The Return of Superman | 슈퍼맨이 돌아왔다 – Ep.308 Part. 2 [ENG/IND/2019.12.22]

It’s morning at William and Bentley’s. (Good morning, everyone.) William came to wash up. Wow, he turns on the faucet by himself now. I know. He can do it by himself. It’s cold. (William’s tip on washing your face in the morning) Put your face in the water at once. – Like that? / – What? – Are you sure it’s a tip? / – His face went in. (To have clear skin,) He is so cute. (follow this simple way of washing your face.) My goodness. He is good. It’s hard for a kid to submerge their face in water. Really? His top is soaked. (Be clean, clear, and confident.) He moisturized himself very well. (He is done in five seconds!) – He is done in five wipes. / – My goodness. – It was like swimming. / – “It was like swimming.” (Bentley is awake.) Bentley is up as well. (William and Bentley are relaxed this morning.) (Singing) He must be listening to music. (Is William listening to music?) What is he listening to? William is absorbed. (Singing) – It’s nice. / – I am curious. – What’s the next song? / – Is he listening to songs? (Hold on!) (Let me clean up first.) (Running over) Baby, look at me. Is he wearing earphones? Baby, I am listening to music. (Let’s listen to it together!) A bean sprout? It’s what I use to listen to music. These days, wireless earbuds are in. (Speak for yourself.) Are you pickled radish? Is he saying that because of Bentley’s outfit? (William’s outfit makes him look like a sausage.) It is the color of pickled radish, though. What are you doing? – What are you doing? / – Today feels different. – What is with William today? / – What are you doing? (William is very serious.) – I am listening to music. / – My goodness. – You are listening to music? / – They fit perfectly. I can hear music. You always do this. – You always do this. / – He is copying his dad. They are completely different from mine. That’s not true. They are the same. – I hear music. / – When he walks like that… – They seem real. / – They do. – I guess he can hear the music. / – I guess he does. – Only nice people can hear it. / – That’s right. You need a good imagination to do that. (In reality,) (he is dancing without any music.) I don’t hear anything. (Dancing) Bentley copies everything William does. (The Hot Floor Dance) (Dancing king, Bentley) Look at the dancing sausage and pickled radish. (Let’s express our feelings.) (Here comes the hip William.) – He is wearing Sam’s clothes. / – Oh, my gosh. (William is full of feelings.) Gosh, he is full of feelings. Seriously. The style suits him. I know. Don’t wear my clothes. These are my clothes, man. – Shall we eat? / – Yes! Here. (Attention.) (William.) – Bentley’s speech has improved a lot. / – It has. Please spread jam on the bread. I will make something else. – I won’t spread jam on the bread. / – What? – I won’t do it. / – For goodness’ sake. Fine. Don’t do it. – I will. I will do it. / – That phase has come where kids say and do everything opposite. – The opposite way. / – Okay. Make it taste good. I will make it taste bad. – He says the exact opposite. / – Make it taste very bad. I will make it taste good. You say the exact opposite. I experienced the same thing! I’m getting goosebumps. You are a mischievous boy. – It’s an unavoidable phase. / – William. I love you so much. I don’t love you. My goodness. I don’t love you so much. I love you. My goodness. (Dad, you won’t be able to win against him.) – Will you continue to do this? / – Yes. You get annoyed when your child does that. (William spreads peanut butter and jam on the bread.) I brought toast and eggs. (He eats a toast.) (Dad, try it.) Bread. Bread. – Bentley takes care of his dad. / – Thank you. He shares food. – Sit down and eat. / – The family motto is, “Share tasty food.” After giving a toast to Sam, he eats peanut butter by himself. – Sujebi. / – Sujebi? (Bentley always names the food) (in front of him.) He is learning new words – through food. / – Cheese. Next to it… Banana. On the top… Banana. – Is he saying all those words? / – I guess. – Here. / – Okay. Thank you. Hey, what is this? (What is this?) He put the jam-side outside. – Why did you make it this way? / – He pulled a prank. (William is incredibly mischievous.) My goodness. Hey. Gosh, you do everything the exact opposite. (Bentley, let’s enjoy our food.) – Baby, take a bite. / – My goodness. – They take a bite each. / – Yes. They are so cute when they do that. The two of you get along really nicely. No! No! No! – No? / – He said no. – Are you… / – The phase has begun for Bentley too. Hey, you are too easily influenced by your brother. – No. No. / – If two sons do that at once, – the dad would suffer. / – I will wash my hands. (He turns on the light.) – I’ll wash my hands cleanly. / – He washes his hands. (Cleaning) – He does what he needs to do. / – All done. Yes. (I washed my hands cleanly.) Bentley, let’s go to the bathroom and wash our hands. (He goes to the bathroom.) William, I told you to turn off the light. For goodness’ sake. (What did you say?) Turn off the light. I won’t turn off the light. – Then turn on the light. / – No. – Right now… / – Don’t do it right now! (William does everything opposite.) – Hey. / – He is ridiculous. Turn on the light! – He has to say the opposite thing. / – Turn it on! I won’t turn on the light. – He is at the peak of the phase. / – This won’t do. Sam is angry now. We can’t have a mischievous boy in the house. – Just you wait. / – Sam is planning something. (Sam takes something out of the refrigerator.) What is that black thing? – This? / – Yes. You can’t drink it. It’s alcohol. My friends and I are the only ones who can drink it. Your friends? Alcohol. Drink. Alcohol. Party. (Let’s go.) I guess Sam says those words regularly. If you drink it, you might go, “Yumi, my stomach hurts.” What will you do then? – “Yumi, my stomach hurts.” / – Hey. – I guess he drank a lot once. / – When did I do that? This is alcohol. You can’t drink it. I trust the two of you. – Hold on. I think he will drink it. / – I trust you. Sam purposefully said, “This is alcohol,” “so you can’t drink it.” (Looking around) We are kids, but… Should we drink it? What happens if we drink it? Bentley, shall we drink a bit of it? – No, no. / – What happens if we drink it? – Let’s drink it. / – Oh, my goodness. – Dad told me not to drink it. / – He touched it. (That makes me want to drink it more.) So let’s drink it. “So let’s drink it.” – Close the door. / – They have good teamwork. – I know. They work well together. / – Follow me. (Follow me!) Those mischievous boys! Let’s have a sip each. No! No, baby. – Since I am a bit older, / – Don’t drink it! – I will drink it first. / – It looks like wine. You are too young. I told them it’s alcohol, – but it’s juice. / – Of course. William won’t listen to me these days. If I tell him not to eat something, he definitely will. (Will William keep a promise he made with his dad?) No! No. No. (Bentley drinks.) – No. / – My goodness. – Bentley drank alcohol. / – No. Why did Bentley drink it? (Satisfied) (This juice is tasty.) – Don’t do that. / – Are you okay? (William, give me that cup.) He poured more. Sam told them not to drink it. Your stomach might hurt in the morning. Are you okay? – Since it’s juice, it’s sweet. / – That’s right. Stop drinking. William is seriously worried now. (Is it going as I planned?) (Stopping) – They got caught. / – Drink! (It’s juice, right?) Stop drinking. What is going on? – What is going on? / – What will they do? Hey! No! He drank it already. Give it to me. Now. – Dad, baby… / – Hey. Did you drink it? Baby… Baby drank it. – Baby drank it? / – Yes. (Give me the juice!) (He is happy after drinking the juice.) – So you didn’t drink? / – No. (He changes his plan.) What did I tell you? – This is bad. / – How much did he drink? Baby drank this much. – He drank a lot. / – Drink! He is happy after drinking something sweet. William. (What?) (Sam changed his target.) (Everything is the same.) (Glassy-looking eyes, nose painted red) It’s because he drank alcohol. Look at him. – That’s why his nose is red. / – Sam changed his plan. I guess. He thought William would drink it, but Bentley did instead. Now he’ll let William watch. Drink! (I can keep drinking juice.) That’s how he usually acts, but he seems drunk. (Hurry up and give me more juice.) Drink! (Are you okay, Bentley?) Look at your brother. (He climbs up the countertop as usual.) – Come down. / – Food. Food. Hey. (I am very hungry!) – Look at you! / – Though it’s his usual behavior, – I know. / – his red nose makes it look worse. William is getting the wrong idea. Let’s have a test. Let’s make him walk in a straight line. You can’t do that when you are drunk. There you go. That’s how you do it. – This is how you do it. / – That’s normal. William, give it a try. – Watch. / – I am watching. (Sam has a plan.) – He spun Bentley around. / – He made Bentley spin. Look at him! Look at him. He can’t walk straight now. Look at him. Look at the way he walks. Look. He is completely drunk. (He gets in position.) Look at him! He fell down! (Falling) (Dizzy) Did you see that? – William took the bait. / – He can’t walk. It stands back up when you punch it. – Throw a strong punch. / – Watch me, Dad. See? It stands back up. (It’s a roly-poly balloon.) There you go. (He is playing as usual.) He is simply playing. He looks so cute. He is drunk. (In William’s eyes, he’s fighting the roly-poly.) Drunk people act that way. Look at him. He is drunk. – William fell for it. / – He is fighting. He is using an armbar. It goes back and forth. (Sam’s ploy reaches its climax.) Baby, don’t do that. (Why can’t I play with the toy?) Is it my fault? This is bad, William. Is it my fault? You should have listened to your dad. I was going to drink it myself. At this rate, he’ll collapse and end up in a hospital. Then he will receive a shot. – He might need surgery. / – Oh, no. I bet he feels guilty now. What can I do to get the baby back to normal? To do that, you need to listen to what I say. Okay. – Really? / – Yes. I can do anything. – He loves his brother. / – In that case, can you make honey water for Bentley? Honey. (Of course.) – Will he make honey water? / – Honey. (One spoonful for Bentley) I will help you become sober. For his brother, – he listens to his dad. / – You listen to me now. – He isn’t mischievous anymore. / – I know. – Water. / – He listens to his dad. It’s honey water. – Look. He brought honey water. / – Honey water. Are you sober now? Baby, hurry up and sober up. Become human! Become human! – Become human. / – He is still human. (It’s tasty.) (Drink some more.) That’s right. He needs to drink more. Drink. Drink. Drink. – Or you’ll go to the hospital. / – For his brother, – he listens to his dad. / – Tasty! (Honey water is tasty!) Is it okay now, Dad? Good. It’s good now. – He’s back. / – He’s become clean. – William. / – Yes? This happened because you listened to your dad. – You look cool now. / – Peace has come – now that he listened to his dad. / – Right. It’s night on the street of Taiwan. – Let’s go. / – Where did Naeun, Gunhoo and Jooho go? – This is like Dongdaemun Market. / – Dongdaemun? Korea has Dongdaemun Market. This is Taiwan’s Dongdamen Night Market. It’s a famous night market in Taiwan that is livelier at night. There are so many things to enjoy. Since it’s the country of delicacies, there are various kinds of food sold on the street. It looks very good. (Trendy place that satisfies your five senses) I can’t choose what to eat. Isn’t it fascinating? (Gunhoo’s sense of smell is stimulated by the food.) (Dongdamen Night Market, the street of delicacies) – It’s another trendy place. / – There are many sights. It’s nice to be outside at night like this, right? You seem fashionable with your shirt unbuttoned. Gunhoo has unbuttoned his shirt. – How cool. / – Let’s go. (This baby captures everyone’s attention.) (I’ll take over the night market.) He’s excited. I guess the Taiwanese style suits his. – I guess Gunhoo is excited. / – There are many foods. What should we eat? – I want to eat corn. / – Corn? – Then you should eat it. / – There it is. – This place is popular. / – It doesn’t look ordinary. Naeun’s favorite corn. I guess it’s a famous place. Look at the corn. Is that a charcoal fire? (That’s correct.) They grill corn over a charcoal fire and coat it with a sweet and salty sauce. It perfectly suits Naeun’s preference. Should we get one cob or two? Two? One for you each. And one for you too. No, I’ll just have a bite of yours. – He wants it quickly. / – Corn? – Do you want it? Gunhoo, do you? / – Yes. It’s warm. – Right. / – It’s finally their turn. (They order grilled corn after some wait.) He took out his fingers like this. Choose what you want between chewy and soft corn. – Sorry? / – He seems quite flustered. (Will they be able to eat it today?) Right, he doesn’t speak Chinese. (When he can’t understand, he takes action.) He just… Hold on. Is that the right way to buy it? – Don’t they have different flavors? / – I know. (Anxious) (Whatever is fine as long as we can eat it.) They look good. It’s coated with sweet sauce. How long must we wait? 30 minutes. – What? / – 30 minutes? – We have to wait a bit. / – That long for some corns? He is going to give us. There was a long line earlier. I guess a lot of people are waiting for their orders. (They take a ticket and walk away.) (There was grilled corn right in front of us.) Gunhoo’s frustrated. There’s one right in front of him, – but he can’t eat it. / – Come here. Oh, dear. (Gunhoo is starving.) What should we do? Naeun has to make a move. (Her radar is on.) Wait, there’s watermelon. (Did she say watermelon?) Gunhoo likes this. She found what Gunhoo likes. I’ll stand at the back here. – Do you want to try buying one, Naeun? / – Okay. Watermelon. Watermelon. (Watermelon for Gunhoo) (Even her body language is perfect.) (She easily succeeds in making an order.) Even the payment? (Thanking him in Chinese is a piece of cake for her.) She even thanked him in Chinese nice and neat. She ordered and bought the fruit on her own. Let’s eat some. You should eat street food right on the spot. – Of course. / – Thank you. (Thanks, sister.) He’s back in a great mood. Look at his face. (It’s sweet.) Taiwanese watermelon. (His mouth waters in satisfaction.) (They enjoy the watermelon together.) She’s enjoying it so much. (Gulping down the watermelon) Naeun, you’re eating well. It’s delicious, right? (She can’t talk. She eats up the last piece.) Let’s go and try something else. – Sounds good. / – They should try other things – since they have to wait anyway. / – Let’s go. Naeun. While we wait for our grilled corn, – you can play on the trampoline a bit / – Trampoline? before we go back to eat. – Can we jump on it? / – Yes, you can. You know what it is. I guess there are facilities for children by the night market. – How much will you jump? / – This much. – That much? Can you do it? / – Yes. Hello. She doesn’t forget to greet others wherever she goes. Wait, this is a bit different. (Hold on tight.) It’s not a regular trampoline. (Get ready to take off.) Naeun, go for it. (Let’s enjoy jumping a little.) It’s fun! (It’s being done manually.) The staff is adjusting the height behind them. (Naeun is so excited.) I’m jumping high! Dad, watch me. – Isn’t she scared? / – Is she not scared? (She’s about to enter the atmosphere.) How high is that? Aren’t you scared, Naeun? (Naeun is a fearless master of jumping.) It’s fun. Dad, I’m flying. – Her dad is scared to even look at it. / – I’m sure. (She’s good.) (Screaming) I guess it’s fun. It’s fun. Let’s go and get our corn now. – Gosh. / – Finally. It’s time after eating watermelon and jumping on the trampoline. (They come to get their grilled corn after 30 minutes.) They waited so long. I wonder how delicious it is. I can’t believe they had to wait 30 minutes for a corn. – It’s interesting. / – They use charcoal fire. (Let’s hurry and eat.) Kids have to eat what they see right away. – Right. / – They can’t wait. Everyone is eating off their feet here. Let’s sit here too. – That’s the Taiwanese style. / – We must eat like that or it wouldn’t be delicious. – That’s the fun of traveling. / – Right. This is how you eat street food. (This three-year-old kid is excited to eat.) You need to eat off your feet to become a hot place. (Isn’t “insider” the right term?) Gunhoo, Dad. Gunhoo. It looks so good. Grilled over a charcoal fire and coated with soy sauce. It’s caramelized too. (It’s hot.) (Blowing) (Naeun tries a bite too.) Isn’t it delicious? What do you think? It must be savory as it’s grilled over a charcoal fire. Exactly. It has a smoky flavor too. (Munching) (He offers some to his dad first.) It’s amazing. He checks if it’s hot or not first. Look how he’s eating. (He gnaws on it mercilessly.) (It’s the taste of paradise.) – You’re eating well. / – Gunhoo is down. The taste knocks him down. (I’m not going to let this grilled corn go.) He holds it even as he falls back. (This must be paradise on earth.) He’s smiling brightly. That means it’s really good I guess he wants to sleep now. (He’s used to the life in Taiwan.) – He got used to the country. / – Doesn’t it feel nice with the gentle breeze? – He looks comfortable. / – You’re lying down now. (It’s nice.) (Eating grilled corn while lying down) – Lying down and eating. / – Lying down and eating. (His radish ankles get in position.) – There he goes. / – He’s crossing his legs now. (His legs are still short.) He can’t place his leg on the other. – There’s no place to place it. / – Let’s eat more. Okay. This is just the beginning anyway. Shall we go and eat again? – This is the beginning? / – There’s a lot more to eat. They’re eating more? Let’s go. There is a lot of delicious food here. They’re in a great mood after the watermelon and corn. This is the place I saw on the internet. (What’s the popular place he found on the internet?) This seafood place that cooks fresh seafood on the spot was on Jooho’s food bucket list. So you choose the seafood and they grill it on the spot. Stir-fried noodles too. It looks so glossy. Naeun, do you see the line over there? I do. I’ll stand in line here. That place is popular too. – Let’s divide up and buy food. / – Okay. Go tell them, “Five oysters.” “Five oysters.” – Right, “five oysters.” / – “Five oysters.” Take this and go with the cameraman. (Wallet) – How many? / – Five! – Five oysters. / – When you don’t have time, it’s not a bad idea to divide up and buy food. Besides, Naeun is smart and run errands well. I know. She did a great job a while ago. That’s a piece of cake for her. (Will she be able to pull it off?) Are you worried, Gunhoo? – Gunhoo is worried about her. / – Don’t be. She will do a good job. Don’t worry. Okay? She’ll run my errand successfully and come back with the food. He’s teary-eyed. (The mood suddenly gets emotional.) (I’ll be back safely.) (By the way, what are we in line for?) Where are they? Gunhoo, there’s meat. It looks appetizing. Goodness. They are grilling meat with noodles. (My love, meat.) Yum, yum. Gunhoo loves meat. How will they eat that? It caught Gunhoo’s eyes. Sausages! Do you want sausages? – One sausage. / – “Sausage.” – One of them. / – “One.” (It’s an appetizer for the hungry Gunhoo.) – It looks good. / – It’s hot. It must be hot. It must be hot inside. Of course, it’s still hot. (He eats it regardless.) – Isn’t it good? / – He’s enjoying it. – Gosh, it’s good. / – Goodness. The strong taste of the sausage. (He holds it himself this time and takes a bite.) – Isn’t it good? / – He’s loving it. This is how you enjoy it. Gunhoo, wasn’t it a good decision to come here? Don’t you think so? Food is delicious right when it’s served. (Good job, Dad.) He offers his dad a bite. (Proud) (Right, right.) – Isn’t it good? / – Watching this makes me want to go to a night market abroad and enjoy delicious food with my kids. (Munching) He’s done. – He finished it. / – Right. I need to buy oysters. Hello. Five oysters. – She said it. / – Five oysters. (I’ll bring it to you later.) – Make it delicious. / – As expected. (This is the price.) – She made the order precisely. / – Okay. – Thank you. / – Thank you. She doesn’t forget to thank him. It’s perfect. Dad! Naeun, did you buy oysters? – Yes. / – Really? Let’s sit down and eat together. (We should sit over there to eat.) We can eat various kinds of food because we’re at a night market. We can’t do this elsewhere. It’s possible – only at a night market. / – People can eat – many types of food without qualms. / – It’s nice. You just order, and they deliver the food to you. – He’s ordering steak too. / – Come out, steak. (How about we eat some appetizers?) All right. Gunhoo is hungry, so let’s eat. – Yum, yum. / – Okay. He’s focused. “Hurry, hurry!” I don’t know what on earth he’s doing. (Please hurry.) – Stir-fried noodles with meat! / – Stir-fried noodles. – Rice in bamboo? / – Rice in bamboo. Here. (He stretches his neck forward.) – It must be great for children. / – Right, I’m sure. (Chewing) (There’s no time to rest.) What is this? (There’s no time to rest.) (I’m good now!) Look at his chin. How cute. (Gunhoo is fully charged.) He’s feeling strong. (He can’t wait for his dad to feed him.) Noodles. (He takes a bite of stir-fried noodles too.) Look at his belly. What will happen to him? It’s big. The steak is… (Steak, spaghetti and a fried egg on one plate) – It’s sirloin steak. / – It looks good. That’s eight dollars? – That place is nice. / – I knew it. You guys were waiting for the steak. – I love that. / – You do? (In love with meat) I’m hungry. I prepared all of these to your palate. – He’s bragging in a way. / – Right. (Bell ringing) (It’s a pass.) He’s delighted. (She blows it a few times and eats right away.) Naeun is enjoying it too. How is it? – It’s good. / – Is it delicious? She’s satisfied. Did you really buy the oysters? Why isn’t mine coming? – That’s true. Why isn’t it coming? / – It will. I bought enough. Really? Good job. We need to eat dessert too, so let’s check how much we have left. – Open it. / – She did say – “five oysters” back there. / – I know. What? Why are there only coins left? Is this all we have left? – Why? / – When you bought five oysters? – Did you drop it on your way? / – He drooled a little. – Maybe they calculated wrong. / – This can’t be right. This is too little. It’s here. Is this mine? (Ta-da!) What’s that? I’ve never seen oysters this big. I’m having a feast thanks to you, Naeun. Its price is worth five orders of steak. That is why it’s expensive. Look. This is as big as Gunhoo’s face. Did he order it without knowing its price and size? (Take a look.) It’s the size of Gunhoo’s face. It’s so big. – What kind of oyster is that? / – I know. – Let me try this. / – It’s too big to eat at once. He might have to cut it into pieces. – In one bite? / – He ate it at once. – Is it good? / – Gosh, I’m so curious. – My mouth is watering / – It’s good. for the first time on this show. – You should say, “Thank you.” / – Thank you. (Here’s a piece of meat since you worked hard.) They’re taking care of their dad from both sides. It’s good. I got to eat healthy food thanks to you, Naeun. – Exactly. / – Thank you. – Thank you. / – Naeun is amazing. (Sam and his kids are heading somewhere.) It seems they’re on an outing. Will there be the mister in this house? – “In this house?” / – They have grass in the yard. It might be so fun to play there. But our house is on a lease. (That’s right.) – “A lease.” / – A lease! (We have a lease on our house!) They learned it too clearly when they moved in. Whose house are we visiting today? We’re almost there. There will be water. You like water, right? Is it a water house? – “A water house”? / – Are we going to take a bath? Are they going to a bathhouse? What other building would house water in it? – He’s taking off her shoes. / – What are you doing? We have to take off our shoes before entering. Let’s go. Follow me. – He should wear his shoes. / – You forgot your shoes. Will you leave them here? – William! / – Bentley is taking care of him. (Gosh, my hands are too small.) What is the place they call a water house… (They slip from his right hand this time.) – Come here. / – He’s dropping them in turn. (Brother!) – He’s good. / – Put these on. “Put these on.” (Again!) Goodness. Your brother is taking good care of you. No, we must take off our shoes here. You don’t know anything. – Hey. / – Let’s go. There’s a garden here. – You know it? Let’s sit down. / – Where is this place? (Struggling) – He’s too short. / – Let’s have a meeting. It’s the first Will-Ben Summit. What will you do after 10 years? Or for 10 years. I’m going to play. (What a wonderful plan.) – Without going to school? / – No. – Without studying? / – No. – I won’t study. / – Ben. What will you do for the next 10 years? Eat. – “Eat.” / – Will you eat for 10 years? – He’ll eat for 10 years. / – That’s most important. – Meat. / – Meat? (Everyone agrees on it.) – Only meat for 10 years? / – That’s most important. (I see. At least you have a plan.) There are orange balls. – Orange balls? / – What are they? – Persimmons. / – I see. They are called persimmons. They are so pretty. I want to eat some of them. He’s jumping to pick one for his brother. – But he’s a little too short. / – Oh, gosh. – You couldn’t reach it? / – No. Let me try. (Watch me do it, little brother.) (Jumping) (He’s not even close.) They’re more or less on the same level. Wait, there’s one on the ground. (It’s a persimmon!) He picked it. – Do you want to eat it? / – Yes. Let me clean it first. (That’s enough.) – Here. / – It’s most delicious that way, after wiping the dirt with your pants. (Crunchy) What? (It’s the first bitter taste in his life.) (Spitting) (Spitting it all out) It’s bitter. (William takes a bite too.) Oh, no. (Tasting) It tastes weird. It’s not good, is it? My face became like this. (Give me one more bite!) – He wants another bite. / – He wants more? (Another bite, another taste of bitterness) It’s still bitter. – Again. / – You like it. I guess it’s addictive. – You keep it. / – He never gives up. Eat it on your own. – Is it good? / – He’s holding it with his hands. (He swallows it if it’s sweet and even if it’s bitter.) “He swallows it if it’s sweet and even if it’s bitter.” – So cute. / – Your hand is so cold. – Do you want to go inside? / – Yes. – Right, the water house. / – Just what is it? Knock, knock. Who is it? (Hello.) Excuse me. (Ding-dong) – What? / – Is this the bathhouse? – It looks like a coffee shop. / – Let’s sit there. – What? / – I think it’s a dessert store. Let’s sit first. But where is water? – Exactly. / – Where do I take off my clothes? We’ll do a foot bath. Just our feet. – A foot bath? / – I see. I like oriental medicine a lot. I got acupuncture and cauterized with moxa yesterday, and I found an oriental medicine cafe that suits me. There will be water, which my kids love too. That means it’ll be good both for me and the kids. It’s like catching two birds with one stone. My goodness. What is this? Oh, gosh. – Kids love water. / – One, two, three, four. All right. Take off your shoes. I want to take off all my clothes. No, you can’t take it all off. (Pulling) – What? Excuse me. / – Hello? (The turtles inside his pants say hi.) – Do that at home. / – He’s cute. (Struggling) Hello? – He copies William. / – Take off your shoes. Come here. – Water. Water. / – I know. How’s the temperature? Is it warm? Warm? (It feels like my body is melting.) He’s already in love with foot baths. I love it. Me too. In cold winter, bathing your feet is good enough. Ben, come here. I’ll get you going. Come here. Oh, they get their own tub. – That’s nice. / – Raise your arms. (Raise your arms.) – He’s stuck. / – His upper lip got stuck. (His tummy is surprisingly big.) – Sorry. / – Look at his tummy. Here. – He got changed. / – Dad, there’s smoke. (Bentley’s tub is steaming.) Hot. You’re supposed to have a foot bath in hot water. Of course. (It’s nice and warm.) It’s nice. You’ll feel drowsy. (Bentley smiles.) (I give five stars for this foot bath.) He can’t help clapping. (Let me put my whole body in now.) Get up. You only put your feet in. Feet only. No butt. Yes. He’s obedient. Put only your feet. Feet? – “Feet?” / – That’s hands. Where are your feet? (This is a foot.) – Good job. / – There it is. (I was confused because…) – Hello. / – “Hello.” He’s so adorable. – Dad… / – Here you go. – Okay. / – What’s that? – It looks like herbal medicine. / – What? You may also drink it. (It’s a drinkable herbal bath bomb.) – It’s drinkable. / – I want to drink it. You’re supposed to add it in the water. Do you want to? I guess their foot bath contains herbal medicine. Zombie water. It’s really nice. Since we’re here, we need to wear this. – Sheep head. / – Right. Sheep head is a must. (Bentley, pour it yourself.) – It’s a bonus. / – He poured it right away. This is perfect. I love it. (William starts feeling drowsy.) – My fatigue is relieved. / – It’s also sunny. – No! Don’t sit down! / – No. Sit down? – Sit down? / – His dad just closed his eyes. He’s thinking about sitting down. My goodness. He’s adorable. – Of course. / – He sat down. I like it. Well… (It relieves my fatigue.) We can call it a lower-body bath. – I know. It’s a perfect size. / – I’m wet. (Under the sun…) It works. He can dry himself there. He might fall asleep there. (He wriggles his toes in satisfaction.) (Big toe up.) – Big toe up. / – It’s big toe up. What are you doing? (Bentley is funny.) What? (This is the reason I take a bath.) What’s this? Don’t unplug that. – That’s the bath plug. / – Did he just unplug it? The water will drain. (Let me play with it for a second.) Really? What? Wait. What a waste of the herbal bath bomb. (Dropping) – The water is draining out. / – What now? He stops it with his hands. (His hands can’t stop the water from draining.) (I have no other choice.) Water is draining out. (I must use my last option.) (Tight) Is he blocking with his butt? (I sacrifice my butt for the water.) – It works. / – I guess it works. (It’s a butt bath plug.) William, you shouldn’t be sitting in there. You have no extra clothes. No. The water was draining. I’ll use this instead. He’s using his brother’s tub. – Bentley, come here. Use that tub. / – Gosh. You… You’ve been quite cunning lately. Come here, Bentley. – Right. They can share it. / – Right. – Hold my hand. / – That’s even better. They’re good brothers. – Let’s do this together. / – What about me? – We’re brothers. / – Can’t I be your brother? Then will you call me Older Brother William? – Food. Food. / – Hey. – Okay. Let’s get changed. / – “Food.” – He must eat wherever he goes. / – I don’t know what you should wear. – Would you wear Bentley’s clothes? / – Yes. It’s all we have right now. Nice pants, William. They look like skinny jeans. – My goodness. / – That’s his brother’s. (When they were babies,) My goodness! (William wore those flowery pajamas.) Oh, that’s when he wore them. (William wore those flowery pajamas.) – Are you going to do it too? / – How adorable. My goodness. He has no hair. How cute. – You gave them to Bentley. / – They became tight. How silly. – They became tight. / – There. – Dad, what is this? / – This man? – What? / – What is that? Why is he bleeding? You’re the same. If you open your body up, that’s what it looks like inside. I’m open, but there’s nothing. – If you open up here, / – Look at his tummy. it’s inside here. Do I have that? This is the tummy. This is the liver. That’s poo, Bentley. Chocolate. – That’s the liver. / – “Chocolate.” – They ripped it. / – That’s the liver. That’s not chocolate. That’s the liver. He calls the liver chocolate. – I want something delicious. / – Come here. – We can go out. / – I want something delicious. (Which snack will fill them after the foot bath?) Sit down. What is it? I think it’s a special snack. Wait. (I’m curious.) (I can’t stand the curiosity.) I want to know what it is. – Bentley… / – Hi. – Hi. / – “Hi.” – What is it? / – What is it? (It’s soft and chewy rice cake.) It’s rice cake. – It’s traditional snacks. / – Yes. Thank you. (They even got yugwa.) Hello? (Speed matters in front of food.) (He starts eating speedily with both hands.) – Watch and follow. / – I’ll watch and follow. Let me eat. Go ahead and eat. (I was saying…) – Goodness. / – What now? It fell. (My rice cake disappeared.) (Let me get my left hand full.) This is mine. (It’s not easy.) – Don’t fight over food. / – Goodness. Eat yours. He’s stealing his brother’s. Rice cake. – It’s the same rice cake. / – Right. Right. Other’s food looks bigger and tastier. Don’t take them all. Seriously. I only have honey left. (Gosh, Bentley.) Seriously. Are you really brothers? Bentley. What is this? What is that, Bentley? (What? Where?) That’s… (Now’s my chance.) He got caught. – He’s caught red-handed. / – William. William. William. He’s watching. Bentley’s angry. Hey. (You stole my food while I wasn’t watching?) That’s not chestnut. (In that case…) Mine. – He was eating it. / – Boo. (Whatever.) (Forget it.) – He must be angry. / – He’s upset. His rice cake disappeared. He wants everyone to leave. Leave! (The dog is startled.) (Is Bentley upset?) My goodness. He’s angry. William is bugged. (Fine. You won.) That’s right. – Right. / – Right. (You’re giving it to me?) – It’s nice to see them sharing. / – I left it for you. (You’re the best.) Hey. – Hey. / – That’s a big thumb up. – That’s thumb rice cake. / – Thumbs up. I thought that was salted pollack roe. (Double thumbs up) Give me some. I guess he regretted giving it to Bentley. – Gosh. / – What? That’s so little. (He never changes.) – That’s too little. / – That’s cheap. – “You don’t want it? Fine.” / – Are you serious? – I’m fine with honey. / – Goodness. He’s licking it. He’s such a nice brother. I’ll check out this place with Bentley. Just play around here for now, okay? Yes. Come here, Bentley. They hold hands – wherever they go. / – Let’s play over here. (Singing) Hello. We’re back. (Wait. We’ve seen that.) – It’s the guy earlier. / – Chocolate. – Oh, chocolate. / – Bentley, that’s not chocolate. – That’s a liver. / – His liver is out of his belly. Give it back, Bentley. Hey. Hey! Oh, my gosh. We have to put it back. – Dad. / – What? (He brings something inside.) Did he put it back? – All done. / – What? What is that? William, why did you put it in there? It’s persimmon. No, it should be a liver. – Yes, a persimmon. / – No, a liver. – A persimmon instead of a liver. / – A persimmon! – There should be a liver. / – “Liver” not “persimmon”. – This is a liver. / – This is a persimmon and… – Even Sam is confused. / – That doesn’t go in there. Is this a persimmon or a liver? He was confused since the words are similar in Korean. – “Persimmon” and “liver” sound similar. / – Food! (You can check by eating.) There you go. If it’s edible, it’s a persimmon. Hey. – It must be bitter. / – Why you are tiring yourself when we came here to relax? Dad, do you want a persimmon? No, thank you. I don’t ever want a persimmon. Dad, the persimmon dropped. – Did it drop? / – Yes. See you next week! See you next week! (“Excuses” by Feel Kim)

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