Jooho goes to get Gunhoo cleaned up.) That’s right. He should get cleaned up. (Let’s take a short break.) (Refreshed) Now he feels refreshed. (Is Naeun awake?) – He is feeling refreshed. / – What? – In the meantime… / – Where is Naeun? (I am here.) What is she doing? (Dazed) When did she go there? (Gunhoo and Naeun look the same when spaced out.) It’s like a carbon copy. (I need to go out.) I need to brush my teeth. She gets ready without being told. She brushes her teeth as soon as she wakes up. – Gunhoo, / – She’s better than me. let’s brush our teeth. She even helps her brother brush his teeth. My goodness. (Gunhoo can brush his own teeth.) Naeun is a truly good sister. – Gunhoo can brush his own teeth. / – Dad. – Jooho is back in bed. / – Dad, brush your teeth. She even takes care of Jooho as well. – Yes. / – Do you want me to wake up? Yes. Did you brush your teeth? I will brush my teeth after you. (Jooho lets Naeun brush his teeth.) Here. Goodness, she is the best daughter. – Is Gunhoo brushing his teeth as well? / – Yes. You are the only one left. (Of course.) (Thanks to Naeun, the trio brushes their teeth.) Thanks to Naeun, they woke up to brush their teeth. (Naeun washes her face haphazardly.) – All done! / – She washed her face haphazardly. She rubbed her face once. (Staring) He is copying his dad. (Rubbing) Wash your face. Wash your face. (Gunhoo got his face and hair washed.) – All right. / – I bet he feels refreshed. (I washed my face.) – How cute! / – Washing his face gave him – a funny hairstyle. / – What a familiar style. Look. He likes it. (I like this hairstyle.) He likes the hairstyle. – Shall we go out and play? / – Yes. We’ve brushed our teeth. – Let’s go out. / – Gunhoo, do you want to go out? – They should get ready. / – All done! They should go out. I brought you here because I knew you’d love the place. – I brought you here. / – There is a photo of a cat! – Cat? / – This is a cat cafe. – What? / – You’ll like it. – You will love it. / – Cat! Look at the cats. They are big. Hello. Hi. – Hello. / – They love animals. There are cats. Hello. We need to wash our hands here first. Wash your hands before you touch the cats. Give me your other hand. – The other hand. / – They sanitized their hands first. Okay. Now make sure you pat them gently. – That’s right. / – There are multiple cats. – Follow those rules for the cats. / – Hold on. The food we eat shouldn’t be given to the cats. (Patting) Do you know why? They will get a stomach ache. That’s right. The cats will get a stomach ache. It’s the same for dogs. Yes, they’ll get a stomach ache. There are two cats over here. – Where? / – There. There. (Naeun says hello to a different cat.) Let it smell you and pat gently. – Gosh, he seems so happy. / – I know. (His eyes are fixed on the white cat.) He is completely absorbed. (How cute!) That’s Gunhoo’s favorite cat. (How cute!) Cats like going into small spaces. (So that’s why you are here.) They like being inside and sitting still. They don’t like being touched too much. He stopped touching upon hearing that. They are like you, Gunhoo. Right? (If there is a box,) (Gunhoo enters.) That’s right. Gunhoo does that. Gunhoo always goes into small spaces. (He doesn’t care if the space is cramped.) How cute! (Big) Big, medium or small, the size of the box doesn’t matter. – In that sense, he is a cat. / – Seriously. (He connects to the cat 100 percent.) I guess Gunhoo likes this white cat. (I like it. I like it.) (Naeun plays with different cats.) Naeun is patting every cat. Gunhoo is focused on that white cat. (Gunhoo only has eyes for the white cat.) Gunhoo, say, “Meow.” – “Meow.” / – He is fixated on that white cat. Say, “Meow.” I knew it. I’m glad I changed the plans. You guys like this place. I’d planned to go someplace else, but you were happy to see a cat yesterday. You always do, so I brought you here. Didn’t I do a good job? – Jooho did well today. / – He’s quite talkative today. – He wants to be complimented. / – Let’s enjoy them. Come here. The cats don’t like it. The cats don’t like it? (I see.) He is meowing. (Stop it.) (White cat, why aren’t you moving?) (Worried) Seriously. Why isn’t that cat moving? Wait, where are you going? It left. (Gunhoo is confused.) Gunhoo is bewildered. (Naeun shakes a cat toy.) (Other cats are interested as well.) The cat toy Naeun is shaking – made the cats gather around. / – Gunhoo, here. Gunhoo. (Play with me, white cat.) – Gunhoo wants to play. / – That’s not how you do it. Do this. Do this. Why doesn’t the cat like that toy? (Unresponsive) (Why isn’t it moving?) (Let me try again.) It’s not interested in Gunhoo’s toy. (The white cat turns its head.) (What’s the problem?) (The white cat leaves.) It’s leaving. (But it responds to Naeun right away.) Why is it like that? It’s the same toy. (No matter how hard he shakes it, the cat won’t come.) (The cat responds to Jooho as well.) (But it avoids Gunhoo.) Why is it like that? What’s the problem? Gunhoo only has eyes for the white cat. – Jump. / – I really want to know. (The screen isn’t frozen.) Did he freeze like that? – Yes. / – Use one toy at a time. (Gunhoo looks lonely from the back.) Do this. (He goes to another cat.) (Don’t come here.) His feelings are hurt. (You will play with me, right?) Gunhoo got hit. I knew that would happen. (I choose you this time!) (Walking away) (Disheartened) (He doesn’t give up.) He must be disappointed. (Forget it! I won’t do this!) He is angry. (Shaking with anger) – “How could they ignore me?” / – My goodness. (What is wrong with him?) Squeeze it out. – He gave up. / – What? (I will play by myself!) (Interested) What? Slowly… (It comes near!) The cat finally approaches Gunhoo. (Will you play with me now?) The white cat warmed up to him. (He succeeded to connect with the cat.) (Gunhoo plays well with the cat now.) Another cat warmed up to him. (Gunhoo plays well with the cats now.) Gunhoo could probably play here all day long. (I am just getting started.) Gunhoo looks really happy. (Thank you for playing with me.) (Kissing) – He’s blowing them kisses. / – Goodness, even kisses. He is sending a kiss to each cat. (Cats, thank you.) He is in a great mood. (Gunhoo is in a great mood.) Gunhoo, you are so upbeat. (It’s so much fun to play with the cats.) He played well. (It’s so much fun to play with the cats.) – It’s time to feed the cats. / – Naeun, feed them. (Naeun gives them food.) – She gives them food. / – Cats, grow tall. (Meanwhile, Gunhoo…) Gunhoo, what are you doing? Are you protecting the cats? – Gunhoo, how do cats eat? / – What’s with that pose? (Licking) How do cats eat? He is so cute. (Are you copying me?) Thanks to you guys, they filled their stomachs with a meal and snacks. – Now the highlight remains. / – The highlight? Let’s go to the sea now. (The sea.) You can get a beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean at Qixingtan Beach, Taiwan. (You can get a bird’s-eye view from here.) The sea stretches forever. (Qixingtan Beach of Taiwan) It must feel nice to be there. (Qixingtan Beach of Taiwan) Dad, it’s the sea! (Exclaiming) (Wow!) This is Qixingtan Beach. You can get a good look at the stars from here, hence it’s called Qixingtan Beach. There you go. (It’s therapeutic to look at the sea!) There you go. Be careful. (It’s nice.) Shall we find pretty pebbles? (Gunhoo and Naeun make a tower.) – She piled them up nicely. / – Shall we make a wish? (That’s a good idea.) Do you want to try it? – There you go. / – “Have a bite.” (Dad, open wide.) He needs to have a bite. (Eating) (You can’t eat a pebble.) He got fooled. (Naeun piles up pebbles diligently.) There is a lot, right? – Will you help me? / – I will help you. I need small pebbles. Bring them. Bring them. Okay. – Is this okay? / – Yes. This pebble is pretty too, Naeun. – Here. / – Thank you. Right next to it. Do you want this as well? (Dad, thank you for your hard work.) – Ta-da! / – Is it complete? – The structure is so secure. / – I know. (It’s complete.) I hope the entire family stays healthy. She is so nice. (Here is my wish.) (Holding tight) He’s holding the pebble tightly in his hands. I hope everyone becomes happy like Gunhoo and Naeun. Ddokkom and Kkomkkom come out for a stroll – with their grandpa. / – There is your mom. You are right. It’s Yunjung! My mom is Jang Yunjung. She left. (In that case…) The Queen of Trot! My mom is Jang Yunjung! (The couple are surprised) You will be surprised too. He is the definition of a devoted son. The Queen of Trot, Jang Yunjung! Stop it. My mom is Jang Yunjung! (Yeonwoo’s street show will be revealed soon.) Let’s watch it a bit later. (Tapping) What is that sound? The person making that tapping sound is Jam Jam. (Jam Jam is enjoying an apple in the morning.) (I want to peel it.) She wants to peel it. – She is copying her mom. / – It’s a toy knife. What will Heejun show her? (He succeeds to split an apple!) What do you think? Thumbs up. (Maybe I can do it too.) How cute! My goodness. (I want to do it like Dad.) – Try it. / – You can’t. – Of course you can’t. / – You can’t, right? I did it! – You did it! / – You did it! – Did she? / – I did it! – You did it! / – You did it! A hole. – She succeeded to put a hole in it. / – She is strong. You put a hole. (She is in a good mood today.) Jam Jam, today, some pretty princesses will come. – You will get guests. / – Princesses? She will get guests? But I am a princess. That’s right. You are a princess. (She takes a bite of the apple.) Fainting. Fainting. Snow White. You are a princess all right. These princesses are from another kingdom. – The Jumping Kingdom. / – The Jumping Kingdom? – People in that kingdom jump. / – I think I know. – I get it! / – Your mom used to live there – Right, she did. / – before she came here. I used to live in the Jumping Kingdom before I moved here. There is no prince here. I am the only prince people need. How about the prince? I am the only prince people need. She pretended not to hear him. You aren’t a prince. Why do you say that? I am a prince. (For goodness’ sake.) They are here. The princesses of Jumping Kingdom. – They must be here! / – They must be here! – They must be here! / – She is excited. They are here. They must be here! – Hello. / – Welcome. – Hello. / – Jam Jam! – Hello. / – Hello. – Hello. / – My goodness. The princesses of Crayon Pop are here. In 2013, – they made everyone in Korea jump. / – That’s right. The members of Crayon Pop have gathered once more together with their center, Soyul. (Crayon Pop’s Leader, Geummi) I see the leader, Geummi and the twins, Choa and Way. It has been a while. – We are here. / – They haven’t changed at all. – I know. / – Hello. We are here. – Jam Jam is so pretty. Hello. / – Hello. – You haven’t changed at all. / – Of course not. You lost a lot of weight. – I’ve lost some. / – That’s incredible. – He is incredible. / – I know. – You didn’t have to bring… / – They’re nothing big. We couldn’t come empty-handed. – What are those? / – What are those? – Jam Jam, open it. / – Ta-da. That’s… That’s incredible. It’s the best day for Jam Jam. – What is this? / – Let’s open it. Shall we open this? – She is excited. / – Jam Jam. – Jam Jam used to play with this. / – That’s right. – That’s why you brought it. / – Ta-da! Jam Jam, do you remember this? How cute! My goodness. I remember. I remember that. Jam Jam put the face cream all over herself. (Shocked) She finished up a jar of face cream. – You remember, right? / – Jam Jam grew up a lot. My goodness. She is happy. (Jam Jam is pretty.) Jam Jam, who am I? – Red. / – Red. – Red. / – Red. – How about me? / – Aunt Red. Navy. – Navy. / – How about me? – White. / – White. How cute! – Where is she going? / – Where is she going? Aunts, find Jam Jam. – Where is she? / – She is playing hide-and-seek. – That’s so sudden. / – Did she hide? – Where is she? / – Let’s look for Jam Jam! I can’t find her because she hid so well. – They are excellent actresses. / – I don’t see her. What is this? Is it a tree? – I am a tree. / – It’s a tree. – She is here! / – She is here! They must find Jam Jam so cute. There is a butterfly. – There is a butterfly. / – A butterfly. – You can be a butterfly. / – Why don’t you put it on – and dance with us? / – Do you want to put it on? – Jam Jam. / – She looks like a fairy! How cute! She really looks like a fairy. Jam Jam, let’s go out and dance like a butterfly. – Let’s do the butterfly dance. / – Shall we do that? – They play well with her. / – I know. (Dancing) (Tiger swallowtail butterfly, white butterfly) She is so cute. – ♪ Fly over to me ♪ / – ♪ Fly over to me ♪ Jam Jam can jump really well. – The topic of jumping came up. / – Jam Jam, jump. – They said jumping. / – Let’s see the original dance. (Shall we…) Do you want to see how well your mom can jump? Let’s see it! Will Soyul show her dance skills? I haven’t seen this dance in so long. (Her angles are perfect.) – She is good. / – Oh, my goodness. Let’s jump together, Jam Jam. – Jump! / – ♪ Jumping, jumping ♪ – ♪ Jumping, jumping ♪ / – ♪ Jumping, jumping ♪ (Together, jump, jump) She doesn’t just jump. She positions her torso well. (Soyul becomes excited as well.) Well done. (Her cheerfulness explodes!) She is showing off her dance skills. – The song was sensational. / – I miss those days. Years have passed, but their looks and dance skills are the same. Seriously. (They brought back Crayon Pop!) – Jam Jam should join the group. / – I know. It has been a while, right? Right, their stamina is probably not the same. – One thing is different. / – It’s been a while, right? – That warmed me up. / – Everyone is sweating. I guess Jam Jam isn’t tired. – Jam Jam is tireless. / – We need to jump again. That’s right. You can’t beat her stamina. Jam Jam isn’t tired yet. Her stamina is amazing. She got that from her mom. – You girls play with Jam Jam. / – Okay. – I’ll make something tasty. / – I’m hungry. He doesn’t disappoint. He is the best husband. – I am so hungry. / – We jumped too much. I will make you something tasty. – He is the best. / – Can we look forward to it? That would make your wife proud before her friends. – That’s right. / – Jam Jam, shall we serve the fruits we prepared earlier? I peeled them. – Thank you for the food. / – Thank you for the food. I want persimmon. Jam Jam, it’s so tasty. – Jam Jam, you’re the best. / – The best. – She gave a thumbs up. The best. / – Jam Jam. Among these aunts, who is most like a princess? – Who is like a princess? / – Who’s the princess? Pick one of them. – I wonder. This can make you competitive. / – Oh, my. – She chose Aunt Way. / – Is she most like a princess? – Jam Jam, Aunt Way is touched. / – Really? – Aunt Way is touched. / – I am touched. – Jam Jam, why? / – Why? – What’s the reason? / – What’s the reason? (Heejun is cooking.) What will he make? We jumped too diligently. It smells good. – I am hungry. / – It smells good. Are you hungry? Yes, I am hungry. I am so hungry. I will help you! I will help you! (I will save you from hunger!) She opens that drawer every day. (Jam Jam sneezes as well.) – How cute! / – Did you sneeze as well? – Is he making something spicy? / – It’s the dish. Go over there. It’s a rice snack. – Is that for me? / – She got them rice snack. – It’s so big. / – It’s so big. – She gives one to everyone. / – Thank you. She’s so nice to share her food. Jam Jam. She is nice. Do you hear the sound? – I hear the sound. / – Do you hear the sound? I hear the sound. – Jam Jam’s ASMR. / – ASMR. (Jam Jam TV) (Listen to the sound carefully.) (Crunching) Do you hear the sound? (Please subscribe and like!) Goodness. You’re hungry, right? (The sound of the snack makes them hungrier.) – She has a good nose. / – I’m hungry. What is he making? Tteokbokki. – It’s the perfect menu. / – I know. His face tells me the taste is a bit lacking. What, ketchup? Why would he add ketchup? My mom always adds ketchup to tteokbokki. – Really? / – Yes. (He adds ketchup and stirs.) It’s my first time to see someone add ketchup. What is that? Meat? Is that bulgogi? Wait, is he adding beef as a topping? (Heejun’s beef tteokbokki is complete!) – There is meat. / – This is what I make best. – I love tteokbokki. / – Me too. I love it. I love it. We ate tteokbokki the most often – in the dormitory. / – Seriously. It’s my first time to see meat on top of tteokbokki. – I know. / – Is it tasty? They look touched. How is the taste? Heejun, you could be a cook. – He got a pass. / – It’s so tasty. – If you open a restaurant, / – Is it that good? – it will be a hit. / – I’m curious about the taste. (Impressed) – Open it in my neighborhood. / – I guess it is tasty. The meat is delicious. It’s tasty. – I guess the combination works. / – It’s hot. – It’s so tasty. / – It’s really good. (Jam Jam eats soondae.) – She must have been hungry. / – I guess. – Is it tasty? / – Is it tasty? (The taste makes her dance!) We ate tasty food every day. – Jam Jam… / – She went to an uncle. (She checks this uncle’s face.) Is she looking for something? (She checks another uncle’s face.) She seems to be looking for something. (Jam Jam, what are you doing?) What is it? Jam Jam is looking for someone. Uncle, come on out. (Flustered) I will introduce you to the aunts. What? (I will help you.) – Jam Jam. / – Jam Jam. – Do you want Uncle to come out? / – He must be it. – What is this about? / – Come on out. – Will you introduce him to them? / – Why would she? How cute! – She is playing cupid. / – Is this a blind date? (The cameraman makes an unexpected appearance.) – There he is. / – No way. Say hello to the aunts. – My goodness. / – Hello. Hello. (Shy) My goodness. (This handsome cameraman resembles Kim Dongjun.) – He is handsome. / – Let’s have the World Cup of ideal types. Which member of Crayon Pop is – the closest to your ideal type? / – My goodness. (Who will it be?) (My ideal type is…) – One, two… / – Geummi. (The cameraman’s pick is Geummi.) Geummi. – She is his pick. / – She is so happy. – Why I am happy about this? / – How nice! – I am so happy. / – Jam Jam is good. – She is good. Jam Jam is like Cupid. / – How cute! How did she think of that? I am glad that everyone is doing well, but don’t you want to take the stage together? – We miss it at times. / – We miss it sometimes. We want to make our fans happy. We never officially disbanded. – I see. / – Our contract ended, but we never officially disbanded. I remember Soyul telling me that she is dating you. We were in my car. She said, “I have someone I love.” Did she tell you that – in the car? / – I didn’t want to hide it from them. We were open about everything. She married me out of the blue. You heard the news while the group was active. – That’s right. / – That’s right. It must have been – difficult for them. / – I’m sure you were surprised. – We were surprised. / – That’s right. – Since Soyul was in a group, / – We were very shocked. she had to think about the members. Don’t cry. It was really hard. We were open about everything. Then suddenly, I had a big secret. I feel bad that I couldn’t tell you – about it. / – She had no choice. Back then, we were very flustered. In any case, – it was a first for all of us. / – That’s right. I couldn’t find the courage to tell you. At first, I was determined to tell you. Even Heejun said that would be a good idea, but I suddenly had cold feet and couldn’t do it. “I can’t do this.” For some reason, I was scared. – I was scared. / – You were young. – You were scared. / – You didn’t have the courage. Since you couldn’t tell us, you must have suffered by yourself. It’s nice that the older members are understanding. It’s good that you met someone you love. – That’s right. / – It led you to Jam Jam. Jam Jam is so cute. – Mom, did you cry? / – What? Did you cry? – We never said anything, but / – Did you cry? – the article got published. / – I got dust in my eyes. – Goodness. / – I will wipe your eyes. Jam Jam. – She has Jam Jam. / – Thank you. – She’s even considerate. / – Thank you. Do it gently. She wants to wipe her mom’s eyes. – She is so cute. / – It’s so touching. – She is so cute. / – Seriously… How did you give birth to a girl like her? – She is so nice. / – I want a daughter like her. You became a mom first. Among us, you became a mom first – despite being the youngest. / – I know. In the future, we will get help – from Soyul. / – Seriously. I can babysit. – Soyul… / – I can babysit for an hour. – She can babysit for an hour. / – Just an hour? – Just an hour. / – Okay. – An hour. / – Will it be okay? I can babysit for an hour. – She is an expert at childcare. / – That’s right. Jam Jam. Jam Jam, shall we go out? Shall we go on a date? – Really? / – The women need to chat. – That’s right. / – Shall we go out? Talk among yourselves. Make yourselves at home. You look like Superman. Seriously. Jam Jam, let’s meet again. – Jam Jam, I love you. / – Bye. – Bye. / – Thanks to Jam Jam, Jumping Kingdom will always be filled with happiness. Yeonwoo, since we’re hungry, let’s eat something. Okay. The family of four came out to eat. Hayoung is in a good mood. Hayoung needs water. (Hayoung needs water before she eats.) She was thirsty. (Gulping) She drinks well. Honey, I want water too. – It’s over there. / – Bring me water. – The water purifier is there. / – Bring me. Can’t you do anything without me? I can’t do anything without you. (Happy) – You are happy. / – I will go. (For goodness’ sake.) I will go. (Yunjung’s cute request makes Kyungwan move.) It’s nice. Hayoung, look at your brother. Look at your brother. (Startled) (Do I look like your brother?) You are scared. You want him to stop. – She doesn’t like it. / – Of course she is scared. (I like my brother.) She is happy now. (Kyungwan comes back with water.) I need water. Have a drink of cold water. Hayoung, do you want some cold water? Have some cold water. (It’s Hayoung’s first time to have cold water.) She isn’t used to a regular cup yet. She is practicing. (It’s nice and cool.) She is so cute. Yeonwoo, are you happy to come out with Mom as well? – I am happy. / – You are happy. – Of course he is. / – How about you, honey? Are you happy or joyous? (What’s your decision?) Are those the only options? You’re sneaky. – I am happy. / – You can’t give more options. You have to slowly corner them. – Mom, stop. / – Well… – Stop? / – Did I give it to you? – Why? / – What is it? – What is it? / – What’s in her pocket? (Confused) What’s in her pocket? There’s something heavy inside. – Something heavy? / – Something heavy in her pocket? – Did he put something in it? / – Is it her phone? No. One, two… – Let’s see. / – What is with him? Part Two will be aired soon.

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